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June 2010

What is Wrong With These People? Sue Sievert

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I never cease to be amazed at the totally callous approach many news reporters take when interviewing someone who has just experienced a senseless tragedy. And I‘m not talking about that wild-eyed woman who lives in a trailer with pink curlers in her hair who just survived her fifth tornado. I am talking about those of us whose lives change in a second and, with that, a surreal existence forms in which we function only by instinct, our feet moving as if in quicksand and our senses

I escaped the building just as the roof came crashing down…


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Chetumal‘s Sea Star Crew Wins Grand Slam Cozumel Billfish Tournament (see pg 8)

softly muted. We are quite vulnerable, yet protected, as our anger makes us strong. In the ‗80s, I suffered the loss of a 20,000 square foot warehouse and office to fire  The Traveling Gringos caused by an overloaded electrical socket. Explore Cabanas Copal The location served as headquarters for our international Christian toy company-the first and the Tulum Ruins of its kind. It was filled to the brim with toys (see page 6) which would soon find their way to children in five countries. Not only did I lose the thousands of toys, which carried a positive message, I also lost many years of mementoes I escaped the building just as the roof came from travels to foreign places. crashing down and ran to embrace my two There was the Bible fashioned from the hysterical daughters. It was just like the movCedars of Lebanon and given to me by a ies, folks, only it was real! Later, I‘m standing close friend who traveled to the Holy Land; across the street, watching 14 pieces of fire the photo of me as a young and fervent po- equipment from a 7-alarm fire fight this litical campaigner with the newly elected inferno. The building and cars are in flames Governor and his beautiful wife; treasured and soot and tears are streaking my face. photos of friends in the Orient that had become like family to me The list went on.

Toh Libreria A Business With a Giving Heart

Restaurants, Bars and Beach Clubs Tony Rome’s, 5th Ave & Adolfo Rosalas. Great food and entertainment. Outside patio and screened-in dining area. Great locals specials! Try our tender imported beef and babyback ribs. Sing along with Tony! 872-0131. www.tonyromes.com.

Hog Town Café, km 2.85 Castera South. Fishing season is here! Stop in for our June Meal Special and $1.00 draft beer. Located next door to Villa Blanca Hotel. Join us for spectacular sunsets. 872-1651

Woody’s Bar and Grill, El Centro. First beer free with food order. Airconditioned family dining room and sports bar. Wi-FI, Open 10 AM-3 AM. 24 bar stools in open bar. Mexican and American food. Located next to 7-11. 987-116-3789.

Corona Bar, between 5 & 10 on Salas. 2 pool tables, ping pong, free WiFi, great daily food specials, $1 beer. Weekly pool tournament. Great prizes! Live music! Hosts: Roger and Agi. Bring this ad for a free appetizer or drink.

The Pub, between 1st St. So. & Salas on 10 ave. Three large-screen TVs, AirConditioned. Great locals specials. Sports events for Americans and Mexicans. Delicious food and drink. Hosts Oscar and Ondine. 872-1503. Facebook.


Luis and Viveka Marron are not your average business owners, considering they give half of what they sell to the Cruz Roja, Not too many businesses can boast that! The two opened Toh Libreria three years ago on 65 Avenue and 27th Street in a building Luis owns. The attractive bookstore and coffee shop offers a wide range of books in Spanish, but there are a few good English titles, including second-hand paperbacks. The store carries the full Stephanie Meyers‘ ―Twilight‖ series of vampire novels and also offers special-order books that customers need – in any language. Stop in and join Viveka for a cup of coffee, cappuccino, espresso, tea or a soft drink. Read your favorite book, while relaxing in the coffee shop. It‘s a hidden treasure. 857-2690. www.tohlibros@prodigy.net.mx

Barefoot in Cozumel A Unique and Satisfying Experience Sally Hurwitch is a diminutive, 4‘11‖, dynamic individual with a love for people and the relief she can bring them through massage and Oriental therapies of all types. What she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in unbelievable technique. After

Sally completed her certification at San Francisco School of Massage, she chose to further train in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) which utilizes a deep compression effleurage massage administered by her feet. ―Effleurage‖ is a massage term that refers to long, gliding strokes, as opposed to kneading or percussion. Rather than ―walking on the back,‖ AOBT is a real massage that creates a push-pull effect on the muscles, deeply relaxing them and promoting the release of toxins in the tissues. Ashiatsu is a Japanese word meaning "foot pressure". The amount of pressure used is carefully monitored throughout the massage, as Sally checks in with her client periodically to determine optimum level. In most cases, one foot re-


mains on the massage table, so very light or fairly intense pressure can be applied up to her body weight of 100 pounds. Sally‘s personal foot care routine involves soaking, scrubbing, exfoliating, filing and moisturizing on a daily basis. Regular professional pedicures are a must! Sally has special slippers that are placed on her sanitized feet, and removed only when she is in position to place her feet directly on her with pressure over the body of the client, eliciting many of those ―Ah….‖ moments.

