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The CPH Post Entertainment Guide | 15 - 21 February 2013

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Muses and the blues




15 - 21 February 2013

Women, not lady-boys: how Wills would have wished it SARAH COGHILL, WHITE LIGHT GALLERY

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IT REALLY is bizarre to think that Shakespeare never saw a real woman perform in one of his plays. You really have to feel for him – I mean how many theatre directors today would do that job if they couldn’t shag their female lead? Had Ophelia, Cordelia or Desdemona flown out of the pen of a playwright in any other European country, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but England persisted with this strange practice until 1660. “Look, there’s a woman on stage,” an Elizabethan might say. “Must be a prostitute,” was the standard reply. This of course was the central premise of Shakespeare in Love: that a woman need to pretend to be a pre-pubescent in order to play a woman, and it is a theme echoed in Shakespeare’s Women, a new play written by Ian Burns and Barry McKenna, which is set to make its worldwide premiere next Wednesday (see G2 for details). In one scene, the two title characters wear beards in order to fool the Bard into conceding that the

custom is ridiculous. It might not have the comedic wow factor of Some Like it Hot, or the dramatic punch of the end of Tootsie, but is sounds like it has a lot of potential. Especially as Shakespeare can be quite sexy at times. While Hamlet and Ophelia have some pretty flirtatious moments (“Do you think I meant country matters,” the cheeky mare asks in Act 3 Scene 2), I’m a sucker for the femme fatales. One of my favourite ever lines is uttered by Regan in King Lear, moments after helping her husband gouge out somebody’s eyes. “Let him smell his way to Dover.” It cuts me to the bone every time. It wouldn’t be the same coming from an acne-ridden third grader with an Airfix glue habit. And to think they called it the Golden Age. Anyhow, at least Shakespeare lasted the test of time, as I’m not sure Facebook and Twitter will be inspiring playwrights in 400 years time. Social Media Week (see G9) includes lots of events for technophobes who don’t know their trolling from their tagging. And don’t forget children’s half-term (see G9), which either occurs in Week 7 or 8, depending on which council you live in. Shakespeare wouldn’t have liked it as half his cast would have had the week off. Unless, of course, he was prepared to improvise.

If they were Shakespeare’s sisters, they’d say “Stay” if they knew how long the bard had before he would shuffle off this mortal coil

Shakespeare’s Women

Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2, Cph Ø; starts Wed, ends March 23, performances Mon-Fri 20:00, Sat 17:00; www. ACTING, in Shakespeare’s time, was a strictly male affair. An all boys’ club. For an Elizabethan woman to exhibit herself in public, not to mention on stage, was unseemly, immoral and highly indecent. Even the most feminine and romantic role of Juliet Capulet, one of Shakespeare’s most renowned female characters, was played by a cross-dressing boy. Ironically, this form of gender bias served to challenge the boundaries of restrictive gender roles. It raised the issue of whether being accepted as a man or woman lies in the performance of gender. At the same time, Shakespeare dramatised many faces of womanhood, not just a delicate modest one. His female characters often rebelled against a social structure largely determined by men. How did Shakespeare actually come to write what was his last play – no, not The Tempest, but The Two Noble Kinsmen, a play published posthumously that he co-wrote with Jacobean playwright John Fletcher – and how were his female characters involved? This is the mystery Barry McKenna and Ian Burns creatively clarify in their upcoming production, Shakespeare’s Women. The piece will be the continuation of an experiment that director Barry McKenna started in 2008 with his award-winning Flammens

Performance Carmen

Store Scene, Ekvipagemestervej 10, Cph K; ends March 20, performances Fri 19:00, Mar 3 (15:00), Mar 6 (19:30), Mar 11 (19:30), Mar 14 (19:30), Mar 20 (19:30); tickets: 125895kr,, 3369 6969; 225 mins with intermission; sung in French with Danish supertitles This particular production of Carmen by Scottish director David McVicar premiered at the Royal Danish Theatre three years ago and now it’s back to lift your spirits during the dull, dreary winter. Georges Bizet’s classic opera is full of steamy Spanish passion, eroticism, raucous stage scenes and familiar songs that will have you swaying on your haunches. CS

SHAKESPEARE’S WOMEN, ACT ONE, SCENE ONE SHAKESPEARE: The women, the women, it’s all about the women. (He scribbles his first words on the paper enthusiastically) SHAKESPEARE: The Two Noble Kinsmen … poxy title … enter … three queens dressed in black (He stops short and stares off into space, not a thought in his head) SHAKESPEARE: The well is run dry of the waters of inspiration. In ‘The Tempest’ I used up the last rivulets of my poetic heart and soul.

Muse, which focused primarily on the words and situations of Shakespeare, leaving elaborate costumes and settings aside. Shakespeare Unplugged, last year’s production, which was co-written by Burns and McKenna, created an even more unique theatre experience in which audience members were invited onstage to take an active role as Shakespearean characters. This year’s piece, Shakespeare’s Women, explores Shakespeare’s own artistic struggles. Shakespeare’s Women opens shortly after the devastating fire on 29 June 1613 in the Globe Theatre, which went up in flames after a cannon was fired for special effects during a performance of Henry VIII. Shakespeare, having retired to his hometown, Stratford-upon-Avon, is ushered back to London to write a play for the reopening of his theatre. He lives at The Elephant on the South Bank, a pub surrounded by brothels, other pubs, and the executioner’s square. He attempts to make Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale from The Canturbury Tales his own, turning to his earlier plays and previous female creations for inspiration, yet he himself is burnt out.

The Devils of Loudun

Store Scene, Ekvipagemestervej 10, Cph K; starts Tue, ends March 26, performances at 20:00 (unless stated) on Feb 27, March 5, March 12, March 19, March 24 (15:00), March 26; tickets 125-895kr; 120 mins without intermission; English with Danish subs Krzysztof Penderecki, who is best known for writing creepy atmospheric music for films like The Exorcist and The Shining, wrote this eerie opera as a protest against the repression of the Poles during the communist era. Based on Aldous Huxley’s novel, Penderecki swaps communism fervour for 17th century religious fanaticism, telling the story of a priest accused of violating several nuns. Arranged by the KGL’s former artistic director Keith Warner, it is a sinister, unforgettable opera. BH

“Records of Shakespeare’s life are hard to come by and we thought it would be fun to try and put ourselves in his shoes,” writes Burns, who himself will be playing Shakespeare. “The task of writing anything under pressure is something any writer recognises. We hope that our play will give a little insight as to what might have happened in London in March 1614.” Shakespeare experiences visions of notable female characters from his previous works, which pushes him to create yet again. These women, including Ophelia, Cleopatra, Perdita, and Juliet, answer Shakespeare’s queries throughout his writing of The Two Noble Kinsmen. His nurse from Stratford − who cares for him throughout his battle with a serious illness, likely syphilis − also encourages and guides him through his quest for the comedy and magic that once came easily. This 75-minute That Theatre Company production plays on memory and imagination. It will leave Shakespeare enthusiasts scrambling to place references from a plethora of Shakespeare’s works and leave lovers of the English language properly satisfied.

Cirque du Soleil: Alegría

Forum, Julius Thomsens Plads 1, Frederiksberg; ends Feb 24, performances TueThu 20:00, Fri 17:00 & 21:00, Sat 16:00 & 20:00, Sun 15:00 & 19:00; tickets 465-665kr,; www. High on the buzz of starring in an upcoming 3D film by James Cameron, Cirque du Soleil’s collection of circus artists and theatre performers bring you Alegría. A baroque-inspired celebration of youth, Alegría means joyful in Spanish and its evolving fantasy universe is aptly inhabited by minstrels, beggars, king’s fools, elderly aristocrats, children and clowns. The company delivers all the expected circus tricks – synchronised trapeze, fire and knife dancing, contortion routines and the Mongolian art of hand balancing – but with added class. VE




Gamle Scene, Kongens Nytorv, Cph K; starts Fri, ends March 1, performances on Sat, Tue, Wed, Feb 22, Feb 23, Feb 26, Feb 27, Feb 28, March 1; tickets 200kr; duration: 125 mins; For just 200 kroner, you get to see two short ballets (José Limons’s macho Native American stomp The Unsung and Wayne McGregor’s acrobatic Chroma) and excerpts from La Bayadere, which is returning in March after a winter break. Given that all the seats are the same price – from the stalls to the galleries – you might snatch a couple of seats that would normally set you back more than 1,000 kroner. The programme, back for a third successive year, is well-chosen to both introduce novices to the ballet and please regular ballet-goers. BH



15 - 21 February 2013 KORE-A-MOVES

Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, Cph V; starts tonight (Thu Feb 14), ends Sat, performances at 20:00; tickets: adults 130kr, children 60kr,; www. GIVEN THE inordinate and virtually inexplicable amount of time devoted to the global phenomenon that is Gangnam style, you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that the now ubiquitous dance moves made legendary by Psy are representative of Korean dance. Thankfully this is not the case: Korea is a happening country, as the Korean mini dance festival KORE A MOVES will demonstrate over three days of contemporary dance from 14-16 February at Dansehallerne in the burgeoning artistic corner of Carlsberg. Sungsoo Ahn, a graduate of the Juilliard School in New York, founded the dance company Sungsoo Ahn Pickup Group in 1991. Originally the group consisted of dancers from New York, but since 1998, Sungsoo Ahn has based the troupe in Korea. The group skillfully blends techniques from ballet and hip-hop. This is reflected in its unique make-up: an eclectic mixture of dance tal-

Myths of Impunity

Exhibitions Drachmannkroen 100 År


Møstings Hus, Andebakkesti 5, Fredriksberg; starts Feb 16, ends March 17; open TueSun 11:00-16:00, Wed 11:0019:00; This exhibition, organised in collaboration with art historian Troels Andersen, presents paintings by Aksel Jørgensen (1883-1957) from the historic Drachmann Inn and Tavern. The Fredriksberg inn is no longer open to the public, so this display offers a rare opportunity to the viewing public. BF

Noget gammelt, noget nyt, noget lånt

ent springing from traditional dance/ballet and backing dancers for Korean pop stars. Ahn compares this diversity with a composer combining different instruments to create a beautiful soundtrack. The element of ballet is a core feature of Ahn’s choreography. He believes that ballet has a yin-yang that promotes a balance between body and mind, allowing dancers to move intuitively. The troupe will be performing Rose: The rite of spring to the music of Igor Stravinsky. In this dance piece, gender roles are challenged as a group of women engage in a circular dance to find ‘a chosen one’ − the ideal man to be sacrificed as part of the ritual worship of the earth. For this piece, the company has been supplemented with hiphop dancers to represent the power and energy of masculinity. The Ahn Soo Young Dance Project has been touring internationally since 2007. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is reconstructed by Ahn from its classic ballet roots into a vibrant universe of hip-hop and contemporary dance. The graceful swans become homeless ones, grooving through a dreary urban landscape. These two performances start at 20:00 on Thursday and Friday. The Thursday show will be followed by a chance to discuss the performance with the


Marianne Friis Gallery, Prags Boulevard 49, Back Yard, Cph S; starts Feb 15, ends March 9; open Wed-Fri 11:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-16:00; This group exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists under the theme of something old, something new, and something borrowed. Artists include: Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup, Hilden & Diaz, Leon Matis, Robin Monies, Steve Schepens and Asbjørn Skou. BF


Flensborggade 57, NE Cph V; started Feb 9, ends March 10; open after appointment; www. This is the inaugural exhibition of a year-long series by the expat artists group Velkommen! Du kan gå nu, which is curated by Joshua Mittleman. This exhibition features the work of American artist Guston Sondin-Kong. BF

Marianne Krumbach


Officinet, Danske Kunsthåndværkere, Bredgade 66, Cph K; starts Feb 16, ends March 10; open Tue-Sun 12:00-16:00; Accomplished ceramic artist Marriane Krumbach works with traditional decorative forms by distorting and abstracting them in this solo exhibition. BF

Illo, Rudvaska and Macho

Cisternerne Museet for Moderne Glaskunst, Søndermarken, Frederiksberg; ends Nov 30; open Thu-Fri 14:00-18:00; Sat-Sun 11:0017:00; Tickets: 50kr, under14s: free adm; Accomplished artists Patril Illo, Zuzana Rudavská, and Palo Macho show their glass sculptures at this unique underground exhibition space, which is a former water reservoir where the city of Copenhagen stored water. BF

Somebody give these virgins a copy of the Kama Sutra − they clearly don’t know what they’re doing

artists. The Friday shows will be preceded by a talk at 17:00, looking at contemporary dance trends in Korea, and the country itself. On Saturday, the doors open to a Young Choreographers Night with three performances in one programme. Founded in 2007, the Goblin Party want to bewitch, play

tricks and bedazzle – all members of the troupe have the chance to work as both a choreographer and dancer so, in that way, the company has no definite leader. The piece I GO is the brainchild of Jin-Ho Lin, who got the idea while working as a funeral coach to explore the dilemmas and mysteries of death.

EDX2, led by choreographer Lee In-Soo, presents WHAT WE’VE LOST, which looks at the themes of fantasy and reality of memories through a blend of hip-hop and modern dance to create a diverse mosaic of body movement. Suksoon Jung’s Project S presents the short piece FOR WHOM 2.0, which revolves

around directions and the illusions of moving forwards. This three-day sample of what Korean choreographers and dancers have to offer in the way of contemporary dance is yet another inspiring addition to the Dansehallerne programme.

RIP Image

Thorbjørn Bechmann and Sofie Thorsen: IG 383 and The Play Sculptures


FOKUS Videokunstfestival


Moderna Museet Malmö, Gasverksgatan 22, Malmö; starts Feb 16, ends April 14; open Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00; Tickets: 70kr, under-18s free adm; Iranian-American artist Tala Madani shows paintings, drawings, and animations in this large solo exhibition. Madani works with humour to address politics and power in her artwork. BF

Jesper Dyrehauge: Medium Large

Overgaden, Neden Vandet 17, Cph K; ends April 7; open Tue-Sun 13:00-17:00, Thurs 13:00-20:00; www. Jesper Dyrehauge presents a new series of paintings exploring the limits of the medium. BF

Kottie Paloma: Post Punk Domestication

MOHS Exhibit, Sønder Boulevard 98, Cph V; ends March 9; open Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 13:0016:00; Kottie Paloma makes paintings and drawings that mutate from cartoons to abstractions. BF

Overgaden, Neden Vandet 17, Cph K; ends April 7; open Tue-Sun 13:00-17:00, Thurs 13:00-20:00; www.overgaden. org Thorbjørn Bechmann and Sofie Thorsen present a mutual investigation of the implications of the Modernist 20th century architectural design of public space. BF

Dan Miller: Vector

Danske Grafikeres Hus, Sølvgade 14, Cph K, ends March 3, open Thu-Sun 13:00-17:00; www. Scottish artist Dan Miller presents new paintings, drawings and prints based on the art work of Palle Nielsen and Günther Fruhtrunk. BF

American Photography

Nils Stærk, Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, Cph V; ends March 2; open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; Photographer Torbjørn Rødland works with iconic imagery from US culture – both historical and present day. BF

Karin Ohlsen: + - 1003

Galerie Pi, Borgergade 15D, Cph K; ends March 9; open Tue-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-14:00; www.galeriepi. dk Karin Ohlsen creates abstractions of landscapes in her artwork. Based in Germany, the painter will present new works in her solo exhibition. BF

Martin Asbæk Gallery, Bredgade 23, Cph K; ends March 9; open Tue-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-16:00; In connection with the video festival, this exhibition includes Niels Bonde, Jesper Carlsen, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Pernille Rose Grønkjær, Matt Saunders, and Lisa Strömbeck.BF


Dronning Louises Bro, Cph N; ends Sep; open Mon-Sun 07:00-22:00; Væggen (The Wall) shows archival pictures from Copenhagen’s history. BF

