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60 Mins Show dates: 9-13 October 2011, Dubai World Trade Centre

| AT GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK | Exhibition hours: 10am - 5pm

Etisalat goes strategic


“Sophos along with Astaro is consciously working towards demonstrating our complete security solutions in the Middle East at GITEX. On the network security side, were demonstrating the Unified Threat management (UTM) solutions by recently acquired Astaro, as well as our innovative RED solution which simply and cost-effectively secures branch offices. Given the phenomenal growth patterns in mobile device usage in the region, we are also focusing on Sophos’s mobile security solution as well as our endpoint, data protection, gateway, e-mail and Web solutions.” Dr Kamel Heus, Managing Director, MEA




Secureway eyes accelerated growth


Abdul Aziz Taryam, General Manager, Etisalat (Northern Emirates) and Walid Al Hashimi, CEO, Sharjah Holding. During the GITEX Gulfcomms exhibition, Etisalat has signed a strategic agreement with Sharjah Holding, the community focused real estate developer and strategic partnership between the Government of Sharjah and Majid Al Futtaim Properties. The agreement was signed by Abdul Aziz Taryam, General Manager, Etisalat (Northern Emirates) and Walid Al Hashimi, CEO, Sharjah Holding. Etisalat will implement the infrastructure for Sharjah Holding, providing ICT and smart solutions for its future projects according to international best practices

and their specific business requirements. Commenting on this occasion, Abdul Aziz Taryam said: “The UAE has witnessed significant developments in the provision of e-services, and Etisalat’s strategy is to provide the latest global technologies in line with the government’s vision to consistently enhance these services. We are proud of this partnership which contributes to supporting initiatives which aim to enhance customer service levels and provide them with additional convenience. We will

Q&A with Diane El Hachem, Marketing Manager, Seagate MEA, Turkey and Greece

Modern Data Protection Strategy essential for Middle East Companies


Adding value to your business Visit us at Gitex: Zabeel Hall ZL-C5 and Z-C10

Our partners:

my InfoComm “We are exhibiting a selection of our latest solutions dedicated to multi-format mixing and matrix switching. Eikos, a multi-award winning Mixer Seamless Switcher with advanced matrix switching and quadravision capabilities, will be demonstrated. We will also display Smart MatriX, a powerful 12x2 Scaled Seamless MatriX, and Axion2, a powerful Event Controller. We’ve been participating to InfoComm in the US for years and we’ve been doing Integrated Systems Europe from the beginning. We are excited to take part in the first edition of InfoComm Middle East & Africa. The region is very dynamic and there was a real need for an InfoComm there. We are confident that this first edition will be a success.” Demetrio Faroldi, Area Sales Manager, Analog Way

Secureway eyes accelerated growth Secureway Network Distributors, the specialist Value Added Distributor in IT security, optimisation and virtualisation, is promoting its extensive range of IT security solutions - best-ofbreed products from Fortinet, F5, Infoblox, LogLogic, Lumension , Sophos, Sourcefire and Vasco. “Our strong presence in the Middle East lies in the basket of leading global brands that we offer to resellers and end users in the region. At GITEX we are confident that our interaction with industry visitors will help with showcasing our worldclass resources and making deeper in-roads into the market requirements and trends.” said Zafar Shabdiz, Managing Director, Secureway Network Distributors. “As a Value Added Distributor we need to be one step ahead, constantly seeking

ways to establish new emerging technologies and work on routes to market. GITEX provides the platform for us and our vendors to demonstrate some of our vendor partners’ latest technologies which are becoming an integral part of the overall growth plans for these companies in the Middle East.” he added. Senior management and product specialists have joined vendor partners and technical experts to provide demonstrations of new products to both existing and new clients.


Etisalat... work closely with Sharjah Holding to conduct a comprehensive study on their current and future business goals and requirements, in order to present suitable solutions. We will also form a joint work team whose core focus will be to implement the items of this agreement and achieve its objectives.” Walid Al Hashimi, CEO, Sharjah Holding said: “We are delighted to initiate this strategic partnership with Etisalat and look forward to working closely with them to ensure that our developments have the very best telecommunications infrastructure in place from day one. We are committed to delivering the very best in community living and services across our mixed use and retail developments in Sharjah - Etisalat’s e-services are one of the key amenities expected in any modern community and we are delighted that we will be able to provide them for our customers.”



Buffalo Technology launches CloudStation Cloudstation is a simple and secure cloud server solution designed for the consumer. It allows access to data from anywhere in the world with a Smartphone, Tablet or computer. Each Cloudstation is a personal storage solution. It’s a portal to freely access and share photos, videos, music and with anyone through the cloud. It only akes about 60 seconds to set up and does not need any software installation. Buffalo’s new MiniStation Extreme’s internal hard drive is encased in a highly shock-resistant body with rubberized elements to protect it from accidental bumps. The ingenious arrangement of shock protection features meets the US Military Standard and has passed free-fall drop tests with drops up to 2.3 meters. Also a combination of USB 3.0 & TurboPC EX makes file transfers extremely fast - 1,000 digital photos can be transferred within 10 seconds! MiniStation Extreme is a perfect solution for those who often travel with PCs and portable HDDs. Buffalo is also introducing its TeraStation Pro 8, an eight-drive high performance network storage solution ideal for businesses and demanding users looking to implement a RAID based network storage solution for larger networks and business critical applications.

