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Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Quality Profile 2014-15 Â

A successful school district places a high degree of importance on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. This profile helps characterize the overall educational value of your school district in areas that matter most in our community.

Welcome We Believe In: Dear Community, The strength of the American public education system is based on the development of a school that represents the values and beliefs of a community. Recently, there has been an ongoing attempt to legislate educational reform at the state and national level. The vast majority of this reform is built around implementing sanctions for teachers and districts based on an everincreasing number of standardized tests. There was significant push back at the national, state and local level regarding the amount of standardized testing. Locally, parents “opt out” students from taking state exams. These over 150 students that would have taken multiple state exams received a score of zero dramatically impacting our local report card in a negative way. Quite frankly, our state report card and results will not reflect the actual level of student achievement in our school district nor do we believe that our community has confidence in this measure. This leads to the natural question of how do we define quality and success for the Chagrin Falls School District? This report provides an overview of district progress on key quality indicators for a well-rounded, rigorous program that prepares students for success in post-secondary education. The district engaged the community in a comprehensive strategic planning process throughout the 2013-2014 school year. Together our community set the vision of obtaining a personalized learning experience for all students within the next five years. The attainment of this vision is only accomplished through a well-rounded academic and extracurricular program providing a variety of options for our students to develop and grow. This quality profile is the result of work completed by a committee that included parents, community members, teachers, administrators and board members. The information within is what this group felt answered one key question, what information does the community of Chagrin Falls need to assess the progress of the school district? This profile will be completed annually. We will engage our community around the ongoing work of defining our success locally and utilize this as a tool to report our progress. We are very open to and appreciative of your feedback. Robert W. Hunt Superintendent @Hunt_Edleader

• High expectations • Motivating for lifelong learning • Providing a holistic education • Individual goals • Student success as a shared responsibility • Providing a safe environment • Purposeful change • Embracing diversity • Open and honest communication • Stewardship of human, fiscal, and material resources • Persevering through challenges • Teamwork and collaboration

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools

Board of Education President: Michael Hogan Vice President: Rob Weber Member: Harry Cashy Mary Kay O’Toole Anne B. Thomas, Ph.D.



Provide an educational experience empowering students to maximize their potential.


Within five years, we will provide a personalized education for all students.

• 1:1 Chromebook for every student in grades 3-12 with 28 teachers so far becoming a Google certified teacher.

Maximizing potential

• Collaborative identification of plan for enhancement of Gifted/Advanced Services in grades 4-6. Process has included data analysis, parent surveys, research, site visits, teacher input, and a parent informational meeting to-date.


• Created a 21st Century Skills Contest to encourage innovation in the classroom with more than 40 educators participating. The use of new and innovative learning tools and methods g n i E xper Learn engage students and allow more i en ce flexible learning environments. s

lum and Instructi




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red Leadership

• Continued refinement to courses, resources used, and curriculum maps to ensure alignment to state standards and tech integration.

• CFMS and CFHS reviewing scheduling to improve intervention, enrichment and collaboration time for students working with teachers.

Sh a

• Identification of new courses, additional pathways to access coursework, and identification selection of criteria for varied courses beginning in grade 4.

• Defined seven strategies: foundational work, profile of learner, mastery-based accountability, personal learning pathways, instructional practices, flexible learning environments, professional development.

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June 2015

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t en m e g Com munity Enga

• Formed district and building leadership teams. • Created forms to document data and communicate information on district goals. • Engaged education consultant to provide feedback on shared leadership.

• Developed plans for increased involvement by parents, community, Chagrin Valley Chamber, and businesses. • Superintendent’s Business Partnership Council has increased the number of local businesses actively involved with promoting student learning and relevance around college and career work. • Mission, vision, beliefs displayed throughout buildings and online.

through personalized learning

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools

Commitment to Improvement

Other ways the district demonstrates a commitment to improvement . . . Processes and programs are continuously evaluated to ensure effectiveness and efficiency

Commitment to Improvement We believe an organization becomes less relevant when improvement stagnates and therefore, the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is committed to continuous improvement. The district has a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses many aspects of teaching and learning. This plan serves as a road map for the district over the next five years. This strategic plan has been thoughtfully designed to engage all of our stakeholders in critical conversations and planning for the future of our school district. We believe that it is through these important discussions about expectations, finances, and values we will preserve what we value in public education locally. Our mission is to provide an educational experience empowering students to maximize their potential and our vision is within five years, we will provide a personalized education for all students. This mission and vision are built upon a set of belief statements that our school and community hold to be meaningful. The district demonstrates this improvement through the process of actualizing the mission and vision through four main focus areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Flexible Learning, Parents and Community, and Shared Leadership. Each of these four areas has strategies and action steps specific to completing goals to realize our vision. One can learn more about the details of our plan at the school website.

