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Important Dates December 13 Choir Concert 7:00 PM December 21 Elementary Winter Program December 23 Classes ARE IN SESSION (Make-up Day) December 24 Winter Break Begins January 3 Classes Resume

School News and Views

by Superintendent Tom Bruels

Most digital devices that we use on a daily basis are designed to make communication faster and easier. Their effectiveness in doing so is hard to dispute. Mobile phones allow us to talk to almost anyone at any time. When a verbal conversation isn’t possible, we have the option of exchanging multiple text messages using our cell phones. Wireless access on our laptops or Netbooks allows us to instant message, email, or Facebook almost everywhere we go. You would think that the digital devices that allow for faster and easier communication would enhance the quality of communication as well. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If you have ever watched a group of young people sitting together, only occasionally conversing or acknowledging each other while text messaging on their cell phones, you have witnessed an example of how digital technology can allow us to be physically present in one location while our thoughts and attention are somewhere else entirely. It wasn’t that long ago that this same scenario would have been interpreted as a group of young people giving each other the “silent treatment.” An acquaintance described this aspect of our technological advancement as “simply taking rudeness and bad manners to a high-tech level.” One of my family members observed an interaction in a public setting where a very young child repeatedly begged for his mother’s attention while she was engaged in what appeared to be an unimportant social call on her cell phone. The little boy eventually succeeded in redirecting his mother’s thoughts and attention to the here and now by biting her on the leg. Examples like these are becoming more common and make me wonder what implications this trend may have on the developmental needs of children as they enter and progress through school. From birth through adolescence, kids learn and develop best when the significant adults in their lives give them adequate time and undivided attention. We need to ensure that the technologies intended to enhance communication don’t distract us or limit our interactions with kids. We also need to make sure that these same technologies don’t impact our kids’ ability to give us and others their full attention in return. The holiday season is upon us and the newest electronic and digital devices make popular gifts for adults and children alike. When a young person opens a gift containing a new iPhone or BlackBerry, parents are given the perfect opportunity to establish expectations for its appropriate and responsible use. Kids, from little on, however, learn more from what adults do than from what adults say. Our words will carry more weight if we also model our expectations by not allowing our use of technology to take away from the time and attention our kids want and need. ______________________________________________________________________________ As we approach this holiday season we would like to extend our thanks to you for your continued support of our St. Clair Public School students. We also wish you safe travels, good health, and happy times with family and friends.

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All Minnesota public school students have the opportunity to attend public schools outside the school district in which they reside through open enrollment application. Some reasons for open enrolling include the availability of different class and curriculum offerings. Families are encouraged to identify the interest, needs and learning style of their children when making this decision. Open enrollment is a school choice option available at no cost to the student. Students must apply to the school district of their choice by the priority filing date of January 15, 2011 for the 2011-2012 school year. No tuition is charged. If there are questions about transportation, contact Palmer Bus Service, Inc. at 245-3417. The open-enrollment program is one of several enrollment options available to Minnesota students. Programs and contacts for more information are listed below.

Open Enrollment

Allows students in K-12 to attend schools outside the district in which they live. The host district must receive applications for the next school year by January 15. Students wishing to attend District 75 schools can call Connie Pomranke at 245‑3501 ext. 221.

Ways to Earn College Credit in High School

There are a few ways that students pursuing postsecondary options can save time and money when they head off to college. Students of St. Clair can enter college with credits they have earned in high school. There are a number of options from which to choose to start earning college credits as a Junior or a Senior. Qualifying students may participate in Concurrent Enrollment with SMSU and with the U of M. Tech Prep College Credit and Rasmussen’s “Early Start” program are ways for students to earn credit at a two year institution while still in high school. St. Clair students also have the option of going PSEO. Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught during the regular school day and are offered through a partnership between St. Clair High School and a college or university. High school instructors teach the courses with the same content and assessment methods that are used in the equivalent sections taught on the college campus. Students can earn high school and college credit upon successful completion of the course. Concurrent enrollment goes by a variety of names, such as “College-in-the-Schools” at the University of Minnesota and “College Now” at Southwest Minnesota State University. Our school also partners with Rasmussen to offer some additional electives online. After completing these courses St. Clair students earn college credit through Rasmussen and they earn high school credit as well.

Tech Prep College Credit is given to students who demonstrate knowledge in a specific skills area. Qualifying students can receive credit at a number of colleges through their regular coursework in Accounting and Computers and You. Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) allows students to take college courses on a college campus. Students can earn both high school and college/university credit upon successful completion of the course. Each college and/or university that offers PSEO sets its own requirements for enrollment into the program. Students may take PSEO courses on a full or parttime basis. Interested students should speak with Mrs. Frank in January or February to set up a meeting.

Alternative Education Provides a viable educational option for students in kindergarten—21 years old who are experiencing difficulty in the traditional system and meet one of the statute-defined criteria in Minn. Stat. § 124D.68. These criteria include: performing substantially below grade level; at least one year behind in credits for graduation; pregnant or parents; experienced physical or sexual abuse; chemically dependent; mental health problems, English as a second language or limited English proficiency. Adult Education (ABE) Is available statewide at no cost to adult learners and is administered through the Minnesota Department of Education. To be eligible for ABE, services, a person must be 16 years or older, not enrolled in K-12 public or private school and lack basic academic skills in one or more of the following areas: reading, writing, speaking and mathematics. More details on any of the above information is available in the high school guidance office at 245-3027 ext. 239.

Information about any of the programs listed may also be obtained by calling the Minnesota Department of Education at 651-582-8200 or visit the web site at:

REMINDER: The open enrollment deadline for the 2011-2012 school year is January 15, 2011.

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Congratulations to newly elected school board members Sara Phelps, Connie Johns and Lisa K Johnson. These candidates will officially begin their role as board members on January 3, 2011. For Sara and Lisa, this is their first time serving in the capacity of a board member and Connie Johns is a returning member. We welcome these candidates to the school board and wish them success as they begin their four year term!

We would also like to thank retiring board members Mark Frahm and Laura Linde who have each served 11 years on the school board. Their commitment and leadership to our community and the students of St. Clair School will not be forgotten! There will be a reception in the commons after the December 20, 2010 board meeting to thank Mark and Laura for their service to the District. The public is invited to attend.

