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November 2011

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Volume 32 Issue 3


Food, Family, Fun

Autumn Babies

Spotlight Member

Aina Abad Emeline Allenegui Christian Almonte Chris Ang Marc Aspiras Hazel Celine Balneg Ryan Beach Danielle Buen Nicholas Busante Nicole “NJ” Calinawan Ryan Cortes Claudia Cruz Jairo Cuevas Francis Diaz Nikki Diaz Marie “MK” Dominguez

9/23-12/22 Don’t forget to greet them Happy Birthday this season!

Esteffi Edulan Carl Gallardo Joemart Garner Jeffrey Golez Cody Guerrero April Hendez Andrew Herrera Kevin Hsu Celine Ison Matthew Kim Monica Mangaliman Paul Marella Erin Mascarinas Ruby Mislang Patrick Ocampo Ronnel Puhawan

Oliver Rafalos Maurice Rhee Lyndy Roman Dillon Sanchez Ashwin Sharma Albert Supan Arthur Taclas Lac Tang Huy Tran Ron Valdez Daniel Verdejo AJ Villenueva Elaine Wang Cassy Yang Erica Yates TabithaYu

Marian “Mars” Sobretodo

Year: 2nd Major: Biology and Pre-Med Hobbies: taking walks after a long day, dancing (cultural, ballet, jazz), spending time with friends and family, playing with dogs, going to church, young adult ministry About Barkada: My favorite part was PACN! Last year, I had a minor acting role and did almost all the cultural dances I could and it was so much fun. I loved spending time with Barkada and learning about Filipino culture. I’m really excited for PACN, the election process for board, and the end of the year banquet, which is a lot of fun! Everything else: I just want to say its kind of funny how your plans can turn around. I came into college planning on focusing on school, but ended up joining Barkada. Last year, I received the “One of a Kind” award, which made me realize that Barkada really accepts anyone. (: -JULIANNE PINEDA

“I’m thankful for life, family, friends, for the sequence of events that have tested me throughout the years that made me who I am today; and the beauty that exists in the world if you truly just take the time to look.” - Manny Lava, 5th Year, Civil Engineering

Tuesday was like any other day at the API, people doing homework in their own little corner, on laptops—on the couch, behind the divider, in the conference room, or otherwise wrapped up in a game of Brawl; all the while noise filled the place with the various conversations of the sixty some odd number of people who attended the Pilipino Thanksgiving Dinner. The festivities started with an ice breaker game of sorts. Each attendee was required to introduce themselves, their year and major, and what they were thankful for (most mentioning their Kuyas, Ates, and Adings). This was an activity that turned out to be an hour and a half affair. Finally, it was as if roll call was being called as the club’s secretary read off names in the signup sheet with everyone waiting to hear their name, ready to trudge towards the conference room in anticipation of the feast that was waiting to be had. As Filipinos, we do not have any holidays that are similar to Thanksgiving. The closest celebration we have are the various fiestas held in different towns throughout the year. But as Filipinos living in America we all have learned to integrate it into our culture and tradition. So, naturally as each family was in charge of bringing a main dish there were many Thanksgiving staple foods such as mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and all sorts of salads and side dishes, but of course, what kind of Filipino gathering would it be without the plethora of Filipino foods like lumpia, rice, and Jollibee spaghetti? Everyone chatted merrily as they ate food and bonded with members of their “families” and friends. After everyone had the chance to get their share of food, the dinner seems just like any other Filipino party: talking and chatting over food, boys and girls staring intently on the TV screen, jokes and insiders making everyone crack a smile or two, and photo ops with all family members. It was another opportunity for members of the club to socialize, be involved and ultimately, do one of the things that Barkada is known for—act and be like one happy family. -CZARINA OBIETA

Pilipino Thanksgiving “I’m thankful for Andrew Yeo who brought salsa for my chips.” -Nick Busante, 1st Year, Construction Engineering Technology.

