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60 Mins Show dates: 20-24 October 2013, Dubai World Trade Centre






Exhibition hours: 11am -6pm

Cambium Networks showcases ePMP platform


With the launch of its ePMP platform, Cambium Networks aims at recruiting heavily into the channel market by looking at new partners and customers in the next couple of months, it said at GITEX 2013. “We are focused on a completely different market set where we have traditionally played in the high end pointto-point and point-to-multipoint space,” said Graham Owen, MEA Regional Sales Director, Cambium Networks. 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Yealink showcases entry-level IP phones

Bulwark Technologies focuses on mobile solutions Bulwark Technologies has displayed new products at the ongoing GITEX Technology Week 2013, being held in Dubai World Trade Center.

As the mobile space is growing at an extremely high pace, mobile file sharing is a concern that is 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Etisalat inks partnership with Sharjah Ladies Club GITEX Interview: Fortinet


Bulwark... growing with customers by the day. According to reports, at least 1.2 million smartphones were sold this year, resulting in a larger business within the enterprise network. Accessing data safely, gains primary focus.

Also, confidentiality adds to the concern. “Our solutions will help in moving the files securely and restricting the users from sending to other locations. If one opens a file on a cloud-based solution, there will be a duplicate somewhere on cloud which is

“Our solutions will help in moving the files securely and restricting the users from sending to other locations. If one opens a file on a cloud-based solution, there will be a duplicate somewhere on cloud which is beyond our control. With Accellion, we have a solution, which will help with this problem.” Jose Thomas, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies.

beyond our control. With Accellion, we have a solution, which will help with this problem,” said Jose Thomas, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies. Having seen a growth of about 30 to 40 percent this year, Thomas added that the company’s business focus will be promoting new mobile solutions, going forward. In terms of regions, the distributor will continue to focus mainly on Gulf countries. “Also on case to case, we operate in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Libya. We are looking at strengthening our presence in these regions,” he said. One of the biggest highlights for the company in the last year has been partnering with EiQ and focusing on upper SMB and lower enterprise sector. Some of its other solutions include Mail Store,

mail archival solutions, then cyber roam Next Generation firewall, latest version of NetSupport school and NetSupport manager and the Accellion product for mobile file sharing. “We also ensure that products are being well supported through the channel for the end-users, so that end-users who invest in our products continue to do so always,” Thomas concluded.



Yealink showcases entry-level IP phones

Yealink Network Technology has announced the launch of SIP-T19P and SIP-T21P high-performance IP phones, designed specifically to offer a range of advanced features to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs) and carriers. Yealink’s SIP-T19P and SIP-T21P are entry-level phones designed with Yealink’s tradition of combining style and quality with leading-edge technical innovation. “Yealink is committed to delivering high quality and technologically advanced products to cater to the every growing requirement of the business, and to facilitate hassle free communications,” said Ms Maggie Liu, EMEA Sales Manager of Yealink.



“SIP-T19P and SIP-T21P are particularly crafted for small and medium businesses to offer them feature rich yet affordable communications.” Packed with 132 x 64-pixel graphical LCDs to show five lines of caller data, convenience and security of the XML remote phonebook and multi-language support both the phones are designed keeping international communication standards in mind. Yealink’s SIP-T19P has a dual 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated PoE (Power over Ethernet) making it well suited to extended networks. Yealink’s SIP-T21Penhances

further with HD Voice using HD Codec (G.722), a HD speaker and a HD handset IPv6 support, Open VPN and a redundancy server. SIPT21P also includes an intuitive user interface, which makes it ideal for streamlining business processes and maximising productivity in both small and large office environments. Commenting on the new IP Phones, Renjan George, Managing Director, DVCOM Technology, distributors of Yealink products, said: “This is the third product launch by Yealink in a short span of twoto-three months. This is refection of their on-going efforts to offer technologically advanced products which can push the boundaries.”


Cambium... “We will be launching some new products in November. The channel needs to keep an eye on that. That’s going to bring in some new point to point products which we believe will really revolutionise the point-to-point market.” The company is currently focused on developing new products, and at the week-long ICT event it showcased the new ePMP platform, which is the new low-cost point-to-multipoint solution from the company. Owen said it is an innovative product because it uses GPS synchronisation on its play station. “This is key when you are doing multipoint deployment in high interference environment. Spectrum is a major commodity in the world in the wireless space and to be able to reuse Spectrum utilising the GPS technology is very important to our customers,” he said. The company is excited about 2014 as it sees a huge growth potential in the Middle East and Africa region. He added: “We will also be launching an additional point-to-multipoint platform, which will be focused into the service provider market. We are launching a new 3.5 Ghz product, at the end of the year.” Cambium Networks provides broadband wireless infrastructure solutions to service providers, industrial markets and enterprises globally. Last year, the company has shifted its focus to developing new products such as the ePMP platform.

