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A MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Welcome to the winter edition of “INFORM”—North Coast Council’s digital magazine. January marks the start of our calendar year and the halfway point in the school year. The first half of the school year has passed so quickly!

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In this issue, we provide updates on key software systems as well as tips and suggestions as we start 2016. We have begun implementation on the Tyler Munis project. As you may be aware, Munis is an alternative to the state’s financial software. While our official project kickoff meeting is scheduled for February 2nd, NCC staff have been engaged with Tyler staff completing preliminary project planning activities. During the Christmas holiday break, NCC staff completed student system upgrades that provide enhanced functionality and capacity. By all accounts the 2015-16 school year has gotten off to a very good start.

Many of you shared sincere condolences and kind words of encouragement in response to our loss of Linda Pohto in an auto accident. Thank you for this support during that very difficult time. North Coast Council strives to be your one stop shop for all of your technology needs. We are here to be your trusted advisors connecting you with technology. If you have ideas on future stories that you would like us to cover in this magazine, feel free to contact any of our NCC staff or me. - John Mitchell, Executive Director North Coast Council



March 9 9 AM - Noon Fiscal Advisory Meeting NCC West June 17 9 AM - Noon Fiscal Advisory Meeting NCC East

Student January 20 9 AM – 11 AM SI Student Services Advisory Committee Meeting NCC East January 20 1 PM – 3 PM PowerSchool Beginning of the Year Student Collection NCC West January 21 9 AM - NOON PowerSchool Permanently Store Grades (Adv for HS/ MS) NCC West January 27 9 AM – 1 PM PowerScheduler Workshop – Preparing to Load NCC West January 28 9 AM – 1 PM StudentInformation Course Requests and Public Admin for MS NCC East

For a full listing of all upcoming events at both NCC East (Valley View) and NCC West (Elyria), please visit

February 3 9 AM – 1 PM PowerScheduler Workshop – Prepare to Load NCC West February 9 9 AM – 11 AM PowerSchool Advisory Committee Meeting NCC West February 9 1 PM - 3 PM PowerSchool SPED Meeting NCC West February 10 9 AM - NOON StudentInformation Discussion NCC East February 10 9 AM - NOON PowerSchool Discussion NCC West February 11 1 PM – 3 PM PowerSchool EMIS First Staff and Course Collection NCC West February 24 1 PM - 3 PM PowerSchool EMIS - Midyear Student Collection NCC West February 25 1 PM – 3 PM PowerSchool SOES End of Year Student Collection NCC East

March 9 9 AM - NOON PowerSchool Discussion NCC West March 15 9 AM – NOON SI Discussion NCC West March 17 9 AM – 1 PM StudentInformation Batch Scheduling for HS NCC East March 17 1 PM - 3 PM PowerSchool EMIS Calendar Collection NCC West March 18 9 AM - 1 PM StudentInformation Course Requests and Public Admin for MS NCC East March 24 1 PM - 3 PM PowerSchool EMIS March CTE Follow-Up NCC West April 6 9 AM - 1 PM StudentInformation Batch Scheduling for HS NCC East

Technology February 26 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM Tech Advisory Meeting TBD May 6 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM Tech Advisory Meeting TBD

Library March 9 TIME - TBD Library Professional Development Day NCC East March 16 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Sirsi Cataloging II NCC East April 5 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Sirsi Reports Overview NCC West April 19 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Library Open Lab NCC East May 3 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Library Database Cleanup NCC West May 11 TIME - TBD Library Liaison Meeting NCC East




MARILYN DEYLING Marilyn Deyling is a Lead Support Specialist/Student Services for North Coast Council. She has been with NCC since 1990. Marilyn received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Cleveland State University.

“I might be a geek because I love software, but really the best part of my job is the people. I have said for years that I would not have this job if it weren’t for our schools. It is truly a privilege serving our schools. The people have made all difference as to why I have so enjoyed my job! And for that, I am so grateful!”

She provides customer service including software support and training and serves on state software committees. Prior to working at North Coast Council, Marilyn worked in payroll/computer department at Standex Energy Systems and United Health Care, Inc. Marilyn lives in Middleburg Heights with husband, Rick Petroc. Her hobbies include sports, gardening, and traveling.

