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6:00 AM Disturbance By Tenssie Lapetina

At night before I go to sleep I close my eyes and count to sheep. First comes sheep Body, and then comes sheep Steve, Right after that I fall fast asleep. By the time I close my eyes I'm woken by an unpleasant surprise, The 6:00 AM alarm has arrived. I move to the left, I move to right, Trying to avoid the horrible light. Once you hear it you fall in tears Knowing that the beautiful dream disappears. Dream about a feast, dream of a bay The disturbing sound will always take it away. This will annoy in any way Because this means the beginning, Of a new school day. All dressed up with proper attire, I couldn't look more tired. Went to look for my mom when I noticed she was gone, She left a note that said... "It's not a school day, go to bed sleepy head."

A Princess Job at CPN By Mariana GarcĂ­a In 4th grade it was When we met a princess who ate sauce. She taught us English And we thought she was British. She had white hair, But she wanted to be different from Lady Gaga, Which I thought was fair. The princess chose a girl for each day of the week, Which made our smiles squeak. We drew the titanic, And we thought it was fantastic. She gave us cookies, So when we went to the second floor we wouldn't be rookies. We cried when we left And that made us feel bereft.

Bell By Isabel FerrĂŠ and Blancamari Somoza Bell, our bell, She can be so simple, but yet so useful. Everyday we hear our Bell, Everyday she notifies us: Ring, Ring! She is necessary, yet we take Bell for granted. She welcomes us every morning; Bell hangs around when we are playing. When it's time, she gives us the cue to go to class. She is the oldest being in our institution, She is necessary, yet we take Bell for granted. Bell, you are so small, and yet you are so important. Bell, you are necessary, You are so special, You are our emblem.

Caitlyn & Her Allergies By Sofía Rosado and Liliana Gordillo

Since sixth grade, this girl was allergic. We didn’t know why, that’s why we had to look for it. She went to the doctor, but he didn’t say anything. We were all worried because of her aching. The girl was crying because she felt really bad. We decided to look for the cure in the magicPad. We didn’t find anything; we even looked in the “What a tragedy!” my mom said. We went to see a medicine guru. She looked at my friend. “She looks awful.” “We already knew that, Karen.” It was a Friday. She decided to stay home. She felt so bad; we thought it was her hormones. She started to feel better it was a miracle! But when she went back to school, she was no longer blissful. We decided to go healthy it was the best decision. What a better way to get your immune system kicking? The herbs didn’t function; she was allergic to the Aloe Vera! That’s why when she got sunburn her skin never got any better. Looking for the cure was no use at all, That’s why I bought her some Tylenol. She was allergic to Aspirin, that’s the last thing we needed! “Gosh Caitlyn, when did you become so coincided?” Last but not least, we came to a conclusion. She was allergic to school; CPN in Brooklyn. She had to stay at home all day, what a wonderful disease! I wish I could be her, but instead I’m allergic to donkeys.

Crying By Iviana Rexach I had never Seen a teacher Cry so much before. All I could Ask myself was: "OMG! Is she crying?" That was the question; Was it true? I ask her if she's ok And she answers "yes" Still crying. Why she was crying; I DONT KNOW! All I knew Was that it was funny, And she was laughing too.

Dress Code By Ydalia Colón and Ambar Rodríguez It's blue and white, It’s not the sky. Also black, But not a bird It's the uniforms! The ones we wear every day! Rolled up sleeves Twice, no more! Some too short, Others long. We always complain Of the way we look. No one likes it, But the teachers do. The shoes are another story. Too hard, too plain Not fashionable at all. Better as flip-flops, Or no shoes at all. Some take the time to brush their hair, Others don't care and wake up a mess. Straight hair, curly hair, Frizzy or flat. A bun or a ponytail, Even loose will be fine. As obvious as it seems All girls are we.

My Days at CPN By Bianca Ferrรก

I remember walking through the halls, Elementary school first floor. Watching the bulletin boards on the walls, And the teacher opening the pre-kinder door. The days passed, I was growing up And the fifth grade waited for me, oh time was speeding up! On sixth grade we went on a trip Where all of us learned about spaceships. New on the third floor, on seventh grade For Halloween we had a party to wear a masquerade. On eighth grade we were all excited for prom and graduation, Where we all got our congratulations. Now on high school, I have more responsibilities, But I am also valuing my abilities. I will always remember my days at CPN And cherish those memories again and again. Happy Birthday to the greatest school, Where girls stand out and feel proud. One hundred years is no easy task, We have done it and it will last.

