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Important Dates November 2 Election Day November 5 End of 1st Quarter—HS November 8 Teacher Work Day No School for Students November 11 Veterans Day High School Conferences 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. November 24 ** Calendar Change School will be IN SESSION November 25-26 Fall Break—No School November 29 2-Hour Late Start

School News and Views

by St. Clair Teaching Staff

How do educators describe pride in their teaching community? We at Saint Clair would say that the issues caused by and the response to the recent rains and floods confirmed what we already knew: that we work in the best school system in southern Minnesota! At the risk of forgetting someone who deserves to be recognized, we would like to share with you those who helped save our community. First of all, we would like to applaud the many high school students who sandbagged on Friday afternoon, September 24. Without their efforts, many more homes and the school would have been damaged. These students toiled several hours while other community members were at work. Many Saint Clair citizens who are employed outside of the community did not realize the severity of the situation until they returned to their homes that evening. As the hours passed, students, staff, firefighters, and community members continued to help with the sandbagging. Many worked through the night to save the post office, lift station, and treatment plant. City workers and volunteers were on duty 24/7 for two days at the lift station. This saved the homes on the east side from sewage backup. Staff, community members, and the Bethany baseball team labored for three days gutting and sanitizing the basements of the homes that received the most severe damage. Minnesota Elevator, Inc. (MEI) provided two days worth of trucks and employees to remove the sandbags after the water had receded. Many community members donated an abundance of food and beverages for workers. The city employees worked diligently to organize all of these efforts and to keep the public informed of developing situations. They went out of their way to send flyers door to door and spent many hours making sure a bad situation did not become even worse. A special thanks to our neighbors in nearby communities who worked countless hours to help us! Thank you for sharing your children, your work ethic, and your civic pride with us. Again, we are very proud to be part of such a caring, cooperative community! Sincerely, The Saint Clair School teaching staff

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"Many thanks  to  the  St.  Clair  students  who  put  in  their  time,  hard  work,  and  energy  sandbagging  during  the  r e c e n t  flooding of our  “We will never home  by  the  be able to These notes of thanks were received by LeSueur  River.   express enough The  outpouring  St. Clair School from a couple members thanks for of  assistance  everyone’s help of the St. Clair community. cleaning out from  friends,  our flooded neighbors,  and  f i n i s h e d strangers  was  basement. With your endurance, the infinite truly heartwarming.”   

number of damaged possessions and structure components were emptied at a tremendous pace. The immediacy was needed and you all were invaluable.

Sincerely,   Randy and Mary Jane Petersen  20448 State Highway 83 

Thank you with all our hearts.

Please make  a  special  note  of  the 

Our school currently uses the student 

date changes to our school calendar 


due to  the  flooding  in  our  area  at 

important e‐mail  messages  such  as 

the end of September.  One day has 

the date  changes  to  the  current 


calendar.   Please  review  your 









October 21.   

contact information  to  make  sure  it 

The other days that school will now 

is correct.  If  you  do  not  have  an 

be in session instead of a day off are 

account set up and would like to do 

  


Wednesday, November 24  Thursday, December 23  Friday,  February  18—ELEMENTARY  Students  only  (High  School  students  only  were  in  session  on  Friday,  October 1) 

We apologize  for  any  inconveniences  to  family  plans  due  to  these  calendar  changes.    We  appreciate  your  understanding  to  make‐up  important  instructional  time for your children, our students.  




Jody McConkey  (245‐3533  x225)  or  Sherry  Pierson  (245‐3027  x226).  We  are  also  checking into a system that will send messages to  a  cell  phone  or  home  phone  as  well  as  an  e‐mail  address.  More information will be provided when  this system is in place.  

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The St. Clair EDA will be hosting  the 2nd Annual 

STPC Corner Dinner and a Movie in Your PJs!

Donuts with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Saturday, December 4th 9:00 am—11:00 am St. Clair City Hall 

Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus


Enjoy donuts and apple cider


Enter the coloring contest

All children will receive a special treat from Santa! Parents… don’t forget to bring your camera! For more information call the St. Clair City Hall at 245-3494

Don't miss our first ever Family Fun Movie Night on Tuesday, November 9. We'll be serving Taco-in-a-Bag at 6:00 and then our movie will start at 6:30. We'll be watching Toy Story 3, and we'll have pop and popcorn for sale for a special movie treat. We'll also have some great prizes to give away! And, most importantly of all, get your jammies on and bring a pillow and a blanket. (So don't worry about being out 'til 8:00, because we'll all be ready for bed!)

Fall Fundraiser Underway Now is a GREAT time to stock that freezer with frozen yummies from Club's Choice. From pizzas and cookie dough to gift wrap and guacamole--the great thing about this fundraiser is that there really is something for everyone. Please have your student return their order forms and the payments they've collected by Monday, October 25. You can pick up your items at the school on November 22, stay tuned for more details. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and these funds are used to improve your student's education, so we appreciate all of your support!

Early Meeting This Month Due to the no-school day on November 8, we will hold our regular STPC meeting on Monday, November 1 at 6:30 in the staff lounge. We will be working on our Literacy Night events, so this is a great time to visit if you've not been to a meeting yet. We hope to see you there! Want to find out more about STPC and our events? Want to join our mailing list to stay informed? Visit our Web site today at http://

Student, Teacher, Parent Connection It is our mission to create a cooperative network for the St. Clair School and community that nurtures the success of all students.

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Election Day is Tuesday, Mark your calendar for the  Elementary Winter Program on  Tuesday, December 21  

November 2, 2010 Don’t forget to vote!

Program at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. 

Lost and Found A pair of child’s glasses were found. To claim, please contact Jody in the elementary office at 245-3533, ext. 225.

