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Government programmes and trade associations are very active in promoting market expansion to the BRIC countries and to the growing Asian markets are looking to expand their operations towards other regions, such as MENA. Piché says: “It is quite obvious that any manufacturer developing innovative technologies to address the key concerns observed in the MENA region is poised to [achieve] market penetration success.” He reveals that the GCC will remain a prime target for Sonitec-Vortisand to expand its operations in. “Depending on the market penetration depth and speed of adoption for our technologies, we are seriously considering to [expand] in the GCC with an assembly facility and service organisation that would allow us to service other markets in the MENA region,” he adds. Saxena adopts the same optimistic tone about his company’s operations in the Middle East, as he shares the view that Trimac is heavily investing to drive energy-efficiency awareness in the region. He reveals that his company has introduced several energy-saving products in the region, such as a robotic duct cleaning solution and high-volume lowspeed (HVLS) fans. “Our innovations,” says Wood, “are introduced into markets, as they evolve to meet the needs and demands of endusers in each market.” He explains that the growth in construction activities in the GCC region helps drive innovation in his company, as market-specific requirements push the development and evolution of its

to Canadian HVAC manufacturers, Wood believes that his company will continue to carefully evaluate each market – a practice that has brought it success. “Without mentioning specific targets," Wood says, "new emerging markets represent excellent opportunities for our company and our Canadian colleagues." 

technologies for use in the GCC and other potential markets. Though the opportunity to enter new markets is generally attractive

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CCME November 2013  

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