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“That’s an interesting story,” she tells me. “My friend Lynda Karpick accepted a job at CPH as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. In talking to physician recruiter Carlos Alberto, Lynda’s husband mentioned that I was his Family Nurse Practitioner, and that Nick was in family practice residency. That really set things in motion!” When Susan helped Lynda move here, Carlos invited Susan to do an interview. “I loved the staff, the opportunity, and the area,” Susan recalls. “One month later, Nick and I flew back up here so he could interview. The airlines lost his luggage, so we had to scramble for clothes. One of the other nurse anesthetists lent him some, and Carlos even lent a sports coat for the interview!”

r. Terry “Nick” Knowles took a round-about path to medical school….stopping in all 48 contiguous United States along the way.

“I held several different jobs in my 20’s and early 30’s,” he tells me, “but didn’t really have a career.” So he quit, and spent a year traveling the country and living, primarily, in his car. “It was a Chrysler LeBaron four-door,” he laughs. “It was plush. The front seat folded all the way down. Plenty of room for sleeping.” During that year, he read a lot, visited friends and family, sometimes relied on the kindness of strangers, and “tried to come up with a philosophy of life.” Somewhere along the road, an idea surfaced: to become a physician. “I didn’t tell anyone,” he tells me. “I just let it percolate.”

Susan moved here first, early in 2009, to become Director of the Clarkson University Student Health Service, which is run by the Hospital. For 18 months they lived 12 hours apart, until Dr. Knowles completed his residency and moved here midway through 2010.

By year’s end, he was certain. So he moved to Morgantown West Virginia to work and complete the few undergraduate courses he needed for medical school, then enrolled at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. “I originally thought I might become a Psychiatrist,” he says, “but I’m interested in everything, and was drawn to a more holistic approach. I was fascinated by the connections between lifestyle and health, so I chose Family Practice.”

“I was so fortunate to join an established practice, and I’ve been booked since my first week,” he says. “I love it here: getting to know my patients, spending time outdoors, and the small town atmosphere. Where else would a physician recruiter literally lend his own coat for an interview? How good is that?”

Along the way Dr. Knowles met his wife, Susan, who is a Nurse Practitioner. He was interested in learning more about alternative medicine, and she was coordinating a Reiki class, which he signed up for. It was Susan who eventually brought Dr. Knowles to the North Country.

It’s good. Definitely better than sleeping in the LeBaron.


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