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The CPH Post Entertainment Guide | 21 December 2012 – 4 January 2012

Screw the Mayans! G2


2013’s going to be great

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Aladdin and




Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2, 2100 Kbh. Ø Dates: 9-13, 16- 20 and 23-27 January 2013 Tickets:

david bateson norman bates dr. bent van helsingor bennet thorpe andrew jeffers Julie Steincke henrik lund design

kirsten brink

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ticketS: 33 15 10 12 or b ill et lu g e n . d k www. l o n d o n t o a S t . d k




21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013

For one night let’s fight for the right to party



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Editor Ben Hamilton

Art Editor Bonnie Fortune

Film Editor Jessica Hanley

Regular contributors: Arun Sharma, Mark Walker, Aviaja Bebe, Rikke K Mathiassen, Sofie Gravers Jacobsen, Kasper R Guldberg, Bjarke Smith-Meyer Kevin Evancio, Franziska Bork Petersen, Luke Richardson Elizabeth Dellapenna, Anee Jayaraj, Jaya Rao, Simon Cooper, Alexis Kunsak, Eric B Duckert, Pete Streader, Mihai Bica Guide Listings: Amy Strada (performance) Maria Antonietta Ricci (events and kids) Daniel van der Noon (music), Jessica O’Sullivan (TV) Information may be displayed for free at the editor’s discretion. Unrequested material is not returned. We do not take responsibility for changes and mistakes, but please contact the editor regarding misleading information at Additionally, we welcome readers’ comments about any of the material published in InOut CPH. Copyright owned by CPHPOST.DK ApS []. InOut CPH was founded by Thomas Dalvang Fleurquin

inside this week


ONE OF THE tragedies of modern living is the decline in popularity of the Christmas card. Like newspapers, they will die out when the generation who sends them does. My decision to stop coincided with me joining Facebook. When I moved here in 2003, I thought sending cards was a great way to stay in touch with former friends and colleagues, and of course family, from my home country. But now they’re all friends of mine on Facebook, so what’s the point? Sure it grated that for every 20 I sent out, I only got seven in return, but since my decision to stop, I’ve been in comeback mode, and by 2016 I expect to be on level terms. And besides, most people are so hopeless at writing them: they either say too little or too much. If you’re going to go to the trouble of buying the cards and stamps, tracking down the address and licking the envelopes, why on Earth do you then just want to sign your name with no trace of the human spirit you’re supposed to be expressing?

But God forbid that you go in the other direction and include a photocopy of your family’s progress report for 2012: “Tom has been accepted into Sandhurst, but before starting his cadetship couldn’t resist the chance to holiday in Zanzibar where he was cast in a new film about the early life of Freddy Mercury – some pop-star chappie we hadn’t heard of, but Antonia had.” Don’t you know that half your friends will read this togehter aloud, screaming with laughter at your pompousness – with my hand on my heart, it’s the only adult memory I have of bonding with my mother. Anyway, another Christmas in Denmark beckons. It’s not quite Alzheimer’s, but I’ve lost count of the number of times my parents have invited and uninvited me and the family to Christmas, and this will be my ninth in a row seeing it all end on December 24. Still, it’s all the more time to plan New Year’s Eve (G2 for details), watch TV (G16 for a pretty uninspiring line-up) and take in a few shows (G7 for a preview of Hej Jude) and films (G14). Yeah, I miss Christmas cards: writing them, not getting them. Using Facebook to send a greeting isn’t the same. It’s like sending a photocopy of your family’s progress – cue the hysterical laughter in the background of rare family bonding.

Tivoli for New Year’s Eve

Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph K; 17:00-00:30; Experience Tivoli like you’ve never before. For the first time, the gardens and grounds are open until the wee hours. A red carpet will be rolled out from the entrance to welcome you like Danish royalty. Meander the stands, enjoy the decorations, and dine at one of the eleven restaurants participating in the festivities. Added bonus: you’ll have front-row seats for the fireworks at City Hall!

New Year’s in the 1930s

Custom House, Havnegade 44, Cph K; 17:30-02:00; tickets: 1,350-1,850kr; www. If you fancy sampling the glamorous bygone era of prohibition, jazz and Mary Pickford, this is the event for you. Custom House is transforming its waterfront property into a wonderland from the 1930s. Put on your pearls, step into your swingiest dress and spend the last day of the year like you’ve stepped back in time. Take your pick from three dinner menus and, after watching the fireworks from the canal, dance the night away.

Classic Copenhagen Fireworks

Cph K and Cph V; 00:00 until all the fireworks are gone No New Year’s is complete without fireworks. If you’re in Copenhagen for the night, it would be blasphemous to sit this one out. The skies of the city will be a technicolour wonder of aweinspiring lights and sounds. Danes all over will be out on the streets with their loved ones to get this front-row experience. Don’t miss it!

1990s at Cafe Kellerdirk

Cafe Kellerdirk, Frederiksberg Alle 102, Frederiksberg; 21:30-04:30; tickets: 395kr; The ‘90s feel like they were here yesterday, and they’ll be here again on New Year’s Eve. Cafe Kellerdirk, a theatre cafe, offers an all-night open bar that will be serving the decade’s classics: white and black Russians, cosmos and mojitos. A live band will bring you to the stroke of midnight – with champagne and cake – and you’ll spend the first day of the new year dancing until you drop.

Performance Crazy Christmas Cabaret presents Hitchcock-Up!

Glassalen in Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; ends Jan 12, performances Mon-Sat 19:30, Sat 15:00; tickets 100-370kr,; www. The plot sees ‘Vivienne’ decide she’s had enough of the CCC and decide to adapt a long-lost Hitchcock script. Her actors vow to kill her. LL

The Nutcracker

Koncertsalen i Tivoli; ends Sat, performance times vary; tickets 325-495kr, concessions for under-8s,; 120 mins with intermission Set during Copenhagen in the 1870s, we are transported not to the Land of Sweets, but Tivoli. FBP

New Year’s Eve by the Lakes

Søpavillonen, Gyldenløvesgade 24, Cph K; 17:00-05:00; tickets: 895kr with dinner, 195-250kr without dinner; 3315 1224, Bring the New Year in with a bang. Søpavillonen is hosting one of the biggest and best parties in Copenhagen with live music, drinks, champagne and an unbeatable atmosphere. Located right on the Lakes, this party gives you the option of starting the evening with a delicious dinner and open bar, or you can arrive later to join the party mid-celebration. Either way, this party is an annual hit, and you won’t want to miss the spectacular views. Smoke on the water: you know it makes sense

New Year’s Eve Concert: From the Banks of the Danube

Det Kongelige Teater, Kongens Nytorv, Cph K; 17:45-20:00; tickets: 1951250kr; A truly Danish tradition, the New Year’s Eve concert at the Royal Theatre is an annual crowd-pleaser. This year, the Royal Danish Orchestra takes its cue from rising star Perry So of the Hong Kong Philharmonic. The programme will include Tchaikovsky, Weber, Johann Strauss and much more.

New Year’s Eve with Family and Friends

New Year’s at Docken

Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, Cph Ø; 17:0005:00; tickets: 295-1095kr; 26-54 year-olds only; Copenhagen singles rejoice – you and 999 others can head towards the upper east corner of the city to Docken and celebrate New Year’s in mingling bliss. A guaranteed even number of men and women will keep things interesting while you dance your way into the New Year. Three different ticket options give you the flexibility to choose if you’d like to arrive earlier or later.

City Kroen, Gammeltorv 8, Cph K; 17:30-late; tickets: 990kr; 3391 1300, Sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious threecourse meal right in the heart of Copenhagen. Welcome drinks are served, and you can watch the queen’s speech with the crowd. An open bar of beer and wine will get you to midnight when champagne and cake will be passed around to celebrate. That’s your cue to start partying until dawn. City Kroen is even offering free access to Penthouse right next door!

New Year’s Gala

American New Year’s at The Bank

Winter Harbour Bath Jump

The Bank Nightclub and Restaurant, Lille Kongensgade 16, Cph K; 17:30late; tickets: 795kr with dinner, 150kr for afterparty only; over-24s only; For all you expats out there, join The Bank in celebrating New Year’s Eve in classic Americana glamour. With a ‘40s and ‘50s theme, this party is rolling out the red carpet for you, so be sure to look the part! Dine in and be ready to party, or join the extravaganza later – the option is up to you. Either way, you won’t want to miss the party when the clock strikes 00:00 as The Bank will revert to its exclusive nightclub ways!

Den fiffige lille ræv

Opera house, Store Scene, Ekvipagemestervej 10, Cph K; ends Feb 3, performances 19:00 (unless stated) on Sat (12:00), Thu, Sat 29 Dec; tickets 75-495kr; www.kglteater. dk Leoš Janáček’s charming light opera Den fiffige lille ræv is being staged by renowned international director Francisco Negrin. PS

Semiramide (Semiramis)

Operaen, Main Stage, 10 Ekvipagemestervej, Cph K; ends Jan 16; performances at 19:00 on Jan 1; tickets 125895kr, The swansong of his career in Italy, Semiramide is Gioachino Rossini’s operatic adaptation of a famous 1748 Voltaire tragedy, which in turn is based on the historical life of a 9th century Assyrian queen. KRG

Koncerthuset, Emil Holms Kanal 20, Cph K; 18:30-20:45; tickets: 450-1250kr; 3520 6262, Enjoy a demure celebration to mark or start the New Year with Spanish conductor Rafael Frühnbeck de Burgos. The concert promises to be a mix of Nordic pieces and ones from Spain, bridging two cultures in a night of orchestral bliss. Come and hear Scandinavian favourites mixed with fiery pieces form Spanish. Cava and hors d’oeuvres will be served during the intermission. Københavns Havnebad, Islands Brygge 7, Cph S; 12:00-13:00; tickets: 35kr; Have you ever walked by the canals in the winter and thought: “I want to jump into those icy, freezing waters”? A relatively new tradition to Copenhagen, the jump is a daring and exciting way to get into the New Year. Last year, 200 crazy Danes took a quick dip in the canal by Islands Brygge. This year, count yourself among them. There will be saunas for you to warm up in, and, for 35kr, you can get delicious potato leek soup from Restaurant Aristo. Come right at noon to see the rockets launched! AMY STRADA



ON THE ONE NIGHT that it’s expected of you to stay out all night, it seems like a lot of places around Copenhagen aren’t open. But we’re here to help! Whether you’re looking for something culturally refined, or you want an excuse to put on your most expensive outfit and party until the sun comes up, we’ve found there are a few places around the city willing to oblige. So make this a memorable one and ring in the New Year with the Danes. Skål!


Things to do on December 31

BUFFET & BUBBLY WITH BuffetA& BUBBLY BuBBly BUFFET HARBOUR VIEW with AA WITH HARBOUR VIEW hArBour view Kids welcome! Kids Kids welcome! welcome!

Children’s play zone with activities Kids 0-6 years: free 6-12 years: ½ price Adults: 329 kr. Private function? Book a room for 16-60 guests.

Marriott • Kalvebod Brygge 5 • 88 33 12 31 •

review of 2011

Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013


What dragged you away from your home in 2012 – and was it any good? The InOut team pay tribute to the shows, performers, festivals and events that impressed them the most over the last 12 months.

Top Anglo theatre

Top Anglo event

1. Tiger Lillies perform Hamlet

Top event

1. Saint Patrick’s three-legged race

Top Art

5. French Affair at Docken

1. Louisiana Literature

American performance artist Mary Coble’s massive exploration of an old shipyard in Nakskov, in Lolland in southern Denmark, included a durational performance, new photographic work and giant shipping flags.

The Dance to Go performances are a great invention in which all the seats in the auditorium cost just 150kr. Last spring’s version combined Flemming Flindt’s Enetime (The Lesson), George Balanchine’s version of Tchaikovsky’s Pas de Deux and The Concert by Jerome Robbins.

henrik stenberg

1. Dance to Go

atout France


Mike Hofman

Miklos Sazbo

1. ‘Manuevering’ at Overgaden

The city was crying out for a quality book festival that didn’t think all world literature started and ended with Paul Auster, and in just three years, Louisiana Literature has answered our prayers. Headlining this year (just 150 kroner for all four days), rock legend Patti Smith gave some unforgettable readings – a real treat.