Simon Dybbroe Møller: 2002

Andersen’s Contemporary, Amager Strandvej 50B, Cph S, ends March 3, open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; Simon Dybbroe Møller’s pieces are most often presented as sculptural installation and deal with themes from art history and philosophy. BF

Blomsten og Cigaren. Modernisme fra ARoS

Kunstforeningen Gl Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends May 12; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed-Thu 11:0020:00; Tickets: 60kr, under-16s: free adm; Curated by Dr Phil Lennart Gottlieb, this exhibition collects paintings from the Danish Modernist period. BF


Nikolaj Kunsthal, Nikolaj Plads 10, Cph K; ends March 3; open Tue-Sun 12:00-17:00; This festival presents a wide selection of new video artwork both curated and selected via an open call. BF

Jeffery Silverthorne: Portraits & Figures

Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Skindergade 5, Cph K; ends March 2; open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-16:00; US-based photographer Jeffery Silverthorne works with figurative portraits. He is best known for his nude shots. BF

My Elementary School Class, Based on my Memory

Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Ny Carlsbergvej 68, Cph V; ends March 16; open Tue-Fri 12:0017:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; www. Land’s work focuses on childhood, seen from a melancholy rather than joyful perspective. BF

Daniel Van der Noon – Selected Storeys

Galleri Jules Julian, Palægade 7, Cph K; ends March 9; open Tue-Fri 12:00-20:00, Sat 11:00-14:00; 3331 1067; www. Daniel Van der Noon’s trademark is soaring skyscrapers, lively illustrations and his signature window drawings – urban horizons portrayed across glass surfaces. JH


Strictly not Gangnam style





15 - 21 February 2013

A good day to let the whole franchise die out DAVE SMITH

A Good Day to Die Hard (15)

Dir: John Moore; US action/crime, 2013, 97 mins; Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sebastian Koch, Cole Hauser Premiered February 14 Playing nationwide


RUCE WILLIS, presumably due to a clause in his contract with the Devil in which he gave up his hair, is returning as New York cop John McClane for a fifth time to battle evil terrorists. In this, the latest chapter of the seemingly never-ending series, McClane heads to Moscow to rescue his sonJack (Jai Courtney), who is charged with murder and set to appear in court. McClane is unaware, however, that his son is working as a CIA operative, and in fact committed the crime in order to gain access to political prisoner and potential snitch Yuri Komarov (Sebastian Koch). McClane’s arrival conveniently coincides with both Jack’s hearing and an attempt on Komarov’s life, and Jack’s subsequent attempts to smuggle him out of Russia. Only minutes into the McClane family reunion, McClane Sr, Jack and Komarov all find themselves fleeing a heavily-armed gang pursuing Komarov, who are hoping to retrieve a dossier that could incriminate their boss. But against all the odds ... With the first Die Hard now firmly anchored into the minds of film fanatics as the pinnacle of action cinema, opinions vary as to which of the sequels – if any – actually hold a candle to the original. It is worth noting that John McTiernan, director of the first two films, abandoned the franchise in 1995 after Die Hard with a Vengeance – and for good reason, it seems. Each of the subsequent follow-ups to the 1998 original have

Willis will have to take up drinking again in order to get over this flop of a film

paled in comparison to the first. Die Hard with a Vengeance boasted a few merits, but this instalment has lost feeling of it being a Die Hard film. Len Wiseman unwisely fell victim to the same phenomenon with Live Free or Die Hard, taking the action across the entire Eastern seaboard in a war against a cyber terrorist hell-bent on holding the country at ransom. Aspects of each sequel work on some levels, but no longer share anything in common with the first film. A Good Day to Die Hard only exacerbates this issue further. Willis’s McClane has devolved

almost beyond recognition. By now, he’s had to accept the fact that the world has changed, and the methods he employed in the late ‘80s will no longer suffice to save the day. He’s developed from a lovable black sheep into a deranged sociopath, for whom it’s a tall order to function normally in the everyday world. When he finally does find Jack in Moscow, his son unsurprisingly wants nothing to do with him. Much of the film’s shortcomings can be undoubtedly attributed to scriptwriter Skip Woods (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The A-Team), but in

truth, Willis himself isn’t blameless, either. After two decades as the face of the franchise, Willis should at least have set the standards higher, as the rest of the cast can do little to help. Courtney’s Jack is far too lacking in complexity to hold any clout as a hero, and Koch, known for his roles in The Lives of Others and Black Book, can only hint at his underlying talent with a flimsy character and wafer-thin script. Coarse and monotonous where its predecessors were clever and complex – where are the charming British villains pretending to be Germans? – it’s

no exaggeration to call A Good Day to Die Hard the worst film of the lot. It struggles to entertain or evoke a reaction even on a basic level. Perhaps most worrisome of all is the knowledge that the suffering is far from over and that the franchise will continue. As the title of this instalment suggests, perhaps Willis has actually deemed it a good day to die – and is actually willing himself to do so in letting the franchise live on. If that’s the case, he’s on exactly the right track with this film. Because as hard as it may be, Bruce, it’s time to die. Please try harder.

This witch-hunt is a grim fairy tale, alright Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (15) Dir: Tommy Wirkola; US action/ adventure, 2013, 88 mins; Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Famke Janssen, Zoe Bell, Peter Stormare Premiered February 7 Playing nationwide

T With two Oscar nominations to his name, Renner must be wondering how he ended up as Hansel on the hunt

HE IDEA is [that Hansel & Gretel have] grown up and they hunt witches,” a producer explained. “It’s a hybrid sort of old-timey feeling, yet there’s pump-action shotguns. Modern technology, but in an old style. We heard it and we were just like: ‘That’s a freakin’ franchise! You could make three of those!’”

To which this reviewer can only say: what a depressing thought. The premise may be potentially legitimate. The storyline adds depth to the Brothers Grimm’s concise original. And reaching deep for praise, I even found something to like about the film’s solitary troll who provides a nice variation to the endless swarms of Halloween-y witches who beset the plot. Having said all that, I really don’t know how to interest a viewer in this clunky, selfsatisfied slice of CGI and 3Denhanced horror comedy. To be fair, I was never the film’s target audience. But that’s because I happen to like my mashed-up entertainment done with just

a touch of intelligence – that’s reasonable. Simply imagining Hansel and Gretel (Renner and Arterton, respectively) 15 years later as self-ordained vigilantes out for witch blood is not enough, although I did find it an inspired touch that Hansel has contracted diabetes from eating too much candy back at the witch’s place. It’s at least refreshing to see a stereotypical hero embarrassed by his insulin injections. Norwegian writer-director Tommy Wirkola gained some notoriety with the cult Nazi zombie pic Dead Snow in 2008. This, his first Hollywood outing, is most of all a star vehicle for the sombre Renner (The Bourne Legacy and Avengers) and the

fetching Arterton. Sleepwalking through the motions as tough, sexy icons of medieval bounty hunting, they have their work cut out for them when they’re commissioned to rescue several children kidnapped by witches, who unfortunately are less scary due to their familiar cartoonish quality. Weapon aficionados will appreciate the gory climax, which is about as plausible a story as the nude scenes in which Hansel goes skinny-dipping with a star-struck, well-endowed ‘white witch’. In terms of romance, sister Gretel is less fortunate. She only manages to seduce a geeky teenager and an emasculated troll. KASPER R GULDBERG



15 - 21 February 2013

Book Your Tickets Zero Dark Thirty (15) Dir: Kathryn Bigelow; US action/drama, 2012, 157 mins; Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, James Gandolfini, Mark Strong, Chris Pratt The most unnerving, brilliantly acted thriller of the year, Zero Dark Thirty boasts an impressive inventory of ferocious visuals, an endlessly mesmerising performance from actress Jessica Chastain and a script that mercurially bulldozes any narrative clichés and instead offers punchy, naturalistically delivered political dialogue. Remorseless and torturous the film may be, but you won’t be able to stop watching. LR

The Master (11) Dir: Paul Thomas Anderson; US drama, 2012, 137 mins; Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Laura Dern The Master is one of the richest, most visually arresting and intellectually engaging films of recent times. While there are unmistakable references to scientology, the film is, at its core, universally applicable as a study in the exploitation of vulnerable peoples and the cyclical nature of subjugation. The film’s gorgeous Technicolor hues and flawlessly nuanced performances create an experience that will likely stay with you for a long time. MW

Django Unchained (15) Searching for Sugar Man (15) Dir: Quentin Tarantino; US action/drama/western, 2012, 165 mins; Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L Jackson Tarantino’s eagerly anticipated pastiche of the western epic is a bold, throbbing, exuberantly crafted piece of work – one that rattles cages with a vengeance. The film manages to conduct a joyride through old Dixie while simultaneously building up to a passionate climax steeped in heartbreaking romance and pacifistic, moral indignation. And while the Tarantino trademarks are aplenty, the film doesn’t buckle under their weight. KG

The Impossible (15) Dir: Juan Antonio Bayona; Spa drama/disaster, 2012, 114 mins; Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin The Impossible, based on the real-life experiences of a family caught in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, rarely lets up the pace. It is sometimes hard to watch as the characters are severely and relentlessly battered by the water and the all-encompassing hopelessness that follows after the wave hits. The work pays off tenfold, resulting in a tough realism that no doubt informs the performances and the emotional clout of the entire film. See this, and then go and hug your kids. MW

Dir: Malik Bendjelloul; Swe/ US/SA doc, 2012, 86 mins If you disappear into obscurity after an undistinguished music career, you can always take pride in the fact that halfway across the world a nation is being inspired by your music to start a revolution against a racist oppressive regime. That’s at least what happened in the case of US ‘70s rocker Rodriguez, who was a hero to many during the South African struggle against apartheid. Swedish filmmaker Bendjelloul follows two South African fans as they try to find out what happened to their hero, and the result is as compelling as a real-life detective story. LL

Avoid like the Plague Gangster Squad (15) Dir: Ruben Fleischer; US action/crime, 2013 113 mins; Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Nick Nolte This film is little more than a weak-wristed remake of Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables, offering such a mirror-image set of the characters that one feels genuinely offended by the lack of effort. Furthermore, Gangster Squad doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be when it grows up: on the one hand highly stylised and precise, it also possesses allusions to pulp and pastiche. Untouchable is certainly a fine way of regarding the film, but if you do insist, a barge pole is highly recommended. AS

Also Playing Warm Bodies (11) Dir: Jonathan Levine; US romcom/horror, 2013, 98 mins; Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco, John Malkovich If you were expecting a stereotypical zombie film, you won’t find it in Warm Bodies, but you will instead find a romantic comedy. The film attempts to be a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, and merely substitutes a zombie for Romeo. Ironically, for a genre that is usually terrifying, Warm Bodies isn’t actually scary, and the premise of the film is ridiculous. The film attempts humour, but only succeeds at monotony and bland characters. LD

Wreck-It Ralph (7) Dir: Rich Moore; US animation/adventure, 2012, 165 mins; John C Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch When video-game villain Ralph decides he wants to be a hero instead, he sets out on a quest to rebel against his role, bringing chaos to his entire arcade in the process. Managing to be simultaneously sweet, sassy and only a tiny bit tiresome, Wreck-it Ralph is nostalgia in animated form. However, much of the film’s humour relies entirely on the nostalgia of games released in the 1980s and 90s, thereby alienating those viewers who don’t recognise the reference points. JH


Lincoln (15)

Life of Pi (11)

Dir: Steven Spielberg; US drama, 2013, 150 mins; Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader Lincoln is a well-formed and morally ambiguous study of character, principle and politics. It is often overly nostalgic about history, but confidently and even humourously refuses to shy away from the contradictions of its subject matter, and gratefully Spielberg has chosen collaborators who rise to the challenge of offering a contemporary lesson in the ways we have shaped our times, for better or worse. AS

Dir: Ang Lee; US Adventure/ drama, 2012, 130 mins; Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Gerard Depardieu, Rafe Spall, Tabu This beautiful adventure movie is an absolute must-see, even if the plot stinks. It’s a bottomless box of visual delights: colours have never been so vivid. But although writer David Magee does his best to cloak a very corny plot, elements of the baggy original novel still creep in. Despite the narrative compromise, the film is a much-needed bit of heart-warming magic during the frosty season. LR

Beasts of the Southern Wild (11)

The Hobbit (11)

Dir: Benh Zeitlin; US drama/ fantasy, 2012, 94 mins; Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry, Levy Easterly, Lowell Landes Based on the play Juicy and Delicious by Lucy Alibar, this film adaptation is essentially a charming children’s coming-ofage story – a moralistic fairy tale told through magical realism. Protagonist Hushpuppy’s dedication to her father is as heartbreakingly beautiful as young Wallis’s perfectly cast face, but the film’s occasional dabbling in sentimentality, along with an overbearing score and an overreliance on voiceovers prevents the film from achieving the transcendence it aims for. MW

Dir: Peter Jackson; US/New Zealand Adventure/Fantasy, 2012, 169 mins; Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Hugo Weaving The grandiloquence of the film will please the fanatics, but leave those on the fence potentially nauseous. Although some of the performances impress, the storyline is flabby, and the writers struggle to hatch a consistently entertaining story to meet the film’s excessive length. LR

PROGRAMME: THURSDAY 14 FEBRUARY - WEDNESDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2013 All times are subject to change KINOPALÆET without notice; consult Klampenborgvej 215 A, Lyngby for confirmation. Beasts of the Southern Wild (11) 14:50 PALADS Django Unchained (15) Axeltorv 9, Cph K; 7013 1211 14:30-18:00-21:30 Beasts of the Southern Wild Gangster Squad (15) 16:20-18:30-20:40 21:30 Django Unchained (15) A Good Day to Die Hard (15) 14:30-18:00-21:15 10:00-12:10-14:30-16:00Gangster Squad (15) 16:40-19:00-19:20-20:40-21:30 21:30 The Hobbit 2D (11) A Good Day to Die Hard (15) 10:20 11:00-11:30-13:30-13:45-15:45The Impossible (15) 16:00-18:20-19:00-20:40-21:15 16:00-19:00-21:00 (Sat) Life of Pi 2D (11) The Hobbit 2D (11) 12:10 14:00-16:30-20:00 (Sat) Lincoln (15) The Impossible (15) 20:15 13:00-15:45-19:00-21:30 Skyfall (11) Lincoln (15) 21:30 13:00-18:00-21:00 Warm Bodies (11) Skyfall (11) 10:00-13:45 21:15 Witch Hunters 2D (15) Warm Bodies (11) 12:50-17:00 18:30 Zero Dark Thirty (15) Hansel & Gretel: Witch 18:15 Hunters 2D (15) 12:00-14:10-16:20-18:30 GLORIA Wreck-It Ralph (7) Rådhuspladsen 59, Cph K 19:00 3312 4292; Zero Dark Thirty (15) Beasts of the Southern Wild 12:15-20:45 (11) 21:20


Kalvebod Brygge 57, Cph V; 7010 1202 Django Unchained (15) 15:30-20:30-21:15-23:59 (Fri & Sat) A Good Day to Die Hard (15) 12:00-14:10-16:15-17:0018:45-19:15-21:00-21:3023:15-23:59 (Fri & Sat) The Hobbit 3D (11) 15:45-20:45 Life of Pi 3D (11) 19:10 Lincoln (15) 18:30 Warm Bodies (11) 19:30-23:59 (Fri & Sat) Witch Hunters 3D (15) 18:20-21:45-23:59 (Fri & Sat) Zero Dark Thirty (15) 21:30


Abalonsgade 5, Cph V, 3324 4200 Beasts of the Southern Wild (11) 12:00-17:15-19:00-20:45 Searching for Sugar Man (15) 14:30-19:00