St. Clair Cyclone Theatre proudly presents

Performances on Friday, November 12th, Saturday, November 13th and Sunday, November 14th. All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. in the St. Clair School auditorium. Tickets, available at the door, are $6 adults and $4 students and seniors. Call director Abby Ireland for more information: 507-245-3876. One of Agatha Christie's most famous mysteries, The Mousetrap is about a group of strangers stranded in a boarding house during a snowstorm, one of whom is a murderer. The police arrive to probe the background of everyone in the house and rattle a lot of skeletons. Another famous Agatha Christie switch finish! Chalk up another brilliant story for the foremost mystery writer of her time. The play features the talents of Caitlyn Wakefield, Ben Johnson, Derek Kruse, Chris Hasse, Andrew Meyer, Renae Ireland, Andrew Grabowska and Jeremy Baxter.


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School Bus transportation laws or rules do not exist for every area of transportation concern.  Following are some of  the most common beliefs individuals have about state laws and rules and the facts about those beliefs.   

Belief:  A child cannot be on a bus route for more than one hour.   

Fact:  There is nothing in state law or rule that sets a maximum time limit for riding a school bus.  Local districts  may include bus time limit provisions in their policy.   

Belief:  Kindergarten students’ bus stops must be at  their front doors.   

Fact:  State laws provide that school boards have the authority to determine the location of bus stops.  Nothing in  the law provides that the bus stops must be at the students’ front doors.   

Belief:  Parents must be able to see the bus stop from their house.   

Fact:  As stated above, the school board determines the locations of the bus  stops.  There is nothing in law or rule that requires that the parents must  see the bus stops from their houses.   

Belief:  If the children are not at the bus stop in the morning, a school bus  driver must wait at the bus stop for three minutes before going on to  the next stop.   

Fact:  A local school district may have a policy on this matter, but there is  nothing in state law or rule that would require the bus driver to wait at  the bus stop. In fact, most school districts want children to arrive at the  bus stop five to ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.   

Belief:  If driveways are over one‐half mile in length, school districts are re‐ quired to have the school buses travel up the driveway to pick up the students at their doors.   

Fact:  Most school districts will not allow their school buses to drive on to private property. Children can be ex‐ pected to walk to a bus stop on a public roadway or a walkway.   

Belief:  All students, regardless of the distance they live from school, must be transported to school when the  temperature drops below zero degrees.   

Fact:  School districts are required to transport all students who live two miles or more from their assigned school  and students with disabilities who live less than two miles but have transportation listed as a related service  on their IEPs. Districts may transport students who live less than two miles from school, but are not required  to, regardless of the temperature or wind chill factor. 

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Message from our School Counselor, Amanda Frank St. Clair Public School

STAY ON TRACK What Juniors and Seniors Should Be Doing in the Fall

121 Main Street West PO Box 99 St. Clair MN 56080-0099

District Office 507-245-3501 High School Office 507-245-3027 Elementary Office 507-245-3533 Transportation Palmer Bus Service, Inc. Connie Johns, St. Clair Manager 507-245-3417 or cell 327-6763

Website address: Http:// Administration Superintendent Tom Bruels High School Principal Dustin Bosshart Elementary Dean of Students Susan Owens

School Board Laura Linde—Chair Bill Ward—Vice Chair Jack May—Clerk Mark Frahm– Treasurer Connie Johns—Director Jim Grabowska—Director

What Seniors should be doing in November  If you are considering applying to a 4-year college and have not yet taken the ACT (or SAT), register to take the ACT soon! Go online and register at  Visit college campuses if you are college-bound. Take good notes about what you like/dislike about each college and meet with a professor in your area of study if at all possible (I can help you set this up if you would like).  Visit with military recruiters if you’d like to join the military.  Seniors should be filling out college applications. Regular decision deadlines often begin in December, while schools with rolling admissions continue to accept applications until they are full. Be sure to check the application deadline for each college choice. Many times when applications are in early, there are more chances for scholarships and grant money from the school (especially if it is for a private school). What Juniors should be doing in November  Pay careful attention to grades. For many students, junior year is their final chance to improve their grade point average before they complete college applications as seniors.  Begin to think about career and college choices and take advantage of the Careers course this year! You get what you put in to the class-so take it seriously and it will help you through your decisions next year.  Begin creating a list of your activities (if you haven’t already). Colleges and jobs will want to know your school activities, work experience, and community service experiences from grades 9-12. Start keeping a list now so you don’t leave anything out. If you need to bulk up your volunteer activities come and see me. I will help to find a volunteer opportunity that fits you. Scholarships Yep-it’s time. I know it is early in the year but now is when the scholarship search should begin. There are currently about 10 scholarships posted on the counselor bulletin board in the hallway that enters the high school from the commons. More are added each week. Each scholarship posting includes the amount of the scholarship, criteria for consideration, and the scholarship deadline. Most of the scholarships listed are for seniors, but there are a few for underclassmen. I recommend seniors check out the bulletin board every week to check the scholarships listed. If students would like to apply for one of these scholarships, they can either go to the websites listed, or ask me for more details if there is no website/phone number listed. Another excellent scholarship resource is the internet. One resource is, which offers an extensive scholarship search based on the background and college interests of your student. St. Clair scholarships come out in the Spring, so be on the lookout for information about those in the next few months. I hope this information was helpful and I am always more than happy to answer questions. Just call me at 507-245-3027 (239), email me at or make an appointment for a face to face conversation! Thank you so much for reading my article and I hope you enjoy the rest of the fall season!

St. Clair High School Small Gym

Thursday, November 11, 2010 

7:30 a.m. Continental breakfast in the school commons for all Veteran (and their guests) and school staff.

8:15 a.m. Veterans Day program in the school gym. Veterans are asked to sit in the seats designated for “special guests.”

