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Show dates: 16-20 October 2016, Dubai World Trade Centre | AT GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK | Exhibition hours: 10am -7pm

ManageEngine enhances enterprise IT management

Sridhar Iyengar, ManageEngine

Focusing on how it can further enable enterprises manage their systems and operations, ManageEngine is showcasing its IT service management and analytics solutions at GITEX Technology Week. Sridhar Iyengar, Vice President, Product Management, ManageEngine, said, “Over the last 14 years we have developed products that are aimed at providing better ITSM solutions to enterprises. We have focused on this because we have witnessed that the help desks or service desks have increasingly

become a core function of today’s organisation especially when it comes to enhancing customer experience.” In line with this ManageEngine launched its Analytics Plus, a self-service easy to use IT analytics platform that’s aimed at helping IT admins and CIO’s analyse data with rich visualisations and dashboards. “Enterprises are now experiencing an influx of data coming from a number of endpoints. We want to help businesses 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 make

Kaspersky Lab announces Industrial Systems Computer Emergency Response Team

Andrey Doukhvalov, Kaspersky Lab

At GITEX 2016, Kaspersk y Lab has announced the creation of the Industrial Systems Computer Emergency Response Team (known as Kaspersky Lab ICS-CERT) – a global CERT entit y that welcomes the collaboration of critical infrastructure

operators, vendors and government institutions. Through KL-ICS-CERT, the company plans to share years of its own experience in securing industrial systems as well as coordinate the exchange of 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

WHAT’S INSIDE Granteq Distribution showcases CTOUCH new Laser Air models

Buzinessware launches ‘buzinessin-a-box’ channel partner programme

GITEX 2016 highlights


ManageEngine... sense of that data in such a way that they can understand it and utilise to further enhance their IT management capabilities,” said Iyengar. “We have also recognised that each and every member of an organisation can use data in different ways, so through Analytics Plus they can draw insights from their IT data. The solution also integrates easily with various data sources and tools, analyses vast data volumes and presents findings with rich visualisations.” Iyengar also highlighted that the company is also showcasing its entire product suite, which includes a wide range of solutions

for network performance management, IT help desk management, application performance management, desktop and mobile devices management, log analysis and security, privileged password management, and active directory management and reporting. Speaking about the company’s participation at GITEX, Iyengar noted that the show is the most important event in their calendar. “The event attracts decision-makers from a variety of industries across the region,” he said. “Having said that, GITEX provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to introduce our

Enterprises are now experiencing an influx of data coming from a number of endpoints. We want to help businesses make sense of that data in such a way that they can understand it and utilise to further enhance their IT management capabilities.” latest product updates to leading industry professionals in the region. We believe that there’s no better platform in the region to connect with customers than this. And meeting our customers and partners through a platform

such as this enables us to build our products better and cater to the market requirement. As the IT industry in the region is fast growing, we have aggressive plans and are also looking for more channel partners to reach out new avenues in the region.”

Granteq Distribution showcases CTOUCH new Laser Air models

Girish Narayanan, Granteq Distribution

Granteq Distribution, regional distributor of AV in Middle East and Africa, has been attracting visitors at the ICT trade show, GITEX 2016, with its collaborative offerings at stand Z-G22, DWTC.

The team is showcasing the new CTOUCH laser air models suited for classrooms and meetings. The Dutch manufacturer, CTOUCH, is now extending its range of large format interactive displays range with the affordable laser air models. According to the company, the new displays are equipped with high specifications while being competitively priced at the same time. They feature an Android operating system as standard, built-in Wi-Fi router, integrated booming sound, can be enriched with the CTOUCH Easy air PC

module and are delivered with a market leading 7 year warranty. CTOUCH Laser air interactive displays empower users to lead their own learning, driving engagement, participation and creativity in the classroom and meeting room. According to Granteq Distribution’s MD Girish Narayanan, this is their prime objective as they intend to educate their partners and end-users on how interactive technology can bring business benefits. “The multi-touch displays are designed to support group

work, interactive activities and consensus-based decision making, as well as building important 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking.” The new range – Laser Air, which come in 55-inch, 65inch and 70-inch are part of the CTOUCH Laser family. The Laser air range is positioned as an entrylevel display; ideally suited for the classroom and meeting room. The Android on board not only makes the display suitable for education but with numerous business apps being developed it’s also perfect for boardrooms.

NSFOCUS introduces Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System At GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, NSFOCUS, an intelligent Allan Thompson, NSFOCUS hybrid security solutions provider, announced the release of its Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS). NSFOCUS’ NGIPS delivers an intelligent, multi-layered approach to identify and block known, zero-day and advanced persistent threats. NGIPS, in concert with the Cloud Security Platform, and global threat intelligence, drives the Intelligent

Hybrid Security approach to provide real-time threat detection and mitigation. “Forward-thinking enterprises realise the need to incorporate threat intelligence capabilities directly into their network infrastructure,” said Allan Thompson, COO, NSFOCUS. “We enable these enterprises to protect themselves by combining real-time, accurate and actionable intelligence with our NGIPS. NSFOCUS NGIPS empowers enterprises to detect and mitigate dangerous threats quickly – ensuring organisations can prevent breaches and safeguard their assets.”

Key features and benefits include integrated threat intelligence, scalable protection for complex network environments, simplified threat management, comprehensive threat protection. “NFOCUS’ NGIPS is truly unique from other security solutions,” said Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst, NSFOCUS. “Legacy IPS products simply analyse data packets, unaware of any threat context. NGIPS takes a more holistic approach to threat prevention by including context aware threat intelligence from multiple sources – including IP reputation, user identity and

geographic locations – ensuring the highest level of network protection.” The company has operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. The company’s Intelligent Hybrid Security strategy utilises both cloud and on-premises security platforms, built on a foundation of real-time global threat intelligence, to provide unified, dynamic protection from advanced cyber threats To learn more about the NSFOCUS Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System, visit Hall 1, Stand D1-42.

