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60 Mins Show dates: 9-13 October 2011, Dubai World Trade Centre

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“We also see a big opportunity for cloud in the SMB sector, by offering a one-stop shop for those companies not wanting to invest in infrastructure or application support. There are also ways in which we can partner with other players and offer their services on a localised platform. Importantly, we can offer economies of scale to customers like to work with a single partner. Remember too that the cloud is a natural extension of hosting - one of our core businesses - and it will also serve as the base for other managed services such as videoconferencing and security.” Abdulla Hashim, Senior Vice President, ICT, Etisalat



| AT GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK | Exhibition hours: 10am - 5pm

Polycom to drive global HD standards

Polycom has a new software strategy to bring secure HD video collaboration to the broadest range of business, video, mobile, and social networking applications through standards-based infrastructure delivered on-premises, hosted, or with service providers from the ‘video cloud’. It believes this strategy will redefine the UCmarket, accelerate the adoption of Polycom software (from infrastructure to the edge) and establish Polycom as the default choice of customers and partners for open UC and HD video collaboration solutions that work together seamlessly across any application, protocol, call control system or end point. The software strategy is a key component of Polycom’s growth strategy with the objective of growing revenue from the company’s current run rate of approximately $1.5 billion to $3 billion in the next few years. Fundamental to Polycom’s strategy is a commitment to open standardsbased interoperability across all of the elements in a communications environment, including multiple solutions, vendors, networks, and connection protocols. This gives customers the freedom to


Virtual collaboration has arrived

Andy Miller, president and CEO, Polycom.

choose best-of-breed solutions for instant messaging, presence, call control, Web conferencing, video collaboration, mobile, and social video, from any of hundreds of different vendors, with assurance that the solutions will seamlessly interoperate within normal business workflows, be backward-compatible with legacy investments and forwardcompatible with new, emerging systems, be protocol-agnostic and able to traverse signaling and media

Putting realism into your network Motorola Solutions debuts enterprise tablet


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Polycom to drive global HD standards protocols such as H.263, H.264, H.264 High Profile, SIP, SVC, VP8, TIP from Cisco, and RTV from Microsoft and deliver the essential system scalaebility, reliability, security, and lifelike visual quality that define HD video collaboration experiences. “Polycom is known for the innovative solutions that have been powering business communications for nearly 20 years and our software is at the core of enabling a highly differentiated customer experience,” said Andy Miller, president and CEO, Polycom. “Moving forward, Polycom software will be increasingly present in desktop, mobile, and social networking platforms as Polycom captures the fast-growing demand for HD video collaboration that is open, secure, and integrated into each customer’s work and social environment. From the cloud infrastructure, to group environments, to the fixed and mobile edge, customers who choose Polycom will have peace of mind knowing

that Polycom’s software solutions are a living investment that adapts as needs change without requiring them to rip and replace entire UC structures. By putting the ‘unified’ in unified communications, Polycom offers customers open, best-inclass UC solutions that dramatically change the way they work, communicate, and collaborate.”

“Polycom software will be increasingly present in desktop, mobile, and social networking platforms as Polycom captures the fastgrowing demand for HD video collaboration that is open, secure, and integrated into each customer’s work and social environment.”

PHOTO ROUND-UP Numerous launches at displays at the Dubai eGovernment stand.

iPhone and Blackberry applets for using Dewa on-line.

The DEWA stall with a focus on improving access to its services.

DEWA will draw a lucky winner from those who pay their bills online between July and December 2011. The prize: a battery operated sedan.

The retinal scanning interface being used by Dubai Police and immigration authorities.

Security access to Dubai Municipality digital land deeds is through the Emirates ID card.

The authorised signature for approval is added digitally to the land deeds.

One day. 314 incidents.

314 right decisions.

