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Students Win COOL TECH Challenge North Royalton City Schools Debuts New Digital Magazine to Community

May 2014 1 MAY 2014



Welcome to North Royalton City Schools’ New Digital Magazine By Greg Gurka, Superintendent North Royalton City Schools Welcome to the North Royalton City Schools’ new digital magazine called, “The Bear Way.” This online publication will be published three times a year –– fall, winter, and spring. Residents will be able to read it at anytime by clicking on the link found on our website homepage. We also will post to our district Facebook and Twitter sites in hopes that parents and community members will share it with their friends and family on social media. By producing this new publication, the district will be saving money in printing costs. We hope that as each issue is published, more and more people will read it. In each issue, you will be able to read about the great programs, activities, and people of our district that are doing it the North Royalton City Schools’ “Bear Way!”

What exactly is the “Bear Way?” It’s not just a saying, or title of a magazine, but a way of life here in our district. It is a sense of pride students have in their schoolwork and how they manage their extracurricular activities while keeping an eye on succeeding academically. It is a sense of pride teachers have when they continually go the extra mile to make sure every student receives a personalized eduation and succeeds. We have many challenges that lie ahead for our district as it relates to changes in curriculum, an increase in mandated testing, an increase in evaluations of our teachers and principals, continued decrease of state funding, and the current state of our facilities and buildings and need for improvement. Our administrators and staff remain committed to doing things the “Bear Way” and providing the highest quality education to our students while being fiscally responsible and making good, solid decisions that are for the benefit of all our children and community.

The early weeks of June will be filled with many exciting and memorable moments for our school families, such as taking the big step from preschool to kindergarten; promoting to the next grade; leaving the elementary school for the middle school; promoting from 8th grade to the high school; or walking across the stage of the State Theatre to receive a diploma. As a parent, a resident, and your superintendent, I reflect with you on how fast time goes and how our children grow up so quickly before our eyes. All of us at North Royalton City Schools wish you a restful, enjoyable summer with your family and friends. We wish all our graduates in the Class of 2014 all the best as they begin a new chapter of their lives. We look forward to seeing everyone once again in August!

What exactly is the “Bear Way?” It’s not just a saying, or title of a magazine, but a way of life here in our district. It is a sense of pride students have in their schoolwork and how they manage their extracurricular activities while keeping an eye on succeeding academically. It is a sense of pride teachers have when they continually go the extra mile to make sure every student receives a personalized eduation and succeeds. 2 • The NR Bear Way

School Buildings Early Childhood Center (ECC) Mike McGinnis, Principal Lil’ Bears Preschool (Preschool and Kindergarten) 9543 Broadview Rd. - Bldg. 16 Broadview Hts., Ohio 44147 Phone 440-582-9039 Albion Elementary School (Grades 1-4) Julie Bodgen, Principal 9360 Albion Rd. North Royalton, Ohio 44133 Phone 440-582-9060 Royal View Elementary School (Grades 1-4) Kirk Pavelich, Principal 13220 Ridge Rd. North Royalton, Ohio 44133 Phone 440-582-9080 Valley Vista Elementary School (Grades 1-4) Jeff Hill, Principal 4049 Wallings Rd. North Royalton, Ohio 44133 Phone 440-582-9101 North Royalton Middle School (Grades 5-8) Melissa Vojta, Principal 14709 Ridge Rd. North Royalton, Ohio 44133 Phone 440-582-9120 North Royalton High School (Grades 9-12) Mic Becerra, Principal 14713 Ridge Rd. North Royalton, Ohio 44133 Phone 440-582-7801

Administration 6579 Royalton Rd. North Royalton, Ohio 44133 Phone 440-237-8800 Superintendent 440-582-9030 Greg Gurka Treasurer 440-582-9045 Biagio Sidoti Assistant Superintendent 440-582-9034 Jim Presot Director of Personnel 440-582-9036 Gary Puntel Director of Curriculum & Instruction 440-582-9038 Bruce Bradley Director of Pupil Services - 440-582-9140 Kathleen Spirakus

NR Schools Transportation Department Coordinates “Stuff the Bus” Spring Drive

Special thanks to our North Royalton City Schools Transportation Department for coordinating our annual Stuff the Bus to help those families in our community who are in need. The bus was parked at the Giant Eagle in North Royalton on April 4. Thank you to all those residents who donated.

Your Board of Education Vision: Our educational community will be a model in identifying individual student needs and providing comprehensive support.

Mrs. Jackie Arendt jackie.arendt@ 440-230-1567

Dr. Susan G. Clark susan.clark@ 440-582-5825

Dr. John H. Kelly john.kelly@ 440-552-0864

(Health/Nursing Services, Home Schooling, Residency/Custody, Special Education Programs & Services, Gifted Services)

Central Registration 440-582-9131 Rosanne Kacenjar Communication 440-582-9031 Charlene Paparizos Food Services 440-582-9041 Sue Rudolph Maintenance 440-582-9043 Dave Albert Technology 440-582-9042 John Nickell Transportation 440-582-9151

Joe Marcinowski

Before and After School Care (at Valley Vista Elementary) 440-582-9108

Mrs. Anne Reinkober anne.reinkober@ 440-582-3281

Mrs. Barbara Zindroski barbara.zindroski@ 440-237-9831

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North Royalton High School Students win COOLTECH Challenge ‘14 According to U.S. News and World Report, five of the top 10 best jobs for 2012 (and beyond) are Information Technology (IT) related. In fact, in 2011, Cleveland was the third-fastest growing IT market - growing 64%. According to national research, there are not enough qualified people to fill all IT jobs available today. Nearly every business uses business systems, and the need is expanding.

youngest students begin in preschool and elementary school with an introduction to computers and their knowledge continues to develop as they

North Royalton City Schools is a model of quality teaching in Information Technology. Our

reach middle and high school. Our teachers serve as an inspiration to our students in this field. A

4 • The NR Bear Way

perfect example is when last year, three students (Nick LaMantia, Allie Grayson, and Klaire Roggeman) asked North Royalton High School teacher Kathy Adams to be their advisor for the “Cool Tech” Challenge sponsored by The Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA.) It is a high school website design competition. Each year, the CoolTech challenge rewards high school students for their designs of the most creative and engaging websites that will encourage return visits. The three North Royalton

High School students were finalists in the competition in 2013 and were determined to win in 2014. Nick, Allie, and Klaire’s determination and hard work paid off as they won this year’s competition. Each of them received a $1,000 scholarship, and a $200 gift card to Best Buy. They designed a website called, “Galactic Travel Zone” that had space facts, quizzes, a photo gallery, projects, and current events related to space. ( The site encourages students to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. They presented their website project at the “Get I.T. Here!” Annual Summit this past winter. The Summit is a oneday event produced and presented by the Regional IT Engagement (RITE) Board where educators, employers and students come together to cultivate world-class I.T. education-internshipemployment pathways. Through the competition, all three students were exposed to NEOSA, an industry-led and driven organization made up nearly 900 member tech companies from Northeast Ohio’s information technology sector.

It is dedicated to fostering an environment that enables the growth and development of Cleveland’s information technology-based companies to compete in a global market.

“The experience Nick, Allie, and Klaire received was priceless,” said Kathy Adams. “It was an absolute pleasure guiding these students on a path to success in information technology. I admire their ambition and drive to win this competition and to see them in front of a room of hundreds of business and IT leaders presenting their award-winning website will be a moment we will all remember forever.”