There will be a guest speaker and music performed by the St. Clair High School concert band and concert choir.

This event is open to ALL Veterans and community members!


Laura Linde, Chair Bill Ward, Vice-Chair Jack May, Clerk Mark Frahm, Treasurer Connie Johns, Director Jim Grabowska, Director

Chairperson, Laura Linde called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Members present: Connie Johns, Mark Frahm, Laura Linde, Bill Ward, Jack May and Jim Grabowska. Members absent: Administrators present: Superintendent Tom Bruels, high school Principal Dustin Bosshart and elementary Dean of Students Susan Owens.

Approval of Agenda Motion by Jim Grabowska and seconded by Mark Frahm to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Positive Recognition Donations  Palmer Bus Service -- $321.87 – season activity passes  Pemberton Fire Dept. -- $246.38 – Community Ed Youth Football Helmet Decals  Bill and Sara Phelps -- $200.00 – gecko and supplies for science room  Quality 1 Hr. Foto -- $102.07 – Athletic pictures’ commission  St. Clair American Legion Unit 475 -- $300.00 – supplies/ clothing  St. Clair Athletic Backers -- $8003.97 – weight room supervision, baseball supplies, golf uniforms, power-liner, senior athletic plaques, state wrestling trophy, jr. high baseball coach, season activity passes  St. Clair Wrestling Club -- $202.00 – Gene Goettl Memorial plaque  STPC -- $150.00 – camera for elementary  Target “Take Charge of Education” Commission -- $191.54 – High School  Target “Take Charge of Education” Commission -- $365.67 – Elementary  Donations have been received the “Helping others succeed – through random acts of kindness” Thanks to the following donors; Minnesota Vikings, Chipotle, Cold Stone Creamery, Happy Chef, and Godfathers. Others have indicated they will also donate.  Connie Johns expressed that the bus drivers appreciate Maria and the kitchen staff’s breakfast for the drivers after their Back to School Drivers’ Meeting S.T.P.C. Report None Old Business Open Forum New Business Approval of the Consent Agenda Items Motion by Connie Johns and seconded by Jim Grabowska. Motion carried with all in favor. Minutes of the August 23, 2010 regular board meeting as presented.


Bills as presented for payment in the sum of $410,753.03 and electronic transfer in the sum of $450,000.00. Said bills and electronic transfer having been reviewed by the treasurer, Mark Frahm. Open Enrollment Agreements Second Reading Policies  413 Harassment and Violence – annual review  414 Report Child Neglect/Abuse - revised  415 Report Maltreat Vulnerable Adults - revised  522 Student Sex Nondiscrimination – annual review  620 Credit for Learning - revised Resignations Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Connie Johns, to accept the resignations from Kristi Guse as food service cook; Nichole Ruhland as student council advisor; Heather Magelee as mock trial advisor; and Kim Thorson as B softball coach. Motion carried with all in favor. Appointments Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Jack May to approve the appointments of Rose Street as food service cook; Rhonda Friesen as Early Childhood Family Education parent educator; and Collin Scott as high school special education paraprofessional. Motion carried with all in favor. Technical Director for Fall and Spring Plays Motion by Mark Frahm, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to approve Duane Lonneman as Technical Director for the fall and spring plays with a $980 stipend for each. Motion carried with all in favor. Elementary Dean Contract Adjustment Motion by Connie Johns, seconded by Jack May, to adjust the Elementary Dean rate of pay to reflect the additional hour of dean time. Motion carried with all in favor. Advisory Committee Member Appointments Motion by Jack May, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to approve the appointments of Michael Johnson, Shelly Juliar, Nancy Thompson, Elizabeth Weinandt and Kelsey Walker to the St. Clair Advisory Committee for three-year terms each. Motion carried with all in favor. Systems Accountability Report Motion by Laura Linde, seconded by Mark Frahm, to approve Systems Accountability Report for the 20092010 school year as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Proposed 2010 Payable 2011 Tax Levy Motion by Bill Ward, seconded by Jack May, to approve the proposed 2010 payable 2011 tax levy at the maximum amount. Motion carried with all in favor. Snow Removal Quotes Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Mark Frahm, to accept the quote from H J Drummer Construction for snow removal for the 2010-2011 school year. Motion carried with all in favor. Policies First Reading  613 Graduation Requirements – revised  614 School District Testing Plan and Procedure – revised  615 Basic Standards Testing, Accommodations, Modifications,… revised


Elementary Dean of Students’ Report  During the first fall workshop day, Dr. Kevin Filter from MSU, Mankato gave an informative presentation to the elementary and secondary staff regarding the fundamentals of a positive behavior program. One of the basics is making sure that expectations are clear and consistent; another is using data to guide decisions.  Our elementary positive behavior program, called TEAM Cyclone, stresses that “we take responsibility for our learning and actions. We strive to be positive, respectful and safe.” Since the kick-off assembly on the first day of school, most elementary students are now able to tell us that PR-S stand for Positive, Respectful, and Safe.  The following week we arranged rotating stations to explain and demonstrate to students what is expected at various locations, rather than assuming students know how to act. The stations for this year were the kitchen, playground, office, hallways, bathrooms, and buses.  NWEA tests are in full swing, with DIBELS tests following shortly. High School Principal’s Report  PLC’s met and arranged various technology topics to cover 1st quarter  NWEA testing is complete in the high school, with a few make-ups still to be done.  School year is off to a great start. Staff has reported concerns about some large class sizes. Superintendent’s Report  Flexible Learning Year Update: (A new name is needed for this initiative.) 

The professional development sub-committee met on Monday, September 13th in Mankato. We developed our portion of a survey that will be created for the purpose of gathering data regarding each district’s staff development priorities and implementation of Professional Learning Communities.