High School Conference Date Change Please note that high school conferences scheduled for Monday, December 13, 2010 has been changed to Thursday, March 31, 2011. Thank you.

There are several ways for you to receive school delay or cancellation notices. By checking one of the following websites or stations, you will know the delay or closing status within a matter of minutes after a decision has been made by our school administration. We urge you to check these sites before calling the school about the closing status which in turn will allow our phone lines to be open for emergency messages. Check the following for information on delays or cancellations: 

St. Clair School Website at:


Radio Stations:



93 FM

KEEZ 99.1 FM

KRRW 101.5 FM

KTOE 1420 AM

KXAC 100.5 FM

KXLP 94.1 FM

KYSM 103.5 FM


TV Stations KSTP, KEYC, FOX 9 KMSP, and KARE 11 (Note: Most of these stations also post school closing information on their Websites.)

If you would like email notification of cancellations or early closings, please send your email address to Connie Pomranke at

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Grades K-6 Winter Program

Cookin’ Up Christmas Tuesday, December 21, 2010 Times: 9:00 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. If parents/visitors plan on eating lunch at school this day, please make your reservations with our Food Service Department by December 10. Phone number: 245-3533 x244.

St. Clair is proud to have five foreign exchange students attending school here this year. Please welcome each of them and introduce yourself when you get a chance. We will be featuring one of the students each month so you will know a little bit more about them. This month we are introducing Julie Raquet. Julie is from Belgium and Steve and Lynda Kruse are her host family . In Belgium, Julie lives with her parents and her sister Emilie, who is 16. Her mother’s name is Cardine and her father’s name is Xavier. Pictured from left to right: Teresa Kral-Germany, Julie Raquet-Belgium, Antonia Montaiva-Chile, Vanessa Dater-Germany, and Chris Gabauer-Germany.

Julie enjoys sports. She plays volleyball, tennis and anything for physical fitness. She likes going out with friends, going to parties, shopping, watching movies, going to restaurants and cooking.

Julie chose to come to America to learn English because it’s very useful to travel; to go everywhere in the world. She wanted to discover another culture, especially the American culture because America is advanced in everything! She wanted to live the life like an American as she sees it in the movies. She feels this experience will help her to accept differences and to open her mind. While she is in St. Clair, Julie would like to try new sports like basketball or softball and to see and learn about new sports like wrestling, baseball and football. She would like to learn a lot of things at school and she thinks the classes are interesting. She wants to improve her English, meet friendly people and to have fun! These are some of the things that Julie likes about St. Clair: * cookies * peanut butter * sports at school

*hospitality and friendships * water sports in the lake * good classes

Welcome Julie! We wish you a successful school year and many wonderful memories !

Julie Raquet—Belgium

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The St. Clair EDA will be hosting   the 2nd Annual 

STPC Corner

Donuts with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Saturday, December 4th 9:00 am—11:00 am St. Clair City Hall 

Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus


Enjoy donuts and apple cider


Enter the coloring contest

All children will receive a special treat from Santa! Parents… don’t forget to bring your camera! For more information call the St. Clair City Hall at 245-3494

Please Literacy night is scheduled for Thursday, January 27. Children and families work together to explore different ways of learning and having fun on this night. We serve a light dinner, have some prizes, and organize a few activities. And we need your help! If we are going to be able to have Literacy Night, we need MORE PARENTS to help organize this event. If you have ever thought about getting more involved in your child's school, helping out on the Literacy Night committee is a great way to get started!

...and Thank You  We hope you and your family had a good time at our very first Family Movie Night! We appreciate the help and support we received from the Athletic Backers, school staff, and countless parents in making this night a success.

Want to find out more about STPC and our events? Want to join our mailing list to stay informed? Visit our Web site today at http://

Student, Teacher, Parent Connection It is our mission to create a cooperative network for the St. Clair School and community that nurtures the success of all students.

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Our St. Clair third grade classes, along with their teachers, Mrs. Jeddeloh and Mr. Noyes, have once again participated in a local service learning project. Students and their teachers went to several local residents to rake leaves. Although this autumn season had some beautiful weather, the wind and rain made some days more difficult than others. The third grade classes did an awesome job of helping others in our community. Together they raked and bagged a total of 30 garbage bags! Thank you to our students and their teachers! Also a special note of thanks to Mr. Bruels and his son, Joe, for helping haul all the leaves away! In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us. ~Flora Edwards

St. Clair Third Grade Class

Collin Scott was honored with the Volunteer of the Year award from the Junior Achievement Organization in the greater Mankato area. Mr. Scott was nominated by Mrs. Jeddeloh for all the volunteer work he has done in the elementary classrooms and throughout the school. Mr. Scott works as a high school paraprofessional and has recently been appointed the advisor for student council all while still taking classes at MSU! Congratulations on your award Collin!

St. Clair staff and students participated in another year of the “Stuff-A-Truck” food drive for the Echo Food Shelf. This year the St. Clair S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and their advisor, Sherry Pierson, were organizers of the event. Part of their duties were to collect all the donations on Friday, November 19, record points for the elementary classes and then weigh everything. St. Clair collected a total of 1,700 pounds and $305.00! The elementary students were challenged with a contest between all classrooms with points given for all items brought to school. Items that cost more, or items that the food shelf has a great need for, are given more points. The classroom with the most points wins a pizza party! The winners of this year’s competition are Mrs. Williams’ class with 2,153 points and the Autism room (with only 6 students) with 1,392 points. Since every elementary classroom did such an outstanding job of bringing in food, EVERY classroom will be getting ice cream sandwiches on November 24th. Thank you to all who participated in such a worthwhile cause!

