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60 Mins Show dates: 14-18 October 2012, Dubai World Trade Centre



| AT GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK | Exhibition hours: 11am -7pm

ManageEngine unveils mobility solutions

Nirmal Kumar Manoharan, Senior Business Development Manager, ManageEngine ManageEngine is showcasing a host of new solutions, emphasising on mobile device management, at the company’s 6th GITEX appearance. With the advent of mobility and the increased adoption of BYOD, companies are in great need of management solutions for dealing

with applications and security on employee’s devices. “IT managers need to be able to monitor their data and information and with BYOD it can be difficult,” said Nirmal Kumar Manoharan, Senior Business Development Manager, ManageEngine. “Our new solutions are built

specifically to help manage these processes of applications and data information and make sure IT managers keep control of their information and staff.” This is the company’s 6th GITEX, which Manoharan has described as its most successful yet. “Coming into this region from India has been a very successful process for us. We have enjoyed an increased success rate each year and this year we have already seen a fantastic return of investment by the amount of people coming to our stand and learning about our products.” With over 60,000 customers worldwide, ManageEngine will be hoping to build on an already impressive portfolio of clientele. “GITEX is the most important event for us, it’s a fast emerging market with great growth,” said Manoharan. ManageEngine hopes to deliver its solutions on mobility management to enterprise this week at GITEX as well as exhibiting its range of desktop and security management solutions.

14 -16 MAY 2013, QATAR

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“FVC participates in Gitex to mainly communicate with its partners and end users. It allows us to not only introduce our new vendors but also their complete range of products and solutions, including the new ones that that they may not be aware of. ” Dharmendra Parmar, GM-Marketing, FVC

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Actifio and Spectrami intent on ME customer focus

Ash Ashutosh, CEO, Actifio Actifio has said that participation at its first GITEX is a way of showing customers that it’s eager to impress as well as learn as much as it can about the region. The company has partnered Spectrami which is well established in the Middle East, and Actifio believes that knowledge and expertise will be vital for its evolution. “We’ve only been in this region for about 8 months, this is our first GITEX and we want to prove

that we’re here to learn about our customers, learn about their needs and also make it clear to them that this isn’t a question of cashing in on an emerging market, but that it will be a sustainable investment that we’re taking very seriously,” said Ash Ashutosh, CEO, Actifio. “It’s a phenomenal opportunity for us to establish ourselves, and with the help of Spectrami, I am very confident that we can gain traction here. Spectrami is an execution machine, so this is a great opportunity for us.” Actifio recognises that the Middle East is one of the fastest growing markets in terms of technology adoption and believes that the shared vision of Spectrami, combined with its passion to expand, gives it the ideal reason to start business in the region. Spectrami is also very optimistic that Actifio can be successful in the Middle East, describing the company as a proactive and energetic.

“Bringing a company into a new market has been fun for us, Actifio has been fantastic to work with during the set-up stage of this project,” said Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami. “Actifio has some fantastic solutions, it’s very customer focused, which is demonstrated by its dedication to this event, and I think they will be well established by this time next year.” Actifio hopes to introduce its unique storage solutions into the region, which Ashutosh says are capturing the real needs of customers. “It’s a new class of storage solution which lets people practically go back in time and revisit their data,” he said. “Information availability is vital now. Our solutions can deliver a vast archive of information that your company has, in one consolidated package. This isn’t real-time information and data we’re talking about, but large amounts of data from any time,” he concluded.






Digital Forensic Investigations of Any Kind Incident Response & Remediation Training and Services Geoff Brooks Regional Sales Manager - Middle East, India & Africa PO BOX 211364, Dubai UAE Mobile No : +971 506 527659

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Waseela expands LTE offerings

L-R- Dr. Tim Wilkinson,VP,Technical Marketing, Paul Pitman,VP,Sales,General Dynamics Broadband & Dr. Samer Waseela for Technology Consultations (Waseela), the

systems integrator specialised in broadband wireless technologies

and managed services for telecom operators, service providers and large enterprises in the region, announced today the expansion of its strategic relationship to include the advanced and customizable 4G (LTE) solutions from General Dynamics Broadband specifically to extend Waseela’s offering to energy, public safety and private security networks in the Middle East region. Serving private and government customers in the Middle East region, Waseela will be providing, advanced engineering services, system integration services, pre-sale services and post-sales services for General Dynamics Broadband’s LTE solutions. The state-of-the-art LTE solution from

General Dynamics Broadband will be showcased in Waseela’s booth at GITEX 2012. Dr. Samer Taha, Chief Executive Officer at Waseela , said: “Wireless solutions for public safety and national security networks are one of the key focus areas of Waseela. The accelerating demand on highspeed wireless networks carrying live and mission-critical multimedia content by organizations in the field of public safety and national security increases the importance and criticality of 4G technologies in that field. We are proud to be introducing and adding to our portfolio the advanced 4G solutions from the internationally-recognized provider General Dynamics Broadband”.