The focus of this initiative has evolved in a direction that can be most closely supported by research. A common professional development focus and the implementation of the Richard DuFours version of Professional Learning Communities are gaining momentum. A flexible learning year proposal has not been ruled out, but rather it will be considered to the extent that it supports portions of the initiative that show the greatest potential to positively impact student achievement.

The entire committee of area superintendents will be meeting again on Tuesday, September 28th at the South Central Service Cooperative Building.

MVED Shared Services Initiative  MVED superintendents met on Monday, September 13th in St. Peter to continue to study/plan areas of common interest for sharing of services. (A summary of the collection of district data and an evaluation of potential areas for sharing is being prepared by Ed Waltman and should be available in time for our September 20th school board meeting.)  The next shared services meeting for superintendents and board members is Tuesday, September 28th at 7:00 p.m. in the MSBA building in St. Peter. I’m planning on attending and would welcome any and all interested board members to join me.

Jobs for Education Revenue: 

We are another step closer to receiving the one-time Jobs for Education revenue from the federal government. The state cannot reduce the basic aid formula dollars sent to schools without violating their maintenance of effort responsibility. One possibility, however, is that future state categorical revenues will be reduced by the same amount to reflect the Jobs revenue already received. If this becomes the case, the Jobs revenue would not be “new” or “additional” dollars, but in effect a pre-payment of future revenues with a net gain for schools of zero.


Retro-Commissioning Energy Conservation Project: 

We have received full approval of our Office of Energy Security grant contract. Testing and balancing work has started as well as domestic water plumbing corrections.

The project must be completed by June 30, 2011.

Choir Robes: 

We are purchasing 50 choir robes and stoles at a cost of $3878.37. The robes are needed by the first week of November.

Possible funding sources for the robes include the Band/Choir Activity Account, a memorial donation from a local family, the “old” Music Booster Club account, a matching donation from a local business, and any revenue from the sale of the used school equipment. Adding choir robes to the extra-curricular uniform purchase rotation has also been discussed.

St. Clair has been one of the few, if not the only, choirs to participate in concerts and contests without traditional choir robes. The choir students are pleased with having the robes for concerts and contests.

Board Reports  Mark Frahm attended the city council meeting. New walk way is finished from East part of town to school. Open Forum The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 18, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in room E107. Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Mark Frahm, to adjourn. Motion carried with all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted, _______________________ Jack May, Board Clerk Meetings attended: Connie Johns

AD/Com Ed Coord Committee Mtg. Athletic Backers Meeting AD/Com Ed Coord Committee Mtg. Head FB Coach Interviews * MSBA Summer Seminar MSBA Summer Seminar AD/Com Ed Coord Interviews Administrative Neg. Committee Athletic Backers Mtg.


7/8/10 7/21/10 7/26/10 7/28/10 8/5/10 8/6/10 8/9/10 8/23/10 8/25/10

September 27, 2010 St. Clair School Board Emergency Meeting The St. Clair School Board emergency meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Board Chair Laura Linde. Jim Grabowska, Bill Ward, Jack May, Laura Linde and Connie Johns were present; Mark Frahm was absent. Mayor Doug Westphal and City Clerk Cathy Seys attended the meeting to update the Board on the City flooding situation. The water was down about three feet this morning, but needs to recede further before the treatment plant can be evaluated by the MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). The electrical system is the biggest concern, as the panels will need to be “baked” in order to dry them out. The MPCA was on-site today, and their representative, Terri Roth, commended the community for minimizing the loss. In her opinion, everything possible was done. She will discuss the bypass option with her supervisor, and the City hopes to know by tomorrow whether that is a viable alternative until the treatment center is up and running again. The City officials met with the Blue Earth County Emergency Management Team, FEMA, and the State Emergency Response Team as well today. They are seeking Federal and State assistance for the City, as well as some possible individual aid for the homes with extensive damage. FEMA representatives will be in town on Wednesday morning to check some of the homes. Doug Westphal and Cathy Seys could not thank everyone enough! They said that the students who helped on Friday were critical in saving the treatment plant! They commended them for working so hard under the direction of Mr. Bosshart and Mr. O’Donnell, with many of them working all day and into the early hours of Saturday morning! They were having problems keeping ahead of the water at the Post Office lift station on Saturday night, so a larger water pump was brought in. In 26 hours, 1.4 million gallons of water were pumped at that station! If that station had failed, the sewer would have backed up in all of the residents’ basements. Mr. Bruels discussed the planning that is going on in case it is an extended period of time before school is able to resume. He indicated that we not only need to deal with the sanitation facilities, but also the lack of using running water. He wants to make sure we have a totally safe environment before we bring the students back into the building. School is currently closed today and tomorrow, and the web site is being updated as new information is received. The City is also posting information on their web site to keep the residents informed, in addition to sending out bulletins door-to-door. Mr. Bosshart checked into what automatic alert systems are available so the School is able to get information to parents in the future as quickly as possible. Currently there are only away varsity extra-curricular events, and the Jr. High and Community Ed events are cancelled until school is back in session. The weekend Community Ed events will be determined later this week. The need for a volunteer coordinator was discussed, as there will be many needs in the upcoming weeks, and there are many people who are willing to help but need some direction. There are 35 Minnesota counties involved in this disaster. President Obama will receive the State’s “Disaster Declaration” on Friday. There will be an informational meeting for the City residents and everyone in the surrounding community on Thursday, September 30th, at St. Clair School. Motion to adjourn by Bill Ward at 8:35 p.m.; seconded by Jack May. _______________________ Kelly Zabel, Acting Clerk


Laura Linde, Chair Bill Ward, Vice-Chair Jack May, Clerk Mark Frahm, Treasurer Connie Johns, Director Jim Grabowska, Director

Chairperson, Laura Linde called the regular meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

Members present: Connie Johns, Mark Frahm, Laura Linde, Bill Ward, Jack May and Jim Grabowska. Members absent: Administrators present: Superintendent Tom Bruels, high school Principal Dustin Bosshart and elementary Dean of Students Susan Owens.

