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is is about about Trusting Trusting our our feelings, feelings, appreciating appreciating the the memories memories and and forging forging friendships friendships


Edition - 2015


is about Trusting our feelings, appreciating the memories and forging friendships

From the Desk of the President

As I write the foreword for the Rakshika Magazine, it gives me an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude to head such a fantastic team! The essence of a Rakshika is only enhanced by her multifarious role which she meets with determination and rises up to, most graciously. Be it social ,ofďŹ cial or personal, the Rakshika has learnt to lead by example. The Rakshikas, despite belonging to various castes and communities, religions and countries, all come together as one, at National Defence College. 'This Magazine is a true reection of the bonhomie and camaraderie of the Rakshikas and their families. 'This is a platform for her and her family to showcase and share with others, experiences, feelings and thoughts. I extend deep appreciation and thanks to all ofNDC 55, the contributors of the articles and the editorial and admin teams working behind the scenes, effortlessly and tirelessly to put the Rakshika Magazine 2015 together. I extend my best wishes to all the Rakshika, who have been ... who are now ... and who will be! I am sanguine that this trend will carry on for years to come, at NDC. May God Bless you all and your Beautiful families and may you grow from strength to strength!

Mrs Manpreet Ghei President, Rakshika, National Defence College



From the Editor's Desk



Days weaved themselves into a beautiful tapestry as NDC moved on towards the completion of the course. What began as a wintry ice- breaking party, picked up momentum and as individuals and families we breathed closer and began the incredible journey into the times of NDC. Cast in the language of human hearts and minds, we the team, are putting memories together for a stretch of life that has seen the splendour that NDC alone can offer to its participants. With Mrs Manpreet Ghei at the helm of affairs, we learnt that simplicity and generosity can be impressive. Our extreme gratitude to all the senior ladies who exemplified the ethos of togetherness. From the cold days of Dec to the final packing blues, we have seen a marvellous symphony played out, all through the changing months—acculturation of individuals, global exposure and a privileged insight into the amalgamation of world cultures and military extravaganza. 55 th course couples saw a myriad of activities unfold which altered the configuration of our individual and composite lives. Some saw the engagement of their children, others welcomed grandchildren into their fold, while most arranged teary send offs for their children into diverse fields of study and career. Every season the sun shone differently, revealing new vistas, offering enchantment and radiant dawns. Raksha bhavan, vikram vihar ... Had their fair share of girls activities, outings, yoga, pot lucks, festivities and everything that calls for fun and frolic. We suspended belief, augmented discourse, exchanged life- enhancing mantras, renewed friendship vows, let out secrets of happiness and debonair living, in short put our best self forward to welcome life with panache during this tenure. We carried forward an age old tradition and decorated it our own way with satisfying concerns and in the rhythm of songs familiar to us. The eleven months proved to be an extraordinary testament to our growth as human beings. Every experience was an enrichment. We pray that our presence on this earth enhances its import, renews our vision for all that is peaceful and endearing. From the members of the editorials board, heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the precious words and pictures of Rakshika 55. Special appreciations & thanks to Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh for profiling all the officers of NDC.

President Mrs Manpreet Ghei

Ladies Club Secretary Vidya Solankey

Coordinators Seema Mishra, Usha Pandey Subeena Singh, Saswati Aich Vandana Bhatnagar, Laura Williams

Prerna Coordinator Shivani Singh

Rakshika Editors Shahnaz Samantara, Jasbir Brar Isha Dewan,Archana Sidhu Usha Pandey, Vandana Thapar



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Event Page No. From the Desk of the President 1 55th Rakshika Executive Commitee 2 From the Editor's Desk 3 Ice Breaking Party 6 Delhi Darshan 8 Rakshika Welcome Meet 10 Guess Who?? 10 The 'Pongo' Social 12 Alumni Dinner 14 Rakshika Meet Group-1 16 Visit to Surajkund 18 Mughal Garden 19 Ice Cream time at India Gate 20 The Navy Social- A Grand Event 22 Rakshika Meet Group-2 24 Holi 26 Pot Luck 28 Visit to Akshardham Temple 29 Air Force Social 30 Khurja 31 Rakshika Meet Group-3 32 Bangla Sahib 34 Exploring Africa 36 Australia & Brunei 38 Kazakhstan & France 40 Russia & Tajikistan 42 Japan & Vietnam 44 China & Cambodia 46 Vietnam & South Korea 48 Rakshika Meeting 50 Chat N Chatting 52 Full on Masti 53 Karva Chauth & Id 54 Rakshika Meet Group-4 56 Bangladesh, Iran, Israel, 58-64 Mauritius, Singapure, Sri Lanka & Turkey Rakshika Meet Group-6 65

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JANUARY, 15 Domestic affair will take precedent over the office work. Though you will be involved in most mundane chore, this month will be an epitome of intellectual activity and creativity at its best … organizing 5*5 feet kitchen…making a route chart of the house with rooms opening into rooms n rooms… evolving a strategy to dry clothes in common backyard, managing pets etc. Be assertive when it comes to getting work done from MES otherwise…I see house will turn into water sports arena. Be warned….Be prepared.


Ice Breaking Party The first get together, symbolically called “icebreaking breaking party” was held on 9 Jan 2015 at Na onal Defence College. The majes c building with beau ful lawns and impressive decor was a sight to behold. The cold evening warmed to smiles, handshakes, clinking of glasses and a firm grounding in the foggy verdant lawns of NDC. Hundred course members from defence services, civil services and foreign countries along with their spouses were welcomed warmly by the first couple Lt Gen NS Ghei, AVSM** and Mrs Manpreet Ghei, faculty members and the staff of Na onal Defence College. It was an evening of mee ng old friends and forging new bonds and feeling comfortable with each other. Conversa on flowed freely and everyone was bubbling with excitement and happiness. An evening that set ball rolling for a memorable year.





Foggy cold day with near zero visibility could not dampen the spirits of officers, ladies and children. All of us were excited and looking forward to our first trip from NDC. We assembled in the badminton court and were briefed by two guides from Delhi tourism department. Kudos to them! They managed to cover 1000 years of history of Delhi in 15 mins!!! Delhi has lot to offer in terms of many interesting places, monuments, temples, gardens etc. Our first stop was Bahai Temple. It is commonly known as the Lotus Temple because the building is shaped like a Lotus flower. It was completed in 1986 and is set among pools and gardens. The visit to museum and short documentary movie was very informative about this young and growing religion. After the movie we walked through well kept lawns full of Chinese orange trees in full bloom to the main prayer hall. Here adherents of any faith are free to enter and pray or mediate silently according to their own religion. Sun started playing hide and seek and it was bright and sunny by the time we reached Qutab Minar. What a majestic sight! Massive structure! Qutub Minar is a world heritage site. The conical tower is an exquisite example of Indo Islamic Afghan architecture. It is made of red sandstone and marble. Decorative motifs on upper levels shows both Hindu and Islam elements. The Qutub complex houses the famous 2000 years old iron wonder which has not rusted till date! Delhi roads with bustling traffic and all the walking made us all hungry and we headed to Delhi Haat for a sumptuous meal and of course ladies couldn't help picking a thing or two. At around 1500 hrs we all boarded the bus and headed to the last destination of the day i.e the Humayun's Tomb. It was built in mid 16 century by Haji Begum. A wonderful example of Mughal architecture. The elements in its design- a squat building, high arched entrances that let in light topped by a bulbous dome and surrounded by gardens. From the terrace of the tomb we got an excellent view of the surroundings. By the end of the day we all were very tired but totally satisfied with the tour as it gave an opportunity not only to visit the historical monuments but also to know each other and form bonds which is hallmark of any course.



Rakshika Welcome Meet


The first Rakshika Meet' of NDC – 55 was held on 21.Jan.2015 in the college. It was the beginning, the back drop giving one a sense of purpose and direction. It was here that everyone introduced oneself to the rest of the ladies, got to meet each other and was the first 'Ladies Meet' of the course! With much excitement all arrived and the feeling of camaraderie already making its way into our hearts as all were seated in their respective groups. Mrs. Manpreet Ghei, President Raksika graced the occasion. Mrs. Vidya Solankey, welcomed everybody and introduced Mrs. Manpreet Ghei and all senior faculty ladies to the Raksikas. After the introductory rounds of all groups, Mrs. Manpreet Ghei addressed the ladies and made everything sound simple, soothing and enjoyable. All anxiety, queries and presumptions were taken care of. A big thanks to Mrs. Manpreet Ghei!.... it meant a lot! Then it was time for delicious refreshments and the group co-ordinators had the privilege of cutting the big cake and getting clicked! With smiles galore and plans many more, everyone left, leaving behind an echo of relaxed whispers and soft giggles!

Visited the reception cell every single day? Still thinks movie tickets are for Rs 25/- only?


Lived in a house that turned into water sports complex?


Had managed a picture with her husband in every outing ?


Wrote whatsapp messages thinking in Hindi, writing in English, sounding in Malayali?


Was so excited in making travel plan that forgot to get visa?


Is compulsive shopper? She is famous for shopping even in Rakshika thrift shop.


Had bus full of relatives in humid hot weather?


Danced on the table to everyone's delight.

10. Relished an apple costing $ 400 only!!! 11. Never understood why people not happy going to SUKHANA?? Punjab is a good state !!! 12. Reached for dinner one day earlier than the date of invite.

Ans. 1. Ritu, 2. Aruna, 3. Shivani, 4. Saroj, 5. Suja, 6. Neelu, 7. Vaishali, 8. Lakshmi, 9. Dimple, 10. Abhisarika, 11. Dhiru and 12. Renu.


Work and travel plans compete for your attention. Men , luck is with you and there is plenty you will accomplish. Concentrate on money matter and charm your pretty wives with lovely gifts. Secret to more happiness and peace in life…spend more.. buy more… Being social, suave and sophisticated people are naturally drawn to the double fives. Double fives will leave an impression on all in alumni dinner.





The 'Pongo' Social NDC 55 was given a 'kick start' with the much awaited 'Ice breaker', which was held in the precincts of the National Defence College at the beginning of the course. Meeting Course mates, Seniors and Juniors on the 'Final course of Instruction' of one's career in the Armed Forces, was indeed heart rendering and stimulating. The course thereafter just took off with the freshness of the 'weaning winters' and approaching spring. The stage was now set for the Army to exhibit its grandeur, which it did by taking the initiative of organizing the 'much awaited Pongo Social'. The same was done in the grand and elegant environs of the Manekshaw Center. More than looking forward to the Social, all our Naval, Air Force, Civil Services and Foreign friends were eagerly looking forward to visit the much talked about Manekshaw Center. It is actually a 'must see' for all to experience the facilities which it has to offer. 14th February was the ideal day (being Valentine's Day) for organizing the social, which added the necessary romanticism in the air. All ladies were dressed in the evening best and the officers were decked up to impress their 'Valentines'. A cake cutting ceremony was organized and the honours for the same were given to Group Captain and Mrs Adam Williams from the Royal Australian Air Force and Colonel and Mrs Ghulam Reza of the Afghanistan Army. Brig Peekay the 'Master of Ceremonies' and 'Crooner' was at his usual best being very 'persuasive and coercive' and really got the crowd going. The 'zing' in the atmosphere was put in by Brig and Mrs AK Samantra by organizing the 'Valentine's Dance'. A lot of talent came to the fore with beautiful songs being sung by Mrs Jasbir Brar and Mrs Archana Sidhu. Shri Harinath Mishra was very impressive with his 'Shayari', leaving the hall echoing with 'Wah Wahs. The evening that had warmed up, then transcended into a atmosphere of enjoyment with people interacting with each other. Lt Gen and Mrs NS Ghei and the Senior Directing Staff with the ladies, graced the occasion and made it a point to interact with each and everyone. Photo sessions were also the order of the evening, with the aim of capturing the 'Grand Backgrounds' and the 'Royal Regalia', which is the hallmark of the confines of the Manekshaw Center. The customary sitting dinner in the most spacious dining hall (giving an opportunity to the 200 officers and ladies to dine together), set the befitting tune ushering in the end of the wonderful event. The ball was thus set in motion for the other socials to follow suit and emulate the high standards set. - Saswati Aich 12


ALUMNI DINNER The most awaited college event looked forward by the Alumni of the National Defence College, The Alumni Dinner was held this year on the 28 February 2015 at the college lawns. Under the aegis of Gen and Mrs NS Ghei, Commandant, the event was resplendent in its splendour and bonhomie generated amongst the Alumni, both past and present. From officers as old as the st NDC 1 course (Lt General MN Batra, PVSM), to the Chiefs of Army and Air Staff, to old Commandants, faculty, foreign delegates and old students it was full of alumni spirit. It was nice to see old course mates meeting and the enthusiasm and laughter was evident .

This year saw more than 600 alumni coming with their spouses to attend the function. Also as a first time, the present course NDC 55 also had the privilege of being a part of the celebrations.

Meeting up with seniors and hearing memoirs of their times, was a common topic of discussion between the officers and the ladies. Nothing seemed to have changed. It was like the time watch had stopped. The cocktails followed with some mouth watering dinner. It seemed nobody wanted the event to end , but all good things come to an end, and so did this one. One felt fortunate to be a part of this august gathering. 14


RAKSHIKA MEET- GROUP 1 The first of anything, anywhere always has a great degree of uniqueness and the first Rakshika meet was no exception. After a severe winter when we were just beginning to know each other, in just a fewdays notice we were required to organise the first Rakshika meet of the 55th NDC course. Venue had changed from NDC to Raksha Bhawan, no precedence to refer to, but the group ladies took it as a challenge and came up with ideas which to say the least, set a benchmark for the subsequent Rakshika meets and ofcourse was a perfect beginning. The Ladies Meet of Rakshika started with a Spring theme event. True to the theme, the meet was over flowing with flowers, whether it be the games involved or the decor of the venue, or the dresses of the ladies. The MCs conducted the show with elan. Urdu nazms also enchanted the ladies present. The evening was full of fun activities. A very innovative group game involved the use of scraps like twigs and some props to make a flower arrangement. The ladies surprised with their creative use of waste to transform it into mesmerizing arrangements with captivating captions. Another game involved a modified version of charades where the participants had to guess the names of the movies and actors from a song given to them. No ladies club is complete without a game of tambola and the ladies of Group 1 kept this tradition alive. Keeping in line with the theme, a Husne Bahaar, My Fair Lady and Best Dressed Lady awards were given to the chosen ladies. Stalls were put up by Meenu Suri and Vidhi which sold dresses and gift items. This evening of fun and frolic was followed by high tea where the ladies bonded over the chatter of the day's events.