Sally is also available for the more traditional relaxing Swedish massage. This style is more soothing and gentle, all done by hand with little to moderate pressure. As a ten -year Reiki Master, Sally also works with this wonderful energy therapy. In a Reiki session, the client remains fully clothed on the massage table, while Sally places her hands in various positions on the client‘s body for 3-5 minutes each. Unlike massage, no physical manipulation takes place. Instead, during each few minute cycle, energy passes through her body and out her palms to the client. As the energy moves, her hands actually get hot. The heat transfers to the client and penetrates deeply, providing relaxation and a sense of calm and tranquility. Visit Sally’s website: www.barefootincozumel.com or call for a personal appointment: 878-4662.


Have a copy of a utility bill with your address on it and the picture pages from your FM3 and passport (both have your birthdate on them). You must be 6 0 t o a p p l y . Go to the Secretary General's office at the Palacio and ask for the senior card letter (on the second floor a t M e l g a r e n d ) . Return the next day to pick up the letter which costs $124 mn. Have three fotos infantiles t a k e n o f y o u r s e l f . Go to the corner of Av 55 Bis and Calle 3 with two copies of passport and FM3 (all pages), 3 photos, Secretary General's letter, and, to be sure, another copy of a utility bill. You will also need to give them a telep ho ne numb er o f so meo ne to contact in an emergency. If they have a supply of cards there, Maria will type it for you while you wait. No charge.

5 ``

Personal Health

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It‘s as if I am watching someone else‘s building burning to the ground. I am numbly rooted to that spot. It is precisely at this time that this young and very dumb Barbie look-alike news reporter from Tampa, sticks a microphone in front of my mouth and actually asks, ―So, ma‘am, how does it feel to stand here and watch your entire company go up in flames?‖ Later, when watching the 11 o‘clock Newscast, I would laugh at the dumbfounded expression I had on my face when I spat out, ―You gotta be kidding me. Get that camera out of my face.‖ The next shot was of me stalking away. It was like that John McCain-Maria Shriver moment. I later realized that maybe I had missed a comedic opportunity. I mean, with a camera poised in front of me, and with so many late night groupies fixating on my every tragic word, I could have put quite a ―twist‖ on such a riveting moment. We are, after all, obsessed with entertainment and the woes of other folks. Suppose, instead of firing off my furious litany, I might have smiled sweetly for the camera and replied: Helluva fire! Helluva fire! Hey, did anybody bring hot dogs and marshmallows?” Now, that would have had them rolling on the floor. Or how about, ―My dear, if you’ve got some iodine and baby oil on you, we could really work on our tan.” They would have been in stitches!

Barefoot in Cozumel. Sally Hurwitch, Certified Massage Therapist. Reiki Master, Body and energy therapy and Ashiatsu Massage. 878-4662.

Estetica Unisex. 30 Ave. between 19 & 21. Men, women & children served. Hair cuts and coloring. Manicure and pedicure. Hair removal. Full set nails. Mary Kay cosmetics. Rosie or Natalie. 987-112-6955.

Specialty Shops Cabrilla’s Nauti Pescador, 30 Ave. between 3 & Moreles. Dressing fishermen from head to toe. Wide variety of fishing-related clothing. Fantastic fishing lures and accessories. Great Father‘s Day gifts! 878-4414 .

Galeria Azul. Visit Greg‘s studio/gallery, Galeria Azul, at his new

location, 15th Ave. No. between 8 & 10 streets. New hours: Mon-Fri 11 AM-7 PM or call 869-0963 for special appt. Beautiful hand-blown glasswork & paintings on silk. www.galleriaazul.com.

Victor’s on 5th. Beautiful gifts by local craftsmen. Large selection of silver jewelry. Mexican-style dresses. Great locals discount. Next to The Pub on 5th Ave. between Juarez and Salas.

Business Services Gretchen Martin, Attorney and Accountant. Foreign corporations, FM2 & FM3 documentation. All legal matters and accounting practices at a reasonable price. English-speaking. 869-6046.