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St. Clair High School has a program “helping others succeed through random acts of kindness.” When a student does something kind for another person, the district, or even the community, a staff member submits their name for a drawing that is held at the end of each quarter. Various prizes have been donated to this program. A list of the winners is posted in the window of the district office. Kasey Geiger and Bailey Arndt were acknowledged for their efforts in trying to convince Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins to come to St. Clair. The two girls did this all on their own and in secrecy from the rest of the student body. They just wanted to do something for all the students here at St. Clair. A representative from the Minnesota Twins personally contacted Mr. Bosshart to commend the girls for their efforts, but to also inform him that they would not be able to accommodate their request. Literally hundreds of requests like theirs are received every day. Most of the Twins players don’t live in Minnesota during the off season and players are often sent to children’s hospitals and other charity situations instead. The girls did receive some items from the Twins and were very excited to even get a response. Thanks Kasey and Bailey! Congratulations to our Cyclones of the month: Angela Sargent, Jason Lillo, Danielle Peterson and Michael Thompson who were chosen for their accomplishments during the first quarter.

The students and staff of St. Clair School have a goal of 500 toys or cash donations to “Toys for Tots” in order to have a half day of movies and games on December 23rd. Bring a new unwrapped toy or $3.00 donation between November 15— December 17 Please drop off donations in the District Office.

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Message from our School Counselor, Amanda Frank St. Clair Public School 121 Main Street West PO Box 99 St. Clair MN 56080-0099

District Office 507-245-3501 High School Office 507-245-3027 Elementary Office 507-245-3533 Transportation Palmer Bus Service, Inc. Connie Johns, St. Clair Manager 507-245-3417 or cell 327-6763

Post High School Planning-Applications and Scholarships How can winter break be used constructively? Winter break is around the corner, and the week away from school is an excellent time for college-bound Seniors to devote some time to college planning. It gives students who have not yet submitted any college applications a chance to finalize their application list and complete their applications. Seniors should also consider working on some scholarship applications this December. Scholarship applications often require essays and a resume. Those things take time to complete. To get started with some scholarships, check out the Counselor’s Bulletin Board in the hallway entering the high school (across from the district office window) or check the listings online on my website. Each of the scholarships that come through our guidance office are posted, along with the qualifications, scholarship amount, and deadlines. And the list is up to date-I post a new one online and on the bulletin board each week! How many applications should we send? There is no set number of applications each student should send. If a student’s first choice college is one with guaranteed admissions, and the program of study is not quick to fill, he or she may decide to apply to only one college. For example, local community colleges accept all high school graduates, and some state colleges accept all students with a certain class rank or ACT score. On the other hand, if your student’s college of choice has competitive admissions standards, he or she may decide to send several applications. If possible, students should apply to at least one school that is a “sure thing” and may also decide to apply to one or many schools with more competitive admission standards. College Application Tips


Website address: Http:// Administration Superintendent Tom Bruels High School Principal Dustin Bosshart Elementary Dean of Students Susan Owens

   

Laura Linde—Chair Bill Ward—Vice Chair Jack May—Clerk Mark Frahm– Treasurer


  

Connie Johns—Director Jim Grabowska—Director

Check for errors. Proofread your writing, and consider asking a parent, teacher, or the school counselor to check your application for any obvious errors. Use formal writing. Many colleges encourage online applications, but do not take this as an opportunity to use IM slang. Treat your college applications seriously and avoid unnecessary abbreviations, overly casual wording, or slang. Be complete. Double check that you have not left out any documents. In addition to applications, some colleges require checks, transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and other documents. Emphasize leadership. If you have taken a leadership role in your activities, either through the school or in the community, be sure to mention your position or award.

Scholarship Application Tips

 School Board

Follow the rules. Read the application directions completely before answering any questions. Applications may request a certain color ink, number of words, or layout for your answer.


Know the deadlines. The first step in your application process should be organizing scholarships in order of due dates to keep yourself on track. Make your message fit the organization. Scholarship organizations are often looking for a certain sort of student. Be yourself, but emphasize the things about you that fit with the organization’s mission. Show, do not tell. Instead of stating that you are helpful, motivated, or responsible, give examples of how you have demonstrated the qualities you would like to emphasize. Organize your thoughts. Use the writing process you learned in your English classes: brainstorm ideas, create an outline, write a rough draft, and edit your scholarship essays. Narrow your application list. Online scholarship searches often suggest hundreds of scholarship organizations. Some will be a perfect fit, but others will be scholarships for which you are not well-qualified. Scholarship applications can be time-consuming. Do not waste your time applying if you do not meet the criteria. Letters of Recommendation. Ask early and give the writer at least one week to complete it.


Laura Linde, Chair Bill Ward, Vice-Chair Jack May, Clerk Mark Frahm, Treasurer Connie Johns, Director Jim Grabowska, Director

Vice Chairperson, Bill Ward called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Members present: Connie Johns, Mark Frahm, Bill Ward, Jack May and Jim Grabowska. Members absent: Laura Linde Administrators present: Superintendent Tom Bruels, high school Principal Dustin Bosshart and elementary Dean of Students Susan Owens.

Approval of Agenda Motion by Connie Johns and seconded by Jim Grabowska to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Positive Recognition  Thanks to McDonalds, the Minnesota Twins, Buffalo Wild Wings and Grizzly’s, Noodles and Co., for donating items for the Random Acts of Kindness program.  Congratulations to Collin Scott for receiving the Volunteer of the year award from Wells Fargo.  Congratulations to Cyclones of the Month; Angela Sargent, Jason Lillo, Danielle Peterson, and Michael Thompson  Thanks to Kasey Geiger and Bailey Arndt for their efforts in trying to have Joe Mauer speak to our student body. He was unable to speak, but Kasey and Bailey both received a thank you card and a few items from the Twins for their efforts.  Kudos to Ms. Anne Linnell for keeping the events marquee up to date- the community appreciates that very much.  Kudos to Ms. Abby Ireland and the entire cast and crew of the Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. A rousing success including a matinee added because of inclement weather. Donations  Athletic Backers - $604.80 – Baseball Wind Screen  Athletic Backers - $225.00 – Class of 2013/ Class of 2016/ Class of 2014 Homecoming Float Contest  Pemberton Fire Dept. - $300.00 – After-grad Party  Pemberton Fire Dept. - $500.00 – Augmentative Communication System/ Wizcom Reading Pen/ PBIS rewards cart  STPC - $150.00 – “Raptor” Lyceum S.T.P.C. Report Mrs. Owens gave brief summary. The milk cap drive is on now. Bring in your milk caps. Old Business none Open Forum New Business Approval of the Consent Agenda Items Motion by Jim Grabowska and seconded by Mark Frahm. Motion carried with all in favor.