The organisers of this Francophile’s paradis brought Gallic gourmet gems to Docken. Parlez-vous Francais? Non, but maybe next year!

2. The Seeress Prophecy

2. St George’s at Sankt Nikolai’s

2. Fashion Festival

7. Puppet Junior

Like Louisiana Literature, the Fashion Festival has in a short space of time become something quite substantial, offering nonindustry fashionistas a myriad of events to make them feel like they’re really participating in Fashion Week instead of just looking in, thinking about blagging their way into shows and parties.

Under-rated by those with an aversion to either children’s festivals or puppets or both, the occasion was once again one of the highlights of the year.

This ambitious survey showed rarely seen early work by celebrated European female artists from the inter-war years including Hannah Höch and Dora Marr.

8. Copenhagen Book Forum The festival may be trailing in the wake of Louisiana Literature, but it upped its game in 2012, attracting an impressive selection of authors including Ken Follett.

3. ‘Ruth Ewan’ at Charlottenborg Scottish artist Ruth Ewan’s exploration of the utopic power of music involved live performances by a brass band, an interview with an ethno-musicologist, workshops with imaginative children in Christiana, and a large collection of instruments collected from citizens around Denmark.

4. Old Times Why Not Theatre’s Angela Heath-Larsen and Sue Hanson Styles joined forces with That Theatre’s Ian Burns for what is probably Harold Pinter’s most ambiguous play. Theirs is a collaboration that we hope will run and run. BH

4. Burns Night at the Dubliner Nothing lifts the gloom of late January like Burns Night, and the Dubliner’s event, which is quickly becoming a city institution, had them dancing on the tables again. Scotland forever! 5. Irish Day at the Races All a bit biased to the British Isles, so here’s … hang on, how could we leave out the Irish Rover’s Irish Day at the Races, the race meet that tends to always welcome in the Danish summer. It didn’t this year, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t another winner. Ben Hamilton

9. Buster Film Festival

2. ‘Avantgardens Kvinder (Women of the Avant Garde) 1920-1940’ at Louisiana

4. ‘If One Thing Moves, Everything Moves’ at Charlottenborg The country’s biggest music festival recruited Denmark’s favourite international singing star, Bruce Springsteen, for this year’s affair, and the Boss didn’t disappoint. For three beautiful hours on a July evening, he transcended both time and place to deliver what was the festival’s standout performance.

Balanchine & Stravinsky was an evening of dazzling abstract beauty that celebrated the collaboration between choreographer George Balanchine and composer Igor Stravinsky. It consisted of the early neoclassical Apollo, the tightly knit Agon and the jazzy Symphony in Three Movements. 3. Den gyldne hane (The Golden Cockrel) A fun performance with breathtakingly beautiful costumes. Former Royal Danish Ballet dancer and today’s internationally renowned choreographer Alexei Ratmansky was responsible for the great choreography of this production. 4. Tornerose (The Sleeping Beauty)

Always refreshing to see a kids festival that doesn’t patronise its target customers, and the result is one adults can enjoy too. At only 15kr a movie, it truly is quids in for kids. 10. Irish Festival

4. Distortion

Distortion bounced back in 2012 to silence its critics with a well-organised and extremely enjoyable five days of relentless fun and music, and it even managed to clean up afterwards. A job well done all-round!

2. Balanchine & Stravinsky

henrik stenberg

If ever there’s an event that will take you back to Blighty in the blink of an eye, it’s the St Alban’s church fete in August where the best of British gather to enjoy creamed teas, show their knobbly knees and shoot the breeze. Oh, and it has the best bookstore in town.

3. Springsteen at Roskilde Scanpix

Vivienne McKee’s annual Crazy Christmas Cabaret got even crazier this year when she decided to stage a Hitchcock-style movie script as opposed to the traditional CCC. Sociopathic Danes, lederhosenloving Nazis, cross-dressers and a terrible Swedish accent made this year crazier than ever. LL

Clive Thain

3. St Albans Fete at Churchillparken

Kai Buchner

Clive Thain

3. Crazy Christmas Cabaret’s Hitchcock-Up!

Thomas Petri

Not the best-attended event of all time, but ten out of ten for effort. Few present will forget the horseback gallantry and damsel snatching re-enactment, plus the madcap homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Only the English!

5. Cinderella The CTC in January showed that pantomime isn’t just a graveyard for washed-up soap stars and, in their absence, is exceedingly good fun for all the family. BH linn lemhag & Ben Hamilton

6. Gay Pride The hottest weekend of the year, both literally and figuratively – what’s not to like about heat?

costin radu

Another year and another record number of participants. Under the stewardess of Family Kelleher, and with the help of the city’s Irish pubs The Globe, the Dubliner, Kennedy’s, and the Shamrock Inn, this event never fails to draw a smile out of the watching public. Irish, legless and leg-tied, and proud. Per Morten Abrahamsen

Yorick is back! Martyn Jacques of the Tiger Lillies, court jester extraordinaire, wowed audiences this spring in the world premiere of perhaps the most macabre version of Hamlet yet. Praise is also due to Republique’s inventive artistic director Martin Tulinius – together they have created a musical destined to be a worldwide hit. BH

Republique again! Delicious food, endless glasses of wine, and talented performances bring you into a world of fantasy and myth on this Nordic food expedition, where the audience were brought from the Earth’s creation to the fires of Ragnarok. LL

Top Ballet

Few could believe their eyes when they saw Paul Brady’s name down on the list of performers for this year’s Irish Festival, but there he was, arguably Ireland’s most influential singer-songwriter – a total coup for the festival organisers. ben hamilton

Danish artist Joachim Koester’s exploration of esoterica and altered states was presented in an immersive installation environment that owed much to theatre design and transformed the exhibition hall. 5. ‘The Kiss’ at Overgaden German artist Hito Steyerl’s innovative installation combined video, digital imaging technology, sculpture and archival material to address a mysterious, violent abduction that happened during the Bosnian War in the 1990s. bonnie fortune

The Royal Danish Ballet showed a Christmas ballet this year that made their ensemble shine: The Sleeping Beauty in a traditional staging by contemporary British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. 5. Kameliadamen (The Lady of the Camellias) John Neumeier’s choreographic interpretation of Alexandre Dumas’ dramatic story about the demimonde of mid-19th century Paris is now in the repertoire of the Royal Danish Ballet. Franziska Bork Petersen

Scanpix/ Martin Rosenauer



Inout | The cph post entertainment guide


21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013

Best * of 012







Ernie Wilkins’ Almost Big Band XMas Special feat Gitte Hænning CPH Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; 21:00; 200kr If this is your first Christmas here in Denmark, you’ll have picked up on the extent to which the Danes hang on to their holiday traditions – from being forcibly made to craft marzipan decorations to drinking the lamentable Gammel Dansk over the holidays. This also filters through into the music business with heaps of locally-based groups playing annual Christmas shows almost hourly. Ernie Wilkins and company are newcomers to the trend, offering yet another ‘hyggelit’ jazz show to the city. Playing Ellington and Stray Horn’s seminal version of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, the enormous band will bring a touch of New York to town.

Nelson Can Rust, Guldbergsgade 8, Cph N; 20:00; 60kr In a surprise mid-holiday concert, the all-female Aarhus punk trio Nelson Can – led by Signe Signe Signe, Selina Jane and Maria Jane – have been getting the thumbs-up from the Danish music media of late. Not dressed like your old-style punks nor thrashing away at their guitars, their roughly-produced deep beats are like the sugary dessert to any meaty Black Keys tune. The group have had a decent year promoting their new material, including their charming single ‘Apple Pie’. Appearances at this year’s Iceland Airwaves Festival, Roskilde and several support gigs for The Black Keys – helpful given the similarity between their music and that of the Tennessee outfit – have put the girls in good stead for the new year.

Benny Holst Trio Mojo Bar, Løngangstræde 21C, Cph K; 21:30; 100kr Now almost 70, bluesman Holst is one of Copenhagen’s longest serving musicians, having often been compared to Bob Dylan, along with other historic performers. Performing alongside him tonight are guitarist Jacob Rathje and violinst Martin Andersen, whose input will give Holst’s vocals depth and a platform on which to work. The major Danish music publication Gaffa have even gone so far as to rate Holst’s onstage performances at five out of six stars, and with his extensive discography of classic blues ballads, Holst could well be the remedy to your postChristmas blues yet again, having played his special Christmas session for the past half a decade.

Bobo Moreno + Bo Stief feat Ole Kock Hansen Jazzhus Montmartre, Store Regnegade 19A, Cph K; 20:00; 285kr; Stief remains one of Scandinavia’s most illustrious jazz bassists after decades of performing. Joining Stief onstage will be his stepson, one of Denmark’s few celebrated vocalists, Moreno, along with the veteran jazz pianist Hansen, another one of Montmartre’s revered performers. Tonight’s concert will pay homage to a host of legendary songwriters including renditions of Lennon/McCartney, Cole Porter and Paul Simon songs, to name just a few. There will be a repeat concert tomorrow evening for those otherwise engaged.

Ridin’ Thumb Amager Bio, Øresundsvej 6, Cph S; 21:00; 215kr One of Denmark’s best known soul-funk bands, Ridin’ Thumb is led by founding guitarists Martin Finding and Nicolai Halberg and their primary vocalist since 1997, Jonas Winge. Equipped with an orchestrasized band, their discography takes on a whole new identity on stage. Abundant with energetic, uplifting and funky tracks with song titles such as ‘Party Down’ and ‘Set Your Mind Free’ that rarely sell you short on the slap bass, this is an annual Christmas show that regulars will surely turn up for.

Pierre Dørge New Jungle Orchestra feat Yolo Tchicai & Jesper Christensen CPH Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsensgade 10, Cph K; 20:00; 210kr This is the magma from which avant-garde jazz is formed. Led by influential Danish bandleader Dørge, the New Jungle Orchestra is the brainchild of a project that sought to combine west African, Asian, and traditional jazz elements to give rise to a playful, cosmopolitan and refreshing sound. Their 30-year run attests to both their appeal and ongoing creativity. The orchestra consists of an impressive nine members, ranging from percussion to piano,with the added bonus of surrealist dancer Tchicai and wordsmith Christensen.

Christian Hjorth

* The year’s not over yet - check out these upcoming shows

music: Year in Review Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013

Top International Albums of the Year as selected by Justin Cremer

Best of the rest: 6. Deftones, Koi No Yokan 7. Pelican, Ataraxia/Taraxis 8. The Fierce and the Dead, On VHS 9. Cat Power, Sun 10. Brother Ali, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color

5. John Talabot, Fin Barcelona’s John Talabot has somehow managed to weave a mix of house disco and indie together with the panache of a true innovator. Fin is Barcelona in an album: vehemently unique and ice cool albeit welcoming and accessible at the same time. Best of the rest: 6. Hot Chip, In Our Heads 7. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Here 8. Chromatics, Kill For Love 9. Grimes, Visions 10. Orbital, Wonky

1. Bruce Springsteen, Roskilde Festival, July 7 In a show to a massive and adoring Danish audience, this was a very personal and strangely American experience for me. Having grown up in the Midwest in the 1980s, Bruce is etched into the fabric of my life. Seeing him in the flesh fully master the arena setting was nothing short of amazing.

3. Smashing Pumpkins, Oceania Smashing Pumpkins’ ninth album, Oceania, is everything a fan of the band would expect it to be: beautifully melodic, lyrical and melancholic. Frontman Billy Corgan’s footprints are ever-present, and each song stands on its own. It is a beautiful album by a resilient band that has withstood its share of controversial line-up changes. 4. Dave Matthews Band, Away From the World Away From the World is DMB’s eighth studio album and it shows, once again, that the band can do no wrong. DMB’s signature blend of jazz, folk and world music is as solid as ever, and Matthews himself is at the top of his game. Reunited with their ‘90s producer, Steve Lillywhite, DMB has put out yet another brilliant record that caters to the romantic and the introspective, without losing its edge. 5. The xx, Coexist The xx started out with a bang, winning the Mercury Prize in 2010 for their debut album, XX. The band’s second album, Coexist, is as compelling as the first, as the British indie-pop trio stuck to their magic recipe, keeping the songs as simple and as minimalistic as possible. It is a solid second album from a very promising band. Best of the rest: 6. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill 7. Bob Dylan, Tempest 8. Bruce Springsteen, Wrecking Ball 9. Lee Fields, Faithful Man 10. Green Day, ¡Uno!