On April 17, the students and their families attended the NEOSA “Best of Tech” Awards dinner to receive their award, scholarship, and prizes. At the May North Royalton Board of Education meeting, the students were once again recognized and had a few moments to discuss with the board, administrators, and public their experiences participating in this competition. “The Cool Tech Challenge was an extraordinary experience. I enjoy programming and developing websites, and there’s nothing better than putting my heart into a project like this, being able to work with two of my good friends, and being able to be a role model for future students interested in I.T. We set the bar high this year, and we are excited to surpass the barrier we have already established next year,” said Nick LaMantia.

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North Royalton Educational Foundation Announces Grant Winner On Monday April 28, the North Royalton Educational Foundation presented several grants to teachers and staff at its Annual Membership Reception at St. Michael’s Woodside in Broadview Heights. These include: Beth Zabor, Early Childhood Center Grant: Social Thinking Curriculum: The Incredible Flexible You is a developmental, social thinking and social emotional learning curriculum for children ages 4-7. It uses colorful storybooks, detailed lesson plans, parent involvement and music to teach children how to improve their problem solving skills to become better social thinkers. This curriculum will be a valuable resource to use with younger children in the classroom setting and/ or small groups (i.e. Stepping Stones) at the preschool, kindergarten and early elementary levels. Jeanette Modie, Early Childhood Center Duplicated Kindergarten Resources will duplicate much used materials that are shared between eight teachers so when the teachers return to their elementary buildings a set will go with each team. The main objective is to make quality materials available to all North Royalton Kindergarten students when dividing the grade level between three elementary buildings. The second objective is to support all subject areas in the Kindergarten Core Curriculum. Patty Gurka, Albion Elementary Software Programs for Interactive 6 • The NR Bear Way

Whiteboards, produced by Gynzy, are packed with handy tools that make teaching easier and more enjoyable. Patty Gurka’s lessons are enriched with the interactive activities and she can easily prepare her lessons for the various grades she sees daily. She will never have to worry about finding the right activity during class. She can combine numerous other programs (i.e. YouTube videos) for her lessons and then save it all in the cloud in order to access it from any computer. Gynzy is in sync with the conceptual world of children and the students are very enthusiastic and engaged with the programs.

Tennille Haugh, Early Childhood Center Career Costume Set will be used daily during the student’s dramatic/ imaginative play activities. Imaginative/dramatic play is becoming an increasingly popular component of preschool education. There are four important areas that children learn through pretend play; intellectual, physical, social and self-esteem. Dramatic play is a natural part of childhood development that cannot be replaced by adult interactions. Children gain so much through dramatic play so it is important to let them pretend. Jessie Lobaza and Kathy Filuta, Early Childhood Center Multisensory Activities for Kindergarten Language Arts allows children to use more than one sense when learning and it engages students on multiple levels. Using

the multisensory activities, makes it easier to engage all types of learners. Since the classroom already contains adequate visual learning activities it is crucial to provide students with activities that tap into their kinesthetic, tactile and auditory modalities.

Kerry Sheppard, Albion Elementary Energizing Science is crucial now that new standards have made electricity and electromagnetism an important part of the grade four science curriculum. This grant will provide the necessary supplies to support the teaching of electricity in an interactive and meaningful way. These supplies will allow students to build simple electric circuits, follow circuit diagrams, use conductors and insulators and observe the effects of an electric current. April Robins, Special EducationElementary Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum provides fun and motivating ways to teach students with social and communication difficulties to develop further awareness of their own thinking and social behaviors. Elizabeth Radtke, Valley Vista Elementary Starfall Education teaches children to read with phonics in an atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm. It uses phonemic awareness practice that the children can access on the classroom computer during center time and computer lab time. Teachers may also use this program when introducing a new phonics lesson. Starfall also added a

Thank you to these businesses for supporting the NREF: Gross Builders • Distinctive Eyewear • J. Teck Fastener/Winzer • Royalton Ace Hardware


math component to its site which is aligned to the first grade Common Core state standard initiative as well as selected second grade math skills. Nancy Hill, Speech-Elementary Articulation Station is an app to help children learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. Rather than using home-made or store-bought picture/word cards, students can “swipe” through pictures/sentences/ stories on the iPad and record their attempts while practicing their target sound(s). Janele Kauffman and Beth O’Donnell, Middle School: Seventh Grade Language Arts Interaction With iPads will allow students to see, hear and respond verbally and tactically to apps and books revolving around the seventh grade Common Core Curriculum. The iPad apps will allow the students to receive instant feedback regarding progress and will address their strengths and weaknesses. They will also allow the teachers to enhance instruction across the language arts curriculum. Students, especially those with disabilities, will benefit from the colorful graphics, hands on activities, and auditory lessons the iPad can provide. Doug Zimlich, Middle School: Fifth Grade Math Common Core Fractions With the focus of the new common core 5th grade math standards shifting to a deeper sense of understanding of fractions place value and fraction

operations, the teachers would like to use these physical/visual representations of fractions to allow students to have hands-on learning experiences. By using these manipulatives and resources they hope to smooth the transition from concrete to abstract number sense of fractions. Elisabeth Miller and Mike Pissini, Middle School Art Kinetic Sand and Manipulative Tools for the Students with Special Needs (Multiple Handicapped/Inclusion Students/ED) and Regular Education Students Kinetic sand is a unique sand that you can build with like typical sand (molding, scooping, and shaping) but as soon as you stop working, with just a touch, it starts to crumble and melt/drip away. It has an inviting texture, which is fantastic for kids with sensory needs. Students of all skill/ developmental levels can work on sensory needs, imaginative play, fine motor skills, relaxation and stress relief. They want to provide special education students with a unique and stimulating material that helps to develop their creative skills and fine motor skills when creating and manipulating three dimensional forms. General education students will be working with special education students in cooperative small groups thus promoting social interaction, compassion, leadership skills and making art among diverse peers. Jessica Connelly, Karen Woodruff and Nick Wysocki, Middle School: Sixth Grade Science Department Inquiry Based Science is going to be

used to provide hands on activities to the students and to increase their inquiry skills. In order to do this, it is imperative to have appropriate materials, equipment and tools to carry out these experiences. Therefore, they have compiled a list of these supplies which would allow them to continue to inspire and challenge the North Royalton Middle School sixth graders. Meredith Stanton and Sandy Twardzik, Middle School: Fifth Grade Math (Co-Teaching) Making Meaning of Math with HandsOn Standards, Common Core Edition Grade 5 consists of twenty-seven math lessons for hands on exploration using manipulatives. Each lesson targets a clearly stated objective and alignment to Common Core State Standards. The small-group set of manipulatives will be used for teacher led stations within the co-teaching classroom and will be shared with the math resource room to help bring meaning to math. Denise Romanchok, Middle School: Eighth Grade Math Romy’s Reviews and Bender’s Basics will allow the teachers to record their voices as they demonstrate how to solve problems being covered in math class. The audio recording of the lesson and the information on the Smartboard will be coordinated into a video that the students can view on Progress Book or Moodle in order to assist the student in learning the material. These lessons will provide “direct” instruction for students who missed class and for students to review a confusing concept. Lessons can also be recorded if the May 2014 7



teacher knows in advance she will be absent for a day so the classes do not fall behind, as well as recording Study Island mini-lessons to assist students through a difficult concept. Joseph Sieracki, High School Biology Honors Biology Resources, such as fast plants and anatomy, which will allow students to grow plants and test different variables on them. Students will also be able to use a skeleton to observe the human skeletal and muscular systems. Jennifer Harold, High School Art The Memory Project is a non-profit organization designed to provide

8 • The NR Bear Way

children living in orphanages in underprivileged countries with portraits of themselves created by art students and artists around the world. Most of these children do not have visual records/ memories of their lives growing up and this gives them an original piece of artwork that will provide a snapshot back to this time in their lives. The organization provides a photograph of each child in need to the student artists who then create the portraits. The artists also receive a photo of their child holding the finished artwork during the delivery. The students were able to participate last year through a donation of registration funds and the students truly enjoyed it. Not only did they

learn/hone their portrait drawing skills but they learned a bit about themselves and became attached to their kids. Mark Skor, Lisa Arvay and Eva Teague, High School Calculus Kuta Software for Infinite Calculus is a test and worksheet generator. This software will allow the three teachers to easily collaborate and develop common assessments. They will also be able to differentiate learning activities due to the varying levels of problems available from this software.