Sylows Allé 15, Frederiksberg, 7013 1211; Django Unchained (15) 12:00-20:40 A Good Day to Die Hard (15) 12:30-15:30-19:15-22:00 (Fri & Sat) The Impossible (15) 19:30 Lincoln (15) 12:00-17:20-20:30 Warm Bodies (11) 10:00 (Sat) Witch Hunters 2D (15) 17:30 Zero Dark Thirty (15) 20:20


Jernbanegade 2, Cph K 3314 3222 Beasts of the Southern Wild (11) 10:20-12:10-13:20-16:00-19:10 Django Unchained (15) 9:45-12:40-21:30 The Impossible (15) 16:15-19:00 Lincoln (15) 9:45-20:10-21:30 The Master (11) 14:20-17:10


Guldbergsgade 29F; Cph N, 3536 0036; Beasts of the Southern Wild (11) 20:15-22:30 Django Unchained (15) 12:30-15:45-19:00-22:30 A Good Day to Die Hard (15) 12:45-15:15-20:00-22.15 Lincoln (15) 14:45-19:30 The Master (11) 17:15 Zero Dark Thirty (15) 15:15-21:00


Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8, Cph K Beasts of the Southern Wild (11) 9:3013:30 Django Unchained (15) 15:00-18:15-21:30 Lincoln (15) 12:00-15:30-18:30-21:30 The Master (11) 12:00-18:30-21:30 Zero Dark Thirty (15) 11:30-20:30


Gothersgade 55, Cph K 3374 3400; Edward Scissorhands (11) 14:15 (Thu) Punch Drunk Love (15) 21:30 (Thu) Alice in Wonderland (11) 14:15 (Fri) There Will Be Blood (15) 14:00 (Sat) Coraline (7) 14:15 (Sun) Post Mortem (15) 21:30 (Tue) James and the Giant Peach (7) 16:45 (Wed) Magnolia (15) 19:15 (Wed)


Ved Vesterport 4, Cph V, 70131211; A Good Day to Die Hard (15) 12:00-15:15-18:30-21:30


Gentoftegade 39; A Good Day to Die Hard (15) 20:30 (Sat & Sun) Zero Dark Thirty (15) 17:45 (Sat & Sun)




15 - 21 February 2013

Exorcising Marley’s ghost: Papa’s son, the country singer Bob Marley Tribute: Ky Mani Marley

Pumpehuset Studiestræde 52, Cph V; Fri 20:00; Tickets: 270kr;



OB MARLEY is turning 68! Well, he would have been, if he were still alive. But that shouldn’t stop Denmark’s rastafari from lighting up ... the candles on his cake. And not only is Pumpehuset happy to accommodate any soul brothers who are keen to pay tribute to the heralded pioneer of reggae music, but his son Ky Mani Marley will be there as well. Even though there seems to be an infinite number of Marley offspring who have popped up with a one-hit wonder before disappearing back into the haze, to actually have a legitimate Marley present is a rare privilege. Because the truth is, while Bob may have passed on, his 13 children have all been blessed with their father’s musical gift, whether they want it or not. “I never wanted to be a musician,” Mani told Reggae Music Review. “But I was born to be one. It was not a choice. It was my destiny.” Perhaps not the most original line, but what makes Mani different from the Marley siblings is that he does not feel exclusively bound to the rasta scene – a fact that this country music-loving brother is keen to point out. “I hate being labelled as just a reggae artist,” Mani said. “Just because my last name is Marley, everyone seems to expect me to sing reggae. That’s so minimal to my capabilities and the work that I do.”

And he has by no means stuck to the family stereotype. You can find all sorts of musical genres within Mani’s music. The Spanish guitar in ‘Rudeboy’, the rock-steady style in ‘Dear Dad’ and hip-hop rhymes in his verses are clear indications of Mani’s musical diversity. That … and touring with Van Halen. “The biggest obstacle in my life was to come out of that reggae box I was placed in,” Mani explained. “The fact is – I just love music, whether it’s Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles or Alicia Keys.” Surprised? Well, considering that Mani’s favourite films include the likes of The Last Samurai, The Gladiator and The Notebook, you probably shouldn’t be. But then again, what’s really in a name? Not even Papa Marley was sure. “Bob Marley isn’t my name,” he was once quoted as saying. “I don’t even know my name yet.” But what you can be sure of is a great concert in tribute to the big man, complete with a workshop on Marley’s life, a seminar on rastafari, local reggae music, special guest artists with light show effects and, of course, the headline act of Ky Mani Marley. Mani will be the first to tell you that he is musically nothing like the rest of the Marley siblings. But what you will see is a slightly experimental take on reggae that encompasses all forms of music rather than just one. Bob Marley once said that a “man is a universe within himself ”. So why don’t you join in with Mani and find the true colours within your own nebula this Friday. BJARKE SMITH-MEYER

BUFFET & BUBBLY WITH BuffetA& BUBBLY BuBBly BUFFET HARBOUR with A WITH A VIEW HARBOUR VIEW hArBour view Kids welcome! Kids Kids welcome! welcome!

Children’s play zone with activities Kids 0-6 years: free 6-12 years: ½ price Adults: 329 kr. Private function? Book a room for 16-60 guests.

Marriott • Kalvebod Brygge 5 • 88 33 12 31 •

Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •

BioMio is Denmark’s largest organic restaurant. The environment is on the menu Local and climate friendly ingredients, made to order in front of you by one of our chefs.


Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

15 - 21 February 2013

The Darkness

Amager Bio, Øresundsvej 6, Cph S; 21:00; 325kr It was at the beginning of 2003 that this glam-rock band emerged, sending the whole of England into rapture with their debut Permission to Land (2003). The band that Ricky Gervais once hailed as “the best band in Britain” had the nation wrapped around their fingers on the back of their refreshing pop cocktail of ACDC rock and glittery bodysuits and lightning-bolt headbands. Since then the group have experienced something of a fall from grace. Although they were more than a flash in the pan, they were still novelty act. No matter how entertaining Hot Cakes (2012) is, nothing will bring back their previous fame.

Monday 18

Tuesday 19


Store Vega; 21:00; sold out The Danish quintet distance themselves from the generic indie pop scene with a more daring project focusing on experimental instrumental compositions. Every facet of their studio recordings are brought to life in their stage performances. The inclusion of additional members, who perform as supporting members of the band, really serve to do the band’s music justice and give the audience a real concert. Getting hold of tickets may be a little tricky, however, so try getting on the waiting list for a chance to get in come Sunday.

2 x Duo: Mads Vinding/ Jesper Lundgaard & Mette Juul/Heine Hansen

CPH Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsensgade 10, Cph K; 20:00; 80kr Tonight’s showcase will be a veritably unique demonstration of pure jazz creativity courtesy of some of Denmark’s top jazz musicians. Traditionally, the first duo are both stellar bassists, rarely paired together due to their marked similarities. Joining the pair will be another duo in the form of vocalist Mette Juul and acclaimed pianist Jesper Lundgaard of the muchpraised Ginman/Blachman jazz collective. The premise of easy listening, elegant and soft jazz, they aim to capture the paragon of soothing coffee-house tunes.

Local Natives

Store Vega; 21:00; sold out Originally from Los Angeles, the five-bit group draw from the craft of Grizzly Bear, Broken Social Scene and Fleet Foxes. Their music pivots on the authenticity of atmosphere and the rapaciously sharp dynamism each single creates, which is true for most of their tracks. Hummingbird (2012) gained a healthy rating of 8.1 on Pitchfork, presumably scoring stars for its consistency in achieving that authenticity. This is the biggest gig in town this week and although tickets have already officially sold out, there’s no harm in trying your luck on the online ticket forums.

Thanks to Wafande, Natasja’s legacy lives on Review Wafande


February 9 Lille Vega


anish Dancehall, a music genre that has rocketed to popularity over the last several years, is currently being steered by the soonto-be-household names Raske Penge, Klumben, Top Gunn and the stars of Saturday night’s soldout Lille Vega show, Wafande and Kaka. When the iconic Natasja Saad passed away tragically in 2007, many wondered if her flourishing reggae legacy would simply fizzle out into the narrative of Danish music history, or whether it would continue to live on. But six years on, Danish dancehall is at an all-time high, vying for airplay on radio stations and making its way into festivals and concert venues with aplomb, as last night’s entertainment at Vega proved.

It took a while to get the ball rolling, as Bikstok Røgsystem’s frontman PharPhar gave a short, comical intro for Kaka who ran on stage beanie-clad and content. The eager crowd responded well to Kaka’s wellpaced lyrics over a catchy beat and had scarcely begun to enjoy the show, three songs in, when the show’s main act Wafande took to the stage. Performing as if the temperature were up in the high 20s on a summer day, Wafande was quick off the mark, delivering a live version of his charged ‘Lang Vej Hjemme’ (Long way home). The tune, an emotional reflection on cultural identity, ultimately sounds better on a CD at home than it does live, but it still had a powerful effect on the crowd, who sang wittily along to its anti-Dansk Folkeparti/ Pia K lyrics. This was followed by the merry ‘Kom ned til Vandet,’ (Come down to the water), a casual tribute to summer in Denmark that radiated through Lille Vega.

Thursday 21 Ryan Russell

Robin Skjoldborg

Sunday 17 Nan Na Hvass

Saturday 16



Loppen, Sydområdet 4B, Cph K; 21:00; 50kr This American band’s futuristic echoes swell with references to the ‘80s. A clash of ‘80s punk rock, rough-lined New York graffiti and The Velvet Underground’s hazy perception of the world, the Cosmonauts have found themselves marooned somewhere between the ‘60s and the 21st century: obliviously delivering their material to a generation now hooked on electric cigarettes and tucking knee length socks into their high heels. Everything Lou Reed could have ever hoped for in modern rock, the Cosmonauts have made available a handful of EPs on their page.

Nightlife Tobias Winberg

Drone, Nørrebrogade 184, Cph N; Fri 22:00; free adm Just a few minutes from Sankt Hans Torv on Nørrebrogade, Drone bar attracts a large night crowd from all over town every week – but especially on Fridays. Tonight, Copenhagenbred DJ Tobias Winberg will be playing a set of the latest rock ‘n’ roll, alternative and electro tunes just downstairs from the main bar. Wafande’s got a powerful voice for a skinny wee man

With his main tracks seemingly exhausted in the opening phase of the show, Wafande geared down and sung a few less popular numbers that gave the audience a chance to breathe, before Kaka joined him on stage to somewhat reignite the show. Things livened up towards the end with a French retake of Sting’s iconic ‘Englishman in New York’ before ‘Giv mig et smil’ (give me a smile) rounded things off appropriately.

Having already performed earlier in the day at the same venue to a concert hall full of kids, Wafande was still sharp and cheerful come evening. If Saturday night is anything to go by, he looks set to challenge the airplay dominion of pop and R&B in Denmark. Thanks to him, Natasja’s spirit lives on six years after that tragic evening in Jamaica. Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk

Bo-Bi Bar

Klareboderne 14, Cph K; 20:00; free adm Playing old records and serving up a host of ales and bitters, Bo-Bi Bar is one of the inner city’s few remaining relics. As old photographs on the walls attest, the bar has remained practically unchanged since the ‘50s. Bo-Bi is the ideal place in town to set the tone for a night out at the Jazzhouse, merely a stone’s throw away. Just be careful not to answer your mobile phone or take out a camera indoors: it’s an in-house rule that the owners strictly enforce.

Maps & Atlases

Loppen, Sydområdet 4B, Cph K; 21:00; 95kr Hailing from Chicago, the eccentric four-bit boy band tick all the boxes, commercially merging math-rock elements with folk aspects. Their experiments often begin with Dave Davison’s unusual vocal style, who sounds uncannily similar to Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. The group’s complex layered rhythms then disorientate, enliven and awaken the listener with each beat. Creatively criss-crossing indie and pop trends, Maps & Atlases are definitely on the right path with their new record, Beware and Be Grateful (2012), topping their debut released two years prior. Daniel van der Noon

Vibes Apotek

Ydunsgade 5, Cph N; Sat 22:00; free adm Serving 35kr cocktails that claim to remedy ailments such as writer’s block, boredom, an aching heart and loneliness in the most kitschy of venues, Vibes Apotek is not yet swamped by tourists or the wrong kind of folk. It’s a classy, original yet cheap beginning for a night out on the town and although there’s not much of a dancefloor – merely three sqm in front of the bar – you can always move some shapes on the forecourt.


Knabrostræde 3, Cph K; Sat 23:00; adm 100kr Even though the club only opens its door on Saturdays, its varied DJ line-up play progressive psy, psychedelic and fullon, making sure that the party is going strong till the early morning. The club do have an entrance fee, but it includes free beer and soda all night.

Aviaja Bebe Nielsen




15 - 21 February 2013


Beat winter fatigue with an injection of French art THE LAST MONTH of Danish winter calls for an injection of colour and light. Here is a guide to a string of French masterpieces in and around Copenhagen. Dive into paintings of historical scenes, nudes and landscapes or walk through gardens reminiscent of the Château de Versailles in France. Hopefully the playful, powerful shapes and colours will be enough to sustain you until spring. French Art 1900-1930 The National Gallery of Art, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; Permanent exhibition At The National Gallery of Art you will find one of the world’s finest collections of Matisse works along with rarely exhibited, experimental and provocative works by Picasso, Braque, Modigliani and Derain. At the exhibition you can see very different works by the same artists. This is because many of the artists tried out different expressions and techniques. What these works have in common is that they received overwhelming attention from contemporary media, often in the form of raging criticism, for their distinctive vision of what modern art should look like. At the exhibition you can see Matisse’s paper cut ‘Zulma’, which is only very rarely exhibited.

The impressionists’ Paris Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, 1556 Cph V; ends April 30 The collection of French paintings at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek are masterpieces from one of the most radical and visionary periods of the history of painting – from 1850 to the early 20th century. Paintings and sculptures tell the story of new terms of art and life in a period when artists united in their desire to change the practical and aesthetic terms of painting. Courbet, Daumier, Delacroix, Degas, Manet, Sisley, Renoir, Monet, Gauguin and van Gogh are some of the artists represented in this beautiful collection. A taste of the Sun King’s pomp and circumstance Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød North of Copenhagen in Hillerød, you will find the Danish equivalent of Louis XIV of France’s magnificent castle Château de Versailles. Frederiksborg Castle is the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. It is extremely lavishly decorated and was brought into the world to highlight the power of the Danish Sun King, Christian IV and impress other European monarchs. The surrounding gardens, laid out in carefully symmetrical baroque lines and romantic landscape design, are by themselves worth a visit.

A true Francophile’s collection Ordrupgaard, Vilvordevej 110, Charlottenlund; permanent exhibition The creator of Ordrupgaard, Wilhelm Hansen, was a true Francophile, who acquired all the art he could get his hands on through his business partners in France. He created a gallery on his own private property so that he could present the very best of French painting to the Danes. At the museum you will find an impressive collection of French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, including works by Monet, Morisot and Pissaro, and there is ample opportunity to study everything from idyllic French farmhouses bathed in sunshine to rainy depictions of industrial progress.