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Kaspersky... expertise on threats and protection methods between all interested parties. “As a security vendor, we have years of experience analysing threats and helping industrial operators with threat prevention and detection, incident response, staff training, and the prediction of future attack vectors. We are confident that sharing intelligence, or, in a broader way, exchanging knowledge between vendors and operators, is an important step towards more secure critical infrastructure. By establishing ICS-CERT we are expanding

the availabilit y of the industr y’s expertise in a way that no other private securit y vendor has done before,” said Andrey Doukhvalov, Kaspersky Lab’s Head of Future Technologies and Chief Security Architect. The Industrial Systems Emergency Response Team is a special Kaspersky Lab project that will offer a wide range of information ser vices - from intelligence on the latest threats, securit y incidents and mitigation strategies, to incident response, investigation consult ancy and ser vices.

As a security vendor, we have years of experience analysing threats and helping industrial operators with threat prevention and detection, incident response, staff training, and the prediction of future attack vectors.” In addition to the latest intelligence about threats and vulnerabilities, Kaspersk y Lab’s Industrial CERT will also share expertise on

Welcome to a Unified World Born out of the engineering DNA of Siemens, Unify builds on this heritage of product reliability, innovation, open standards and security to provide integrated communications solutions for approximately 75% of the Fortune Global 500 across 60 countries.

compliance. As a noncommercial project, ICSCERT will share information and expertise to its members free of charge.

Buzinessware launches ‘buzinessin-a-box’ channel partner programme

Anoop Sharda, Buzinessware

Buzinessware, a Middle East Hosting Specialist, has announced the launch of its new channel partner programme, ‘buzinessin-a-box,’ during its participation at the 36th edition of GITEX Technology Week. The new programme has been designed to empower the reseller channel with end-to-end infrastructure

solutions from Middle East Data Centres. In addition to the launch, the company is set to throw the spotlight on the latest range of next generation cloud solutions—including its broad portfolio of cloud infrastructure products and service offerings across compute, storage and networking business needs on-demand with pay-as-you-go pricing. Buzinessware’s stand is located at Stand No ZB20 inside Zabeel Hall. According to the company, the ‘buzinessin-a-box’ channel partner programme will allow resellers to sell domains, hosting, web security, cloud solutions and dedicated servers to their end customers with local

24/7 support. Resellers will also be able to bundle infrastructure solution as a value addition to their existing offerings—generating more revenue and stickiness with their customers. “We are looking forward to participating at this year’s GITEX, which has ably positioned itself as a strategic platform all under one roof,” said Anoop Sharda, CTO, Buzinessware. “Our presence at the event gives us the opportunity of learning more about current market insights and upcoming trends. Additionally, we are also excited about the launch of our new ‘buzinessin-abox’ program. During GITEX, we are aiming to increase awareness for our

TalariaX flaunts SMS solutions

J.S.Wong, TalariaX

TalariaX The company is showcasing its mobile messaging solutions, including its sendQuick SMS messaging gateway, at GITEX.

StarLink_Strip Ads_AW.pdf

Flagship product sendQuick Alert Plus, a product “designed specifically for IT notifications using SMS” is the centrepiece, while sendQuick Entera, is an “all-encompassing” product for sending 2-way SMS messages for business notifications and transactions. “Our solutions are helping our customers towards a ‘smart’ future in 2 ways,” J.S.Wong, CEO, TalariaX said. “First, in order to be ‘smart’, they need to be contactable immediately, and the best way to get the 5


7:53 PM

information is via mobile phones. Hence, our sendQuick plays a central role in delivering messages to the mobile, for enterprise applications. Secondly, we are moving towards enhancing our products with smart analytics that will provide information for better decision making for companies. “GITEX is a very important event as it allows us to reach to a massive audience, both in Middle East as well as other surrounding regions like North Africa. This is in line with our




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channel partner program—garnering interest as the value proposition of local expertise and added revenue stream is very viable for the channel.” Under the reseller programme, partners will need to apply for inclusion in the ‘buzinessin-a-box’ initiative. Upon verification and approval, they will be given white label access to Buzinessware’s unified control panel, where they can avail discounted pricing for the full product catalogue and sell to their customers at their own pricing. The channel partner can also become an affiliate wherein they can just provide a reference and upon order completion receive a generous onetime referral fee.

strategy and commitment to build the business in EMEA.” Wong added that the trade show is only likely to grow in popularity. “GITEX is an anomaly in enterprise ICT event,” he said. “The global trend is for specialised show and consumer electronics events such as CES, but GITEX is probably the only large-scale enterprise ICT event that is still growing. This is probably due to the strategic location of Dubai, being in the centre of the EMEA region. It is also due to the commitment by the region to adopt ICT in their businesses.”


Since we Got Smart and deployed Versiv™ and Linkware™ Live…

Life is Easy!

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The old adage, “Time is Money” applies in a big way to cable testing. Over the last 20 years, the enterprise cabling installation industry has benefitted from advances in testing and certification tools and technologies .


These advances

have reduced the time to certify each cable link to just a few seconds. Faster testers have certainly shaved costs required for cable installers to test and certify their work. Still, there are additional steps in any installation that consume valuable time, which ultimately translate to additional costs. Savvy business owners and test device providers now realize there are more opportunities to reduce time spent for many test-related functions, helping cable reap new profits operators to in the process.

DOWNLOAD the new “How to increase profits in cable installations? Save time.” White Paper.


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