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He never watches horror/sci-fi,why tonight?

great films, great company, great vibes

Films showing at Twenty-Five and St John the Evangelist Church and church hall, Auckland Road SE19 2RX

Saturday 26th October

Festival Launch

Crystal Palace International Film Festival 26th October - 9th November 2013

CPIFF is back and better than ever. We have a fabulous line up again this year and hope you can join us. If you’ve been before you’ll know the incredibly high quality of the films and the uniqueness - we hardly ever see this format on TV! If you’ve not been yet, do come and share the experience.


We have a number of Q&As with film makers to make the nights even more interesting, keep an eye on our website for updates as more confirm. All nights at Twenty-Five are free, St John the Evangelist Church (Auckland Road SE19 2RX) nights require booking online.

Short Film 1 with Yak & Yeti Banquet Buffet Book online at £17.00/ticket Venue: St John the Evangelist Church

Venue: St John the Evangelist Church, Fancy dress optional.

Sunday 27th October

Sunday 3rd November

Drama Documentary + 2 short docs


A Terrible Beauty, Simply Rob, A Good Wife

Venue: Twenty-Five

Monday 28th October


Feature Film + 1 Short Agnus Dei, Gingerbread Venue: Twenty-Five

Tuesday 29th October Student Film



Feature Film + 2 Shorts

City Slacker, Sunny Boy and Concrete Sleep Venue: Twenty-Five

Thursday 31st October

Keep an eye on our website for any updates and Q&As


Fabulous short films from all over the world Venue: Twenty-Five

Monday 4th November International Film


Thursday 7 November


Animation and Music Video Featuring Bafta Winner ‘Longbird’ £5.00/ticket. Bar and food available. Venue: St John the Evangelist Church

Awesome short films from all over the world Venue: Twenty-Five

Wednesday 30th October

Short Film:

Great short films from all over the world Venue: Twenty-Five


Feature Film + 1 Short film Enjoy!


Horror-Sci-Fi 7.30pm Includes nibbles, bar snacks and dips Book online at £10.00/ticket


As the nights get colder what better way to spend the evening than watching an eclectic mix of superb films from literally all over the world with some lovely food and drink.

Saturday 2nd November

The Last Light, Driftwood £2 entry book online or pay on door Bar and food available. Venue: St John the Evangelist Church Hall

Saturday 9 November


Comedy and CPIFF Awards presented by Mark Steel plus musical act TBC, Bart Layton director of the documentary The Imposter will also be there on the night. Book online at cpiff. £18/ticket, price includes Gourmet canapés Bar available. Venue: St John the Evangelist Church


Sat 26 OCTOBER Launch Night Short Film At: St John’s Church 7.45pm

£17 entry includes Yak and Yeti banquet buffet - see website


Directed By Roque Madrid A young photographer suffering from short-term memory loss travels to Paris for a photo shot with a famous actor. Here he spends an evening he’ll never forget. UK Premiere RT: 20mins Spain, France

Body & Soul

Lascia ch’io pianga from The Answer To Everything

Directed By Rupert Jones Streetwise Opera’s 10th anniversary production is an opera film starring a cast of 120 homeless people from Streetwise’s 11 groups around the UK. Taking as its starting point the format of a fictional conference, The Answer to Everything follows the progress of an ill-conceived ‘re-homing’ scheme where the delegates begin to connect to what really matters: fellow humans and the world around them. RT: 6min UK

A Tibetan Marriage

Directed by Lu Liu Gongbu spent a couple of years in the city and changed his mind about the idea of a Tibetan Polyandrous Marriage. He doesn’t want to share the wife with his younger brother anymore. Will he be able to achieve what he wants? European Premiere RT: 18mins USA


Directed by Norm Fassbender Hortense, a paper doll woman, wants to leave the Brute she loves and fly into the unknown with her Butterfly Man. World Premiere

Directed by Suzy Markovski Celebrations get out of hand and a roller-coaster of events unfold when a group of friends must decide what to do with a dead body.

