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60 Mins Show dates: 20-24 October 2013, Dubai World Trade Centre

Intergence to launch new managed service at GITEX 2013






Exhibition hours: 11am -6pm

Fortinet unveils ‘world’s fastest’ firewall appliance


GBM focuses on IoT with Cisco

IT consultancy Intergence plans to use GITEX 2013 as the platform for a Middle East launch of a new managed service, designed to predict and monitor the performance of international websites. The service, Intergence said in a statement, will provide businesses with valuable insight into service quality and user experience, prior to and after launching a website. 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Network security specialist Fortinet today used GITEX to regionally launch its new FortiGate-3700D solution, which the vendor claimed is the world’s fastest data centre firewall appliance. The 3700D is the first product to use Fotinet’s latest NP6 ASIC, which the vendor said delivers low latency and IPv4 to IPv6 performance priority. The solution also delivers 160 Gbps throughput, Fortinet said.

According to Alain Penel, Regional Vice President, Middle East, Fortinet, the FortiGate3700D is a key product for the vendor. IDC currently ranks Fortinet as the Middle East’s number-three vendor in the security market, he said, adding that he hoped the 3700D would propel Fotinet to number two by the end of the year. 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Aruba markets new Wi-Fi standard and cloud Trend Micro gears up for GITEX 2013

GITEX preview: Intel


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Fortinet... “We’re close to the second one, Juniper Networks, now,” he said. “Most probably, we will be second in this market by the end of the year.” The new firewall isn’t all that Fotinet has up its sleeve for GITEX 2013, however. Later this week,

“We extending our product range, our partnerships and our geography, and we’ll be talking about all of this at GITEX 2013.” the vendor plans to make a string of announcements to do with high-level partnerships and big customer wins. “We extending our product range, our partnerships and our geography, and we’ll be talking


about all of this at GITEX 2013,” said Penel. In terms of its channel, Fortinet is using GITEX to make partners aware of its new tiering system, which now includes Bronze Plus – a Bronze-level partnership aimed at specialised partners. “Bronze Plus is a partner that we want to certify and to certify on different technologies,” Penel explained. Meanwhile, a large, UAE-centric partnership is set to be announced this week, Penel said, without giving too much away. All he let loose was that the vendor would be entering into a partnership with one of the country’s service providers. “We are going to announce one big partnership in the UAE – it’s a big announcement with one of the two service providers,” he said.

With its managed services, Intergence manages and operates client systems on a fixed budget OPEX basis. The company claimed that its new package will provide the complete solution for performance monitoring and management of both recreational and business applications, enabling enterprises to actively assess and improve the experience of their end-users. “We will launch for the first time anywhere in the world a new managed service that we believe will make an impact in the e-commerce and e-services sector in the region, from government to healthcare to retailing,” said Peter Job, Founder and CEO, Intergence. The company said it was also hoping to take advantage of GITEX to recruit new IT consultants to meet the demands of its growing managed resourcing business. Intergence

“We will launch for the first time anywhere in the world a new managed service that we believe will make an impact in the e-commerce and e-services sector in the region, from government to healthcare to retailing,” wants to grow its regional consulting team from 50 to 100, and to double its annual managed resourcing revenue, over the next 12 months. ”Intergence’s innovative commercial model has been very successful in the markets of the Middle East; revenues have more than doubled in the last financial year and growth continues in a similar pattern in 2013. The company has also achieved exceptionally high levels of customer loyalty,” Job added. Intergence will also focus on consulting and managed sourcing at GITEX 2013.

GBM focuses on IoT with Cisco

GBM is taking what Cisco calls the Internet of Things (IoT) seriously this week, as it concentrates most of its efforts on its Platinum sponsorship deal with the networking giant.

