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The Importance of Pediatrician Continuity

Using the same doctor maintains treatment continuity. The same is true of pediatricians. Many adults prefer to see one doctor for their medical treatment rather than bouncing from doctor to doctor. This tactic helps people build a rapport with their doctors that makes discussing personal medical problems easier with time. Even though many adults will try very hard to ensure that they maintain the same doctor for as long as they can, many forget that their children could also benefit from doctor continuity.

From a medical treatment standpoint, children are very different from adults. Since children are still developing, great care must be taken when it comes to determining what medicine to prescribe or what procedure to attempt.

A pediatrician is a medical doctor trained in the treatment of children. They receive specialized training in the treatment of children and learn how to connect with children to make treatment as comfortable as possible. They are also trained in the social care and well being of children, which can be very important for adolescents and teens.

Maintaining the same pediatrician can be especially helpful for adolescents and teenagers, especially as confusion about the human body increases. If an adolescent or teenager is able to develop a rapport with their doctor that they can maintain through their transition to adult hood, they are more likely to receive sound medical advice and answers to their questions.

Many children don’t like going to the doctor becausethey may feel embarrassed about discussing personal medical issues. This embarrassment is likely to grow if the child continuously has to describe their ailments to different people over and over.

Having a trusting relationship with a pediatrician becomeseven more important as a medical condition becomesmore serious. A child with special medical needs that require specialized treatment need to be given strength emotional strength from as many people as possible, medical staff included. A child with a good relationship with their pediatrician will find it easier to think of doctor visits as visits with an old friend, rather than as a chore. This all comes down to creating a pattern of care for the child

that keeps the child in their comfort zone. New faces on a regular basis and constantly having to visit different doctor’s offices can make the processof receiving care uncomfortable.

It is important for children to develop a comfort with their doctors becausetheir comfort will be carried with them into their adulthood. If a child goesthrough their life hating doctor visits, the child is likely to become an adult who avoids the doctor, which could prove to causemore harm than not.

The Importance of Pediatrician Continuity  

Using the same doctor maintains treatment continuity. The same is true of pediatricians.