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New Equipment Additions! Meet Our New Lawn Care Manager Energy Briefs Who Is Scouting Your Fields This Summer? May 2019 Volume 6, Issue 2

LINN CO-OP PIPELINE Linn Cooperative Oil Company May 2019

Volume 6, Issue 2

The Linn Co-op Pipeline newsletter is published and distributed to Linn Cooperative Oil Company members and customers to provide education and information leading to the success of their business and to share in the value of cooperative membership.


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Linn Co-op Energy Briefs Tim Roehlk - Energy Manager

• Gas prices have been increasing, but the demand remains strong. • LP Contracts will be sent out in the first part of May. • Spring Diesel Contracts are being delivered now through June. • LP Summer Fill Program will run through July and August. • Fall Contracts are available now and will run from September 2 through December 14. • Home Heat Contracts will run from September 9 through March 31, 2020. We will again be offering prepay and budget options. • Tank Painting is available again this summer. For more information and pricing, call the Marion Main Office, 319-377-4881, or check the website,

2019 Upgrades and Additions Approved As we officially closed the books on 2018 at our annual meeting in March, I wanted to highlight a few things before I move on to 2019. 2018 was a good year for Linn Co-op. Sales of $121 million with a net profit of $1.7 million. Patronage dividends of $1.4 million with 60 percent in cash and 40 percent in deferred. We also will be passing through to our grain patrons $1.7 million of 199A tax deductions, which equates to approximately 14 cents per bushel as tax savings for them. I would like to extend a big thank you to all of Linn Co-op’s patrons and employees for making 2018 a good year for your co-op, not only in profits and dividends, but by working together to get everything done.

A conversation with the General Manager

2019 started off with a cold snap in January which made it difficult for our four LP salespeople. I want to take this opportunity to thank Marty, Chuck, Scot and Clayton for their hard work and dedication to get the job done. I know it wasn’t easy, but your faithful commitment to your customers did not go unnoticed. Linn Co-op prides itself in offering superior service and exceptional products to better serve our patrons. This spring will be no different. The Car Care Center will be adding a new service truck to enhance service to our patrons. Newhall branch will be adding a John Deere dry floater which will allow us to have more availability and application efficiency. Springville Branch added a Case sprayer that will also increase efficiency and accuracy. The LP department will be adding a larger LP truck to service the Newhall area. The Petroleum department will be adding a bigger truck to service the Marion area. The transportation department will be replacing a semi to have more reliability in getting products picked up. The Lawn Care department has added ticket printers to all of the trucks to make them more efficient on lawn services. These are just a few of the items that have been approved. As you can see, we are investing carefully back into your company to make all departments run as smoothly as we can this year and in the future.

To all of our patrons, work safely this spring season. Each season tends to present new sets of challenges both large and small, but with careful actions, we can all have a safe and successful spring. We need to all work together and your employees at Linn Co-op are ready to assist you with your 2019 plans. Ron Woeste General Manager Linn Cooperative Oil Company


Weed Management Evan Brehm - Agronomy Sales

Achieving top yields takes more than just good soil. Taking control of obnoxious weeds is a crucial step in having a successful yield in the fall. Weeds grow in the same conditions and places that our crops do. They compete for moisture, sunlight, space and nutrients. We want your crops to utilize all it can, but we must keep the weeds at bay. The dollars spent on seed and fertilizer should be used for your corn or soybean crop, not weeds. In the Linn Co-op territory, we deal with many different species of grass and broadleaf weeds. These weeds start to show up in mid-March and continue to grow until our crops are harvested. The timing of application and usage of overlapping residual herbicides to eliminate weeds is the key. Overlapping residuals and a variety of modes of action (MOAs) are important for weed management. We need to stray away from the days of spraying herbicides on our soybeans when we can’t even see the soybeans. That doesn’t work anymore. We must target these weeds when they are four inches or less in height. This isn’t just our recommendation, it’s on most herbicide labels. As weeds grow taller, they become more resilient and difficult to knock down. We also run into potential weed resistance to herbicides. Even if we don’t see many weeds out there or if they are small, we need to apply herbicides to stay ahead of