Approval of Agenda Motion by Jim Grabowska and seconded by Bill Ward to approve the agenda as amended. Amended to add an FCCLA extended field trip request. Motion carried with all in favor. Positive Recognition  Thanks to Papa Murphy’s Pizza for donating free pizza gift cards for the Random Acts of Kindness program.  Congratulations to Tanner Hauch who was crowned King and Megan Beetch who was crowned Queen. Donations  Athletic Backers- $2894.65- MSHSL State track trophy; volleyball jerseys/equipment; football vest; portion of trophy case; portable sound system  Herff Jones- $655.77- Elementary picture commission  Herff Jones- $449.4- High School picture commission  Quality 1 Hr. Foto- $248.12- Community Ed picture commission S.T.P.C. Report Cathy Hughes presented the STPC report. November 9th Family Fun Night will be take place with the theme this year being Dinner & a Movie in Jammies. It will be from 6 to 8 p.m. with the movie starting at 6:30. Old Business Open Forum New Business Approval of the Consent Agenda Items Motion by Jim Grabowska and seconded by Connie Johns. Motion carried with all in favor. Minutes of the September 20, 2010 regular board meeting and the September 27, 2010 special board meeting as presented (or as amended). Bills as presented for payment in the sum of $403,645.25 and electronic transfer in the sum of $400,000 said bills and electronic transfer having been reviewed by the treasurer, Mark Frahm. Nonresident Agreement Open Enrollment Agreement


Second Reading Policies  613 Graduation Requirements – revised  614 School District Testing Plan and Procedure – revised  615 Basic Standards Testing, Accommodations, Modifications,… revised Superintendent Evaluation and Summary The overall general performance of the Superintendent was rated as either outstanding or very good in the following areas: communication with the students, staff, board members and community, district activities and policy needs, educational programs and staff development, legislative spokesperson, financial and budgeting spectrum, and strategic planning. No discussion items were identified as unacceptable or needing improvement. Extended Field Trip/Travel Application Motion by Connie Johns, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to approve the extended trip for FCCLA region officers and their advisor to attend the FCCLA Regional Conference on November 14th and 15th. Motion carried with all in favor. Additional Support for Grade 4 Motion by Jack May, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to approve hiring a part-time elementary teacher to provide an additional section of math and reading instruction to the 4th grade students. Motion carried with all in favor. Seniority Report FY11 Motion by Bill Ward, seconded by Mark Frahm, to approve the 2010-2011 seniority report as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Assurance of Compliance Report Motion by Mark Frahm, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to approve the Assurance of Compliance Report for FY11 as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Revised 2010-2011 School Calendar Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Connie Johns, to approve the recommended 2010-2011 school calendar revisions as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Set Date to Canvass November Election Motion by Bill Ward, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to set a special meeting date of November 8th, 2010 for the purpose of canvassing the November election. Motion carried with all in favor. Resolution Requesting Grant Funds from the M.S.H.S.L. Foundation Member Bill Ward introduced the resolution requesting grant funds from the M.S.H.S. L. Foundation. The resolution was duly seconded by member Mark Frahm and upon vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof: Connie Johns, Mark Frahm, Laura Linde, Jack May, Bill Ward, and Jim Grabowska. And with no votes against, the resolution was declared duly passed and adopted. MVED Share Services Initiative The minutes from the September 28th MVED Shared Programs/Services meeting were presented. The next action step that has been identified is to review and discuss the information at each school district's October board meeting to determine areas of specific interest or lack thereof. Policies First Reading  616 School District System Accountability – revised  617- School District Ensurance of Preparatory and High School Standards – revised  618 Assessment of Standard Achievement - revised


Elementary Dean of Students’ Report  In spite of the cancellations due to flooding, fall testing (NWEA / DIBELS) was completed in time to share results with parents at conferences.  While the cancellations did delay bus evacuation practice, they did not affect any field trips.  Two lyceums are scheduled for students in October:  Raptors of Minnesota – grades 5/6 and 7/8 – October 20  Critters & Company – anti-bulling through story telling – grades K-4 – October 29  Positive Behavior Program update: We have been visiting classrooms to review the infraction levels with students and make sure they understand the process. On a positive note, students continue to respond well to the positive TEAM Cyclone tickets.  Pre-school screening – October 15  STPC’s Family Fun Night - November 9 High School Principal’s Report  Homecoming week went extremely well  2 hour late start is October 25, 2010 HS will be working on NWEA scores and Technology. Superintendent’s Report  Flexible Learning Year Update: School districts are completing surveys that will identify specific areas of common interest. Updates from the school districts in southwest Minnesota have indicated that the feature in their initiative that shows the most promise is the joint professional development component. That is also where strong interest has been shown with school districts in our area. 

MN OSHA Workplace Consultation Program: An OSHA workplace consultant will be in the school district on November 15. The consultation will provide the district with timelines for making corrections to identified safety deficits. The benefit of utilizing this program is that issues are identified without the additional penalty of significant fines that typically accompany a standard OSHA inspection.

Retro-Commissioning Energy Conservation Project: I was invited to attend a meeting on Tuesday, October 12th with Chandler Holland and the sub-contractors involved with the retro-commissioning energy conservation project. Work is progressing.

