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Sailing Club News Summer 2013

Two Daysailers work their way downwind at the 49th annual Whiskeytown Regatta.

Photo: Record Searchlight Hung T. Vu

Next Club Meeting-All Members Welcome! Our next Board of Directors meeting will be at the Sailing Boat Restaurant on Monday, June 24th at 6:30. Read about it in Michaels letter. These meetings are open to all members. Items to discuss will include a Regatta recap, brainstorming for the 50th regatta, and plans for the Summer Sailing. We hope to see you there!

We have picked a few Saturday nights through the summer to get together, sail, and join for a potluck back on the beach following. Dates on the calendar are: June 29, July 13, August 24 Details are still coming together, and you can read more about it Michaels “Summer Fiasco� Saling letter.

From the Commodore houseboat vacation thanks to the Chris .Thank you to all who Strahle family and Jones Valley resort, a helped make our 49th 3-day cabin stay at Silverthorn Resort, sailAnnual Whiskeytown Regatta a great success. ing supplies and discounts from West MaThe teamwork between rine and, discounts on wine from Burnsini Vineyards, dinner for 2 at the organization of the Sailing Boat Restaurant, and a beautiNancy and Jake Cartful picnic basket handmade by Barbara wright, scoring and trophies by Mike Archibald, race commit- Kelly. There were many lucky winners and it created something fun for people to look tee headed by John Super, and the finish forward to besides the great whiskey jug boat provided by Jim and Julie Farmer, many hands played a big part in creating a trophies, thanks to potter Greg Olson and fun weekend. Registration and raffle tables Mike Archibald’s creative woodworking skills. were organized by Nancy, Donna Moore, Barbara Kelly and JoAnne Ficklin. Dinner The t-shirts, designed by WSC memwas provided by the Boy Scouts who did a ber Colin Morton flew off the table. We have just a few left, so if you didn’t get one great job again. To all of the other hands or want an extra one (just large and Xbehind the scene and racers that were large left) let Nancy know. there at the start line, we appreciate all of The racing was great and the wind you! We were not even through the awards blew lightly most of the time-- typical of presentation and already folks were talking Memorial Day weekend on Whiskeytown. about planning ahead for our 50th Annual Sunny warm days and just a few clouds-Regatta next year! It is amazing to think that back in 1964 the organized racing started on our newly created lake. The tradition has been carried forward over many years by those who love sailing. I know that Donna and I look forward to planning this event next year. We’ve already been discussing plans that will encourage others to join in the celebration. Any creative notions or crazy ideas you may have let us Camp headquarters. know. It was great to see the Record Searchlight pick up on the event. They sent out a photographer to take photos of the event, escorted around the course by Jim Samuels and Jake Cartwright. A few photos appeared in the Sunday paper with more photos online. Check it out! Our official photographer, Ron Lute, has posted photo galleries of the Regatta. Check them out at http://wlsdesigns.exposuremanager. com/g/2013_Whiskeytown_regatta to purchase your photos. They can also be found on our club web site at: Photo: Colin Morton Something new this year was a raffle Michael Moore welcoming sailors at the of some great gifts, including a 3-day skippers meeting.

Whiskeytown Sailing Club

P. O. Box 491526 Redding, CA 96049 530-539-4471 Commodore Michael Moore 530-243-1111 Vice Commodore Mike Archibald 530-638-6945 Staff Commodore Jake Cartwright Secretary/Treasurer Nancy O’Brien Directors Jim Samuels Mike Kelly Bob Hepler Chris Strahle Race Committee Mike Archibald, Chair Regatta Committee Nancy O’Brien, Chair Newsletter Colin Morton Letters, submissions, Photos Welcome Web Site Jake Cartwright, Content Pamela Hanford, Design Submissions, Photos Welcome Membership $40/Year

Commadore (continued)

Awards presentation. Jake and Nancy Cartwright

and no rain--helped to welcome our out of town sailors. Thank you to all who came. We look forward to seeing you next year at our 50th Annual Regatta. You are welcome to bring your whole fleet with you! Summer “Fiasco” Sailing I know I walked away from this Regatta with a renewed sense of appreciation and connection with many of our local club members as well as sailors from afar. These events are as much about building friendships, trust, and connection between us all. That shared sense of being a part of the “sailing community” you may call it, is important to me and I trust to many of us. It takes some time, a little effort and a desire to create that, but so very worth it! This is what Donna (my “commodette”) and I wish to create and expand through this year. We want to develop opportunities to sail together, not just race but to invite and involve all those who enjoy sailing to come out and join in the fun. We have picked a few Saturday nights through the summer to get together, sail, and join for a potluck back on the beach following. Dates on the calendar are: June 29 July 13 August 24 Details are still coming together, but to give you a glimpse into what we are planning for the June event: Meet up at 4:00 p.m. at the canopy on the lawn. Sailing