Minutes of the October 18, 2010 regular board meeting and the November 8, 2010 special board meeting as presented. Bills as presented for payment in the sum of $403,030.59 and electronic transfer in the sum of $125,000.00 said bills and electronic transfer having been reviewed by the treasurer, Mark Frahm. Open Enrollment Agreements Second Reading Policies  616 School District System Accountability – revised  617- School District Ensurance of Preparatory and High School Standards – revised  618 Assessment of Standard Achievement - revised Spanish Trip with Maple River Discussion of Spanish Trip- Ms. Holly Reuter spoke to the board regarding the idea of a combined Spanish trip next November (2011) Motion by: Jack May, seconded by: Jim Grabowska to pursue the idea of a combined Spanish trip with Maple River. Title I Presentation – Mrs. Holland Mrs. Holland gave a presentation on Title I Instruction for the current school year. Appointments Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Mark Frahm, to approve the of Kristin Pierson as a part-time elementary teacher and Tyler Sander as part-time physical education, part-time paraprofessional and Maggie Schroeder as part-time health and part-time paraprofessional as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Student Council Advisor Motion by Jack May, seconded by Mark Frahm to approve the appointment of Collin Scott as Student Council Advisor. Motion carried with all in favor. Child Care Leave Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Mark Frahm, to approve child care leave for Kristin Pierson beginning approximately February 3 through April 1, 2011. Motion carried with all in favor. Records Destruction Report Motion by Connie Johns, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to approve the records destruction report as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. Extended Field Trip Request – Wrestling Team Motion by Jack May, seconded by Jim Grabowska, to approve the extended field trip request for the wrestling team as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. FY11 Yearbook Agreement with Jostens Motion by Jack May, seconded by Connie Johns, to approve the FY11 yearbook agreement with Jostens as presented. Motion carried with all in favor. MVED Share Services Initiative Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Mark Frahm to support on-going efforts to work cooperatively with other MVED districts in the areas of Position Openings by Attrition; Area Learning Center; Food Service; and Career and College Readiness. Motion carried with all in favor. MREA Board of Directors Ballot Members submitted a ballot for a director position for the MREA Board.


Policies First Reading  413 Harassment and Violence - revised  514 Bullying Prohibition Policy – revised  526 Hazing Prohibition - revised Elementary Dean of Students’ Report  A number of field trips took place in November:  3rd/4th grades - theatrical presentation of Robin Hood at the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre  5th/6th grades - annual trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Capitol  The 6th grade science classes – a tour of the wastewater treatment plant and an ethanol plant as part of their study of microbes  The Early Childhood Longitudinal Study for some of our kindergarten students begins on November 22/23.  PBP – Button Day report: students in five classes had 100% participation. Enough students wore the buttons that three classes were awarded extra recess time--and it turned out to be a gorgeous day for recess!  Curriculum Day- Teachers learned how to use the program Live Binder to organize digital information. High School Principal’s Report  2 hour late start is November 29, 2010. HS will continue their work on technology with the main focus on Livebinders. English department is working on rewriting its curriculum for next year.  Fall conference overall attendance was 53% last year it was 52%.  Update on math position  Update on PE/Health position Superintendent’s Report  Our voluntary OSHA Consultation Walk-Thru took place on Monday, November 15th. We will be receiving a report identifying any areas requiring corrective action with many of those completed during or immediately after the walk-thru. Possibly the most significant item is improving the safety of one of our interior roof access doors. 

The Flexible Learning Year concept that area superintendent's have been discussing is now being referred to as the South Central Minnesota Educational Learning Consortium. A draft of the plan used as the basis of discussion during a recent Superintendent's meeting was discussed.

Work has been completed on the football field following the football season. Additional leveling, deep-tine aerating, slit seeding, and the addition of mason sand have been completed. The cost for these repairs has been split between the school district and the Athletic Backers. We'll be staying off the field until next fall when the phy. ed. classes, community ed. programs, and the extra-curricular programs should have a much improved surface to use. The evenness of the surface is already vastly improved over what it was a year ago at this time.

Wednesday, November 24th is our second make-up day for the days lost at the end of September. It was originally scheduled to be a day off for students and staff before Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 29th is our second 2-hour late start for curriculum development.

The school district is pursuing a Honeywell auto-notification system to enhance communication with parents, students, teachers and staff regarding such things as school closings, delayed buses, etc.


Board Reports  Connie Johns- Athletic Backers meeting  Bill Ward- MSBA pre-delegate assembly  Jack May- MVED board meeting  Mark Frahm- City Council Open Forum The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 20, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in room E107. Motion by Jim Grabowska, seconded by Connie Johns, to adjourn. Motion carried with all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Respectfully submitted, _______________________ Jack May, Board Clerk Meetings attended: Connie Johns

Mark Frahm

MSBA Fall Area Meeting Athletic Backers Meeting

9/16/2010 9/29/2010

City Council



Note: Bread served daily. Assorted milk served at breakfast and lunch. This menu is subject to change. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Wed., December 1

Thursday, December 2

Friday, December 3

Breakfast Cheese Omelet Hashbrowns Mini Muffins

Breakfast Yogurt Parfait with Granola & Fruit

Lunch Cheese Quesadilla Corn on the Cob Trail Mix Red Apple Wedge Fudgesicle

Lunch Sloppy Joe on Bun Potato Smiles California Blend Vegetables Banana Bar

Breakfast Cinnamon Swirl Bread Cheese Stick Banana Lunch Macaroni & Cheese Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Peas Chilled Juice Orange Smiles


Chicken Patty on Bun

Hot Turkey on Bun

Salad Bar:

Salad Bar:

Salad Bar:

Monday, December 6

Tuesday, December 7

Wed., December 8

Thursday, December 9

Friday, December 10

Breakfast Pancake on Stick Mixed Fruit Cup

Breakfast Breakfast Pizza Kiwifruit

Breakfast French Toast Cup of Fruit

Lunch Hard or Soft Shell Taco with Fixings Corn Cup of Fruit Frosted Graham Cracker

Lunch Hotdog on Bun Sauerkraut Tri-Tators Baked Beans Peach Crisp

Breakfast Warm Pretzel Cheese Sauce & Salsa Orange Smiles

Breakfast Cherry or Apple Frudel Yogurt in a Tube Chilled Juice


Salad Bar:

Cheezy Chicken on Bun

Lunch Pizzaburger on Bun French Fries Peas & Carrots Rosy Applesauce Ice Cream Sandwich

Salad Bar:

BBQ Ribette on Bun

Lunch Turkey Ala King Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Cheese Slice Blueberry Muffin

Salad Bar:

Hamburger on Bun

Lunch Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tomato Soup Goldfish Crackers Crispy Relishes Grapes

Salad Bar:

Sloppy Joe on Bun

Best Wishes for the Holidays! From The St. Clair School Food & Nutrition Staff: Maria, Cindy, Rose, Shannon, Ronny, Londa & Kris

Monday, December 13

Tuesday, December 14

Wed., December 15

Thursday, December 16

Friday, December 17

Breakfast Assorted Cold Cereal PBJ Sandwich Chilled Juice Lunch Chicken Fajita with Fixings Peas Rosy Applesauce Icy Juicy

Breakfast Waffles Sausage Patty Pineapple

Breakfast Frosted Cinnamon Roll Cottage Cheese Peach Halves

Breakfast Breakfast Hot Pocket Grapes

Breakfast Mini Pancakes Cheese Slice Chilled Juice

Salad Bar:

Lunch Chicken Patty on Bun with Fixings Ranch Wedge Potatoes Chilled Juice Fruit Salad

Lunch Crispito with Fixings Carrot Coins Cup of Fruit Creamy Pudding


Lunch Pizza Hotdish Green Beans Breadstick Kiwifruit Cookie

Lunch Salisbury Steak Mashed Potatoes Gravy Banana Sherbet Cup


Cheese Quesadilla

Fish Patty on Bun

Monday, December 20

Tuesday, December 21

Wed., December 22

Thursday, December 23

Breakfast Waffle Sticks Cheese Stick Pear Slices

Breakfast Egg Scrambler Pizza Grapes

Breakfast Pancakes Sausage Patty Chilled Juice

Salad Bar:

Salad Bar:

Lunch Pizza Lettuce Salad Trail Mix Orange Smiles Christmas Cookie

Christmas Dinner Chicken Strips Seasoned Rice Green Bean Casserole Cranberries Cup of Strawberries Ice Cream Treat

Lunch Hamburger on Bun Potato Starz Winter Blend Vegetables Cup of Fruit Christmas Cake

Breakfast Banana Bread Cup of Yogurt Fruit Lunch Nachos with Meat & Cheese Sauce Assorted Cold Sandwiches Crispy Relishes Chilled Juice Red Apple Wedge





Salad Bar:

Hotdog on Bun

Last day of school: Thursday, December 23 Classes resume: Monday, January 3

December 2010 Sun







3 BBB SC vs Randolph @ 6:00 GBB SC vs Nicollet @ Nicollet 6:00

4 Wrestling Tourney @ Glencoe-Silver Lake 9:00


9 Jr H BBB SC vs GHEC @ 4:30 Jr H GBB SC vs GHEC @ Granada 4:30 BBB SC vs Nicollet @ 6:00 GBB SC vs Loyola @ Fitzgerald 6:00


11 C BBB Invitational @ Waterville 8:30 Wrestling tourney @ Southland 10:00

16 Jr H BBB SC vs

17 BBB SC vs MR @ Mapleton 6:00 Gbb SC vs JWp @ 6:00


Wells 4:30 Jr H GBB SC vs USC @ 4:30 GBB SC vs Cleveland @ 6:00 W Triangular @ New Richland 5:00



Jr H BBB SC vs Nicollet @ Nicollet 4:30 Jr H GBB SC vs Nicollet @ 4:30

BBB SC vs Springfield @ Springfield 6:00 GBB SC vs Truman @ 6:00 W Quad @ Mankato East 5:00


14 Jr H

Confernces 7-12 @ 3:30 -7:30 STPC Mgt @ 6:30 Choir Concert 7-12 @ 8:00

4:30 Jr H GBB SC vs A/C @ Alden 4:30 BBB SC vs Truman @ Truman 6:00 W SC vs RV @ Springfield 6:00

20 BBB SC vs New Ul Cath.

21 Winter Concert K-6 @ 9:00 & 1:30 W SC vs WEM/JWP @ 6:30



28 BBB BLC Tourney @ Bethany GBB Holiday Tourney

29 BBB BLC Tourney @ Bethany GBB Holiday Tourney

30 31 BBB BLC Tourney @ Bethany GBB Holiday Tourney



2 Jr H BBB SC vs Cleveland @ Cleveland 4:15


BBB SC vs A/C @


1 Athletic Backers Meeting 8:00


@ 6:00 GBB SC vs New Ulm Cath. @ New Ulm 6:00 Jr H W Invitational @ Mapleton 5:00 School Board Meeting @ 6:30





Jr H BBB SC vs Madelia @ 4:30 Jr H GBB SC vs Madelia @ Madelia 4:30 GBB SC vs MR @ 6:00

St. Clair Elementary First Quarter Perfect Attendance 2010-2011


Grade 1 Colby Amundson Michael Anderson Conner Andree Tristen Baer Aliviya Boyd Erin Dauer Riley Fitzloff Arthur Hanson Haley Jackson Dillon Johannsen Kayla Jordan Colton Kovacs Alexia Lemke Laura Pegram Coral Sandstrom Carter Schaible Aerin Schwandt Logan Stenger Alyson Vaughan Mason Ward Cheyanne Westphal Peyton Zabel

Grade 2 Cale Anderson Cassandra Bade Gracie Baer Emily Drummer Brylie Fladland Savannah Flugum Brenna Hansen John Lynch Madison Lynch Logan Marzinske Brandon Miller Joseph Nicolai Kyle Obermeyer Kiersten Pietsch Leah Quiram Mykayla Rasmussen Jacob Schreiber Amy Shaw

Brooke Sonnek Chase Sonnek Kaleb Sorenson Isabel Street Ben Tauer Chloe Terhark Hattie Terhark Sarah Terry Dylan Thompson Levi Ward Gavin Weinandt Annika Wick