Come February and the Rakshikas were looking forward to the Suraj Kund Mela organised by Haryana Tourism, it is essentially a handloom and handicrafts fair. It was organised first in 1981 and since then the fair continues to be a strong platform for Indian artists, craftsmen and artisans from all over the country. It owes its name to an amphitheatre, a sun pool from the 10th century, parts of which are still seen here. A particular Indian state is chosen every year as the theme and the entire ambience of the fair is designed accordingly. For this year the theme was the heritage and tribal culture of Chattisgarh . Armed with sufficient currency and handy Jholas, the happy faces embarked the buses for the fair on the bright Sunday morning on 12 February 2015.Since it was located at Faridabad, 8 kms from Delhi but it seemed like one unending journey through the city traffic in peak hours.We were welcomed by a magnificent and eye catching entrance to the fair, a well decorated gate. Massive bullock carts/ horse carriage in cast iron were placed on either sides with complete paraphernalia, ie the hay and the riders. Religiously clicking pictures, the ladies entered the fair but were left wondering as to where to start from. With limited time at hand, the ladies wanted a peek and a pick from each of the stalls and kiosks. Ladies took off in small groups to exploit the maximum of the available time after exchanging phone numbers so as to get feedbacks on available items and their comparative rates. The display that greeted us included rich cultural traditional handicrafts and handloom weaves, fabric and stitched garments. Soon ladies were seen with carry bags bragging their purchases and exchanging notes. After experiencing Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, the eyes came across the bright and vibrant colours of Rajasthan(The Natyashala).The rural setting helped bring alive the age old living crafts and traditions. A group sat admiring the ambience while others enjoyed the live 'Ghoomar' dance by ladies in their vibrant coloured ghagra cholis and odnis.One could see foreigners mesmerised and the locals too enjoying the dance. It also exhibited paintings , bangles in lacquer work and woodwork Thereafter ladies moved on to Chattisgarh display and other states like West Bengal with its cotton and Tangai sarees too. To add to the charm of traditional stalls, there were stalls even of other countries like Bangladesh, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Nepal. Overall it was a unique opportunity to visit this festival like environment with a wide variety of handicrafts, textiles and a glimpse of the traditional dances. It was indeed a memorable visit . 18




MARCH, 15 Jupiter will set your mind spinning in straight direction. You may crave a major escape or getaway in the beginning of the month. Socially, you shall have an active time now. You will have house full of family and friends to celebrate life's events. The time spent will be cherished. You need to look after your health properly..Chanayaka can see Double fives being infected by “whatsapp” bug very strongly. Ladies you are blessed with great energy and enthusiasm. Since you act with dynamic energy you will make ripples in the whatsapp and lose sleep over it. Yoga and meditation is recommended.

Ice Cream time at India Gate



thE nAVy sOCIAL – A GrAnD EVEnt The Naval officers of the 55th NDC Course hosted the Naval Social on 21 March 2015 at the magnificent Varuna Officers Complex. The event served to showcase the naval hospitality to the Course members and especially to those from friendly foreign countries. The Commandant and the entire faculty members of the NDC graced the occasion. The ambience was marvelous. Course members along with their wives participated in a number of games that added to the fun. The food was a true reflection of the excellent culinary skills of the Navy. The Naval band which was in attendance played contemporary tunes in addition to those with unique Naval flavor which was well appreciated. The hospitality was splendid. In all it was one of the evenings to remember.

Who says s tching is a feminine skill


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The winner take

At the Lobby of Varuna Officers' Mess

And the applause 22



D-Day arrived on 24th March, 2015.The air hummed and thrummed with vibrancy and colour and excitement as we all flew around on nervous energy. Anju created a flex of the Rakshika Kanya Mahavidyalaya as a backdrop which Sonali and Vaishali coloured in with 'Dumdaar-2' paraphernalia. We added guitars, Chinese Lanterns, Balloons etc to make the air more festive. We even prevailed upon young Harry Khara to lend us his bike for the stage. We “seniors” in jeans and Black Kurtis welcomed all the “Fresher's” who were divided into groups of Hindi, English, Chemistry, Geography, Stats, Eco, , Bio and History - all in honours no less! These subjects were beautifully showcased by tent cards made by Isha and ably assisted by her daughter, Arshiya and Shivani made cute cartoon printouts for the group names and also the photo prop “FRAMED” – a selfie takers delight!! We started with a bang as all of us bounced on the stage, Poonam began the music and then there was no stopping us as we hopped, skipped and jumped our way through “medley of songs” with straight, expressionless faces hidden behind Aviator Sunglasses that added to the humour and absurdity of our collage look. The Raffle had everyone lip locked literally, as they had written their names behind lip-shaped tickets and pinned them on a board. Mrs. Manpreet Ghei was requested to step up and pull out any four lips at random “transparent” raffle procedure! Next was a group game wherein each honours group picked a slip from a bowl and was given that object to sell on OLX, for any other purpose except what it was actually to be used for their brains to come up with innovative ideas to sell their products. The lowly but useful mop or 'pocha' won first prize as it was used as a scarf, a shawl, bikini top, a mask amongst other uses, the watering can came in second. Performances were judged on the basis of originality, humour and maximum group participation. In between the dance and the group game, Neelu and Usha were looking for fresher's in the audience sporting appropriate collage wear and accessories. With so much happening in the way of entertainment, our “seniors” were still not finished. We gathered around for a rendition of “Purani Jeans Aur Salwar” by Neelu, with the rest of us sportingly providing a back up. The audience were fabulous as they picked up on the enthusiasm and camaraderie amongst us and our fun loving sprit was contagious. Everyone got into the carefree college days mode and with that we were off to the college canteen. Aruna Minihas 24




APRIL, 15 Fortunes are all set to change this week. There is a need to reflect upon the choices. Sometimes too many choices and opportunities are presented, which need careful consideration. These choices will decide your travel direction. Full moon wants you to be careful with health. Stomach problem will trouble Double Fives for few days. …eating in “messy” places to be avoided …just try relishing food cooked by loving wives..Can see all men totally involved in “strategic gaming exercises” but strangely no results as far as weight loss is concerned with all games!!! And exercises!!!… everyone is still has figure resembling zero!!!!Battle of Bulge will continue for some more time…




The Rakshikas ventured out for the visit to Akshardham temple. The temple is unique and outstanding because of its stark beauty, spirituality and the story of human endeavour behind. The enthusiasm was evident from the large numbers of ladies who had gathered at Raksha Bhawan for the visit. Accompanied by Mrs Manpreet Ghei and Mrs Neena Saini, the group set off for the visit. The journey to the temple which sits near the banks of the Yamuna was enjoyable as usual. The group reached there in the afternoon at around 3 pm. On seeing the monument one could see the tremendous amount of human effort and energy that had gone in its making. Akshardham is a place of education, entertainment and enlightenment. As one of the wonders of the world, it combines traditional stone architecture, ancient wisdom, and the best of modern technology to create the most powerful experience of Indian Culture ever to exist. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, and inspired by HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Akshardham is a miracle worked by the sacrifice of thousands of volunteers. Hundreds of figures, displays and audio-visual shows, unfold a stream of timeless experiences. They are visually mesmeric, scientifically stunning, and spiritually moving. Akshardham complex comprises of the monument which is an architectural masterpiece that enshrines the golden Murti of Lord Swaminarayan; Exhibitions that display the values of Indian Culture; 15 acres of contemplative garden with cultural spots and a futuristic research institute for social harmony.



The group returned back at night. The visit was historical as is the creation of Akshardham . This great monument of Indian Culture is not a topic of dialogue alone but more so of experience. Seeing is Believing. And we, the Rakshikas were fortunate that we could visit it. Thanks to the National Defence College. 29

Air Force Social In the enduring traditions of National Defence Collage and being the junior most service, the officers of Indian Air Force hosted a party for their course mates and Faculty and staff members on 10.4.2015. The venue was the Air Force mess on Zakir Hussain Road in the heart of Lutyens' Delhi and a stone's throw from the iconic India Gate. The Mess is aptly named 'Aakash'. Where the Swanky Redstone building of Aakash mess stands today – there were old barracks dating to the days of the Raj. Even before that – and I am slowly being reminded of my age as I Write this – the mess was on the other side of Rajpath and was called the Central Vista Mess. In Its present structure, the mess has all modern amenities and a huge lawn right in the centre of the complex. It was in these lawns that the party was held. The evening weather in Delhi was pleasant and the gracious host with their wives made the approximately 135 guest at home. Food was served from a 'live' kitchen just behind the stalls. After a few round of drinks, some course members broke out into impromptu songs. The Air Force band provided good accompaniment to the budding talents. The venue, the weather, the warmth and the where withal made it an evening to cherish.

a j r u Kh



RAKSHIKA MEET- GROUP 3 Theme-Baisakhi Baisakhi, the solar New Year, is the festival of bright colours, golden fields and ebullience. One hears loud cheers of “Jatta aayi Baisakhi,” the joy seems to reverberate in the skies, hailing the arrival of harvest and new beginnings. The Punjabi New Year and harvest season happily coincide in the middle of April. This time around, we joined in the celebrations. Ladies of Group-III, infected by the enthusiasm in the Northern hinterland, decided on the theme to infuse our lives with the vibrancy of Punjab. Village belles perform folk dances called Tappas and Gidha to show their happiness. The meet seemed like a scene straight from a typical Punjabi village with our ladies energetically dancing to the beat of the dhol. Subeena and Archana were the ones who started the chatpati evening with Punjabi Tappas. This was followed by 'Punjabi Mutiyaar,' where ladies resplendent in their suits walked the ramp to the tunes of popular Punjabi songs. The evening's fun quota came from a hilarious situational game- enact and present. The games, hosted by Sumeet, called for teams enacting the situation given to them in the funniest possible manner. This was followed by defence favourite- Tambola, hosted by Shashwati. The grand finale and the highlight of the celebration was a group gidha performance on 'Nachcha mai Ludhiana, meri dhamak Jallandar pendi.' The dhamak of the performance surely must have been felt across Delhi at least. Such was the vigour of the dancers that even the crowd could not help but join in the fun. After all the frolic, traditional Punjabi snacks were served and prizes were distributed.




MAY, 15 As the moon conjuncts with venus travel is in cards for sure. You can expect material comfort, relaxing time and an appreciation of the good things in life.You will travel across seven seas in all directions to prize excitement, shopping, gambling, exploring new land for the moment in true double fives style. I can see people with big smiles, happy faces enjoying meaningless gossips, laughing on infantile jokes, relishing new , strange cuisine. You shall have journeys which may be - possibly- mental, physical or “spirit”-ual…hic..hic..




EXpLOrInG AFrICA NDC has a beautiful synonym and, that is, foreign tours. Moment it is heard so and so is doing the course automatically the next question strikes is, OK! Which all countries are you visiting? th When 55 NDC's foreign study tours were decided we all were super excited as we were heading to S. Africa and Egypt. Ours was Group III, Captained by R.Adm Ravindra Gaikwad and other group members were Brig. & Mrs. Rajesh Puri, Brig. and Mrs. S. S. Johal, Brig. and Mrs. D.P. Pandey, Brig. and Mrs. Dinesh Chadha(self), Brig. and Mrs. Anil Kasid, Brig. and Mrs. Girish Garg, Air Cmde. and Mrs. J.J. wani, Air Cmde. and Mrs. Nagesh Kapoor, Shri. B.S. Yadav, Smt. and Shri Abhay Singh, Cmde. and Mrs. M. Rashid Ali from Bangladesh Brig. Gen. N.A. Babar from Malaysia, Gp. Capt. and Mrs. Adam Williams from Australia last but not the least Gp. Capt. And Mrs. Sachin Kate. TH 16 May 2015 midnight we reached Dubai. Where we made optimum use of the six hours lay over! By either sleeping in all kinds of angles or by window shopping and some created a ruckus enough to drive their co passengers away from that area.There was great excitement next morning, as we reached Johannesburg and by road to Pretoria. Two days just flew past visiting places like Freedom Park which talks of S. Africa's freedom struggle and Leeside village which gives a glimpse of history and Origin of S. Africa as a rainbow nation. From Pretoria, our visit to Sun city was like a child's wish to visit Disney World. It had majestic structure and grandeur as never seen before with its colossal edifice, state of the art lamps and chandeliers, gushing fountains and sprawling golf course. Encountering big five of Pitaresberg Game Reserves reminded us of National Geography and Animal Planet TV Channels. From Sun City we flew to Cape Town, another tourist destination. Water fronts to malls, Aquarium to Table Mountain, Mediterranean drive to the tip of Cape of Good Hope - everything and every place was blessed, enjoyed and stored in the memory lane. Our flight from Cape Town brought us back to Johannesburg and from here we flew to Egypt. Cairo was warm city which loved all Indian film stores. City of Mummies, Museums, Mosques, Churches' and Synagogue- in Shday and Pyramids of Giza, Nefertiti, Sphinx were explored day and night, Nile river Cruise on one hand and beautiful drive to Alexandria on the other, has been etched deep in our memory. From Cairo the group split and flew in different directions for holidays. Some moved to Europe, others to Mecca, Greece, Jordan & Turkey. We cherish every moment of this trip. Poonam Chadha