When you’re responsible for the safety and security of an urban public transport system involving hundreds of stations, the amount of incidents you face each day is staggering. That’s why we’ve made sure our network video solutions can handle it all with smart tools to help

you minimize vandalism and service disruptions and attract more passengers. So you can make the right decision. For every incident. Get the Axis picture. Stay one step ahead. Visit

Axis offers dedicated surveillance solutions for all transportation environments • Vibration-resistant onboard cameras and recorders • Vandal-resistant indoor and outdoor cameras • Thermal and lowlight cameras for effective night surveillance

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“We are promoting ESET version 5 during GITEX. It comes with lot of new features like parental control, improved removable media scanning, cloud powered scanning, etc. It also comes with advanced HIPS functionality and gamer mode for advanced users. Our partners FDC International, ASBIS and Empa Middle East are also participating in GITEX. We have seen double digit growth figures for ESET in the SMB and enterprise segment in the Middle East. We have also signed up with new regional distributors to expand the reach for ESET products in the Middle East market.”

Virtual collaboration has arrived

At InfoComm MEA, visitors can experience video-conferencing that is probably better than a face-to-face meeting. Marketing Manager Rohit Lohia explains, “The Arrive FacePoint product range fulfils a major gap in

Motorola Solutions debuts enterprise tablet

Neo Neophytou, Managing Director, ESET Middle East. Motorola Solutions has unveiled the ET1 tablet, said to be the first in an emerging category of enterpriseclass tablet computers designed for a variety of vertical markets. The ET1 brings the familiarity and popularity of a consumer-class user experience to a true enterpriseclass device that includes enhanced durability, an optional barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, hot-swappable battery packs, and secure system software. Key industrial-strength accessories such



the existing marketplace by offering cost effective and flexible telepresence collaboration and expanded functionality as a single package. Just add telepresence capable codecs and you are good to go with standardised

as secure multi-slot recharging stations are also available. Intended for demanding day-long use, the Wi-Fienabled ET1 is password-protected so it can be easily shared and instantly provisioned for each employee according to his or her level of responsibility and access rights. Based on log-in information, managers can automatically control and monitor use of approved applications to help ensure on-thejob productivity is not compromised. Running an enterprise-ready hardened version of the Android operating system, the ET1 tablet is designed to be used 24 x 7 by multiple staff members. Supported by Motorola’s portfolio of enterprisegrade software modules including

telepresence suites within your organisation which look, work and operate the same way irrespective of the underlying communication technology. You are not locked to one codec vendor and can use legacy and disparate systems across the globe depending on the availability of technology and service in different geographies.” This allows the Arrive FacePoint Collaboration suite to be installed and ready for use within 48 hours. The “open systems” approach allow Arrive FacePoint Telepresence Experience to be enabled using most leading telepresence capable High Definition codecs from Cisco-Tandberg, Polycom, Lifesize and many more. The products have been designed to ensure that lighting, acoustics, cameras, microphones, speakers, furniture and user positioning are all set at optimum levels for high definition telepresence collaboration. The combination of the room design ensures a lifelike collaboration experience.

RhoElements, a new HTML5 application enablement framework, the company says businesses can now quickly and cost-effectively develop enterprise applications once and deploy them on both traditional Windows Embedded Handheld and Android-based Motorola devices, allowing for consistent user experiences. The ET1 incorporates a durable Gorilla Glass 7-inch colour display, designed for customer-facing applications containing video and images. In addition, the screen bezel can be customized to match the retailer’s brand. Motorola Solutions’ ET1 tablet will be available in the fourth quarter of 2011.

“As a mobile computing leader with expertise in retail, Motorola Solutions’ introduction of the ET1 tablet is a natural extension to our product portfolio.” Girish Rishi, Corporate VP and GM of Mobile Computing, Motorola Solutions.

Paramount – The regional leader in Information Security Suite 102, Building No 1, Dubai Internet City P.O Box 25703,Dubai, UAE Tel: 971-4-3918600 Email:



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“The wireless market in the Middle East is growing rapidly year on year as more and more people opt for smartphones and tablets. This is one of the driving forces behind the growing demand for more and more reliable and scaleable Wi-Fi access across the region. GITEX is the perfect opportunity for Ruckus to reach new partners and customers in the Middle East and showcase our products. Regionally we have seen an increased demand for Wi-Fi services from mobile operators, hotels, enterprise and Government customers. GITEX gives us the chance to meet new and old partners plus end users all in one place. This is the third year Ruckus will be attending GITEX.”