This is the first time that GBM has sponsored Cisco at a GITEX exhibition, according to Hani Nofal, Director of Intelligent Network Solutions, GBM. But the solutions

provider has thrown its full weight behind the vendor, echoing Cisco’s calls for using smart, connected to devices to drive business efficiency. “This is Cisco’s key message this year – the Tnternet of Things – and I think it fits very well with our vision, and the way we’re heading, GBM in general,” Nofal told 60 Minutes. “The anticipation now is by 2020, Cisco talks about 50 billion devices, and Gartner talks about 30 billion. This is the era of connected things, beyond just the connected devices that we have today. It’s moving through the industrialisation of the Internet. You’re basically going to connect ‘things’ to the internet, whether it’s smart health devices in healthcare, or if you have sensors planted in the soil of farms.” Nofal also explained that

part of GBM’s focus this GITEX would be securing the IoT. Both Cisco and GBM have made big announcements in the security domain in recent months, and the pair will be demonstrating a range of security-focused solutions at the Cisco stand. According to Nofal, this focus on security is utterly essential if the world wants to truly adopt IoT. “To allow us to move onto this Internet of Things, you really need to provide an infrastructure that is very secure and ready to allow it,” he said. “In the past, when you had a security breach, maybe you’d lose some files on your PC. In the future, with IoT, the risk is, if there’s a cyber-security breach, people might die, in the worst-case scenario.”

Aruba markets new Wi-Fi standard and cloud

Aruba Networks is using GITEX 2013 as a platform to market its new 802.11 AC Wi-Fi standard and



improved cloud technology. The new internet speed ranges from 1.2-1.4 gigabits, over four times faster than Aruba’s former 11n wifi speed of 300 megabits. Its cloud systems will allow IT managers to access the network from a variety of web browsers. Chris Kozup, Senior Director, EMEA marketing said: “Our latest wifi standard will remove the need for people across any business to plug an internet cable into a desktop. The 11AC capacity will allow a server to handle greater capacity, more applications and all connections. This

development will have wide-reaching benefits for any business. “The increase in BYODs has made life harder for IT managers, but we aim to make it easier.” Meanwhile, according to Kozup, Aruba’s cloud technology promises to facilitate the jobs of management servers: “For enterprises that don’t have a great deal of IT expertise and require simple solutions, transferring management capability off a server and onto the cloud will make their lives much easier. Instead of using a central access point, servers will be able to access the network from

any web browser, and companies can finance it on an annual services basis.” He is all too aware of the potential that the Middle East region holds for the company: “We currently have 40 employees in the Middle East region, and we are fully aware of the importance that our products hold over here. Not only is the Middle East our fastest growing market, but we also serve some of the most iconic buildings and enterprises here; Dubai World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi Airports and Kempinski Hotels,” he said.

Trend Micro gears up for GITEX 2013

Trend Micro will release its finding on the greatest IT security threats to business in the MENA region at GITEX 2013, the company said ahead of the trade show. Trend Micro will also

demonstrate its wide range of security solutions for global and regional businesses at the exhibition. Advanced threat detection, real-time intelligence, adaptive protection, and rapid

response needed to combat targeted network attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) will all make up part of Trend Micro’s participation at GITEX. “In this region, business and social interaction over the Web is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, criminal activity is big business and growing at a faster rate, with new malware being released every few seconds. The threat landscape has gravely changed, and Trend Micro is fortunately uniquely positioned to respond to that threat,” said Ihab Moawad, Vice President, Trend Micro, Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa. Trend Micro will also show off its ‘Smart Protection Network’, a client-cloud solution, at GITEX. According to the company, the solution can help to identify and respond to the next-generation

Web threats that are here today. Another focus area for Trend will be Deep Discovery – the company said that this network security uniquely detects and identifies evasive threats in real-time, then provides the indepth analysis and actionable intelligence organisation needed to protect them. Deep Discovery is at the core of the vendor’s Custom Defense solution, which it describes as a complete network security strategy to detect, analyse, adapt, and respond to attackers. In addition to demonstrating its products and services, the security vendor will be looking to enhance its relationships with partners and resellers. Trend Micro is a 100-percent channelfocused sales organisation. Trend Micro can be found at Hall 2, stand B2-2.

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GITEX preview: Intel GITEX 2013 and the offerings you are pushing? Consumers will learn a great deal about the benefits of the new Intel® Core™ Processor family and its features in the consumer space, including great graphics, unmatched performance and security at its best. The advancement of mobile computing over the past decade has given rise to a large number of devices that simplify our lives through the development of tablets, Ultrabooks™ and the 2 in 1 devices. These devices offer users a more immersive and dynamic experience thanks to more processing power, longer battery life and a wider range of services than ever before.