Grade 3 Chase Baker Morgan Brooks Gabe Chapman Logan Clark Paige Dauer Liza Felber Noah Fields Isabella Hanson Juliana Hauptman Hunter Heinbaugh Jammie Hummer Alisha Johannsen Savanna Koberg Lucas Kruse Jacob Miller Gary Morson Cole Schaible Heidi Torkkola Riley Weis Montana Westphal

Grade 4 Cassidy Anderegg Mallory Arndt Teigue Beveridge Alexys Boyd Skylynn Burns Megan Devens Kianna Fladland Macy Hannaman

Jolissa Hohn Isabella Jackson Brandon Jordan Devon Lance Allison Larsen Samantha Lemke Ian Marzinske Derik Miller Emma Morson Brett Nichols Jackson Pegram Kyle Sandmeyer Dustin Soderquist Morgan Spear Hunter Tapper Katelin Tauer Levi Tonn Noah Vahlsing Caleb Ward Devin Wilmes Logan Winch

Grade 5 Torie Beveridge Trayldon Beveridge Megan Bodin Andrew Carlson Evan Case Aaron Drummer Dion Drummer Olivia Drummer Alex Eilertson Ciara Flugum Noelle Flugum Jake Frank Isaiah Frederick Ben Friedrichs Kylan Geiger Maegan Good Katie Hawkins Michaela Karels Morgan Karels Casey Keltgen David Loeffler Andrew More

Grant Nagel Abby Nicolai Brian Obermeyer Garrison Pfeffer Jacob Rule Emily Saleda Dylan Schons Brandon Schultz Kiri Scott Hunter Sonnek Matthew Strobel Bailie Thom Jack Thompson Mitchell Weber Bailee Weis

Grade 6 Brian Belcourt Devin Brolsma Megan Fandrich Evan Gahl Jamie Goettl Amy Groskreutz Jocelyn Hanson Jocelyn Hassing Julia Herzberg Heather Hoffman Brian Hughes Ashtin Johnson Jared Kronback Jodi More Lucas Mortensen Dylan Rasmussen Danny Sadler Bobby Sargent Jacob Schenk Nick Sillman

Monday, December 6 from 6:00 - 7:15 p.m. For children ages 2-5

(Sibling Care will be provided for older and younger siblings - call to reserve a spot)

   

Holiday Crafts Holiday Songs Holiday Games Holiday Snack

No fee to attend - please call to reserve a spot and so that we know to have enough supplies for each station activity.

Location - Preschool Classroom, Kindergarten Classroom, Hallway near rooms

Please make reservations to attend and/or for sibling care by December 2 to: Pat Thompson, ECFE Coordinator Phone 245-3533 x266 or email:

Early Childhood Family Education & School Readiness Winter 2011 Important Dates Kindergarten Round-Up Thursday, February 24, 2011 For children who will be at least 5 years old before September 1, 2011 and will be entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2011. Early Childhood Screening Friday, March 4, 2011 For children ages three to five. All children must be screened before entering kindergarten. Please direct questions to the elementary office at 245-3533 ext. 225.

What is ECFE? Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a program for all families in the state of Minnesota who have children between the ages of birth through pre-kindergarten. The ECFE staff believes that families provide children with their most important learning environments and that parents are their children’s first and most significant teachers. Given this belief, ECFE works to strengthen families and increase the abilities of parents to provide the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children. ECFE is the largest and oldest program of its kind in the country and has been cited as a national model for parent education and family support. The St. Clair School ECFE and School Readiness programs provide opportunities for parents and children to participate in weekly classes that encourage families to grow and learn together in a fun environment. Check inside this newsletter for information regarding specific classes for all children ages birth through pre-kindergarten. On Monday evenings we offer an ECFE class for Terrific Twos and Threes and the School Readiness class for the Fantastic Fours and Fives. On Tuesdays we offer an ECFE class for infants and toddlers and a combined class for children ages 2-5 years old. It is our hope that by offering classes more than once in the week that families will be able to choose which opportunity best meets the needs of their family’s schedule. If you have any questions regarding ECFE or School Readiness, please contact Pat Thompson, ECFE/School Readiness Coordinator, at 245-3533 ext. 266 or email


Page 2

Winter Family Fun Night At the Mankato WOW Zone Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5:30 to 7:30 p.m. $5.00 per person (ages 2– adult)

Bowling Groups will bowl for one hour— choose which hour you and your family will bowl. Group 1: 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Group 2: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Other activities to do when not bowling:  Eat Supper: BBQ, Chips, Brownie or Cookie and Pop  Beanbag Games  Time in the Arcade (all students registered will receive a $5.00 WOW card to use for play in the arcade)

All families are asked to meet at the WOW ZONE for this event. Ways to Register: 

Mail completed registration form located on the last page of this newsletter to Pat Thompson, Box 99, St. Clair, MN 56080. Make checks payable to St. Clair ECFE.




Call Pat at 245-3533, ext. 266 and register by phone.


Complete registration form found online at the St. Clair Website:

Page 3

Winter 2011 - Monday Classes Early Childhood Family Education Terrific Twos and Threes It is never too early to begin attending a fun and structured learning environment which helps your child better prepare for the pre-school years. Children who are two and three years old look forward to “going to school.” This class is one evening per week. Your child will identify with their own class and group of friends which will provide an opportunity to practice their social skills. Parents and children spend the first half of the class together in the Parent-Child Interaction segment. During the second half of the class, your child will spend time with a licensed early childhood teacher and will participate in circle time, motor time, snack time, music time, story time, and more play time. Parents will participate in the Parent Education segment during the second half.

School Readiness Program Fantastic Fours and Fives This class is specifically designed for children who are four or five years old. Activities are designed to enhance learning of the many skills necessary for school readiness. Children will be provided many opportunities to build language and vocabulary skills necessary for success with reading. Young children will enjoy learning with their peers while working in small group settings. The world of numbers, letters, sounds, and concepts will be explored each night. What: Terrific Twos and Threes —or— Parents and children begin their evening with other parents and the Parent Educator. Children will enter the early childhood classroom and participate in literature, movement, art, social play, and a snack with peers. Halfway through the night parents will return to the early childhood classroom and finish the evening with their child. Parents and children will work together on structured activities set up by the teacher.

