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Pentel has been manufacturing and selling art materials for more than 60 years, and is well known for its high-quality writing instruments. Established in 1946 as The Japan Stationery Co., the organisation started by selling school supplies such as watercolours, crayons and oil pastels. The company grew and established itself as Pentel, combining PEN, a general term meaning a writing or drawing instrument, with TELL, meaning to communicate or express. Pentel (Stationery) Ltd has been a leading manufacturer of fine writing and drawing instruments in the UK since the late 1960s, offering an innovative range of high-quality arts and crafts supplies, outstanding customer service and environment-friendly manufacturing techniques. Today, Pentel has subsidiaries in 20 countries and several facilities throughout the world. Artists, students, and craft enthusiasts are able to choose from a wide variety of wonderful Pentel Arts products, made from the finest materials and available in brilliant colours. Consumers can purchase with confidence, knowing that all Pentel products are designed and developed to the highest quality standards. Pentel Arts products are available through a wide variety of merchandisers and arts and crafts speciality suppliers. To learn more about Pentel Arts products, please visit Design, draw, scrapbook, paint, colour, display. Express yourself with Pentel Arts !




Oil Pastels


PHN12, 16, 25, 36 & 50

• Brilliant, fade-resistant colours • Creamy-softness, makes pastels easy to lay down and produce varying textures


• Slow drying time means you can work on a piece for several weeks • Pastels apply smoothly and blend easily using cotton buds, fingers or tortillon for subtle shades, tints and colour mixtures (can also be blended with mineral spirits or thinners) • Ideal for most types of paper (including pastel, water colour, cartridge, craft etc.) as well as canvas, oil and acrylic boards • Great to use in conjunction with watercolours, oil paints and soft pastels


• Superb range of up to 49 colours


Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks PTS7 & 15

People of all ages can enjoy this fun, easy way to transform natural fabrics with dramatic, unique designs. • Apply pastels directly onto fabrics • Cover completed design with a clean sheet of paper or cloth, and press over it with a hot iron to set the dyes. Once set, the design is permanent and washable. (If you’re not happy with your design, don’t iron it, but wash it out and start again) • Works best on natural, absorbent light-coloured fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk N.B. Even if the dyes haven’t been fixed using an iron, Pentel can’t guarantee that the colours will be completely removed after washing. PTS15



Water Colours HTL12

• Set of 12 vibrant colour paints in easy-to-use tubes • Blend easily to create subtle hues • Dry evenly, fade-resistant, will not crack or flake • Ideal for layering colour over colour (glazing) without turning ‘muddy’ • Plastic tubes allow every last drop of paint to be used HTL12

• Great to use in conjunction with oil pastels and colour pencils • Once colours dry on palette, easy to re-use when water is applied


• The Aquash Watercolouring Crayon and Brush Set is so simple to use that you can now enjoy creating watercolour-style painting anywhere! • Durable nylon tip brush with 10 vivid acid-free pigment crayons, sponge and sharpener - all in one handy set! • Simply sketch like conventional crayons and blend your work with the water brush • Or use like solid watercolours, by wetting the tip with the water brush before use




• Nylon-tipped refillable water brush in fine, medium or broad tip size • Perfect for blending colours


Colour Brush GFL/90D

• Nylon brush tip pen filled with water-based ink • 12 vibrant colours to choose from • Create beautiful, vivid, translucent, watercolour effects • Valve-activated for smooth flow, without leaking • Synthetic fibre tip retains its shape • Refillable cartridges • Convenient, portable alternative to traditional brushes REFILL-FR



Brush Pen with refills XGFKP/FP10

• Create fine to broad lines with a single stroke! • Durable synthetic bristles retain their shape • Ideal for drawings, cartoons, Manga-style artwork, Oriental calligraphy etc • Permanent black pigment ink • Clean and simple to refill



Note: Permanent ink. Will not wash out of clothes. If bristles clog with dry ink, unscrew tip unit, remove the cartridge and rinse tip unit and bristles with warm water.

Colour Pen S360/12 & S360/24

• Fine point colour marker with durable fibre tip • Vivid, water-based ink colours • Ideal for graphics and illustrations • Approx line width 1.2mm • Up to 24 colours S360/12

Sign Pen

Fabric Gel Roller



• The original fibre-tipped pen

• Permanent, waterproof, acid-free gel ink roller, perfect for writing on fabric

• The designer’s choice – perfect for graphics and illustrations

• Bold 1.0mm tip produces smooth lines

• Bold ink colours allow unsurpassed sketching

• Water-based pigment ink withstands repeated washing, even dry cleaning

• Use for office, home or college • Made from 80%* recycled material •Approx 2.0mm line width • Recycology colours are black, red and blue



• Label clothing for school, nursery or the gym • Decorate hats, shoes, and other accessories


*Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding the ink



Availab le from 20 10

Colour Pencils CB8-12 & 24

• Pre-sharpened woodcase pencils • Colour pencils with strong pigment colours • Apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints and colour mixtures • Work well on most paper surfaces, plus silk, cotton and wood • Long lasting and fade-resistant • Great to use in conjunction with watercolour paints and chalk pastels • Strong, break-resistant leads • Hexagonal, anti-roll barrel • Woodcase derived from a sustainable forestry resource CB8-12


Wet Erase liquid Chalk Marker SMW26 & 56

• Vivid semi-permanent liquid chalk marker • Ideal for use on chalkboards, glass, metal, porcelain, pottery and other dry, non-porous surfaces • Standard or jumbo chisel tip creates a variety of effects • Remove with a wet cloth (or non-bleach-based household cleaner) • Valve-activated flow to prevent blobbing or leaking • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use • Ideal for messages, decorations, parties, fêtes, etc











see pa ge 7

Hybrid Gel Grip K118/6W12, K118/4-CUP & K118M/6W12

• Smooth writing, acid-free gel ink pen with 0.8mm medium tip • Gold, silver and white or metallic ink colours • Comfortable rubber grip, ideal for prolonged use • Great for greeting cards, gift tags, scrapbooking, drawings and photo albums • Gold, silver and metallic ink, great for light and dark coloured paper

K118M/6W12 K118/4-CUP


• White ink dramatic on dark coloured paper

Outline Marker MSP60/3-cup

Paint Markers


MSP5N/3-cup & MCP5N/3-cup


• Cellulose-based paint markers

• Creates two colours with a single stroke

• Permanent, opaque ink

• Broad silver strokes outlined in fine lines same as cap colour

• Suitable for many surfaces, especially thick card or metal

• Durable fibre tip, ideal for creating cards, embellishing notebook covers and picture frames, plus many other creative projects

• Aluminium barrel • Bullet tip gives approx 1.8mm line width

• Silver ink with choice of black, blue, green, pink or violet outline colour

• Chisel tip gives an approx line width up to 2.9mm

• Bullet tip

• Great for creative crafts, decorations and festive displays




Try This Fun Pentel Project !

MATERIALS Card stock strips 2 1/4”x 6 1/2” (approx 5.5cm x 16.5cm) assorted colours if desired Watercolour paper: white, 8 1/2“ x 11” (approx 21.5cm x 28cm) or cut into strips of 2 1/2“ x 7” (approx 6.5cm x 18cm) (for single bookmark) Pentel Slicci Pen (assorted colours) (see page 14) Pentel Colour Brush ink-filled brush pens (assorted colours) Pentel Permanent Black Marker (see page 13) Pentel Mechanical Pencil (see page 12) Pentel Tape ‘n Glue adhesive (see page 13) Graphite transfer paper Paper trimmer or scissors Ruler Paper towels Ribbon: 4 pieces - 9” (approx 23cm) each

INSTRUCTIONS 1.Go to projects section at and print out “Bookmark Art” design. Trim away excess paper around design. 2.Place 8“ x 6 1/2” or 2” x 6 1/2” (approx 20.5cm x 16.5cm or 5 x 16.5cm) (for individual design) piece of transfer paper (dark side down) on watercolour paper. Lay design face up over transfer paper; use painter’s tape to hold down while you trace. Transfer design to watercolour paper by tracing over all design lines with pencil, moving slowly and using medium pressure. Carefully remove tape, and discard design and transfer papers. 3.Use a black marker to create a border around each design using ruler to get straight edges. 4.Use Colour Brush Pens to paint large areas and background (see colour photo). To create blending effect use the lightest colour and rub brush tip with the darker colour, then apply colour to background (see colour photo). Use ink full strength from the brush, or dip brush tip in water to dilute ink for softer colours or for blending two colours. Allow to dry. 5. Use Slicci Gel Pen to create detail lines, swirls, scales (on fish) and lettering (see color photo). Use Permanent Black Marker to create the bolder outlines. 6. Trim each design inside the black border. 7.Use Tape ‘n Glue adhesive tape around all edges on the back of design. Adhere it to centre of colour card stock, pressing firmly in place. Punch hole in centre 1/2“ ((approx 1.2cm) from top of bookmark. 8. Fold a 9” (approx 23cm) piece of ribbon in half. Run folded half through punched hole and loop other end of ribbon and pull. To download templates and see other fun and fabulous Pentel Arts projects online, go to:


P200 Series mechanical pencil

e Sharp mechanical pencil



• Expertly engineered for drawing, drafting or writing

• Unique lead-maximising system – minimises wastage

• Tried and trusted features

• Allows maximum use of lead before advancing new lead

• Fixed lead sleeve • Ideal for precision and accuracy • Adjustable pocket clip and replaceable eraser • Supplied with 6 Super Hi-Polymer HB refill leads • Takes Z2-1N refill eraser