The Families

Danielle Delos Reyes Carl Gallardo Gilbert Melicor Marion Hamor Maryann Ganuelas Brandon Tran Arthur Taclas Rachel Bicera Edward Santos

Andrew Yeo Aina Abad Dillon Sanchez Zugey Kumagui Jorge Chin Karl Flores Francis Paul DeLaCruz Kimmy Barrozo Megan Liu Nikki Diaz

Josh Padiernos Jason Esterfenos

Kelsey Estrada Ada Hon Marco Soeur Ian Ybiernas Leo De los Reyes Danielle Buen Rochelle Raquel Elaine Wang Melanie Cabalu Christina Carlos

Jherray Babida Emeline Allenegui Lyndy Roman Leonard Mendoza Manny Lava April Truong Aldrin Dorado Maurice Rhee Omar Buenaventura

Bryan Agahan Nicole Jane Calinawan Marie Kris Dominguez Errol Romulo Esteffi Edulan Marc Aspiras Omar Buenaventura Erica Pili Dane Solomon Vanessa San Juan

Juli Pineda Nick Busante Taryn Mar Chris Almonte Joy Ernacio Hazel Balneg Michael Tanedo Monica Mangilman Iggy Gutierrez

Francis Diaz Ariane Celis Erin Mascarinas Mark Ruidera Jarrod Asuncion Ami Chen Czarina Obieta Nathan Ta Peter McGuire Analyn Dalnay Alyssa Calderon

Maurice Fabros Jenilee Umali Danilo Fajardo Jarvie Elpedes Adrian Danganan Rodrigo Lim Sean Fabros Jerome Red Alyssa Calderon Kiana Benavente Minette Estepa Paige Gutierrez

Luigi Cava Kevin Hsu Andrew Amante Alex Edrada Rodric Suarez Kathleen Trinidad Kevin Custado Cj Rambuyan Nikki Destura Daniel Verdejo Andrew Amante

Shea Salinas Rizza Piamonte Vinz Lim Jessica Milanes Chrystle Vita Anthony Galvan Cody Guerrero Patrick Paranada Marian Sobretodo

Andrew Lopez Aaron Gallardo Kevin Hsu Samantha Belen Steven Corda Kristianne Bautista Kristina Billedo Christopher Ang Claudia Cruz Ronnel Puhawan Kevin Hsu

Rj Reyes

Celine Ison Jeffery Golez Ryan Cortes Beverly Ramos Shea Salinas AJ Villanueva Amy Luo Dom Plata Jasmine Bacalan Oliver Rafols Erica Yates

Fun and Stuff Create a caption! The best one will be acknowledged on our website and the rest of our social media sources. And who knows...maybe you’ll get a free meal...

Joke of the Month by Andrew Yeo

What did one statue say to the other statue? estatue Not funny? Ask him to repeat it in person. Still not funny? Submit a joke to the Anong Balita!

About A-Board Advisory Board (A-Board) is pretty much a group of Barkada’s general members that would like to help out Barkada’s Executive Board (STEEZ-E-BOARD) with events and fundraising during the school year, as well as coming up with our own fundraising events and fun events to make Barkada and the rest of the school year more epic. The money fundraised will go toward every event held by Barkada, from Sportsfest to PACN, and everything in between. Barkada’s Advisory Board is not just a place where general members can help out the Executive Board, but it is a place where each individual can learn and improve their leadership, communication skills, and their professionalism by planning and leading events and fundraisers with some help from E-Board. A few experiences that I have had on A-Board were Gamesfest and Kuya-Ate Appreciation Day/Barkada Olympics. Gamesfest was a Winter Quarter low-key fundraising event that was pretty much a games tournament open for all. The tournament consisted of four major games: Brawl, Call of Duty, Street Fighter, and NBA 2K9, I think. This event was free for those who just wanted to play games and relieve stress. Those who wanted to compete had to pay a small fee to play in all 4 tournaments. The champion of each game received a prize from an X-Box 360 controller to Movie tickets to gift. Snacks and Drinks were also provided at this event. The Kuya-Ate Appreciation Day/Barkada [Family] Olympics in May after PACN, first started as an Appreciation Day where the Adings would spoil their Kuya and/or Ate with food while having a fun day at the beach and competing against other families for bragging rights. As years progressed, some Kuyas and Ates were unable to make the event therefore transforming it into Barkada Olympics. Putting Family vs Family in competitive beach games. It’s fun being at the beach early morning setting up for the day, waiting for everyone to arrive, then leading family games and actually controlling what goes on during the day, and freezing our butts off during the night huddling around a bonfire, singing/jamming out, bonding, and making an everlasting friendships and unforgettable memories.