Events ‘The Roads Around’ NEW Mini-Festival Karen Blixen Museum, Rungsted Strandvej 111, Rungsted Kyst; ends April 1; Wed-Fri 13:00-16:00, Sat & Sun 11:0016:00, closed Feb 23 & 24; 60kr; This ten-in-one deal at the Karen Blixen Museum will centre on the idea of achieving greatness – and self-awareness – late in life. Blixen herself did not attain fame until she was near 50, and the ten female artists featured in this show are all in similar stages of their lives. A wide variety of expression will be represented, from sound art by Katrine Ring to clothing design by Anne Damgaard. The rhetorician Barbara Læssøe Stephensen, sculptor Tina Maria Nielsen, author Janne Teller and five others will make this exhibition a journey into identity. Maybe you will question yours. AS Antiques in Frederiksberg Jens Jessensvej 20, Frederiksberg; Sat & Sun 10:00-17:00; 30kr; This market will be sure to help you add a beautiful collectible to your home. Find a gift for that hard-tobuy-for friend, be it designer jewellery or an antique lamp, or just treat yourself to something exquisite! AS

Masters On Monday NEW Studio Hall, Rosenørns Allé 22, Frederiksberg; Mon 19:30; free adm, limited seating A classical performance of works by French composers Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc and Darius Milhaud, both members of Les Six, will take the stage in Frederiksberg this Monday. The concert will feature a solo piano piece, a guitar duo, a trumpet, horn, and trombone sonata, two soprano works, and a trio for the oboe, bassoon and piano. AA Guitar Students of NEW Jesper Sivebaek The Studio Hall, Rosenørns Allé 22, Frederiksberg; Thu 19:30; free adm; Jasper Sivebaek’s guitar students from the Royal Danish Academy of Music perform a variety of works in the intimate, cherry wood-panelled concert hall. This workshop-style concert allows students to try their hand at concert performance in a casual environment. The programme will be released shortly before the concert. AA Harness Racing Charlottenlund Race Course, Traverbanevej 10, Charlottenlund; Sun 13:00; 20kr; www. No Ben Hur thrills and spills here, that’s for sure!

Den Blå Hal Flea NEW Ved Amagerbanen 9, Cph S; Sat & Sun, 10:00-16:00; tickets: 10kr, free parking Treat yourself to a treasure hunt through Copenhagen’s cosiest indoor flea market with over 200 stalls filled with knickknacks, retro design, furniture, porcelain ware, art, toys, appliances, electronics and clothes. Find a unique centerpiece for your table or windowsill. Bargain for a special addition to your wardrobe. And finally, wind down your rummaging experience with a hot chocolate from the Blue Hall Café. AA Helsingør Antique NEW and Flea Market Industrivej 13 A, Helsingør; Sat & Sun, 10:00-16:00; free adm There’s another reason to visit Helsingør than just Kronborg Castle. Every Saturday and Sunday, Helsingør’s warehouse on Industrivej is bustling with various vendors of art, clothes, musical instruments, fine antiques and other random gems. Discover new items each week! AA Free jazz Charlie Scott’s, Skindergade 43, Cph K; Tue & Thu 17:0020:30; Free Adm Jazz music every Tuesday and Thursday!

CPH Shortfilm NEW Festival Husets Bio, Magstræde 14, 2, Cph K; starts Thu (Feb 21), ends Feb 24; 50kr per show, 75kr per night, festival pass: 250kr; The shorts festival is back – check out next week’s InOut for more details. Day one includes a presentation made by one of the UK’s most active collectivist cinemas, The Star & Shadow from 19:00, and then highlights from the Hamburg International Short Film Festival from 21:00. All of the films have English subtitles and the tickets go on sale from 17:30 every night. BH Asian ‘80s Erotica EW Husets Bio, Cph K; Fri N 19:00; 50kr per film, 70kr for both This Asian cinema double-feature presents Dolls of the Shogun’s Harem (1986), a softcore erotic Japanese ‘pink film’ with English subtitles directed by Norifumi Suzuki, and Siu-Tung Ching’s haunted love tale Chinese Ghost Story (1987). BH Spar Shipping Fishing Trips Nyhavn 61, Cph K (dock on Lautrupskaj); Weekdays: 225kr from 08:00-15:00, Weekends: twice a day: 07:0012:30 & 12:45-18:00, the trips depend on numbers so are rarely confirmed well in advance; 3333 9355, Hook a fish on their sea trips.

English Book Club Østerbro Library, Dag Hammerskøld Allé 19, Cph Ø; contact Aishwarya Gawaskar at to sign up; Join Expat in Denmark’s next book club meeting. Coffee, tea and cookies are offered while participants discuss the book. The discussion will be in English, but participants should feel free to read the book in any language. Contact Aishwarya Gawaskar if interested to ensure there are enough arrangements for all. CPH Dining Week various locations around Copenhagen; ends Sun; 200kr per person, per meal; www. This coming week marks the start of the third annual Copenhagen Dining Week. Restaurants big and small all around town are creating three-course menus for a reasonable price, and you can reap the benefits. Madsvinet is serving smoked cod, braised and grilled beef fillet and a medly of sweets and nuts. Brasserie Petri has poached eggs, smoked pork roast and chocolate cake on the menu. Les Trois Cochons is offering three delectable starters, Coq au riesling and crème brûlée. Is your appetite piqued yet? There are many, many more. Consult Dining Week’s website for details. AS

Southern Cross Quiz Løngangstræde 37, Cph K; Thu 19:30; 25kr per person; max five per team You’ll be impressed with the intelligence of the questions. Mostly guessable, the quizmaster personally writes every one and it shows. The winners get a bottle of vodka and ten pints of beers, or tokens, second place eight bottles, and last place shots. BH CPH Tour for new expats Starts at Vor Frue Kirke, Nørregade 8, Cph K; Sat 10:00-13:00; 150kr, free for children under 14; max 20 people, registration required at Consider this your personal introduction to Copenhagen. This walking tour will cover some of the major sights in the city and is a perfect way for newcomers to get a sense of Copenhagen and its offerings. The guides maintain a leisurely pace, leaving plenty of time to stop and marvel at sights like Nyhavn and Amalienborg. National Museum guided tours Ny Vestergade 10, Cph K; Sun, Tue & Thu 11:00; Free Adm; Free guided tours in English three times a week.



15 - 21 February 2013

A-Z in social media: Twitter, tagging and trolls



Social Media Week Various venues in Cph; starts Mon, ends Feb 22; www.socialmediaweek. org/copenhagen


AFTER INDULGING in a few too many ‘fastelavnsboller’ over the mid-term holiday, you might find yourself feeling a bit down in the dumps over the added calories – especially in conjunction with the dreary winter weather that often leaves sunlight nonexistent. Get your endorphins flowing and watch the extra kilos melt away with these exercise options, guaranteed to suit both high-intensity fitness fanatics and those who prefer to take a slightly slower approach.

I didn’t know they had pool tables – I’m in!

Fitness World various locations across greater Copenhagen; full membership 149349kr; Fitness World’s extensive training opportunities include traditional facilities in addition to personal training, strength training, squash or swimming. Many centres also offer team sports, dance classes and a dietician. Don’t want to leave your little one at home? Bring them along for one of Fitness World’s baby fitness classes! And with 100 locations situated across Denmark, you’re bound to find a centre just around the corner.

Yoga Yogamudra, Strandgade 36D, Cph K or Ryesgade 106, Cph Ø; unlimited monthly pass: 480kr; 3296 9591; Stretch your muscles while simultaneously getting in touch with your inner self by taking a yoga course. Yogamudra offers ‘drop in’ classes of various types, including Hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga and meditation. Membership is valid at both locations in Christianshavn and Østerbro, and classes are offered all day from early morning until evening to suit any schedule. Yogamudra offers many options in English and are happy to accommodate English speakers in other courses, as well.

Crossfit Butcher’s CrossFit; Høkerboderne 8-10; Cph V or Kløverbladsgade 53, Valby; monthly membership 450kr; 3068 8868; Tired of workouts that drag on for hours? Crossfit offers high-intensity training that changes each workout and can be adapted to any age or skill level. And the best part? Workouts often take participants outside to enjoy the fresh air and last no longer than 20 minutes. You’ll be finished before you know it! Membership includes discounts at various restaurants across Copenhagen.

Pilates Clear Pilates, Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 24, Cph V; ten sessions 1,150kr; 2459 9566; www. Tone and condition your muscles and build flexibility with a pilates course, which emphasises breathing techniques, endurance and developing a strong core using a range of apparatuses and mat exercises. Training at Clear Pilates is limited to four people and is tailor-made to meet individuals’ physical demands and conditions. Classes are available in English, Danish or German.

Kids Play LEGO NEW Architect for a Day Strandgade 27B, Cph K; Fri-Sun, 11:00-15:00; tickets: 60kr, under-3s free adm As part of the exhibition entitled In dialogue with the world, the Danish Architecture Center is hosting a workshop for both children and adults to take on a few of the challenges that architects face daily: How do you create a housing complex in the desert? A temporary school for nomads? A city in an arctic climate? This hands-on event will be sure to bring you back to your LEGO days and inspire you to think about the intersections of architecture and society. AA Glaspusterens Børn Teatret Zeppelin, Valdemarsgade 15, Cph V; ends Mar 13, performances Mon-Sat − times vary; adult tickets: 165kr, concessions: 105kr, under-25s: 95kr;; suitable for 7 years or above Written by celebrated Scandinavian children’s author Maria Gripe, Glaspusterens Børn tells the story of two siblings Klas and Klara, who are abducted and locked up in a gloomy house in Ønskeby. They are held captive until heroine Flaske Midtvejr and her trusty raven ‘Hin Kloge’ come to the rescue, resulting in an epic fight of good vs evil. BSM

Legoworld Bella Center, Center Boulevard 5, Cph S; open 16-19 Feb, 10:00-17:00; tickets 140kr, under 3s free adm; www. The amount of Lego sold in a year stretches five times around the world and the 4 billion Lego mini-figures now make up the world’s largest population group! There are plenty of activities based on the Lego characters and brands: you can sign up as a Lego fireman and heroically put out a fire, take a ride in the Legoland adventure cars, meet a real Lego designer and learn a trick or two, design your own personalised Lego brick, perfect your Lego-Jedi abilities, visit the Lego cinema or just wonder at Lego recreations in the architecture area. To make things easy, the organisers have helpfully arranged the activities into different age groups. This is sure to attract the crowds, so book early and let your kids have the chance to get their creative fingers clicking the bricks together. PS HC Andersen’s ‘Tællelyset’ Danish National Archives, Rigsdagsgaarden 9, Cph K; until March, 09:00-16:00; 3392 3310, Tællelyset, believed to be HC Andersen’s first ever fairytale, was recently discovered in a shuffle of papers at the National Archives. It is now on display until the spring. AS


LET’S FACE IT. Whether we like it or not, our lives are becoming increasingly controlled by the internet. From banking, to socialising, heck, even to reading The CPH Post’s InOut section, it’s all online for everyone to see. Instead of cowering in fear like a caveman, it’s about time we started embracing the boundless World Wide Web and put it to good use. Running simultaneously in ten major world cities from February 18-22, Copenhagen plays host to the annual Social Media Week. Sponsored by Nokia – the company made famous for “connecting people” – the five-day event will see world-renowned industry experts from companies such as Maersk and Microsoft coalesce with an expected 3,000 members of Joe Public, all to discuss how we can collaborate on social media platforms and use them for our individual, cultural and economic benefit. To really get the virtual ball rolling, each of the 76 events focuses on this year’s one global theme: ‘Open & Connected’. With the majority of the events held in English, internationals living across Scandinavia are encouraged to attend. Such an elaborate programme means that there really is something for everyone, from web-savvy executives looking to find out how companies can use Facebook as a customer service tool, to technophobes who think that Twitter (shameless plug: luke_richardson) is something only birds can do. Another reason you should attend is that it will cost you absolutely nothing. To secure your spot, all you have to do is sign up and register for the events you’re inter-

Okker Gokker Det Lille Teater, Lavendelstræde 5-7, Cph K; ends May 5, performances Tue-Sun − times vary; adult tickets: 120kr, concessions: 60kr, under-25s: 50kr,; suitable for 2–4 years This musical play is especially designed for the smallest members of the family. It’s full of old Danish rhymes, limericks and songs with plenty of visual aids to help captivate the audience, young and old alike. Lille Teater specialises in children’s pieces, and this play is designed to introduce Danish culture to the audience by performing old favourites, such as the stories of Okker Gokker and Bro Brille. BSM Medical Museion Medical Museion, Bredgade 62, Cph K; ends 22 Feb, open Mon-Fri and Sun 12:00-16:00 Tickets: adults 50kr, under16s: 30kr; www.museion. The Medical Museion is worth a visit if you have potential future doctors and surgeons at home between the ages of seven and 12, who are into all things grisly. How does it feel to have a real cranium in your hands and just how did they deal with a broken leg in days gone by? At the Medical Museion, you can learn about the workings of the body and it could be an interesting diversion combined with a trip to the queen’s residence and changing of the guard at Amalienborg. PS

ested in. But be quick, space is limited, and allocation for some events is already filling up. Scouring the impressive and lengthy schedule, here’s a list of some of the keynote speeches, panel discussions and freebar networking opportunities you’d be foolish to miss out on. Peer-to-peer: Twitter Republikken, Vesterbrogade 26, Cph V; Wed 17:30-18:30 Hosted by Danish communications specialists UNGKOM, this is one of four group sessions looking at how beginners get started with social media (others include Storify, LinkedIn and Instagram). Effectively, it’s ‘Twitter for dummies’, so head down and embrace the 140 characters, or less, phenomenon. 24syv Media Night Radio 24syn, Vester Farimagsgade 41, Cph V; Thu (21 Feb) 17:30- 23:00 Hosted by public service radio channel Radio24syv, this gala event will be a mixture of debate and entertainment, with Danish politicians, journalists, comedians and musicians meeting in one place to discuss why they’re so passionate about social media. Following the discussions, there will be an exclusive networking event. Don’t forget your Business eCards. Should you tell Facebook you’re stressed? Kforum, Gammel Kongevej 3E, Cph V; Thu (21 Feb) 14:00-16:00 A discussion about how to manage your digital identity, this seminar sees two social media authors, Trine-Maria and Pernille Tranberg, debate the potential possibilities and pitfalls of sharing too much on the web.