RT: 4mins Canada

RT: 14mins Australia



Directed by Jennifer Sheridan & Matthew Markham A lovely but slightly surreal story of a lonesome fisherman. During his daily fishing trip he hooks something unexpected and proves there’s more than just fish in the ocean. World Premiere RT: 3mins UK


Directed by Karim Ouaret Terry is a psychologically disturbed predator whose sinister playground is a laundrette.Terry thinks he is the hero of a comic gangster that is reading Terry Lawrence, Gentleman Gangster. That is when his memory begins playing tricks on him. Terry is a victim of an unknown phenomena that literature considers as a Lapsus Memoriae a slip of memory. UK Premiere RT: 30mins France

Sun 27 October Drama documentary At: Twenty-Five 7.45pm

A Terrible Beauty

Directed by Keith Farrell This drama documentary tells the story of the Irish and British men and women of the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916, who were caught up in a conflict many did not understand, and of the innocent men and boys executed because of what transpired in The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. The British soldiers were the last of the Great War volunteers, who joined up together to fight the Germans. They knew that there was a strong chance they would die in France, but to die in Dublin would never have crossed their minds. The Irish Volunteers were weekend warriors many of whom had no idea they were about to take part in large scale battles on the streets of Dublin. Q&A RT: 93mins Ireland

Simply Rob

Directed by Tom Shrapnel This brilliant award winning short documentary is a portrait of New York based poet and activist Rob Vassilarakis. This film follows Rob as he tells his turbulent life story through his incredible poetry. RT: 15min UK Domali will be offering a 10% discount on non deal food and drink to programme holders for the duration of the festival ENJOY!

A Good Wife

Directed by Linda Brieda, A Good Wife is a short documentary that explores a hidden corner of rural India on the Sundarban islands where women share their struggles against a conservative, patriarchal society. European Premiere RT: 16mins USA

A Terrible Beauty 2

defects, returning home with his new love. His mother reveals something which Peter finds impossible to deal with. RT: 111mins Kosovo

Gingerbread House

Mon 28 October

At: Twenty-Five 7.45pm

Agnus Dei

Directed by Agim Sopi Based on a true story set during the war in Kosovo. Peter is forced to join the war effort. During action he meets a woman who changes his life and


Directed by Mathieu Charest In the midst of the Christmas shopping rush, Alice sees the mall as a thing of beauty, an adventure. Her mother sees schedules and errands. As they go deeper into the mall they diverge, Alice makes friends with a woman and is delighted to finally receive the attention she has been seeking all day. World Premiere RT: 6mins Canada

Tue 29 October Student Film

At Twenty-Five 7.45pm

Blind Mice

Directed by Walter Lawry In the small Auckland drug scene, a young woman finds her life complicated by an unwanted pregnancy. By oscillating between two drug dealers she looks for a male figure support her. RT: 15mins New Zealand

The Painter

Directed by Nate Townsend Obsessed by events that changed his life decades ago, an amateur artist returns to the farm where it all began for closure. RT: 10mins USA


Directed by Maria Eriksson Agnes is not satisfied with her life. She wants a change, but her relationship with her single parent father and dominant girlfriend stop her doing something about it. When the father introduces his new wife, Annalyn, everything changes. RT: 30mins Sweden

Ugly Night

Directed by Won Kang Forced to steal food for Kyungho, Dongchul receives a bigger job today. RT: 22mins South Korea

Never Gonna Break

Directed by Various A group of young people board the Spirit of Fairbridge to crew for the week. It soon becomes clear to one of the crew that they are not alone.

Directed by Thomas Backer Attempting to avenge his dog’s murder, an ailing Vietnam Veteran living in rural Oregon struggles to distinguish between reality and debilitating hallucinations.

RT: 10mins UK

RT 14mins USA


Wed 30 October

At: Twenty-Five 7.45pm

Concrete Sleep

Directed by Alex Mannion-Jones These are the themes poetically and visually explored through the insights of strangers. Informed experiences of the city and an ethos of experimentation. RT: 11mins UK

Sunny Boy

Directed by Jane Gull Danny has a rare skin condition that prevents him from being in the sun which conflicts with his desire to be a regular teenager. RT 11mins UK


cont... City Slacker

Directed by James Larkin High-flyer city executive Amanda has her life turned upside-down when she discovers the eggs she froze in her youthful prime have been destroyed. With her fertility plummeting and a workaholic partner who hates kids, she’s forced to search for a slacker, happy to have a child and stay at home so she can continue her career. She meets Dan. He’s absolutely perfect, or is he?