2. My Morning Jacket Store Vega, June 26 MMJ had been on my personal ‘to-see list’ for quite some time, and clearly on Copenhagen’s too. Playing their first ever gig in the city, the Kentuckians put on a show to remember, whether it was delivering rip-roaring guitar solos or acoustic numbers in which Jim James’s hauntingly beautiful voice entranced the crowd. It was well worth the wait.

3. Mastodon Store Vega, January 16 While there might be a lot of Roskilde Festival shows in these best-of lists, this performance by Mastodon blew away their 2011 outing on the Orange Stage. The Georgia metal beasts blasted with boundless energy through a two-hour show that was heavy on tracks from last year’s The Hunter. It was loud, fast, hard and crazy – in other words, just what the crowd wanted. 4. Wilco Falconer Salen, February 28 I’ve seen Wilco several times, but never like this. In a seated concert at Falconer Salen (come on, sitting at a rock concert is lame), the Chicago veterans treated fans to a career-showcasing gig that also featured a bit of awkward interaction between Jeff Tweedy and his Danish crowd. 5. Hank 3, Roskilde Festival, July 6 A show that leaves you with a distinct ‘Holy shit!’ feeling is something of a rarity. But this concert most certainly did, particularly when Williams let the hair down, put a bandana over his face and the whole thing went from a honky tonk to thrash metal show. Only somewhat familiar with Hank 3 before this, I left a big fan of his unique Hellbilly style.

as selected by Claudia Santos

1. Bruce Springsteen, Roskilde Festival, July 7 Bruce Springsteen’s three-hour performance at Roskilde Festival this year was the stuff of legends. His energy, musicianship and chemistry with the audience was amazing. At the age of 62, The Boss had full control over the massive crowd and turned the concert into an unforgettable street party.

1. The Roots Roskilde Festival, July 7 The Roots are what hip-hop used to be way back when. The Philly natives shun the pathetic self-referential, revenge-tinged bollocks and swap it for purely eclectic, instrument-rich genius at its most refined. This is what the legendary crew managed to pull off on Roskilde’s massive Orange Stage. 2. Klumben & Raske Penge Roskilde Festival, July 3 Roskilde’s bookers must have had their hearts in their mouths as the chaos unfolded at Klumben & Raske Penge’s show at Pavillion Junior. The stage is a breeding ground for some of Denmark’s soon-to-be-huge bands and rarely gets packed over capacity. This show was one of a kind however, crammed long before the dancehall dons even set foot on stage.

2. Mark Lanegan, Amager Bio, March 17 The Mark Lanegan live experience is as intense and raw as his notorious whiskey voice. His talent calls for no gimmicks or shenanigans; what you see is what you get and what the Amager Bio audience got was a beautifully haunting performance that proved once again that less can most certainly be more.

3. Michael Kiwanuka Lille Vega, April 27 BBC Sound of 2012 winner Michael Kiwanuka’s soulful music has drawn comparisons to legends such as Otis Reading. Genuinely talented and refreshingly humble, Kiwanuka delivered his best making his debut on Danish soil at Lille Vega. This show paved the way for a second Danish appearance a few weeks ago, this time at Store Vega. 4. Coldplay Parken Stadium, August 28 Despite their latest album being something of a disappointment, Coldplay’s live shows repeatedly prove why they are one of the best bands around. Glow-in-the dark bracelets, giant balloons, four huge screens and an explosion of special light effects made optimal use of the stadium space, so a good show was always guaranteed. 5. The Vaccines Pumpehuset, October 24 In a country where audiences are, in the words of Mike Skinner of The Streets, “almost impossible to please”, The Vaccines set Pumpehuset aflame with their dangerously contagious infusion of driven indie-rock. Props to the audience for dropping their usual poised appearances.

3. Lee Fields & The Expressions Loppen, November 17 Feeling funky, sexy and ready to party are the main side-effects of a Lee Fields concert. The showmanship and vocal skills of the ‘faithful man’ were out of this world, taking the audience through an intense, colourful journey that satisfied all palates, from sugar to spice. There was dancing, jumping, clapping and singing along, and by the end of the show there wasn’t a soul in the venue who hadn’t been electrified by the performance. 4. Machine Head, Roskilde Festival, July 8 Machine Head are a classic example of an old-school metal band that knows how to rock the pants off an audience, regardless of whether that audience is ready for it or not. The Orange stage’s shameful zombie-state didn’t slow down lead singer Rob Flynn, who was like a mad hurricane capable of destroying everything in its path. Michael Caddy Søndergaard

5. Down, Down IV Part I The Purple EP There’s something about Phil Anselmo. Yeah, he seems kind of like a dick, but he just oozes cool. And the former Pantera frontman has weathered age better than most, sounding terrific at the age of 44 in what is supposed to be the first of a series of EPs from the Southern sludge metal masters.

4. Grizzly Bear, Shields Shields is as experimental and as contemplative an album as you’ll hear this year. Rock/electronica à la New Yorkers Ratatat meets alt-rock influences not too unlike those of Icelandic heavyweights Sigur Rós in a marriage woven in the clouds.

1. Deftones, Koi No Yokan Christmas came early for Deftones fans this year when the band dropped their seventh studio album, Koi No Yokan, in November. The album is intense and dynamic and remains true to the core of the band’s sound. The songs range from heavy to dreamy, giving the album a magical flow that can be thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end.

2. Jack White, Blunderbuss The genius of Jack White is legendary and 2012 saw the artist spread his wings and further develop his craft, this time on his own. His anticipated debut solo album, Blunderbuss, is edgy, bluesy and wonderfully diverse. White uses a wide array of instruments and musicians, reaching a whole new level both musically and vocally.

as selected by Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk

Michael Caddy Søndergaard

4. Jack White, Blunderbuss If this list had been made earlier in the year, Blunderbuss would have been at the top. Upon its release, I was spinning White’s first official solo venture repeatedly. Though months then passed with scant a listen, late-year replays reminded me that this is the real deal. A solid and timeless rock album by one of the best who does it today.

3. Mumford & Sons, Babel Outdoing a debut album like 2009’s Sigh No More seemed a daunting if not almost impossible hurdle for the now familiar Mumford & Sons. Babel keeps the best of what we remember from its predecessor, which is rare for a second album. Little wonder that their 2013 show at Falconer Salen has sold out so quickly.

as selected by Justin Cremer

Søren Bo Basselbjerg

3. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Americana Based on the strength of not only this collection of reworked American folk songs, but also October’s Psychedelic Pill, Uncle Neil made a triumphant return with his old pals in Crazy Horse. With Americana, this 67-yearold Canadian sure managed to deliver this Denmark-residing Yank a rocking infusion of much-needed home.

2. Beach House, Bloom The aptly named Bloom represents a coming of age for the captivating, soul-stroking music of this enigmatic duo from Baltimore. Their fourth album is: a journey through time and space rather than solely an amalgamation of songs.

as selected by Claudia Santos

Rasmus B. S. Hansen

2. Marriages, Kitsune EP As the rest of my list attests, I’m a bit of a sucker for expansive, instrumental post-rock. But let’s face it, sometimes you want some vocals. That’s what we got here when 3/5 of the members of Red Sparowes decided that guitarist Emma Ruth Rundle should sing. Her voice perfectly complements the music, though it must be said that the standout track of this EP is its lone instrumental, ‘White Noise’.

1. Of Monsters and Men, My Head is An Animal The epic rise of Iceland sextet Of Monsters and Men introduced the world the genre of chamber pop. Hailed as the new Arcade Fire by some, in truth they sound more like a witty mix between Indie-rock starlets Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and popular folk rockers Mumford & Sons. Their debut album is a diamond in the rough and may be Iceland’s best export yet.

Best Concerts of 2012

Scanpix /Andreas Beck

1. Baroness, Yellow & Green Many Baroness fans, or fans of heavy music in general, didn’t know what to make of this expansion – and yes, dare I say it, softening – of the Georgia rockers’ sound. Was it even metal? Who cares. With the ambitious double album Yellow & Green, Baroness dispensed with labels and clearly displayed that they are one of the best rock bands out there. Period.

as selected by Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk


5. Helmet Lille Vega, March 24 Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their classic album, Meantime, this was an explosive evening, with band and fans equally excited. Helmet’s performance was extremely powerful and the band was as tight as ever. It was an intense reunion and a serious adrenaline rush.




Ever since he was old enough to put dirt in his mouth, Erik B Duckert has been attracted to the ground level and below. The attraction of the underground, he says, is that: “When you’re looking at a city from its gutters, you see both the faeces and the silk.” His favourite sewers are those of Copenhagen and in particular those of Nørrebro and Amager, but any place where trash is tossed and skirts are worn, he will want to rest his eyes and say his piece.


Events International NEW Christmas Market Højbro Plads, Cph K; ends Sun, open Fri 10:00-20:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-21:00 In a city such as Copenhagen, you don’t want to miss the chance to visit its International Christmas Market. Breathe the fragrances of glühwein, currywurst, French cheese and sausages, and wild boar ham from Barcelona, while sampling mulled wine, æbleskiver, chocolate and coffee. Are you searching for a special hat for this Christmas? You will find it here – together with gloves, coats and jackets. Complete your Christmas decorations with lights and art-crafted items sold at several stalls! And your kids will get to meet Santa – it’s never too late to convince him you’ve been good. MAR Carmen Curlers NEW Christmas concert Lutherkirken, Randersgade 3, Cph Ø; Sat 16:00, free adm, Step into a colourful Christmas mood at the Xmas concert of the swinging gay and lesbian choir ‘Carmen Curlers’. The choir will sing Christmas carols in Danish, Swedish and English. Afterwards you can join the cheerful Christmas bar. RKM

“...They placed their naked bodies in front of me,” Dennis declares with a stern face and a grandiose voice from the pulpit. “And with their perfectly proportioned testicles swaying before my eyes, they asked: ‘Dennis, will you be our manager, since you possess brilliance like we do?’” He pauses for a second and continues with heightened intensity: “Darkness was vanquished and everything was illuminated and I said: ‘Yes! Because your music consists of love, and together we can climb any mountain – and we had fun, and it was LOL.’” The orchestra enter, pick up their instruments and fill the church with bittersweet tones of loving departure: laughter, tears and a whole lot of dancing – orgasmic. Outside for a breath of smoke, I am approached by a random stranger, Mads, who apparently can’t contain his excitement any longer: “We are maybe a couple of hundred people in there; the rest of the world is missing out on this − it’s insane man!” He speaks rapidly with wide eyes and his head tilted oddly backwards. “I resuscitated Blixa Garbeld at the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds concert in Ungdomshuset in ‘81. They were so wasted all of them – he even shit himself man!” Pause. Intense stare. “That was an amazing concert, I never thought I would see anything as good as that for the rest of my life, but tonight it happened! They’re amazing man, and everybody else is missing it,” Mads says frantically and rushes back in. A couple of seconds later I snap out of it, close my mouth, blink and rush after him – don’t want to be one of the poor saps who missed the funeral of a lifetime!

