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CPA King ‘How I earn $3388.50 in just 7 days’ By TheSuvo of Digital Point Forum

The Methods: Thanks for purchasing this ebook. Now I will explain how I earned $3388.50 promoting CPA offers. I’ve used two simple methods to promote some low payout offers.

Method 1: The idea here is to find a partner who is going to drive a lot of traffic to your website/CPA offer. However, you don’t want to a partner with an internet marketer, but with a common person who is not making money online. It would be possible for you to find bloggers, forum owners or people who own niche websites to partner with. However, it’s a little bit hard. So looking for this kind of people could be a good idea if you were promoting your own product, but not when you are working with CPA offers. But how can we find good partners easily? The answer is simple: social networks! The social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace or LinkedIn have many popular profiles, groups and communities, but people don’t know how to profit from them. Or even worse, they don’t even think about this possibility! So if you can show them how it’s possible you can make a lot of money, too! So this method is all around FaceBook. In short, we are going to find popular fan pages and groups and send the owners a JV proposal. Finding an offer: I have used this method only with low cost CPA offers such as email and zip submits. Depending on the niche, I think that’s possible to use long form submits or free trials. However, your potential JVs may be afraid of promoting offers where people need to supply their personal information or even their credit card number. They may think that you are a scammer and simply reject your proposal. For this reason, I highly recommend you to use only low cost CPA offers. If you are an affiliate of some nice CPA networks you should have no problems to find a good offer to use with this method. Redirection: You can use a .tk domain to hide the long affiliate link of the offer. Creating a .tk domain is free. You can get one here – If you have extra funds you can use a .com or .net domain, but I think that in this case it’s not really important, so an .info or .biz domain is ok. You can register your domain at for only a couple bucks (I think that an .info domain costs around $2, very cheap). Then simply go to the domain settings and point it to your affiliate link. I’m going to show an example using NameCheap. However, if you are using another registrar the process can be 2

different. So if you don’t know how to do it with your registrar simply contact their support service. Finding potential Joint Ventures: Although I think it’s possible, I’m not going to show you how to look for blogs, forums or websites to partner with. I’ll show you something much easier! Actually, you can find all the JV partners that you need with FaceBook! FaceBook has many popular fan pages and groups that could be monetized, but the owners simply don’t know how to do it (some of them have never thought about it!). Let’s look for some fan pages FaceBook with tons of members. I searched for “Rihanna” pages and there are a lot of pages with thousands of members.


Don’t target fan pages that are owned by the artists themselves. Also, remember that there are many results on page one, but you will find other good fan pages on the next pages.

If you have set up your offer, now you just have to contact the fan pages and groups’ owners. But remember: they are not business people or internet marketers! You have to approach them without an “excessive excitement”, just say that you work with internet marketing and have a good opportunity for them. Explain how everything works, what they will be promoting and how much money they can make. Make sure that you emphasize that you are talking about easy money. Then, if they demonstrate interest tell them how you will pay them (PayPal, check, etc… choose the one that’s better for you and your partner). Note: Don’t forget to consider the number of days that you will need to wait until you receive the money from the network. Make sure that your partner is aware that he will not receive instant payouts. There are different ways your partner can promote the offer, he can use the wall or send messages to the fans (or members if we are talking about a group). I’ve contact 10 page owners tell them the fact and surprisingly 8 of them instantly agreed to promote my offer. I’ve promoted some low paying CPA offers their. I’ve chose some $1.50 email submit offer and I got great success. IMPORTANT: • Always look for fan pages and groups with more than 500 fans/members • You can have only one partner per offer. Also, you should have other campaigns promoting the same offers that you gave to your partners. • This method involves no risk; you can’t lose money (eventually the $2 that you spent on the domain, but it’s very unlikely to happen) or a lot of time. So make sure that you implement it, make some cash. • This method is 100% white hat. Actually, social marketing is one of the most popular ways to drive traffic to CPA offers. Also, people won’t be receiving unsolicited messages, because they are fans of that fan page (automatically they are accepting to receive updates from the moderators), and they have the option to leave it at any moment. TIPS: • Use offers with a higher payout. • Try to partner with bloggers, webmasters and forum owners, too. • Instead of sharing your revenue, you can make an upfront payment to your partner. Let’s say that you can make $500 with a fan page. So instead of offering 50% of your earnings, you offer an upfront payment of $100. You will be taking a risk, but if you make $500 you will save $150! FINAL THOUGHTS: 4

The secret to make money with CPA is to think outside the box. So you can use my methods exactly as they are presented here to get started. No doubt you will make a few thousand dollars in a short period of time. However, don’t expect to make a living online and quit your day job using only these 2 simple techniques! When you make some money and understand how it works, find your own twists, be creative! There are plenty of ideas out there that can be easily monetized by CPA offers, just don’t be lazy! Look for different approaches and find methods that no one is using. This is the way to go to make tons of money with CPA!

Method 2: I’ve also applied some blackhat methods to get more leads. I’ve hired people from different forums and micro jobs website where I pay very little amount of money to get sign ups from them. I’ve also get some good quality sign ups from Just visit and search for “Sign Ups”. You will find some good amount of gigs offering sign ups. Chose and order a Gig which has some good feedback. I ordered a gig that was offering 50 sign ups for $5. Just imagine I made $75 by spending just $5. Net Profit of ($75-$5) = $70. I use to get sign ups at cheap rate. I’ve also hired micro workers from this website and pay them $0.10 for every email submit/sign ups.

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