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February 2008

Publication of the Crown Point Junior Classical League

Volume III Issue II

TEMPUS CANIS Preparing for State The 55th annual Indiana Junior Classical League State Convention will be held on March 7-8 at Indiana University this year. State Convention is the largest annual gathering for the IJCL. Students can compete at State Convention in academic testing, graphic arts, creative arts, and much more. Crown Point students have been preparing to defend the overall sweepstakes award, the Helen Wampler spirit contest, and the delegate spirit award. With graphic arts contests, students can create artwork from paintings and mosaics to posters and charts. Sophomore Josh Glass has already begun working on his art projects. “I took an art class earlier this year, and I used that time to prepare a sculpture and some pottery for State Convention” Glass said. There are also crea-

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Crown Point students look to defend their first place finish last year in the delegate spirit competition

tive arts contests where students can display their rhetoric or writing skills with a classical theme. “I wrote a Modern Myth,” senior Yasir Malik said, “where I explained a modern phenomenon with a myth just like the Romans did.”

State Convention also includes spirit competition, keynote speakers, and Certamen contests. With something for everyone, Crown Point students are eager to have another successful run at State.

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Crown Point gets the word out about our Latin program and activities

Students participate in Certamen, a jeopardy style quiz competition

Praetor Joey Fallon leads the publicity and community service activities


Tempus Canis


The Push for Publicity Since last year’s 1st place finish in publicity at National Convention, the Latin Club has continued a strong publicity campaign to keep the public aware of the club’s ongoing activities. Praetor Joey Fallon heads the committee in charge of publicity. Some activities have included Halloween Smarties, where Smarties wrapped with the Roman myth of Arachne were Wearing a toga is one way to show support for Latin Club handed out as Halloween candy. In December, candy canes were passed out to promote Saturnalia. “Publicity is important for Latin Club because it helps educate the community about Latin and the GrecoRoman culture; it also helps keep up the public image of Latin Club. I love seeing all the articles about Latin club in the newspapers, this really shows that Latin club's hard work gets recognized by the community and it is cool to see your name and your friends' names in the paper,” Fallon said. The current publicity effort is the annual Indiana Latin Week, where clubs around the state celebrate ancient Greek and Roman culture from January 21-25. Some of the activities during the week after school include Bowling Night and a Game and Movie Night. Each day, students met in the morning to learn a Latin theme of the day. For example, Monday was “Salve” Day, where students said, “salve,” Latin for “hello,” to their classmates and teachStephanie Krause, Katherine Keilman, and Mandy Rattazzi ers, and Friday was Toga color pictures that will be put up for Indiana Latin Week Day where Latin students wore togas, a traditional symbol of Roman citizenship. These activities all helped spread the word about Latin Club and the Roman society.


Tempus Canis


Certamen Teams at Full Speed Certamen practice has begun, and the team competed in their first meet on January 29th. Certamen is a jeopardy style trivia competition about facts from the classical world. The Certamen team meets every Friday to review facts and answer practice questions. During these practices, students teach their teammates about a topic that he or she chooses to research in addition to readings and lessons from Mr. Walker. On the 29th, the team attended the Hoosier Certamen Invitational at Students practice Certamen during a Latin Club meeting Brownsburg High School. The Novice team of Brittany Krowiarz and Aaron Hensley placed second. The Lower team of Stephanie Krause, James Haworth, Angela Roberts, and Ali Van Cleef placed first.; and the Upper team of Abdullah Malik, Katerine Keilman, and Joey Fallon placed second. Afterwards, the team attended an ice hockey game in Indianapolis where the Indiana Ice beat the Des Moines Buccaneers in overtime.

Io Saturnalia! On December 18th the Latin Club took a modern twist on the Roman holiday Saturnalia with a party at the high school. In Roman times, Saturnalia was a festival to the god Saturn which the people celebrated from December 17th to the 23rd. During the celebrations, slaves wore caps that granted them temporary freedom. At the club’s celebration, Latin Club members enjoyed food, movies and games. There was even a visit from “Sanctus Claus,” who spread Saturnalia joy by passing out candy canes and told stories of Roman myths. Sanctus Claus helps celebrate Saturnalia.


Tempus Canis


Meet an Officer: Joey Fallon Name: Joey Fallon Grade: 11 Position: Praetor (Vice President) 1.Why did you decide to take Latin class? I decided to take Latin because I knew it was very beneficial and worthwhile; especially for forming a good vocabulary and doing well on the SAT.

2. As an officer, what does your job entail?

As an officer my job consists of public relations (i.e. publicity), community service, and working with the other officers to accomplish tasks as the year progresses.

3. What’s your favorite part of JCL?

My favorite part is hanging out with friends at State and National Convention. 4. What are your other hobbies outside of JCL? Chopping wood and carrying heavy objects, sports, and hanging out with friends.

Wesley Wood - Consul (President) Joey Fallon - Praetor (Vice President) Jonathan Glass - Quaestor (Treasurer) Elizabeth Szymanski - Scrapbook Chair Ryan Qualizza—Webmaster

07—08 Officers

IMPORTANT DATES • • • • • • • • • • • •

February 23rd - Indiana Certamen Invitational at Elwood High School March 7th—National Latin Exam March 7th-8th—IJCL State Convention in Bloomington, IN March 14th—Latin Club Meeting April 11th—Latin Club Meeting April 13th—Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up April 18th & 19th—Latin Garage Sale April 20th-26th—National Latin Week May 21—Latin Awards Ceremony June 4—Roman Banquet@Lucrezia’s July 7-11—Latin Summer (for elementary and middle school students) July 28-August 2—NJCL National Convention @ Miami University in Ohio

Did you know that 31 of the 40 presidents since Thomas Jefferson have all studied Latin? Read more about it in the Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by Harry Mount on December 3, 2007. (

Does Anyone Actually Study Latin? Absolutely! Here is a list of a few classics majors according to University of Georgia: Ted Turner, founder of CNN; W.E.B. DuBois, founder of the NAACP; Sigmund Freud; Thomas Jefferson; Teller of Penn and Teller; James Garfield; Jerry Brown, former California governor; J.K. Rowling; Lynn Sherr, correspondent of 20/20; William Cohen, secretary of defense; James Baker, secretary of state; Robert Graves, poet; Nancy Vickers, president of Bryn Mawr College; and Betty Friedan, founder of NOW.

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