With thoughts of Steve Jobs. “Think different” P4



Vendor Focus

Diane El Hachem, Marketing Manager, Seagate MEA, Turkey and Greece What is your primary objective of participating in GITEX 2011? Seagate Technology, the Middle East Retail Storage Vendor of the Year 2011, is showcasing its award winning range of external storage solutions for home and small business at GITEX Shopper, with the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage and the 4TB GoFlex Desk external hard drive the world’s highest capacity hard drive, taking centre stage. Other industry leading storage solutions on show at Seagate’s stand include: * GoFlex Slim, the world’s slimmest portable external hard drive that’s perfect for pairing with netbooks, notebooks and other portable devices. * The 1.5TB GoFlex ultraportable drive with its huge capacity in a small design that makes it easy to store, backup, encrypt and access files anytime, anywhere. * GoFlex Home network storage system, which enables automatic, continuous backups for multiple home computers as well as wireless streaming of videos, music and photos. * Momentus XT solid state/hard disk hybrid drive – the world’s first – which combines SSD-like


Are any of your partners participating? We will be supporting our Distributors and Channel Partners, FDC Distribution, Concentration Computer Company & Microtrans in the Trade Center along with our presence with UAE top retailers exhibiting in Gitex Shopper, Sharaf DG, Jumbo, Jackys, Compume, Emax, Plug Ins and E4U.

“Consumers are constantly producing more and more personal and business content and require flexible solutions to allow them to store, share and access their digital content.” performance with the significant cost-per-gigabyte advantage of traditional hard drives * BlackArmor network attached storage (NAS) for small and medium businesses

Your business performance in the previous nine months. We have achieved strong sales growth over the past 12 months in the entire MEA region, with the demand for storage retail solutions growing at an exponential rate, and with the main drivers of growth being the creation of digital content, and the increase penetration of internet usage within the region. Consumers are constantly producing more and more personal and business content and require flexible solutions to allow them to store, share and access their digital content. Seagate’s wide range of retail solutions allow consumers to manage their content whichever way they want.

“Sourcefire will showcase its extensive range of security innovation and will also discuss the need for informed, adaptive and automated security solutions. Besides the new product launch that will be announced during the show, Sourcefire will be focusing on its latest Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and software technology at the event along with our Middle East distributor, Secureway Network Distributors.” Maher Jadallah, Regional Manager – MEA, Sourcefire

Paramount – The regional leader in Information Security Suite 102, Building No 1, Dubai Internet City P.O Box 25703,Dubai, UAE Tel: 971-4-3918600 Email:

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Home monitoring goes mobile




“Our primary objective of participating in GITEX 2011 is to engage our brand with the true potential of experiential marketing. Since, GTW is the gateway to one of the world’s fastest emerging and investment ready ICT markets the Middle East, to reach the maximum audience of the ICT sector including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, dealers, resellers and ICT professionals, to launch new products and services to this largest audience of ICT sector and to discover new opportunities in terms of clients, business, etc.” Mazadul Hoque, MIS Manager, TwinMOS

Modern Data Protection strategy is essential Greg White, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at CommVault Systems stresses the need to move away from conventional backup and recovery systems to a modern approach It’s no secret that today’s unprecedented data growth, data centre consolidation and server virtualisation is wreaking havoc with conventional approaches to backup and recovery. The rapidly intensifying demand for storage is putting a tight squeeze on enterprise resources as backup and recovery becomes increasingly complex; cutting into staff time and budgets whilst also slowing operations. Conventional backup and recovery approaches are no longer robust enough to meet current data and information management challenges. Modern Data Protection as a new strategy is it provides unparalleled advantages taking an innovative and holistic approach to data and information management. IT managers in the Middle East need to understand this. “The exponential growth in the volume of digital information is resulting in almost unbridled growth in demand for storage capacity,” said principal analyst Amy Larsen DeCarlo in a January 2011 Current Analysis report. “Nor is there any sign of a slowdown anytime in the

Greg White, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at CommVault Systems near future, with some industry estimates that individual storage volumes could continue to grow 90 to 100% year over year for the foreseeable future.” The key to keeping today’s data chaos under control is to reduce risk of loss, minimise operational complexity and ultimately lower the cost of data management by developing a more complete understanding of your data. In addition to the everintensifying data growth being experienced there is a pressure to

control and manage data in huge volumes which leads to burgeoning virtual server deployments, applications with enormous data requirements, heightened business demand to reduce downtime, greater regulatory and governance requirements, and emerging “infrastructure as a service” models such as cloud storage. All of these factors impact your resources and make current data management circumstances even more critical concerns. Legacy approaches to data management have fallen behind in the areas of protection and recovery of these massive volumes, or addressed them in a piecemeal fashion. Legacy, point-level approaches that stream backups directly from production environments are fast losing their effectiveness because they can’t solve the problems of massive data overload. Enormous volumes of data lead to long backup windows, which often forces manual or complex snapshot and scripting methodologies to turn into extremely complicated and timeconsuming recovery operations. Even more frustrating, legacy backup doesn’t globally address the proliferation of redundant data leading to excessive demands on network, storage and management resources. Legacy replication,