Language Instruction

Yep, missed that moment. I probably would have been on Leno and Letterman by now, written up in People, and giving Spanish and American Academy. Spanish and English seminars around the country on how to turn instruction by 8 teachers. Large garden and playground for children. tragedy into instant c o m e d y . Classes throughout the day for ages 4-adult. Cooking classes. Juarez between 30 and 35 Ave. 120-9215. www.cozumelsea.com.

(Sue Sievert)

Bed and Breakfasts

BookBook a unique Mayan Massage and Receive: A Massage and Receive...

FREE MANICURE! Spa manicure & pedicure. Deep tissue & therapeutic massage. Facials and makeup.

1st Street #241, between 5 & 10 Av.

987-120-1326 4

Villa Escondida B & B. Adults only. 4 spacious guest rooms. Swimming pool w/ outside showers. Coffee & baked goods 6:30 AM, Full Mexican breakfast 8 AM. 10 Ave. #299 between 3rd & ARS. Streets. 987-869-2203. wwww.cozumelvillaescondida.com

Please contact us if you would like to advertise: Call 987-107-9997 or e-mail us: cozumelislander@yahoo.com.mx.

The Traveling Gringos

the majority of folks had their clothes on.

Tales of Travels Around the Yucatan and the Mainland

Cabanas Copal Hotel Tulum A Real “Treasure of the Caribbean” We went on one of our favorite travel sites, Hotels.com, to find an interesting place to stay in Tulum while visiting the nearby ancient ruins. It was to be a weekend celebration of five years of great adventures together and also because we tend to get bored easily. Thus, the never-ending search for new and daring things to do. We finally settled on the Cabanas Copal Hotel Tulum, a unique seaside eco-hotel that combines the beauty of a pristine beach and beautiful azure waters with the relaxation of a holistic Spa. This part- jungle, part- beach resort, takes one back in time when the Mayans settled these shores. One can almost hear their drums at night and there’s a sense that Mayan spirits are everywhere.

Once we trekked through the jungle and found our $80usd/night king-sized seaview room, we were in awe of its beautiful simplicity. A mosquito net draped the large bed which was centered with a commanding view of the Caribbean. Our private cabana had its own palapa and was very unique. Missing, of course, was electricity, and it was kind of like camping out, but with a better bed and a private bath. The first night, after dining on a delicious seafood meal at the on-site

restaurant, we walked the isolated beach and felt a real sense of peace. The lights of Cozumel blinked faintly in the distance. Not long after our return to our candlelit room, we were rocked with a serious thunderstorm that exploded with a kaleidoscope of colors that lit up the dark sky. We were later lightly dusted in bed with rain as we had left our room shades open to enjoy the breeze. We slept like babies. No horns, no bells, no sounds, just the gently falling rain. We found the restaurant’s food so delicious that we opted to just enjoy it all weekend.

Imagine our surprise when we found it was a “clothing optional” beach Breakfast was hot, coffee made to perfection, and dinner was also a treat with live music on the weekend. The beachside bar, Tun Tun, made great tropical drinks and the beer was ice cold. Everything we needed was there. After changing into our bathing suits, we decided to give the beach a try. Imagine our surprise when we found it was a “clothing optional” beach. Oh…..my…..God. I mean, we’re Southerners, you know. We were taught that is just ain’t good manners to go around “nekkid.” It was about a 50-50 proposition, but we plunged ahead with our James Patterson novels and had a sit-down with the crowd. I could see beads of sweat on my husband’s brow as he tried SO hard to concentrate on his book’s story line. A later trip to the Tulum ruins was a little anti-climatic, but from what we could tell,

The ruins were enjoyable and worth the trip. The swim at the base of the cliffs was a way to understand their enormity and the dip was quite refreshing. We noticed a number of large craft markets and assorted fast food restaurants in close proximity to the ruins and the Mayan Pole Flyers were a joy to watch as they performed suspended high above the ground. A swim in the pool at Cabanas Copal later that evening after a sumptuous Mexican platter, capped off a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We never had a chance for a Spa treatment but, maybe next time. About that “clothes optional” beach. Did we, or did we not? “We’re not telling.” Check this very cool place out! www. cabanascopal.com Written by Will and Sue Sievert


    