Klatreskoven Pasteursvej 10, Cph K; opens Sat, ends Sun, open 10:0018:00; tickets 75-150kr; www. The ever-expanding climbing and adventure playground in the Carlsberg grounds is the perfect place to let off steam. Ten metres up in the air between the trees you can climb, jump and abseil through four different courses differing degrees of difficulty. Helmets and harnesses are supplied and gloves are always a good idea during these frosty days. Book online at least a day before. PS Circus Museum Hovedporten 6, Hvidovre; ends Fri; adults: 50kr, children: free adm;; phone 3649 0030 to reserve tickets A little bit out of the way, but the number 1A bus takes you straight to the door of the Circus Museum. A new attraction is the old style flea circus that will have you scratching your head each day at 10:15, 11:45, 12:45 and 13:45. From 11:00 every day during the autumn holiday, Tonny the clown’s buffoonery and juggling will warm up budding young circus artistes of the future who can get a bit of instruction in trapeze, tightrope, juggling and other traditional activities. The museum itself is also well worth a visit as a glimpse into the history of Danish circus. PS

Old news if you’re not an old stick

Teens and Their Public Lives Berlingkse Media, Pilestræde 34, Cph K; Mon 13:00-16:00 Feel like you can’t communicate with your kids? Then this is the event for you! This web privacy seminar will look at how the younger generation adapt to new technologies so quickly, and what it is that they are sharing with the online world. Citizen Service Meets Social Media Komfo, Vestergade 29-31, Cph K; Tue 16:00-17:30 This potentially fiery event brings representatives from several Danish councils together with their citizens to discuss how online communications can help improve our neighbourhoods, or perhaps make them worse. Can’t make any of the events? Follow the whole thing online at and on Twitter using the hashtag #SMWCPH LUKE RICHARDSON

Water – a world of adventures Experimentarium, Tuborg Havnevej 7, Hellerup; open Mon-Fri 09:30-17:00, Tue 09:3021:00, Sat and Sun 11:00-17:00; under 2s free, age 3-11 105kr, adult 160kr, students 105kr; contact 3927 3333 or This water adventure features more than 50 activities and experiments. But don’t be afraid of getting your clothes wet as this is a “bone-dry ride through the wet element”. You get to fight the power of the sea, save someone who has fallen overboard from a ship and experience giant surf waves. MSØ Snuggle up at the flicks Reprise Teatret, Øverødvej 12, Holte; 4542 1026; www. Reprise Teatret is a cosy contrast to large modern cinemas. Among the historical furnishings and plush seating you’ll find row four has twin seats where kids can cuddle up. Like many cinemas, it has a weekly babybio showing for parents with babies. The soundtrack is often dwarfed by babies gurgling, but that’s fine if you’re watching The Hobbit. To find out what’s on visit for a list of all Danish cinemas with ratings and comments, and then book your tickets at – remember that ‘original tale’ means it has the original English, French etc soundtrack. HD

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic Experimentarium, Tuborg Havnevej 7, Hellerup; ends Feb 24, performances MonSun at 12:00, 13:00, 15:00, & 16:00; Tickets: under-12s: 108kr, over-12s: 165kr; www. Tom Noddy has a career that many children (and adults too for that matter) dream about: professional bubble blower. He has mastered the art of creating bubbles inside of bubbles, smoke bubbles, clear bubbles, clear bubbles inside of smoke bubbles, yin yang bubbles, and a variety of other enchanting bubble constructions. Noddy is considered the world expert on soap bubbles and the science behind them, and he dazzles his audiences with a combination of humor and skill. Noddy is performing at the Experimentarium every day of the week until Sunday February 24. Witness bubble-blowing like you’ve never seen before! AA DGI-byen Tietgensgade 65, Cph V; ends Sun; tickets for both swimming/ activities: adults 80kr, children 60kr; DGI-Byen in Vesterbro has simple and surefire activities such as swimming and bowling. During the winter holiday, kids can bounce on the world’s biggest inflatable pillow or try out the obstacle course. In the swimming pool itself there are extra activities such as diving for treasure and walking the plank. PS




e LivruiSe

15 - 21 February 2013




C Jazz


Scandinavia’s original Irish Bar

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. WoCo Tourist Info






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s Tietgen









Advertise here go to: or email us at: 7





Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •


The Old English Pub C O P E N H AG E N

BioMio is Denmark’s largest organic restaurant. The environment is on the menu Local and climate friendly ingredients, made to order in front of you by one of our chefs.


Post Danmark (Postal HQ)


Regional Trains to Kastrup Airport & Malmö

Ny Gl

Tivoli Concert Hall

S-Trains to Frederikssund / Høje Taastrup / Køge



Rådhuset (Town Hall)







ste Ve

Hovedbanegård (Central Station)

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


g rg be iks r e Kat t ed


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e gad



Vesterbro Torv


I Enghave Plads


H. C.

de Nyro




Skt. Jørg ens Sø

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eds rst .Ø H.C


d Ve




Gamm torv

Strøget de en av Rådhuspladsen L e 27


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Vor F (Copenha



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Gammel Kong

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j sve ted Ørs H.C .








Advertise now!

1601 København V Tel +45 3314 3535



Cph 30 Scandic Vester Søgade 6,



2300 Cph S Tel +45 3396 5200


rv to el Ax

Scandiavia 29 Radisson Amager Boulevard 70,

Israels Plads

. str

Banegårdspladsen 4, 1570 Cph V Tel +45 3342 9900








28 Hotel Astoria




1550 Cph K Tel +45 3338 1200


gl . Te dstr r gå





Square 27 The Rådhusplasen 14,

s ørn nn se lle o R A






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1054 Cph K Tel +45 3313 4882


Botanisk Have

Dronning Louise’s Bro



metro M1 / M2 to Frederiksberg and Vanløse





Hotel 26 Maritime Peder Skramsgade 19,

Radiohuset (Radio House)




te Øs

o Åb

25 Cph Marriot

Hotel Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 Cph V. Tel +45 8833 9900

r ste


1058 Cph K. Tel +45 3348 9900






Do ss ge blin

Hotel 24 Strand Havnegade 37,




us Tho Pla msen ds s

coctails & club happy hour & dj’s 10 pm fridays & saturdays


s Do



Blågårds Plads


Shamrock Inn, Jernbanegade 7 1608 København V 33363550 Open at 14:00 daily

m da


ffen feld sga de

& Old School Atmosphere


åg år ds ga de

Ste ng ad e


Live Irish Music

nordic food & cocktails in the meatpacking district







Ra vn sb or gg .


English Sports Channels

r Sø


Sankt Hans Torv

Pure Pot Still Whiskey


a sg


e Alle

DKK 120/person - 90 mins.

Specialising in Irish Craft Beer





Nør r

Departing from Nyhavn Thursdays & Sundays

Tag e






d leg




FælledParken Rigshospitalet (Central hospital)






r rd

er A





15 - 21 February 2013


Sterling Silver (925), from Dkr. 350,00 ex.vat.

se gade

S-Trains to Farum / Hillerød / Holte / Klampenborg


øn te rg .


Kl a od reb er -

Lø v

V do alk rff en sg .



ls H




e Silk




de ga Ny Adelg. neg n a ø











Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theatre)


Trolle s e


Frederiks Bastion




Vimmelskaftet 46, 1161 Kbh K Tel: 3333 7393



r de g. Pe s m ra Sk de ga lds

Dyssen (Christiania Lake)

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st en









r Te

gad Gråbrødretorv mi Strøget rgs (Grey Friars Square) ngsen e lbe26 d o æ tr v H Klo s Nikolaj Kirke or Frue Kirke Helligånds sg. aard 24 gert Ving Ad agen Cathedral) sters Ama Højbro kirke mi tr. e al e t d r e e ft n a a a d k plads a lga g ad immels d kse træ de sK erg Strøget V La en ind10 Ba ers tran de d lm e Sk S d d o e s ga l tue L H ga e Kn ne str m mel Ny v a a . Nationalbanken br H am ns v e Råd os . G e d e hu tr. Holmens Kirke ga ed areg lds m ss a a r v Nytorv træ or eu Sn st de ni Th Mus ag tr. tess p s Børsen g und m en a et (Old Stock Exchange) Ko unst M tr. k Christiansborg els Knippelsbro e nd (Parliament) ad Va Holmens Kirke erg


Carlsberg lyptoteket





bod B

de ga nd ra





de e









Journey through the past

Løvens Bastion


Christmas Møllers plads


Amagerbro metro




Free admission Tue - Sun 10am - 5pm Mondays closed


ad metro M2 to Copenhagen Airport e


Politigården (Police HQ)






er V old

k en ør lac



Ov e Ov rga er de ga n W de ne ilde n de rs Pr ov n g in er va ade se va nd ss nd et e eg t

e ad

Langebro 5







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Strøget - main pedestrian street


Pedestrian area & popular squares

Islands Brygge metro



Institutions & official Buildings


Main car traffic streets

metro M1 to Bella Center / Ørestad / Vestamager


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New Indian restaurant – Kongens Nytorv Interkiosk Øster Stationsvej 27 5000 Odense C

Knabrostrædes Vinhandel Knabrostræde 6 1210 Copenhagen K

Kiosk & Blomst Copenhagen Central Station 1570 Copenhagen V

Sankt Annæ Kiosken Store Kongensgade 40 1264 Copenhagen K

7−Eleven Banegårdspladsen1 1570 Copenhagen V

7−Eleven Frederiksberggade 2 1459 Copenhagen K

7−Eleven Vesterbrogade 6 1620 Copenhagen V

Tourist Information Vesterbrogade 4a 1577 Copenhagen V

7−Eleven Vesterbrogade 37 1620 Copenhagen V

Kihoskh Søndre Boulevard 53 1720 Copenhagen V

7−Eleven Terminal 2 Copenhagen Airport 2770 Kastrup

Irma Illum Pilestræde 13 1100 Copenhagen K

Kort & Godt Østerport Station 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Magasin Lyngby Lyngby Hovedgade 43 2800 Lyngby

Amagerbro Kiosk Amagerbrogade 5 2300 Copenhagen S

Kort & Godt Svanemøllen Station 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Kort & Godt Hellerup Station 2900 Hellerup

Copenhagen Airport Baggage Reclaim 2770 Kastrup

SuperBest Hellerup Strandvej 64 A 2900 Hellerup



Music Festival Renaissance Copenhagen section INSIDE! Special advertising

TO GEIST FROM SCHÜTZBaroque Music 1600-1700 (c.1650-1711)



InOut The CPH

Post Entertainm ttertainme ertainmen ent ntt Gui Guide | 16 - 22 Sep












14 Issue 2011 | Vol


4 - 10 November


only English-lang


uage newspaper




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Get in or get out



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Olsen’s new coach Morten in the job National him will keep contract World Cup. the 2014 until after


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Price: 25 DKK

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Children under 10

kr 50

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Children under 10

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Evening buffet kr125

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Lunch buffet kr69 page G9

‘fat tax’

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Restaurant Indian Flavours


Geist Early German of Christian In commemoration


the Holy Land Israel: Inside INSIDE! Discovering section Special advertising






Denmark’s only English-language newspaper 7−Eleven 7−Eleven 7−Eleven Terminal 3 Rådhuspladsen 16 Istedgade 2 Copenhagen Airport 1550 Copenhagen V 1651 Copenhagen V 2770 Kastrup


Magasin Du Nord Kongens Nytorv 13 1050 Copenhagen

Photo: Karsten










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e ad


Dantes Plads



Det Kgl. Bibliotek (The Royal Library)



ns B





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g us




Ny 1


Nationalmuseet (National History Museum) 1








t Ann æ Pla ds tr. ands



Charlotte A. Bastion

(Royal Palace)


Kongens Nytorv

de ga e ter gad2 Øs ens ong K Lille


Quintus Bastion

Esplanaden Frede

Boltens Gård





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Langelinie Pavillion




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Rundetåårnet Piles træ de (The Round Tower)

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Cinemateket Filmhuset








nrå Hauser Plads




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Skt. Pauls plads

Ad elg ad e

Kongens Have




Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) X

St Lille ran ds tr.


Rosenborg Castle



Øster Voldgade


Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery)














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Regional Trains to Louisiana & Helsingør (Elsinore)









Willemoesgade Classensgade

St or


Kr on pri ne ss eg ad e


Bo rge rga de

envængets Alle







or call Leadership, E-mail


School Business 2000 Frederiksberg

22, School Business Frederiksberg Copenhagen Porcelænshaven 22, a 2000 Porcelænshaven Copenhagen

See more copenhageat

Free access to 65 museums and attractions entire metropolitanin the area


w w w. c


SEPT. 28

- OCT. 2

See f ull pr ogr

· 2011







: www .




John Primer Joe Louis w. Nisse Thorbjorn Walker Mud Morganfield [US] | Holmes Band [US/DK] Brothers w. Peter Louisiana Nande Band [US] Harrington Red & Paul Lamb [US/DK] Keith Dunn w. Kenn Lending [US/UK] | Janice Blues Band Delta BluesBand [US/NL] [US/DK] | Johnny Thorbjorn Band | The Healers Max Band [CA] | Shades H.P. Lange Risager | Troels of Blue Jensen | Tutweiler | Mike Andersen Alain Apaloo Bluesoul | Fried Okra Band & Jens Kristian | Grahn Dam Jacob Fischer & Malm | | The Blues Overdrive Trio | SvanteOle Frimer | Paul Banks Sjöblom festiv | Jes Holtsoe


& ww w.




Hours Mon-Fri 11a-10p Sat-Sun 11a-11p

Restaurant Indian Flavours Kongens Nytorv 19 Jyllingevej 42, 2720 Vanløse e-mail: Tlf: 32 13 48 48





T’S SNOWING again. For a brief few days at the start of February, I − in my naivety − thought the days were getting warmer, the month getting sunnier and the oppressive wind getting friendlier. The Danes just laughed at me: “You haven’t seen the real February yet.” They were right. More snow. But I’ve always been of the mindset that one shouldn’t fret about things they cannot change; it’ll drive you crazy. And, seeing as I just lost Mother Nature’s number, I really can’t do anything about the snow getting in my eyes while I bike into town. I guess I simply have to lower my expectations for a while. Now, a patch of blue sky can elevate my day infinitely. If the sun shines for five minutes, I’m as happy


as a clam and I can’t stop grinning. I still have about seven layers on, but at least it feels like my toes are thawing. Or maybe I’ll just step into Føtex and warm up the artificial way. It’s a helpful reminder that there are great things to do around the city during Wondercool to keep me from lying in bed all day, feeling miserable amid the grey. Dining Week is about to wrap up this Sunday, and it’s a steal to be dining on three-course meals at these restaurants for 200 kroner. I spent a freezing Tuesday evening with some friends at Café Kanalen and got fed the most delectable veal I’ve ever had. The Jason Moran show (see G13 for details) at the Copenhagen JazzHouse is a sure-fire winner and bound to fend off the freezing winds this Sunday. And maybe you could

stop by Café Retro for the free Trio Andromeda show on Friday (G15). If Mother Nature isn’t too cruel this weekend, I might go up to Louisiana and take advantage of the free Saturday Tour or go on the walk through Frederiksstaden on Sunday (G13). And if she decides to wreak havoc upon our sanity and send more snow our way, a hyggeligt brunch at DAC& Café sounds like the way to go (G14). I know I have to keep myself occupied if I don’t want to merely suffer through another month in Copenhagen. If I can’t change the weather, I have to adapt. The sun might peek out at some point from behind the sheet of slate that is now our sky. When it does, be sure to say hello. Until then, enjoy Wondercool and stay warm. AMY STRADA



















YOUNG IN AGE, BUT ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE JAZZ PEERAGE JASON MORAN Copenhagen Jazz House, Neils Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Sun 20:00; tickets: 220kr, 3315 4700;,


T’S A FINE THING when a man with many titles can still swing. Jason Moran, the 38-year-old jazz pianist from the United States, has received all sorts of honours and distinctions, including a MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius’ Grant, the triple crown of the 2011 Downbeat Magazine’s Critics Poll as Jazz Artist of the Year, Jazz Album of the Year, and Best Pianist, and being named the artistic advisor for jazz at the Kennedy Center and the resident artistic director at the San Francisco Jazz Festival. The man has undeniably made it. He’s an Ellington of his age. Yet, Moran is ill-equipped to rest on his laurels. He keeps on pushing the spectrum of music and artistry. “Artistically, I think

I am only hitting an early stride,’ Moran explains to InOut. “Each of the blessings I have been afforded with regard to collaborators and acclaim is a reflection of the village that raised me.” From his co-operation with choreographers philosophers and artists to his adventures in recorded sound; from holding dance parties based on the music of Fats Waller to playing while skateboarders perform on ramps set before the stage; and from writing his own compositions to exploring the music of Johannes Brahms, Duke Ellington, Leonard Bernstein, Nino Rota, Thelonious Monk, Gladys Knight, Billie Holiday and Afrika Bambaataa, Moran is an original – and every concert has the special feeling of a unique experience. Moran recognises the sanctity of each performance. ‘I think vulnerability with an audience is key,” he said. “If an audience feels like you will never make a mistake − well I wouldn’t know what to do with that

performer. The Bandwagon and I put a lot on the line, and we tend to think not only about the music but how to present it as well. Like performance art. Or theatre. When we walk on stage, I am aiming for consciousness about each element of the performance.” If you do not know or have not experienced the music of Jason Moran live, it is imperative that you take yourself to the finely refurbished hall of the Copenhagen Jazz House and see Vinter Jazz’s pre-eminent concert, performed by one of the art form’s foremost practitioners. Moran and his band the Bandwagon, Tarus Mateen (bass) and Nasheet Waits (drums), have been together for 13 years now, and they play with the expert understanding, improvisation and communication that only a relationship of that length could produce. Mateen has been the bassist of choice for many jazz artists as well as appearing in a who’s-who line-up of hip-hop,

reggae and pop stars. Waits, the son of jazz drummer Frederick Waits, serves as a superb sideman on a number of stellar jazz projects. Moran’s most recent album, 2010’s Ten, marked his eighth album as a bandleader – each album tends to show new sides of his imagination at play. He is currently recording an album of his Fats Waller dance hall music featuring Meshell N’degeocello among others. In addition, Moran has been a choice collaborator on many more albums, including his current stint in Charles Lloyd’s New Quartet and recordings with vocalist Cassandra Wilson. Moran has performed in Copenhagen eight times over the last ten years, and each experience has shown a courageous vision, bright virtuosity, and vibrant imagination. For jazz fans and music lovers alike, his appearance in town is an event that is not to be missed. JOHNNY NIEMANN