Fantastic Fours and Fives When: January 10, 17 & 31 February 7 & 14 (5 weeks) Time: 6:00—7:30 p.m. Cost: $15.00 per family Where: Early childhood Classroom at St. Clair School Registration Deadline is January 6, 2011

Page 4

Winter 2011 Infant/Toddler Class newborn to 23 months Early experiences in a child’s life are so powerful that they can completely change the way a child develops. It is during the critical period, age birth to three years, that the foundations are laid for vision, language, vocabulary, muscle control, intellectual development, and emotional development. Join us in the infant class as we learn together how the brain develops and how to best help infants learn and grow. Class time is from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Parents are with their child for the entire class. The families will spend time with both an early childhood teacher and a parent educator.

Early Childhood Family Education Combined class for ages 2—5 Families who have children in a variety of age levels may choose the combined class. Early childhood teachers have a variety of activities appropriate for children in this age group. During the first half of the class children participate in activities with their parents. During the last half of the class children stay in the early childhood classroom while parents attend the Parent Education segment of the program. Many families have shared that ECFE is “their night out” as a family. Many families see these opportunities as a special time spent with their child(ren). What:

Infant/Toddler Class 5:30-6:30 p.m. —or— Early Childhood Family Education 6:00—7:30 p.m.

When: January 11, 18 & February 1, 8 & 15 (5 weeks) Cost:

$10.00 for Infant/Toddler Class $15.00 for Early Childhood Classroom

Where: Early childhood Classroom at St. Clair School Registration Deadline is January 6, 2011

Page 5

Early Childhood Family Education / School Readiness Winter 2011 Registration Form—Deadline January 6, 2011 Parent’s Name ____________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ Home Phone ______________________________________________________________ Number you can be reached at during the day ____________________________________ Child’s Name ________________________

Date of Birth _________________

Registration for:  $15.00


School Readiness (Monday classes) For children entering kindergarten in the fall of 2011 or 2012. Terrific Twos and Threes (Monday classes)

 $10.00

Infant / Toddler Class (Tuesday classes)

 $15.00

Combined Class for 2—5 year olds (Tuesday classes)  $______ Family Fun at the WOW ZONE January 25 $5.00 PER PERSON (ages 2—adult) ______ number attending @$5.00 each


Mail completed registration form and check to Pat Thompson, Box 99, St. Clair MN 56080. Make checks payable to St. Clair ECFE.


E-mail child’s name, class name and sibling care need to


Call Pat at 245-3533, ext. 266 and register by phone.


St. Clair Website:

Sibling Care:  $5.00

Payment enclosed for full session (Mondays or Tuesdays) OR

 $1.50

Will pay per visit

Sibling Name(s) and age(s) ______________________________




n io t a c u d E y it n u m m o St. Clair C December 2010 Fleece Scarf Making Brad O’Donnell Community Education Coordinator

Inside this issue:

It is Fleece Scarf making time again with FCCLA! Make a scarf for yourself or as a gift for someone. You pick your colors and you make it! Its lots of fun and very warm! This class is open to participants of all ages! Kindergarten to one hundred and two!

Watch Me Draw Classes Open to Grades K-6

“An Adventure in Drawing”

There is a class limit of 20.



Open Gym Kids/Adults


Youth Wrestling


Media Center Hours


Adult Basic Education


Registration Forms


Acting For Everyone Try your hand at acting without the fear of getting up in front a crowd of people. Through improvisation, readings, monologues and skits, learn the basic techniques of acting and stage craft and have a lot of fun. Taught by Cyclone Theatre director Abby Butzer Ireland. Class size is limited. Grades 7-12 welcome. Six Saturday Afternoons 1:30-3:30pm starting January 9th, 2011. $25.00.

Date: Monday, December 13th Time: 3:15 – 5:00 pm Where: FACS Room Instructor: FCCLA Member Cost: $15.00 Register by December 6th

Junior Cyclone Basketball Camp Open to students in grades K-3 Come and join our Cyclone Girls and Boys Basketball team for a few hours of basketball. Participants will be taught the basic fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting. Fee includes T-Shirt, Ball and Admission to a Boys or Girls Cyclone Basketball Game. No T-Shirts and Balls to late registrations. Dates: Sat. Jan. 8, 15 and 29 Cost: $20.00 Where: St. Clair Gym Time: 8:30-9:30 Grade K-1 9:30-10:30 am – Grade 2 - 3 DEADLINE FOR REG: Thursday December 23rd

Watch Me Draw! offers FUN lessons that uniquely combine traditional and contemporary approaches to Art Education. We believe in teaching actual techniques through guided lessons while encouraging personal expression, creativity and confidence. Each week students will bring home a beautiful finished masterpiece! In our winter session, we will work with rubbing plates to texture our drawings, work with oil pastels and create seasonal drawings using a variety of subject matter. A completed project taken home each week and new lessons every session! Nothing to bring or buy; all supplies included. Please dress in art friendly clothing! All levels are welcome! Date: Monday’s Jan. 17 & 31 Feb: 7,14, and 28th Time: 3:15 – 4:15 pm Cost: $50.00 Where: Teacher’s Lounge Instructor: Watch Me Draw Staff DEADLINE FOR REG:

Thursday December 23rd

St. Clair Community Education

Page 2

YOGA - Workout

Cyclone Youth Wrestling

―Start your week out right with a sensible style of yoga that is physically possible regardless of age and fitness or flexibility level. Yoga is the perfect workout to bring your mind into your muscles; while you learn to focus and relax. You might want to consult a doctor, if starting a new exercise program. Please bring your own mat to class.

Open to Students in Grades K-6 Our St. Clair Youth Wrestling Program will again be working with our St. Clair Youth Wrestling Association and will be offering a jump start to our season!

Our Head Wrestling Coach—Troy Stehr, along with his team, will be offering a St. Clair Youth Wrestling Clinic for all registered participants If you have any questions, you can call Lisa Johnson at 245-3166 on December 6th and 13th from 3:15—5:00 pm or 340-5125. in the St. Clair Wrestling Room.

