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Original adaptions from traditional folk tales

by Karen Joy Thomas

Fine Arts Summer Camps 2013 JUNE 3 - 74 PLAYMAKERS Theatre Camp | Boys / Girls | Rising 4th-6th graders | 9 a.m. – Noon | $150 This camp is designed to develop focus, observation, and selfconfidence while exploring creative expression and storytelling. Campers will engage in theatre games, comedy improv, character movement, music in performance, and acting in this week-long chase of performance creativity! Theatre Room, Vocal Room / High School Building Campers bring their lunch / Snacks provided

JUNE 10 - 15 4CURTAIN CALL Performance Camp | Boys / Girls | Rising 7th-9th graders | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. | $250 Working with a team of experienced instructors and professionals, campers will focus on vocal work, character development, choreography, acting a song, stage combat and scene study in preparation for a showcase the final day of camp. Parents and guests are invited to see the culminating, concertstyle performance created from campers’ work throughout the week with source material from such popular musicals as Peter Pan, Annie, The Wizard of Oz, The Music Man, Into the Woods, and The Pirates of Penzance. Theatre Room, Vocal Room / High School Building Campers bring their lunch / Snacks provided

JULY 8 -124 LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Media Arts Camp | Boys / Girls | Rising 6th-8th graders | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. | $250 In this fast-paced exploration of media arts, campers will pursue the pre-production and post-production phases of news broadcasting. Focus will be on how to build a storyboard, execute audio and video recordings, and conduct interviews in both field and studio production. Becoming storytellers with a camera, participants will write original scenes and experience such production team roles as directing, audio engineering, and cinematography. Students will complete their work by editing with Adobe Premiere and will take home a DVD of their work.  Broadcasting Studio / High School Building Campers bring their lunch / Snacks provided



Contact CPA Fine Arts at 301-3605


THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 19 & 20 at 7 p.m. EVENT CENTER $10 ADULT – $5 STUDENT This Tony Award-winner for Best Musical includes such hit numbers as “Telephone Hour”, “Honestly Sincere”, “A Lot of Livin’ To Do” and “Put On A Happy Face”. The setting is the late 1950s, and teenagers in saddle shoes and poodle skirts are dizzy with the music of rock-and-roller Conrad Birdie. Yet despite that popularity, Conrad’s mild-mannered, big-dreaming manager, Albert Peterson, is nearing disaster. When Conrad gets his draft notice, it looks like calamity is at the door. With Conrad gone, Albert will lose his chance for success in the music business, until Rose Alvarez, his faithful secretary, devises a publicity plan to save the day. Conrad will bid goodbye to a typical American teenage girl with an all-American kiss on The Ed Sullivan Show. The lucky fan is Kim McAffee from Sweet Apple, Ohio. The hometown phones have already been buzzing because Kim just got pinned to Hugo Peabody; now there is new news in town! The arrival of Birdie in Sweet Apple causes people of all ages to swoon amid the vapors of fame in this comedic musical satire about position, relationship, and success.

Director’s Notes Frankly, I am practically giddy to present a children’s theatre piece this year. Why? One answer is that this format uniquely allows the actors to engage in childlike playfulness, giving them additional freedom to step outside themselves. Because acting is a team sport, the ability to “come and play” with the other actors is a vital tool; in turn, it is a great life skill. The second answer is that although these tales are familiar, the story itself almost universally draws us in. I believe everyone loves stories of one form or another. From a fairy tale, to a country song, to the news coverage of the latest lotto winner, they are all stories. From where does this love of story spring? Writers like Campbell, L’Engle, and Tolkien have pondered this question. For me, my earliest memories are connected with listening to stories and making up my own. (My sister once offered me a dollar to stop playing Peter Pan on the record player. Sorry, Glenna!) Perhaps, the human love of story points to the Eternal in us. After all, God’s Redemption is a story, and a true one. It is not a shopping list of rules. It seems the story of redemption is truly “woven into our very being.” My third and final answer is that this style allows us to address our audience in a specific fashion. C.S. Lewis wrote that a child is “neither to be patronized nor idolized: we talk to him as man-to-man.” In this show, we come in that same spirit.  As always, it “takes a village”, and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who worked to pull this show together. Bless you for the part you played. Because I adapted these stories, I have some extra people to thank: Thank you, Madeline and Erin for editing. Thank you, Paula and Shane for laughter, guidance, and experience. Thank you, Becky for wisdom and inspiration and for always believing in me.  Finally, thank you to my students who have brought this script to life. Let the fun begin! Soli Deo Gloria Karen Joy Thomas High School/Middle School Fine Arts Instructor