[DETAILS] EXHIBIT Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends Feb 28, Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-22:00, Mon closed; tickets: adults 55kr, under-18s free adm; Consisting of about 80 drawings, paintings and graphic illustrations from both the museum’s own and other Danish art collections, Detaljer (Details) is composed of works from 1700 to the 1930s and shows how artists over time have worked with details in art. The exhibition highlights the meaning and importance of details in art and also deals with how we experience and take in art. KLH TEXHIBITION: EARLY DRAWINGS Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, GL Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; ends Thu, starting at 11:00; tickets: 95kr; Louisiana is the first museum in the world to host this series of Andy Warhol’s early drawings, which have remained untouched in a suitcase since just after his death. Rediscovered by chance in the Andy Warhol Foundation archive, the collection of over 200 drawings harks back to the 1950s, before Warhol became Pop Art’s poster boy. VE CARL-HENNING PEDERSEN TURNS 100 Arken Museum for Modern Kunst, Skovvej 100, Ishøj; ends Feb 28, Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:0021:00; tickets: 95kr; Danish artist Carl-Henning Ped-

ersen would have turned 100 years old this year. ARKEN Museum for Modern Kunst celebrates the birthday of this treasured artist, a leading figure in the European art group COBRA, with an exhibition showcasing the artist’s sprawling, poetic paintings dating from the end of the 1930s to his death in 2007. VE RAW PROJECTION EXHIBITION Busk Design Store, Ahlefeldtsgade 23, Cph K; ends Feb 14; free adm During the Copenhagen Fashion Festival, BUSK design store will present Kira Richards Hansen’s video installation UnMove, featuring leather accessories by designer Pia Busk. The raw, minimalist installation will be projected onto a white stone wall, to be viewed through the store’s windows around the clock. VE EXHIBITION: TARA DONOVAN Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, GL Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; ends Feb 28, starting at 11:00; tickets: 95kr; See this artist’s first exhibition in Europe in the modern setting of Louisiana. Donovan’s pieces each centre around everyday objects – drinking straws, nails, buttons – and then are transformed into something completely unexpected. Her unimaginable sculptures and installations feel very organic and natural. Don’t miss this one. AS

ARCHITECTURE LOUISIANA SATURDAY TOUR Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, GL Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; every Sat in Feb, starting at 13:15; free adm; www. louisiana,dk Get a free guided tour around Louisiana and learn about the history behind the museum and its status as a cultural centre. This tour focuses on the architecture of the building, but you will also get a chance to see some of the famed collections, such as Asger Jorn and the Giacometti rooms. Don’t fear – the tour is in English! AS SUNDAY MORNING WALK THROUGH THE ROYAL DISTRICT OF FREDERIKSSTADEN Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Kongens Nytorv 1, Cph K; Sun, starting at 11:00; tickets: 75kr Combine architecture with history on this Sunday morning walking tour through the ritzy and royal district of Frederiksstaden. Dripping in 18th century romanticism, this area has been said to combine the classic Parisian style with a distinct Danish traditional touch. The tour – all in English – will end at Copenhagen Harbour, overlooking the grand Opera House. AS BEHIND THE DOORS OF LEGO Dansk Arkitektur Centre, Strandgade 27B, Cph K; ends Sun, 11:00-15:00; tickets: 60kr available at venue; www. Remind yourself of your youth when Lego opens its doors with this handson event. A sea of Lego bricks will be at your disposal, so come and play architect with the best. In addition to having fun, this is a chance to try to

help answer questions about the future of architecture. How can these toys actually help us create a better environment? Henning Larsen Architects also has an exhibition on display called ‘Dialogue with the World’, giving you and your children an illustrated idea of the future. These are truly great lessons that you won’t want to miss. AS BEHIND THE SCENES AT JDS ARCHITECTS & KLAR JDS Architects & KLAR, Vesterbrogade 69D, Cph V; Fri 16:00-17:30; free adm; Join the brilliant designers at JDS Architects & KLAR when they invite you behind their doors and to a friendly Friday bar at their offices. They designed the Maritime Youth House in southern Copenhagen and have a plethora of projects on their plates that all have the quintessence of Scandinavian modernity. Be sure to check out the future of this firm; it’s bound to be astounding. AS SECRET SATURDAY WALK: NORTH WEST Location will be emailed to participants; Sat, starting at 14:00; tickets: 75kr; reservations: It’s so secret that even we don’t know where you’ll end up during this Saturday afternoon walk. This exclusive opportunity to take a tour of the unexplored in Copenhagen’s multi-ethnic neighbourhood is not one you’ll want to miss out on. You’ll chance upon the back streets that have inspired so many to create music and films about the area’s lifestyles. The tour is in English, so have no fear and be sure to sign up quickly! AS








IN DIALOGUE WITH THE WORLD Dansk Arkitektur Centre, Strandgade 27B, Cph K; starts Mon, ends Mar 10, 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-21:00; tickets: 40kr, available at DAC& Books; Have you ever wondered why there is such a strong stereotype defining Scandinavian architecture? How did it get that way? And, perhaps most importantly, where is it going? Come and see an exhibition that hosts three significant Danish architectural studios as they discuss the future of their styles. You will also get the chance to talk to the young and innovative minds behind these firms and get a glimpse of what the future may hold. Tickets for a walking tour (held only this and next Sunday at 14:00-15:00) may also be purchased for 40kr at the venue. AS ‘THE LIGHT AND THE ROOM’ Dansk Arkitektur Centre, Strandgade 27B, Cph K; Thu 19:00-20:30; tickets: 40kr; Famed Danish architects Henning Larsen were the minds behind ‘The Wave’ in Vejle and ‘The Winghouse’ in Ørestad City. On this night, you can watch the documentary Henning Larsen: Lyset og Rummet (‘Henning Larsen: The Light and the Room’) about the man who led the firm to great acclaim. He is a talented architect who knows how to work with passages and the playing of light and dark, both open and closed. Jytte Rex, the producer, will also be available to talk. The documentary is in Danish, but there are English subtitles. AS



COOKING ORGANIC CURRYWURST Café Rodbold, Købmagergade by Hellingåndskirken and Rundetårn, Cph K; every Mon-Sat in Feb, 11:00-18:00; tickets: 39kr You can warm yourself up with a currywurst at Cafe Fodbold. The sausage is served with warm root vegetables, sauerkraut and lots of curry ketchup of course. Enjoy this meal at Den Økologiske Pølsemand (the Organic Hot Stand), also known as Cafe Fodkold, which is located on Købmagergade by Helligåndskirken and Rundetårn (the Round Tower). BSM

SMØRREBRØD WITH A TWIST Restaurant Kronborg, Brolæggerstræde 12, Cph K; every Mon-Sat in Feb, 11:00-17:00; tickets: 215kr lunch platter, 150kr beer menu; reservations: Restaurant Kronborg twists the classic Danish lunch platter with the herring, fish and meat of the season as well as a bite of cheese and a little something for your sweet tooth. Beer ambassador Kasper Larsen from Nørrebro Bryghus has chosen a selection of well-brewed artisan beers that complement the delicacies. Prebooking necessary – minimum two covers. BSM FRENCH DINING AT FRU HEIBERG Fru Heiberg, Rosenvængts Alle 3, Cph Ø; 3 courses: every Tue-Sun in Feb, 17:00-22:00, 2 courses: every Tue-Sun in Feb, 11:30-16:00; tickets: 295kr for 3 courses, 185kr for 2 courses; www. Fru Heiberg’s French chef has put together a three-course French-inspired meal. The meal consists of an a French onion soup with croutons and Gruyère cheese as an appetiser, while the main offers a classic Coq au vin that consists of cockerel braised in red wine accompanied by pearl onions, mushrooms, smoked bacon, herbs and mashed potatoes. The evening’s dessert is Tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream and caramel. BSM

Bock Bistro & Vinotek in Østerbro is offering you the chance to enjoy a true gourmet experience. A special three-course meal is available that will be served with a large variety of wines. BSM HAMLET NORDIC DINING: SIMPLE YET GOOD Hilton Copenhagen Airport, Ellehammersvej 20, Kastrup; every Mon-Fri in Feb, 18:00-22:30; tickets: 375kr; reservations: fs.copenhagen-airport@ or call 3244 5353 Hilton Copenhagen Airport invites you to yet another culinary capital to experience ‘Simple Yet Good’ at Hamlet Nordic Dining. There, you will be offered a

threecourse meal that is based on the three principles of health, ecological produce and sustainability. BSM AN OFFER YOU CAN’T REFUSE Antiristorante L’Altro, Tovegade 62, Cph K; ends Feb 28, starting at 18:00; tickets: 450kr; Restaurant L’Altro is hosting a month of real mafia dining, where horse sausages, Peter Clemenza’s pasta, and Sicilian wine from the island’s best wineries are served to the guests. There will be music fit for any gangster that walks through the door, and if you’re feeling lucky, you can also participate in a ‘Mafia Quiz’ and win a prize. BSM COPENHAGEN TASTE ODYSSEY Den Økologiske Pølsemand near Rundetårn, Købmagergade 52A, Cph K; Fri & Fri Feb 22, starting at 16:30; tickets: 500kr; reservations: Join Copenhagen’s Food Tour for a three-and-a-half hour walk featuring numerous tastings from the New Nordic food scene. There will be samples from Aamann’s open sandwiches, Den Økologiske Pølsemand (organic hot dogs), award-winning apple dessert wine, three organic cheeses, Sømods boiled sweets, Summerbird chocolates and the Bornholm Shop. The tour ends with three foaming beers at Nørrebro Brewery. BSM

PANCAKES IN THE CRYPT AT CITY HALL City Hall, Rådhuspladsen 1, Cph K; every Fri in Feb, starting at 16:30; tickets: 80kr; reservations: krsahl@kff. or call 3366 2584 Wander through the crypts of City Hall and have pancakes while you’re at it. There you can hear good stories about Copenhagen’s sixth City Hall, while drinking sparkling wine and enjoying the famous Rådhuspandekage. BSM

BRUNCH AT DAC& CAFE DAC& Cafe, Strandgade 27, Cph K; every Sat & Sun in Feb, ends Feb 24, 10:00-15:30; tickets: 175kr; www. Spoil your taste buds while treating your eyes to a view of the old harbour in Christianshavn at the Danish Architecture Centre’s cafe. Take your pick from their brunch selection, which offers everything from scrambled eggs with bacon to waffles, pancakes, cheese, yoghurts and more – all the while gazing at Copenhagen Harbour, Børsen and the opera house. JH

BOCK BISTRO & VINOTEK: FOOD AND WINE Bock Bistro, Dag Hammarkjölds Alle 7, Cph Ø; ends Feb 28, 17:00-23:00; tickets: 590kr; reservations: call 3313 9194

A MUSICAL TAKE ON JAPANESE CUISINE Hero Kitchen & Hotel Bar, Jarmers Plads 3, Cph V; every Sat in Feb, ends Feb 23, 17:00-23:00; tickets: 350kr;


NG Hero Kitchen marries music and food in this underground supper club. This month, the restaurant will focus on Japanese cuisine in a fourweek series taking place every Saturday in February. Each event tackles a different theme, including ‘fashion week’, ‘water’, ‘winter’, and ‘rising sun’. Purchase of a ticket is valid for all four weekly events and is required to obtain further details. JH

Cph K; ends Sat, starting at 17:30 & 20:00; tickets: 425kr; reservations: The winter edition of the popular ‘Wine & Grub’ will be held behind Silver.Spoon’s doors, giving you the chance to see what’s cooking in those creative culinary minds. This basic approach to wine will be held in small groups in a very hyggeligt atmosphere, and each wine is paired with its perfect Nordic dish. AS

GASTRO CRUISE Departs from Restaurant Søren K, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, Cph K; every Sat in Feb, ends Feb 23, starting 13:00; tickets: 375kr; www.blaatguld. dk Enjoy a covered canal boat cruise around Copenhagen Harbour every Saturday in February. The tour stops at six different restaurants, where you’ll be able to sample their signature dishes featuring mussels. JH

DESSERT NIGHT IN STRANGA’S KITCHEN Strangas Dessert Boutique, Åboulevard 7, Cph V; Wed 18:30-21:30; tickets: 795kr; reservations: or call 3539 5530; It’s a dream come true: dessert for dinner. Join expert confectioner Nikolaos Stranga this evening as he will be serving a four-course dessert meal in his kitchen right near the lakes. His desserts received a Michelin star at restaurant Era Ora. You won’t want to miss this night of indulgence. AS

CLIMATE FRIENDLY BRUNCH Cap Horn, Nyhavn 21, Cph K; every Sun in Feb, ends Feb 24, 10:30-13:00; tickets: 129kr; reservations: or call 3312 8504; Enjoy Cap Horn’s weekly brunch buffet offering a wide variety of climate-friendly and ecologicallyfarmed dishes. Fill your plate with organic Danish yoghurt and granola, organic pancakes, salads and fish, and wash it all down with a glass of organic juice. Jazz overhead and a fire on the hearth make this weekend brunch a cosy, eco-friendly treat. JH TOUR DE TORVEHALLERNE Torvehallerne, Hal 2, Frederiksbroggade 21, Cph K; Tue & Thu, 14:30; tickets: 250kr; reservations: or call 5012 3645 Explore Torvhallerne Copenhagen’s magnificent food hall, on this twohour guided tour, which offers tastings from many stallholders as an added perk. The guides will explain the background and history of the various products on sale and happily adapt tours to suit each group’s interest. Tours are held in Danish and English. JH

BEER TOUR AT CARLSBERG Jacobsen Brewery & Bar, GL Carlsberg Vej 11, Cph V; Fri 17:00-18:30; tickets: 95kr; reservations: www.billetnet. dk; This tour exemplifies the quintessence of Denmark. You will tour the newly modern Jacobsen Brewery while learning about the history of Old Carlsberg. Head into the usually locked and private cellars and – of course – taste a wide variety of beers. The tour ends with a surprise! AS

BAKING FOR KIDS Meyers Madhus, Nørrebrogade 52, Cph N; Thu 11:00-16:00; tickets: 595kr; The delicious baked goods at Meyer’s Madhus might soon be found in your own kitchen. Your kids can join the bakers at the famous boulangerie and learn the tricks to work with both whole wheat and cold rise dough. The warm smell of bread will abound when your kids walk away tired from kneading but skilled bakers themselves. AS