Harry Villar 30 Ave. between 3 So & Moreles

Tel: 872-2153 Cell: 987-102-4474 987-111-4716


The Enchanting Anastasia Amor


Monday before author Anastasia Amor was to have a book signing at The French Quarter for her suspense series, debuting with ―A Corpse for Cozumel An Adie Sturm Mystery,‖ she met up with us at Rock and Java for an interview. Willl quickly offered to pay the bill as Anastasia holds an advanced belt in Karate and Weaponry. By the time we were done with our conversation, we felt as if we had known her for years, and there were no wounds! Anastasia grabs you right away with those twinkling light blue eyes, blonde hair, and a charming disposition to match. Later, as she shares some of the story lines from

Hand-Carved Mexican Furniture

her hit romance/mystery series, you end up enjoying yourself even more than you had planned as this woman can certainly tell a story. Four successful books in less than a ear attest to the whirlwind she has been on since she first launched her writing career in 2009. Amor, whose early creative energies went into painting, dancing, storytelling, and teaching, just recently picked up her pen and began to write about things that she has a passion about. The desire to combine hot ro-

mance with suspense led to the birth of the Adie Sturm series which features an intelligent woman that dares to explore the adventurous side of her sexuality. Not to mention, she holds a black belt in karate. This author‘s love for Cozumel is evident in her writings and she captures the sensuality and intrigue that can be found here. For over 14 years, this romantic island has been one of Anastasia‘s favorite places to relax. It also serves to ignite her inner passion. It was here that she conceived of her suspense chick-lit series. Enjoy the interview. Islander: What led you to change your career to writing? Amor: I was captivated by the television show in the early ‘60s called The Avengers, a spy-fi television series with Diane Rigg. She played secret agent Emma Peel and did her share of kicking butt . I knew then

that I wanted to create a character who could stand her own ground and yet maintain her femininity. Adie Sturm, the heroine of my books, is a little like me. She’s inde- pendent, opinionated, and has no fear.

Mega now offers ―Us‖ and ―Cosmopolitan‖ magazines in English at the checkout counter.

Blockbuster Video has a special rental rate Tuesdays-15 pesos

Cinepolis has a special movie rate every Wednesday –2 for 1 tickets

Keys can be made at the Key shop across from the Mercado, on the South side of Salas

There are now payment kiosks for CFE electric payments.

Chrysalis needs 8-pak colored markers for students. Donate at Tony Romes or Hotel Aguilar.

Tables, chairs, sofas, bookcases, china cabinets  Bedroom suites and dinette sets  Ceramic lamps, water stands, vases, hat racks, flowers  Artwork, mirrors, statues  Bars and stools  Catalog and Personalized Service 15 Ave. North between 2 & Juarez

987-872-7230 9am-2 & 5pm-9


Islander: Oh yeah, and there’s that black belt in Karate. . Do you have a writer you admire and whose works you enjoy? Amor: I have read a huge array of international writers’ books and enjoyed them all. I especially like Michael Connelly, a great writer

of mysteries and thrillers. Islander: How does your family handle the sudden demands on your time? Amor: I have two great kids and a husband who gave me the space I needed. Both my son and daughter enjoyed snorkeling and exploring the island as children and this time, my daughter, a photography student, is visiting with me, taking advantage of the amazing photography opportunities here. Although he is keen to return to Cozumel, my son must wait until he completes his university studies. Islander: You said in a 2007 Interview that if you could be one of your characters, it would be Adie Sturm. Who would play you in a movie made from one of your books ? Amor: Anna Paquin has the presence of Adie Sturm...energetic, sensuous, natural and fearless like Adie.

Islander:: Future plans? Amor: I am writing a Paranormal Romance Series. The first book in the series is set in present day Cuba with the story centered around Che Guevara’s romance and how that connects with the lives of the main characters. It also explores Santeria’, a type of voodoo belief system that merges the Youba religion with Roman (Continued on page 8)

The Sports PagE

Chetumal’s Sea Star Wins Cozumel Grand Slam Billfish Tournament

(Continued from page 7) Catholic and Native American traditions. My family and I traveled in Cuba through the years and recently I returned to research this novel. At the same time, I am writing the fourth Adie Sturm mystery. The dive experiences I had around Cozumel along with other favorite San Miguel haunts will all be part of a murder mystery that might very well culminate in a climax at festival at Cedral. Islander: Let‘s imagine you are stranded on a deserted island. You can have only three things with y o u . W h a t w o u l d t h e y b e ? Amor: Well, definitely shiraz wine, imported Belgian chocolate and of course, a sexy and passionate man! Islander: Okay, NOW we know where all that romance comes from! To check out all four of Anastasia Amor‘s books, go to:

It was two picture-perfect days of fishing as the crew of Chetumal’s Sea Star boat took home the Hummer and the grand prize at this year’s Rodeo de Lanchas in Cozumel. Miguel, Jose and Stefano Marzuca caught a blue marlin, a wahoo and a dorado on Saturday for 18,313 points, then added a total of 622 points on Sunday, giving them a two-day total of 18,935 total points. Cozumel’s own Alex de Anda and Murphy Emmons, of the boat Nuria, came in second with 16,367 points. Third place went to El Diablito, with 7,045 points. Fourth was Cozumel’s Uch Alberto Mezo with 6,145 points and fifth place went to the boat Skipjack, with 4,443 points.

www.anastasiaamor.com. Amazon. com or whiskeycreekpress.com. Anastasia on Facebook /myspace.com. E-mail: Anastaia.Amor@hotmail.com

Juarez between 5 & 10, upstairs above Woody‘s Bar and Grill

872-4267 www.pura-tinta.com    

Tattoo and Body Piercing Always new needles Highest ink quality Hospital sterilization (autoclave) Thousands of designs Custom freehand work Bright colors 7 years experience

3 large screen TVs Air– conditioned Sporting events Local Drink Specials

Join Oscar and Ondine, your fun and gracious hosts for delicious Mexican cuisine and delicious drinks. Sample their popular house specialty, Cilantro Cheese.

Cozumel Ink

10 Ave. between Salas and 1st St. So.

* Tattoo *


7 St. So. Between 5 & REM


Cooking, Mexican Style Guacamole 8 large ripe avocados chopped 2 large tomatoes, chopped 1 large onion, chopped 1 small bunch cilantro, finely chopped 2 Serrano peppers, finely chopped Coarse salt Juice of 4 lemons Lime-flavored tortilla chips In bowl, combine avocados, tomatoes, onion, cilantro and peppers. Season with salt and lemon juice. Mix to combine, mashing slightly. Serve with chips. Serves 8 (Eva Langoria’s famous recipe, featured in People magazine)

The Cozumel Islander Published by: Blues Parrot of Cozumel

Oasis of the Seas Makes its Cozumel Debut May 6 GRILLED CHICKEN Chicken………………….80 pesos Chicken + 2 ltr Coke… .. 95 pesos BBQ or Teriyaki Chicken..90 pesos 2 Chickens + 2 ltr Coke...160 pesos HOT DOGS/JUICY BURGERS

Hot dog + fries………..30 pesos Hamburger + fries…….50 pesos LARGE DELICIOUS SALADS

Caesar………………...40 pesos Caesar with chicken…..50 pesos 30 Ave. between 19 & 21 Sts. So.

Photo by Laura Chisholm

It was a miracle there was no traffic jam on Thursday, May 6, as the Oasis of the Seas made her grand entrance at the International Pier.

(Next to the Oxxo)

987-120-0774 We Deliver! HOSPITAL SLANG… Axe, blade, slasher - A surgeon Baby catcher - An obstetrician Banana - A patient with jaundice Captain Kangaroo - Chief pediatrician Coffin dodger - Someone who survived against expectations. Foreverectomy - Long surgery OBE - Open at Both Ends (diarrhea and vomiting) Rear admiral - A proctologist Shadow gazer -Radiologist Spark ‘em - To defibrillate a patient Stream Team—The urology department

Have an event or fund-raiser coming up or newsworthy items? Send to: cozumelislander@yahoo.com.mx. Will and Sue Sievert, Publishers © 2010

987-107-9997 Check out our website: www.thecozumelislander.com


The 220,000 ton vessel accommodates 5400 passengers with 2700 staterooms and 28 modern loft suites to choose from. At 1,284‘ long, and a draft of 30‘, this supersized cruise ship easily outclasses anything else sailing these beautiful blue seas. She was a sight to behold!

Movin’ and Groovin’ with Jorge Aquino

MUSIC VENUES Tuesdays Alberto‘s Beach Bar...Caribbean Show….Sunset

Cuban Music Roots

The vibrant music of our neighboring island of Cuba takes on many forms and has its roots in Spain and Africa with heavy Creole influences. From as early as the 18th century, theater and opera were both viable venues and music was developed to suit the Creole fans. Many musical styles have evolved over the years since then. Habanera, Danzon, and Son which is one of the most important parts of Cuban music with bongos (and/or congo drums), claves, bass guitar and brass. The clave by itself is the unmistakable drive in the songs. It gives the strong Afro-Cuban music a signature rhythm and holds it together. Cowbells with their dominant and varied sounds bring the music to a feverish pace. Now throw in a mix of maracas, guiros and maybe timbales and the sky is the limit with regards to the versatility of Cuban music. In the early 1900’s, Cuba and the United States had relations and most importantly New Orleans. (We know about their jazz.) The maestro from the Tropicana Club, Armando Romeu Jr., was a main factor in the progression of Cuban Jazz, and now it is stronger and more popular than ever. The sensationally talented Jorge Aquino will be reporting on music happenings around the Island. Aquino y su banda Aguanile perform at several weekly venues.

