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Open daily between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm

Swimming pool + Whirlpool Open: 7.00 – 12.00 noon and 2.00 – 9.30 pm, 12.00 noon – 2.00 pm the pool is closed (sanitary break) Adults: 4 Eur (one entry) Children under 12: 2 Eur (one entry) Closed groups (advance booking necessary): 90 EUR / 60 min. Admission free: 7.00 – 12.00 noon

Saunas Classical Finnish sauna, Infra sauna and Roman sauna Open: 2.00 – 9.30 pm / hour (reservation required) Adults: 7 Eur Children under 12: 3 Eur / hour (reservation required) Permanent ticket: 54 Eur / 10 hours Closed groups (advance booking necessary): 90 Eur / 90 min.

Swimming pool + Whirlpool + Saunas

Open: 2.00 – 9.30 pm (one entry – advance booking necessary) Adults: 9 Eur Children under 12: 4 Eur (one entry – advance booking necessary) Closed groups (advance booking necessary): 161 Eur / 90 min.


Admission: 3 Eur (one entry) 11 Eur Permanent ticket: / 5 visits Turbo solarium

+ Cardio zone

Price: 1 Eur / 1 min.

Massages Massages positively affect our health state. They result in complex relaxing of musculature, activation of the lymph, meridian routes and pain relief.

Body Classical Complex massages: back, neck, legs, arms back, neck, legs, arms (with heating)

29 Eur / 60 min. 34 Eur / 80 min.

Partial massages: back and neck back and neck (with heating) legs

17 Eur / 30 min. 22 Eur / 50 min. 17 Eur / 30 min.

Aroma These massages make use of beneficial effects of natural essential oils with effect not limited to the application itself but extending across several following hours too. Offer: – relaxation – lavender and sandal – calming – jasmine – energising – fir – stimulating – chocolate and orange Overall (back, neck, legs, arms) Partial (back, neck)

31 Eur / 60 min. 27 Eur / 30 min.

Lava stones Alternate massaging with heated stones and hands with application of aromatic oils. The heat spreads across the body and relaxes it completely. The positive effect lasts for several days. Overall Partial (back, neck)

31 Eur / 50 min. massage + 10 min. relaxation 27 Eur / 30 min. massage + 10 min. relaxation

As concerns massages for children the staff of the Wellness Centre reception desk will be happy to provide all relevant information.


The massage makes use of beneficial effects of honey and energises. It is ideal for stress relief, joint pain, rheumatism or effective blood circulation in the skin. 18 Eur / 30 min.


This massaging medium affects all senses, regenerates the skin, induces a feeling of happiness, peace and well being. In addition it completely relaxes strained muscles and beautifies. Subsequent wrap guarantees perfect absorption of the nutritional substances from the chocolate. 31 Eur / 40 min. massage + 20 min. wrap


Massage with bamboo oil and sticks provides nutrition, regeneration, healing and peace. It is very stimulating, ideal for males and females alike. 31 Eur / 60 min.

Head Against headaches

Massage based on ancient Indian therapy alleviates pain caused by neck and shoulder stiffness, eye tension and stress. The massage includes treatment of the hair and face part of the head, neck, upper part of trapeze muscles and shoulders with rare oils. 17 Eur / 30 min.

Legs Relaxation massage of feet

The massage stimulates points and zones where energy routes end that lead to all body parts and organs. The massage positively affects their function or heals them completely. 17 Eur / 30 min.

Exotics Hawaii

Rhythmical movements of fingers, palms, forearms and elbows relax muscles and in combination with scents of tropic oils exercise a strong therapeutic and relaxing effect. Overall (back, neck, legs) 31 Eur / 60 min. Partial (back, neck)

18 Eur / 30 min.

Exotic rituals This luxury treatment revitalises the body, the mind and especially the skin. Heat and positive energy transferred by special touches removes muscle blocks and pain. You will experience virgin bio oils of coconut, dilum, macadamium and other extracts from fine nuts, trees and flowers. Like the massages also all rituals must be booked in advance.


Effects of heated seashells stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Specially recommended to women. – peeling with microscopic crystals of sugar beet – massaging with coconut oil and hot mussels – coconut butter wrap 64 Eur / 110 min.


Ritual massage with hot and cold seashells ended with oil wrap. For really in depth relaxation, ideal for males and females alike. – regenerating massage with seashells – hydration with coconut butter 39 Eur / 55 min.

Sugar beet peeling

Removes necrotic cells and cleans pores. The result is shining complexion – deeply hydrated and provided with nutrition. – peeling with miniature crystals of sugar beet – treatment with coconut oil 32 Eur / 55 min.

Relaxing rituals Excellent prevention for physical and mental health. Providing rest and harmonisation. The preparations used are exclusively of natural origin.

Healing essences

The ritual alleviates breathing difficulties of different kinds, also suitable against mental exhaustion. – saline whirlpool with natural extracts of eucalyptus and Siberian fir – massage of the back and the thorax with eucalyptus and Siberian fir oil – thorax wrap with balm containing extracts of eucalyptus and fir 36 Eur / 60 min.