North Royalton Educational Foundation Recognizes Teacher/ Support Staff Person of the Year The North Royalton Educational Foundation recognized the district’s retirees as well as its Teacher of the Year and Support Staff Person of the Year at its Annual Reception held on Monday, April 28 at St. Michael’s Woodside Party Center. “The district and the North Royalton Educational Foundation recognize tonight these individuals that have made a difference for so many years to our school community,” said Superintendent Greg Gurka. “We are fortunate to have such outstanding individuals touching the lives of our students and staff each day.”

The Support Staff Person of the Year is Susan Butcher, a classroom aide in the Bridges Program at Albion Elementary. She works with students in grades K-4, supporting their behavioral and academic needs throughout their school day. Sue has been with the district for 17 years. She has worked all of these years at Albion. During that time, she has also worked as summer cleaner and lunch aide. “Sue has been a mainstay in the Bridges unit,” said Albion Elementary Principal Julie Bogden. “She collaborates with the classroom teacher to insure that the expectations and behavior plans are implemented

throughout all settings in the building. She has supported long term substitutes with understanding the structure and the routines of the classroom, building, and individual student needs. This has provided the continuity and consistency that is the foundation of this special needs program.” “Sue works to insure that each child is respected as an individual while at the same time learning how to be a member of a group,” said Gurka. “She focuses on the social skills students need to be successful with their peers.” Continued on page 10

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North Royalton Educational Foundati Recognizes Teacher/Support Staff Per The Teacher of the Year is Mike Hemery, an English teacher at North Royalton High School. He began his teaching career in the North Royalton School District in 2004. “Mike is an outstanding teacher who can definitely have fun with his students while providing them the highest level of education,” said North Royalton High School Principal Mic Becerra. “Mike can be seen at many school events and is often heard collaborating with colleagues about curriculum.” He also is a published author. “Mike has been an invaluable asset to our district,” said Director of Curriculum and Instruction Bruce Bradley. The Ohio Improvement Process has been in operation for four years. Mike has been a member of the District’s Leadership Team and Building Leadership Team and has presented at (state conference and board of education meeting) about his personal experience and growth. He enthusiastically describes how collaboration with a colleague led to new ways of getting students excited about reading through Literacy Circles. “The result of these new teaching methods,” he said, “immediately led to increased student understanding and therefore higher achievement. It just works. Giving teachers time to discuss best teaching practices means a better education for students. It’s that simple.” “Mike is an inspiration to his students, to his colleagues and to all of us who know him,” said Gurka. “He always 10 • The NR Bear Way

does what is in the best interest for the students as he works to fulfill our mission to inspire and empower learners.” Mike also shared how he grew as a teacher leader by establishing personal trust amongst the staff. People who he had little conversation with prior to his new leadership role now turn to him for guidance in the process and even other topics. He has established himself as a person other staff members could seek out for real solutions. Mike says, “Because we all want what is ultimately best for our students, and I’m invested in both the process and the betterment of those kids, I think the staff knows I’m there

to really help because I have to live with those decisions each day in my classroom, too.”

Recently, Mike Hemery participated in the Sun Newspapers “Five Questions” Column. Here is his dialogue: Name: Michael Hemery Town you live in: Strongsville School where you teach: North Royalton High School Grade/subject you teach: English (seniors) and Broadcasting

1. What made you want to be a teacher? What’s your favorite part of the job?

ion rson of the Year After graduating college with a double major in English and theology, I held several jobs as a journalist, grant writer, and network administrator. Although I appreciated the experience gained from my early career, I still had an adamant desire to make a direct impact on the world—to make it a better place based on my daily work. My wife suggested that we both enroll in an evening program at our alma-mater Baldwin-Wallace University to obtain our high school teaching licenses, and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. The job is rewarding because every day you have the opportunity to improve lives, first hand, helping children through both the content of your lessons and your social interactions. That’s the best part and why the job is always worth it. And selfishly, it’s the best job in the world because these young people we work with are intelligent, funny, kind and truly the sort of people you want to spend your time with for your working hours.

enter that next stage, it’s great to know we’ve created an atmosphere here at the high school that students have an inherent desire to revisit. They proudly return to tell their stories of college, the military, careers, marriage, and even parenthood. They send emails showing pride in their high marks on their first college papers and still turn to us for recommendation letters because over the course of the year we really get to know our students. Although the oath that we teachers take, in loco parentis, “in the place of a parent,” does bring the incredible emotional burden of caring for teens in times of trouble, it also offers the opportunity to celebrate their finest moments.

3. Teachers often get a bad rap, for getting summers “off.” How do you generally spend your summers?

I’m a firm believer in summers. It provides a critical window of time not available during the school year to revise and plan new instruction, as well as keep up with state-mandated professional development. During this time “off” I’m able to revamp key components of my curriculum and improve upon instruction. For example, last summer I researched nonfiction books for the senior summer reading assignment, reading nearly a dozen high-interest books until I found two to replace our current offerings. The prior summer I researched new ways to teach vocabulary and rebuilt my entire approach, which has subsequently resulted in much higher student achievement. That same summer I worked with another teacher to learn the art of literature circles so that I might make reading more engaging for students. So much Continued on page 12

2. How many former students do you keep in touch with? Do they come back to visit? Countless numbers of students are always stopping by the high school during their breaks. Although they rightly move on with their lives and May 2014 11



of the school year itself is spent just maintaining—grading stacks of research papers, etc.—so summer is a chance for reflection and reevaluation of our teaching practices to ultimately help students. I also enroll in the state-required mandatory classes in my field to bolster my knowledge, and subsequently student growth. For next year I volunteered to take on a new course so I don’t become “stale” with the curriculum I’ve been teaching for many years, so I will spend much of the summer reading, researching, and preparing for each and every lesson.