Student assessment data is collected and analyzed for improving student achievement and progress Academic benchmarking of student progress is performed through assessments Regular professional development training is conducted throughout the year for teaching staff to improve instruction and work collaboratively for student improvement Professional development is conducted for classified staff: bus drivers, kitchen staff, custodial staff, educational aides, and all other support personnel Teachers are encouraged to achieve National Board Certification District staff are encouraged to become Google Apps certified instructors who integrate technology into all areas of learning RtI (Response to Intervention), whose programming includes providing the necessary support and goal setting for struggling students to improve and grow, is developed and supported by the district Parent and student orientation is provided to help with transition between schools Teacher groups, in cooperation with Curriculum Department, evaluate, secure, and train teachers in new materials that align with rigorous college and career readiness Increasing number of Advanced Placement courses are offered, and Advanced Placement teachers that have attended College Board professional development and trainings continues to increase as well A rigorous and complete hiring process for new teachers is implemented which includes actual teacher demonstrations and multiple tier group interview processes, as well as teacher aptitude testing



of the Class of 2015 continued their academic pursuits at 4-year institutions


2015 National Merit Scholarship Program Finalists


of the Class of 2015 continued their academic pursuits at 2-year institutions

Colleges CFHS Class of 2015 Grads are Attending Western University in Canada Central Michigan University University of Detroit Mercy University of Michigan

Ashland University Bowling Green State University Capital University Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland State University Cuyahoga Community College Denison University John Carroll University Kent State University Lake Erie College Lakeland Community College Marietta College Miami University Notre Dame College Ohio State University O.S.U. - Mansfield O.S.U. - Newark Ohio University Shawnee State University University of Akron University of Cincinnati University of Dayton University of Mount Union Wittenberg University Xavier University

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Syracuse University Wagner College University of Vermont Berklee College of Music Boston University Emerson College Harvard University Tufts University University of Deleware

Brigham Young University

Chapman University Menlo College University of California Berkeley

University of Denver

Indiana University Purdue University Purdue University Meredith Manor Intl Rose-Hulman Inst. Trine University Equestrian College John Hopkins of Tech. West Virginia University University of Evansville University University of Notre Dame Washington University of University Kentucky Duke University North Carolina State University Wake Forest University University of Virginia Virginia Tech

University of Arizona Savannah College of Art and Design

Louisiana State University Tulane University

Brown University Yale University George Washington University Allegheny College Lehigh University Pennsylvania State University Saint Francis University University of Pittsburgh

Clemson University College of Charleston Furman University

University of Miami

Academics Growth of total AP students in past four years 2011-12: 209 2012-13: 221 2013-14: 228 2014-15: 252


National AP Scholars

% of 10th-12th graders enrolled in AP Classes

AP Scholars with Distinction

scored at least a 3.5 on all AP exams taken and received scores of 3 or higher on 5 or more of those exams

#14 Chagrin Falls High School Ranking Gerber Analytics’ Top Academic Ohio High Schools for 2014

of college applications were accepted at 176 different institutions

2011-12: 43.2% 2012-13: 47.3% 2013-14: 49.8% 2014-15: 51.1%


AP Scholars with Honor

average score of 3 or higher on four or more AP exams

average score of at least 4 on all AP exams





Cum Laude Society

Diplomas with Honors


AP Scholars

scored a 3 or higher on at least 3 exams



with 4.0 GPA or higher

#15 Chagrin Falls High School Ranking Daily Beast “Top 25 High Schools for 2014 in the Midwest”



Middle school students that took high school credit courses


Grade 4-8 students participated in the accelerated math program

Average District Score 2014-2015 Critical Reading

Average District Score 2014-2015


* out of 36



(State average: 22)



572 * out of 800 (State average: Critical Reading - 497 Math- 513 Writing - 487)

2013-14 Data (2014-15 data will be released in September 2015)

At Chagrin Falls Schools, we use research-based instructional models including...