City Slacker


Saving Cain

RT: 11mins UK

World Premiere RT: 14mins UK

Thurs 31 October

Directed by James Webber Sam is a fifteen-year-old swimming prodigy. His life is split into two very different worlds: a poignant antithesis between talent and achievement and the torment of home and social life.

The Last Light

Sat 2 November Horror/Sci-Fi

RT: 90mins UK

At: St John’s Church Hall 7.45pm

Directed by Andrew Hyatt Seven strangers find themselves trapped inside an abandoned hospital after an unexplainable apocalyptic event. In addition to being haunted by what they’ve lost, the strangers must also fight off mysterious creatures that hunt them down one by one. UK Premiere RT: 93mins USA

Directed by Ogodinife Okpue Cain’s once bright future is now uncertain as he thinks he is now being controlled by his late twin’s ghost. A meeing with a top paranormal psychiatrist changes their lives forever

At: St John’s Church 7.45pm

£10 entry includes nibbles, bar snacks and dips

The Side Effects of Barry

Directed by Amy French A pharmaceutical promises a boyfriend in a pill, but there are side effects. European Premiere RT: 5mins USA

Behind The Bush

Directed by Yoann Luis Humiliation and violence punctuate the life of this broken man. Silence is his refuge, the perversion his outlet. RT: 12mins France


Directed by Ralf Schmerberg Two friends discover a corpse floating in the river wearing a beautiful golden dress, but who gets to wear it? RT: 16mins Germany 5


Cont... Cough


Directed by Louis Paxton Lilly has been seeing Henry, she suspects tonight he will declare his love. But Henry has a far more unsettling confession.

Directed by Jason Kempnich Food shortages during a global pandemic force George to stray far from home. A simple purchase turns dangerous when he stumbles upon a shopkeeper’s secret.

RT: 15mins UK

RT: 11mins Australia


Directed by Ryan Dean Trevor is uncomfortable about the craze of ‘thumbing’ a new technology containing genetic compatibility. He soon discovers it may be the only way to talk to the girl of his dreams. RT: 5mins UK


Directed by Andre Tulloch Calvin Stewart, a determined scientist, discovers a way to duplicate matter and is left staring straight at his duplicate self. Against the clock, they work together to solve Cal’s predicament - but can they trust one another?


Directed by Pierre-Gil Lecouvey Octave and Melody decide to get locked in the library over night. But you must be quiet at all times!

Sun 3 November Short Film

At Twenty-Five 7.45pm

This Is Vanity

Directed by Oliver Goodrum This is a harrowing tale of a mother struggling to protect her disabled daughter from the continual attacks of local adolescents. Frustrated by the authorities, she turns to a far greater power. RT: 23mins UK

UK Premiere RT: 14mins France

The End

Directed by Kawita Sareen A disturbing short film.

Directed by Ted Evans A film spanning a generaration, 40 years into the future. A cure for deafness causes fractions and is not weclomed by all... Q&A

RT: 4mins UK

RT: 24 mins UK

22mins UK, USA

Romantic Hideaway


Flower Seller

Directed by Ihab Jadallah A ower seller in Palestine leads a double life working for two opposing terrorist factions. Q&A RT: 18 mins Palestine

POSTALES DESDE LA LUNA (Postcards from the Moon)

Directed by Juan Francisco Viruega Two brothers begin a trip hoping to ďŹ nd the happy place of their childhood. However, the dry landscape they meet brings ghosts from the past... UK Premiere RT: 18mins Spain

The Undream

Directed by Alexander Thomas By day Tom (Welsh BAFTA Winner Jonny Owen) is quiet and socially awkward. By night, he walks aimlessly around the deserted town, his insomnia is affecting him and he is starting to lose his grip on reality. RT: 18mins UK


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Mon 4 November International

At: Twenty-Five 7.45pm

God’s Amnesia

Directed by Christos Christodoulou A woman looks for her child in a cold, nightmarish hospital, a repetitive, delirious state of anguish and despair ensues. RT: 16mins Cyprus