GOURMET IN THE CHOCOLATE STORE A XOXO, GL Kongevej 115, Frederiksberg; Fri & Thu 28, starting at 18:00; tickets: 1,250kr, available at venue; Having a bad day? Chocolate is always the answer. For three nights, chocolatier Jesper Rahbek will be treating you to as much chocolate as your heart can take. You will enjoy a five-course chocolate menu with paired drinks, and you might even learn a bit about the world of chocolate – like the odd-sounding but surprisingly-wonderful combination of chocolate and salt. Only 14 can dine each night, so book early! AS SERIOUSLY FRIDAY Herrernes Magasin by David K, Nørregade 20, Cph K; Fri 14:00-20:00; tickets: 150kr, available at venue; ‘The Gentlemen’s Store’ is a place of true class and aesthetic. Back in the day, the space this shop occupies was once one of the most famed publishing houses of Denmark whose

clientele included Kierkegaard and HC Andersen, and those classical elements are still clear when you walk in. This Friday, the swanky shopkeepers welcome you to envelop yourself in class with snacks like lump fish caviar, fois gras and tapas with a glass of champagne. Wear your bowtie! AS LEARN TO BAKE BREAD Meyers Madhus, Nørrebrogade 52, Cph N; Sat 12:00-14:00 & 15:00-17:00; tickets: 350kr; If there’s one thing the Danes know about – aside from how to cycle like maniacs – it’s baking bread. Now, you too can learn this intensive art. Join the bakers at Meyers Madhus for this two-hour class in which you’ll learn the basics of kneading, raising and keeping the dough at a perfect level of moisture. You’ll come away with the wisdom of baking a loaf of sourdough as well as the nice, warm one you just made. Bring a wooden spoon and mixing bowl! AS NORDIC HERRING CHAMPIONSHIP Nyhavns Færgekro, Nyhavn 5, Cph K; Sat 13:00-16:00; free adm Come and see Nordic cooking in all its glory. The third annual Herring Championship is being held in picturesque Nyhavn, so come down and see the plethora of cooking options you have with this classic favourite. Finalists will be competing, and a panel of herring experts – and enthusiasts! – will choose the best. If things get too fishy, enjoy the indoor market offering herrings, spiced brandy, beer, snacks and jazz! AS

Quality Beef & Lamb on show at the Copenhagen Food Fair Tradition




FISH FOR THE PEOPLE Meyers Madhus, Nørrebrogade 52, Cph N; Thu 18:30-22:30; tickets: 550kr; Have you ever wanted to sharpen your fish filleting skills? Join the chefs at Meyers Madhus and learn how to properly fillet, ridge and cook this diet staple. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you can sit back and sip some wine after learning an invaluable skill. The ticket includes the workshop, dinner and drinks. AS PIEMONTE MEETS VESTERBRO VINSTUE Vesterbro Vinstue, Istegade 128, Cph V; every Thu in Feb, ends Feb 28, starting at 18:00; tickets: 350kr; reservations: call 3325 1080; Italy is great at making wine, so why not experience the delectable wines made in the northwestern region of Piedmonte? This new wine bar is spotlighting the velvety reds that are famed from this area. Feast on a four-course meal paired with four Piemontes at this Italian and Danish establishment. AS WINE & GRUB Silver.Spoon HQ, Linnésgade 20A,




Want to find out more about Quality Standard Beef and Lamb? We’d love see you at the Copenhagen Food Fair - Stand C2 005A 24 - 27 February 2013 Hall C2 - Bella Center Center Boulevard Copenhagen Email:

EBLEX is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)




MUSIC KISS KISS BANG BANG Amagerbro Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, Cph S; Fri 20:00-22:00; tickets: 60kr; reservations: Love James Bond? Love jazz? Love a good cocktail? This is the show for you. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are a sophisticated quartet that play decadent jazz interpretations of songs from old Bond films. The group have true stage presence, peppering the show with anecdotes from the scripts by their charming saxophonist and self-proclaimed ‘Bondologist’, Rasmus Kjærsgaard. AS PETER SOMMER Hotel Danmark, Vester Volgade 89, Cph V; Fri, starting at 21:00, doors open at 20:00; tickets: 217kr; reservations: As half of the duo Superjeg, Peter Sommer has proven that he can hold his own. The Danish soloist has already released four albums himself, the newest one just this January. Alt Forladt is more thoughtful and electronic than his previous records, and he is coming to Copenhagen to play these new songs just for you. Located in a cool underground parking garage, this show is one of the cooler ones during Wondercool’s Frost. AS PALLE MIKKELBORG & MIKE SHERIDAN Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Fri, starting at 21:00; tickets: 170kr; reservations:; www.jazzhouse. dk Mike Sheridan is known for his electronica, and Palle Mikkelborg is one of Denmark’s greatest artists. Although the two don’t seem like a natural duo to take the stage at Jazzhouse, their similar influences and ideas make this show a curiosity that seems to work. Their performance will look to express something deeper and ask the audience: “Who are we? Why are we here? How do we live harmoniously with our surroundings?” Come and enjoy a bit of musical philosophy at Jazzhouse. AS

BO KASPERS ORCHESTRA Kulturhuset Viften, Rødovre Parkvej 130, Rødovre; Fri, starting at 21:00; tickets: 320kr; reservations:; Bo Kaspers Orchestra have been around for two decades, and the announcement of their tenth album comes with an exclusive concert in Rødovre. The group combine the sounds of bossa nova, jazz and pop and set it to a purely Scandinavian sound. You’ve probably grown up listening to their songs, and this is your chance to go back to the good ol’ days. AS DAHL/PASBORG & FRIIS/WESTERHUS Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18, Cph S; Fri, starting at 21:00; tickets: 100kr; A two-in-one musical event is sure to be a great way to spend a snowy Friday night. Enjoy the duo of jazz pianist Carsten Dahl and clever drummer Stefan Pasborg as they combine to bring you classic yet brilliant jazzy tunes. Then, Maria Laurette Friis takes the stage with Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus. Friis, a Danish experimental singer, will wow with her intriguing and captivating vocals. AS TRIO ANDROMEDA Café Retro, Knabrostræde 26, Cph K; Fri 21:00-23:00; free adm; This free evening at the hyggeligt Café Retro brings you Trio Andromeda, a group that mixes contemporary sounds with freehand jazz. The music blends in a way to create an atmosphere of whimsy. Both new and old are combined as Trio Andromeda replace a bass with a tuba to create a more fun and brassy sound. What do you have to lose except the February blues? AS CARSTEN DAHL SOLO Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2, Cph Ø; Sat, starting at 20:00; tickets: 95kr; reservations:; Casten Dahl does not give easily definable performances. His music does not fall under one genre, nor does he limit himself to a sin-

gle style. This performance is sure to include a variety of sounds, from bebop and improv to more classically European and world sounds. The Dane never took a fancy to the piano during his education, but the instrument is now his weapon of choice. Come and see his effortlessly ever-changing style. AS HESS/AC/HESS SPACELAB CaféScenen, Skindergade 3, Cph K; Fri & Sat 21:00, doors open at 20:00 & Sun 15:00, doors open at 14:00; tickets: 75kr, available at venue; The trio composed of Nikolaj Hess, Anders Christensen and Mikkel Hess have come together thanks to a shared childhood in Vejle and a love of music. Spacelab is the brainchild of the three musicians, and the sound evokes deeply energetic sounds, improv and hypnotic, melancholic sounds. The atmosphere is truly trance-y and beautiful. The venue is perfect for their interesting and unique sounds. AS MARC JOHNSON Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Sat, starting at 21:00; tickets: 320kr; reservations:; American Marc Johnson brings the double bass when he comes to Copenhagen to play tracks from his recently-released album, Swept Away. Joining him are Brazilian pianist Eliane Elias and American drummer Joe LaBarbera. This trio is sure to produce some of the purest jazz sounds all February. Be sure to snap up tickets quickly! Johnson has been known to sell out very quickly! AS BLOMMEKALASET & PISTOL NUMBER 9 Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18, Cph S; Sat, starting at 21:30; tickets: 80kr; Part of the Frost line-up is this double-header. Blommekalaset will flash you back to the ‘60s with their poetic lyrics and beat style, taking inspiration from the Danish poet Eik Skaløe.

This lyrical style of music will transport you to a world you thought you’d never experience. Pistol Number 9, on the other hand, is an improv group with electro-acoustic sounds. Five women comprise this group, and they bring a musical sound that is both melodic and wild. Their signature sound is created with much distortion of classic instruments, and it will bring forth a lovely sound out of its apparent chaos. AS BALOJI Global, Nørre Alle 7, Cph N; Sat, starting at 22:00, doors open at 21:00; tickets: 80kr presale, 90kr available at venue; reservations:; www. His name means ‘wizard’ in Swahili, and his music will not disappoint that monicker. Born in the Congo, Baloji grew up in Belgium and lived a chaotic and troubled life. In the end, it was his music that got him off the wrong side of the street. His sound combines rap, hip-hop, soul and jazz with African music genres such as soukous and rumba. He came to Roskilde last year and established a great fan-base in Scandinavia, and he looks to continue that when he plays this weekend in Copenhagen. AS JAKOB BRO AND TRIO Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18, Cph S; Sun 15:00-17:00; tickets: 100kr, available at venue; Jakob Bro is a Danish guitarist with flair. With his international trip, Bro takes the stage at Kulturhuset as they are about to record a new album this coming spring. Come and hear the Dane, Norwegian and American play in harmony this Sunday afternoon. AS EFTERKLANG Store Vega, Enghavevej 40, Cph V; Sun 20:0023:00; tickets: 200kr; reservations: DieselHouse, Elværksvej 50, Cph SW; Mon, starting at 21:00; tickets: 150kr; reservations:

call 3254 0227 Café Teatret, Skindergade 3, Cph K; Thu, starting at 19:30; tickets: 177kr; reservations: Efterklang will play their first concert of Frost at the supercool stage at Store Vega, and you can see them playing at DieselHouse, a venue built around a gigantic B&W diesel engine from 1932, the following evening. Lastly, Thursday night will bring Efterklang to Copenhagen’s centre at CaféTeatret. You’ll hear tracks from their latest album Piramida. The six-man band has an indie-rock sound that hints at dream pop and electronica. Each concert will have a different feel, but each will be equally as talented and fun! AS JASON MORAN BANDWAGON Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Sun, starting at 21:00; tickets: 240kr; reservations:; www.jazzhouse. dk If you’re craving some American jazz, this is where you’ll want to be on Sunday evening. Pianist Jason Moran, drummer Nasheet Waiuts and bassist Tarus Mateen are a trio that have created a big musical compendium from which to draw. Their exploratory and creative jazz sounds have built them up to be some of the best musicians around. The sound is a mix that hits somewhere in the middle of Schubert, hip-hop and art. AS JACOB BELLENS & SCHULTZ AND FOREVER Copenhagen Piano, Bredgade 6, Cph K; Wed 20:00-23:00; tickets: 147kr; reservations:; Fresh off a solo debut this November, Jacob Bellens is ready to impress his fans. His warm voice has made Bellens one of the most distinct voices on the Danish rock scene. The special venue of Copenhagen Piano emphasises his songwriting talent, and his performance will be bolstered by the rising talent of 18-year-old Jonathan Schultz. This intimate concert is not one you want to miss. AS




15 - 21 February 2013


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Den største and og ældste formidler af The largest most experienced liebhaverboliger i København og provider of exclusive homes in Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Liebhaverboliger KøbenExclusive homes til forsalg salei in havn og Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand. Ring for en gratis vurdering.

Lejligheder og huserentals store som små. We offer first-rate Ring for en vurdering. furnished orgratis unfurnished in Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Erhvervsejendomme f.eks. til butik, Commercial properties for sale kontor eller and rent e.g.lager til salg og leje. stores/offices/storerooms

Hellerupvej 78, 2900 Hellerup - Telefon 7015 9007 - Fax 7015 6707 - -



15 - 21 February 2013 REAL ESTATE UNIQUE APARTMENT FOR RENT - Furnished, 104 sqm, 4-rooms, 2-bedroom, central Copenhagen. Close to shopping, restaurants, theatres and transportation (metro, train, buses). See the photos at http://copenhagenliving.tumblr. com. Rent: 16,500 DKK/month. Contact Anders: +45 2961 2996 . APARTMENT FOR RENT IN peaceful surroundings: Located in Taastrup and only 10min by train to Copenhagen 8 min walk to Taastrup S-train and 15 min walk to main Høje Taastrup station. 46m2 (1 1/2 room apartment) newly renovated with new kitchen, new bathroom and a laundry room. Furnished apartment with parking space included.Rent:4,300 dkk per month + utilities, 3 month deposit required. Available now or ASAP for 1-2 years. Preferably email orientaliacity2@ Otherwise call 43522650 between 14:00-19:00

HEALTH SERVICES MANY YOGA CLASSES IN ENGLISH in various styles including prenatal/ postnatal in Frederiksberg. Also vegetarian food. Visit www. ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE Reduce

back pain and improve your posture and breathing. Teacher of the Alexander Technique with private practice in Frederiksberg, 33 years experience, Mary McGovern tel. 38340613 or visit www.

PSYCHOTHERAPY ANNE ELISE INGHAM, PSY.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Therapy in English for adults, adolescents, children and families. Specializing in anxiety, depression, relationships and cultural adjustment. 60746646. http://www. psykologerneivoresby.d

Designer Available – Best Quality. Fast. Most reasonable rates Ph: 71844726 DANISH LESSONS – PRIVATE lessons in Danish for foreigners. Intensive basic course: 25 lessons. Brush up course: 20 lessons. Intermediate course: 30 lessons. Also offering advanced and business courses. Free test/lesson. Please visit PAINTING, DECORATING AND WALL PAPERING! English qualified City and Guilds tradesman with 25 years experience. For free estimate contact: 50592612 or sarsy60@

PSYCHOLOGIST & CROSSCULTURAL counsellor. Sessions in English/Danish for children, adolescents and adults. Debbie Britt Mechlenborg. Copenhagen K. Phone: (+45) 5356 4494. E-mail:

DRIVING LESSONS Copenhagen International Driving School www. Instructor Geoff Abbey. Special deal for beginners: 6998 kr. Also offering First Aid courses. All lessons in English +45 40 43 25 50



FREELANCE WORDPRESS Developer specializing in websites that you can manage and update yourself. Call for a free quote on 71226405 or visit


Busy downtown International Cafe / Restaurant, looking for Fun, energetic, hard working wait staff. Must Have Experience! Pls Send CV to or Call on +45 3311 0900.

TRANSCRIBER, data entry work, Website designing & Graphic


• Intensive Danish Courses • Day/Evening/Online Classes • Focus on Pronunciation

LANGUAGE SCHOOLS Bernstorffsvej 20, 2900 Hellerup

T 3946 3050 F 3946 3051

Tuborg Boulevard 4, 2900 Hellerup Klampenborgvej 221, 2800 Lyngby


Learn Danish with CLAVIS New language school in Lyngby

WHEN THE LITTLE MERMAID IS NOT ENOUGH Efficient Danish courses for • Foreign citizens • Business • Municipalities Learn Danish fast and efficiently with

We are located in the heart of

a focus on spoken communication and

Copenhagen, close to Central Station.

conversational skills. Our professional

Contact us today – new classes

teachers use modern learning tools

start every month.

and the teaching level will always suit your individual progress.

Enroll now – call 33 21 31 31

Info & signing up +45 2210 5399 | CLAVIS Lyngby – Klampenborgvej 232, 2nd floor, 2800 Kongens Lyngby | Valdemarsgade 16 | 1665 Copenhagen V

Greve – Roskilde – Copenhagen – Lyngby




15 - 21 February 2013

SCHOOLS Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


Children have a seed inside that needs nourishment to grow . The seed is their own, we simply support it in its development.

InOut The CPH Post


Entertainment Guide

August 19

- 25

Children’s Garden is open from 8.00am-4.30pm, Monday – Friday, providing an English Language fulltime Preschool Program for children ages 2-6.

• Intensive Danish Courses – all relevant and officially approved courses Don’t mi

Forum: Thur

ss this Do

sday 20:0

• Online classes for those students who are unable to attend at the Language Centre

0 Tickets

415 - 815


page G6

Bernstorffsvej 75, 2900 Hellerup DK Tel: +45 7375 2900

lly fixtu re


Hercegurant ovina

Tivoli Croatian restaurant of nationa with l and interna a wide choice tional dishes. “Eat as much Live music as you like” and dance

• We conduct all relevant exams in Danish, the Citizenship Test, Danish test level 1, Danish test level 2 and the Immigration Test Located at Kastrup & Glostrup (Copenhagen) Close to public transport Sign up now! 43 28 35 00



3 - 1620

- Copenh

agen V

See more at copenhagenca

Free access to 65 and attractiomuseums entire metropo ns in the litan area

Looking to advertise your company? This spoT is available!