Board Reports  Connie Johns attended Athletic Backers meeting. They have achieved the 501C status now so that they are a non-profit organization as it pertains to the IRS. Open Forum Some teachers who were in attendance commented on the overload situations in high school math and science and the need for some help in that regard. There was discussion about that including the possibility of obtaining funds from the Jobs for Education money that was part of the federal government’s stimulus bill. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 22, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in room E107. Motion by Bill Ward, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to adjourn. Motion carried with all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m. Respectfully submitted, _______________________ Jack May, Board Clerk


Meetings attended: Mark Frahm Laura Linde

City Council Shared Serv. Initiative MSBA Summer Seminar Admin. Neg. Committee Fall Area MSBA Mtg. Admin. Neg. Committee


9-7-10 7-27-10 8-5-10 8-23-10 9-16-10 9-20-10

November 2010 Sun





Section VB Tourney Time & Place TBD

No Actvities Election Day 6:00 to 8:00







Fall Play @ 7:00

STPC Fall Family Fun Night 6:00







School Board Meeting @ 6:30

2 Hour Late Start Grades K-12

GBB SC vs USC @ Well 6:00

Wed 3




4 Section VB Tourney Time & Place TBD South @ 7:45




11 State FB Tourney Time & Place TBD State VB Tourney @ Xcel Energy Center Conferences Grades 7 -12 3:30-7:30







MSU Honor Choir @ MSU Time TBD


Flood Day Make-Up Athletic Backers Meeting @ 8:00

End of Quarter Section FB Tourney Time & Place TBD

State FB Tourney Time & Place TBD State VB Tourney @ Xcel Energy Time Fall Play @ 7:00

Band/Choir Concert State FB Tourney @ Grades 7-12 @ 7:00 HHH Metrodome


No School Fall Break

Section VB Tourney 6:00 @ GAC

State FB Tourney Time & Place TBD State VB Tourney @ Xcel Energy Center Fall Play @ 7:00

Time TBD

State FB Tourney @ HHH Metrodome Time TBD



No School Fall Break Prep Bowl @ HHH Metrodome

Prep Bowl @ HHH Metrodome

Note: Bread served daily. Assorted milk served at breakfast and lunch. This menu is subject to change. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Monday, November 1

Tuesday, November 2

Wednesday, November 3

Thursday, November 4

Friday, November 5

Breakfast Waffle Sticks Cheese Stick Chilled Juice

Breakfast Breakfast Hot Pocket Kiwifruit

Breakfast Mini Pancakes Orange Smiles

Breakfast Breakfast Pizza Banana

Lunch Burrito with Toppings Lettuce Salad Apple Wedge Special K Bar

Lunch Macaroni & Cheese Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Peas & Carrots Kiwifruit Icy Juicy

Breakfast Frosted Cinnamon Roll Cup of Yogurt Peach Slices

Lunch Pizza Wedge Green Beans Orange Smiles Teddy Grahams


Lunch Cheese Omelet Hashbrowns Chilled Juice Cup of Fruit Sugared Donut

Hamburger on Bun

Sloppy Joe on Bun

Salad Bar:

Salad Bar: Corndog

Chicken Patty on Bun

Monday, November 8

Tuesday, November 9

Wednesday, November 10

Thursday, November 11

Friday, November 12

Breakfast English Muffin with Egg & Cheese Fresh Pear

Breakfast French Toast Pineapple

Breakfast Scrambled Eggs Cinnamon Toast Chilled Juice


Breakfast Assorted Cold Cereal Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Chilled Juice Lunch Taco in a Bag With Fixings Fresh Pear Chilled Juice Cookie


Salad Bar:

Lunch BBQ Ribette on Bun Potato Starz Banana Frosted Cake


Lunch Hamburger on Bun French Fries Baked Beans Fruited Jello with Topping

Salad Bar:

Cheezy Chicken on Bun

Lunch Tator Tot Hotdish Carrot Coins Breadstick Apple Crisp

Salad Bar:


Salad Bar:

Lunch Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tomato Soup Crispy Relishes Grapes Goldfish Crackers

Salad Bar: Crispito

Monday, November 15

Tuesday, November 16

Wednesday, November 17

Thursday, November 18

Friday, November 19

Breakfast Pancake on Stick Mixed Fruit Cup

Breakfast Sausage & Cheese Frittata Hashbrowns Chilled Juice

Breakfast Warm Pretzel Cheese & Salsa Red Apple Wedge

Breakfast French Toast Sticks Cup of Fruit

Lunch Crispito with Fixings Corn Peach Cup Frosted Brownie

Lunch Beef Ravioli Garlic Bread Peas Orange Smiles

Breakfast Sugared Donut Cheese Stick Fruit Lunch Hard or Soft Shell Taco with Fixings California Blend Vegetables Rosy Applesauce Cookie

Lunch Italian Dunkers Meat Sauce Creamy Coleslaw Chilled Juice Ice Cream Bar


Salad Bar:

Salad Bar:

Ham Patty on Bun

BBQ Ribette on Bun

Monday, November 22

Tuesday, November 23

Wednesday, November 24

Breakfast Tastrie Pizza Cottage Cheese Peach Halves

Breakfast Egg Scrambler Pizza Kiwifruit

Breakfast Apple or Cherry Frudel Yogurt in a Tube Chilled Juice

Lunch Pizza Lettuce Salad Trail Mix Red Apple Wedge Sherbet Cup


Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey Mashed Potatoes~Gravy Corn~Yams Dinner Roll Stuffing Cranberries Pumpkin Bar


Monday, November 29

Tuesday, November 30

Breakfast Assorted Cold Cereal Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Chilled Juice Lunch Chicken Nuggets Seasoned Rice Carrot Coins Cup of Fruit Icy Juicy

Breakfast Pancakes Sausage Patty Pineapple


Lunch Corndog Criss-Cut Potatoes Green Bean Casserole Chilled Juice

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Salad Bar:

Hotdog on Bun

Salad Bar:

Cheeseburger on Bun

See you back here on Monday, November 29!