AustrALIA & BrunEI th


Our foreign trip from 16 May to 6 June 2015 to Brunei and Australia via a day in Bangkok was an absolute delight. It was an exhilarating voyage…. changing planes & hotels! On 17th May, the visit to Bangkok was splendid, and visiting the Marble Temple and the Golden Buddha Temple made us feel very auspicious! The hotel, 'Sukosol', was very comfortable and the visit to the MBK Mall very expensive!... Obviously! From 18th May, it was Brunei, a small and progressive country near Malaysia! With natural beauty in abundance, it is a nature-lover's paradise. We visited its world famous and largest water village in Bandar Seri Begawan, called the Venice of the East. The museum, the Royal Regalia was amazing, showcasing various aspects of the Royal family of the Sultan. Adventure Trip to Temburong was gruelling and tested our strength and fortitude as it involved a ferry ride into the jungle for an arduous trek to the highest point for an amazing view of the entire rain forest! Wading bare feet in a gentle stream over pebbles towards the waterfall was so thrilling and so was the shower in the cool, gurgling waterfall with those tiny fish pricking away at our feet making us all jump, laugh and grab each other for support!.. just unforgettable! The dinner hosted by the Indian High Commissioner, HE Shri A.K. Amrohi and the interaction with the many Indians settled in Brunei was very enthralling!... So was the menu, it was Indian! 22nd May onwards, our trip to Australia started with Melbourne and the grand stay at Hotel Langham! The chill in the air felt good. The Great Ocean Ride along the Pacific, the amazing waterfall, the visit to the Ballarat Gold Mines was absolutely enthralling. We also experienced the warm hospitality of Col Sinha (Retd), who is now holding a senior position in the Australian Defence HQ. th We reached Canberra on the 25 May'15! We visited the National Arboretum (The Botanical Garden), the old Parliament House, the Kangaroo Park, the National Art Gallery and the Australian War Memorial. The glory and honour bestowed by the Nation to its war veterans and soldiers was very evident at the Australian War Memorial. We found hordes of college and school children along with civilians paying their homage, despite it being a usual working day. The visit to the Cockington Green Gardens, a garden of beautiful miniatures and to the city centre for shopping was equally memorable. We were honoured by the invite to dinner by the High Commissioner of India, HE Shri Navdeep Suri. But the high point of the entire visit was the invite by His Excellency, the Governor General of Australia, General Sir Peter Cosgrove (equivalent of our President). And guess why? ... Because he is an ex NDC!! It was an enthralling experience. The Governor General made us feel at home and everyone went gaga clicking photos. And to top it all, the Governor General in his speech attributed and gave much credit to the NDC for his rise to this stature. Three cheers for NDC!! The Sydney experience commenced on 28th May. We stayed at the magnificent and towering Shangrila Hotel. Sydney is the happening city of Australia. We visited the internationally famous Sydney Opera House and the ambience was terrific. We visited the Bondi Beach and the China town. The picturesque Blue Mountains approximately 70 Km from Sydney was again very p i c t u r e s q u e d r a w i n g l a rg e crowds! It had folklore of three sisters turning into three hills. After a week’s holiday New Zealand it was Delhi calling,



KAZAKHSTAN AND FRANCE 18 officers accompanied with ladies visited the Republic of Kazakhstan and France from 18 – 29 May 2015. Lieutenant General and Mrs NS Ghei and Lieutenant General and Mrs VP Singh accompanied the delegation. Enroute to Kazakhstan, the group halted at Istanbul, Turkey from 16-17 May. Istanbul is the most populous City of Turkey and a transcontinental city in Europe and Asia, located between Black Sea And Sea Of Marmara. The delegation visited Kazakhstan , the largest landlocked country in the world from 18-23 May and was accommodated at the Radisson Hotel in Astana and the Ritz Carlton in Almaty. The Indian Ambassador hosted a reception for the delegation on the first day. The ladies got an opportunity to visit the modern monuments in Astana, Kazakhstan's capital to include Bayterek, the National Musuem , Khan Shatyr and the Pyramid. They also visited the Arch of sorrow, the Orthodox Cathedral and the Museum in Almaty. The group also visited the ski resort at Shymbulak. The visits gave a glimpse of Kazakh culture, history and traditions. The delegation visited France from 24 to 30 May 15 and was hosted in Hotel Novotel in Paris. France is shaped like a hexagon is one sixth the size of India. The country has diverse terrain with many mountain ranges. The ladies had the opportunity to visit Les Invalides, Louvre, Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Seine River cruise, Palace of Versailles, Sacre Couer,Painters Square, Opera House, Shopping centre La Defence,Wish Fountain and many more tourist places. And not to forget the happiness on being left alone with a guide in the shopping paradise including the top market, Champs Elysses. Overall, the visit was a once in a lifetime experience and the complete group is thankful to the NDC for affording us this opportunity.



russIA & tAJIKIstAn The high point of every NDC course is the much talked about 'foreign tour”, something which we ladies are most excited about .The talk about which countries we would be visiting starts from the beginning of the course and with fingers crossed we were awaiting the announcement. We consider ourselves fortunate for being able to see Turkey, Tajikistan, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, all in one go! ISTANBUL- The first view of Istanbul from the aircraft itself was absolutely enchanting. On landing we clearly experienced a mesmerizing mix of the exotic and the familiar. Turkey is truly a 'bridge between East and West'. The Old City reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here. The beautiful architecture of the Sultan Ahmet mosque and the collection of art at theTopakapi palace take us back into time. The iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia features a soaring dome and Christian mosaics displaying harmony between the east and the west. DUSHANBE- Next we landed at Dushanbe totally spellbound by its stunning natural scenery set against the Pamir mountains, incorporating lush valleys and turquoise waters. . The heart and soul of this country consists of its people and their hospitality.Tajik meals start with a spread of dried and fresh fruit, nuts,Tajik bread and other sweets arrayed on the table in small dishes, and then progress to soup and meat, before finishing with osh, a rice dish with shredded carrots and flakes of meat, the national dish in Tajikistan. Statue of The Great Ismail Somoniis Dushanbe's most noticeable monument.Beside this, a simple stroll on the road was quite a welcome change for us.Roads are not busy, traffic is disciplined and no one seems to be in a hurry. Nothing much to shop yet we did pick up some nice interesting souvenirs. MOSCOW- On 23 May we landed at Moscow airport, into a strange new world where language was the biggest barrier. Yet our spirits could not be dampened and we were ready to experience European Russia. We gotthe chance not only to visit such well-known sights as Red Square, the Kremlin, State Historical Museum and St. Basil's Cathedral, known for its colorful, patterned, onion-shaped domes, but also to experience the 24-hour buzz of one of Europe's most vibrant cities – a sprawling metropolis of more than 10 million people, packed with nightclubs, bars and shopping centres. The night buzz at the university area with motorbikes decorated with LED lights, girls dancing on the top of cars, youngsters smoking, drinking and enjoying themselves. The Ismailova market was packed with art, handmade crafts, antiques, Soviet paraphernalia and just about anything one might want for a souvenir. You'll find Moscow's biggest original range of matryoshki, palekh and khokhloma ware, as well as less traditional woodworking crafts. There are also rugs from the Caucasus and Central Asia, pottery, linens, jewellery, fur hats, chess sets, toys, Soviet posters and much more. We shopped till we dropped! Moscow's metro stations are works of art in themselves.Grand,elegant and beautifully decorated.They have been described as an underground art museum, for its unique murals and decorations. ST PETERSBURG- St. Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Sea founded by Peter the Great. Mostmemorable spectacle was to view the opening of the drawbridges to allow big ships to pass at 2 am, when the city traffic was minimal. The Hermitage housed in the magnificent Baroque Winter Palace has one of the largest andmost impressive art collections in the world. The Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood,built on the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated, this church is a lively profusion of brightly colored onion domes, glittering spires and a breathtakingly detailed mosaic interior. we not only enjoyed exploring but also shopping in Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Zurich and Lucerne. Three weeks of holiday tour finally came to an end when we boarded our flight to Delhi on 7 June. It was a truly an enriching experience and we will forever carry the memories. Nishat Ahmed 42


JApAn & VIEtnAM Japan – here we come!!! Our excitement levels knew no bounds when we learnt that we would be visiting Japan. The anticipation had turned into frenzy by the time we boarded our flight to the Land of Rising Sun. Japan is perhaps one of the world's most unique countries - from its centuries old history to its stunning natural beauty, and onto its place as a gadget capital of the world. Our first halt was at Tokyo and our tryst with Japanese technology started from the hotel itself, when we encountered the high-tech Toto toilets, which offer heated seats, bidet jets with water jets at angles that can be described as ”frighteningly accurate” and even noise-masking melodies. The novelty of using a toilet with buttons and lights of your average spaceship was a delightful experience. Our sightseeing started with a trip to Edo Tokyo Museum. The museum vividly illustrates the past of Tokyo through its exhibits. Next on our agenda was the world famous Sensoji Temple, which has statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. The experience of walking up the steps to pay your respects by tossing a coin and bowing your head in prayer in the traditional manner was amazing. We also visited the Sky Tree communication tower, which has an observatory on the 45th floor. From this point, one could see the snowcapped Mt Fuji, Japan's iconic volcano, lording over the city. Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, world's first museum dedicated to bonsai art was also mesmerizing. The visit to Tokyo would have been incomplete without visiting the world famous shopping streets, i.e. Takeshita, Ginza Street and the world's busiest crossing, Shibuya Street, which is an awesome spectacle of giant video screens and neon, guaranteed to give you a 'Wow – I'm in Tokyo!' feeling. People come from all directions at once; yet still manage to dodge each other with a practiced, nonchalant agility. We left Tokyo in the Shinkansen bullet train for Osaka. The train runs at speeds in excess of 320 kms/hr!! While in Osaka, we went to world famous Nagoya castle during which the yummy green tea ice cream instantly became a favourite of all of us. The Toyota Car Factory was also a revelation and one was mesmerized with the future technology in the automobiles segment. Our trip was planned to perfection and we visited world famous shrines including Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima Island, which is a Shinto shrine, best known for its "floating" torii gate. The highlight of the trip was our visit to Hiroshima. The A-bomb dome is what remains of the few buildings that withstood the blast and is now a World Heritage Site. We were fortunate to interact with the lone living survivor of the holocaust, an 80 year old lady, who gave a vivid description of that fateful day and nightmares thereafter. Even the most hardened one of us had moist eyes. Overall, Japan was a lifetime experience – a land where a unique civilisation blossomed and today thrives in delicious contrasts of traditional and modern. But, most of all, we loved the meticulous nature of Japanese people, reflected in every aspect of their life and their spirit, which is strong, warm and incredibly welcoming. Ritu Kumar



ChInA & CAMBODIA This group set off on a tour to China (via Cambodia) on the 16 May 15. Inextricably linked to its glorious, notorious past, yet hurtling towards a power-charged future, China – one of history's great countries – is as complex as it is compelling. Few places on earth can match the extraordinary historical panorama on display in Beijing. There are six UNESCO world heritage sites in this city alone (just one less than the whole of Egypt). At its heart is the magnificent Forbidden City, a royal palace on a scale like no other. Beijing is also home to sublime temples that aspire to cosmological perfection, while the city centre is crisscrossed by the enchanting hútòng , ancient alleyways that teem with life today, as they did hundreds of years ago. And, to cap it all, the awe-inspiring Great Wall snakes its way across the hills north of town. China is also home to some of the world's most innovative modern buildings. The world's leading architects clamber for the chance to make their mark on this new global powerhouse, and jaw-dropping structures. Like the temples and palaces of the ancient past, and the imposing socialist realist monuments of the 1950s, these latest additions are built on a scale that screams 'look at me!' The Shanghai (Bund) skyline epitomizes this trend! Food is an obsession for the Chinese and the dazzling array of different dishes you'll encounter reflects the sheer joy locals take in eating. Local menus will have you salivating over succulent Peking duck, delicious dumplings and awesome noodles, but there's food from every corner of China (and beyond) to be sampled too. From fiery Sichuanese to Turkic–inspired Uighur cuisine, China's restaurants have got it covered. China has the capacity to surprise – a country that is as deafening as it is beguiling; it's all too easy to get frazzled. However, these very contradictions should compel you to put a visit to this country on your bucket list.






VIEtnAM & sOuth KOrEA





JUNE, 15 You all might have become expert at multitasking, but need to set a place and time for all your affairs of head and heart clear. Get back to your routine and also take a vacation from the vacation you had. Relatives and friends are waiting expectantly to hear the exploits and also for their gifts, chocolates etc from foreign shores. Officers Choose wisely… partying…golfing…writing paper…. ladies good time continues for you..enjoy life……and show your shopping..



Full on Masti





Karva Chauth & Id

JULY, 15 Welcome new month…double fives will work hard and make personal sacrifice. Officers put partying and golfing aside for sake of learning. There may not be much time for fun this month but don't fret you will have plenty of time for it in years to come. Right now concentrate and focus on dissertation. Ladies …ladies I see you doing what you are good at whatsapp chatting…roadside chatting…chaat n chatting…bhutta n chatting…basically more chit….




Rashika MEET GROUP -4 It was time to meet once again. The Rakshikas of Vikram Vihar while gearing their home fronts for the Monsoons also got underway to prepare to host the months' Ladies Meet. The Meet was held on 16th July 2015 at the Community Hall, Raksha Bhawan. The theme to go with the season was 'Celebration of Monsoons' and also with the idea of keeping it simple and entertaining. The Meet was indeed enthralling. It began with the mesmerising Sitar-Vaadan by Archana, the song game conducted by Sumeet and Subeena followed by the creative paper-costume designing competition conducted by Vandana and Bublee. The effervescent Tambola was conducted by Pinky and Dolly and the interesting 'Monsoon-Medley' by our very own Turr-Turr (daddu) group. Hot pakoras, the delicious kachories…, anchoring by Jasbir and the co-ordination by Jhuma and Subeena had to make it into a grand occasion! We were grateful to the first lady, Mrs. Manpreet Ghei and all the senior ladies of NDC for having graced the occasion despite their busy schedule. A good strength of ladies attended and enjoyed the occasion as did the hostesses..!