There is a class limit of 15. Dates: Sundays, January 9, 16, 23, 330, February 6 & 13 Cost: $24.00 Session: 5:30—6:30 pm Where: Choir Room Instructor: Lisa Johnson Deadline for Registration: January 5th or until filled.

Open Gym for Students Basketball : Sunday – 3:00 – 5:00 pm— No Open Gym on December 26th No Street Shoes Allowed and Parents – please be there on time to pick up your kids! Starting in January we will have Open Gym for Baseball and Softball.

It is important that your son or daughter attend the clinics as well as the coaches practices throughout the season! Our official season will start with a parent’s meeting on Monday, Jan. 3rd at 6:00 pm in the St. Clair School Commons area. Practices and tournaments will continue through mid April. Weekend tournament fees are the responsibility of the individual wrestler. If you are interested in finding out about preseason tournaments please contact: Brian Loeffler at 245-3526. Uniforms are available in child and adult sizes – extra small, small, medium, and large, and will be distributed at the first practice. Please indicate grade, weight, and uniform size on the registration form. The St. Clair Wrestling Association will look at having a few practices in late November and early December, but the details are not available at this time. Official Practices Start

Listen to the Daily Announcements for any Open Gym Changes

Monday, January 10th All practices will be held in the

Open Gym for Adults Adults may participate in an informal recreational basketball game. Pickup games only! No formal team practices or children are allowed. Wednesdays – 6:00 – 8:00 pm

HS Wrestling Room Grades K-6 meet from 3:15 – 5:00 pm FEE:

St. Clair Student - $15.00


Page 3

Mankato Area Adult Basic Education What is Life Lines?

GED Testing: Take your tests at the SCC (Sept. – May) on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 10:00 pm.


Life Lines is an adult educational program designed for busy people. Classes are offered at flexible times and days to meet your hectic schedule. Life Lines is an academic program intended to provide you with meaningful learning opportunities.

Call 345-5222 or 625-3441 ext. 222 for more information.


What Classes Are Available?

Child Care: Bring your children to school, too! Available to program participants on a limited basis.

Basic Skills Training: Improve your reading, writing, or math skills. Learn how to use computers, fill out job applications, manage your finances, and many other real life skills. General Educational Development: The nationally recognize GED is a five part, high school equivalency exam. Prepare for the GED by accessing our books, computer software, videotapes, and the GED practice test. Diploma Completion Program: Earn your High School Diploma through an Independent Study Program. You must be 16 years old to participate. Job Skills: Learn how to prepare yourself for employment including: filling out applications, interviewing, creating your resume and cover letter, and getting ahead on the job. Instruction is available individually or in small groups.

What Services Are Available? Tutoring: Confidential, private tutoring is available to program participants.

Transportation: Door-to-door transportation is available to program participants on a limited basis.

GED Preparation

Come and read a good book, make a copy, or just search for information…..stop by and visit our Media Center. Come in and check out books to take home.

Classes: Lincoln Community Center Meet:

Every Monday Night from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Monday thru Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday thru Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Want to type a report, check out the Internet, create a mailing list or draw a birthday card….stop by and visit our Media Center! Just come and relax from the outside world!

For more information call 1-800-62MYGED or visit

Need to add a little FITNESS to your life? We are opening up the school to help you with your walking fitness goals! You are able to use our walking trails during the following times: Monday to Friday 6:00 – 7:20 am Locker Rooms are available. Please bring your own lock and towel. Lock must be removed each day. We will be closed during Home Sporting Events. Schedule is posted on the school website. Click on Calendar for more details.

St. Clair Community Education

Page 4

Spanish for Kids - En La Ciudad

“Around the town" themed Spanish for kids will teach the kids vocabulary for greetings, numbers, colors, shapes, animals and food. Each day will include a different and exciting theme (school, supermarket & zoo) that will incorporate new activities, games and crafts. The kids will have so much fun they won't even know they are learning.

DATE: Feb 3,10,17,24 TIME Age 3– K @


Grade 1-3 6:00-7:00 Grades 4—6 @ 7:15-8:30 COST:



Take a new challengeYou will be surprised at how much you can learn.

Page 5

St. Clair Community Education Registration Form (Complete a separate form for each participant) Name: _______________________________ Grade : _____ Teacher : ________________ Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________ Street




Phone #: ____________________________ Parent/Guardian Name(s): ______________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________________Gender _________




Spanish for kids Reg by 1/21


Deadline; January 21st


FCCLA—Fleece Scarf


Deadline: December 6th


Deadline: December 23rd


Watch Me Draw Class— Adventure in Drawing—Reg by 12/23


Yoga—Reg by 1 /5


Deadline January 5th


St. Clair Youth Wrestling—Reg by 12/23


Deadline: December 23rd


Jr Cyclone Youth Basketball—Reg by 12/23



Acting for Everyone—Reg by 1/3


YS YM YL AS AM AL Deadline January 3rd

Total Due _____________

Mail to:

(Circle One)

Brad O’Donnell

St. Clair School Box 99 St. Clair, MN 56080


I0f you have any additional questions please call Brad O’Donnell at 245-3027 ext 229 or email me at

ols St Clair Public Scho

St. Clair School PO Box 99 121 West Main Street St. Clair, MN 56080 Phone: 507-245-3501 ext 229 Fax: 507-245-3517

A quote form the desk of …. BrAd o’donnell

“Education is the abili

Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

life’s situAtions.”

ty to meet

Website: Click on Community

Learn, Grow, Get to Know Community Education

Registration is Easy! Mail to:

Brad O’Donnell Community Education Box 99 St. Clair, MN 56080

Drop off:

Community Education Office—Room E 111 St. Clair High School 121 West Main Street St. Clair, MN 56080

How to Sign Up: Complete a registration form for each individual registering All registrations must be made in person or by mail. NO PHONE RESERVATIONS. Make checks payable to: St. Clair Community Education Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Class Confirmation: There will not be a confirmation of registration. You are enrolled in the program once you have submitted your registration fee to the Community Education Office. You will receive a letter or phone call if the class is filled or cancelled. Refund Policy: A request for a class refund must be made a minimum of one week prior to the starting date. Otherwise fees are refunded only if a class or trip is cancelled due to insufficient registrations.

Weather Alert: Listen to KTOE—1420 on the AM Dial for class cancellations.

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