New School, New Life By Natalia Rodriguez Ahhh! First day of school I'm new and think I'm cool. I'm the shiny new toy Will that fill me with joy? All the girls were staring at me Did I have something in my teeth? I got to meet them all We talked until the hall. It was my first class Hope in this one I pass. The teachers weren't mean; Until they get mad and turn green. The cafeteria seemed divine, The food was better than fine. The bell rang at 2:10 They ran out as if they had been in a pen. The girls were so nice They treated me better than ice. As the years have passed I don't feel I'm last. Now I'm in 10th grade, I feel unlucky like the squirrel of ice age. These girls will be in my heart forever, Until I grow old and die, Until I grow old and die.

Secret Surprise By Maria Rosa Arias Blue skies morning, boy, who could wait? I had a secret surprise that would be great! The piñata was hidden, No one had seen it Until the teacher heard, “There’s a piñata in the school, don’t let it explode!” She came to me with furious eyes, so I told her, “Teacher, I put it away long ago Don’t punish us girls!”

Report Card By Claudia Alonso and Maria JosĂŠ Rivera

Whether you’re responsible or lazy It will drive you crazy. At the end of the trimester, sharp, Comes this gigantic shark! Its idea of it brings a flood of emotions. In fact, it might be a whole ocean! Anxiety, fear, anticipation, Anger, disgust, alteration. All those come before, And after it brings much more: Joy, pride, surprise, and elation, Or anger, shame, and frustration! But the worst case of all time, Which will haunt you for life, Is when you fail just one class, Which is GYM, alas!

School By Maria Luisa Santori and Paula Ruiz

School is home, Through the hallways we roam. Screaming and running, Also talking and studying. We always eat And we love to sleep. We are punished by teachers Merely for our features. Here we find our friends, We love them ‘till the end. We have jokes, laughs, and fights, But we always end up all right. A school filled with students, All with different talents. Each special in their own way, Some will end up in runways, Others will even be in Broadway. When our tie to leave comes And in women we become, The school will perceive All the things we were able to achieve.

The Chronicles of a Bee Intruder By Sara Izquierdo Illustrated by Paola Fernรกndez Who doesn't know how a regular day in high school is? Very calm, but sometimes loud, Strict teachers, but some are not. Quiet classroom, but some are rowdy, That is how my day started. English class was at last period And so was I, it was actually my last day, But that is not the topic. We were silent at first, Quiet like a nurse And distracted, of course. A buzzing was heard, A bee was inside, Trying to rise from the darkness this time. The class started to yell, Without mercy, oh well. The teacher went insane and with us started to yell. Who would have guessed? A brave girl rose from her desk, With her journal she came To overthrow the bee without shame. Impossible it was To kill that animal in real life. It may seem small like a raisin, But it was fast like a dragon fly. The smart teacher realized That no killing was required. She opened the door To let out the free bug soul. Out she came, Like the hall of fame. Everyone watching

The open frame.

The Dead Metal By Kimberly Santiago and Loren Paz

Hanging on the hall, Heard by all, Ringing the memories, For now a century. You don’t see it everyday, You’re probably too busy To look its way. But there it stays, Representing the lives Of all who came. It never goes, It never plays, But there it will be For another 36,500 days.

The Excuse By Namir Cisneros I wake up on the early day, I just realized it is Monday again. My weekend was fun, oh gosh, I feel so dumb. I had homework to do, What do I do? Biology and Math, History and English too! I wasted my time, The F is true, I really regret The time I spent. Something to do, Something to say. I need an excuse, A lie I must say. I got the 48 flu, A thief took my book. Oh! Look there is my dog, She eats everything in her way. That’s an excuse, The lie I will use. “Where is your homework?” The teacher asked. “My dog at it all,” I replied. She believes me, And marked it like done. I can’t believe, I got rid of this one.

The Life of a CPN Desk By Carmen Nieto and Victoria Wiscovitch I am present in every room, I will be here ‘till my doom. I am colored cream, As well as green, Used by students everyday And never asked the time of day. On me they fart, They also draw art. I am used to write, Always gum they bite, And it sticks to my bottom like dry ice. They announce their lovers, They write their answers, Like to draw flowers, As they pass the hours.

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