AUGUST, 15 Double fives pack your bags again and be ready for exploring some more cultures, new places and of course adding more curios to your already overstuffed homes and clicking thousands of pic… So Health and energy needs to be conserved as you have too much to do. Shopping spree can set your budget aflutter, so be careful. While one area of your life may seem to be stalled at the gates, another is beaming with opportunity. Modify your perfectionist attitude …officers. You will be troubled with recurring dream of dissertation cut.. copy…paste.. cut..copy ...paste….


















Rakshika Meet Group-6






SEPTEMBER, 15 I see you all indulging in creature comforts. You will now be busy with finer things of life…golfing, gym, movies, outings, partying etc…right now is a good time to have all fun and frolic as Mercury is well placed. This is great time to be with friends, family and neighbours…Men will get in touch with their Yang dynamic and creative abilities and energies while women will get in touch with their Yin organising energies and capabilities. Men, you can expect lot of fame as you are seen, noted, heard and rewarded this month.



Rakshika Farewell 09th Sept 15



NDC House Cocktails 18th Sept 15




OCTOBER, 15 Sagittarius gives you more authority. In work ďŹ eld surprises and uncertainty are inevitable, don't take it to heart. Many will moan with the obligations and expectations placed on them but do what is expected of you, much to your surprise you will get more out of the experience and new assignments. Keep your mind and heart open you will be richly rewarded. You are dynamic, forceful and assertive at work. Balance in personal relationships and professional activities is well maintained and one sees you all enjoying near the beautiful beaches.




Civil Service Social Continuing the rich legacy of NDC, Civil Servants group organized the social evening on 1st October of 2015 in the sprawling lush green lawns of CRPF'S SDG club in old JNU campus. Offering a concoction of good food, captivating music and emanating masti, the evening grew young with astounding performances of Mrs Archana Siddhu, Mrs Jasbir Brar and the little champion, Janhavi. To add to the masti songs sung by Wing Commander Deshpande and Air Commodore Nagesh Kapoor proved the fact that NDC is replete with in house talent. The CRPF band stole the show with some ďŹ ne singing of admixture of old and new songs coupled with exquisite musical throws on saxophone. With beautiful ladies and debonair men greeting and interacting, the evening truly reected camaraderie, cohesion and appreciation for each other. Absence of Mrs Manpreet Ghei, wife of the Commandant NDC was felt by all. A well conducted programme coupled with memorable performances, hospitality galore and beautiful weather-it was indeed an enjoyable evening!!!



Foreign OfďŹ cers Social



Your children... are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwells in the house of tomorrow which you cannot visit. Kahlil Gibran.

October is here to whisper that everything is not over with NDC 55 yet. Our children claimed a much deserved evening with the help of some mothers who felt like kids again. Two abandoned rooms in a at got beau fully converted into space for party games, dance oor, signature wall, poetry for me and food scape. Our young ones ďŹ lled the evening with laughter and joy and we could see it n their eyes and hearts that this will remain with them for the rest of their life.

Kids having a blast!




Rakshika Meet Group -5

NOVEMBER, 15 With venus moving with Jupiter in your seventh house, you can expect to move to new house and begin a new chapter in your life. Change and new excitement is around the corner. Month is full of passion and ďŹ re and it will be applied in many areas --- packing, loading, shifting unloading, moving to new location, new assignments‌.you will have ability to adapt to new circumstances. You seem to control the life force bringing positive changes in the chaotic situations.



Rakshika Night




Visit to Rastrapati Bhawan




DECEMBER, 15 With major planets moving into your sixth house, it is time to move cautiously. You have been socially quite active now and you are prone to withdrawal symptoms. You may witness sorrow and pain due to some parting and separation from friends made here. As you make fresh beginning the memories and the moments of the year spent in NDC gives you energy, force, happiness and optimism. GOD BLESS AND GOD SPEED!!!




home. I attended the dinner at the Air Force Base and it provided me with an opportunity of devouring different Indian cuisine which I had never tasted before. It was a pleasurable evening with dining, singing and dancing where everybody had a good rapport with one another.

MY MEMORIES OF INDIA India, the nearest neighbouring country of Sri Lanka has been in close relationship since the days of our great grandfathers according to the legends as well as the writings of many historians. Sri Lanka became culturally nourished further by the doctrine of Lord Buddha with the arrival of Mahindra thero who was the son of king Ashoka. Hence, the bonds between the two countries were tightened up as king Devanam Piyatissa who reigned Sri Lanka during that era embraced Buddhism, making it official religion of the state. Ever since, colossal India became a place of worship for the Sri Lankan Buddhists, and numerable devotees began flowing towards India to visit Bodhgaya, Varanasi and Kushi Nagar seeking solace of heart and tranquillity of mind, in trying of abide by Lord Buddha's philosophy.

We made many new friends, but my daughter is far more ahead of me when it comes to making friends. Therefore, she had a circle of friends with whom she had been interacting via whatsapp even when she was in Sri Lanka. According to my point of view, our family has benefitted a lot from NDC course as we could explore a different society and culture. Highlight of the stay in India has been our maiden journey covering more than thousand kilometres in a train nearly for twelve hours on our way to Bodhgaya. I had a mixed feeling, of joy, excitement, fear and also uneasiness as we were all alone in an unknown place surrounded by unknown people. All three places, Bothgaya, Varanasi and Kushi Nagar were being covered within three days though it was a hasty run. Our souls were charmed by the tranquil atmosphere of Bodhgaya where I had been in deep contemplation for some hours attempting to be in oneness with the natural surroundings.

Although, I was visiting my husband Cmd. P. R. B. Dissanayake, I too had the same emotional impact and so much reverence for a country which bore a unique religious leader once upon a time. I was fortunate enough to visit India thrice, once in 1994 and two other consecutive journeys within the year 2015. In my first tour, I had the privilege of enjoying many social occasions in the southern parts of India mainly, when my husband was following a course in INS, Verduruthy, the Southern Naval Base in Cochin. On my second visit, I arrived at New Delhi with my daughter in mid march 2015 to join my husband who was doing course at NDC. On my second day of our arrival we were invited by Brig. Rajender Dewan for a dinner and I had the opportunity of meeting some of the ladies of the NDC course mates. It has been an unforgettable evening because I was like a fish out of water amidst many adorable Indian ladies who were known to each other very well. Knowing my situation they all welcomed me very warmly, in my opinion, which is a prominent attribute of the people in this part of the world. No longer, I was an alien among them, but just another friend who was sharing multifarious experiences with them.

During my short stay in India I could witness many similarities between the two countries socially and culturally. We Sri Lankans too uphold the family bonds and always are in close relationship with the family members. Love, Affection, care and guidance given to the children by their parents are of paramount importance in building up a balanced personality in them. It is a common factor in both India and Sri Lanka. Moreover, elders are respected always and taking good care of the old parents is a general phenomenon in Asian cultures. The warm and kind hospitality of the people capture the hearts of the foreigners at once. It is a prominent characteristic prevailing in the Sri Lankan society too. The Multi religious and harmony depicts the moral values of a country's people. It contributes to upgrade the dignity of mankind. This universal trait can be identified in both the countries equally. The people of India and Sri Lanka inherit a distinguished history inclusive of massive constructions, arts and crafts flourishing from the technical expertise of our forefathers for which we are really proud of. The ruins are the evidence of a prosperous past. Moreover, the rulers of both countries had been maintaining fruitful bilateral relationships since ancient times. Even today one cannot find any difference in that aspect.

Thereafter, I was requested for a get together of the ladies club at the Rakshika Community Centre where I could meet many other ladies from India and from some foreign countries. There had been sharing and caring for each other, as though we all belonged to the same nationality and there was unity among diversity.

In conclusion, I ought to admit that the reminiscence of a wonderful stay in a splendid country will remain in a corner of my heart forever. I will cherish the friendship formed here.

Then, a trip to Akshardaham Temple was organised by the NDC for all the families. Both my daughter and I were fascinated by the beauty of the temple which is dedicated to Bagawan Swaminarayan. The boat ride brought enormous fun to everybody simultaneously was an insight to India's ancient civilization and its grandeur.

Dushanti Anoja Dissanayake Sri Lanka

Almost every other night we had a party at somebody's residence. In truth, I was taken up with the warm kind hospitality and intimacy of Indian Families which is more or less prevalent in Sri Lanka too. Hence, I felt myself at 88



Life at Raksha Bhawan

India is a country which is an example of “unity in diversity”. It is a country with so many different religion, caste, colour, creed, festivals hence despite so many differences there is a huge unity amongst the people. I was very excited when I got to know we will be living for one whole year in the capital of India. I have been travelling to India as my son is studying here since the last 5 years in st. Georges college, Mussorie so because of that I was quiet relaxed as I knew that Nepal and India share many things in common such as the food ,culture, festivals etc. When I first arrived here I was quiet busy exploring the place. The image that I had of Delhi as a very unsafe place has changed maybe because we live in so much security but I would like to share an incident that took place about few months ago while I was in a walk with my daughter in the evening. Both of us were in an evening walk and suddenly we realized that we had lost our way back to Raksha Bhawan so we thought of taking an auto ,it was already about 8 o clock so no auto was ready to drop us hence dissapointed we thought of walking and searching for the way, but suddenly an auto came from behind and there was a policeman in it and he requested us to take that auto .We were shocked and asked him how did he know about our situation and he told that he saw us wandering in the road and thought we were lost so they knew we needed help and they hurried to help us. This incident has definitely impressed me and my whole family a lot. The warmth of the people here especially of our Indian army officers families have touched our hearts and souls .They have treated us with so much love and care and made us feel like home. We really appreciate it. As a whole my stay in India has been wonderful .I have enjoyed every moment right from the ladies meet to the family dinners and of course not to forget the amazing international tour. - Mira Shah, Nepal

MEMORIES @ NDC Our first visit to India and we were excited to not only visit but stay here for year!!! We made Raksha Bhawan our home and enjoyed every moment here. We were given warm welcome by one and all. We never knew that 2015 is going to year of making friends and enjoying endless interactions. We were touched by the warmth and hospitality of Indian families who willingly opened their homes. Our Indian friends tried to make us familiar their customs and traditions. NDC course opened window of opportunities to us to understand variety and diversity of religions, cuisines, costumes, culture and traditions in India and also appreciate the underlying unity. We met and interacted with many officers and ladies here, but one lady who has left indelible mark is President RAKSHIKA, Mrs Manpreet Ghei. She is a very warm, elegant and affectionate lady. Brimming with energy and with infectious smile she managed to keep all Rashika's members as a strong cohesive team. We spent 12 days in Kazakhstan and France during Foreign country study tour with Mrs Manpreet Ghei also in our group and came to know her little more closely. She was always charmingly gracious and helpful. We have developed deep respect for her and have learnt a lot from her. We are carrying many happy memories from NDC and will always treasure all the magical moments. Captain Nattapong Yanothaikhajit and Mrs Thanyarat Yanothaikhajit. Thailand 90

There was a feeling of tremendous excitement and joy when we learnt of our detailement for NDC. Coming after completion of an hectic assignment (command of a flying base), it was indeed a welcome change. So it was back to 'studies' for my husband! Best part was that we would once again get to meet officers and their spouses from the three services (feeling of Staff college environment again!). The officers would meet their course mates, squadron mates and what not. After hearing a host of good things of this course all these years, it was now our turn to be a part of it. NDC provides a walk-in accommodation comfort. In Delhi, this means a lot! We got ours in Raksha Bhawan which is situated in close vicinity of India Gate. About 40 from the 100 course members are housed here. I was truly fascinated by the fact that the beauty parlour, True value Shop, unit run canteen & gymnasium are all located within the same complex. In addition, the central location means that no place in Delhi is very far. The moment we entered our house, I found a railway compartment like layout. Each room opened into the next one and all rooms in turn opened out into a large and wonderful corridor, an extended balcony! Once we got used to it, we were very comfortable because there's huge space to utilise. Having moved in during the month of January, the Republic Day parade practises were on. Each morning we would wake up to the sound of the bugle. This would be followed by the contingents carrying out their practices, accompanied by the bands. A wonderful feeling of patriotism would rekindle each morning. After spending the initial week in settling down, I got to meet a lot of friends. With the husbands getting on with their college activities, we girls got down to making the most of our stay here. Gradually, over tea and coffee sessions I got to meet those ladies I hadn't known earlier and thus made new friends. That led to more tea-coffee sessions and of course, more fun! With Rajiv Gandhi Chowk (erstwhile Connaught Place) close by, the trips for shopping started in right note and am sure, would continue till we move out in end November/early December. Raksha Bhawan has a huge community hall. This venue has an indoor badminton court. The children freak out here in the evenings. It is also used as a venue for the ladies club meets, for yoga sessions and for hosting sarees /jewellery display/exhibition. A wonderful facility indeed. As the course progresses, we remain thankful to our Service for giving us an opportunity to be amongst the best set of people from different countries, making new friends; to be given an opportunity to explore and enjoy many different flavours of life. Amen. Vaishali MR


mY HomE ComInG

My experience at Raksha Bhavan

Hi readers, my name is Lhamo, the youngest member of awesome Rakhsha Bhawan (RB) family …and this is my th story. It was the beautiful morning of 15 of February and they had no wish to wake up early.