weed growth or face problems down the road. Waterhemp is a common weed in our territory. It can grow up to one and one-quarter inches per day under ideal conditions and produce up to 1 million seeds. Palmer amaranth, another member of the pigweed family, has been confirmed in the Linn Co-op area. Although not as widespread as waterhemp, it could be an issue in the future if we don’t manage our weeds properly. Palmer amaranth can grow up to two inches per day under ideal conditions and produce up to 1 million seeds. With this in mind, weed management becomes extremely important. If these weeds are not controlled, all of those seeds will create a seedbank for the coming years. Linn Co-op offers a full line of herbicide programs for corn and soybeans. The use of MOAs allows us to target grass and broadleaf species at the same time. Focusing on overlapping our residuals and targeting weeds four inches and less is the goal. For those enrolled in our scouting program, weekly reports are created that strive to stay ahead of weeds. If you would like to know more about this program, please contact one of our sales agronomists at your nearest Linn Co-op location. We are here for you and care about your fields. We want to help you manage weeds to obtain high yields. Don’t let weed pressure manage your crop this season.

Meet Curt Goodwin Meet Curt Goodwin, our new Lawn Care Manager at Linn Coop. He has been in the horticulture business for 20 years. In those years he was a salesman, lawn technician and assistant manager. His knowledge of lawn care grew extensively and soon became educated in numerous avenues of horticulture. Along his way, he began to learn more about tree and shrub disease and how to treat them, which is exciting for Linn Co-op because this is now a service we can offer thanks to Goodwin. The horticulture industry is constantly changing and allows him to learn new things almost daily. Goodwin said, “I love meeting new people and getting a chance to discuss or teach people about lawn care. It’s why I got in the business to begin with.” Goodwin is originally from Cedar Rapids and still resides in the area with his fiance and their two kids.


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USDA Bearish on Planting Intentions Heather Carrothers - Grain Merchant

The first USDA projected-planting report is out and is very bearish. The USDA forecasts 92.8 million planted acres of corn. Despite higher input costs, low prices, tighter cash-flow on the farm and widespread flooding in key production states. The USDA still sees a +4 percent jump in acres, a number that’s significantly higher than last year’s 89.1 million planted acres. The USDA March 1 quarterly corn stocks estimate showed 8.605 billion bushels versus the average trade guess of 8.335 billion bushels. Now we have extra acres and more bushels left from 2018 that only does one thing to our already sour market: pushes it even lower.

Cash corn is currently $3.56 to Cedar Rapids and new crop is $3.62 for October Cedar Rapids. Make sure you keep an eye on the markets as you head to the fields this spring so you can catch a hoped-for positive spring rally. With regard to soybeans, the USDA is forecasting a reduction in total planted acres, saying growers intend to plant 84.6 million acres in 2019 versus 89.2 million last year. The March quarterly soybean stocks report showed 2.716 billion bushels, which was fairly close to trade estimates but still larger than last year at this time. There is still no trade deal in place with China, and now the African Swine Fever has exploded in China, which could further dampen demand.

Keeping an Eye on Your Crops Jessica Putz - Grain Merchant & Agronomy Sales

From our offices to our field equipment, we strive to keep up with the quickly changing world of technology, at Linn Co-op. One of the ways we do this is by using an app, called ScoutPro, out in the field to effectively identify weeds, diseases and insects. This app also allows the team to perform and record stand counts, estimate yields, capture in-field pictures and use GPS to mark problematic areas in the crop field. During the growing season, fields enrolled in our scouting program are scouted every seven to ten days. The reports not only tell the grower a story of what is happening in their fields but also helps our agronomists determine what pesticides are necessary and when they need to be applied. ScoutPro has allowed the agronomy department at Linn Co-Op to continue to be on the cutting edge of technology, efficiently identify in-season problems and ultimately making our growers more profitable by making smart agronomic decisions.

