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Access Services Department Review Session Spring 2002

Agenda         

What’s New! Orbis Renewals Academic holds I-commons Logins Sub slips Telephone list “N” & “T” Items Checking in & out Security Gates

 

 

Creating Records Various policies  Disciplinary  Homework  Confidentiality  Food and Drink Microform Machines & Copiers Q&A

What’s New! 

Media/OIS merge 

Media Dept is no longer part of the library

Help Desk/Media Desk (one contact)  Self-Renewals  DVDs 

 

Shelved behind the front desk No security tags (at this time)

Orbis Renewals 

Items circulating for 3 weeks can be renewed for an additional 3 weeks if there are no holds on the item.  

Does not include most media items. Does not include Center for Research Library items.

Academic Holds Take fine $ from patron.  You delete “Hold” note in SIMON.  Notify staff that patron has paid their fines down to zero.  Staff will release hold immediately. 

I-commons logins Current faculty, students, and staff must have their own logins and passwords to use the I-commons.  Send patrons to the help desk if they have problems with their logins.  No more “generic” logins! (At this time) 

Sub slips ď Ž

Always place a slip on the student board in addition to using the student telephone list.

Telephone list  

Is your information current? Use this list to contact fellow coworkers and staff. Always call the main line to speak with staff.

“N” and “T” Items Mostly Art & Photography items  Note in SIMON: Examine Item!  Do this for checking in and checking out items. 

Checking in and out items 

Watch for various messages    

Count inserts “On-the-fly” Examine item! (for “N” & “T” items) Item on Search, missing, lost, lost & paid, etc.

Be sure to use the correct sensitizer and desensitizer.

Security Gates Be alert! ď Ž Kindly ask patrons to come back to the front desk ď Ž

Creating Records 

Handouts 

Behind the desk in the black handout tower

Ask for help if you need it

Various Policies Disciplinary  Homework  Confidentiality  Food and Drink 

Microform Machines & Copiers


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