When I showed up as a participant of the 55 course at NDC in January 2015, the college campus appeared small and compact, the gates heavily secured and the classrooms technologically savvy. As I stood transfixed to the ground trying to get my bearings, I realised all the sights and sounds familiar to me as a Class 6 student of Delhi Public School in 1979, were of Raksha Bhawan, the residential quarters of NDC. My dad, Captain NKS Chauhan th from the Navy's Electrical branch underwent the 19 NDC and we spent a happy 11 months at B-1 Rakshan Bhawan. In the eyes of a 11-year old fed on a staple diet of Enid Blytons and Tin Tin comics, Raksha Bhavan was an innocuous looking place full of old world charm. Four square blocks with houses like railway carriages, endlessly long corridors to race around and “verandas” that turned into sizEable grounds for a footy match. The bathrooms with their 8 ft high walls and open to a view from the interlinking corridors were right out of a Harry Potter movie set. The cement floor with its minor gradient resulting from crude old fashioned workmanship by hand, resulted, much to my amusement and irritation, in toy cars and balls all ending up in one corner of my bedroom. The ground floor houses sweated due to high ground water levels, So we kids mastered skidding without skates or sledges, and landing up often in the MI room all bruised and bumped!!! The centre courtyard of each block doubled up as a meeting point for all ground floor residents on winter evenings and also, as the only place for kids to play when they were gated for misdemeanour. It was almost fairytale-like lush with flowers of every color and hue and green grass that smelled great on wintry mornings. The only houses that looked different were those allotted to our Army friends' parents!! They were greener, brighter with an added coat of paint and organised! They also paraded the best thorough bred canine family members every evening. Nobody dared to compete!! It holds true to date!! Our happiest memories as kids was of our dads returning from their foreign tours…that summer most of us were spotted in identical Batik shirts at each other's birthday parties, as our dads had been to Indonesia. Much to the annoyance of our moms, most had identical bags and shawls from more of these tours- domestic and “phoren''. In true “Neighbours Envy, Owners pride” fashion were the residents of C-28 recently returned from a diplomatic assignment at Colombo. Their prized possessions – a fancy imported car and a large television – made them the favourite house in the neighbourhood. Many a Thursday evening and Sunday morning were spent there as kids watching our favourite telly shows – Here's Lucy and The Ramayana. Of course, most of our time was spent at school. The bus stop was bang opposite the Main gate.Most NDC kids ended up in DPS or St Colombus given their proximity and many a lasting bond was formed on bus rides and playtimes. The Georges, Jamwals and Gairolas come to mind. As does, Sunny Bhaiya (Late RAdm SS Jamwal) who was the leader of the pack and much feared by us younger brats. His brother Bunny was the heartthrob of most of my 'didis'. Six feet tall, Sunny was called to mediate fights and arguments which erupted quite often in the evenings. Six of us kids have since made it to the Navy and all doing well. Another prized memory is that of the single candy store existed at the far end of the CSD corridor where now stands the liquor counter. Merely a functional provision store, it was Disney World to us kids with poppins and 5 star bars. Connectivity was a single phone booth at the current reception office, and leisurely talk was politely glared at! The postman was the VIP. Space between C and D blocks served as a cricket field and a ground for seven tiles or 'pithoo'. Today's gym and spa were mini badminton courts. No gun toting guards, high walls or razor sharp barbed wires as they stand today, deterred us from leaping over to retrieve a football flying over it. A solitary amiable looking sentry saw all and sundry pass by. The days were of little tension no high alert, peace reigned supreme. They were good times. Cmde Pavan Chauhan

I had spent the previous night in a cage (don't know why???). I was moving from one place to the other and all this while the floor had been shaky. Well, I must tell you, not a good feeling it is. Later, I heard them talk that I hate being in a car….. So, it was that….. I reach this door and there is ding dong…... The door is opened by him, she is right behind groggy eyed. My New parents……New home… I was dying to be out of the cage, I wanted to run, jump, skip, inspect each and every corner of the house, mark it with more familiar smells, which I did every ten minutes. And this woman, whom I had barely known, is desperately trying to catch me and keep me away from the nice soft spreads on the floor. Shouting No…No…. there goes the foot mat… Now the small rug in the study… Oh no! And there goes my carpet… It was great fun seeing my new mummy run behind me, trying to catch up and fold all the softies before I get them. I knew that very moment, that I am in for happy times. I could sense my human mommy thinking, all the relaxation, afternoon sleep, fun with friends and plenty of “Me Time” that she had so far is to be forgotten now. It was my big day as I was christened- Lhamo, it is name of a Bhutanese Goddess. Wow! huge responsibilitynow I will have to behave like a goddess. Don't know if I am behaving like one but I am definitely being treated like one .I was rewarded every time I responded to word LHAMO. At times I would pretend not understanding the name and would get treats just by looking at my parents when they called- it was fun, but they caught up with my tricks. I wanted to run out of that “ding dong” door. There was so much to see, sniff and ofcourse taste all around there. My mommy would often say she is tired running up and down the stairs, but it was only ten times a day that I went down, not too much. Mommy wants me to learn tricks from Oggy (that white fur ball of a cat, you know) and play fetch but I rather chase squirrels at Rajpath lawns. I'm a free bird, you see. I loved playing at the parking area at mid night, enjoyed chewing the furniture, pulling things down from tables. This was my house and I deserved to smell and taste everything that was here. All this was mine after all. I turned it into my home….. It took me some time to train my mommy but I'm glad now she understands and fulfills all my demands and desires. She attends to me as and when I want her. I am glad that she now fully understand the following Beagle Rules :-If I like it, it's mine. - If it's in my mouth, it's mine. - If I saw it first, it's mine. - If it's edible, it's mine. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and eventually I realized I had made friends with all these lovely-bubbly young people in Raksha Bhawan even though I had gate crashed many parties and invaded homes. I had irked all older pets of RB. Not my fault, I was only trying to play. I simply love to shower my affection on every resident of RB. I came here as a little puppy and have grown up with Handsome Skipper, Overfriendly Ola, Dashing Leo, Chota, Quiet Leo, Cute Hazel, Aloof Simba, Bossy Brandy, Loner Sneaker and Grand old Sultan. Lovely Mehul and Medha take me to their home whenever mom - dad are out of home. And Uday…. he is my favourite, you see… whatever I say, he can understand, that is why he always plays for few minutes with me whenever we meet. I often wonder why mommy has to take me back to her quarters, when entire RB complex is my home. I am now as calm as mommy. I don't feel the need to run downstairs every two hours with her. But for me the initial days of running around having fun in RB will never be forgotten. And hopefully all the residents of RB too will remember me… For my naughty nature and unconditional love ........ WOOF ..... WOOF!!! Shivani Singh



Backyard Moments

FootPrInts In tHE sAnDs oF tImE

Backyards of house are treasure chest of memories. Being married to a Naval officer and staying in high rise buildings, I had forgotten the immense pleasure that one gets in the company of others in these backyards - the common lawns behind the house. My joy knew no bounds when I saw the huge backyard in Block-A of Raksha Bhawan. Getting the ground floor house only increased the expectations of the impending good times. It was “wow” moment for me as it took me down the memory lane of childhood, not realizing at that time, that this lovely place will create another treasure chest for me. After shifting in the new house in first week of shivering January, I came out of my home to hang towel in the bright sunny courtyard wearing my thickest woollens and a cap looking and feeling silly when I saw another lady outside looking equally ridiculous. Both of us smiled and went back inside and that smile started a beautiful, long lasting relationship which would include other ladies of the block A. Smiles turned into hellos, and hellos into long sessions of tea, coffee and gossips in the sunny afternoons with all the ladies sitting together .We would call each other through kitchen doors for cup of coffee, which was just an excuse to sit in the sun and enjoy the warmth of company and the sun. Though the hot summer and monsoons did play spoil sport, but not to be discouraged, we stole every available opportunity to gather in the backyard. I pen down those moments as I am determined to relive the memories created together and these will be cherished by all of us throughout our life. Dhiru Sharma

DAY BREAK The Sun's Getting Up After Good Night's Sleep To Fill The People's Hearts With Joys Deep It's Rising High In The Sky Looking Majestic N' A Bit Shy It Glows A Lovely Crimson As It Gives Life To Everyone It's Welcomed By Nature All Around The World It's The Source Of Happiness Of Each And Every Creature It's Beautiful N' Mesmerising Giving New Hopes, Every Time Its Rising So Forget Your Troubles And Feel The Calm That Comes Ever So Slowly With The Sun's Warmth Sukanya D/o Sri Hemant Priyadarshy

A Girl in The New City

We came from different walks of life, we came from different arms of the Defence and Civil Services, we came from different lands....... and we crossed the barriers of nervousness, anxiety and hesitation as we built bridges of friendship with rainbows across then. Ours was the 55th course of NDC, circa 2015. Today as I put pen to paper, I endeavour to recapture the moments that left their mark on me during this year. The whatsapp was singing and sizzling the year round with groups and sub, groups like 55 Hotties, group 2 – Do – ka – Dum, chicks-with-kicks, VV Hotties, NDC 55 official, 55th fairway' etc. The ladies groups had hilarious conversations on the whatsapp which went on till well into the nights, like a TV serial unfolding. We learnt terms like 'SDRD - Sweet Dreams, Romantic Dreams' from Vaishali and 'Vamping – chatting late into the night on whatsapp' from Usha. – Yes, our whatsapp rocked! The year flew by on wings as we celebrated life wherein we went to India Gate for Ice creams at night, a walk around Connaught Place, paid obeisance at the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Chaat at Bengali Market, shopping at Janpath, Shanker Market and Chandni Chowk, attended yoga classes, Prerna weekly visits, impromptu gathering in the community hall, movies galore – Phew.... to name a few! Holi was a riot of colours,, water and madness and Mrs. Neelam Bishroi by virtue of being our course senior's wife, efficiently turned out an impromptu lunch for the hungry hordes. Eid was a smorgasbord of feasting on our parts as we hopped from Rashid and Shameem to Farzana and Samad, then to Ghulam and Sakina and Shahnaz, Anu and onwards to Bashir and Hindatu and finally called it a day with Nishant and S.Q. Ahmed, having gorged on kebabs, Biryani, sevaiyan, Rose cookies and other treats like never before. The best fun I had on the course was during the meeting in community hall which was like a never ending party. All of us brought out the best in each other and the word 'fun' suddenly took on a new meaning when we were together. With Usha in charge and Neelu ably supporting her, the vivacious Sonali, Shivani, Vaishali, Suja and Anju swing into action whilst the quieter Richi, Isha, Babita, Poonam, Saroj, Renu and I put in our tuppence every once in a while and everybody's sense of humour came to the force. The fun factor that we felt while putting our show together automatically connected us to our audience on the final day. For me, it was lovely meeting and getting to know Meera with her shy smile, Rose who captured many a shutterbug moments, Dushanti, Deackline, Francisca and Akiko with their quiet charm, the effervescent Jeff, john, Lazlo Ken, Michael, Gen Silver, Rasika, Rinzin, Richard, Adam and Laura (and her popular cheesecakes) and Claire and Simon who were hospitable and brave enough to host the whole course in two days flat. The two ladies, Saroj and Maushumi, who sportingly matched the gentlemen step by step, deserve special kudos.

My sister is moving to a new city in a different country. She does not know anything about the city but, I am sure she will handle herself well. She has mixed emo ons, sad to leave us but happy to pursue subject of her choice. She is also excited to meet new people, make new friends, learn their culture and understand their lifestyle. She le Delhi on 10th Aug 2015. Last few days we all were busy buying things for her, running from one shop to another, struggling to pack her suitcases, weighing them again and again! We all went crazy and one day we heard a loud shriek which scared us all. We all rushed to her room and Good Lord! She had misplaced her passport… so the search began….. Finally the day arrived, it was me to say goodbye. With bags packed, papers, money, passport kept safely we hugged and cried and said bye. I miss her a lot and life at RB is not be same without her…..

We were blessed to have an abundance of talent in our midst. With PK and Doc Prashant singing the golden oldies, Dimple Kumar and H.N. Mishra eloquently poetic, nightingales like Jasbir and Archana, Neeta Galhotra's painting exhibition, Shweta Puri's dance performance, Shahnaz and Anu rocking the dance floor, Neelu our very own Vaastu and Feng Shui expert, to name a few, talent was at a premium. The course will also remain evergreen in my memory because of Poonam and Brig. Chadha, the first grandparents of the course, giving us an insight to the joys that awaits us some years down the line and Arun, our very own Arnab Goswami, could hold a light with the best of them. The verdant greens were takes over by Ajay Rathore, Khosla, Obheroi and Bhavana, Das, Punj, Kahlor, Preet Mohinder, Brar, Mago, V.K.Mishra, Swaminathan, Samantra, R. Puri, S. Puri, Minhas (Whom Ajay fondly nicknamed Aloo, no, not due to his girth, but because he played regularly with the Puri!) All too soon, time has flown. The year ends and we part, hopefully to meet again as it is indeed a small world and our paths will surely cross someplace. To paraphrase a popular slogan – we the Double Fives were definitely the “Kings and Queens of Good Times”.

Nandini D/o Brig. M.K. Mago

- Aruna Minhas 94


Farewell to a King

sHE WAlks In GrACE

On 29 January 2015, as the nation was being regaled during Beating the Retreat, my Motu, my Danzal was being laid to rest. I have always been a romantic and I cannot help but think that this was all part of some divine plan- A King's farewell to a dog who lived like a king and was wiser than a king. th Danzal, a Labrador retriever, was born on 25 August 2002 in an idyllic hill station called Chakrata. At that time I was 8 years old and my sister, 6. We had been given clear instructions by our father before selecting a pup from the litter of 8 - The puppy must be black, have no white patches and should be the most active of the lot. And there he was, Mr Perfect, bullying his siblings around. It was love at first sight. Having been "born" into a military family, Danzal had to face the inevitable- transfers. It involved journeys st over 1000 kms, sometimes in a goods carrier and sometimes in AC 1 class. It involved making new enemies at each station (there have been 2 instances when we almost got sued. Till this day I maintain, we were provoked.) and terrorising maids every moming. But 9 transfers since his birth, and he took them all in his stride. We would often joke that Danzal was the most widely travelled doggie in the world. His antics aside, there was something very human-like about him. Maybe it was his eyes. They were the most expressive, beautiful pair of eyes I have ever seen. And he knew that they were our weakness. He could get away after the naughtiest of his escapades. He had a phase where he had started emptying all our dustbins post mid-night, probably rummaging for crumbs. He would lower his head, fold back his ears and give pleading looks from the corner of his eyes. Nobody could stay mad at that face. Danzal could gauge our mood with one glance. If ever there was a fight in the house, each party took turns being consoled by Danzal. He would place his head and paw on our thigh and doze off. There were innumerable moments when he made us laugh, smile, giggle with his antics. He had become the soul of the home. Danzal was very intelligent and mature. The day before his death, he had pooped on his bed while sleeping since he was weak and unable to stand on his own. He was very embarrassed of himself and the loss of his dignity. How do I know? On his last day, we again discovered faeces in his room. What was unusual about it was that even in his frail condition he had made the effort to get up from his bed and go to a corner. Can you imagine my first thought on seeing that? I had tears in my eyes. Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan. On one hand we are trying to "teach" humans civic sense and on the other we have this old dog. The last month of Danzal's life saw a very sudden degeneration in his health. It had reached a point when we even considered euthanasia. But even then Danzal helped us out of this moral dilemma, just 2 hours before the doctor's appointment. He waited for the right moment. He spent time with all 4 of us, giving his paw prints, saying something through those beautiful eyes. And then, without any warning, passed away, in the presence of the entire family. How did a dog understand so much? How could an animal be so perceptive and expressive? I do not know. But my family and I do know that such a dog existed and was a part of our family. His death has left a vacuum. Every corner of the house haunts us. I walk into a room expecting to see a black ball of fur, snoring away to glory. But he is not there anymore. There are no more barks when the doorbell rings. There is no furry presence under the dining table during meals. There are no more complains from harassed maids. No more nudges and licks. And those brown eyes that melted everyone's hearts. It's just memories. Memories which shall last a lifetime. Mehul Mitali D/o Brig VK Mishra

Across the waters, up to the far tides, where the horizon kissed the foaming skin of the sea, the sunlight escaped. It spread its tendrils over the vastly curling waves, their mouths opening to swallow each other like a predator chasing a young foal to swallow it whole. The tide washed at my feet, leaving its foaming remains to touch them as the sweeping sunlight blanketed it with fading warmth.