La Paura Più Grande, (The Biggest Fear)

Directed by Nicola Di Vico After his daughter is raped a man in paranoia suspects everyone! UK Premiere RT: 10mins Italy

The Firebird

Directed by Antonis Tsonis Omid is forced to flee his country due to unrest and his father’s revolutionary poetry. To avoid deportation, Omid trusts in the wisdom of great poets and his father’s words. RT: 25mins Australia

Sum-Ba-Kok-Jil (Hide and Seek)

Directed by Hanuk Lee A young girl is playing hide-and-seek with a doll,but is she under the spell of a paedophile? Her father searches for her and the suspect but who is who. RT: 49mins South Korea


Thurs 7 November Animation At: St John’s Church 7.45pm

£5 entry, bar available, see website for food options

London Sketchbook

Directed by Nathan Brenville A personal look at London. RT: UK

Directed by Donatella Altieri Giovanni, frustrated and locked in his grief, returns to the place of his childhood, where he lost his father.

Directed by Ben Genislaw & Yonni Aroussi Journey to the future of a young couple moving in together.

RT: 18mins Italy

RT: 6mins Israel

Happily Ever After

Look Up


Dance of books

Directed by Lorena Fernandez Books are alive! RT 4 mins

Tired of Swimming Directed by Anna Eijsbouts A tale of grief. RT: 5mins Sweden

The Thing Under the Tree

Directed by Lily Fang Two kids have wild imaginations. RT: 6 mins UK

The Lion

Directed by Peter Baynton A true story (except the lion bit and the cardboard). RT: 3mins UK

The Rose of Turaida

Directed by Ryan Grobins Based on a true story set in 17th century Latvia, RT: 6mins Australia

The Wend

Directed by Daniel Farah A man gets trapped by the moon. RT: 4mins Mexico

Danny Bird & Roni Size

Directed by Chad Strawderman The dangers of texting.

Directed by Nezih Savaskan Music video with familiar faces.

European Premiere RT: 1min USA

World Premiere RT: 4mins UK

Preti (Priests)

Directed by Astutillo Smeriglia The hilarious growth of a friendship between two catholic priests. RT: 21mins Italy

Christmas Day

How Winnie Got Her False Teeth

Directed by Richard O’Connor A couple have a typical Christmas. Music by The Handsome Family. RT: 4mins USA

Directed by Nat Urwin A true account from WW2. European Premiere RT: 2mins UK

The Library Jonah

Directed by Kibwe Tavares Amazing CGI and live action from the makers of last year’s Sundance winner ‘Robots of Brixton’ RT17 mins UK

Directed by Leo Crane Annie and a man at the library have carnal urges. RT: 4mins UK

The Clown by Beecake Directed by Michael exploring the pitfalls of materialism.


Directed by Will Anderson Bafta Winner The making of the original Longbird RT 15 mins UK

RT: 4mins UK


9 November CPIFF Finale Comedy & Awards Night £18 Entry, includes gourmet canapes

Titanic Love – The Short Story

Directed by Mark Pressdee Lucy, a Titanic obsessive wants go on a reenactment but her man, Jack, can’t afford it. His best friend Delroy devises a cheap alternative... uh oh! RT: 22mins UK


Directed by Will Herbert A young man tries to return his girlfriends belongings, with a friend’s help.

The Hapless Love Live of Jesus Grey Directed by Simon Connolly Jesus Grey is a lucky man leading a charmed life of an almost biblical nature. But for all his luck he is an unhappy soul with a cursed love life. RT: 30mins UK

David’s Fine

Directed by Matt Holt A short documentary about a man with a very rare condition, and how it affects his family. RT: 9mins UK


RT: 7mins UK

Division Azul

Directed by Sergi Marti Two soldiers try to escape their parachute straps caught in a tree. UK Premiere RT: 13mins Spain

A Little Bit Country

Directed by Amy Coop Remember that sinking feeling when your parents find your lad’s mags? RT: 7mins UK

Firemen Sketch

Two Firemen chew the fat. RT: 9mins UK

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Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2013 programme  
Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2013 programme  

The fabulous event that is CPIFF has its 2013 programme ready, take a look at this year's selection of great film screenings and events.