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DIRECT ENTRY APPLICATION FORM – February 2012 AP degree in Marketing Management EU and NON EU students It is very important that you fill in all spaces and that you enclose a copy of all relevant documents that may support your application. It is important that you make a great effort when filling in this form. Remember that we make a decision about your admission based on your application. Illegible or insufficient applications will not be dealt with! Personal data (please type) Family Name

First name(s)

Date of Birth/Civil reg. no.





Do you have the intention of applying for a Bachelor Top-up programme after having completed your AP degree?





Trongaardsvej 44  DK-2800 Lyngby  Tel +45 88 52 66 00  Fax +45 88 52 66 10

Personal data (please type) Address: (to which you want us to send your mail) Street


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Telephone number: Mobile number: E-mail (in CAPITAL letters) IMPORTANT to fill!

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Educational qualification (please type) A. Upper Secondary School/High School (age 15-19): Name of School: Address: Telephone number: Web page:

Trongaardsvej 44  DK-2800 Lyngby  Tel +45 88 52 66 00  Fax +45 88 52 66 10

Name of headmaster/reference person: E-mail/telephone number of headmaster/reference person: From (month/year):

To (month/year):

Type of certificate/diploma:

B. University/College (previous studies – if any): Name of University/College: Address: Telephone number: Name of reference person: E-mail/telephone number of reference person: From (month/year): Programme/course:

Relevant subjects studied:

Total amount of lessons:

English skills: Date of test: TOEFL score: Date of test: IELTS score:

Trongaardsvej 44  DK-2800 Lyngby  Tel +45 88 52 66 00  Fax +45 88 52 66 10

Please highlight your skills in Mathematics/Economics: level, number of lessons etc

Date of examination:

Date of examination:

Date of examination:

Job experience (if any) (please type): Job title

Employer and location


(Copy of references enclosed) Interests (please type) List in order of importance to you, your main extra curricular interests/activities:

Information to support your application (please type): Please write here your reasons for applying, and any further information you wish to give in support of your application:

Reference from at least two academic references, as a minimum (please type): Title



List of copied documents enclosed (certificates, diplomas, job references, TOEFL/IELTS score slip etc) A. B. C. D. E. F.



Trongaardsvej 44  DK-2800 Lyngby  Tel +45 88 52 66 00  Fax +45 88 52 66 10

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