ICC service in English NEW St Andreas Kirke, Gothersgade 148, Cph K; Sun 10:30; free adm; www.internationalchurch. dk Escape the last-minute Christmas bustle of the city and find yourself some peace of mind at the fourth Sunday of Advent service at St Andreas church. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Copenhagen arranges the service, which will be held entirely in English. RKM French Baroque NEW Christmas concert Kildevældskirken, Ved Kildevældskirken 2, Cph Ø; Wed 15:00; free adm, If you want to take your family out for a Christmas concert during the holidays, Kildevældskirken is the place to do it. At this large-scale music event on the ‘second day of Christmas’, treat your ears to the soft violin and flute tones of French Baroque music. RKM Christmas Concert at Sankt Matthæus Kirke Sankt Mattheæus Kirke, Matthæusgade 31, Cph V; Tue 15:30- 16:30; free entry; Come and listen to the famed voices of song duo Tove Hyldgård and Tony Landy as they fill Vesterbro’s oldest church with Xmas cheer. LL

Club Débauche Husets Biograf, Magstræde 14, 2.sal, Cph K; Wed Jan 9 at 19:30; tickets: 70kr I don’t know quite how to introduce Club Débauche other than: Not for the faint of heart! It’s a monthly event that screens erotic and at times pornographic movies encouraging debate on stereotypes and boundaries. This month the films are LOOPS and Herstory of porn, followed by the customary debate.

Traces in Amazonia NEW A r b e j d e r m u s e e t, Rømersgade 22, Cph K; ends Dec 31, open most days 10:00-16:00; 3393 2575; This exhibition, which displays Mike Kollöffel’s work, will show you the path through the Via Auca into the Yasuní National Park in the Ecuadorian rainforest and enable you to discover how Huaorani Indians learned to reconcile their lives as hunters and gatherers living on the edge of the industrial society. MAR Duo Stemya NEW Xmas Concert Svenska Gustafskyrkan Folke, Bernadottes Allé 4, Cph Ø; Sat 16:00; free adm; www. Scandinavian folk music, Christmas music and classical music: enjoy the harmonious mix of opposites at a special Christmas celebration. MAR Catholic celebration Sankt Ansgars Church, Bredgade 64, Cph K; 24 Dec at 16:00, 24 Dec midnight mass at 23:30, 25 Dec at 10:00; 3313 3762 There’s an afternoon mass for families with children too young to attend midnight mass and a Christmas Day mass the next morning. LL

GoodLife Launch Night KB18, Kødboderne 18, Cph V; Sat Jan 5, 23:30; tickets: 50kr The first party after New Year’s should be the new monthly club in Kødboderne 18. GoodLife is serving up piles of afro, funk, soul, Latin and disco – go and get your funk on!


The funeral of a lifetime IT IS A COLD and stormy night – actually the wind isn’t that bad, but it is freezing, and the fact that I’m going to a funeral makes it even colder. My favourite underground orchestra is performing their last concert ever and The Funeral, as the event is called, is fittingly taking place in the Hellig Kors Kirke (Church of the Sacred Cross) in Nørrebro. A Key Is A Key are dead. I twist the icy doorknob, put my weight behind it and push open the massive church doors. Huge. Dark. Perfect. The tall, arched ceilings spawn clusters of voluptuous chandeliers and the woodcarved interior and solid stone floors omit a humid and humbling scent of decay. Sounds of muffled conversation and choked weeping mix in the vast church space. “Welcome”, the guy at the door says, marking my hand with a biro – a cross of course. A slight chill shoots down my spine and I pat my pockets for bar money. On each side of the stage, formerly known as the altar, two wooden coffins tower over small groups of weeping young women. Some just moan and look sad, others throw themselves to the ground crying hysterically. The audience is giggling, drinking and instagramming. It’s a good day to die. After a proper fill on cheap rum and wine, I emerge to witness the end part of a eulogy given by Dennis, the former manager of A Key Is A Key, who has ascended the pulpit. The church is packed. The young women are still weeping – loudly.

21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013

NEXT WEEK: HOT TICKETS MistleTONE uKirke, Dannebrogsgade 53, Cph V; Fri 15:00-18:00; www. Cheap beer, reggae, dancehall and disco at a church? Gethsemane Church youth church uKirke organises parties like these to help the local area’s disadvantaged people. MAR

Custom House Xmas Dinner Custom House, Havnegade 44, Cph K; Mon, seating from 17:00-19:00;, 3331 0130 One of Copenhagen’s trendiest harbour-side restaurants invites you to enjoy their traditional Christmas meal with a modern twist. LL.

Helsingør Christmas Market Axeltorv, Helsingør; ends Sun, open Fri 12:00-18:00, sat-sun 10:00-17:00; free adm Explore more than 30 small Christmas huts and shop for pottery and jewellery, jackets, mittens, hats, scarves, and clogs. At the weekends, it is also possible for the kids to try the pony or camel rides. JOS

Xmas Dinner at the Irish Rover Irish Rover, Vimmelskaftet 46, Cph K; Mon 11:00 until late, Tue 12:00 until late, Wed 11:00 until late; 3333 7393 Enjoy a traditional three-course Irish Christmas feast – sans swine – at the Irish Rover on Strøget of winter vegetable soup, roast stuffed turkey breast with potatoes and vegetables, and hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. LL

Sweethearts Christmas Gala at Amager Bio Øresundsvej 6, Cph S; Wed 20:00; tickets 275kr; www. , 3286 0200 After so much julehygge, it’s time to let your hair down with a double concert and dance banquet! Danish rap artists Østkyst Hustlers and the band Sweethearts will be rocking out on stage. LL Harness Racing Charlottenlund Race Course, Traverbanevej 10, Charlottenlund; 30 Dec at 13:00; 20kr; No Ben Hur thrills and spills here, that’s for sure!

Celebrate with the ICC Sankt Andreas Church, Gothersgade 148, Cph K; Mon15:00, Tue 10:30; The International Church of Copenhagen will be hosting a Christmas Eve candlelit eucharist, as well as a Christmas eucharist on Christmas Day. LL Free jazz Charlie Scott’s, Skindergade 43, Cph K; Tue & Thu 17:0020:30; Free Adm Jazz music every Tuesday and Thursday!

National Museum guided tours Ny Vestergade 10, Cph K; Sun, Tue & Thu 11:00; Free Adm; Free guided tours in English three times a week. Christmas Tables Royal Copenhagen, Amagertov 6, Cph K; ends Dec 31, open Mon-Sun 11:00-18:00; free adm; See the creative displays and don’t forget to pop into the Royal Café for some traditional treats and a steaming cup of gløgg. AS Christmas at Tivoli Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; closes Dec 31; adults 95kr, under-sevens free adm; www. Tivoli takes the best from two worlds for their Christmas season when the Russian Christmas adventure meets the old-fashioned Scandinavian ‘jule-hygge’. RKM Nyhavn Christmas Market Nyhavn, Cph K; ends Sat, open from 11:00-18:00 (19:00 on Sat & Sun); Free Adm All along the water in the old harbour, stalls are decorated with boughs of fir and lights offering traditional Danish Christmas treats such as æbleskiver and gløgg. JOS




21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013

Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders this Xmas



Complete Me Badstuestræde 11, Cph K; open Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-14:00; 3312 3450; Complete Me is the must-visit spot for wellness and pampering in the heart of the inner city. Focusing on pampering the body from head to toe, Complete Me uses organic brands like Jurlique and Själ. There offer massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and much more. You can also try a floatation treatment where you float in salt water while listening to calming, meditative music. Amazing Space Fortunstræde 1, Cph K, 3333 8233, open Mon-Fri 08:00-19:30, Sat-Sun 11:00-15:00; Amazing Space prides itself on using organic products to create beautiful spa treatments for the body and soul. Utilising nourishing products, supplements and treatments for the face and body, Amazing Space doesn’t focus on changing who you are, but rather creating a renewed and refreshed you. A visit to Amazing Space is a sensory experience like no other with healthy drinks, aromatherapy scents, relaxing music and exotic flowers.

Kids Family Xmas party NEW Grundtvigs Kirke, På Bjerget, Cph NV; Thu 14:00; free adm, If your kids (and you) are still not fed up with red hats and gingerbread, here’s yet another chance to celebrate Christmas. At the ‘third day of Christmas’ party at Grundvig’s church you can maintain your high-calorie holiday intake with candy and æbleskiver, show off all of your regained carol singing skills, and do another lap around the Christmas tree. RKM Chemistry & Fireworks Tuborg Havnevej 7, Hellerup; Dec 28-30 at 12:00, 14:00, & 16:00 (approx. 30 minutes); tickets: adult 160kr, children under 11yrs 105kr;,, 3927 3333 They’re big, bright and sound like a BANG − the holiday season is a time when the skies will be lit up by plenty of fireworks and sparkles, and now you can learn just how those giant sparklers work. At the Experimentarium, the popular exhibition and fireworks show teaches anyone interested in the chemistry behind our favourite fire hazards. Don’t miss this show! It will be sure to make you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ ... and also say ‘aha’! AS

And the men needn’t feel left out

Essence and Grooming Gothersgade 97, Cph K; open Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-16:00; 2834 6606 Essence and Grooming is the one-stop shop for grooming equipment. With a special emphasis on catering for men, they have a great range of soaps and lotions, as well as classic shaving kits, like those from the German brand Muhle. You can also get your hands on shaving soaps and lotions from Truefitt & Hill, the purveyors to the royal family. Not forgetting about the women, Essence and Grooming also has a great range of organic products featuring brands such as DR Bronner, Badger Balm and Bath House. Helle Thorup Spa Gothersgade 43, Cph K; open Mon, Thu & Fri 10:00-19:00, Tue-Wed 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-16:00; 3312 4200; Those looking for a customised and unique spa experience should look no further than Helle Thorup Spa. With a team of well-trained spa therapists to look after you, there are options to relax in the jacuzzi, steam and sauna room, strengthen your body with Fitvibe vibration training, and enjoy freshlymade smoothies.

Make your own NEW New Year’s hat Frederiksberg Hovedbibliotek, Falkoner Plads 3, Frederiksberg; Sat Dec 29, 11:00; free adm, Make yourself a funny or pretty hat for New Year’s Eve! Children aged four and upwards can participate in the colourful workshop at the children’s library supervised by creative stage designer Stine Worm Sørensen. RKM New Year’s race NEW for children Start at Sparta Hallen, Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 11, Cph Ø; Mon Dec 31, 09:30-13:00; adm 75 kr, registration needed, Ballons, cake, music ... and running shoes? Kick-start your New Year’s celebrations by running the festive 2km children’s route at the Änglamark New Years Race. Kids up to the age of 15 can participate, and parents can accompany smaller children on the route for free. RKM Cut down your own Xmas tree Rosendal Farm, Rosendalsgade 5, 3140 Ålsgårde; ends Sun, open daily 10:00-17:00; www., Pick and cut your own Christmas tree. AS

A theatre concert .... mmmh, somebody somewhere doesn’t like the term jukebox muscial

Hey Jude Theatre Concert Forum, Julius Thomsens Plads 1, Frederiksberg; starts 28 Dec, ends 15 Jan, performance times vary; Tickets 365-575kr;, 7026 3267 IT’S BEEN 53 years since they started and 42 since they broke up, but Beatlemania doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Least of all in Copenhagen, where later this month Forum will be playing host to the country’s largest-ever theatre concert, Hey Jude, featuring reworked and reimagined music from the legendary Liverpudlian rock band. The show is following in the footsteps of the critically-acclaimed 2009 Come Together production at Gasværket, where such Beatles anthems as ‘Yesterday’, ‘Revolution’, ‘All You Need is Love’ and ‘Eleanor Ribgy’ were for the first time ever readapted to fit the theatrical musings of Nikolaj Cederholm and the company at Gasværket. Like something straight out of the fab four’s psychedelic Sgt Pepper phase, Come Together was a theatre concert (a term Cederholm grounded in the 1990s when he