It was there, where the sea met the horizon, that I saw you. You were like a Goddess, enveloped in the density of the waves, your hair tumbling down as they caressed your slightly curved shoulders. Yours lips laughed the gleam of the shy sunlight and your teeth shone like the pearls gifted by the sea that enveloped you. You looked at me from the distance, your eyes emitted the glow of your soul, shinning pure gold. You smiled and it seemed as though the whole sea was laughing, its frothing dances your reverential celebration. You were the beauty of the stars; you were the glow in a mother's heart when she first looks at her newborn, you were the sensation on one's neck when the wind blows, gently caressing it; you were the love in a man's heart for the woman who would not love him back. What would I give to have you—consume you, fuse with you. Your very essence seemed to be calling out to me, the tilt of your head beckoning at my feet. I was drunk in you. Your arched neck, your glittering eyes. The down on your skin gleaming on your arched waist as you twist in grace. I look at you, and then I look at me. I am the essence of your repulsion. I am twisted. I am short. The darkness of my skin hides the treacherous fat of my shapeless body. I stand in the shade, an ugly representation of each person's worst fear. What I would give to be you- to have your beauty, to walk your grace. I spent a lifetime trying to hide my plainness, attempting to subside the extent of my worthlessness in a material world. I walk closer and closer towards you. Your beauty hurts my eyes. My chafing skin feels trapped in the power of your grace. If I were you, I would have the boy who spurned me, the friends who I dreamed of, the confidence that remained knotted at the pit of my stomach. The waves are swirling as I am very close to you now. Your face seems oddly familiar, though I have never encountered you before. We stand almost a neck-to-neck now, eye-to-eye, staring. Your eyes are like a deer's, your lips curve so beautifully in your fair face. Your body is carved like mine, yet so much shapelier. My eyes narrow as I see the same spot on your cheek as I have on mine. How do you look like that while I look like you? No, I am a mockery of you. Once again, the intensity of my desire to fuse with you overpowers. Suddenly, it hits me. You smile your excruciating smile and I take one step ahead in awe. The waves wash over my head, finally enveloping my senses as we become one. I am you, and you are what I could have been. I breathe my last and I smile in peace fused with you, as now I walk in grace too!!!! - Mrs Neeta Galhotra




Mudras is a term with many meanings. It is used to signify a gesture, a mystic position of the hands. These symbolic finger, eye and body postures can vividly depict certain states or processes of consciousness. So, Mudras engage certain areas of the brain or soul and exercise a corresponding influence on them. We can effectively engage and influence our body and our mind by bending, crossing, extending or touching the fingers with other fingers.

Benefits. Varuna mudra is effective for clearing congestion and can be done when too much mucus or secretion collects in the stomach or lungs. Mucus congestion, no matter where it occurs im the body is always related to over stimulated nerves, inner tensions and unrest and this mudra helps in reducing the stress.

Mudras can be done while seated, lying down, standing and walking. Be sure that your body posture is symmetrical and centred and that you are as relaxed and loose as possible. If you sit on a chair while doing them, your back should be straight and your feet should have good contact with the floor. Mudras can be used against a variety of health disorders and are also found in Chinese medicine. They usually have their origin in the Five Element Theory. The healing power of the Mudras can be described in one simple sentence: "Your destiny lies in your hands" and this should be taken quite literally. When Mudras are used to support the healing of chronic health disorders, they should be routinely employed as a course of treatment over a period of several weeks or months. Some of the Mudras which are very effective in healing of chronic ailments are as under:

Varuna Mudra. Bend the little finger of your right hand until the tip touches the ball of your right thumb. Place the thumb of your right hand on it. Press the little finger and thumb slightly with your left thumb. At the same time, your left hand encircles the right hand lightly from below. Practice three times a day for fifteen minutes each.


Vayu Mudra. With each hand bend the index finger so that its tip touches the ball of the thumb. Then press the thumb lightly on to the index finger. Extend the other fingers in a relaxed way. Do this mudra daily three times for 15 minutes each. Benefits. This position prevents “wind” and a sensation of fullness, in all parts of the body. Ayurvedic medicine assumes that there are 51 types of wind in the body that produce numerous disorders. These include gout, sciatica, flatulence, rheumatism and trembling in the hands, throat and head. If you use the vayu mudra within 24 hours after an outbreak of a disease or disorder caused by wind, you can quickly cure the disease.

Ganesh Mudra. Hold your left hand in front of your chest with the palm facing outwards. Bend the fingers. Now grasp the left hand with the right hand which has its back facing outwards. Move the hands to the level of the heart, right in front of the chest. While exhaling, vigorously pull the hands apart without releasing the grip. This will tense the muscles of the upper arms and chest area. While inhaling let go of all the tensions. Repeat six times. Focus on the feeling in this part of the body. Then change the hand position.

The practice of mudras should be done in silence and you should remain persistent and mindful while doing them. Always expect the best and be happy about what is waiting. I will keep my fingers crossed for all of you.

Vanashree Singh

The dew around your Soul

Benefits. This mudra stimulates heart activity, strengthens heart muscles, opens the bronchial tubes and releases tension in this area. Pran Mudra. Place the tips of the thumb, ring finger and little finger together. The other fingers remain extended. Do it for 5 to 30 minutes, three times a day.

How much have you cried, my dear? You say not at all, but I don't see why you lie so. Yes, I see that smile on your face, I also see the dry cheeks. But I see something else tooTracks.

Benefits. Pran mudra activates the root chakra in which the elemental force of a human being is found. This mudra generally increases vitality, reduces fatigue and nervousness and improves vision. It is also used against eye diseases.

Much like long after the mighty river has run its course, It leaves a path for all to see, For all who are yet to come, to witness To witness the spectacle that once flowed. The tears which you so cried in abundance, Have left their mark.

A pan Mudra. Place the thumb, middle finger and ring finger together- extend the other fingers. Do this mudra for 5 to 45 min or do three times for 15 min as a course of treatment.

I've spent hours and days ensuring I know every line on that face, And the story behind it too. I can only wish now, Wish that I was there to stop those tears from flowing. Stop them from forming these lines on your face, These lines which now make me cry. Medha Meenal D/o Brig VK Mishra

You seem surprised that I can see the path that your tears took, Tears which probably dried long before I entered your life. Maybe not all can see, or even care to see; But darling, I?

Benefits. This mudra supports the removal of waste materials and toxins from the body as well as eliminating urinary problems. This mudra has a balancing effect on the mind. 98




“This science is complete in itself. Happiness to the whole world it can bring, All the four benefits it bestows on you, Rightful living, money, fulfillment of desires and bliss, Are all available in this world itself” – Viswakarma in Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts. The Vaastu Principles are related with the properties (Natural Energies) of our Mother Earth. . It simply says that the sources of energies are to be open and the flow of energies is not to be disturbed. Vaastu Shastra prescribes desirable characteristics for sites and buildings based on flow of energy ('Prana' in Sanskrit). Many of the rules are attributed to cosmological considerations; the Sun's path, the rotation of the Earth, magnetic field, etc. The morning Sun is considered especially beneficial and purifying and hence the East is a treasured direction. Vaastu believes that there are essentially two types of forces, which are equal and opposite in nature. The interaction of these two forces is cosmic ordained and produces a third type of force, which is called 'Bio-Force' or 'Prana', needed for life to exist. One type of force is subtle and fine. The other is dark and dense. We, for understanding this subject, can call the first one as 'positive' and the other as 'negative'. 'Prana' is liberated by the interaction of these forces. Over the surface of the globe, these forces continuously interact, releasing bio-energy. When a structure is built both the forces enter the structure where the interaction continues. However, the intensity of forces that enter the structure need not be the same. Depending on various factors like levels, water bodies, door placement etc., either the positive or the negative can have stronger presence. The science of Vaastu guides you about the rules you have to follow so that the structure has a positive atmosphere. By strictly following these Vaastu Rules, Human Race can gain quite many benefits and live peacefully. In other words, Vaastu rules instruct the ways to create buildings and 'Living in Harmony with the Earth'. Here are some tips to harmonize your home, workplace , kids room, bedroom and general tips to bring in positivity in your environment. • Children should sit facing east while studying to increase concentration levels. • Puja room should be kept clean and tidy and with NO gods photos or idols one behind the other • Put your head in the South or the West while sleeping. • Flowing water bodies should be in the North or North-east. if stagnant water is kept, it should be changed daily. This enhances the inflow of wealth • Marriageable girls should live in a room in the northwest side of the house, or should sleep in the northwest direction of their particular room. • Kitchen should be in the south east or the stove should be in the east direction • You should not keep cactus plants in the house as it increases negative energy. • Keeping Money plant in the houses in the North direction, increases money inflo • Puja room should be ideally in North-east. • Use of aquarium is recommended in the NE but never in the bedroom. • Have no water feature pictures in the bedroom. • Every room should have only 4 corners • Use salt every day in your mopping water. • Place of bowl of salt in every room and change them frequently • Spider plant within the house to pull negativity. • Use bamboo flutes, wind chimes, crystal balls, Ganesha pictures, laughing Buddha, pyramids, .tortoise, wealth frog, mandarin ducks etc in your home/office to enhance positivity but use them in the right direction for best results. Many factors govern the life of a human being: his Fate, Karma, and the Surroundings. BUT VAASTU CAN MAKE SWEET THING SWEETER AND BITTER THINGS LESS BITTER NEELU RAI 100

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THE MENTORS The First couple, Lt Gen NS Ghei, AVSM** and Mrs Manpreet Ghei The first couple of NDC were intimately involved in shaping the College and the Rakshikas with heart and spirit. Warm and generous couple, the General inspired and motivated the course members with his in depth knowledge and intellect whereas Mrs Manpreet won the hearts with her warm and gracious hospitality. With a down-to-earth approach and good humour, the couple contributed immensely to the quality of life at the college.

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Shri Abhay Tripathi, IAS and Mrs Richa Tripathi Shri Abhay Tripathi and Mrs Richa tied the knot in 1988 at Patna after what can best be described as a love cum arranged marriage. Mrs Richa is a journalist, working as Chief of Bureau of the Hindu Businessline. While Shri Abhay, loves reading, writing and cycling, Richa loves to dance. As a couple, they love to holiday together.

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Dr Keya Bhatracharya, IFS Dr Kheya joined the Foreign Sevice in 1985. She has done her graduation from Delhi, her post graduation from Columbia University, New York and Phd from IARI, New Delhi. The extremely elegant, well-read and erudite SDS(FS), is a fountainhead of knowledge. A thorough professional, she spared no effort in ensuring that course members imbibed the maximum. She loves music, travel and reading.

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Maj Gen SK Saini,YSM,VSM and Mrs Neena Saini Graduate of the Army Command and Staff Course at the Staff College, Camberley, UK the General has studied at the Royal College of Military Science, Shrivenham, UK. Also a graduate of the NDC, Bangladesh, he has served in the UN Mission in Iraq-Kuwait. Writes extensively for various journals, magazines and newspapers and is fond of golf. A born creative person with flair for interior designing, Mrs. Saini is also a freelance jewellery designer and has showcased her creation in numerous exhibition. Warm and affectionate, she has actively guided in Rakshaika’s in their activities.

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Maj Gen RPS Bhadauri, VSM & Mrs Veena Bhadauria

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Maj Gen RPS Bhadauria,VSM is an alumni of DSSC, Wellington, CDM, Secunderabad, National War College of Brazil and National Defence College. He is fond of reading and playing golf. Mrs Veena Bhadauria is an educationist with post graduate in nutrition science and B.ed from Jammu University. Presently she is assisting an NGO – Muskan for upliftment of the children from the poor strata of the society.

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Brigadier Pritam Bishnoi & Neelam Bishnoi The venerable Course Senior; respected for his maturity. Did an excellent job of interfacing between the faculty and course-participants. Being the course senior’s wife did not stop Neelam from being a child at heart, or for that matter, being a part of everything.


Brigadier Jitendra Kumar Shukla & Indu Shukla Maj Gen Sunil Srivastava, VSM & Mrs Sujata Srivastava Maj Gen Sunil Srivastava, VSM is an alumni of NDA, Khadakwasla, DSSC, Wellington, CDM, Secunderabad and National Defence College. Mrs Sujata Srivastava is an educationist and has been teaching at various stations in army and civil schools. A post graduate in economics and B.Ed, she is fond of reading and music.