4. How have your lesson plans and teaching techniques changed to keep up with technology? The common core? Standardized tests? My lesson plans and teaching techniques constantly change— that’s what I believe makes teachers successful. I’m extremely comfortable with technology, having grown up during the advent of the computer (my parents owned a Leading Edge and a Commodore 64 before many could even fathom the concept of a PC). So any new resource that comes along enhances, but doesn’t replace, the core instruction. Our newest offering at the high school, SMART Board technology, has greatly supplemented daily teaching as we are able to instantly connect to the greater world and give context to many of the lessons. For example, when I teach about the Farallon Islands we pull up the real-time Web camera and look for sharks in the ocean. As for common core, at our school we’ve

12 • The NR Bear Way

been teaching standards for years, so the “shift” is actually quite easy, as our curriculum has been inclusive of most of the standards already. And finally, to address standardized testing—I do my best not to change my lessons too much for this sort of testing. I ensure my students are ready for standardized tests by teaching them well, which will prepare them not only for these tests, but for life, which should ultimately be the goal of educators, in my opinion. Good instruction is good instruction— students will do well on tests if they are being taught correctly.

Royal View Elementary Teacher Honored By the Ohio Lottery

5. What is the best teacher thank you gift you’ve ever received? This answer is simple: any time I hear of a student’s success—that is the greatest gift I can receive. In recent years I’ve heard from many students who have written or stopped by to thank me for preparing them for college or the world at large. One recently wrote and said thanks to the rigor of my composition class, his freshman college writing classes were a breeze. Another student, who graduated many years ago, is now a graphic designer and professional artist; during an interview about his work he thanked me for being an influence on his vision. He found one of the books we read in his class regarding the atrocities of shark finning particularly engaging and ran with it, building a social campaign around the cause. Student success is a gift. The gift. I’m blessed to work in a profession in which success isn’t necessarily a financial reward, but rather the potential to mold the future and give hope for a better tomorrow.

LeeAnn Morris, a first grade teacher at Royal View Elementary located in North Royalton, was recently named a Teacher of the Month by the Ohio Lottery. Morris incorporates song, repetition, creativity and sign-language into her lessons. She is patient and kind and embraces her profession. She provides individual support for her students. She is able to reach all students with different learning levels. She fills her classroom with books from her personal library. She is committed to the school and community. She communicates well with students and attends many evening events at the school. She is described as an “excellent teacher”; she is a leader in the teaching industry. For being recognized as Teacher of the Month, Morris will receive an assortment of Partners in Education merchandise from the Ohio Lottery along with a gift certificate.


Valley Vista Elementary Launches Junior Banking Program Year Thanks to a business/school partnership with First Federal of Lakewood, students at Valley Vista Elementary in the North Royalton School District are learning the importance of saving money at an early age. The First Federal/Valley Vista Junior Banking Program started this past March with the support of the administration and parents. More than 40 students are currently participating. The program is free for students and occurs at the school once per month.

“The purpose of the program is to get a dialogue started between students and their families to define what savings and responsible spending habits are,” said Valley Vista Elementary Principal Jeff Hill. “How can we groom financially responsible kids, if we don’t show them the tools and resources we use in the decision making process? It is important to discuss the choices we make in everyday purchases with our children. Getting the students involved in monitoring their own spending habits will only benefit them as they grow into adulthood.”

“The students are active participants,” said First Federal of Lakewood Branch Manager Tiffany Cardenas. “They are counting their deposits, filling out their forms and making entries into their depository records. This is a hands-on way to apply mathematical theory that is taught in the classroom to real life, practical scenarios. We are bringing all of those math word problems to life when we discuss budgeting with our children.”

May 2014 13



North Royalton Educational Foundation Recognizes Retirees Retirees for this school year (as of April 26, 2014) include:

Bruce Bradley – Curriculum Director Bruce received his Bachelor of Science in Education for Industrial Technology from California University in Pennsylvania. He then went on to receive his Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction from Ashland University. Bruce also holds a license for Administration and Superintendent. Bruce started out as an Industrial Technology Teacher at Midview Local Schools and also Sandusky City Schools. Ten years later, he taught middle and high school at Keystone Local Schools, as well as serving as Athletic Director for seven years before becoming high school assistant principal. For nine years, he was an Elementary Principal. In 2008, he became the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Keystone Local Schools for seven years. He served as the Supervisor of Academic Services at the Educational Service Center of Lorain County until ending his career here at the North Royalton School District after four years. This is a total of 36 years in education. Some of Bruce’s awards have been the Golden Apple Award for Innovation in Education in 2002, American Legion District Five Educator of the year in 2003, OAESA Elementary Hall of Fame School Runner Up in 2005 and OEASA Distinguished Principal Award Nominee in 2006, just to name a few. 14 • The NR Bear Way

Richard McIntosh – Treasurer Rich earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance degree from Kent State University. Rich began his career as Assistant Treasurer in 1978 for Norton City Schools and a year later became Treasurer. Since then he served as Treasurer for Westlake City Schools and Rocky River City Schools before coming to the North Royalton School District in 2002.

In 2009, Rich received the “Making Your Tax Dollars Count Award” from the Auditor of the State of Ohio for maintaining our “low cost per pupil” in the district. Rich has over 34 years of total service in the financial end of the educational system. Karen Davies – Kindergarten Teacher Karen received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Otterbein College. She earned her Master of Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. Her career began as a classroom teacher for Parma City Schools teaches Grades 2, 3 and 4. Karen decided to be a stay at home mom after her daughter was born. Two boys later, and when her youngest started Kindergarten, Karen decided it was time to return to the classroom. In 1988, Karen was hired as a Chapter I Tutor. A year later she was a Kindergarten teacher at Valley Vista. Karen also worked at Albion as a kindergarten teacher and then in 2004

moved to the Early Childhood Center. During her career she was a grade level representative, a consulting teacher for the Entry Year Program and was on the LPDC Committee. Nadine Haberkorn - 7th Grade Middle School Nadine received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Baldwin-Wallace College. Nadine began as a lunch Aide at Royal View Elementary in 1987. While working full time, Nadine attended Baldwin Wallace College to earn her degree in 1996. Nadine then began to substitute for the district as a teacher. In 2003, Nadine was hired as a sixth grade teacher at the Middle School and is now ending her career there after a total of 26 years of service. Both Nadine and her husband Dale attended the North Royalton School system from K thru 12 and have lived their entire life in North Royalton. Cathy Javaras – Counselor Cathy earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Ohio State University. She went on to earn her Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Bowling Green State University. During Cathy’s career she taught the visually impaired, learning disabled and regular education students. In 1996, Cathy was hired by the North Royalton School District as a Counselor at the Middle School, then, moved to Albion Elementary where she retired.

During her time with us she served as the Drug Education Coordinator, Student Council Advisor, served on the Partnership for a Healthy North Royalton and was also a mentor in the Entry Year Program. In 2009 Cathy earned the Ohio Master Teacher Award. Mary Jonela - Special Education Mary received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Ohio University and became certified in education of the handicapped. Mary began her teaching career in Parma City Schools. She started here in the North Royalton school District in 1989 ending with 25 years of service with us for a total of 30 years of teaching.

Diane Prokopovich – Middle School Math Teacher Diane earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Bowling Green State University. She earned her Master of Education in Secondary Education from Kent State University. Diane began her career as a teacher in the Parma School system and after coming to us in 2000 has 30 years experience in the educational field. During her career here she was also the advisor for the Problem Solvers Club at the Middle School. Diane has been the recipient of many awards such as, the Martha Holden Jennings Scholar Award, PTA Lifetime Achievement Award, Crystal Starfish Award and the North Royalton Middle School Teacher of the month.

