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Elections 2014 Will YOU step forward? do you know someone who might represent your community?




7.30pm Wed. 4th DECEMBER

“The Alternative to Political Parties!” Come to the meeting, we must select our own community candidates

Let’s have the People of Cork running City Council

An Chomhdháil Phobail|The People’s Convention

We, the people, have NO say in deciding how our country is run, we are dictated to, our families and community broken, our future sold!

A movement is underway to ensure that the people select our own candidates in the elections - only the people should be represented in City Hall, there is no right of representation for Political Parties or any private member clubs. People’s Candidates must win ALL seats! It is the people’s right to decide the priorities for Budgets, local and national, let’s have that. The PACT and Party ‘whip’ system must be abolished, let’s end their gravy train! With THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT we can ensure that we are the decision makers. Come to the meeting, join the effort, this is the first step towards solving the issue of representation nationally, in Dáil Éireann. Visit us at Ionad an Phobail (Resource Centre), 99 Douglas Street, Cork Tel 021-2428310

Flyer used in Mahon, Cork by CPPC  

A flyer used by people going door to door canvasing in the community to promote the meeting advertised. December 2013 It was accompanied by...