In addition to crop scouting, Linn Co-op also offers in-season tissue and soil sampling. These samples are helpful if a grower is noticing a deficiency in their corn or soybean crop. With the results of the tissue and soil samples, we will be able to determine if there is a nutrient deficiency or if it is being caused by environmental factors. Unfortunately, we cannot control the environmental factors, but if it is a nutrient problem the grower should make plans to correct it. Some issues can be fixed during the growing season if it’s early enough, such as applying urea to a cornfield around V5 to increase the amount of nitrogen available to the plant, but many factors may have to be fixed after harvest in preparation for next year’s crop. If you are interested in learning more about our scouting program or having tissue or in-season soil samples done, please contact your Linn Co-op agronomist in Newhall or Springville. We are eager to help you and your fields look the best they possibly can this growing season.


Fungus blight on tree leaves

Beginning stages of apple scab



Being Proactive for a Green Lawn Curt Goodwin - Lawn Care Manager

After the long, cold winter we are excited about finally getting out and getting our first round of lawn treatments completed. We are currently running preemergence to prevent crabgrass. Usually, you will notice crabgrass starting to germinate along edges and bare areas in early summer. We do offer post-emergent treatments for any customer that missed the window for pre-emergence. If you’re interested in doing it yourself, we offer those products as well. We will be starting our second round of treatments soon, and that will include broadleaf herbicide for all those pesky weeds, like dandelions and ground ivy. It is about time to start thinking about spring core aeration to help break up heavy thatch layers and overly compacted soil. Core aeration allows nutrients and moisture to get to the roots more easily and help improve the overall health of the lawn.


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Another thing to keep in mind is that grub season is right around the corner. Applying a grub preventative at the correct time is very beneficial to your lawn to help protect it from grub damage in mid-to latesummer. We offer a one-time preventative treatment in early summer that will last all season long. The latest, most exciting, news is that we now offer services that help keep your trees and shrubs protected from disease concerns like apple scab, blights, anthracnose and other issues from which your landscaping may suffer from. If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions please contact your lawn care department.

A Spring Tune-up


Daryl Sackett - Car Care Center Manager

As exciting as it is to finally have the sun shining and temperatures above 12 degrees, it’s still important to remember that freezing temperatures, salt on the roads, and other winter factors cause damage to your vehicle. Tires, belts, hoses and many other parts suffer in those conditions and tend to wear faster than they normally would. Plus, now that the snow is melted there are potholes all over and they are extremely hard on your steering and suspension. This is the perfect time to visit the Linn Co-op Car Care Center to have your vehicle looked over before

Lube Oil & Filter Special $32.95 - Semi-Synthetic $44.95 - Full Synthetic • Up to 5 quarts of quality Cenex motor oil • Install new oil filter • Lubricate all grease fittings • Complete an 11 point vehicle inspection

your summer travel plans start. We can make sure that you will arrive at your destination safe and sound. Bring your vehicle in for an oil change, new tires and brakes, alignments, a/c recharged and so much more. Farmers, don’t forget, we are here to help you with traction issues or leaks on any of your farm equipment tires. Give us a call at 319-377-7351 to make an appointment and keep you safely moving.

Alignment Special

Coolant Flush & Fill Special



• Complete a full inspection of the steering and suspension system • Align to factory specs

• Completely flush entire cooling system • Inspect cooling system components • Check thermostat and cooling fan operation


P.O. Box 406 Marion, IA 52302 Return Service Requested

There’s a time when corn is the hungriest for nitrogen. That’s the best time to feed it. Give your nitrogen the protection it needs with Ultra Urea powered by NUE-Charge™ G. Ultra Urea provides long-lasting protection of applied nitrogen from the three forms of loss. Multiple formulations offer flexibility to fit any program. Contact your local Linn Co-op location today to add Ultra Urea to your fertility program.

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