Cheri Wells – Pre-School Intervention Specialist Cheri first received her Bachelor of Science degree in speech therapy from Bowling Green State University. She then earned her Masters Degree in speech pathology from the University of Akron. She also holds a certificate of Education of the Handicapped and a speech pathology license. She worked as a speech pathologist for Defiance City School and Scioto County Schools. Cheri began her career with the North Royalton School district as a pre-school intervention specialist for 25 years. She also served as grade level rep during that time. Some of her achievements have been the PTA State Honorary Life Achievement Award and Master Teach award.

May 2014 15



Cheryl Sabo – Grade 1 Cheryl earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Kent State University. She earned her Masters of Education Degree in Reading Specialization from Kent State University. Cheryl began her teaching career here at North Royalton and was hired in 1983 as a Chapter 1 Teacher at Valley Vista Elementary. She also served as I.A.T. Representative and Grade Level Representative. Cheryl is retiring with 30 years of service in education. Elaine White – Counselor Elaine earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services from Baldwin Wallace College. She earned her Masters Degree in School Counseling from John Carroll University. Elaine began her career here with the North Royalton School District in 2006, giving us 8 years of service. During that time Elaine was a Student Council Club Advisor and BAT Representative. Joy Fallaro – High School Cleaner Joy began her career with us back in 1998. During her 16 years with the district, besides her regular cleaning job during the school year she also worked many summers cleaning. One of her superiors was noted as saying, “Joy continues to do her part on the team. She is willing to do extra work when asked. She continues to work well and her section is done without complaints.” Donna MacKay – Bus Monitor Donna is married to Mike MacKay, Bus Driver. She began her career with us back in 2005.

16 • The NR Bear Way

Mike MacKay – Bus Driver Wade’s career includes 30 years of Mike is married to Donna MacKay, bus service to the North Royalton School monitor. He began his career with us District. in 2004. Judy Valliere – Middle School Office Francis Martine – Bus Driver Secretary Frank started with us as a Bus Driver Judy started working with the North in 1999. She is a veteran of 20 years Royalton School District back in 1987 of the United States Air Force. Some as a substitute aide. In 1989 she was of his awards while in the service were: hired as a full time aide for the Middle Outstanding Unit Medal with Silver School and continued at the Middle Star and Valor Device, Good Conduct School for 25 years. Judy has seen Ribbon with 6 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air many students come and go through Force Commendation Medal with 2 the system. Some of her duties Oak Leaf Clusters, Vietnam Service included working on the middle school Medal and a Presidential Unit Citation. dances for over 23 years, the candy sale, the Washington DC trips, Mohican Barb Nagy – Bus Driver Trips, worked on athletics for the Barb became a bus driver for us in middle school and tournaments just to 1990. name a few. Judy also worked many sporting events. Some of Judy’s awards Keith Ridgely – Head High School include the PTA Lifetime membership Custodian award, a Certificate of Recognition Keith began his career with us as for Exemplary Professionalism from a Utility Custodian at Albion in Principal Diane Kee, and an Athletic 1995. Since then he also worked Award for all her dedicated work to the at the Middle School, was Assistant athletics from Joe Guilfoyle. High School Custodian in December 2000 and finally Head High School Alice Wery – Middle School Aide Custodian in 2002. Keith has 17.5 Alice began her career with us in 1980. years with the North Royalton School In 1982, Alice moved to the Middle District. School, but it was the old Albion Middle School. Alice will retire Ralph Robinson – Bus Driver with 35 years of service to the North Ralph started with us as a Bus Driver Royalton School District. back in August of 1981. During his career her of 33 years, Ralph was also One of Alice’s most rewarding the driving instructor for the school accomplishments during her career system for 30 years and has trained was being manager of the NRMS over a hundred bus drivers. He has Bookstore for 20 years. Alice was also been nominated for the district’s also nominated several times for the Crystal Starfish Award twice. district’s Crystal Starfish Award. Over the years Alice worked many sporting Wade Schneider – Maintenance events for the athletic departments. Supervisor Wade began his career with us in 1984 Georgia Wos – Albion Aide as a Utility Custodian. In 1985 he Georgia began her career here in joined the Maintenance Team and in January of 1994 as an aide at Albion. 1989 became Head of Maintenance.

North Royalton High School welcomed Congressman Jim Renacci this winter. He spoke to students about his transition from the business world to government leader.

NRHS’s Lauren DiFrancisco Featured on Time Warner’s “High School Sports Insider” North Royalton High School student Lauren DiFrancisco, a junior multi-sport athlete, was featured on the Time Warner Cable show “High School Sports Insider.” If you do not have TWC, you can see the spot by logging onto the following link: Her spot is about half way through the show. Congratulations, Lauren! May 2014 17



Valley Vista’s Fraction Carnival LeeAnn Cichon, a Valley Vista Elementary fourth grade teacher, conducted a fraction carnival with students on May 5. A group of fourth grade students learned the meaning of collaboration, planning, and development as they created a Fraction Carnival for their fellow fourth grade classmates. The students spent several weeks learning about each fraction standard in depth, brainstorming ideas for activities that would help reinforce each standard, and collaborating as they tried to reach a consensus on which activities to take to the development stage where they created materials lists, divided up tasks, and eventually created a unique activity for each fraction standard. The activities included: Play-Doh Pizzazz: Students competed using play-doh to create equivalent fractions.

18 • The NR Bear Way

Feed the Animals: Students tried to be the first one done feeding their animal friends fraction pies while learning how to multiply fractions. Candybar War: Students competed to create the most combinations while they learn how to decompose fractions using candy bars. Duck Matching: Students visited the duck pond hoping to make the most matches of equivalent fractions in tenths and hundredths. Alligator Putt Putt: Students compared their decimal to each alligator and then tried to get a hole in one in the correct alligator’s mouth. Fraction Dash: Students tried to be the first one to add the fractions for each color of skittles hidden in their eggs and plotted their sums and difference on a fraction line plot.

Bowling: Students got two shots to knock down pins and then found their final score by adding the number knocked down out of tenths to the points earned out of hundredths. War: Students played the card game War by comparing their fractions hoping to be the winner with the greatest number of cards. Student leaders: Diana Burban, Kaity Kolenz, Taylor Matlock, Emma McGuire, Anthony Mondi, Elise Papini, Hana Saad, and Corey Schwarz. Helping with prize redemption: Zadan Abuhamdeh, Kaleena Alejandro, Maddie Burdette, Cody Horvath, Gabe Kelly, Candice King, Katie Kupczyk, Angelo Leontaritis, Raman Satyawada, Cameron Seifert, and Nick Piccolomini.

May 2014 19



Creating Keepsakes for Those in Need By Sabrina Plumb, Senior, North Royalton High School

North Royalton High School’s Drawing, Advanced Drawing and Advanced Painting Classes have been putting art teacher, Jennifer Harold’s North Royalton Educational Foundation grant to good use by participating in The Memory Project. The Memory Project was created to help benefit children who have been orphaned, neglected or disadvantaged. Art students from across the globe receive pictures of these children and then create portraits for the child using the picture they received. Once the portraits are finished, the art students send them back to the children and in return they get to keep a photograph of the children with their portraits. “My students are creating portraits for children and teens that live in orphanages in Haiti.” Harold said. “They have just begun their individual portraits but have been working on perfecting facial features since before spring break.” These children do not have many keepsakes because of their situations so with the help of talented art students, The Memory Project helps ensure that these children can have a treasured gift of their own.