Wednesdays Alberto‘s Beach Bar...Kaoba- Sunset La Hach…Karma - 11 PM-2 AM

(Rock) (Rock)

Thursdays Alberto‘s Beach Bar...Caribbean Show...Sunset La Hach...Karma - 11 PM-2 AM (Rock) Pirata‘s..Mary Jane–11 PM-3 AM 70s & Reggae Corona Bar..Kaoba–10:30PM-2AM Rock/Reggae El Tiki Tok..Explocion Latino-10 PM (Latino) Melia Hotel—Angelito de la Salsa—10 PM

Fridays Alberto‘s Beach Bar So...Kaob - Sunset Rock Rolandi‘s..Dave on Sax- 8-11 PM Smooth Jazz The Plaza... La Cuzamil Band- 8-10 PM Piratas...The Gold Band –10-3 AM (Rock) La Hach….LIA - 7-10 PM (Rock) Corona Bar..Kaoba-10:30 PM-2 AM Rock Hard Rock Café...Black Knight-11 PM (Rock) The Money Bar...Red Eye - 6-9 PM Classic Rock La Palapitas...Angelito de La Salsa...9-11 PM Aquino y su banda Aguanile - 11 PM-2:30 AM Ambar...Garrobos - 11 PM-2 AM (Rock) Alberto‘s Beach Bar…Kaoba -Sunset (Reggae) Toro‘s Place...Angelito de la Salsa –11 PM El Tiki Tok...Explosion Latino-10 PM (Latino) Azucar...Requiem - 11 PM (Rock)

Saturdays Viva Mexico..Aquino y Aguanile-Mid-2:30 AM Rolandi‘s..Dave on Sax-8-11 PM Smooth Jazz Aqua Restaurant/Bar….Jazz/Acoustic...9 PM The Plaza... La Cuzamil Band- 8-10 PM Corona Bar...Live Music 10:30 PM-2 AM


Pirata‘s….The Gold Band –10-3 AM (Rock) La Hach… LIA- 7-10 PM (Rock) Hard Rock Café...Black Knight-11 PM (Rock) The Money Bar...Red Eye - 6-9 PM (Rock) Toro‘s Place...Angelito de la Salsa - 10 PM El Tiki Tok...Explosion Latino–10 PM Latino Azucar...Requiem - 11 PM (Rock)

Sundays The Plaza..La Cuzamil Band- 8-10 PM Cubano Playa Azul…Aquino y Aguanile - 2 PM The Money Bar..Red Eye - 3-6 PM (Rock) Melia Hotel..Angelitop de la Salsa—10 PM

Salsa Lessons. Sundays 1-3 PM at Playa Azul. MWF 9-10 PM Selene’s Gym on 5 Ave. 50 peso/hour

Call Manuel: 872-4330


Costa Brava Restaurant

Home of the 40 peso Breakfast Special 6:30-9:30 AM

Jose Luis and his family opened the Costa Brava Restaurant in 1982. Located on 7th Street, between Melgar and 5a, the restaurant specializes in classic Mexican cuisine such as chile relleno, bean soup and enchiladas in mole.

Stop in and try any of their spectacular seafood dishes. The house specialty of course is the King Crab Platter for two. The lobster dishes are fresh and cooked to your satisfaction.

7th Street between Melgar and 5a. Parking across the street.

987-118-1003 Hours: Open 7 Days a Week 6:30 AM- 11: 00 PM

Join us every day for our 2 for 1 drink specials from 6-8 PM and 10-12 PM. Margaritas, beer and house mixed drinks. (Specials also good at La Caletita location.)


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The June issue of The Cozumel Islander features the Traveling Gringos’ trip to Cabanas Copal Hotel Tulum and an interview with well-known au...


The June issue of The Cozumel Islander features the Traveling Gringos’ trip to Cabanas Copal Hotel Tulum and an interview with well-known au...