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Shout to God with loud songs of joy! (Psalm 47:1, ESV)

Dear Falcon Camp supporters, Thanks a million! Our foster son was at Pinewood Falcon last year and it was absolutely fantastic. The first thing he said when he got off the minibus back home was: ‘Can I come next year?’ The Falcon Camp leaders provide great support for the children who often come from difficult situations. As a deaf child, our son was given the extra care and supervision he needed. He comes along to church with us and has got a faith. At the Falcon Camp he felt really safe and talked to the leaders about some of the issues affecting him, and was happy for people to pray for him.

Accommodation for one child at Pinewood


As a foster mum, it’s been great to discover Falcon Camps. They really are life-changing holidays. Thank you! Catherine, foster parent

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Postcards from Camp - Catherine  

Postcard from Catherine, foster parent of a child who went on the Pinewood Falcon Camp.