Cluster grouping Differentiation Project-based learning Cross-curricular planning Inquiry-based learning . . . all to provide a 21st century education

Superintendent Robert Hunt’s Student Advisory Council

New College Credit Plus Dual Credit Programming in 2015-16

22 AP Courses Offered


Students that took


AP exams


of the exams taken resulted in scores of 3 or higher

2014 Local Report Card reveals highest Performance Index score in the history of the district

Dual Credit entrepreneurship

Most interesting class offered at CFHS ...provides an understanding of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship process in a global setting. The course broadens a basic understanding obtained in the functional areas as they apply to new venture creation and growth. In 2015 – 2016, this course has been articulated with Hiram College allowing students to receive college credit.

World Languages

TO World THE



• K-6 Spanish • 7-8 Spanish, French, Chinese • 9-12 Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic

Hands-on experience proves to be one of the most effective ways to gain an informative perspective and appreciation of foreign cultures and societies. Through cultural immersion like travel, Chagrin Falls High School provides a truly unique way for its students to gain an insightful cultural basis that they can continue to cultivate. Currently, Chagrin Falls High School has developed relationships with two other high schools in which we participate with student exchanges and home-stays. The first established sister school is Huipu High School in Linghai, China, approximately five hours outside of Shanghai; the second is Jeppe High School in Johannesburg, South Africa. Chagrin Falls High School is in talks with a school in Madrid with the hopes of adding a third sister school. The Bridge to the World Program stretches across curricula and includes a series of four trip types, each of which has individual objectives and academic importance. These included: Homestay Immersions, World Language Immersions, Educational Travel and Service Travel Opportunities. The overall objectives of the trips is to offer unique educational opportunities for the students of Chagrin Falls High School that help increase cultural awareness and prepare them for successful careers after college. More information can be found at: http://

Digital Learning


Number of district-provided Google Chromebooks K-2 classrooms have



iPads and laptops for student use

Computer Graphics, Digital Photography, Digital Journalism, Video Productions, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, and Advanced Data Structures courses offered at the high school

Recognized by State of Ohio for the best 1:1 technology


Percentage of students engaging in 1:1 technology

Digital Citizenship lessons in Internet etiquette, Internet safety, validation of research sources

What We Use • Twitter • Instagram • Google Keep • Skype • Soundcloud • Padlet • Nearpod

• TLDR • LucidCharts • Kahoot • Blendspace • Read Write Google • RemindHQ


Number of Google Certified Teachers

$640,000 Straight A Fund Grant Received by District

Arts/Music: Gurney Elementary

Holiday Show (1st-3rd Grade) 1st Grade Parent Appreciation Assembly 8 third grade students selected for the OMEA All-State Children’s Chorus (2013-2014)

Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Program Third Grade Tiger Beat Performances throughout the year

2014 Fall District Art Show at PAC 2015 Gurney Art Walk / All-Student Exhibit Participated in “Wizard of Oz” workshop with residents at South Franklin

Arts/Music: Intermediate School

Perfomance ensembles begin and increase in rigor as students progress General Music, Orchestra, and Band all provide students with foundational skills like rhythm, terminology, and instrument technique through the exploration of improvisation and composition as it relates to music and performance. Music classes and concerts highlight a representative overview of all styles of music including American Folk, Renaissance, and Classical Periods of music Instrumental concerts performed throughout the year Art instruction focuses on the elements of art and principal of design with an emphasis on individual growth and art appreciation.

Arts/Music: Chagrin Falls Middle School

Participation in the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers exposes student work to a national audience District Spring Art Show provides students the opportunity to receive numerous honors and scholarships Cuyahoga Valley Conference Art Forum allows students “hands-on” opportunities with professional artists in various mediums “Artist in Residence” and The Cleveland Museum’s “Art to Go” and “Gallery One” provide students with in-school visits as well as guided field trip opportunities Daily, full-band, choir, and orchestra participation with several yearly concert OMEA Solo and Ensemble contests

Arts/Music: Chagrin Falls High School

Extensive variety of 2D, 3D, and technologybased art classes including Computer Graphics, Digital Photography, Traditional Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing, AP 3D Art, Drawing, Painting, AP 2D Art, Design & Illustration, and Printmaking Daily orchestra rehearsals and three concert performances per year Band and orchestra participation in group and solo & ensemble contests Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Concert Band rehearse daily and perform three concerts Mixed Ensemble and Women’s Choir rehearse daily and perform three concerts during the school year Performing choir ensembles participate in rotating field trips to Disney World and New York City, which provide workshops to musically develop students as performers Drama Club performs a Fall Play and a Spring Musical and attends performances of regional shows Chagrin Falls High School hosts the Academy for the Performing Arts, which is a career/ technical program of the Excel TECC consortium that produces eight performances and series of student-produced short plays.