Christmas at Dyssegaard NEW Dyssegaardens Juletræsplantage, Frederiksborgvej 570, Roskilde; open Sat & Sun 10:00-16:00; Come and introduce your children to Harry, Oscar and Valdemar, Barrow farm’s donkeys, and greet the cats and farm’s dogs. There are also deer, swans and other animals roaming, which you can admire as you walk around the beautiful countryside. MAR

cal to punk. Yoko definitively would approve. “The show is for everyone: Beatles fans, theatre concert fans (and those who have never heard of the concept), 12-yearold children and their 90-year-old grandparents,” Cederholm continues. “Hey Jude embraces the whole family and is a great family outing for anyone who loves music and life in general – regardless of age.” Onstage will be The Storm lead singer and X Factor judge Pernille Rosendahl, who will be making her concert theatre debut alongside Cecilie Stenspil and actor Troels Lyby, both currently performing in the musical Next to Normal at Nørrebro Teater. And to all those who loved Come Together, both Jimmy Jørgensen and Mark Linn will be returning to once again tackle The Beatles collection onstage, this time promising an even more psychedelic and no holds barred performance. Considering Jørgensen was hanging by his ankles while floating above the audience singing ‘Across the Universe’ at Gasværket, we can’t even begin to imagine what madness lies in store at Forum! LINN LEMHAG

Serveres kun kl. 19.30 / Dinning service at 19.30 / Diner 19h30 Dkk 450,00 per pers Forret / Starter / Entrée Foie Gras Mellemret / Entremet Hummer risotto / Lobster risotto / Risotto de homard

Make your own mask Den Frie, Oslo Plads 1, Cph Ø; ends Jan 6, open 12:00-17:00 all days bar Mon, until 21:00 on Thu; 3312 2803, info@denfrie. dk; What animal do (or would) your kids look like? Is it real or imaginary? Take them to this workshop and take instruction from two artists who will inspire your kids to create their own animal mask! MAR Shane Brox’s Children Workshop Kunstforeningen, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends Jan 13, daily 11:00-17:00; Take your children to this magical Advent calendar room to take part in a workshop that will lead them into a world of fantasy and imagination. The workshop is conducted by Shane Brox from Shane’s World on DR. MAR

himself was onstage performing Dr Dante at Aveny in Frederiksberg) without plot or dialogue, with avant-garde costumes and well-known rock tunes transformed into wonderfully weird symphonies unlike anything heard before. The production had the critics singing their six-star praises, and this December, Come Together twinduo creators Peter and Jens Helleman are once again teaming up with director Nikolaj Cederholm to bring the music of The Beatles to the stage, this time as Denmark’s largest ever theatre concert event at Forum, with a whopping 4,200 seats per performance. “We invite the audience to a party with colour, good music and stomach-flipping special effects,” says Cederholm of the new show. “We can promise that it will be a surprising and dynamic show with constantly shifting voices and pictures.” Hey Jude will include 30 reinvented Beatles classics, including ‘Let it Be’, ‘She Loves You’, ‘Blackbird’, ‘Lady Madonna’ and of course, ‘Hey Jude’. But don’t necessarily expect to recognise each song – at least not right away – as much of the music has been reinterpreted and remade thanks to influences ranging from opera to classi-

Nytår’s menu / New year evening’s menu / Menu St Sylvestre 2012-2013

Hovedret / Main course / Plat de résistance And, trøfler sauce / Duck, truffles sauce / Canard, sauce truffes Dessert Dessert macaron - Passion / Ananas Vin menu / Wine menu / Menu vins Dkk 450,00 per pers (Hvis ønsket / If requested / si souhaité) Aperitif sparkling Kir Degas ............ Forret / Starter / Entrée: Champagne Brut Selection 2006 Mellemret / Entremet: Meursault 2010 Hovedret / Main course / Plat de resistance: Volnay 1er cru 2002 Dessert: Champagne Rosé Brut

Phto: Rosalina Kruse Serup

CHRISTMAS jolliness aside, the festive period is a tough time – especially with the continuous carol singing, last minute shopping, mandatory overeating, and visiting every Tom, Dick and Harry you’ve ever met. So now is the time to start relaxing and rejuvenating for the year ahead. For those looking to give their health and wellness a boost, what better way to do so than hit the shops that specialise in pampering.

Restauranten lukker kl. 23.30 / Restaurant closes at 23.30 / Fermeture 23h30 Brasserie Degas – Trommesalen 5, 1614 Copenhagen V

For reservations call : +45 33 22 28 26 –

Brasserie Degas 22 dec. 2012 open 23 dec. to 27 dec. 2012 Closed 28 dec. 2012 open 29 dec. 2012 open 30 dec. 2012 open 31 dec. 2012 open “ Special new year eve´s menu” 1rst jan. 2013 open




e LivruiSe

21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013




C Jazz


Scandinavia’s original Irish Bar

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Rådhuset (Town Hall)





s Tietgen





S-Trains to Frederikssund / Høje Taastrup / Køge




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Why not let us deliver this year’s new year’s dinner?

2013 golden menu Crispy ricepaper with Spicy mayo

Tuna tataki

with yuzu sesame dressing


with seaweed, daikon, horseraddish and ikura

Foie gras uramaki with pickled cucumber

Beef tenderloin

WITH cabbage, beetroots and mild wasabi

Chocolate mud cake with a variation of cherries

Petit four


(3 kinds)

see all FOUR NEW YEAR’S menus AND ORDER HERE: +45 6969 6000 Jarmers plads 3 1551 Copenhagen



Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •


The Old English Pub C O P E N H AG E N

BioMio is Denmark’s largest organic restaurant. The environment is on the menu Local and climate friendly ingredients, made to order in front of you by one of our chefs.


Post Danmark (Postal HQ)


Regional Trains to Kastrup Airport & Malmö

Ny Gl

Tivoli Concert Hall







ste Ve

Hovedbanegård (Central Station)

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


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Banegårdspladsen 4, 1570 Cph V Tel +45 3342 9900








28 Hotel Astoria




1550 Cph K Tel +45 3338 1200


gl . Te dstr r gå





Square 27 The Rådhusplasen 14,

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1054 Cph K Tel +45 3313 4882


Botanisk Have

Dronning Louise’s Bro



metro M1 / M2 to Frederiksberg and Vanløse





Hotel 26 Maritime Peder Skramsgade 19,

Radiohuset (Radio House)




te Øs

o Åb

25 Cph Marriot

Hotel Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 Cph V. Tel +45 8833 9900

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1058 Cph K. Tel +45 3348 9900






ge blin

Hotel 24 Strand Havnegade 37,




us Tho Pla msen ds s

coctails & club happy hour & dj’s 10 pm fridays & saturdays


s Do



Blågårds Plads


Shamrock Inn, Jernbanegade 7 1608 København V 33363550 Open at 14:00 daily

m da


ffen feld sga de

& Old School Atmosphere


åg år ds ga de

Ste ng ad e


Live Irish Music

nordic food & cocktails in the meatpacking district







Ra vn sb or gg .


English Sports Channels

r Sø


Sankt Hans Torv

Pure Pot Still Whiskey


a sg


e Alle

DKK 120/person - 90 mins.

Specialising in Irish Craft Beer





Nør r

Departing from Nyhavn Thursdays & Sundays

Tag e






d leg




FælledParken Rigshospitalet (Central hospital)






r rd

er A

LiVe sports daiLy Saturday 22nd

12:30 internazionale - genoa | 13:45 wigan athletic - arSenal | 15:00 Siena - napoli | 16:00 man city - reading | 18:00 valladolid barcelona | 18:30 liverpool - fulham | 20:00 malaga - real mardrid | 20:45 roma - ac milan | 22:00 athletic bilbao - real zaragoza

Sunday 23rd

13:45 KilmarnocK - hibernian | 14:30 SwanSea - man united | 17:00 chelSea - aSton villa

wedneSday 26th

16:00 man utd - new caStle | 18:30 aSton villa - tott hotSpurS | 20:45 StoKe - liverpool Vesterbrogade 2b | 1620 Copenhagen V





21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013



se gade

S-Trains to Farum / Hillerød / Holte / Klampenborg



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Trolle s de

Frederiks Bastion





Charlotte A. Bastion

(Royal Palace)

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Dyssen (Christiania Lake)

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(Grey Friars Square) gsen lbe æde Ho 26 Klo Nikolaj Kirke orv rdstr Frue Kirke Helligånds sg. 24 gert ingaa a V A agen Cathedral) sters m dm A Højbro kirke tr. e al ira e t d e e ft n a a d k plads a lga g ad immels d kse træ de sK erg Strøget V La en ind12 Ba ers tran de d lm e Sk S d d o e s ga l tue L H ga e Kn ne str m mel Ny v a a . Nationalbanken br H am ns v e Råd os . G e d e hu tr. Holmens Kirke ga ed areg lds m ss a a r v Nytorv træ or eu Sn st de ni Th Mus ag tr. tess p s Børsen g und m en a et (Old Stock Exchange) Ko unst M tr. k Christiansborg els Knippelsbro e nd (Parliament) ad Va Holmens Kirke erg




Carlsberg lyptoteket





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Politigården (Police HQ)


Southern Cross Pub


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Dantes Plads


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Rugby, AFL, Cricket, NFL LIVE ON BIG SCREEN + other TVs Available for private functions: Birthdays, Sports Teams, Parties.




Løvens Bastion




Det Kgl. Bibliotek (The Royal Library)


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Nationalmuseet (National History Museum)










Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theatre)

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Quintus Bastion


Kongens Nytorv


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Boltens Gård












Nie K ls H e or e St Gråbrødretorv mm in






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Langelinie Pavillion



Vimmelskaftet 46, 1161 Kbh K Tel: 3333 7393



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Rundetåårnet Piles træ de (The Round Tower)




Cinemateket Filmhuset








nrå Hauser Plads



Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) X


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Skt. Pauls plads

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Kongens Have



St Lille ran ds tr.




Rosenborg Castle



Øster Voldgade



Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery)

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Regional Trains to Louisiana & Helsingør (Elsinore)









Willemoesgade Classensgade

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Bo rge rga de

envængets Alle


Christmas Møllers plads


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ur d un -35 kr til 8 pm aily Lage r Pin ts Aussi Winese Beers , ,S & M ports usic

Amagerbro metro





Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 3pm until late Friday & Saturday Noon until 5am, Sunday 1pm until late Early openings available on request

ad metro M2 to Copenhagen Airport e

Langebro 5




Isl Sydhaven



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INDEX Strøget - main pedestrian street

Islands Brygge metro



Løngangstræde 37, 1468 Copenhagen K. Tel: 3311 0939,


Pedestrian area & popular squares Institutions & official Buildings


metro M1 to Bella Center / Ørestad / Vestamager

Main car traffic streets



pages of entertainment


New Indian restaurant – Kongens Nytorv LUNCH ONLY A T Kgs. N Y T Or v

Restaurant Indian Flavours 18:00-21:30


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Lunch buffet kr69

Evening buffet kr125

Children under 10

Children under 10

Hours Mon-Fri 11a-10p Sat-Sun 11a-11p

kr 50

Restaurant Indian Flavours Kongens Nytorv 19 Jyllingevej 42, 2720 Vanløse

kr 65 e-mail: Tlf: 32 13 48 48



21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013


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Skal vi udleje din bolig?

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper

ICC is an interdenominational church with over 50 different Så ring til nationalities represented among Housing Company the 150 regular weekly visitors!

InOut The CPH Post

Entertainment Guide

August 19

- 25

39 64 64 46 Don’t mi

Forum: Thur

ss this Do

sday 20:0

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415 - 815


page G6

- det handler om tillid!

lly fixtu re



Hercegurant ovina

Tivoli Croatian restaurant of nationa with l and interna a wide choice tional dishes. “Eat as much Live music as you like” and dance

Tivoli/Bernstor ffsgade

3 - 1620

- Copenh

agen V

See more at copenhagenca

Free access to 65 and attractiomuseums entire metropo ns in the litan area

Where: Ryesgade 68, 2100 CPH East When: Every Sunday from 10:30 to 12:30

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home The place is all yours

ICC is a children friendly church with 4 different age groups for kids, and we have among other meetings activities for youth, woman, men, singles, married, gospel choir and much more. You will also be able to network with danes and other internationals from different walks of life.

95 75

Are you looking for your NEW HOME?


Contact 39 64 64 46

Please come and worship with us next Sunday

International Christian Community Ryesgade 68 • 2100 Copenhagen East •




Copenhagen’s rental experts

Housing Specialists HOUSING COMPANY


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Global Supplier of Serviced Apartments (+45) 35 24 55 99

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


keep an eye on our property section.