ITWorx re-affirms commitment to the region The Middle East is one of the world leaders when it comes to performance management, according to Wael Amin, President and CEO, ITWorx. “If you look at what the UAE is doing in performance management, it really is top notch work. It goes beyond what Singapore has done and way beyond what has been done in the United States. And if you look at the work that Qatar has done in education, it goes way beyond work in the Western world,” Amin said. “We are really seeing a trend emerging in this region where it’s not just about following the best practices

from other countries, but rather trailblazing and path-finding projects to find a way to do things better,” he added. Within the Middle East, ITWorx has found that the UAE is leading the region in terms of the adoption of performance management tools for government. At GITEX, the Prime Minister’s booth is launching the UAE federal government’s performance management platform, which leverages ITWorx tools and technologies. ITWorx itself has a number of new product releases it is launching this week at GITEX aimed at

the government, education and telecommunication verticals. “For government, we are doing government performance management and strategy management. This is a platform that lets you manage the cycle from planning, structuring, getting and controlling your government executions. This is either deployed at a single Ministry or institution level, or at a federal government level, where you keep track of how all the Ministries are working towards the larger national strategy and what the progress is towards the different objectives,” Amin said. “You can keep track of all the

strategic factors on a single platform, which you can get on your computer or tablet for an immediate view of what’s going on. It really works to transform the strategic processes into actual processes,” he added. ITWorx is exhibiting at the Microsoft stand in Hall 7. Its products are based on the Microsoft platform. “We’re building all the back end on SharePoint and Sequel Server, and the front end can be accessed from Windows 8 devices, so it’s a very effective way of operating on the front and back end. It’s a scalable, reliable and open platform,” Amin said.

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The future of video collaboration Polycom’s EMEA President Gary Rider, shares his insights on the fast-moving video collaboration industry, and explains how the company is planning to target smaller organisations with its customised and inclusive solutions.

Gary Rider, President EMEA, Polycom Marking its eighth year of participation at GITEX Technology Week, Polycom has its eyes set on new industries and customers alike. Within a year, the video conferencing and collaboration industry has witnessed fast growth and technological advancements, as mobile use becomes more and more prevalent among businesses world wide. In the Middle East region in particular, the Bring Your Own Device trend has highlighted new market demands, particularly in the way businesses communicate and collaborate internally and externally. “I think within the industry, we’ve taken a path of making video conferencing and collaboration inclusive, and customised to companies of all sizes. For us it’s all about driving ubiquity, and the ability Printed with GIT cartridges

to collaborate easily via audio, video and data. The drive, for us, is to make it simple, easy and inclusive,” says Gary. Until recently, access to high-definition and mobile video conferencing has been very limited in nature. Today, with Polycom’s SmartPairing technology, users can easily integrate and control their video conferencing settings with their mobile devices. The company’s Real Presence (RPX) is an immersive meeting room solution which includes life-size display screens and the ability for flexible, cloud-based collaboration that goes beyond the meeting room. Among other new solutoins being showcased at GITEX this year, are Polycom’s sophisticated EagleEye cameras which can detect the voice of the person speaking and automatically

zoom in to capture a tighter shot. “We are showcasing our telepresence solutions and high end systems here, but we are also putting alot of effort into the demonstrating the ability to draw in more organisations into the world of video conferencing,” says Gary. “What has happened over time, is the acceleration of different format. A year ago, making an HD video call over an iPad wasn’t so easy. Now, we have an app that can be downloaded on iPhones and Ipads, and users the theme has now changed, as video conferencing is more topical now to more companies, as its a very fast-moving industry.” Recently, Polycom has focused more of its efforts and attention on capturing the SME market, as it sees big potential, as more organisations in this size range begin to move to the cloud. Gary emphasised that the UAE, in particular, has been a fast adopter of video collaboration, especially among government organisations and multinational and larger companies who have their regional offices based out of Dubai. Polycom’s future strategy in the region, will be to develop more innovative solutions that can be customised and compatible with the budgets of smaller companies. “If video conferencing becomes affordable, the case for it becomes very strong. Why wouldn’t more organisation take advantage of this technology if the price is right?” says Gary. “We are also working very hard to make the user interface very simple,and have announced a new interface that is very intuitive, as we have recognised that one of the inhibitors for organisationx to implement this technology is the level of complexity. So we’ve take away the complexity, made it intuitive and overcome those barriers,” he adds.

In a move that will provide universal access to enterprise-grade video collaboration to hundreds of millions of people, Polycom has unveiled Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite, which lets Polycom customers easily add anyone on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and other business video applications to their video conferences from a browser. RealPresence CloudAXIS is a suite of software that runs on the Polycom RealPresence Platform in private enterprise clouds or public clouds, and securely extends enterprisegrade video and content collaboration outside the firewall to other businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C) via a browser to enable truly ubiquitous video collaboration at the highest quality, reliability, and security. The RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite is ideal for Polycom partners and service providers to expand from offering Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) to Video Collaboration-asa-Service (VCaaS) – adding applications such as recording and streaming, web conferencing, and collaboration tools (e.g., digital whiteboards) – thus creating greater customer value and new revenue streams. RealPresence CloudAXIS also offers additional value for large enterprises with the RealPresence Platform, enabling customers to create private enterprise clouds to extend video collaboration to other businesses and consumers for B2B and B2C connectivity



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