Fiscal Stewardship

Dear Community, At the close of the fiscal year, the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District’s revenues exceeded expenditures enabling the district to maintain adequate cash reserves. The district remains committed to extending the operating levy cycle to May 2017. With no dedicated source of funding for permanent improvement needs, the district’s aging facilities are expected to become a drain on operating funds. Cost containment continues to be a focus as state funding will remain essentially flat for fiscal years 2016 and 2017. The Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District earned the “Auditor of State Award with Distinction” in recognition of the District’s FY14 audit report. The district also received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the 15th consecutive year. The district also received a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO).


Anne Spano Treasurer/CFO Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools The district recently

earned the Auditor of State Award from David Yost for demonstrating exemplary financial reporting in accordance with GAAP standards.

“While a school’s primary concern is its students, it must also remain accountable to taxpayers. Accurate record-keeping is clearly a priority for Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools, and I am proud to present this award for excellent record keeping to the district.” - David Yost Auditor of State

Fiscal Stewardship

State Aid $1,837,863

State Property Tax $3,113,828

Local Public Utility Property Taxes $859,921

Revenues 2014-2015

Other Revenue $625,664

Local Real Estate Tax $21,425,938 State Property Tax Reimbursement $3,113,828 State Aid $1,837,863 Local Public Utility Property Taxes $859,921 Other Revenue $625,664

Local Real Estate Tax $21,425,938

Expenditures 2014-2015 Salaries & Wages Employee Benefits Purchased Services Other Expenses Transfers & Advances & Other Financing Supplies & Materials Capital Outlay

$15,488,363 $5,895,969 $3,114,891 $691,279 $630,494 $587,511 $165,299

Other Expenses $691,279 Capital Outlay $165,299 Supplies & Materials $587,511

Transfers & Advances & Other Financing $630,494

Purchased Services $3,114,891

Employee Benefits $5,895,969

Salaries & Wages $15,488,363

Student Leadership & Activities

Gurney Elementary

Intermediate School

Middle School

High School

• Service Learning Club • Canned Food Drives • Supply Drives for Troops • Buddy Classes • One School One Book • Tiger Beats Performance Group • After School Sports

• Student Council • Select Choir • People Always Willing to Serve (PAWS) • Superintendent’s Advisory Board • Destination Imagination • Bike Club • CFIS Book Club • Rocket Club • Art Club • Student Buddies • Family Friday Group Leaders

• Student Council • Principal’s Advisory Council • Superintendent’s Advisory Board • Canned Food Drives • Pasta for Pennies • Regional Contests • Power of the Pen • Science Buddies • Minecraft Club • Destination Imagination • Newspaper • CFMS Book Club • Ski Club • Yearbook

• Art Club • Cum Laude Society • Drama Club • Engineering Club • Fall Play/Spring Musical • Fitness Center/ Weightlifing • International Club • Key Club • Philosophy Club • Prism • Science Club • Science Olympiad • Speech & Debate/ Forensics • Student Council • Tolerance Club • Team Building Retreats • Canned Food Drives

Students’ experiences are enhanced by serving their school and community. In Chagrin Falls, we promote this idea through a variety of means including many student-led organizations and student-leadership opportunities. Students are offered a well-rounded experience—from organizing canned food drives, visiting residents at Hamlet, attending student leadership conferences, engaging in book studies, being a leader in Student Council, serving on the Superintendent or Principal Advisory Boards, or participating in the more than 50 offered clubs in the district.

Parent and Community Involvement

our goals: Increase the number of parents who actively volunteer within each building Develop a plan to engage parents in shaping and monitoring their child’s personalized learning plan, as well as increase opportunities for family involvement in student activities Increase level of community engagement and awareness to district’s mission, vision, and goals Increase our business community involvement in learning initiatives

The Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce has an ongoing partnership with the Chagrin High School Write Place (a writing development center promoting excellence in writing). The partnership has developed ongoing real world marketing and writing opportunities for students and has given students a context for business writing. The Chamber has also collaborated with the high school business classes, helping to line up partner companies for class groups to work on real world business issues. The chamber has also participated in the business class’s new Brown Bag Lunch Panel Discussion, moderated by business class students.

