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Experience the Blu An all encompassing lifestyle experience in a lifestyle resort.

The Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir lies on the shores of the ancient and historic Red Sea. El Quseir, a historically important town, is one of Egypt's new destinations at the Red Sea. It is 140 kilometres south of Hurghada and boasts crystal clear, azure waters and well-preserved coral reefs bordering the ancient town. The hotel's architecture is based on townhouses in the Old Town and features natural stone, tiles and waterfalls. Experience the subtle blend of contemporary and local ethnic influence through Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir’s architecture and design.

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Divers and snorkelers a warm welcome to SuBEx Diving center – Swiss company since 1965.

The Red Sea is home of hundreds of species of marine life such as fishes, mammals, snails, crustaceans as well as colorful soft and hard corals. The SuBEx Team from the hotel’s on-site Diving and Snorkeling center will guide everyone from beginners to advanced through the hidden wonders of the Red Sea; it’s your chance to discover this incredible world for yourself. The SuBEx Diving center caters for a range of ages and experience. Snorkelers

will be in their element too. Marvel at the brightly coloured corals and fish along the reef edge. Minibus safaris, various programs, house reef which you can access directly from the jetty and plan your individual diving or snorkeling holiday with us. So experience the Blu, discover the beauty of the sea. it is your chance to discover the incredible underwater world! your SuBEx Team

Check out the water activities with SUBEX •D  iving and snorkeling at the house reef

• Dive courses and training

• S norkeling trips and guided tours

• Snorkel courses and training

• Trips for divers and snorkelers

• Guided or independent diving

• Revelation Dive

• Organized family trips

SNORkeLING in ThE RED SEA Something that makes a holiday in Egypt complete: Discover the underwater coral landscapes and creatures. let us invite you to explore the beautiful reef directly in front of the jetty. For those who do not own snorkeling equipment, SuBEx Snorkeling center offers a wide range of flippers, masks, snorkels and shorties in different sizes - to rent or buy. Getting started is easy - at any age! Learn how to snorkel with our professionally trained guides. you'll see: it's easy. Also, you will see once-hidden fish and coral, and you will learn their names and behavior. This is what you get when you snorkel with a guide.

By the way, the guide also shows you tricks to improve your swimming position, how to blow out the snorkel, and how to dive well. you’ll feel safe all-around with perfect guidance! SuBEx operates daily at various places, as half-day or full-day excursion by minibus. The different coral gardens offer plenty of variety. For harsh weather conditions, the protected bays are a safe and exciting alternative. A special event is the night Snorkeling: Admire the nocturnal fish and the reef colors with an underwater lamp!

ADvEnTuRE, eNVIRONMeNTAL AwAREnESS, SAFETy we meet all Swiss quality standards. A 99% recommendation rate and two-thirds returning customers, some of whom dive with SuBEx several times a year are clearly positive signs for our philosophy. ultimately, diving is a feeling that beggars description; it can only be experienced. we warmly invite you to see for yourself!

SuBEx Service • each 11th dive is for free • 12 or 15 liter steel tanks selectable (children and teenagers 7 or 10 liters)

• All dives are done with SuBeX Air28 • Nitrox32 or Nitrox36 for free • Supervision before and after the dive, detailed briefing and debriefing • Welcome Dive: Supervision and guiding for the first dive for free • Get your own drinking bottle and fresh drinking water for free • No stupid limits • No additional charges for night dives and early morning dives

Why Subex ? • Supervision in small groups (max. 4 divers/students per diving instructor/guide) • Unlimited diving: There are no unnecessary restrictions as to diving time. The steel tanks filled with 200 bar may be used to a residual pressure. A diving depth of a maximum 40 metres is permitted – of course having taken into

account the diver’s training, experience and form on the day.

transport methods such as boats and vehicles.

• Hiring diving instructors and guides, who all have at least 250 logged dives - most have many more – with the corresponding experience.

•A  ir28 – light Nitrox - as our standard gas. That greatly enhances safety with respect to saturation and desaturation. The diver has a lower risk of inert gas narcosis (rapture of the deep) and a shorter mandatory breaks before flying.

•C  omprehensive safety measures at all our bases and carefully maintained hire equipment and

DIVE PROGRAMS Our housereef Directly accessible from the beach in front of the diving center is the varied reef, which boasts great visibility and a healthy coral reef, suitable for every diver. The equipment goes from the dive center directly to the jetty, so the tanks and friendly SUBEX helpers are already waiting when the divers arrive. Whether by jumping down from the jetty or a descent on the stairs, the diver safely begins he house reef diving experience. Whether north or south, the reef often offers turtles, tuna, dolphins and sometimes even sharks. The experienced divers can expect to find in the deeper area a Gorgonian with Longnose Hawkfish, whip corals, and glass fish. The trained eye can admire the tiny reef dwellers such as magnificent snails and artfully painted shrimps.