Cinnamon and ginger

Shapes selected body parts. Preparations with essential oils support blood circulation and improve cell metabolism. Toxins are washed out, weight loss is supported, body is built and cellulite is alleviated. – massage of problematic body parts with massaging oil containing cinnamon and ginger – cinnamon and ginger wrap – complexion treatment with calming preparation 32 Eur / 60 min.


An experience most suitable for women. Rose oil belongs to the rarest, acts against anxiety and depression, harmonises emotions and hearth activity. – saline rose whirlpool – massage with rose oil – rose oil wrap – face massage with rose oil (can be excluded) 47 Eur / 90 min. 54 Eur / 120 min.

Cedar and sandal – for males

Healing effects of rare trees strengthens will and resistance against external stresses, calms down, fights insomnia, tension and depression. – whirlpool with sea salt addition – massage with cedar and sandal oil 39 Eur / 90 min.

Baths The baths heal body and soul, alleviate joint and spine pain, detoxify, relieve stress, relax. The forces of natural components naturally wash off all bad substances and you feel like newly born. Due to the time demand of the preparation the baths are only provided on the basis of advance booking.

Dead Sea Salts

Positive effects of these salts have been known for centuries. They help against chronic back pain and pain of the mobile apparatus, muscle fatigue and rheumatism. They especially positively affect healing of skin diseases. 13 Eur / 20 min. bath + 10 min. relaxation


One of the most effective methods of treatment with essential fragrances. Saline baths with essential oils provide nutrients, wash off toxins, relax the body, smoothen the skin and accelerate wound healing. 13 Eur / 20 min. bath + 10 min. relaxation


The bath combines the positive effect of hot water and substances beneficial for health contained in peat. The treatment alleviates back, joint and muscle pains, fights insomnia and releases tensions. 13 Eur / 20 min. bath + 10 min. relaxation

Honey and milk

Beautifying bath with a positive effect on the skin. – making the skin velvet smooth 13 Eur / 20 min. bath + 10 min. relaxation

Face and beauty For face treatment we use exclusively first-class natural products with unique regeneration effects.

Face massage

Face, neck and décolletage massage is pleasant and removes both superficial and deep wrinkles. – complexion cleansing – massage of the face and décolletage with rose, lavender, jasmine or neutral oil – treatment with hydrating cream 17 Eur / 30 min.


For dry, sensitive, stressed, dehydrated and normal complexion. – complexion cleansing – coffee peeling – face massage with white chocolate balm – chocolate mask – treatment with hydrating cream 27 Eur / 55 min.

Sea algae

For mature, ageing, slack, problematic and mixed complexion. – complexion cleansing – peeling with sea algae – facial massage with sea algae oil and argania – mask of sea algae – treatment with hydrating cream 27 Eur / 55 min.


For fatty, acne covered, problematic and mixed complexion. – complexion cleansing – lime peeling – face massage with oil of fruits of açaí palm – mask of açaí and wine – treatment and hydrating cream 27 Eur / 55 min.

Our exclusive therapies We provide less known and super-standard therapies to order not usually offered by standard wellness centres.

Peat wrap

One of the recognised forms of heat therapy. Peat releases muscle contractions, detoxifies, regenerates and stabilises the nerve system. 11 Eur / 30 min.

Aroma steam

A classical balneological procedure based on pleasant effects of a micro climate, enriched with essential oils. The fine steam settles on the skin, and the active substances are naturally absorbed by the organism. For perfect relaxation, stress relief, alleviation of the feeling of fatigue and overwork, relaxation of muscle strain and elimination of headaches. 14 Eur / 25 min.

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic field affects tissues on the cell level, which may reduce or completely remove not only pain but also the very causes of certain health problems. Anti-inflammatory effects and acceleration of healing have been proved. 9 Eur / 30 min.

Cryo sauna

Cryo therapy uses positive effects of heat shock. The therapeutic effect is based on rapid cooling of the organism leading to intense blood circulation in the internal body organs and the mobile apparatus. Regular visits to a cryo sauna thus improve function of the muscles, the blood circulation system etc. Among other things the therapy acts against swells and inflammations of extremities and alleviates chronic pain. 11 Eur / visit

Permanent ticket: 47 Eur / 5 visits

Maxi permanent ticket: 90 Eur / 10 visits

Cryo therapy recommendation: For active athletes – adaptation to increased stress, improvement of physical fitness and resistance. For persons with civilisation diseases – painful spine syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome, immunity system weakening, depression, cellulite, obesity.

As supportive treatment of the following diagnoses (following consultation with your attending physician) – acute and chronic inflammations of joints and spine (also suitable for recovery after surgeries), degenerative joint disorders, osteoporosis, gout, inflammations of soft tissues and skin, painful contractions of skeletal muscles, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic and post-operative hematomas and swells, autoimmune diseases and immunity disorders, multiple sclerosis, neurodermitis, eczema, psoriasis with joint and skin symptoms, migraine, chronic respiratory diseases, asthma, hay fever, conditions after cosmetic and plastic surgeries for improved healing of scars, problems of menopause…

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