A most affable course-member. Like a magician, he could pull out an ancient proverb from the hat of his vast repertoire, and give method to the prevalent madness. Poetic, romantic and trustworthy, Indu is a friend that anyone can vouch for. Brigadier Manoj Kumar Mago & Komal Mago

Air Vice Marshal A Subramaniam, AVSM, Phd & Mrs Mowthika Subramaniam An alumnus of the DSSC and NDC, AVM Subramaniam is also a Phd in Defence and Strategic Studies. He writes extensively on leadership, air power, jointmanship, IndiaChina relations, terrorism and fourth generation warfare, national security and military history for professional military journals and public domain magazines and periodicals. . Having authored a book ` Reflections of an Air Warrior’ he is concurrently working on two other books. Mrs Mowthika Subramaniam, an outdoor enthusiast, is a keen golfer and excellent sportswoman. R Adm DM Sudan & Mrs Indra Sudan A naval aviator, fighter pilot and a seafarer Rear Admiral DM Sudan found his match in Mrs Indira and they married in Dec 1993. She is an alumni of Loreto Convent, Shimla and St. Bedes College, Shimla. Both are avid readers and fond of music and travelling.

The friendly task-master who could either charm or whip-lash his team members into submission with equal ease and get them to perform up to the mark. Beautiful with a wonderful sense of dressing; a pleasure to have around in Raksha Bhavan. Brigadier Rajesh Puri & Anju Puri The financial whiz. Stood out for his sense of humour and naughty wit which laced his rare interventions in class. Strong in her silence, affectionate and caring in her touch, Anju “Annapurna” of the group ; always ensured that all were well-fed. Brigadier Ulhas Veerappa Talur & Triveni Talur The Rene Descartes and the ‘Doubting Thomas’ of the course because of his “Doubt Everything” policy. Not for nothing was he known by his initials “UV”; pun intended. Fun-loving yet subtle, calm and radiant. Our composed Triveni is always ‘Idea-ting’. Brigadier Paramjit Singh Minhas & Aruna Minhas

Brig Atulya Solankey & Mrs Vidya Solankey The ABC man – articulate, brilliant and charismatic, Brig Solankey remained ever calm and poised while managing affairs NDC and fielding tough demands of the course members. Absolutely positive in attitude, he proactively assisted one and all. Mrs Vidya Solankey, is an educationist whose profession kept her largely occupied at Shimla.

The “Think-Tank” of the course. “Think” because of his learned participation in discussions, “Tank” because of his……. appearance. Bottom line - well rounded personality with an infectious sense of humour. A quiet baby-faced young lady whose energy levels were quiet intriguing considering the number of trips she had to make between Delhi and Rajasthan. Her morning sojourns with a 'Jhola' remains mired in mystery. Brigadier SPS Sidhu & Archana Sidhu Stood head and shoulders above all else. He looked down on all else and all looked up to him; naturally, because he was the tallest member of the course. Store-house of talent and power-house of energy. Our multifaceted Mrs Archana Sidhu can never go unnoticed. Brigadier Sandeep Singh Johal & Sumeet Johal


‘Selfie’ Singh, possessed an unmatched capability to enliven the most boring matters with his candid humour. The quantum of “beverages” consumed by him led to rampant speculation that he was from Patiala. Initiator, appreciator with enthusiasm peaking and energy soaring, Mrs Sumeet Johal, our 'Punjabi Mutiyar' has ‘Seen, Been and Done’ it all with her everlasting sparkling smile. 107

Brigadier NS Raja Subramani & Mahalakshmi Man of few words. Whenever he opened his mouth, wisdom spewed forth while the Course held its collective breath! An effervescent and active lady, Mahalaxmi, who impressed all and sundry whenever in India. Brigadier A Arun & Roopa His mouth dropped pearls of wisdom whenever it was open…..which was very often! Seven feet tall! Roopa is smart , cerebral educationist with poise, grace and an omnipresent smile . Brigadier DP Pandey & Usha Pandey

Brigadier Dinesh Chadha & Poonam Chadha He enjoyed treatment during visits to West Asian countries due to his Sheikh type looks. Ran the Raksha Bhawan bus service like a tyrant (sweet one at that). Great sense of humour; found punishing the treadmill routinely. Despite her recently acquired status of 'Granny' and her hospitality being tested to the limit Pee Cee could still find time for the group meetings. Her DJ skills were at their best during the Group ladies meet. Brigadier Hari Singh & Babita The man with mission - MES, OROP or matters ‘izzat’ of military. Personification of passion, sense of conviction and immense zeal. A lovely lady with a bag full of responsibilities.Being a local was frequently seen oscillating between Delhi and Gurgaon; however, she could still be counted on to attend the group deliberation whenever called upon to do so.

Enhanced his intellectual looks by wearing specs during classes, and justified that by asking intelligent and difficult questions of the guest speakers.. Lovingly called “The Boss”; she was always at the helm. Be it organising a “girls day out”, the Rakshika night, editing the famous Rakshika magazine or brain storming the girl brigade... Her panache for humour was enviable - truly the 'Numero uno!

Brigadier Karanbir Singh Brar & Jasbir Brar

Brigadier Ravin Khosla & Sunita Khosla

Brigadier Anil Kumar Samantara & Shahnaz Samantara

The quiet performer with an affable nature; still waters lie deep! Quiet, unobtrusive yet a powerhouse of talent. Sunita was single-handedly capable of representing our cultural history. Sweetness!

Ever willing to shake a leg, no social function was complete without the much awaited elegant performance by him and his wife. Highly decorated soldier!

The analyst of the Group, was at the receiving end from his school types for the very same reason. Gentle giant! The melody queen with a serene demeanour; enthralled us with her mellifluous numbers.

Shahnaaz can dance and use the pen as effectively. Has been the inspiration behind many an activity.

Brigadier Vijay Mishra & Seema Mishra

Brigadier Sanjiv Rai & Neelu Rai

Hails from Gaya where Buddha attained enlightenment. His participation during discussions exemplified that even after 2,500 years, Gaya retains its ability to enlighten! If strength and beauty are personified then you have a wonderful person called Seema. Superbly talented and efficient she has held her office well and been the coordinator we were looking for.

He spoke very little, but when he did all listened with rapt attention. A smart, vibrant and energetic lady who used her ample Vaastu skills to good effect and generated the good karma! Neelu was just a call away despite her engagements at Noida.

Brigadier Sukhwinder Singh Khara & Raaj Khara

Brigadier Saiyed Qamar Ahmed & Nishat Ahmed

NDC 55 was a “high-tech” Course because it had separate Whats-App Groups for official matters and for humour. He was the “Bahubali” of the humour brigade! Joy, positivity and a kind word for all, Raaj is ever ready to make your day.

The person to go to for investment tips. Wizard on financial and organizational management. Wedded to his laptop, a multi-tasker who could track his portfolio while paying attention to the lecturer! Sincerity - his second name! Ever smiling, graceful and soft spoken Nishat was always a gracious host.

Brigadier Punit Kumar Singh & Shivani Singh

Brigadier Tarun Kumar Aich & Saswati Aich

“PK”. Speculation was rife (not without good reason) that he was the inspiration behind Aamir Khan's movie “Peekay”. A man for all seasons! A lady with an unending pool of positivity, Shivani is a PRERNA for all; epitomises the spirit of service, support and furtherance.

The “Babu Moshai” of the course. Brought the flavor of Bengal to the Course, along with the distinctive Bengali intellect. Can be trusted to pack your parachute! To be good, happy and fun-loving is mantra for life for Saswati! Together, they make a perfect couple! t

Brigadier Harminder Singh Kahlon & Harkiran Kahlon

Brigadier Manoj Kumar Katiyar & Shuchi Katiyar

An erudite officer who generally kept to himself despite his superlative powers of expression ; the giggle at the funeral! Sharp yet soft, with a charismatic personality and edgy looks, Mrs Harikiran Kahlon is the baby doll of our Course. 108

A well-read and informed officer who was always well prepared for classes. His searching (searing?) questions felt like heavy artillery on those towards whom they were directed. Professionalism at its best! Full of life, Shuchi is the epitome of infectious laughter and joy. 109

Brigadier Rajeev Thapar & Vandana Thapar

Brigadier Rajiv Mankotia & Asha Mankotia

Despite concerted efforts to maintain a low profile, almost always landed up with most responsibilities; handled them with elan and flourish! Talented, generous and keeps you in splits. What else can you ask of a woman!

Ostensibly mild-mannered but when provoked, emerged to slay the speakers with comments that were indefensible. Determined yet delicate, talented yet humble; the ever smiling beauty is Mrs Asha Mankotia.

Brigadier Adosh Kumar & Ritu Adosh Kumar

Brigadier Sanjay Puri

Generally kept a low profile but actually live and vibrant. Articulate and clear, his questions to the speakers were always thought-provoking. Our dear dear model mom who makes the place bright by just being there; always ready to help. A great asset to any team.

Had the unique ability to seamlessly mould either into a “Pucca Saheb”, “Punjabi Puttar” or “Bihari Babu” as the context required. Subdued brilliance!

Brigadier Manik Kumar Das & Meeta Das

Brigadier Anil Kumar Kashid & Saroj Kashid

No Q&A session post-lecture was complete without a question by this IPKF and Kargil veteran. Shouldered the collective silence of the course majority! An epitome of dedication and selflessness- head always held high!

Tall and affable Maratha officer whose soirees and “at homes” were delights to attend. Ready wit! The ever smiling and soft spoken Saroj kept her pearls of wisdom very tightly secured, perhaps she went by the adage - "Hum bolega toh bologe ki bolta hai.”

Brigadier Manjit Kumar & Subeena Arora

Brigadier Preet Mohindera Singh & Karminder

Perhaps the quietest officer on the Course. But scratch the exterior a little and a bubbly and humorous persona would emerge. Vibrant, versatile and vivacious. Mrs Subeena Arora oozes energy and captures every heart with her infectious laughter.

“PM” was the personification of a rare combination of elegance and quietitude! Among the course favourites! Elegance personified! Babbli was the soul of Rakshikas.

Brigadier Rajinder Dewan & Isha Dewan Tried to hide his intelligence and intellect behind a quiet omnipresent grin, and some time-lashing English; maintained a fine balance between brain and brawn. The ever so fit and fine, amiable Isha was a darling when it came to accepting responsibilities. If you are looking good in this magazine, call Isha and if not you know where to dial. Brigadier Dhiraj Mohan & Poonam Kaushal Quiet but with occasional naughty bursts, especially on the Vikram Vihar Bus Special; was ever spreading awareness about MES and defending it. The lady with a peaches and roses complexion and an enviable mole around her smiling lips. Poonam is simply very sweet! Brigadier K Kameswara Rao & Lakshmi Rao The GPS of the Seventh Pay Commission. Always livening bleak moments by reassuring all that good financial times lay ahead! The south Indian belle with free flowing laughter, good cheer and a heart of gold.

Brigadier Narinder Singh Khroud & Pinky The serious “looking” guy of the course almost had everyone fooled. His true colours emerged during tours with punch lines and one liners. With her quiet ways , Pinky has been the right support and companion for all!

Brigadier Rajinder Pal Singh & Avneet ‘Aar Pee’, was the busiest member of the course; perpetually calculating time and fuel efficiency of his new found love ‘Duster’, to meet his eternal love who was residing in Chandigarh. He loved being behind the wheels. Avneet is into teaching and a lovely person. Charmed one and all with her bashful smile. Brigadier Navneet Singh Sarna & Mona Sarna Delhi Metro came to his rescue for successful completion of course. Highly sought after by foreigners for photographs on tours. Incisive and sharp! Firmly held onto her convictions in this fast changing world. A charming lady. Brigadier Prashant Bhardwaj & Reena Bhardwaj

Brigadier GA Venkatesha Reddy & Mrs Tara Reddy Incisive in his comments, brilliant in his analysis, Reddy always asked pertinent and thought provoking questions. Ever extending a helping hand with her beautiful smile. She is the techno savvy Mrs Tara Reddy aka ‘the Whatsapp Lady’. 110

“Birdy” was the doctor of the course. The multi-tasker, his laptop perpetually glued to him, looked more like an IT professional. In his discourses he actually displayed a tremendous understanding of national and international current events; a rarity in his profession! A doctor, Brig Reena was the perfect hostess, cheerful, just purrfect! 111

Commodore Rajaram Swaminathan & Renu Swaminathan

Air Commodore Ravi Sharma & Rama Sharma

Naval officer with a devastating sense of humour. One memorable gem; “Hold the World Map upside down and Mauritius will come closer to India……….by force of Shine on, crazy diamond! Having a career as a high profile editor with an architectural magazine did not deter her from posting witty ones in the 55 Hotties group; always with us in spirit if not in self but whenever she

The quiet elder statesman. Made efforts to be inconspicuous, which were however mostly unsuccessful because of his venerable persona! Energetic, enthusiastic and enchanting. That's our exuberant and energetic Mrs Rama. Air Commodore Jagdish Jivanlal Wani & Rupal Wani

Commodore Sanjay Sharma & Dhiru Sharma His brilliantly witty one-liners made him an invaluable companion while on tour. If beauty and brains came together, then Dhiru has been blessed and there is an overdose of warmth which makes her hot!

The IAF's technocrat par excellence! Strongly believed in the dictum that asking a question is the concluding ritual of any lecture session. Soft, petite and dignified, Rupal is a steadfast partner in all ventures NDC.

Commodore Jatinder Singh & Rupi

Air Commodore Nagesh Kapoor & Vandana Kapoor

Jatti was the “Ancient Mariner” on the Course. His intellect and in-depth knowledge of matters naval were matched by his affability and friendly nature.

The pilot and the gentleman, who had penchant for spot humour. Great host and company especially in the evenings to share a drink or few. An exuberant lady, Vandana was always willing to participate!

Bold yet elegant, the fashion diva and charmer, Rupi is the friend to be always cherished. Air Commodore Makarand Ranade & Vaishali

Commodore Sudhir Gopalakrishna & Deepika Gopalakrishna Gopal was the quintessential officer and gentleman. His quiet courtesy was matched by his razor sharp intellect. Simple living and high thinking was Deepika’s motto!!