Dansk Dansk Boligformidling Boligformidling

Boliger til salg Homes for sale

Homes rent Boliger for til leje

Erhverv Commercial properties

Den største and og ældste formidler af The largest most experienced liebhaverboliger i København og provider of exclusive homes in Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Liebhaverboliger KøbenExclusive homes til forsalg salei in havn og Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand. Ring for en gratis vurdering.

Lejligheder og huserentals store som små. We offer first-rate Ring for en vurdering. furnished orgratis unfurnished in Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Erhvervsejendomme f.eks. til butik, Commercial properties for sale kontor eller and rent e.g.lager til salg og leje. stores/offices/storerooms

Hellerupvej 78, 2900 Hellerup - Telefon 7015 9007 - Fax 7015 6707 - -



21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013 REAL ESTATE RECENTLY-RENOVATED & FULLYfurnished-flat, Frederiksberg, for rent from Aug2012, for at least 1year: 95m2, 4rooms, quiet area, near CBS; close to public transports, supermarkets, 15min biking to city center, 12.500kr & everything included. Professional seeks 1-2 bed apartment in Copenhagen from 1st Jan preferably unfurnished ditto interim management/ project management role in Copenhagen/Malmo/Lund in creative industries/eLearning/ IT. Background in management consulting (operational), performance coaching, project management – MBA, Digital Marketing, fluent Swedish, German and French, native English. available 1st Jan. Adam +44 7725 029827

relationships and cultural adjustment. 60746646. http://www. psykologerneivoresby.d

years experience. For free estimate contact: 50592612 or

PSYCHOLOGIST & CROSSCULTURAL counsellor. Sessions in English/Danish for children, adolescents and adults. Debbie Britt Mechlenborg. Copenhagen K. Phone: (+45) 5356 4494. E-mail:

DRIVING LESSONS Copenhagen International Driving School www. Instructor Geoff Abbey. Special deal for beginners: 6998 kr. Also offering First Aid courses. All lessons in English +45 40 43 25 50

SERVICES SUCCESS SECRETS – Have your own personal genie granting your every wish. Free success secrets cd reveals all. Call for your copy +45 8192 7722 FREELANCE WORDPRESS Developer specializing in websites that you can manage and update yourself. Call for a free quote on 71226405 or visit

HEALTH SERVICES MANY YOGA CLASSES IN ENGLISH in various styles including prenatal/ postnatal in Frederiksberg. Also vegetarian food. Visit www.

PSYCHOTHERAPY ANNE ELISE INGHAM, PSY.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Therapy in English for adults, adolescents, children and families. Specializing in anxiety, depression,

TRANSCRIBER, data entry work, Website designing & Graphic Designer Available – Best Quality. Fast. Most reasonable rates Ph: 71844726 DANISH LESSONS – PRIVATE lessons in Danish for foreigners. Intensive basic course: 25 lessons. Brush up course: 20 lessons. Intermediate course: 30 lessons. Also offering advanced and business courses. Free test/lesson. Please visit


PIANO LESSONS – Harman Music Methods offers piano lessons for all ages including classical, jazz and pop piano courses, music theory and rhythm, and courses for absolute beginners. We offer special piano courses for toddlers starting at age 5. For more information visit

PERSONAL SLIM, FIT, GOOD-LOOKING black English gentleman (financier) 40’s who lives and works in Copenhagen and London would like to meet, attractive, elegant female for sun, fun laughter and adventure. Please call/text Harry on: 0044-7598550771 or e-mail: hm45@hotmail. PORTUGUSE ATTRACTIVE WOMAN, well educated, over her fourties wishes correspondence with a fine well educated Danish gentleman. e:mail mary.


• Intensive Danish Courses • Day/Evening/Online Classes • Focus on Pronunciation

PAINTING, DECORATING AND WALL PAPERING! English qualified City and Guilds tradesman with 25


Bernstorffsvej 20, 2900 Hellerup

T 3946 3050 F 3946 3051

Tuborg Boulevard 4, 2900 Hellerup Klampenborgvej 221, 2800 Lyngby

Owner might consider rental contract


Large attractive functionalism villa centrally located between Bernrstoffvej St. and Gentofte St, close to Int. schools, Kildeskovshallen, Bernstoffsparken and shopping at Jægersborg Allé and Gentoftegade. Ground floor: Elegant hall with noticeable large round window. Guest toilet and Unoform kitchen. Spacious dining room, living room with fireplace and direct access to year round central heated garden room with tile floor and exit to garden. 4 bedrooms. Master bedroom with balcony and direct entry to bathroom. 1st floor: Total 211 sq.m plus 126 sq.m residential basement area with entrance from street level. Large teen-age room with shower also suitable for office or aupair. Built-in garage plus extra car park at the 1000 sq.m plot and easy to keep and beautiful landscaped garden.

Available March 2013 (Possibly earlier) Sales Price: 7.500.000 Contact owners representative on 4087 9944


Learn Danish with CLAVIS New language school in Lyngby

Efficient Danish courses for • Foreign citizens • Business • Municipalities Info & signing up +45 2210 5399 | CLAVIS Lyngby – Klampenborgvej 232, 2nd floor, 2800 Kongens Lyngby Greve – Roskilde – Copenhagen – Lyngby




21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013


• Communication • Culture • Leadership training

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper Children have a seed inside that needs nourishment to grow . The seed is their own, we simply support it in its development.

InOut The CPH Post

Entertainment Guide

August 19

- 25

Children’s Garden is open from 8.00am-4.30pm, Monday – Friday, providing an English Language fulltime Preschool Program for children ages 2-6.

Tel. 70 21 50 10 Borgergade 28, 1300 Copenhagen K Don’t mi

Forum: Thur

ss this Do

sday 20:0

0 Tickets

415 - 815


page G6

Bernstorffsvej 75, 2900 Hellerup DK Tel: +45 7375 2900

lly fixtu re


Hercegurant ovina

Tivoli Croatian restaurant of nationa with l and interna a wide choice tional dishes. “Eat as much Live music as you like” and dance



3 - 1620

- Copenh

agen V

See more at copenhagenca

Free access to 65 and attractiomuseums entire metropo ns in the litan area

Looking to advertise your company? This spoT is available! ContaCt our salEs DEpartmEnt toDay on: +45 33 36 33 00


Copenhagen International School Copenhagen International School is an English Language IB World School, offering the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme which gives access to outstanding universities worldwide: • Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 12 • Students & Staff from 50+ countries • Highly qualified international teachers • Curriculum includes wide range of Specialist Classes • Comprehensive Extracurricular programme • Convenient location: Hellerup Campus (Pre-K – grade 8) right by Hellerup station, 10 minutes from city centre City Campus (grades 9 - 12) right by Østerport Station • Accredited by: Council of International Schools and The New England Associations of Schools and Colleges For further information please visit our website or contact our Admissions Office Hellerupvej 22-26 2900 Hellerup T +45 3946 3300

More info at or call +45 3318 7900.

Stockholmsgade 59 2100 Copenhagen Ø T +45 3946 3300

Danish Education 3 We offer Danish Education 3 which is designed for students with a solid academic background who can be expected to learn Danish quickly and efficiently. The progression is fast and the level high. Corporate Danish courses We design and deliver tailored in-company courses. The courses can be held as group classes or on a one-to-one basis and range from beginners to advanced level. Borgergade 12 1300 København K

• High Academic Standards • Christian Ethos • Conveniently located in Hellerup For further information, see our webpage or phone the Admissions Officer on 3962 1053

Do you speak Danish?



Intensive Danish courses for foreigners. Sign up now!

As your child grows

Contact our counsellors by phone 3815 8521

VoksenUddannelsescenter Frederiksberg Falstersvej 3-5 • 2000 Frederiksberg • Phone 3815 8500 •

We grow with them at Østerbro International School, where the individual comes first. Our primary aim is to identify and appreciate the unique potential of each pupil and develop it to the full in a caring, comfortable and happy environment. Pupils receive an excellent, well-rounded education from dedicated and well-qualified teachers, developing qualities which will equip them to face life’s challenges with self-belief and optimism. Østerbro International School • Præstøgade 17 • 2100 Copenhagen Ø • T e l . : + 4 5 7 0 2 0 6 3 6 8 • W e b s i t e : w w w. o e i s . d k • E - m a i l : i n f o @ o e i s . d k



21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013



PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION Consultation in English, Spanish and Danish

Major USa & UK networks now ble a avail


No satellite needed USA: ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX UK: BBC One, ITV, CBeebies & CBBC

Tatiana Jessen, accredited psychologist & specialized psychotherapist, who can help you overcome distress caused by living abroad as well as problems experienced by cross-cultural couples – for example if you’re married to a Dane. APPOINTMENTS : 22 35 31 19

Additional information

Contact Parabolsen for more details 2814 7131


or info@soulkeys.

Dog and Cat Kennel Asserholmvej 1, 4390 Asserholm Tlf: 59 18 16 98 or 21 22 44 98

Harman Music Methods



Piano Courses Subscribe or reserve a place at:

Join the American Club in Copenhagen, and take part in our exciting and interesting events and excellent networking opportunities!

Piano lessons available for children and adults

This is a great way to meet others from the international community in Copenhagen!

Contact: or telephone: 36960791

For further information: or contact Vibeke Henrichsen at 3961 7375


                                  Â Â?    

The 10:30 Sunday service in our main service of the week during which there is a Sunday School and after which refreshments are served. You will find us in Churchillparken, by the Gefion fountain. Buses 1A, 15 & 19, closest station in Ă˜sterport.

 ��� ­€‚€ƒ„… †‡ˆ… †‡ … †‡‡ Copenha

gen Inte


ving Sch ool CopenhagenL International Driving School ear l Dri

n2d J u b ilee 15 years of Free theo experience ry

theory At SavStAtion e 3005 K Gentofte r Native B ritish D Special deal: Beginners

riving  Also o ffering F Instructor • All instru irst Aid c ct ourses in ion in English English

6998kr40 43 25 50 First Aid in English

w w w .L

e a rn 2 d ri

v e .d

k Native English Driving Instructor • All instruction in English

40 43 25 50

Living Church is a new and exciting church where we are living the abundant life promised by Jesus. Come along for Bible based teaching, youth events, home meetings, camps and great times're always welcome! Femagervej 39, 2650 Hvidovre (close to Hvidovre station). Ministers: Chris and Clara Brett Telephone: 32964193





21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013

They’ve managed to keep Pi’s boat afloat


Life of Pi (11)

Dir: Ang Lee; US adventure/drama, 2012, 130 mins; Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Gérard Depardieu, Rafe Spall, Tabu Premieres December 25 Playing nationwide


ITH ITS poetic realism and sickly, spiritual subtext, Yann Martel’s international bestselling novel Life of Pi was once declared unfilmable – until now. Directed by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Ang Lee, this beautiful adventure movie is an absolute must-see, even if the plot stinks. Newcomer Suraj Sharma stars as Piscine Molitor Patel, aka Pi, a well-educated, wistful teenager growing up on the grounds of his family’s zoo in Pondicherry, India. As a curious son of liberal parentage, Pi is fascinated by the religions of the world, studying them in detail, but undecided which is the correct path for him. After finding the answer and his soul mate, his father declares that the family are broke and must relocate to Canada. Boarding a cargo ship with his family and the anaesthetised exotic animals resting in the hull underneath, their journey across the Pacific is disrupted by the perfect storm, which sends the vessel plunging to the seabed. The only human survivor, orphaned Pi is left stranded aboard a lifeboat with a hysterical hyena, wounded zebra, benevolent orangutan and a Bengalese tiger called Richard Parker. You don’t have to be an ethologist to see that Pi’s predicament would cause an infinite number of problems. Once the animals clash, our hero is left as the carnivorous Richard Parker’s final prey. But through his resourcefulness and spirituality, Pi manages to survive the fatal claws of his feline shipmate, and over a period of 227 days, the pair end up forming a remarkable relationship,