- Marilyn Deyling

You can reach Marilyn at: Phone: Email: Address:


216-520-6900 x5231 5700 West Canal Road Valley View, OH 44125

Westlake City Schools

DISTRICT SPOTLIGHT WESTLAKE HIGH SCHOOL NAMED IB WORLD SCHOOL Westlake High School is approved as an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, adopting the Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum through the International Baccalaureate Organization. WHS joins schools worldwide that share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education with a focus on rigor and inquiry. The Diploma Programme is for juniors and seniors and will offer students the opportunity to graduate with an IB Diploma Certificate. In addition to the IB Diploma Certificate, juniors and seniors will also have the opportunity to enroll in IB courses that support their interests. Students from Westlake, Avon Lake, Berea, and Rocky River high schools will participate in the IBDP through a partnership. “The mission of IB is to develop knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their futures successfully and make contributions to the world,” said Superintendent Geoff Palmer. “Authorization as an IB World School is a reflection of the commitment of our staff, students and families to undertake a program that will result in graduates who will enhance social, cultural and economic environments locally, nationally and even internationally.”

our students with an exciting opportunity to achieve their goals.” WHS joins the district’s four elementary schools, which are awaiting authorization as IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) World Schools. The IB PYP supports learning in all academic areas. The district chose to pursue IB PYP certification following an appreciative inquiry process through its Continuous Improvement Plan. Through that process the community called the district to action to grow internationally competent, competitive and engaged learners. Through the IB program, students participate in activities that put an emphasis on the whole child. The process encourages students to choose, reflect and act not only in their academics, but in the school, community and beyond. IB works with 3,641 schools in 146 countries and offers programming to more than 1 million students. In the United States there are 1,448 world schools. There are 35 IB World Schools in Ohio.

WHS Principal Tim Freeman said he is proud of the work the school administration, faculty, students and parents put into the process. “The authorization of Westlake High School as an IB World School strengthens our mission to Educate for Excellence,” Freeman said. “We provide an outstanding educational experience at Westlake High School, and I believe that the addition of the IB Diploma Programme provides



An Update From . . .


By Deb Carroll, Lead Support Specialist, North Coast Council

Happy New Year 2016: Are you Fiscal-ly Fit? As we begin the new Calendar year and move toward the close of another Fiscal Year, the NCC Fiscal staff would like to encourage districts to engage in some review of current procedures and planning for an even better 2016 Fiscal and Calendar Year End Closing. Here are some questions to get you started: 1. What challenges showed up at Calendar Year End? a. Were there individuals not properly charged the NC1 benefit when they left the district before Calendar Year End? What checklist would need to be implemented so NC1 benefits are always properly handled? b. Are there individuals being charged to wrong pay accounts? Should PAYACC report be run (showing where employees are being charged) and reviewed by HR, Grant Administrators and the Treasurer? c. Was everyone in a proper Retirement System with appropriate percentages? Are the STRSREG and the SERSREG being reviewed for any discrepancies? d. Were 1099’s easily run or was there missing information? Consider reviewing the USASDAT/USACON screen for the Invoice Amount Warning flag. Is the flag set to warn the district for missing TIN numbers?? Should the district review the acquisition and maintenance of W4s received from the vendors? 2. Is the district USING all the accounts that are set up? Could some accounts be moved to the INACTIVE status so no accidental transactions are posted? Run BUDWRK by detail, creating the CSV file… see history of the accounts and if all accounts should still be active in FY16. 3. Could your district benefit from using the SALARY program, which allows the district to “enter” the current Negotiated agreement in the system. The system can create the FY17 NEWCNTs based on the