Royal View Elementary to Dedicate Statue in Remembrance of Rosemary Dwyer Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, teacher in her memory and to raise money for Rosemary Dwyer made shamrocks the Rosemary Dwyer Memorial Fund. for her co-workers at Royal View Elementary School in North Royalton. A committee of Royal View Elementary staff members has Dwyer, who taught more than 40 commissioned a sculpture in honor years in the district, died in her sleep of the beloved teacher. The statue in August, just before the start of the will depict a girl flying a kite, because school year. On Monday, students, Dwyer always marked the end of the teachers and staff will wear shamrocks year by flying kites with her class in

20 • The NR Bear Way

the school parking lot. The statue will be placed in the Royal View Courtyard on June 4 during a special service at 9:30 a.m. Contributions can be made at any branch of Fifth Third Bank to the Rosemary Dwyer Memorial Fund, account # 990-300-5636.

Camping out with a Good Book at Albion Elementary

Right to Read Week at Albion Elementary was May 2730. The theme was Camp Out With a Good Book. There were many activities planned for the students including a guest speaker from the Cuyahoga County Public Library North Royalton branch, many guest readers like Mr. Greg Gurka, Mr. Jeff Cicerchi, Mrs. Ann Radefeld and Mrs. Tina

Schwab. There was also a lot of time for students to “camp out” in tents and read a good book. The week ended with a Field Day where the school’s gold medal readers were recognized. Winners were selected based on total minutes logged in their reading calendars.

May 2014 21



Sharing Love for Reading with Residents of Royalton Woods By Billy Hartman, Senior at Ohio University, North Royalton High School Class of 2011

On Friday, May 16, Mrs. Leslie Bardwell’s full-day kindergarten class took a trip to Royalton Woods Retirement Home to perform a Reader’s Theater play with props. “I’ve been wanting to do an event of some type for years to give back to the community,” said Bardwell. “I still remember going to a local nursing home when I was in second grade at Valley Vista with my music teacher, Mrs. Visintainer, to sing ‘My Favorite Things.’” There were five reading groups that performed. After, each student read a short story to a resident. Mrs. Bardwell’s class made love bugs in February and donated them to the residents of Royalton Woods. The Social Coordinator of Royalton Woods, Kathleen Williams, contacted Bardwell shortly after to do a “reverse reading” event with her students. “It would be great for the residents who don’t have/

22 • The NR Bear Way

get to see grandchildren and it would give the children reading practice in front of an audience,” Williams wrote to Bardwell. “I’m a firm believer in mixing generations whenever possible.” This event held many lessons for those students of Mrs. Bardwell’s kindergarten class. Not only were they able to practice their reading skills, as well as performing, but also learning the importance of giving back to the community. Friday seemed to be quite a hit with those residing at Royalton Woods as Williams wrote that the residents are “still raving about the kids!” “It made such an impact on me and I’ll never forget how our little voices brought smiles to the residents’ faces,” Bardwell writes about her visit to a local nursing home in the second grade. Now, her students will always remember the joy and impact that their “little voices” brought to the residents of Royalton Woods Retirement Home.

“I’ve been wanting to do an event of some type for years to give back to the community,” said Bardwell. “I still remember going to a local nursing home when I was in second grade at Valley Vista with my music teacher, Mrs. Visintainer, to sing ‘My Favorite Things.’ This made such an impact on me and I will never forget how our little voices brought smiles to the residents’ faces.” - Leslie Bardwell, Kindergarten Teacher, Early Childhood Center

“It is great for the residents who don’t have/ get to see grandchildren and it gives the children reading practice in front of an audience. I’m a firm believer in mixing generations whenever possible.” - Kathleen Williams, Social Coordinator, Royalton Woods Retirement Home

May 2014 23



Alumni Highlights . . . Two NRHS Grads Make History on BBy Billy Hartman, Senior at Ohio University, North Royalton High School Class of 2011

The 2014 Baldwin Wallace University varsity baseball team made a bit of history this past season. The Yellow Jackets solidified their first ever trip to the Division III College World Series after beating Wesleyan (Conn.) University 13-9 on May 18. After the May 18 victory, fourth-year head coach Brian Harrison said that this win was huge for their student athletes and baseball program as a whole. However, there was still much work to be done in Appleton, Wisc. The Yellow Jackets first game was against Emory (Ga.) University. Starting on the mound for BW, Alex Albright, a 2012 grad of North Royalton High School.

Capadona graduated from North Royalton High School in 2010. While in high school, Capadona was quite the athlete. He earned four varsity letters in baseball, as well as three in football. Capadona lead the Purple and Gold on the football field to a 9-2 record his senior season, earning a spot on the All-NOC first team. As a senior for the Bears baseball program, Jon was named as an All-Northeast Ohio Conference performer. Capadona pitched six beautiful, scoreless innings for Baldwin Wallace allowing only four hits, also striking four out. He would eventually earn the Brown and Gold’s first College World Series win and improve to 5-2 on the season. Unfortunately for the Yellow Jackets, their magical season came to an end on May 25, after Southern Maine eliminated them from the Division III College World Series. Baldwin Wallace finished the season at 30-20.

While playing for the North Royalton, Albright earned a varsity letter both his junior and senior year in baseball. Following his senior season for the Bears, he was named a Northeast Ohio Conference honorable mention, as well as being a Northeast Ohio Conference Scholar-Athlete winner following his junior season. On top of his baseball accomplishments, Albright also suited up for the North Royalton High School Freshman and Junior Varsity basketball team for two seasons.

The Baldwin Wallace baseball team made history this past season, and the two North Royalton natives were not only along for the ride, but played a vital role in the team’s success.

BW jumped out to an early 2-0 lead against Emory in the top of the second inning. However, the Eagles answered in the bottom of the second to score four runs and take a 4-2 lead.

Sadly for the Yellow Jackets, Capadona will not be returning next year due to graduation; however, Albright will look to continue to be a key piece in the BW pitching rotation for the 2015 season.

Albright lasted one-plus innings after allowing four runs, six hits, and a walk. He received a no decision. Coming in to relief for the Yellow Jackets, another North Royalton Native, Jon Capadona.

24 • The NR Bear Way

Sophomore Alex Albright struck out 41 during the 2014 campaign, with a 4.65 ERA. Capadona struck out 22 in 15 appearances with an era of 4.71. (All information from

-W Baseball Team This Year

Jon Capadona

Alex Albright

Photos courtesy of BW Photographer Nate Parsons May 2014 25



North Royalton City Schools Hires New Curriculum Director and Personnel Director At the April 14, 2014 North Royalton Board of Education meeting, the board approved the hiring of Melissa Vojta as the new Curriculum and Instruction Director and Patrick Farrell as the new Personnel Director. Melissa Vojta is currently the principal of North Royalton Middle School. She has been an administrator in the North Royalton City Schools since August 2006, returning to the district where she began her career first as a teacher, and then as an administrative intern. In 2002, she was named Principal of Eastview Elementary in the Avon Lake City School District. In August of 2006, she returned to North Royalton as principal of Albion Elementary School and in 2012, Vojta became principal of North Royalton Middle School. “Melissa’s combined knowledge of curriculum and knowledge of our district will allow her to step into this role and continue steering the district on the successful course it is on,” said Greg Gurka, Superintendent, North Royalton City Schools. “Melissa is a highly respected administrator. Her knowledge of North Royalton and

26 • The NR Bear Way

her passion for academic excellence makes her an excellent choice,” said Dr. John Kelly, President, North Royalton Board of Education. “The board also wants to express their appreciation to Bruce Bradley for his work with the district. It has been nothing short of phenomenal.” Vojta will be replacing Bruce Bradley, who will be retiring in June. Patrick Farrell comes to North Royalton City Schools from Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools where he has served as a teacher and administrator for 20 years. Farrell began his career in 1995 as a teacher at Hilton Elementary School where he taught sixth grade math and language arts. In 2002, he moved to the Assistant Principal position at Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School and in 2007 took over the helm of the Middle School as Principal. “I am confident that Pat will hit the ground running and develop positive relationships during his time here and also bring a

new perspective to our processes. He has earned a great reputation with all of the students, staff, parents, and administrators in his career,” said Gurka. “Pat Farrell has an excellent reputation as a teacher and administrator. His reputation for being a problem solver and cooperative manager precedes him and makes him an excellent fit for the personnel position,” said Dr. Kelly. Farrell will be replacing Gary Puntel, who was in an interim role for the 2013-14 school year.