The Valley Arts Center and the Chagrin Arts partner with the district each year to provide numerous opportunities for students and staff. Chagrin Valley Rotary Club is a valuable partner with Chagrin Falls Schools. They select one high school student each month to be the “Rotary Student of the Month” as well as offer the opportunity for students to compete in the Rotary Four Way Speech Contest. They also donate dictionaries to students at Gurney Elementary.

The school district receives considerable support from the following organizations: Safe Routes Chagrin, Dads’ Club, Chagrin Falls PTO, Chagrin Athletic Association, Chagrin Falls Music Lovers, Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, Chagrin Falls Booster Club, Alumni Association, SPARK, Community Education


followers on Facebook

Awards & Accolades • Gurney Elementary Principal Dr. Rachel Jones was named as the 2014 Distinguished Principal of the Year by the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators • Gurney Elementary received a grant from the Life Time Foundation’s Back 2 Basics school lunch program • In 2014, The Daily Beast named Chagrin Falls High School to its list once again • In the 2013-14 school year, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools was nominated in three categories for the first-ever #BestEdTechAwards sponsored by the Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OTEC); categories were Ed Leader Innovator, Technology Coordinator Innovator Award, and Program, winning the Innovator Award and Program awards. • Chagrin Falls High School’s Advanced Placement Computer Science teacher Carolyn Petite was named as a 2013 Plain Dealer Crystal Apple Winner • Chagrin Falls School District’s Tracie Guggenheim was awarded the Ohio School Speech Language Pathologist and Educational Audiologist Coalition (OSSPEAC) “Honors of OSSPEAC” award for 2013 at their convention. • Gurney Elementary and Chagrin Falls High School have been named Schools of Distinction by the State Department of Education

Over the past two years, more than 130 gifted/advanced students in grades 3-9 have participated in Northwestern University’s Midwest Talent Search (NUMATS), which provides the opportunity to take above grade level assessments, including the EXPLORE (in grades 3-6), and the ACT and/or SAT (in grades 6-9). Our top-scoring students have been recognized by our Board of Education and one student has been recognized nationally.

11 Certified staff members participating in the Gifted Endorsement Cohort being offered at Ashland University


Teachers and Counselors with Master’s Degrees or PhDs

• In 2014, Jeff Womack, Social Studies Teacher/Speech and Debate Coach at Chagrin Falls High School was named a Diamond Coach by the National Speech and Debate Association • Chagrin Falls High School consistently achieves ratings as one of the top schools nationally in US News & World Report, The Washington Post, Newsweek and The Daily Beast. • The district received Outstanding Chamber Member of the Year 2015


Number of Board Certified Teachers

Contacts Superintendent’s Office Superintendent Mr. Robert Hunt Phone: 440-247-4363 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Technology Director of Technology & Information Systems Mr. Mike Daugherty Phone: 440-247-5500 x 4012 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Assistant Superintendent Ms. Lisa Shannon Phone: 440-247-4564 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Transportation Transportation Supervisor Mr. Bill Holzheimer Phone: 440-893-4055 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Curriculum & Instruction Director of Curriculum and Instruction Mrs. Rebecca Quinn Phone: 440-247-2432 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Food Services Food Service Supervisor Mrs. Marti Jacobson Phone: 440-247-2453 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Treasurer Treasurer/CFO Ms. Anne Spano Phone: 440-247-4388 Fax: 440-247-5831 Email: Office of Business and Personnel Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives Mr. Christopher Woofter Phone: 440-247-5449 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools 400 E. Washington Street • Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-247-5500

Buildings Gurney Elementary 1155 Bell Road Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-4030 x 4102 Principal: Dr. Rachel Jones


Chagrin Falls Intermediate School 77 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-7691 Interim Principal: Sarah Read

Chagrin Falls Middle School 342 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-7695 Principal: David Wessel

Chagrin Falls High School 400 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-247-2583 Principal: Steve Ast

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is a small, suburban school district located in the eastern part of Cuyahoga County, as well as a portion of Geauga County. The district consists of four schools: a primary, intermediate, middle, and high school. Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools are an integral part of the community of Chagrin Falls. There is strong support of our students’ education from residents, teachers, parents, and the students themselves. Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools has high academic standards and a commitment to student excellence, reflected in our consistent top state rankings and numerous local and national accolades.

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2014-15  

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Quality Profile 2014-15

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2014-15  

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Quality Profile 2014-15