entered negotiated agreement table and be used in a word merge for Salary notices. 4. Could your district benefit from “tracking” requisitions as they are entered so district personnel KNOW at the time of entry…there are other requisitions in the system that may PREVENT their requisition from becoming approved? Use the USASDAT/USACON Requisition Tracking fields. 5. Could your district benefit from utilizing BRDDIS (tracking of BOARD paid benefits thru payroll) allowing the creation of the necessary Requisition for approval? 6. Does your district have SERS and STRS monthly Board payments withheld from your Foundation payment? Could you use BRDRET to make your Foundation payment entry more automated? 7. Should your district consider a different numbering scheme for Requisitions so the conversion of requisitions to POs can utilize MASCNV (mass conversion of Reqs)? Could a different numbering of REQs make the use of the SECUR program more efficient (Security for processing of Requisitions) 8. Would the use of mass load programs such as USPLOAD make the addition of Union Dues, United Way contributions or Health Insurance changes easier in your district? If any of the above suggestions interest you or you would like to know more ways to improve your effectiveness and efficiency, please feel free to contact the NCC Fiscal Support Team and we would be more than happy to work with you.

Fiscal Payroll Workshop December 11, 2015



NORTH COAST COUNCIL AND TYLER MUNIS As many of you are aware, North Coast Council has begun to offer an alternative to state software. After much consideration and consultation with NCC’s Treasurers, we have contracted with Tyler Technologies for this core business system. Mission Statement: We will successfully implement Tyler Munis as a cost effective alternative to multiple legacy software packages. Area schools that implement Tyler Munis will realize process efficiencies with proper training and support. Goals: Our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will have the following major longterm benefits: 1. Designing workflow models and business rules to reduce errors 2. Enhancing operational effectiveness by eliminating data duplication and third party software packages

Timeline and Milestones: We are in the process of completing an implementation plan for budgetary and financial reporting, payroll processing, and human resources. The first milestone will be to publish the project timeline at our Project Kickoff Meeting on February 2, 2016. Staff training: Training is an important component of implementing any new process. Project implementation for Munis includes a training program. Tyler and NCC staff will work with school district staff to provide training that will contribute to overall project success. Our Commitment: NCC is committed to this project, including project planning, information gathering, data conversion, testing, staff training, and communication. John W. Mitchell Executive Director

3. Improving the flow of information and data sharing between District Administrators, Building Administrators, District Staff, and local Boards of Education 4. Increasing the access to data in order to support analysis 5. Improving service delivery and reliability.

NCC Group Purchase Opportunities – Back again for 2016-17! NCC is pleased to provide to customers several group purchase opportunities for online databases and tools. We have negotiated with vendors to receive discounted subscription rates on resources that can add value to your curriculum. Included in the offerings are: · BrainPop · Gale Student Resources in Context · Noodletools · Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) If you are interested in more information, please contact



TECHNOLOGY SERVICES NORTH COAST COUNCIL’S TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT PARTICIPATES IN INTERNSHIP PROGRAM This past December, NCC’s technical department participated in an internship program offered by Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC). This program allows CVCC students to gain valuable industry experience that is relative to the program in which they are enrolled. This gives the students a three-week glimpse into the industry and some of the day-to-day business operations.

By Ricky Bouyer, Network and Systems Analyst North Coast Council

Most of their time at NCC was spent assisting me with completing tasks in areas of the technical department; some of those tasks involved working in the datacenter at our Valley View office, assisting with the inventory of some network equipment and assisting with the deployment of training machines throughout the office.

They also had the opportunity to assist our Managed Services department. They visited several customer locations, where they saw different layouts of other datacenters and were NCC was privileged to accommodate two students able to assist one of those customers with some from CVCC’s Computer Network Academy Chromebook problems. program, with their assigned sponsor being myself. NCC was pleased to be a part of this valuable CVCC program and to have the opportunity to Mike and Chandler got an exclusive view of NCC sponsor Mike and Chandler as they explore the and how our tech-support staff functions. They world of IT support. were able to have a first-hand look at the systems we support, including a look at our new core network equipment.

Chandler Holesovsky, Cuyahoga Heights High School

Mike Mori, Garfield Heights High School

Feel free to contact NCC’s technical services for more information on how NCC can help you. INFORM




By Lori Slingerland, Support Specialist, North Coast Council

SNOWBALL FIGHT! Are you looking for lesson plans for those inevitable snow days? Need a lesson plan on hand for those days when you have a substitute in the classroom? No problem, INFOhio has your lesson planning covered! All the bags are conveniently located in one place at the INFOhio website: bags.

rubrics, graphic organizers, related websites and resources, tech skill practice and differentiation suggestions, and titles for further reading.”