A leading light of the IAF. Sweat creased Mac's brow whenever he asked a question or made a presentation. But his razor sharp intellect ensured that the lecturer to whom his questions were directed at sweated much more while answering them. This ever smiling, compulsive shopper, Vaishali, could give any tourist guide a run for his money especially when it involved discount sales.

Commodore Girish Kumar Garg & Richi Garg

Air Commodore Rajiv Kumar Obheroi & Bhavana Obheroi

He was intoxicated by the exuberance of his own verbosity during the Q&A sessions; maintained a near perfect record - struck without failure! They say all good things come in small packages. But this chhota packet seems to have been packaged dextrously. A very amiable persona Richi was there for everyone, anytime everytime.

Obe combined knowledge with humour and courtesy. Whatsapp groups sprung to life due to his regular posts. Bhavana radiates warmth and positivity and has a heart of gold; at your sweetness we all are sold!

Commodore Pavan Chauhan The baby of the Group enjoyed being treated as such, also helpful and energetic! An Admiral in the making

Air Commodore Rajiva Ranjan & Anupama Ranjan A leading practitioner of the theorem that intellectual development is incomplete without asking a question to the lecturer. His intellect was a terror………to the members of his own IAGs! Mature, supportive and ready to help. We are lucky to have Anu in the team.

Air Commodore Rajesh Punj & Indu Punj Air Commodore Ajay Rathore & Sonali Rathore To track the fighter pilot one had to follow the smoke; high flyer with feet firmly planted on terra firma! An extremely effervescent and amicable lady who always came across as a breath of fresh air. An antidote for boredom, Sonali could make any choreographer sweat.

The IAF's affable heavyweight whose unorthodox dancing skills may have caused tectonic ripples whenever he took to the floor. Kept his single minded focus on his performance on the course - “GOLF”. A mischievous spark in her eyes combined with effortless elegance is how one would describe Mrs Indu Punj. Air Commodore Sunil Jose & Suja Jose

Air Commodore Surendra Pal Singh He must thank the course for forcing him to develop a relationship with computers. Stood out for his superior organizational The Yoga doyen she taught one and all to stay fit –-the yoga way ! 112

Sincere and immaculate, he always worked to raise his own bar of excellence, peaking during Thesis submission. With a quirky sense of humour, Suja entertained us with her impeccable “Malayali Hindi” and sharp wit. She is an expert with knives resulting in beautiful fruit and vegetable carvings. 113

Air Commodore Sandeep Johri & Biboo Johri

DIG AK Harbola & Kavita Harbola

Eminent member of the Course Elder's Association. Affable and friendly, his venerable appearance ensured that the Gyan he freely dispensed was well received (irrespective of whether it was required or not). Our graceful, gracious and gorgeous educator Mrs Biboo Johri is a sweet and simple homemaker. Group Captain Jayanta Kumar Sahu & Ranjeeta The weatherman, Jayant took global warming seriously but generated enough heat that lasted well into Q&A. A lively, wonderful person... Ranjeeta was fun to have on the trips.

Shri OP Galhotra & Neeta Galhotra Elder Statesman and friendly neighbourhood policeman rolled into one. Excellent singer who enthralled the audience whenever he took to the mike on social functions. Bejeweled with simplicity, Neeta adorns grace. Not only is she a painter of merit but also a fabulous cook. Smt Saroj Deswal & Mr Surjit Singh Deswal, IPS

Participated meaningfully in all activities in the course. Had the rare distinction of constituting the single point overlap between the Civilian and Service streams. A spirited, charismatic lady with a zest for life. Shri Raghav Prasad Bhatnagar & Vandna Bhatnagar The Course Analyst - popularized the usage of the term “nuanced”; rest of what he said required translation. Highly cerebral and incisive! Exuberant, vivacious with a subtle sense of humour...Vandana kept everyone smiling all the time. Always elegantly dressed- the perfect hostess and charmer! Shri ML Srivastava & Nittie Srivastava The Course's forester and a rarity among rarities; Quiet and soft spoken on campus but his penchant for juicy humour, couplets and also concern for forests and animals flowered on the WhatsApp Group. A fun loving, cheerful and lively lady who willingly took on any task assigned to her. Shri Mukhmeet Singh Bhatia & Chetna

Tax-woman from Chandigarh! One of the only two lady course-members. Spent a lot of quality time on planning her weekend trips to Chandigarh!

Cerebral bureaucrat with a flair for academics and Golf.

A tall policeman with a heart of gold ; a dedicated & loving father.

Tall, elegant lady with pleasant manners; Chetna believed in the dictum-silence is golden.

Shri Birender Singh Yadav & Richa Yadav

Shri Prashant Kumar & Dimple Verma

The Course's heavyweight diplomat (in more sense than one)! His courteous demeanour and good manners left no doubt that he was Foreign Secretary material.

Smart and simple IPS officer. Spoke least yet conveyed the most…….with his smile. The Course go-to person for any assistance!

Lively, spontaneous and a spirited lady. She made friends easily and participated in all events wholeheartedly.

The cynosure of every gathering; an epitome of simplicity. Her happy go lucky attitude filled everyone with enthusiasm and gaiety.

Shri Harinath Mishra & Meeta Mishra

Shri Abhay Singh & Roopam Perfected the fine art of sleeping through lectures and then hiding the fact by asking a good question during Q&A. Led to speculation that he had been meditating……….upto the point the snores got too loud. Exceptionally incisive, articulate and intelligent. Her friendly disposition endeared one and all. A well-travelled lady who shared shopping tips freely.

The talented “Kavi” or “Shayar” was the Poet Laureate of the Group. No social gathering was complete without a recital of his poetry. Subsequent to a visit to Turkey during SNT, he popularized the Turkish greeting “Yahur Yahur Ho”. Gentle, elegant Meeta participated in all activities and her warmth touched one and all.

Shri Akhilesh Kumar Maurya & Poonam Maurya

Shri RVR Suryanarayana & Vijaya

Simple and quiet, maintained a low profile to make up for his busy and hectic schedule at his parent organization.

The scientist. Hard pressed in the initial stages to fend off criticism of his organization (DRDO), Surya's courteous manners ensured that he blended seamlessly.

Quiet, charming Poonam is soft spoken and friendly.

Vijaya, an professional architect, is an jewellary designing enthusiast. Smt Maushumi Rudra & Mr Anand Rudra

Shri Benny John & Priya Benny Tax-man from Kochi with a very subtle sense of humour. Could leave you scratching your head as to the deeper meaning of even his most casual remarks. A gentle, graceful lady with a positive attitude! 114

An extremist - could use extreme language when required. A golden heart though- sorted out all pending issues of pay and allowances of course members willingly. Was always in demand when files where stuck in the Ministries. Super Mom! A friendly, cheerful person; always a pleasure to meet him.


Shri Hemant Priyadarshy & Rashi Rathore

Colonel Rinzin Dorji & Lhaden Dorji

Rare combo-thinking policeman and gentleman as well. Believed that questioning every speaker was part of his responsibility as the policeman. A multi talented, humble, sociable lady with a green thumb.

The tall thin Rinzin stood out for his friendly nature and the speed with which he quickly made a large number of close friends. Endeared himself to one and all. Simple, ever smiling, friendly person with a positive disposition.

Shri Chanchal Shekhar & Abhisarika

Senior Colonel Dao Van Quang & Oanh

Internal Security expert; an eager participant in all activities. The "Bubbly", young member of the precious batch of girls, she exudes energy and vigour.

Dao, with his leading man looks and shy nature, stood out for his chain smoking, and his excellent photography.

Shri Ashish Jain & Vani Jain

Colonel Richard Owilli Otto & Deackline

The railwayman on the Course. Founding father, leading light and worthy administrator of the Course's humour WhatsApp Group “Only Jokes”. Without him the course would have been a bore. Graceful Vani was seen less because she was a doting, " board" mother.

Appointment as an IAG's One Star or Two Star brought out the plentiful talents of this shy and reticent Ugandan officer, who otherwise chose to maintain his reserve. Intelligent and perceptive, there was a lot to learn from the humble officer.

Major General LHSC Silva & Sujiva Silva

Colonel Aung Kyaw Tun & Win Mon

In love with his country, the General from Sri Lanka was a friend of all things subcontinental and ever willing to reach out to one and all. Managed the foreign course members with great panache and elegance. Sujiva is a smart, dynamic, fashionable lady and great fun to have around.

Sharp and intelligent, remained mostly silent. But once drawn out of his cocoon, the Colonel from Myanmar, exhibited a cheerful persona, especially on tours during which he displayed excellent photographic skills.

Commodore PRB Dissanayake & Dushanti

Colonel Ghulam Raza Nek & Sakina

The Sri Lankan Buddha; benevolently observed the proceedings and contributing only when he could not resist. Took to the dance floor to good effect on social occasions. Understated intelligence! An elegant dancer, proficient singer and an excellent cook. She won hearts because of her warmth. Commodore Mohammad Rashed Ali & Shamim

The Afghan Special Forces officer asked difficult questions but always conquered with his charm offensive. Tall, elegant Sakina looked like a millon bucks in her gowns.

The friendly Bangladeshi Navyman. Having been Directing Staff at Bangladesh's Staff College, he took to the NDC Course like Hilsa to water, although he frequently rued the absence of Hilsa on the lunch menu. Made up for his quota of questions towards the end of the course.

Brigadier General Dato Nazri Abu Bakar & Fatzlina The fitness freak from Malaysia, wanted to lose weight from his already lean and frail body. A courteous and mature officer who generally kept to himself.

Gentle, simple and a calm lady, who won our hearts with her demure nature and warm hospitality.

Brigadier General Ihteshamus Samad Choudhury & Farjana Samad, the handsome Bangladeshi, was a strong proponent of all issues continental. Good natured and amenable, Farjana was always impeccably dressed in lovely jamdaanis.

Colonel Kettyarath Ken & Chenda The cheerful, bubbly, effervescent Cambodian officer with a mischievous smile on his face was an active participant in all the College's academic and social events. Chenda- the ever so charming and helpful lady was a boon for the China-Cambodia group! Colonel Francisco Naruaez & Francisca

Brigadier General Subarna Bahadur Shah & Meera Subarna was the personification of elegance. He maintained his calm and poise under all conditions. Quiet, diminutive, friendly lady from Nepal was the perfect ambassador for her beautiful country. 116

The lone representative from the Continent of South America; he overcame his initial loneliness, and mingled well to became a sought after member of groups and social gatherings for some melodious singing. Gave some great contributions in the classes. An excellent homemaker who complemented her husband in all social gatherings.


Colonel Michael Mwandenje Mumanga & Sapiencia Cheerful and outgoing Tanzanian Naval officer took it upon himself to learn Hindi as fast as possible, and soon amassed an impressive vocabulary of words not found in any dictionary! Very charming, fun loving lady who enjoyed wearing sarees for parties.

Colonel Mohamed Bin Saif Bin Salim Al Bahri & Joka The course member from Oman gave practical and valuable insights of the historical linkages with India and events of West Asia. Extremely mature and courteous officer. Joka is an affectionate and soft spoken lady who enjoyed her brief stay in India.

Captain Nattapong Yanothaikhajit & Thanyarat Yanothaikhajit Best known for formulating and implementing own rules of pronunciation. He once asked a question to the octogenarian Governor of Tamil Nadu, which the Governor understood with great difficulty. But the look of terror on the Governors face when he raised his hand to ask a supplementary is unforgettable. An active participant in all activities especially photography. This pretty lady stole everyone's heart with her lovely smile, friendly nature and gorgeous dresses.

Captain Jeffrey Morrison Pafford & Patricia

Group Captain Adam Williams & Laura

Colonel Simon Thomse & Claire

The Corse Aussie. Adam's head radiated light - both through his intellect and meaningful participation in course activities as also by virtue of his pate. Rustled up the best BBQ in town! Fit as a fiddle! Laura - a spirited lady from Australia who believed in exploring new places, experimenting with local cuisine and enjoying her time in India ( made cheese-cakes to die for!).

The Brit on the Course. He kept account of the “Beer Pool” thus ensuring me‐lines were followed me culously. Asked some difficult ques ons and provided impar al inputs. The master of the repartee ( but of course‐ we are Bri sh!)

Colonel Hironobu Tanaka & Akiko Hiro-san bonded well with his course-mates and displayed a mature understanding of issues pertaining to China's growing power, which also brought out his wry sense of humour.

Jeff was the Course Yankee. Exuded trademark American confidence and friendliness and would have none of the “America is in decline” when discussed by some speakers. NDC 55's Uncle Sam proved to be excellent company during tours. Sweet Patricia ; the braveheart laboured through the country despite her fracture!

Claire ‐ cool , calm and collected with a beau ful figure ; ever the charmer. Colonel John Boswell & Vicky The Kiwi on the Course. Kept up the lively rivalry with Australia. His Maori War Dance involving bellicose posturing and blood curdling yells during his country presenta on threw the audience into a panic during which all feared for Adam's safety; great company for all official and social ac vi es. Vicky, a pleasing personality who made most of her stay in India by travelling and shopping.

A warm, graceful and kind hearted mother of two who was friendly with one and all. Staff Colonel Hamed Ibrahim Al Onaizi & Hind

Colonel Laszlo Pallos & Lidiko Verga Laz quickly integrated himself into the group and remained ever popular with one and all for his outgoing and friendly nature. Willing participant in all activities. The Course Marco Polo! Lidiko - came and went like a soft sweet breeze!

The suave, sophis cated, cool, calm, composed and reserved Saudi Sheikh on the Course.

Captain Bashir Mohammed & Hindatu Mohammed The searching questions asked by this cerebral officer made him a model for an African Amartya Sen to base his “The Argumentative African”. Elegance personified, an epitome of simplicity, compassion and grace. Brigadier Ahmed Mohammed Al Kaabi & Azza Alkaabi mostly remained quiet during the course, but his manifold talents were revealed during his country presentation and SME talk.



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Break Up Party - Au Revoir"

"Friends forever....." 120

Rakshika e-Mag  

This show cases contribution of Army Wives towards nation building.

Rakshika e-Mag  

This show cases contribution of Army Wives towards nation building.