What is the main theme of your presence at GITEX this year? Are you releasing/launching anything new at GITEX 2013? If so, what? This year, Intel will be showcasing 4th Generation Core processor products and tablet portfolio based on the Intel Atom processor. The new 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors reinvent personal computing by delivering extraordinary battery life capability and breakthrough graphics in 2 in 1s, Ultrabooks, laptops, and desktop PCs. Our advancements with the 4th generation processor will widen the reach of our customers computer mobility as devices become more user-friendly to the constantly moving generation.



How is your company presenting itself at GITEX this year to differentiate it from competitors? Intel has been traditionally known as a trend setter in the computing space. We’re moving even further by expanding our portfolio of products to focus on mobility as a whole, whether Ultrabooks or tablets. We’re partnering with some of the world’s leading brands to bring better products to consumers across all segments, and we’re reaching an even wider audience with the introduction of new platforms that are powered by Intel. What are the key trends influencing your approach to

How have you seen the Middle East respond to those trends in question, and how did you think that will change over the next year? The latest International Data Corporation (IDC) results show that worldwide tablet shipment growth slowed in the second quarter of 2013 (2Q13). However the 45.1 million units shipped in the second quarter represent an increase of 59.6% from the same quarter last year, when tablet vendors shipped 28.3 million devices. It is also clear that mobility is witnessing a sharp rise with the prominent increase in smartphone use. Mobilization is moving beyond email in the Middle East, with 33% of all new apps targeting a mobile platform.

How do you think GITEX 2013 will be different to previous editions? GITEX is one of the largest trade events in the region and this year we expect it to continue this momentum. The technology industry looks to GITEX as the main platform to be a part of and we have been participating for over a decade now. It is a great opportunity to showcase our latest technologies, meet with customers and to share with them the innovation that is happening since the prior year’s event. What are the key offerings you will be presenting at GITEX – sum up their key and unique features. Our key offering for this year is our new 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors which offer the latest of Intel’s developments so far. The Intel Atom powered tablets will also be on show, allowing us to expand our presence in the mobility space. How important is GITEX as a platform and event to your organisation? Intel plays a key role in the technology industry by delivering innovative and relevant products in the market to meet people’s needs. Our main goal for GITEX this year is to support our partners, customers and stakeholders through educating them on our latest technologies, showcasing our latest offerings and products. It is important that our customers know the core usage of our technologies so that they can maximize their benefit from our

GITEX highlights products. Intel has been participating in GITEX since 2002 and the show is an excellent platform to showcase our technology and communicate how ICT development is important to the region’s future. What is the top reason you invest in GITEX — do you see a healthy return on your investment, or is it more about presence/visibility? For us at Intel, GITEX is the ICT business gateway to the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia Region. On one hand GITEX enables exhibitors to reach a high ROI through direct business opportunities and interactions with decision makers and on the other hand is a key place to be seen and heard to increase our visibility. What does your company hope to achieve by appearing at GITEX 2013? We are looking to educate our customers, partners and consumers on the latest technology developments from Intel. What are your company’s main recent achievements in the Middle East market? Intel is pleased to have entered the tablets market here in the Middle East, as well as the launch of several new Ultrabook™ devices powered by the new 4th Generation Core processor. We have also recently introduced a portfolio of datacenter products and technologies for cloud service providers as well as the 2 in 1 PC/tablet device which offer better performance and accessibility beyond traditional mobile computers.

Publisher Dominic De Sousa, COO Nadeem Hood, Commercial Director Rajashree R Kumar, Group Editor Jeevan Thankappan Editors Ben Rossi, Tom Paye, Janees Reghelini, James Dartnell Circulation Manager Rajeesh M, Production Manager James Tharian, Senior Designers Analou Balbero, Glenn Roxas, Digital Services Manager Tristan Troy Magma Web Coordinator Jarris Pedroso Photographers Jay Colina, Abdul Kader



60mins Day 1 - 3 PM (2013)  
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