Etisalat inks partnership with Sharjah Ladies Club

Etisalat has used GITEX Technology Week 2013 to announce its partnership with Sharjah Ladies Club, extending its support in providing ICT services to develop the club’s infrastructure. Abdulaziz Taryam, CEO Advisor and General Manager-Northern Emirates, Etisalat, and Khawla Al Serkal, Director, Sharjah Ladies Club,

represented each party at the signing of the MoU. Sharjah Ladies Club was founded by Sheikha Jawaher Al Qassimi, chairperson of the Sharjah Supreme Council of Family Affairs. The club aims to create a prominent role for the Emirati women in the community, and provide best-in-class services and facilities to women and children.

GE Wi(Fi) GEN (


Abdulaziz Taryam, CEO Advisor and General Manager-Northern Emirates, Etisalat said: “Etisalat has always encouraged activities which empower women and build their goals for the future. The partnership with Sharjah Ladies Club today reiterates our objectives and helps us work closely with the members of this prestigious organisation. Etisalat’s

unique services and packages will help the women members to remain connected with their peers and at the same time gain access to information anytime anywhere.” Khawla Al Serkal, Director, Sharjah Ladies Club, added: “We are glad to be partnering with Etisalat today as it will help the club attain its long term mission and goals planned for the well-being of our members. The club has always strived to work towards providing best-in-class facilities and services. This is only possible by the investment in our club and our long standing partnerships in the country.” Etisalat will be offering exclusive and cost-optimised special offers to all Sharjah Ladies Club members. The latest handsets are provided at attractive discounted rates without any upfront costs, in addition to multiple add-on options based on the usage. Due to the partnership, Sharjah Ladies Club also plans to provide a special subscription offer to Etisalat female staff to utilise the facilities of the club. Etisalat is present at ZA1, Zabeel Hall, during GITEX Technology Week 2013.

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GITEX Interview: Fortinet What is the main theme of your presence at GITEX this year? Our main theme at GITEX 2013 is high performance security. Have you launched anything new at GITEX 2013? The products and technologies we have launched at GITEX have revolved around two areas: performance innovation to accommodate next-generation security and allow companies to enable true iPv6, wireless security, etc.; and innovative and highperformance solutions around DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection. How is your company presenting itself at GITEX this year to differentiate it from competitors? We have had a combination of activities on our stand in order to get the attention of visitors: technology pods where visitors will be able to experience our solutions, getting insights from our technology experts; a presentation booth on our stand where visitors have had the opportunity to attend short presentation sessions on a series of themes related to the latest IT security challenges and hear about Fortinet’s perspectives; and a raffle draw. What are the key trends influencing your approach to GITEX 2013 and the offerings you are pushing? The main trends during GITEX have been around secure mobility, with



BYOD and all securities solutions needed for devices. Another big trend in the region is protection against DDOS attacks with Web protection utilising Web application firewalls. How have you seen the Middle East respond to those trends in question, and how did you think that will change over the next year? Yes, there is a big trend in Middle East are around secure mobility with BYOD. We see also a big trend around DDOS attacks and Web protection. We have many projects on these matters and lot of customers have deployed these solutions either on private or government sectors. What are the key offerings you are presenting at GITEX – sum up their key and unique features. Fortinet has launched and been demonstrating the latest solutions around the next-generation firewall and wireless LAN security. We’re promoting new products like FortiGate 200 series, 3000 series, latest Wifi 300 series, and new advanced threat protection technology. How important is GITEX as a platform and event to your organisation? This year is the eighth time that Fortinet has participated in GITEX, which is the most important technology event of the Middle East region. According to the

organisers, over 139,000 IT professionals from 144 countries and 25,000-plus C-level executives from key industry verticals join for this yearly gathering. So entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen can certainly expect to be able to meet almost any technology company they’re looking for, either on the show floor or through the networking portal that GITEX offers. As a long-time exhibitor, we definitely find this event to be a great networking platform. It’s also the unique event where visitors will be able to meet with both our local sales and technical teams and regional executives to hear about our latest solutions.

Alain Penel, Regional Vice President, Middle East, Fortinet

What is the top reason you invest in GITEX — do you see a healthy return on your investment, or is it more about presence/visibility? GITEX is for us the opportunity to meet a high quality of attendees from large enterprises in construction, finance and banking, government, and oil and gas sectors looking for companies specialised in pioneering security solutions to safeguard mobility devices and corporate networks. What does your company hope to achieve by appearing at GITEX 2013? GITEX is a key event for the region

and for Fortinet. Our goal is to show to the market our technology leadership and ours success as company on the market. It’s a good opportunity for us to meet our customers and partners during that week. What are your company’s main recent achievements in the Middle East market? As company we are growing in the region and we extend the team on different countries like Saudi, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. We have increased our market share and got many awards across the region, giving us good recognition from the industry.

GITEX highlights

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60mins Day 5 - 12 PM (2013)  
60mins Day 5 - 12 PM (2013)