Life of Pi’s protagonist has a tiger by the tail and a tiger in his boat

built on companionship, fear and the mutual hope that they will one day be rescued. Words cannot describe how stunning this movie is to look at. With the help of cinematographer Claudio Miranda and a committed special effects team, the Oscar-winning filmmaker behind Brokeback Mountain and the illfated comic-book hero movie Hulk has directed the first ever 3D art film. It’s a bottomless box of visual delights: colours have never been so vivid, landscapes so luscious or 3D so fantastic. Instead of distancing us from the action onscreen,

causing light-loss and nausea, the oncedreaded stereoscopic glasses deepen our engagement with Pi and Parker’s ordeal. In an extraordinary quest, they encounter millions of flying fish skittering past them, phosphorescent jellyfish glowing underneath, a breaching whale gliding across the starry skyline and an island inhabited by 60,000 meerkats. In his debut role, Sharma is fantastic as Pi, able to balance religious fervour, comical flourish and irrepressible charm, even if his supporting catty cast member was almost entirely a digital creation, blended into the live action

seamlessly. It’s incredibly refreshing to see the ironically named Richard Parker never anthropomorphised. He doesn’t talk, nor even exist in the real world, yet his presence in Pi’s life is what saves him, and ultimately the film, from excessive ‘is there a god?’ ruminations. Adapted by screenplay writer David Magee (Finding Neverland), the cinematic spectacle does its best to cloak what is ostensibly a very corny plot, but elements of the baggy original novel still creep in. In typical Forrest Gump style, most of the story unravels through the recollections, of a present-day Pi (played

by Irrfan Khan) in Montreal, who narrates the tale to a curious Canadian novelist (Rafe Spall). It’s a narrative compromise lifted directly from Martel’s novel that tells instead of shows – a thorny branch that jolts the audience back into the mundane world we are all used to, and away from the wonderful realm where we’d rather be. Whilst my atheism was left unscathed, the rapturous aestheticism rekindled my passion for big blockbuster cinema. Life of Pi is a much-needed bit of heart-warming magic during this frosty festive season.

Shih tzu-stealing-psychos spell success, it seems Seven Psychopaths Dir: Martin McDonagh; UK comedy/crime, 2012, 110 mins; Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell Premieres December 25 Playing nationwide


ITH A title like Seven Psychopaths, this film will certainly keep you guessing who its lunatics truly are. Seven Psychopaths is the selfaware, postmodern tale of a Hollywood screenwriter named Marty (Farrell) trying to think of ideas for a movie. Presumably, the main character’s name

is meant to refer to the film’s own writer and director, Martin McDonagh of Six Shooter and In Bruges fame. Marty is friends with Billy (Rockwell), who runs a dognapping business alongside his associate Hans (Walken). The immature and demented Billy drags Marty into a strange adventure when he kidnaps the dog of Los Angeles gangster Charlie (Harrelson), a contradictory blend of gangstertough-guy and a man who misses his shih tzu to the point of tears. Considering how frequently the film refers to its own title, it’s hard not to notice the dilemma between going in one direction or another with the plot.

On the one hand, Marty claims to want to make a film about peace and love. This seems at odds with the fact that he simultaneously wants to write a film about psychopaths. Naturally, then, the film delivers a lot of casual violence. Although Psychopaths mentions possibly using a different tactic, these are generally dismissed and mocked. We came for glorified violence, and that’s what we’re going to get! In some ways, the film is just another action film with certain stereotypes and clichés. That said, the script still manages to break the mold. The film’s twists and turns are surprising and inventive. With psychopaths in the mix,

of course, one never really knows what’s going to happen next. The dialogue is also very well-written. For a film about the screenwriting process, the screenplay is refreshingly strong. Christopher Walken delivers his wonderful persona and Rockwell does ‘crazy’ very well, although that’s usually the case with him. Farrell was the only weak link, delivering just enough to get by. This style of storytelling will probably appeal most to those who consider themselves movie lovers – the kinds of people who really want to think about the construction of a film and the universe that a film inhabits. LIZ DELLAPENNA



21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013

Book Your Tickets Tyrannosaur (15)

Dir: Paddy Considine; UK drama, 2012, 91 mins; Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman One of the best British kitchen sink dramas of recent years, the plot may be relentlessly miserable, but suggests that the actorturned-director Paddy Considine has a bright future ahead. LR

The Act of Killing (15)

Dir: Joshua Oppenheimer; UK/ Indo doc, 2012, 115 mins The documentary’s masterstroke is revealing its monsters as human, and therefore recognisable. This is how it manages to touch us − and in doing so, the film transcends its medium. MW

Skyfall (11)

Dir: Sam Mendes; UK/US action/thriller, 2012, 143 mins; Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench Forget the latter Brosnan follies, the much maligned Quantum of Solace and even fan-favorite Casino Royale because for the first time in nearly two decades, nobody is doing it better. MW

Searching Man (15)


Avoid like the Plague Think Like A Man (3)

Dir: Tim Story; US rom-com, 2012, 122 mins; Gabrielle Union If you can get over the Victorian-age premise of the film, you might be able to overlook the wafer-thin script. LL

End of Watch (11)

Dir: David Ayer; US action/ thriller, 2012, 109 mins; Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena In the end, neither the mocking brotherly banter nor the racial politics writer/director Ayer attempts to weave serve this over-simplified story of good versus evil. AS

The Possession (15)

Dir: Ole Bornedal; US horror, 2012, 92 mins; Natasha Calis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan The only twist in an otherwise by-the-book exorcism is that this is a Jewish demon, instead of a Christian one. This forgettable flick does a decent job at maintaining a feeling of dread throughout, but that’s mostly because the audience can’t wait for it to be over. ED

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Sugar 2 (11)

Dir: Malik Bendjelloul; Swe/ US/SA doc, 2012, 86 mins Swedish filmmaker Bendjelloul follows two South African fans as they try to find out what happened to their hero, and the result is as compelling as a real-life detective story. LL

Dir: Bill Condon; US fantasy, 2012, 119 mins; Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Perhaps the scariest part of all comes with the introduction of some new characters, which leaves the door open for potential spin-offs. Now there’s a scary thought. LR

Also Playing

Top Films of 2012

The Hobbit (11)

Dir: peter jackson; US/New Zealand adventure/fantasy, 2012, 169 mins; Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Hugo Weaving The grandiloquence of the film will please the fanatics, but leave those on the fence potentially nauseous. Although some of the performances impress, the storyline is flabby, and the writers struggle to hatch a consistently entertaining story to meet the film’s excessive length. LR


1. Martha Marcy May Marlene Masterfully observed, ominously pitched study of all the stages of sectarian brainwash and the treacherous road to recovery. The horror undertones are balanced by newcomer Elizabeth Olsen’s exceptional skill and easy grace. 2. Your Sister’s Sister 3. Brave 4. Skyfall 5. Take This Waltz


1. Holy Motors An unclassifiable, surreal, hugely original and imaginative vision, and a compendium of visual references to cinema, from the silent era to the digital. 2. Martha Marcy May Marlene 3. Leviathan 4. Searching for Sugarman 5. Tyrannosaur

Killing Them Softly (15)

Dir: Andrew Dominik; US crime/drama, 2012, 97 mins; Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, There’s a familiarity to almost every facet of Killing Them Softly. The intention to provide the film with some originality and depth shows, but the plot is minimal – and alas, it never seems to gel in any meaningful way. MW



Argo (15)

Dir: Ben Affleck; US thriller, 2012, 120 mins; Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Bryan Cranston While Affleck has gone to some lengths to deliver a restrained and tasteful film, the script itself is determined to show off, with the climax taking every opportunity to ratchet up the drama quite shamelessly. It might make for highly entertaining cinema, but falls short in convincing us of the narrative’s authenticity. MW



1. The Act of Killing This playful yet profound documentary investigates Indonesia’s anti-communist genocide. It does so by offering not the perspective of those victimised, but the killers themselves. A more soulful and challenging film you will not find this year. 2. Looper 3. Weekend 4. Martha Macy May Marlene 5. The Dark Knight Rises 1. The Act of Killing Winner of the grand prize at the esteemed CPH:DOX festival, this explosive documentary about a forgotten Indonesian genocide is haunting, beautiful and not to be missed. 2. Amour 3. Martha Marcy May Marlene 4. Holy Motors 5. Beasts of the Southern Wild 1. Skyfall It took two and a half Craig films to hear the phrase, ‘Bond, James Bond’ – talk about delayed gratification! From Ola Rapace’s silent fight scenes to Javier Bardem’s homoerotic flirting, it was Bond-bastically brilliant! 2. The Dark Knight Rises 3. Looper 4. The Avengers 5. 21 Jump Street

PROGRAMME: THURSDAY 20 DECEMBER - WEDNESDAY 26 DECEMBER 2012 All times are subject to change KINOPALÆET without notice; consult Klampenborgvej 215 A, Lyngby for confirmation. Hope Springs (11) 19:00 Killing Them Softly (15) PALADS 21:10 Axeltorv 9, Cph K; 7013 1211 Skyfall (11) Argo (15) 12:10-15:15-18:30-21:30 21:30 The Hobbit 2D (11) End of Watch (15) 11:00-12:00-14:30-16:0019:00-21:30 18:00-20:00-21:30 Hope Springs (11) The Hobbit 3D (11) 19:00 10:30-11:00-14:00-14:30Looper (15) 17:30-18:00-21:00-21:30 21:30 The Twilight Saga: Breaking The Possession (15) Dawn - part 2 (11) 19:00-21:30 14:00-16:30-18:30-21:15 Skyfall (11) 12:30-15:30-17:00-18:30EMPIRE BIO 20:00-21:30 Guldbergsgade 29F; Cph N, Taken 2 (15) 3536 0036; 19:00-21:30 The Act of Killing (15) The Hobbit 2D (11) 1 1 : 0 0 - 1 2 : 0 0 - 1 4 : 3 0 - 1 6 : 0 0 - 17:00 Keep the Lights On (11) 18:00-20:00-21:30 15:00 The Hobbit 3D (11) 1 0 : 0 0 - 1 0 : 3 0 - 1 1 : 0 0 - 1 2 : 0 0 - Skyfall (11) 1 3 : 3 0 - 1 4 : 0 0 - 1 4 : 3 0 - 1 6 : 0 0 - 22:15 1 7 : 0 0 - 1 7 : 3 0 - 1 8 : 0 0 - 2 0 : 0 0 - The Hobbit 2D (11) 20:30-21:00-21:30 (Fri & Sat) 13:15-16:45-20:15 The Twilight Saga: Breaking The Hobbit 3D (11) 14:45-18:15-21:45 Dawn - part 2 (11) 11:30-14:00-16:30-19:00-21:30 Tyrannosaur (15) 22:00


Kalvebod Brygge 57, Cph V; 7010 1202 Killing Them Softly (15) 19:00 Skyfall (11) 10:00-13:00-16:00-18:3021:30-23:59 The Hobbit 2D (11) 10:30-14:00-17:30-21:00-21:15 The Hobbit 3D (11) 11:30-12:30-15:00-16:0018:30-19:30-22:00-23:00(Fri & Sat) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - part 2 (11) 11:00-13:30-16:00-18:3021:00-23:30 (Fri & Sat)


Gothersgade 55, Cph K 3374 3400; Finisterrae 16:45 (Thur) Tokyo! 21:30 (Fri) Pola X 19:00 (Sat) Close to Heaven 19:15 (Sun) Roads to Koktebel 14:15


Sylows Allé 15, Frederiksberg, 7013 1211; Hope Springs (11) 16:45 Killing Them Softly (15) 22:00 Skyfall (11) 14:10-21:00 (Fri & Sat) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - part 2 (11 10:30-15:45 (Fri & Sat) The Hobbit 2D (11) 11:00-14:30-18:00-21:30 The Hobbit 3D (11) 11:00-14:40-17:30-18:2021:00-22:00 (Fri & Sat)


Abalonsgade 5, Cph V, 3324 4200 The Act of Killing (15) 15:00 Searching for Sugar Man (15) 13:45-19:00-20:45