People should join A-Board because it’s a great experience. You learn many different skills that will help you professionally in your career and in life. You’ll learn and improve your leadership skills as well as your communication skills. Plus, you can learn the roles of each Barkada Executive Board Position on how and why they do what they do. If you plan to run for a position on E-Board, it would be very wise for you to be in A-Board so that you know the obstacles that they are going through and how they are conquering it, also you would have a one-up on everyone else that is running for a position. Plus it’s just fun planning events and actually making it happen. About A-venger’s Leader: Kevin Hsu is a great leader. He has his weird times, but when he wants something done, he gets it done. He has a lot of great ideas of what he wants A-Board to accomplish. But he can’t put his plan in motion without his “AVENGERS” there to help. So if you would like to be part of the Avengers please fill out a form, and see what we can do to help, change, and make Barkada more fun this year. About the Writer: Hi I’m Jimmy Sithangbao aka “Jimbo” aka “Jimbo Slice” aka “Sit-And-Bow” aka a billion other names. I’m Laotian/Cambodian/Thai, Athletic and I like long walks on the beach, star-gazing, and I LOVE TO COOK. Just kidding, but forreals. I am a 5th year, MHR (Management & Human Resources) student. As Ron Valdez aka “LoLo” announced at every meeting saying that “Jimmy’s Single;” yes, I am Single. I know I’m a 5th year general member/A-Board member and student, being an A-Board member was one of my many great decisions that I’ve made in my time here at CPP. I know every role that each E-Board member has to do and I help them accomplish it. I help out and advise a few of the E-Board members to see if there is a way to change Barkada for the better. And they know that if they ever need any help, they can always call on me. Somehow I always find myself in the kitchen or on the grill cooking, even if they don’t want me there to help cook. I like being behind the scenes sometimes helping out, making Barkada that much greater, so that new prospective members will join and seek new friendship and an everlasting family. I’m just hoping that you will join A-Board, to change and help make Barkada better than the previous years. “I am thankful for my family, my parents, and my family away from home, Barkada. The club has introduced me to my wonderful Ate Mars, and a ton of friendly, welcoming people. I am so thankful to be included in all the excitement, it is what I enjoy about college the most.” -Erica Yates, 1st Year, Hospitality Management “Nasty Swag, Triple Threat. My 1st ever ading, Kristianne! My BRAF. Family. And being able to have the education that I have and the opportunies presented to me throughout my time at CPP!” -Kathleen Trinidad, 2nd Year, Biology

Food Adobo If you ask a Filipino American or non Filipino what Filipino dish did he or she taste? The most common answer is “Adobo”. Did you know that in the Philippines, each region has their own way or technique in cooking “Adobo?” However, the name of the dish is universal unlike other dishes where the names change. Today, you will learn how to cook the most famous Chicken and Pork Adobo that a college student can do! Here is the way I was taught… Ingredients: (approximation) ½ pound pork tenderloins, trimmed and cut into pieces ½ pound chicken thighs ¼ cup water ½ teaspoon black pepper corn 1 ½ cup sugar cane vinegar (Filipino Vinegar) 1 ½ cup soy sauce (Filipino Soy Sauce) 8 garlic cloves crushed 2 pcs bay leaf ½ cup cooking oil Salt Sugar Instructions: Marinate the meat with the soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and black pepper corns for 30 minutes. In a skillet, place the marinated mixture, add water and bay leaves and then simmer until the meat is tender. Taste the sauce, and add sugar and salt for your own preference. Then, remove the meat from the sauce, set aside the skillet with the sauce. Then, on another pan, heat the cooking oil. Fry the meat until the skin color is brownish and put it back to the skillet with the sauces. Simmer again for ten to fifteen minutes. Presto, you have Chicken –Pork Adobo! Google Images. “”

Google Images. “ InspiredBits/thumb.php?src=”

Fruit Salad Filipino Style In every celebration in the Philippines, the dessert they usually offer is Fruit Salad Filipino Style. This is typically be found at birthdays, Christmas Eve dinner/Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve dinner and more. Ingredients: (approximation) 2-3 regular can of Fruit Cocktails 2 cans of Nestle All-purpose cream 1-2 can of Condensed Milk (Depends on how sweet you want it to be) 1 cup of sugar (Depends on how sweet you want it to be) 1 jar of Nata de Coco ( Coco Jelly) 1 jar of red Kaong 1 jar of green Kaong You can add different fruits as well like Banana, Cantaloupe, Apple, Peaches, Strawberries etc… Instructions: In a strainer, drain the fruits. If possible, the fruits, Kaongs, and Nata should be not “watery” ( almost dry?). Then in a container, mix all the remaining ingredients with the drained fruits. Note: Don’t talk when you are mixing so that your saliva cannot contaminate the dish. Then refrigerate or put on the chiller. Serve and Enjoy! -LUIGI CAVA


