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of banks and other financial institutions. Dr R Seetharaman, the Group CEO, Doha Bank, in his presentation said that banks would willingly lend to district cooling schemes, if they saw risk factors being addressed, and added that regulations would go a long way in assuring banks of the viability of projects. Saying that Doha Bank supported sustainability initiatives – an approach he called green banking – Dr Seetharaman stressed that he would like to see more of the PPP model in district cooling. (See box on financial considerations for presentation highlights.) The three major areas that almost every session touched upon over the two days were: TSE, Legionella and Tri-gen/cogen. There are no easy solutions, and often, there are more questions than answers. But industry leaders made the most of the first day of the event to seek common ground and discuss insights on the way forward for district cooling systems, not only Qatar-specific but also GCC-wide. We will bring you the Day Two report and panel discussion highlights in the December issue of CCME.


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DUBAI, UAE Allied was announced as the District Cooling Best Consulting Firm in Climate Control Awards 2011 Edition.

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CCME November 2013  

Climate Control Middle East issue of November 2013