Publisher Dominic De Sousa, COO Nadeem Hood, Managing Director Richard Judd, Sales Director Rajashree R Kumar, Editorial Director Dave Reeder Senior Editors Sathya Mira Ashok, Jeevan Thankappan, Arun Shankar Circulation Manager Rajeesh M, Production Manager James Tharian, Art Director Kamil Roxas, Designers Analou Balbero, Froilan Cosgafa IV, Glenn Roxas, Digital Services Manager Tristan Troy Magma Web Developers Jerus King Bation, Erik Briones, Jefferson De Joya, Louie Alma, Jay Colina



if you can afford it, is complex, resource–intensive or tied to specific hardware. There is no granularity into the data you are protecting and no integration with the applications creating that data. In turn this limits your ability to restore and use protected data as well as it increasing the time it takes to accomplish these tasks. Finally, legacy backup solutions are often dependent on a collection of loosely integrated tools and products that require scripting and individual management consoles, which is another administrative nightmare. Employing a Modern Data Protection strategy to meet the challenges of data management in this new era means venturing beyond the models of the past and introducing a single, modern platform that integrates application intelligence with hardware snapshots, indexing, de-duplication and replication to efficiently capture, move, retain, find and recover data from any storage tier. Making it even more appealing, this powerful, innovative approach is based on a single user interface and common code base that lets you improve recovery times, reduce costs, improve operations and consolidate budget line items. The ultimate benefit: Modern Data Protection frees you to focus your critical time and resources on your organisation’s broader business goals, by simplifying the data and information management process so you can “do more with less” and ensure that you’re also poised to meet future storage demands. The process starts with application awareness - in-depth knowledge of applications and file systems to provide granularity into the data you are protecting, and to enable consistent, rapid copying of that data. Next, snapshot technology forms the core of the new data protection process. You must be able to create instant, application-aware recovery copies, even from heterogeneous hardware snapshots. And you need to be able to safeguard your critical information as you bridge the gap

“As data rapidly becomes one of the enterprise’s most valuable assets, determining how to analyse, replicate, protect, archive, search and recover it whenever necessary is quickly becoming more complicated.” from physical to virtual server environments; rapidly deploy, grow and scale virtual servers; and implement critical applications within those environments. Modern snapshot integration improves recovery time and executes upon stringent data SLAs, while dramatically reducing backup windows by offloading production resources for backup operations. Once you have snapshot copies of your data, embedded, global de-duplication eliminates redundant data to increase network efficiency and reduce storage infrastructure costs. This happens at the source and across the enterprise, without the need for rehydration during restores or off site, to maximise efficiency. Source-side deduplication can reduce up to 90% of the data moved over the network and as much as 50% of the time required to perform backups. With the right software, a single, virtual disk target can retain de-duplicated backup and archive copies for efficient retention and fast restores. Next, Modern Data Protection provides the flexibility to maintain copies of your data on different storage tiers to meet different retention and recovery needs, ensure appropriate levels of protection over time and enhance efficiency overall. It enables you to seamlessly and automatically store some snapshots near the original data for quick, granular restore; move older backups off to less costly storage tiers and preserve copies as long as you are required to keep them. Integrated replication in data

management software enables this flexibility by efficiently moving full or incremental block changes from hardware snapshot copies. It also significantly reduces the backup window while offloading server and network resources. These replicated copies can be contained in one content-aware, indexed store for both protection and archiving, which allows you to use existing or commodity disk - or even cloud storage services - to lower the total cost of ownership for retained backup and archive data, and to increase IT and business agility. Automation, role-based security and reporting are also core tenets that factor into your Modern Data Protection strategy. To reduce storage and storage management costs, for instance, almost all manual activities should be eliminated through policybased approaches and centralised administration that automates the movement of backup and a rchive data to the most cost-effective storage locations. Security is also paramount, so a modern data solution must provide not only the means with which to secure data but also the flexibility to let administrators selectively define which data different types of users are authorised to see and manipulate. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how good your backup process is if you can’t recover data quickly and efficiently. The last critical element in a Modern Data Protection solution is therefore recovery management. A centralised control that enables granular recovery of files, emails or documents from any storage tier improves recovery time and recovery point objectives. With enterprises in jeopardy of losing irreplaceable business data, and personnel and budgets already stretched, traditional backup and recovery is broken. A Modern Data Protection approach offers unrivaled advantages over legacy data management systems and ensures that your organisation is future-proofed.


“I can see an enormous business potential in this area. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers a lot of possibilities, as do Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait. And when the economy of the UAE recovers – and I believe it will – there will definitely be many opportunities for our business.” Masahiko Murata, Future General Manager, KYOCERA MITA Middle East


“The shift from capex to opex is, I think, a sign of the increasing maturity of the regional market.” Cesare Cardone, CEO Gulf Business Machines



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