Ved Vesterport 4, Cph V 70131211; The Hobbit 3D (11) 11:00-14:30-18:00-21:30


Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8, Cph K Argo (15) 11:30-14:00-16:30-19:00-21:30 Killing Them Softly (15) 12:00-14:20-16:40-19:00-21:30 Searching for Sugar Man (15) 17:00 The Hobbit 2D (11) 12:00-16:00-20:00


Jernbanegade 2, Cph K 3314 3222 Hope Springs (11) 19:00 Killing Them Softly (15) 21:15 The Hobbit 2D (11) 11:00-14:30-18:00-21:30




21 December 2012 - 4 January 2013


The Bletchley Circle SV2, Jan 2-4, 20:00

ONCE ESTABLISHED, it’s hard to get rid of an aversion to films and TV series in which all the leads are women. While some are just plain horrid (Steel Magnolias, Charlie’s Angels), others cajole you into thinking you’re safe, make you care and then eat away at you from the inside, by which time it’s too late. Think Sex in the City, Desperate Housewives. But every so often we get another Tenko, and this year that honour falls to The Bletchley Circle, a 1952 miniseries about four female Second World War code-breakers who reunite to track down a serial killer. The Guardian commended its “goodish plot, strong cast and touches of ‘50s period noir”. However, it did ask “why every bloke in dramas with strong women leads is either dull, stupid or feckless?” Good

point: maybe that’s why these all-female affairs grate so much. Also with strong female leads, Labyrinth, an adaptation of Kate Mosse’s bestseller set in both modern day and 13th century Europe, is spanking brand new – looks like it’s premiering all over Europe at Christmas. It’s therefore to ascertain its quality, but it looks promising. As do the docs. Two classics are revisited for a different take in Spike Lee’s Bad 25 (SV2, 29 Dec, 22:30) and The Real King’s Speech (DRK, Sat 22:45), while Everyone loves Christmas Films (SV1, Mon 22:40) looks like your best bet for fond festive nostalgia. And finally, the BBC is walking the talk in Planet Dinosaur (SV2, Jan 2-4, 19:10), another series about them big lizards.

Elsewhere, there’s another chance to see Ken Follett’s 12th century miniseries The Pillars of the Earth (DR2, from Tue 21:00); we’ve got the final of the US X Factor (DRHD, Dec 30, 20:00), the last ever episode of Entourage (SV2, Tue 22:45); and the 2012 Xmas edition of Downton Abbey (SV1, 29 SV2, Jan 2-4, 20:00 The Bletchley Circle Dec, 21:00); opera fans should love Plácido Domingo - My Greatest Roles (DRK, Dec 30, 20:00); there’s a new series of An Idiot Abroad (29 Dec , SV1, 22:35); while your favourite Xmas movie may very well be Lawrence of Arabia (SV2, Tue 14:55), Where Eagles Dare (TV3+, Mon 21:00), Funny Girl (SV2, Dec 31, 23:15), or any of the Star Wars films (DRHD, Tue & Wed, 17:50 & 18:05). BEN HAMILTON SV1, Tue 22:00 Labyrinth

TV3+, Wed 21:00 Scott Pilgrim vs the World


TV2, Tue 19:50 Avatar

Friday 21

Saturday 22

Sunday 23

Monday 24

Tuesday 25

Wednesday 26

Thursday 27

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 21:25-23:00 Charlie Wilson’s War (US com, 2007) Tom Hanks 23:00-01:30 2012 (US drama, 2009) John Cusack

20:00-21:20 Matador (Dan drama, 1978) Jørgen Buckhøj 22:20-00:25 Octopussy (UK action, 1983) Roger Moore

21:15-23:25 Love Actually (UK romcom, 2003) Hugh Grant 23:25-01:25 The Accidental Tourist (US drama, 1988) William Hurt

21:45-23:55 A View to a Kill (UK action, 1984) Roger Moore

21:00-23:10 The Holiday (US romcom, 2006) Cameron Diaz 23:10-00:45 Intersection (US rom, 1994) Sharon Stone

21:30-23:40 Robin Hood (US action, 2010) Russell Crowe 23:45-01:25 Passionada (US romcom, 2003) Sofia Milos

23:50-01:20 Cradle Of Lies (US thriller, 2006) Shannon Sturges

23:00-00:45 The Road (US drama, 2009) Viggo Mortensen

20:05-20:55 Human Journey (UK doc, 2009) 20:55-22:30 Surviving Progress (US doc, 2011)

18:20-19:55 River Cottage 23:40-01:10 Scott & Bailey (UK crime series, 2011) Suranne Jones, Lesley Sharp

16:50-18:50 Oz & James’ Big Wine Adventure (UK doc series, 2008) 19:10-20:00 River Cottage

19:10-20:00 River Cottage 21:00-22:40 The Pillars of the Earth (UK drama series, 2010) Rufus Sewell

19:10-20:00 River Cottage 21:00-22:40 The Pillars of the Earth

19:10-20:00 River Cottage 21:00-22:45 The Pillars of the Earth

16:15-17:10 Friends 20:35-22:20 The Santa Clause 2 (US family, 2002) Tim Allen 22:20-00:35 Die Hard (US action, 1988) Bruce Willis

20:30-22:15 Home Alone (US com, 1990) Macaulay Culkin 22:15-00:20 Die Hard 2 (US action, 1990) Bruce Willis

20:30-22:35 Home Alone 2 (US com, 1992) Macaulay Culkin 22:35-00:45 Die Hard - Mega Hard (US action, 1995) Bruce Willis

19:15-20:00 Michael Bublé Christmas Show 2012 23:05-01:15 Die Hard (US action, 1988) Bruce Willis

19:50-22:30 Avatar (US adventure, 2009) Sam Worthington 22:30-00:35 Iron Man (US action, 2008) Robert Downey Jr.

21:15-23:20 Die Hard 4.0 (US action, 2007) Bruce Willis

21:35-23:25 Sweet Home Alabama (US romcom, 2002) Reese Witherspoon 23:25-01:30 Batman Returns (US action, 1993) Danny DeVito

18:15-19:05 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends 20:00-20:40 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow 23:50-00:35 Russell Howard’s Good News (UK com series, 2011)

13:30-19:05 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends 20:00-21:50 Beauty and the Beast (US crime series, 2012) Kristin Kreuk

08:50-21:00 Californication (US com series, 2011) season four 21:00-21:45 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow 21:45-22:40 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow Christmas Special

18:15-19:05 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends

18:15-19:05 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends 23:55-00:35 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow

18:15-19:05 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends

18:15-19:05 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends

17:00-19:00 NCIS 20:00-21:00 E! Investigates: The Original Night Stalker (US doc, 2009) 21:00-22:15 Game of Thrones (US drama series, 2011) Mark Addy 22:15-01:30 The Patriot (US action, 1998) Sarah Jessica Parker

19:00-20:00 Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course (UK food program, 2012) 20:00-21:00 Mobbed (US reality show, 2011) 21:00-22:15 Game of Thrones 22:15-01:20 Gladiator (US action, 2000) Russell Crowe

21:00-23:05 The Last Airbender (US action, 2010) Noah Ringer 23:05-01:50 Sex and the City

17:20-20:00 According to Jim (US com series, 2008) 20:00-22:05 Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Christmas (UK food, 2010) 22:05-23:55 Sex and the City

18:45-21:00 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (Can/ US action, 2010) Logan Lerman, Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Steve Coogan 21:00-22:15 Game of Thrones 22:15-01:50 Lord of the Rings 1: Fellowship of the Ring (US adventure, 2001) Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen

18:50-21:00 Sleepless in Seattle (US romcom, 1993) Tom Hanks 21:00-22:15 Game of Thrones 22:15-01:50 The Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers (US adventure, 2002) Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen

18:15-21:00 The Mask of Zorro (US action, 1998) Antonio Banderas 21:00-22:15 Game of Thrones 22:15-02:20 Lord of the Rings 3: The Return of the King (US adventure, 2003) Elijah Wood, Sean Astin

17:00-18:00 The Simpsons 18:00-20:00 How I Met Your Mother 20:00-21:00 Man V Food Nation (US food travel series, 2012) 21:00-23:30 The Perfect Storm (US drama, 2000) George Clooney 23:30-01:25 Hard to Kill (US action, 1990) Steven Seagal

16:35-21:00 Top Gear 21:00-23:45 The Hulk (US action, 2003) Eric Bana 23:45-03:20 Spartacus (US action series, 2010) Andy Whitfield

22:00-05:50 NFL: Baltimore Ravens vs New York Giants, followed by Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

17:00-18:30 Scrubs (US com series, 2004) Zach Braff 18:30-19:00 Community (US com series, 2011) Joel McHale 19:00-21:00 Conan the Destroyer (US adventure, 1984) Grace Jones 21:00-00:20 Where Eagles Dare (US action, 1968) Richard Burton

18:00-19:00 Anger Management 19:00-20:00 Man at Work 20:00-21:00 Man V Food Nation 21:00-22:55 Not Another Teen Movie (US com, 2001) Chyler Leigh 22:55-00:55 Falling Skies (Can/US drama series, 2011) Noah Wyle

18:00-19:00 Anger Management 19:00-20:00 Man at Work 20:00-21:00 Man V Food Nation 21:00-23:20 Scott Pilgrim vs the World (US action, 2010) Michael Cera 23:20-01:10 Falling Skies

18:00-19:00 Anger Management 19:00-20:00 Man at Work 20:00-21:00 Man V Food Nation 21:00-23:10 Norbit (US romcom, 2007) Eddie Murphy 23:10-01:05 Falling Skies

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00-23:00 New in Town (US romcom, 2009) Renée Zellweger 23:00-23:55 Grey’s Anatomy

19:00-20:00 Hart of Dixie (US drama series, 2011) 20:00-22:50 My Big Fat Greek Wedding (US romcom series, 2002) 22:50-23:50 Nip/Tuck (US drama series, 2003) 23:50-00:45 The Closer (US crime series, 2005)

00:00-01:00 Biggest Loser (US reality show)

11:35-20:00 Private Practice 20:00-21:45 Sins of the Mother (US drama, 2010) 21:45-04:45 Private Practice

12:50-21:00 Grey’s Anatomy 22:00-23:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Belgium 23:00-04:15 Grey’s Anatomy

14:05-21:00 Seven Dwarves (UK doc series, 2011) 22:00-23:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Belgium 23:00-04:40 Seven Dwarves

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-22:05 Cocktail (US drama, 1988) Tom Cruise 22:05-23:05 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Belgium 23:05-00:05 Grey’s Anatomy

18:00-19:00 Once Upon a Time 19:00-19:30 Mike & Molly 19:30-20:30 The Big Bang Theory 21:30-23:50 Metro (US action, 1997) Eddie Murphy 23:50-01:45 Criminal Minds

18:05-19:05 Once Upon a Time 19:05-19:30 The Big Bang Theory 19:30-20:30 Perception (US crime series) 20:30-22:20 Deck the Halls (US com, 2006) Danny DeVito

18:00-19:00 Once Upon a Time 20:00-21:00 Perception (US crime series, 2012) Eric McCormack 21:00-22:55 Missing (US action series, 2012) Ashley Judd 22:55-23:55 Criminal Minds

18:20-19:15 Once Upon a Time 19:15-21:00 Good Luck, Charlie, It’s Christmas (US family, 2011) 21:00-23:00 Very Bad Things (US com, 1998) 23:00-00:55 Criminal Minds

18:10-20:00 Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (US adventure, 2007) Natalie Portman 21:00-23:10 Lethal Weapon (US action, 1987) Mel Gibson

17:55-20:00 The Polar Express (US family, 2004) 21:00-23:15 Lethal Weapon 2 (US action, 1989) Mel Gibson 23:15-00:10 Detroit 1-8-7 (US crime series)

18:10-20:00 A Christmas Carol (US animation, 2009) Jim Carey 21:00-23:20 Lethal Weapon 3 (US action, 1992) Mel Gibson

InOut, The Copenhagen Post's entertainment section | Dec 21 - Jan 4  
InOut, The Copenhagen Post's entertainment section | Dec 21 - Jan 4  

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