North Royalton High School Named one of Best High Schools in the Country by U.S. News & World Report The U.S. News & World Report’s Best High Schools in the Country list ranks North Royalton High School #114 of 832 high schools in the Ohio. Nationally, the school ranks #2,013 of 19,400 high schools in the country. North Royalton High School received “silver” status by the news organization based on its performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college. To produce the 2014 U.S. News & World Report Best High Schools rankings, U.S. News teamed up with the Washington, D.C.-based American Institutes for Research, one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world.

May 2014 27



North Royalton PTA Presents Life

Achievement Awards at Founders Night On Thursday, April 24, the North Royalton PTA celebrated its founding through its annual Founders Night celebration in the North Royalton High School Media Center. Entertainment was provided by Paige Heffke and the welcome and invocation was done by Mary Ellen Watrobski and Superintendent Greg Gurka. In addition to the recognition of awards and past presidents, the PTA had the installation of new officers. Closing remarks were given by Helen Limberg. Award Recipients Included: Cheri Wells, preschool teacher awarded the National PTA Life Achievement Award by the ECC PTA. Leslie Stetler, parent awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the Valley Vista PTA. Mary Ellen Watrobski, parent awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the Royal View PTA.

28 • The NR Bear Way

Aimee Robinson, Albion teacher awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the Albion PTA. Jodi Heffke, parent awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the Valley Vista PTA. Becky Cozzens, parent awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the Albion PTA. Jim Smith, parent awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the North Royalton PTA Council. Jennifer Forshey, NRHS teacher awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the NRHS PTA. Jon Dietrich, NRHS teacher awarded Ohio PTA Achievement Award by the NRHS PTA. Peg Stettin, ECC aide awarded National PTA Life Achievement Award by the ECC PTA.

NORTH ROYALTON PTA OFFICERS 2014-2015 Council President: Helen Limberg 1st Vice President: Michelle Yuzwa 2nd Vice President Barb Davis Treasurer: Maria Rowlett Recording Secretary: Diane Bulkowski Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Lineweaver High School President: Chris May 1st Vice President: Becky Humes 2nd Vice President: Julie Novak 3rd Vice President: Beth Knull 4th Vice President: Helena Johnson Treasurer: Becky Cozzens Recording Secretary: Lynn Dorman Corresponding Secretary: Regina Atkinson Council Delegates: Tawny Zajc Marie Laheta Alternate Delegates: Lynn Twarog

NORTH ROYALTON PTA OFFICERS 2014-2015 Middle School President: Stephanie Kostyack 1st Vice President: Mary Ellen Watrobski 2nd Vice President: Kathy Lineweaver 3rd Vice President: Maria Rowlett 4th Vice President: Joel Young 5th Vice President: Jen Porter Treasurer: Gary Paetzke Recording Secretary: Becky Humes Corresponding Secretary: Kelly Tarnowski Council Delegates: Beth Knull Jodi Heffke Alternate Delegates: Jenny Goodman Albion President: Cristina Hornik 1st Vice President: Kim Oriold 2nd Vice President: Allison Fowler 3rd Vice President: Sara Hatfield 4th Vice President: Sharron Gold Treasurer: Laura Greiner Secretary: Lara Shiplett Council Delegates: Rebekah Thompson Lara Shiplett Alternate Delegates: Maria Velkos


Royal View President: NellieWislocki 1st Vice President: Stephanie Kostyack 2nd Vice President: Lisa Adcock 3rd Vice President: Jennifer Kramer 4th Vice President: Gina Mitchner Treasurer: Lesil Brihn Secretary: Julie Cronin Council Delegates: Melissa Crowe Jami Haley Alternate Delegates: Michele Aini Valley Vista President: Leslie Stetler 1st Vice President: Ashley DeAngelis 2nd Vice President: Amanda Marini 3rd Vice President: Angie Albright 4th Vice President: Kelley Rieger Treasurer: Jill Hudak Secretary: Lori Krzywicki Council Delegates: Helena Johnson Laurie Weiser Alternate Delegates: Marsha Shroka


Lil’Bears (ECC) President: Leesa Jacubenta 1st Vice President: Jami Haley 2nd Vice President: Leigh Fischer 3rd Vice President: Marla Rzeszotarski 4th Vice President: Sharon Campagna Treasurer: Pamela Supelak Secretary: Mallory Frederick Council Delegates: Tanneil Patterson Liz Singleton Alternate Delegates: Carrie Zielinski Early Childhood President: Abby Gretter 1st Vice Presidents: Amy Coleman Tanneil Patterson 2nd Vice Presidents: Sarah Amick Nicole Gubacz 3rd Vice Presidents: April Frederick Kristie Tartara Joy McCarthy Treasurer: Leigh Fischer Secretary: Leesa Jacubenta Council Delegates: Pam Supelak Sharon Campagna Alternate Delegates: Sarah Amick

May 2014 29



Exceptional Staff Receive Second Sem North Royalton City Schools announced the winners of the second semester Crystal Starfish awards presented by First Federal of Lakewood this past May. Cheri Wells, a preschool teacher/ intervention specialist at the Early Childhood Center received the Crystal Starfish Teacher Award for her dedication to her students. Along with the award, she also received a Crystal Starfish plaque from First Federal of Lakewood; a $250 Professional Development grant from First Federal of Lakewood; a $75 gift certificate to T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant in Strongsville; flowers, balloons and gift certificate from Independence Flowers & Gifts; a gift basket from COSTCO; and a $50 gift certificate to Lemonberry Frozen Yogurt. Wells was nominated by numerous colleagues and a parent. Highlights of her nominations include: “She brings to her students that proper balance of care and concern, along with the correct amount of discipline. Many of her former students and their parents have admired her over the years and many still communicate with her even though the student has moved on to another grade.” “When you enter her classroom, you will have fun experiencing activities such as the traditional calendar, finger painting, songs, and stories. But, there are also the non-traditional activities such as waving scarves to Mary 30 • The NR Bear Way

Poppins’ ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite,” preparing for Mr. Vitale by marching around the building playing cymbals, triangles, tambourines, and wood blocks, as well as a field trip to the bowling alley!”

