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Valladolid, 26 de mayo de 2011

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CABI Indexing Fields


Authors and Editors ● Personal Authors (AU) ● Author variations included ● Editor’s names searched in ED ● Search as complete names


smith t a.AU. smith$.ED. ● Browse the AU or ED indexes ● Corporate Authors (CA) ● Remember variations e.g. World Health Organization.CA. WHO.CA.

Cattle production.TI. (Forestry AND Ecotourism).TI.

Indexing Fields (Descriptors) ● Organism Descriptors (OD) ● Geographic Locations (GL) ● Subject Headings (SH) (CABI’s Descriptors field) ● Broad Terms (BT) ● Identifiers (ID) Note 1: The SH, OD, GL and ID fields are Phrase Indexed Note 2: Searching .DE. Searches SH, GL and OD and is Word indexed Note 3: Searching .SU. Searches SH, GL, OD, and ID and is Word indexed Note 4: Searching .HW. (RECOMMENDED) Searches SH, GL, OD, BT and ID and is Word indexed



SH, OD and GL

Broad Terms

Controlled Terms from the CAB Thesaurus

● Automatically added to records

Manually added by CABI Indexers

● Added for OD and GL terms plus selective

Added at the specific concept level

SU field tag searches all three at once

HW tag searches SU plus BT

Identifiers ● All levels of Broad terms are added ● Use HW

Examples: cattle.OD. drug resistance.SU. nitrogen fertilizers.SH. (rice and irrigation and south east asia).HW.

Examples: coleoptera.BT. animals.BT. cereals.HW. (all CABI index fields)



● Non-Thesaurus Terms

● Subject classification

● New concepts

● 23 broad subject areas

● Potential future Thesaurus terms

● Hierarchical structure

● Also included in the SU and HW search

indexes e.g. climate change.ID. aeolesthes holosericea.HW.

● Used as well as descriptors ● At least one per record ● Useful for searching broad concepts ● Note: only the codes are in the Free-Text index.

Words are searched with the CW tag



KK000 Forestry, Forest Products and Agroforestry General) KK100 Forests and Forest Trees (Biology and Ecology) KK110 Silviculture and Forest Management


KK120 Forest Mensuration and Management (Discontinued March 2000) KK130 Forest Fires KK140 Protection Forestry (Discontinued March 2000)

KK160.CC. AND urban development

KK150 Other Land Use (Discontinued March 2000) KK160 Ornamental and Amenity Trees KK500 Forest Products and Industries (General) KK510 Wood Properties, Damage and Preservation

KK$.CC. AND management.HW.

KK515 Logging and Wood Processing KK520 Wood Utilization and Engineered Wood Products KK530 Chemical and Biological Processing of Wood KK540 Non-wood Forest Products

forest products.CW.

KK600 Agroforestry and Multipurpose Trees; Community, Farm and Social Forestry



Subject Codes (SubSet Codes)

The CAB Thesaurus ● CABI’s Controlled indexing vocabulary ● 90,000 terms ● hierarchically structured ● Preferred Terms ● Broad Terms ● Narrow Terms ● Related Terms ● Use for Terms ● Integrated search tool

CABI Full Text Databases – Subset Codes. ● CAB Full Text FT ● Full Text Descriptions of Fungi & Bacteria FX ● Full Text Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases FW ● Full Text Distribution Maps of Plant Pests FV ● Full Text Reviews (Archive) FA ● Full Text Reviews (Current) FR ● CABI ebooks entire file GB ● CABI ebooks archive file GA ● CABI ebooks front file GF

Classification codes

Broad subject codes

Coding to CABI full text

Searched using the SS field tag E.g. Transgenic Plants and (FR or FA).SS. Environment and Management and 0F.SS. Tourism and GB.SS.

A full list of Subject Codes can be found at:

Institutional Address ● Address of where the work was done ● Usually the address of the first author ● Given in full when available ● Remember variations and name changes ● Word searchable using .IN.

Examples: Hungary.IN. (St Istvan or Szent Istvan).IN.

Limit Fields ●

Publication Year (YR) - Year of publication of the original article.

Language of text (LA) - Language of the original text.

Publication Type (PT) - Type of original publication , e.g. book, journal, etc.


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CabAbstract: Búsqueda rápida. Esquema  
CabAbstract: Búsqueda rápida. Esquema  

CabAbstract: Búsqueda rápida. Esquema