NO SALAD BAR Please RSVP If you plan to have school lunch with your child we ask that you

Lunch California Burger on Bun With Fixings French Fries Peach Crisp

Salad Bar:

Lunch Chicken Patty on Bun with Fixings Ranch Wedge Potatoes Chilled Juice Fruit Salad

make reservations with our Food Service Department.

Tuesday, Nov. 23

PH 245-3533 x244 Thank you!

n io t a c u d E y it n u m m St. Clair Co November 2010 St. Clair Community Brad O’Donnell Community Education Coordinator

Inside this issue:

Education welcomes you to a new season of learning and growth. St. Clair schools are


Open Gym Kids/Adults


building a greater sense of

JR Cyclone BB



Media Center Hours


Adult Basic Education


Technology Training


Youth BB & Wrestling


Our Monthly Newsletters are available for viewing on the St. Clair School Website! Our address is:

Open to Grades K-6

“Holiday Workshop”

committed to the concepts of lifelong learning and

My View/Yoga

Check Out Our Website:

Watch Me Draw Classes

Our goal is to give many wonderful choices to support every stage of life. Discover new experiences as you enroll in a class or activity. Have a spectacular Thanksgiving !

Paint and Create Students will create three bright, bold and beautiful holiday painting techniques using acrylics on CANVAS! We will learn different techniques using a variety of tools that produce unique effects and exciting painting. Learn to paint like the Impressionist Seurat, create a cool textured painting and learn what it means to “pounce” your paint! Frame it! Gift it! Love it! Please dress in paint friendly clothes.

Dates: Thursday December 2,9,16 Time: 3:15 – 4:15 pm Cost: $35.00

Just click on the Community Link and click on Community Education

Where: Teacher’s Lounge Instructor: Watch Me Draw Staff DEADLINE FOR REG: November 24th

Page 2

St. Clair Community Education

YOGA Relaxation……….. at it’s finest! “Start your week out right with a sensible style of yoga that is physically possible regardless of age and fitness or flexibility level. Yoga is the perfect workout to bring your mind into your muscles; while you learn to focus and relax. You might want to consult a doctor, if starting a new exercise program. Please bring your own mat to class. If you have any questions, you can call Lisa Johnson at 245-3166 or 3405125. We will have two sessions. Session 1 will be for those participants that are new to Yoga and Session 2 will be for those participants who have taken a few Yoga classes before. There is a class limit of 15. Dates: Sundays, November 7,14,21,28 and December 5,12 Cost: $20.00 Session : 6:30-7:30 Where: Choir Room Instructor: Lisa Johnson Deadline for Registration: October 29th or until filled.

Junior Cyclone Basketball Camp Open to students in grades K-3 Come and join our Cyclone Girls and Boys Basketball team for a few hours of basketball. They will be teaching you the basic fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting. Fee includes T-Shirt, Ball and Admission to a Boys or Girls Cyclone Basketball Game. No TShirts and Balls to late registrations. Dates: Sat. Jan. 8, 15 and 29 Cost: $20.00 Where: St. Clair Gym Time: 8:00 – 9:00 am – Grade K-1 9:00 – 10:00 am – Grade 2 - 3 DEADLINE FOR REG: Friday, Dec. 10th

Open Gym for Students Basketball : Sunday – 3:00 – 5:00 pm—Starting in early November No Street Shoes Allowed and Parents – please be there on time to pick up your kids! Starting in January we will have Open Gym for Baseball and Softball. Listen to the Daily Announcements for any Open Gym Changes

Open Gym for Adults  Basketball 

Adults may participate in an informal recreational basketball game. Pickup games only! No formal team practices or children are allowed. Wednesdays – 6:00 – 8:00 pm Sundays – 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Page 3

Mankato Area Adult Basic Education What is Life Lines? Life Lines is an adult educational program designed for busy people. Classes are offered at flexible times and days to meet your hectic schedule. Life Lines is an academic program intended to provide you with meaningful learning opportunities.

What Classes Are Available? Basic Skills Training: Improve your reading, writing, or math skills. Learn how to use computers, fill out job applications, manage your finances, and many other real life skills. General Educational Development: The nationally recognize GED is a five part, high school equivalency exam. Prepare for the GED by accessing our books, computer software, videotapes, and the GED practice test. Diploma Completion Program: Earn your High School Diploma through an Independent Study Program. You must be 16 years old to participate. Job Skills: Learn how to prepare yourself for employment including: filling out applications, interviewing, creating your resume and cover letter, and getting ahead on the job. Instruction is available individually or in small groups.

What Services Are Available? Tutoring: Confidential, private tutoring is available to program participants. GED Testing: Take your tests at

the SCC (Sept. – May) on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 10:00 pm. Call 345-5222 or 625-3441 ext. 222 for more information. Transportation: Door-to-door transportation is available to program participants on a limited basis. Child Care: Bring your children to school, too! Available to program participants on a limited basis. GED Preparation Classes: Lincoln Community Center Meet:

Monday thru Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday thru Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

For more information call 1-800-62MYGED or visit


MEDIA CENTER Is OPEN Every Monday Night from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Come and read a good book, make a copy, or just search for information…..stop by and visit our Media Center. Come in and check out books to take home. Want to type a report, check out the Internet, create a mailing list or draw a birthday card….stop by and visit our Media Center! Just come and relax from the outside world!

Need to add a little FITNESS to your life? We are opening up the school to help you with your walking fitness goals! You are able to use our walking trails during the following times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 – 7:20 am and 6:00 – 8:00 pm Locker Rooms are available. Please bring your own lock and towel. Lock must be removed each day. We will be closed during Home Sporting Events. Schedule is posted on the school website. Click on Calendar for more details.