Each bag includes:

Grades K-1–Things That Go

• A complete, customizable research unit with four, self-contained lesson plans including assessments and activities. • A teacher guide with differentiation tips, standards alignments, extension activities, cross-curricular options, technology skills supported, and the length of time needed to complete the lessons. • Materials for in-class instruction and home exploration. • Information about the career cluster covered in the unit, along with links to related Career Connections on the ODE website.

Grade 2–Animals and Their Caretakers

Take a quick look at the contents of the School Bag for Grades 4-5: > Educators > INFOhio Toolkit > Bags

“Engineering the Future! Fourth and fifth grade students learn about careers in engineering and feats of engineering such as Ferris wheels and bridges while meeting Ohio Learning Standards in reading, writing, math, science, and fine arts in this School Bag for teachers. In addition to four lesson plans and activities, teachers will find assessments,


What are you waiting for? Use any of these lessons as Blizzard Bags, as sub plans, or any time you need a plug and play lesson. To get started, just download the PDF from the links below.

Grade 3–Dentists, Doctors, and Health Helpers Grades 4-5–Engineering the Future Grades 6-8–Money, Money, Money. The World of Finance Grades 9-12–Tech Careers: Coding and Beyond Many other bags are available from the INFOhio website, so check them out!

Library Liaison Meeting October 8, 2015




STUDENT SERVICES By Marilyn Deyling, Lead Support Specialist, North Coast Council POST OFFICIAL REPORT CARDS IN PROGRESSBOOK SUITE Reminder: Schools can now post the official report card to the ParentAccess site. This saves the districts time, paper, and money! NCC has had a session on how to do this and it is fairly easy. We can have another session if you would like. There is also a flag if parents still want to receive the paper copy of a report card. Please contact if you would like a session on this. STUDENT CONTACTS IN PARENTACCESS EMIS FY16 reporting year is growing near and we will keep up with the demands and timelines of ODE. Please visit to see a list of scheduled EMIS trainings. Brenda Hartley from ODE will again be visiting NCC to provide some guidance and insight into the processes and requirements of EMIS reporting. SCHEDULING Reminder: Schools can now have parents see and/ or edit student contact records in ParentAccess of the ProgressBook Suite. Please note: you will need to set up Family Groups first. POWERSCHOOL UPGRADE Over the Winter Break, districts were successfully upgraded to PowerSchool This version of PowerSchool has resolved some memory and slowdown issues, and it has many new features that enhance the user experience for both PowerSchool Admin and Parent users.

There is now the ability to customize the login screen for the different types of users (Admin vs. Parent vs. Teacher), which can prove to be another great communication feature. There are also new visualization enhancements and new grids available that enable quick views of data, such as Attendance for the Admin users. There have been changes to the way Standards are stored and improvements to the Scheduling components, streamlining the process for Districts. Also, PowerSchool has been updated for full support of Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11, and there is now a PowerSchool Mobile App for Android available on Google Play. Full release notes were sent out to the PowerSchool Project Managers and are available on PowerSource for the PowerSchool users. PowerSchool is trying to be responsive to all of the needs of the end users, and more upgrades are on the way – including a new fully web-based PowerTeacher gradebook. NCC will keep districts posted as we hear more information! We wish you the very best in 2016! NCC Student Support Marilyn | Matt | Mike | Renee | Sue | Teri

In Memoriam NCC has lost an employee. Linda Pohto was killed in a car accident on November 29, 2015. Linda worked in Student Services and had an exceptional EMIS background. We miss her dearly. We want to thank you for your condolences, kind words, and prayers.


StudentInformation Workshop December 9, 2015

Did you enjoy the winter issue of NCC’s INFORM? Do you have ideas for future stories or topics covered? Please let us know. Email with your suggestions and/or comments.



North Coast Council INFORM Winter 2016  

INFORM is a digital magazine published by North Coast Council.

North Coast Council INFORM Winter 2016  

INFORM is a digital magazine published by North Coast Council.