DIVE EXCURSIONS Daily trips The versatile dive sites along the coast north and south of SUBEX Dive Center offer a wide variety of dives, and are served by air-conditioned minibuses or by speedboat. The sites are all unique and many are served only by SUBEX. The safaris are an adventure for divers of every level, but also keep safety and comfort in mind: intensive briefings, assistance in assembling the equipment and during entry and exit, tea to refresh... Comfortable, safe, daily diving guaranteed!

Something special An excursion to the famous Red Sea Wall in Hurghada goes to one of the prettiest dive spots in the Red Sea. Discover the steep face and do a full day trip by boat. Enjoy the soft corals, Gorgonians and the pulsing marine live at the Red Sea Wall. Elphinstone is one of the most known dive sites in the Red Sea. The reef is about 80% covered with soft corals. Hundreds of fairy basslets and various fish frolic around the whole reef. Napoleons are a daily occurrence here. Sharks are regularly sighted. The Salem Express was a passenger ferry that sank on December 15, 1991, off the coast of Safaga. Shortly before its destination, it ran on to Hyndeman reef and tore a huge hole in the hull, which even today is very good to explore. The wreck is barely covered but definitely worth a visit and with a depth from 12 to 30 m for divers easy to surround.

DIVE Education The service and benefits of all dive courses are: • courses with 4 guests maximum per dive instructor • all dives are done in the sea • every dive is designed as an experience dive Child-friendly Diving: kids up to the age of 14 years get a separate course.

Revelation dive Observe fish, watch the colorful coral world beneath the water’s surface, and glide through the water here. For all those who have never dived and want to experience breathing and floating under water, the Revelation Dive is exactly that: the revelation of a new world. With a maximum of 2 students per guide, the underwater world of the Red Sea will be visited for 20-30 minutes.

SUBEX FUN DIVER course The optimal entry level diving course, the SUBEX FUN DIVER course is offered for all those who do more than one dive and would like to learn something. It is also suitable for those who do not have so much time. In two days (children under 12 years need four half-days) an instructor will teach you the basics of diving, breathing and floating in the water and you will make up to four dives in the sea. The completion of this course for beginners will be confirmed with a certification card.

SUBEX DIVER course The established five-day training course teaches you the basics of diving and is the foundation for your new hobby. With seven dives in the Red Sea, the course offers at the same time beautiful underwater experiences. There are also six theory units, which provide the knowledge necessary for safe diving. The course completion will be certified with the internationally recognized diving certifications of CMAS and SSI.

Advanced training & special courses Each and every amateur sport thrives on the experience accumulated over time. The Advanced training is an important step on the way to self-diving. For all who would like improve in certain areas and safety, special courses are offered to perfect training. SUBEX teaches the SSI Advanced Adventurer, the AOWD course, the SUBEX Art Diver. SUBEX also recommends these special courses: Nitrox, Buoyancy, Navigation, Wreck Diving, Night Dive, Stress & Rescue and more.

So check out the water activities with SuBEx • Go on professional snorkeling trips and get educated: learn about the Red Sea, its animals and behave environmental friendly! • Learn how to dive and do the SuBeX Diver course. if you are a diver already SuBEx offers a wide range of further training!

SuBEx PROFIT Our prices are fixed, no extra charges and the taxes are included: Dive more, pay less! The prices for dives and rental equipment decrease the more dives you do. we guarantee the best-priceprinciple and you just pay for activities you have done and services you had.

• explore the adventurous house reef from the jetty! • enjoy diving independently or with your SuBeX guide while doing half or full day Minibus safaris to the reefs along the southern coastline! • Rent your snorkeling or diving equipment! • Do a diving trip to beautiful elphinestone Reef, to Salem Express or visit other SuBEx Diving centers in hurghada or Marsa Alam for a day! • use the speedboat to do shore dives! • Check out organized trips for the whole family whether you dive or you snorkel or both! • Relax and enjoy the laid back atmosphere at the Diving center your SuBEx team is happy to welcome you





















Radisson Blu Resort Safaga Road, Red Sea, El Quseir, Egypt Tel: +20 65 335 0260, Fax: +2 065 335 0280

SUBEX DC Radisson c/o Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir Safaga Road, Red Sea, Egypt Tel: +20 65 335 0283, Direct: +20 65 335 0260 Ext. 3944


Experience the Blu - Diving eBrochure  
Experience the Blu - Diving eBrochure  

The Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir lies on the shores of theancient and historic Red Sea. El Quseir, a historically importanttown, is one of...