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Amy Fountain, Pt. Financial Servs.

Associate (Under $100) (Cont.) John and Susan Omohundro s Tim and Carol Opdyke s Rose Orologio *s Nancy E. Orologio Besaw s Michael Osoway * Charlotte Owsley Carl Palmisano * Jill A. Parker Irene M. Patterson Burton and Dorothy Peabody Tom and Marlu Peet John Pellegrino Daniel and Lenora Pepe Sandra Peterson Janet Pike Joan Pope Susan Powell L. Puccia and Company Clark and Nancy Putman Ramona Ralston Elbridge and Joan Randall Dianne Rawson * Rebecca Reames s Nancy Rehse Sigrid S. Reichert Dale L. and Christine Rexford Francis and Gloria Richards Bryan and Joyce Ringo s Kurtis and Pamela Rook Carl and Michele Rose Ashley Rovito * Elizabeth Rush Edmund and Kay Russell Ann Ryan John Sandwick

Nicholas Scelzi Esther C. Scott Alan and Janice Searleman Carl Sellers Bryan P. Shea Manola Sherman Donald Shoen Judith Sickles s Bruce and Susan Smeby Harvey and Mary Lynn Smith Louise C. Smith Marshall and Pauline Smith Richard and Mary Snell Harriett Snyder Allen and Julie Spadaccini Freda Spadaccini Louise Speer Barbara Spencer Rex and Sally Spicer Robert P. Stark Richard and Doris Stephan Irmgard Stephan s Leo D. and Karin Stephan Simone Grace Strack Herbert Sweet George and Josephine Swift Peter and Marcia Syrett Dean and Cynthia Talcott John F.and Kathy A. Taylor Kimberly Taylor * Lainie Taylor James and Charlene Tebo Josef and Barbara teRiele Brett and Pamela Thacher Mary Theisen s Gus and Mary Jean Thomaris s Norma Thomas Orin and Bonnie Thomas Zelda Thomas Carol Thompson * Jessica Thompson * Eileen Tierney Helena Tolman (D) s Melvin and Sandy Tomalty s Michael and Deborah Valley Alex and Linda Vangellow Lawrence and Joan Varney Lauri Vaska s Christine Versteeg Eugene and Ann Villeneuve Theresa Vine James and Judith* Wallace Dorothy Walsh s Kristine Washburn Stephen and Linda Watrous William* and Tammy Weaver s 29

Bill and Lorna Webb s Mark Weidner and Mary Anne Mackenzie Margaret Weitzmann s Doug Welch and Virginia Storey-Welch Grace A. Wells Kenneth and Martha West Leroy and Doris Weston Mary Lou Whalen * Danielle Wheat * Andrew and Kristen Whittier James and Janet Wightman Darrell and Daphna Williams s Diane M. Wilson Jerome Wilson Ingrid Wimmer Stacie M. Woodward * s Corey M. Zeigler Toby V. and JoAnn W. Zenger

Amy Irish-Bicknell, Administration

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2010 annual report  

2010 annual report