Photo: Record Searchlight Hung T. Vu Racing, life doesn’t get much better than this!

will start at 5:00 p.m. (hopefully the wind blows). Meet at the starting bouy beyond the island. We may choose to go around a couple of buoys but also wish to get some new people on our boats as well (first time sailors, someone over 70 or under 13). Part of the adventure of the evening may involve a blindfold. Bring one if you happen to have something that will serve that purpose! What a great opportunity in a non-competitive environment to spark new or renew interest in sailing. There are lots of boats in our neighborhoods that haven’t been sailed in a long time. Bring them along as your guest, even if they are not a member. We will expand on the theme for the July event. Challenges may include useful sailing skills such as sailing backwards (on purpose) and man overboard retrieval (or at least a floatable object). For the August event, challenges may include all of the above plus a few others we can dream up between now and then. Bring your family and friends to watch, cheer you on, and join us for the potluck dinner.

Photo: Colin Morton Youngest sailor is Raymond Denman with his Optimist.

On the Water 2013 Regatta

Photo: Record Searchlight Hung T. Vu

Clockwise from top: Ultimate 20 is skippered by Jay Harland, Rogue Yacht Club in Medford. Two Ultimate 20s, one with the chute up and the other about to set. Excitement building as racers setting up around the dock. Registration Team; Nancy Cartwright, Barbara Kelly, Jo Ficklin and Donna Moore, keeping everyone organized and chaos to a minumum.

Photo: Record Searchlight Hung T. Vu

On the Water 2013 Regatta

Photo: Record Searchlight Hung T. Vu Clockwise from top: WSC member Mike Eichwald in #161089. #199603 is Nick Burke, he shows his club at ILCA-NA. WSC Member Ben Carter and crew. One of two International Canoes, this one sailed by Stephen Gay, Richmond Yacht Club, heading out to the course. John Super.

Photo: Colin Morton

Photo: Colin Morton

Test your Skills So you think you are a “sailor”? Test your knowledge of the racing rules with the following quiz submitted by Jim Samuels. If you aren’t sure of an answer, he has provided the applicable rule which you can look up in your rule book. Still not sure? Email your answers to Jim and he will let you know how you did! True or False questions. 1. When sailing by the lee or directly downwind, a boat’s leeward side is the side on which her mainsail lies. True/False 2. A boat may not sail below her proper course while she is less than two of her hull lengths from a leeward boat on the same tack. True/False 3. The facts that a protest committee finds are not subject to appeal. True/False 4. The zone is the area around either a

mark or an obstruction within a distance of three hull lengths of the boat nearer to it. True/Fales

10. When Rule 18.4 applies to boats on opposite tacks, rule 10 does not. True/False

5. Changes to sailing instructions, when made ashore, must be in writing and posted on the official notice board before the time stated in the sailing instructions. True/False

11. If two boats are subject to rule 13 (While Tacking) the one tacking to port tack must keep clear of the other, except when the boats are not overlapped. True/False

6. When three boats racing are beating on the same tack and not overlapped, the boats clear ahead are a continuing obstruction to the boats clear astern. True/False

12. After a boat passes head to wind and before she is on a close-hauled course. True/False

7 A boat may leave on either side a rounding mark that does not begin, bound, or end the leg she is on. True/False

Source: the ISAF Judges test. 2013 Email your answers to To: Jim Samuel

8. The term overlap does not apply to boats that are on opposite tacks of a run unless Rule 18 applies. True/False 9. Rule 18 applies only when at least one of the boats is in the zone. True/False

Tips to Sail By

Club Offers Heave To

Heaving To means to stop dead in the water. One way to do this is to just let all the sheets out, and let the sails luff, spilling their wind. A more salty nautical way is to BACK THE JIB (haul the weather sheet taut) (a). This spills wind foreward, driving the boat backwards, while the mains’l spills wind aft, driving the boat foreward. You can even lash the helm to leeward and she will drift very slowly to leeward in a stable manner. She is stable because she always weathervanes into the wind. If she turns up to windward, (b), the jib fills aback, and pushes the bow back to leeward. If she turns to leeward, (c), the mains’l fills with wind, and turns her back up to windward. So she tends to turn gently side to side, first filling the jib, then the mains’l, and then back again. The exact direction of drift can also be controlled by the helm. Exerpt from the book: The Complete Sailor, David Seidman (ISBN 0-07-057131-7)

$20 Small $30 Large


Get your Club Burgees Now!

Free Eye Splicing for WSC members. Will do double-braid or three strand.

Bruce Gillette 530-221-4147

Whiskeytown Sailing Club News  
Whiskeytown Sailing Club News