“I am thankful for friends and friends. And I’m thankful for Barkada, especially for those who made me feel welcome and a part of the club.” -Roderic Suarez, 2nd Year, Graphic Design

If you haven’t been able to keep up with sports this quarter, then don’t fret, I am here to fill you in! For football, Barkada has three teams playing for intramurals: Barkada A-Team, Barkada Legacy, and Team V.A.G. The teams have been playing their hearts out and giving it their all each and every game. Their hard work has paid off and has earned them a spot in the playoffs. So I just want to take the time to congratulate them and let them know how excited I am to see them in playoffs. I already know that they are going to do work and make us proud. Also, we have had a Barkada volleyball team playing for intramurals as well. Despite the fact that there was only one other team in their league, they still played and had fun. Other than intramurals, if you are free please come out and attend my Sportsfest meetings! The last one for this quarter will be held this Thursday (12/1/11) at the API. Time is still to be determined. I also just wanted to say thank you to all those who have attended my past meetings and hope for your continued support. Lastly, I just wanted to mention that the NBA LOCKOUT IS FINALLY OVER! We finally have basketball back and I can’t wait to see the triple header on Christmas!

Spotlight Member


Jason Estefanous Year: 2nd Major: Marketing and Public Relations Hobbies: dancing, singing, hanging out with friends, traveling, playing volleyball and tennis, eating, church, Barkada About Barkada: At first I pledged for a fraternity, but I had to drop out and couldn’t go back. Then I got invited to join Barkada and learned everything happens for a reason and in the long run, Barkada is a better choice over a frat and I for sure am going to stick with it. My favorite part of Barkada is meeting so many wonderful people and having a bunch of adventures! Everything Else: I just want to thank Barkada for being so open and welcoming and I feel privileged to be in the family. -JULIANNE PINEDA

JFAV: November 11, 2011

Filipino flag from Google Images. “”

What is JFAV? JFAV is an organization, which is known as Justice for Filipino American Veterans that have been advocating for equity for the Filipino Americans that fought for America. Upon arriving at the pre-rally program in Los Angeles, there was a feeling of empowerment set throughout the room. Together with the different alliances, students, organizations, and the veterans themselves, we were able to advocate for the Veteranos. So what is the purpose of this rally? Since the Veteranos fought for America, they were promised benefits for fighting during World War II, but the Filipinos are the only group of people that were denied those financial benefits from America. To this day many organizations continue to petition for a large sum of money that America owes to our Veteranos. Our lolos and lolas have been denied equity and recognition for their services towards America. As we marched through LA and headed towards the Federal Building, our cries for fairness and equality were definitely heard throughout the city. The JFAV rally has given me a completely different perspective to the generations of Filipinos that were in America before us. Marion Hamor told me that, “It made [him] appreciate the sacrifices of our veterans and it also gave [him] a strong feeling of patriotism” and as I thought about what he said, I believe that I have a new form of respect towards my elders. Now I can say that I can completely understand the reason and importance of JFAV and why our Veteranos have been fighting this ongoing battle for equality. -MARIE KRIS DOMINGUEZ

Chuck E. Cheese Night November 4, 2011 Barkada’s Kuyas Ates and Adings went to Chuck E. Cheese for a night of fun, and food. Not even the rainy weather could dampen this Friday’s night of bonding. Starting with carpools from BK parking lot, everybody arrived at Chuck E. Cheese around 7 pm or later. Besides Barkada Club, there were three birthdays being held. Little kids and their parents were everywhere. It became so much that Chuck E. Cheese was at maximum capacity and couldn’t let in any more people in from the outside. People that were already inside and went out for a bit weren’t even allowed back in. Eventually, the children began to leave, so everybody was able to get back in and have fun. From Guitar Hero, to skee ball, to basketball shootouts, to the gun shooting game, the picture taking, the little helicopter ride, and many more, Barkada had a great time. The night was filled with smiles and enjoyments as us college kids were able to go to Chuck E. Cheese and have some fun and bond as a family. -ANDREW LOPEZ

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Candy Grams for your loved ones. Contact Dillon Sanchez and Luigi Cava.

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Barkada’s Got Talent was founded by Christops Rodriguez with the help of Cuti-E-Board in 2007. BGT is a place for members to shine & showcase talent. Don’t miss out on this year’s fun!

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AB 32.3  

November Issue: Food, Family, Fun