ContaCt our salEs DEpartmEnt toDay on: +45 33 36 33 00


Summer School 24th June - 5th July 2013 Looking for a fun and challenging summer for your children? The summer school at CIS is available for children aged 4 to 16. Early registration is advisable since places are limited. For the 4 to 8 age range there is a choice of activities selected from: • Pre-K • English Language Instruction • Art • Drama • Irish Dancing • Sport • Computers

For the age range 9 to 15 there is a choice of activities selected from: • English & Danish Language Instruction • Forensic Science • Art • Cheerleading • GeoCatching • Mountain Biking • Sailing & Kayaking • Computers • Fencing

The Summer School is also suitable for Danish children who would like to upgrade their English language skills. Please contact the school to receive further information and a registration form, or visit our website: and click on News Contact Details Kristjan Jespersen, Copenhagen International School Hellerupvej 22-26, 2900 Hellerup, Tel: 23 96 68 99 • Fax: 35 46 33 70 All emails should be sent to

Hellerupvej 22-26 2900 Hellerup T +45 3946 3311

More info at or call +45 3318 7900.

Stockholmsgade 59 2100 Copenhagen Ø T +45 3946 3309

Danish Education 3 We offer Danish Education 3 which is designed for students with a solid academic background who can be expected to learn Danish quickly and efficiently. The progression is fast and the level high. Corporate Danish courses We design and deliver tailored in-company courses. The courses can be held as group classes or on a one-to-one basis and range from beginners to advanced level. Borgergade 12 1300 København K

• High Academic Standards • Christian Ethos • Conveniently located in Hellerup For further information, see our webpage or phone the Admissions Officer on 3962 1053

Do you speak Danish?



Regardless your educational background and native language, VUF offers courses in Danish at all levels. Read more about Danish for Foreigners at

Voksenuddannelsescenter Frederiksberg – stribevis af muligheder

As your child grows We grow with them at Østerbro International School, where the individual comes first. Our primary aim is to identify and appreciate the unique potential of each pupil and develop it to the full in a caring, comfortable and happy environment. Pupils receive an excellent, well-rounded education from dedicated and well-qualified teachers, developing qualities which will equip them to face life’s challenges with self-belief and optimism. Østerbro International School • Præstøgade 17 • 2100 Copenhagen Ø • T e l . : + 4 5 7 0 2 0 6 3 6 8 • W e b s i t e : w w w. o e i s . d k • E - m a i l : i n f o @ o e i s . d k



15 - 21 February 2013



PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION Consultation in English, Spanish and Danish

Major USa & UK networks now ble a avail


No satellite needed USA: ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX UK: BBC One, ITV, CBeebies & CBBC

Tatiana Jessen, accredited psychologist & specialized psychotherapist, who can help you overcome distress caused by living abroad as well as problems experienced by cross-cultural couples – for example if you’re married to a Dane. APPOINTMENTS : 22 35 31 19

Additional information

Contact Parabolsen for more details 2814 7131


or info@soulkeys.

Dog and Cat Kennel Asserholmvej 1, 4390 Asserholm Tlf: 59 18 16 98 or 21 22 44 98

Harman Music Methods



Piano Courses Subscribe or reserve a place at:

Join the American Club in Copenhagen, and take part in our exciting and interesting events and excellent networking opportunities!

Piano lessons available for children and adults

This is a great way to meet others from the international community in Copenhagen!

Contact: or telephone: 36960791

For further information: or contact Vibeke Henrichsen at 3961 7375

Living Church is a new and exciting church where we are living the abundant life promised by Jesus. Come along for Bible based teaching, youth events, home meetings, camps and great times're always welcome! Femagervej 39, 2650 Hvidovre (close to Hvidovre station). Ministers: Chris and Clara Brett Telephone: 32964193

HEALTH SERVICES The 10:30 Sunday service in our main service of the week during which there is a Sunday School and after which refreshments are served. You will find us in Churchillparken, by the Gefion fountain. Buses 1A, 15 & 19, closest station in Østerport.


gen Inte


ving Sch ool CopenhagenL International Driving School ear l Dri

n2d J u b ilee 15 years of Free theo experience ry

theory At SavStAtion e 3005 K Gentofte r Native B ritish D Special deal: Beginners

Counsellor for Individuals, Couples, Families. Cross Cultural Adviser

riving  Also o ffering F Instructor • All instru irst Aid c ct ourses in ion in English English

6998kr40 43 25 50 First Aid in English

Qualified English Psychotherapist

w w w .L

e a rn 2 d ri

v e .d

k Native English Driving Instructor • All instruction in English

40 43 25 50

Elaine Aunsbjerg Nielsen Counselling can give you the guidance and support to examine the cause of your problem and find the right solution for you. Phone and make an appointment the first ½ hour is free of charge Tel. 26166215 or e-mail





Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge and other less successful characters

15 - 21 February 2013


BBC Ent, Thu 22:00

FOR THE second time in barely a month, the same comic creation has wormed his way, as he is prone to doing, into our Top Pick selection. Sure, it’s a weak week, particularly following the barnstorming lineup last week (which included the debut of Breaking Bad, returning with the entire second season − TV2 Zulu, Sun 10:15), but Norwich’s finest would be worthy of this accolade most weeks, and once again he delivers with aplomb in Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge and other less successful characters (BBC Ent, Thu 22:00), a stand-up tour of the UK that his creator embarked on in 2008 with a knowing reference to how poorly some of his other characters have been received. Don’t worry, the chaff (think cabaret singer Tony Ferrino) isn’t

here, but the 90-minute show is still a game of two halves, according to reviewers on UK comedy site Chortle, with only the student-hating Paul Calf giving Alan a run for his money in the laughter stakes. “Arrive in the interval and you’ll have a markedly better experience than those who endure the first half, in which the once-brilliant creations either tread water, or sink miserably,” observed one reviewer. Sounds worth tuning in for, with perhaps a book on your lap just in case. Louis Theroux: Twilight of the porn stars (DR2, Thu 21:05), on the other hand, sounds like an arduous affair, but isn’t that often the way with good docs? Theroux has matured over the years, and is certainly less manipulative than he used to be as he explores how porn

is suffering under the deluge of free content on the web. Elsewhere, the first episode of David Attenborough’s new six-part series Africa (SV2, Sun 19:00) tackles the Kalahiri; Murder in the Mediterranean (BBC World, Fri 20:30, Sat 16:30 or Sun 22:30) investigates why Corsica has the BBC Ent, Thu 22:00 Steve Coogan evening highest murder rate in Europe; Idol (BBC World, Sat 20:10 or Sun 15:10) follows the exploits of a girl band in Korea, the home of Psy; there’s a weekend of FA Cup action to look forward to on K6; and it’s a good week for new films, including Centurion (TV2, Fri 23:05), Easy A (TV3, Sun 21:00), Hot Tub Machine (TV2 Zulu, Thu 20:55), Thor (TV3 Plus, Thu 23:40) and True Grit. BEN HAMILTON TV2 Zulu, Fri 21:50 The Grammys

spor t THE W OF EEK

TV3+, Wed 19:30 Champions League: AC Milan vs Barcelona


TV2, Sun 21:00 True Grit

Friday 15

Saturday 16

Sunday 17

Monday 18

Tuesday 19

Wednesday 20

Thursday 21

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 21:50-23:35 Mercury Rising (US action, 1998) Bruce Willis 23:35-01:20 Fools Rush In (US romcom, 1997) Matthew Perry

19:00-20:00 Nature’s Miracle Babies (BBC doc, 2011) 22:35-00:05 Lewis (UK thriller, 2012) Kevin Whately

19:05-20:00 Egypt (UK doc, 2008) 21:50-22:50 Parade’s End (UK thriller series, 2012) Rebecca Hall 22:50-00:20 George Gently (UK crime series, 2008) Martin Shaw

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 22:30-23:30 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Aus crime series, 2012) 23:45-00:30 Damages (US drama series, 2008) Glenn Close

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 22:30-23:10 Dirty Sexy Money (US drama series, 2007) Peter Krause 23:10-23:55 Rescue Special Ops (Aus drama series, 2009)

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 22:30-00:05 Foyle’s War (UK crime series, 2004) Michael Kitchen

18:45-19:10 The Daily Show (US com) Jon Stewart 20:00-22:00 The Painted Veil (US rom, 2006) Edward Norton

18:00-19:30 Wine (BBC doc, 2009)

17:30-20:00 Theme Night: Mankind Earth’s best friend? (BBC doc, 2012) 20:00-21:00 Hairy Bikers Bake-action (BBC Food, 2011)

17:55-18:45 1066 (BBC doc, 2009) 18:45-19:05 The Daily Show 19:05-20:00 Heartbreak Science (Aus doc series, 2009) 23:00-23:50 Madoff (UK doc, 2009) 23:50-00:15 The Daily Show

17:55-18:45 1066 (BBC doc, 2009) 18:45-19:05 The Daily Show 19:05-20:00 Inside the Human Body (BBC doc series, 2011) 21:05-22:30 Unraveled (US doc, 2011) 23:00-00:00 Michael Portillo and the Great Euro Crisis (UK doc, 2012)

17:55-18:45 1066 (BBC doc, 2009) 19:10-20:00 Inside the Human Body 20:40-21:25 Taggart (UK crime, 2009) 21:25-22:20 Luther (UK thriller series, 2010) Idris Elba

17:55-18:45 Churchill’s Darkest Decision (UK doc, 2009) 18:45-19:05 The Daily Show 19:05-20:00 Inside the Human Body 21:05-21:50 Louis Theroux: Twilight of the porn stars (BBC doc, 2012) 23:00-23:50 Warren Buffett (BBC doc)

23:05-00:45 Centurion (UK fantasy, 2010) Michael Fassbender

20:00-21:50 Dumb and Dumber (US com, 1994) Jim Carrey 21:50-23:45 Shanghai Noon (US action, 2000) Jackie Chan

21:00-22:50 True Grit (US action, 2010) Jeff Bridges

No English-language programmes

No English-language programmes

No English-language programmes

No English-language programmes

17:35-18:25 Will & Grace (US com series) 18:25-19:15 King of Queens 19:15-20:10 Friends 20:10-21:20 Basic (US action, 200) Samuel L Jackson 21:50-23:50 Grammy Awards

13:35-18:05 Suburgatory (US com series, 2012) 18:05-18:55 King of Queens 18:55-19:50 Friends 19:50-20:55 Californication (US drama series)

10:15-21:00 Breaking Bad (US drama series, 2009-10) season two 23:20-00:05 Russell Howard’s Good News (UK com stand-up, 2011)

17:10-18:00 Will & Grace 18:00-18:55 King of Queens 18:55-19:45 Friends 19:45-20:45 Californication 23:40-00:25 Joey

17:15-18:05 Will & Grace 18:05-19:00 King of Queens 19:00-19:50 Friends 19:50-20:55 Californication 20:55-21:45 New Girl 23:10-23:35 The Half Hour 23:35-00:25 Joey

17:25-18:15 Will & Grace 18:15-19:00 King of Queens 19:00-19:50 Friends 19:50-20:55 Californication 23:15-00:30 Russell Howard Live: dingledoodies (UK com stand-up, 2012)

17:15-18:05 Will & Grace 18:05-19:00 King of Queens 19:00-19:50 Friends 19:50-20:55 Californication 20:55-23:00 Hot Tub Time Machine (US com, 2010) John Cusack 23:25-00:10 Russell Howard’s Good News

17:00-19:00 NCIS 19:00-20:00 Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (US reality series, 2011) 22:00-00:30 Paycheck (US thriller, 2003) Ben Affleck

18:00-19:00 NCIS 19:00-20:00 The Mentalist 21:00-22:10 Game of Thrones (US fantasy series, 2012) Charles Dance 22:10-00:40 State of Play (US thriller, 2009) Ben Affleck

21:00-22:55 Easy A (US romcom, 2010) Emma Stone 22:55-23:55 Two and a Half Men

17:00-19:00 NCIS 20:00-21:00 Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares (US reality series, 2011) 23:50-01:50 Changing Lanes (US action, 2002) Ben Affleck

17:00-19:00 NCIS 23:30-01:20 NCIS

17:00-19:00 NCIS 20:00-21:00 NCIS 21:00-22:00 The Mentalist 23:30-01:25 NCIS

17:00-19:00 NCIS 23:20-01:25 NCIS

17:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-23:30 Top Gear 23:30-01:40 Blood Work (US thriller, 2002) Clint Eastwood

15:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-23:30 Top Gear 23:00-00:55 True Crime (US thriller, 1999) Clint Eastwood

13:55-21:40 Top Gear 21:40-00:55 Gladiator (US action, 2000) Russell Crowe

17:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-21:30 Top Gear 21:30-23:15 Hancock (US action, 2008) Will Smith 23:15-00:00 Top Gear

17:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-19:30 The Simpsons 19:30-22:25 UEFA Champions League: Arsenal vs Bayern Munich 23:30-02:25 Gladiator (US action, 2000) Russell Crowe

17:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-19:30 The Simpsons 19:30-22:35 UEFA Champions League: AC Milan vs Barcelona 23:30-01:45 Top Gear

14:25-21:30 Top Gear 22:30-23:40 Spartacus (US action drama series, 2012) 23:40-01:20 Thor (US fantasy action, 2009) Zachery Ty Bryan, Anthony Hopkins

17:00-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-21:00 Coming Out Diaries (UK doc series) 21:00-23:10 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (US/UK fantasy, 2007) Daniel Radcliffe, Gary Oldman

19:00-20:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Denmark 21:00-00:00 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (US/UK fantasy, 2009) Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman

19:00-20:00 Dance Moms (US doc series, 2011) 20:00-21:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Denmark 23:00-00:00 Biggest Loser IX

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-21:00 Grey’s Anatomy 21:00-21:55 Private Practice 21:55-23:50 House

17:00-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-18:55 Private Practice 18:55-19:55 Ghost Whisperer 19:55-21:00 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings II (UK reality series) 22:00-23:05 Turtle Boy (UK doc, 2012) 23:05-00:00 Grey’s Anatomy

17:00-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00-22:00 Hoarders 22:00-23:00 Dance Moms (US reality) 23:00-23:55 Grey’s Anatomy

17:00-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-21:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Denmark. 21:00-22:40 While She Was Out (US thriller, 2008) Kim Basinger 22:40-23:35 Grey’s Anatomy

17:00-18:00 Numbers 19:00-20:00 The Big Bang Theory 22:00-23:55 100 Girls (US com, 2000)

21:45-23:30 Surrogates (US thriller, 2009) Bruce Willis

15:55-17:55 Premier League Live: Liverpool vs Swansea 19:00-20:00 Arrow (US action series, 2012) 22:00-23:00 CSI: New York

19:00-20:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00-21:00 CSI: New York 22:55-23:55 CSI 23:55-01:35 Criminal Minds

19:00-20:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00-21:00 CSI 22:00-00:15 Cop Out (US action com, 2010) Bruce Willis

19:00-20:00 The Big Bang Theory 22:00-23:00 Detroit 1-8-7 (US crime series) 23:00-01:00 Criminal Minds

19:00-20:00 The Big Bang Theory 22:15-23:10 Arrow (US action series, 2012) 23:10-00:10 Detroit 1-8-7

InOut, The Copenhagen Post's entertainment section | Feb 15-21  
InOut, The Copenhagen Post's entertainment section | Feb 15-21  

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