• Comfortable rubber grip • Replaceable jumbo eraser • Supplied with 2 Super Hi-Polymer HB refill leads • Choice of barrel colours • Takes PDE-1 refill eraser *Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding refill leads and eraser

Ain Refill Leads

NON-PVC Eraser



• Stronger and smoother than ordinary leads

• Erases pencil marks cleanly and efficiently

• Supplied in convenient flip-top tubes • More leads per tube = better value • Suitable for all Pentel mechanical pencils (except Metallic and ‘Fluoro’) • Leads per tube – 0.3mm = 20 0.5mm = 40 0.7mm = 40 0.9mm = 36 *Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding refill lead


• Minimal debris • Completely PVC-free • Sleeve made from 100% recycled material.

EnerGel Xm

EnerGel Xm Retractable



• Deluxe liquid gel pen with ultra quick drying ink

• Retractable liquid gel pen with ultra quick drying ink

• Stylish metallic-look chunky barrel

• Stylish metallic-look chunky barrel

• Smooth rubber finger grip • Translucent colour finish

• Rubber finger grip with grooved finger print support

• Metal pocket clip

• Metal pocket clip

• 0.7mm tip = approx 0.35mm line width

• Push button retractable nib

• 1.0mm tip = approx 0.5mm line width

• 0.7mm tip = approx 0.35mm line width

• Refillable

• 0.5mm tip = approx 0.25mm line width

*Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding the ink and refill

Fine point permanent markeR

• Refillable

Tape ‘n’ Glue



• Low-odour marker

•Adhesive tape for use on paper and card

• Xylene and toluene-free ink • Suitable for use on most surfaces • Ventilated safety cap • 2mm tip gives approx 1mm line width *Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding the ink

• Slide back protective cover, press to paper and pull back • Protective cover keeps tape clean when not in use • 25 metres of adhesive tape • Long lasting • Ideal for scrapbooking and card making! • Acid-free *Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding glue tape


Micro Correct




• T he original metal-tipped correction pen

• Ultra smooth flowing pigment gel ink

• Dispenses fluid exactly where needed

• Shimmering colours

• Valve-controlled flow makes corrections neat and accurate

• Sleek, shorter length barrel

• Every last drop of fluid can be used • Low-odour, trichloroethane-free formula • Long-lasting 12ml size

• Quick drying

• 0.7mm needle-style tip gives approx. 0.35mm line width • Great for cards, drawing and scrapbooking

• Great for craft work and drawing on dark coloured card

*Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding the ink and refill

hyper G

Hybrid Gel Grip DX



• Retractable gel pen with innovative document-friendly pigment ink

• Distinctive chunky barrel

• Fade-resistant, acid-free and waterproof ink

• Water and fade-resistant

• Ideal for official documents

• Rubber finger grip for comfort

• Helps protect against I.D. fraud

• Metal pocket clip

• Comfortable rubber grip

• Choice of 8 metallic colours

• Unusual diamond-shaped cone

• 1.0mm tip gives approx 0.5mm line width

• 0.7mm tip gives approx. 0.35mm line width

• Great for cards, drawing and scrapbooking

*Percentage based on the total weight of the product excluding the ink and refill


• Ultra smooth flowing pigment gel ink • Delivers smooth and stress-free writing


A range of display books and presentation files in gorgeous colours - all made from at least

Display Book Clear DCF242/DCF243

• Transparent cover in subtle shades • Non-reflective, matt finish, low-static pockets • Clear covers for easy front and back viewing • Available in A4 with 20 or 30 pockets • Blue, green, orange (20 pocket only), light green, pink or transparent

Display Book Fresh

Clip File



• Brightly coloured covers in mouth-watering shades •Non-reflective, matt finish, low-static pockets with insert paper • New ‘wing-shaped’ pockets make insertion or removal of sheets easy • Available in A4 size with 20 pockets • Blue, orange, light green or pink

• Handy file for storing short documents, receipts, plans etc.

Display Book Vivid

Document Envelope


• B rightly coloured cover in vivid, textured finish • Title space on spine for easy reference • Non-reflective, matt finish, low-static pockets • Available in A4 with 30 pockets • Blue, green, yellow, pink or violet

• Easy to use – side clip to open or close • Transparent front cover for easy identification of documents • Holds approximately 20 A4 sheets • Blue, green, yellow, pink or transparent


•Takes documents up to 240 x 310mm maximum size • Envelope-style locking mechanism prevents documents from falling out • Made from stain and humidity-resistant polypropylene • Available in portrait or landscape style • Blue, green, yellow, sky blue, transparent or white


Pentel (Stationery) Ltd., Hunts Rise, South Marston Park, Swindon, Wilts, SN3 4TW Telephone: 01793 823333 Fax: 01793 823366 email:


Pentel Art Brochure  

Pentel Art Brochure

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