~ N A R R AT O R S ~

Mary Eveleen Brown Evan McCarthy L I T T L E R E D H E N ~ Victoria Stusek G E R T I E ~ Julia Price S I M O N ~ Josh Betts L O O L O O ~ Charlotte Wallace C H A R L I E ~ Patrick Ward B U T T E R B A L L ~ Shaina Toledo C AT ~ Nathan Thomas D U C K ~ Harley Seger P I G ~ Holly Hill

~ N A R R AT O R S ~ 1 ( D E S I G N E R ) ~ Holly Hill 2 ( W E AV E R ) ~ Josh Betts E M P E R O R ~ Nathan Thomas L A C Y ~ Harley Seger C L I F T O N ~ Evan McCarthy C H A M B E R L A I N ~ Shaina Toledo D I R E C T O R ~ Josh Betts C O U R T I E R 1 ~ Julia Price C O U R T I E R 2 ~ Victoria Stusek C O U R T I E R 3 ~ Patrick Ward C O U R T I E R 4 ~ Mary Eveleen Brown ~ VILLAGERS ~ O L D M A N ~ Patrick Ward V I L L A G E R 2 ~ Julia Price V I L L A G E R 3 ~ Victoria Stusek V I L L A G E R 4 ~ Mary Eveleen Brown L I T T L E C H I L D ~ Charlotte Wallace

~ N A R R AT O R S 1 - 1 0 ~ T R AV E L E R ~ Julia Price O L D W O M A N / 1 ~ Mary Eveleen Brown Y O U N G M A N / 2 ~ Josh Betts Y O U N G W O M A N / 3 ~ Holly Hill C H I L D / 4 ~ Harley Seger PA R S O N / 5 ~ Evan McCarthy PA R S O N ’ S W I F E / 6 ~ Victoria Stusek B U T C H E R / 7 ~ Shaina Toledo D O G / 8 ~ Patrick Ward B A K E R / 9 ~ Nathan Thomas D A I R Y W O M A N / 1 0 ~ Charlotte Wallace

Production Staff Director ~ Karen Joy Thomas Technical Director ~ Shane Caudill Stage Manager ~ Emily Edwards Production Manager ~ Nancy Thomas Costume Dock Manager ~ Paula Mulvihill Asst. Costume Dock Manager ~ Kathy Marcellin Props Manager ~ Cyndie Hill Photography ~ Dana James/ Videography ~ Mike Wall Graphic Designer/Publicity ~ Julie Wanca/CPA Communications Set Design/Artwork ~ Anna Caudill

If you like to saw, hammer, move platforms, paint, sew, shop for props, help with hair and make-up, organize, publicize or shop for things, then CPA Fine Arts needs you. Whether you have a little time to give to the Academy or a lot, there are many ways to get involved with other parents to support students in music, dance, theatre, visual arts and broadcasting ventures. For more information, contact: Presidents ~ Angela & John Thompson ~ Tickets ~ Mary Latta Brown, Tracy McCarthy, Lisa McInturff, Missy Wallace Concessions ~ Stuart Price, Weezie & Jim Ward

Equipping students to be salt and light in today’s culture through the arts.



March 9-12 ~ Vision/Common Ground/Band Tour to Chicago March 12 ~ Art II Gallery Day April 5 ~ VA Café April 18, 19, 20 ~ Bye Bye Birdie May 4 ~ Spring Jubilation! May 18 ~ Fine Arts Celebration Evening

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

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ActFest Program 2013  

ActFest Program 2013