“His ability to diagnose and repair computer issues is unwaivering. When called upon to assist with a problem, he does so promptly and willingly and always with a smile and kind word.” “Eric’s positive work ethic makes “Mrs. Well’s cheerful disposition is the most panicked teacher calm contagious. Her love for her students and collected. Technology is such a and teaching is evident every day as my major part of the classroom in today’s son would talk about what he did each society, and Eric makes incorporating day at school. She always had activities technology into a lesson easy!” that kept the children engaged. I am grateful that she has laid such a “Eric is every teacher’s HERO!” wonderful foundation for my son’s school career.” Lechuk has been with the district since 2010. Wells has been with the district since 1988. “Both of these individuals deserve to be recognized with this Crystal Eric Lechuk, a computer technician Starfish Award. Both were nominated for the district, was the recipient of by numerous colleagues and parents the Crystal Starfish Staff Award. In and the district and Board of addition to his award, he also received Education appreciates their continued a Crystal Starfish plaque from First hard work and for being role models Federal of Lakewoo;, a $75 gift for all of us,” said Superintendent of certificate to T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant North Royalton City Schools Greg in Strongsville; flowers and balloons Gurka. from Independence Flowers & Gifts; a gift basket from COSTCO; and a $50 “First Federal of Lakewood has a gift certificate to Lemonberry Frozen commitment to playing an active role Yogurt. in the communities that we serve and we are thankful to work with the Lechuk was nominated for his award North Royalton School District in by numerous colleagues. sponsoring the award. Once again, the number of nominations shows us the “When I have had problems with my level of commitment and care that the computer, Eric has always helped me employees, students and families are right away and explains what he has fortunate to have with one another on done. He gives me the impression that a daily basis,” said Tiffany Cardenas, he is here to help, and that no problem branch manager of First Federal of is too small to ask for his assistance. Lakewood. He conducts himself in a calm, patient, and professional manner.”

mester Crystal Starfish Award Bethany Schulte, V.P. Retail Sales and Operations Manager, First Federal of Lakewood; Tiffany Cardenas, Branch Manager, First Federal of Lakewood; Eric Lechuk, Crystal Starfish Recipient; Greg Gurka, Superintendent, North Royalton City Schools

Greg Gurka, Superintendent, North Royalton City Schools: Tiffany Cardenas, Branch Manager, First Federal of Lakewood; Cheri Wells, Crystal Starfish recipient, Bethany Schulte, V.P. Retail Sales and Operations Manager, First Federal of Lakewood

May 2014 31



Third Annual North Royalton Stadium Foundation Golf Outing Set for June 28 On Saturday, June 28, the North Royalton Stadium Foundation’s third annual golf outing will be held at Mallard Creek Golf Course, 34500 Royalton Road, in Columbia Station. The price for the day is $100 per golfer or $400 per team and will include 18 holes of golf, riding cart, lunch, dinner, beverages and a chance to win various prizes. Tee-off time for the Shot Gun Start – Four Man Scramble is 10 am. Also, participants that turn in their registration before Memorial

Day will be entered for the chance to win a foursome to Weymouth Country Club. Proceeds from this event fund the day-to-day upkeep of North Royalton’s Serpentini Stadium, as well as provide for future maintenance and renovations. “Last year’s golf outing was a huge success and the foundation is expecting the same for this year,” said Rachel Hoag, co-chair of the North Royalton Stadium Foundation.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, as well as opportunities for donations of door prizes and/or items to place in gift baskets for a raffle. For more information, contact Rachel Hoag at 440-582-7812 or rachel.

Last year’s winners: #1 Tim Baird, #2 Matt Turk, #3 Ryan Lehotsky, #4 Nick Ciulli

32 • The NR Bear Way

North Royalton Stadium Foundation

Third Annual Golf Outing Saturday, June 28th 10:00am Tee-Off (9am Registration) Mallard Creek Golf Course, 34500 Royalton Rd., Columbia Station Contact Name:__________________________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________Phone:_________________________________ Please list your foursome below. The event is a scramble with a shotgun start. If you do not have a full team, we will do our best to accommodate all requests to fill teams. 1__________________________________________ 2________________________________________ 3__________________________________________4_________________________________________ Participation in the golf outing ($100 per person) will include: Green Fees with cart, Lunch, Steak Dinner, giveaways and many chances to win prizes ***Early Bird Incentive – register and pay by Memorial Day to be entered into a drawing for 18 holes with cart for your foursome at Weymouth Country Club. You have a one in 34 chance to win!*** Dinner ONLY tickets (for non-golfers) will be sold at $25 per person and will be served beginning at 3:30pm. Please list names of those attending for dinner ONLY: 1__________________________________________ 2________________________________________ 3__________________________________________4_________________________________________ ___I would like to donate the following item for a raffle/door prize_____________________________ METHOD OF PAYMENT DUE WITH REGISTRATION: ____Check #____ (Payable to North Royalton Stadium Foundation) ____ Master Card/Visa/Discover (CIRCLE)

Cardholder Name (Print)_______________________

Credit Card Number:___________________________________________________________________ Credit Card Billing Address:________________________________________ Zip Code____________ CCV Code __________ Exp. Date ____/_____Cardholder Signature____________________________ TOTAL COST for foursome:________for dinner only tickets:_______TOTAL Enclosed:__________ Return form to: Rachel Hoag, Co-Chair, 17596 Fairfax Lane, Strongsville, OH 44136. Questions? Please contact Rachel Hoag at 440-554-3175 or through email at For Office Use Only Amount Received:

Date Received: May 2014 33



NORTH ROYALTON CITY SCHOOLS SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM 2014 REGISTRATION AND GENERAL INFORMATION: North Royalton Summer School is for residents of the school district only All courses taken in summer school are for remediation and will not be accepted for acceleration No busing - transportation must be provided by parents Attendance - student may have no more than one absence Deadline for registration is Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Payment is required when registering If a course has to be cancelled due to lack of enrollment, students will be notified No refunds will be given unless course is cancelled ELEMENTARY: Tuition: $130.00 per session / $200.00 for two sessions All intervention courses will comply with State of Ohio requirements. READING INTERVENTION (Grades 1-2) Tuition: $130.00 Dates: June 10 – June 30, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

READING INTERVENTION (Grades 3-4) Tuition: $130.00 Dates: June 10 – June 30, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 9:40 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.

MATH INTERVENTION (Grades 1-2) Tuition: $130.00 Dates: June 10 – June 30, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 9:40 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.

MATH INTERVENTION (Grades 3-4) Tuition: $130.00 Dates: June 10 – June 30, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

THIRD GRADE Reading Intervention/Testing (Grade 3) Tuition: $130.00 Location: Middle School Dates: July 7 – July 11, 2014 Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. MIDDLE SCHOOL: Tuition: $190.00 per session / $300.00 for two sessions Dates: Tuesday, June 10 - July 14, 2013 (No classes Friday, July 4, 2014) Classes are held Monday through Friday All intervention courses will comply with State of Ohio requirements. READING INTERVENTION (Grades 5-6) Tuition: $190.00 Dates: June 10 - July 14, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

READING INTERVENTION (Grades 7-8) Tuition: $190.00 Dates: June 10 - July 14, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 9:40 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.

MATH INTERVENTION (Grades 5-6) Tuition: $190.00 Dates: June 10 - July 14, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 9:40 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.

MATH INTERVENTION (Grades 7-8) Tuition: $190.00 Dates: June 10 - July 14, 2014 Location: Middle School Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

For Information on Recreational Programs: Please check NR Flyer Central or contact the High School Athletic Office at (440) 582-7821.

34 • The NR Bear Way

May 2014 35

The North Royalton Bear Way - May 2014  

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