Putting realism into your network Video-based collaboration is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to declining bandwidth costs and vendors sorting out all the technology constraints . Business video is expanding, both from dedicated meeting rooms out to small client devices and from large enterprises down to small businesses. It is somewhat of an inconvenient truth that the global financial crisis has been a bit of a boon to the telepresence and video conferencing industry. Faced with the indelible need to cut costs and increase productivity, enterprise began to explore alternate methods of collaboration that don’t involve getting in a car or

“In today’s harsh economic environment, as companies face the challenge of reducing costs, increasing productivity, eliminating waste and maximising resources, HD video conferencing is providing a highly effective solution.” Daniel Weisbeck, Vice President, Marketing EMEA, Polycom.

Graham Owen, Middle East Regional Sales Director, Ruckus Wireless

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on a plane. It was a key part of the business case for investing in highdefinition (HD) video conferencing systems that enable you to see the nuances of facial expressions, hand gestures and presentations, full-size, clear and uninterrupted. There are clear signs that video traffic in the enterprise is growing as the new breed of video conferencing technology makes it possible for companies to go for high level solutions without the high level investment. Large organisations prefer to go for high quality systems as such as telepresence, which is perhaps the pinnacle of virtual meeting technology but requires significant investment. It has, however, helped bring video conferencing technology into the parlance of enterprise. There are a couple of factors driving the adoption of HD video conferencing. “In today’s harsh economic environment, as companies face the challenge of reducing costs, increasing productivity, eliminating waste and maximising resources, HD video conferencing is providing a highly effective solution. Many companies rely on teams in different geographical locations, remote experts and instant access to data to make decisions. HD video and HD voice delivers life-like experiences which allows teams to collaborate more easily and make quick and accurate decisions from virtually any remote location,” says Daniel Weisbeck, Vice President, Marketing EMEA, Polycom. Hidenori Taguchi, Head of B2B Marketing, Sony Professional Solutions MEA, says business deals today can be conducted using video conferencing technologies and HD adds to the effectiveness and intimacy of communicating across geographical distances. “There are numerous other benefits to HD video conferencing, including reduction in the cost of doing business across borders, increasing productivity and maximising working time, cutting down on

“Bandwidth availability has significantly improved over the past years, and bandwidth cost continues to decrease. This has allowed companies to have a relatively low cost of operation for the network, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership.” Munzer Aloush, TelePresence & Video Area Sales Manager, Cisco.

carbon footprints as well as delivering a better work-life balance for employees with less time spent on the road.” Return on investment is another key driver for implementation, says Pradeep Angeveetil, Regional Manager, LifeSize Communications. “Gone are the days when deployment of video conferencing was meant for the Fortune 100 companies. Today, people have

realised the need to achieve business objectives the most efficient way with minimal costs. Some of our customers in places like Saudi Arabia actually face an issue in getting air tickets for a relatively short Riyadh -Dammam flight. The fact that HD almost replicates a face to face experience at attractive price points from us makes it a tool that you today cannot do without,” he says. The challenge for HD adoption in the region, though, is bandwidth. One solution is for companies to consider when they plan their IP networks infrastructure is that video applications can run on IP. “Bandwidth availability has significantly improved over the past years, and bandwidth cost continues to decrease. This has allowed companies to have a relatively low cost of operation for the network, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership. The savings in travel cost and the improvement in productivity that comes with using HD video greatly justifies any additional investment in bandwidth,” says Munzer Aloush, TelePresence & Video Area Sales Manager, Cisco.

Weisbeck agrees that bandwidth has been a concern, especially in small and medium size enterprises. He says Polycom uses coding and compression technology that delivers quality video experiences while consuming up to 50 percent less network bandwidth than similar products. Taguchi from Sony says bandwidth requirement for a good HD quality video conference system is from 2Mbps to 4Mbps, which is realistic for most connected businesses and homes today. Another obstacle is an ageold IT issue – interoperability – as vendors jockey to establish their technologies as ‘industry standard’. It may not be easy to make Cisco telepresense talk to LifeSize or Polycom. It is technically possible but you need an exchange service in the middle and that is normally provided by a service provider, who charges for it. The telepresence industry is beginning to see partnerships, such as the deal between BT and Tata Communication for an intercarrier exchange.



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