Page 4

St. Clair Community Education

Spanish for Kids - En La Ciudad “Around the town" themed Spanish for kids will teach the kids vocabulary for greetings, numbers, colors, shapes, animals and food. Each day will include a different and exciting theme (school, supermarket & zoo) that will incorporate new activities, games and crafts. The kids will have so much fun they won't even know they are learning. DATE: Feb 3,10,17,24 TIME Age 3– K @ 5:00-5:45 Grade 1-3 6:00-7:00 COST:



Grades 4—6 @ 7:15-8:30

Cyclone Youth Basketball

Cyclone Youth Wrestling

Open to Students in Grades 4-6 Our St. Clair Youth Basketball League will again be working with our St. Clair Cyclone Basketball Association and will be offering a jump start to our season! The Cyclone Basketball Association along with our Head Boys Basketball Coach, Dan Ireland and our Head Girls Basketball Coach, Brian Noyes will be running a St. Clair Youth Basketball Clinic for all registered participants on Saturday, November 13 and 20 from 9:00 – 10:30 in the Big Gym. It is important that your son or daughter attend the clinics as well as the coaches practices throughout the season! Practices will be held on Sunday afternoons starting November 14 at various times, depending on your age group. Additional practices could be held, depending on the gym schedule.

Open to Students in Grades K-6 Our St. Clair Youth Wrestling Program will again be working with our St. Clair Youth Wrestling Association and will be offering a jump start to our season! Our Head Wrestling Coach—Troy Stehr, along with his team will be offering a St. Clair Youth Wrestling Clinic for all registered participants on Monday, December 6th and 13th from 3:15—5:00 pm in the St. Clair Wrestling Room. It is important that your son or daughter attend the clinics as well as the coaches practices throughout the season! Our official season will start with a parent’s meeting on Monday, Jan. 3th at 6:00 pm in the St. Clair School Commons area. practices and tournaments will continue through mid April. Weekend tournament fees are the responsibility of the individual wrestler. If you are interested in finding out about pre-season tournaments please contact: Brian Loeffler at 245-3526.

Games will be played on Saturdays, starting December 4th and will run through the end of January.

Uniforms are available in child and adult sizes – extra small, small, medium, and large, and will be distributed at the first practice. Please indicate grade, weight, and uniform size on registration form.

Other area teams include: JWP, Lake Crystal, Loyola, Madelia, Truman, and USC.

The St. Clair Wrestling Association will looking at having a few practices in late November and early December, but the details are not available at this time.

Teams may participate in additional tournaments too. Tournament fee would be extra.

Official Practices Start Monday, January 10th in the HS Wrestling Room Grades K-6 meet from 3:15 – 5:00 pm

A detailed practice and game schedule will be provided at a later date. FEE:

St. Clair Student - $15.00

FEE: $40.00


Catch the Cyclone fever and join one of our St. Clair Youth Teams today!

Page 6

St. Clair Community Education

Check out what FCCLA is doing just before Thanksgiving! Come and make a homemade apple pie from scratch‌.just think ...homemade crust and fresh apples! Bring a pie plate and take one home! This class is open to participants of all ages! Kindergarten to one hundred and two! There is a class limit of 16 Date: Wednesday November 24th Time: 3:15-5:00 PM Where: Faculty Room Instructor: Grandma Fran Sargent Cost: $15.00

Do You Have a New Idea for a Community Education?

If you have an idea for a new program or class that you would like to see offered through a Community Education Class or if you would like to teach a Community Education Class, please contact Brad O’Donnell at 245-3501 ext. 229 or email him at:

St. Clair Community Education Registration Form (Complete a separate form for each participant) Name: _______________________________ Grade : _____ Teacher : ________________ Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________ Street




Phone #: ____________________________ Parent/Guardian Name (s): ______________________________ Email Address: _______________________________________________________________



____________ Spanish for Kids


Deadline, January 21st

____________ FCCLA—Making Apple Pie


Deadline: November 19th

____________ Watch Me Draw Class—Holiday Paint


Deadline: November 24th

____________ Yoga—Deadline Oct 29th


Dealine October 29th

____________ St. Clair Youth Basketball


Deadline: Oct 30th


After Deadline

____________ St. Clair Youth Wrestling


Deadline: December 1st

____________ Jr Cyclone Youth Basketball— Deadline


_____I would be interested in Coaching


by 12/10

Total Due _____________

Mail to:

(Circle One)

Brad O’Donnell St. Clair School Box 99 St. Clair, MN 56080


If you have any additional questions please call Brad O’Donnell at 245-3027 ext 229 or email me at

ols St Clair Public Scho

St. Clair School PO Box 99 121 West Main Street St. Clair, MN 56080

A quote from the desk of…..                 Brad O’Donnell 

Phone: 507-245-3501 ext. 229 Cell: 507-327-2791 Fax: 507-245-3517 E-mail:

“Don’t let  what  you  can’t  do   stop  you  from  doing what you can do.”  John W ooden     

Learn, Grow, Get to Know Community Education

Registration is Easy! Mail to:

Brad O’Donnell Community Education Box 99 St. Clair, MN 56080

Drop off:

Community Education Office St. Clair High School 121 West Main Street St. Clair, MN 56080

How to Sign Up:

    

Complete a registration form for each individual registering All registrations must be made in person or by mail. NO PHONE RESERVATIONS. Make checks payable to: St. Clair Community Education Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Class Confirmation: There will not be a confirmation of registration. You are enrolled in the program once you have submitted your registration fee to the Community Education Office. You will receive a letter or phone call if the class is filled or cancelled.  Refund Policy: A request for a class refund must be made a minimum of one week prior to the starting date. Otherwise fees are refunded only if a class or trip is cancelled due to insufficient registrations.

Weather Alert: Listen to KTOE—1420 on the AM Dial for class cancellations.

November District Newsletter  

School newsletter

November District Newsletter  

School newsletter