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It’s all begins when I found this bookstore! My name is not important because I don’t want anyone apart from my friend (best friend) know who I am. It’s not that I’m too ‘ego’ about my name, it’s just that I have a few names for a different people who I know…..but out of all the name that I used I prefer to be call ‘cosmos’: no one call me that, ever! Now, back to where it’s all begins. I love books, but not school books for sure, although there are some certain school books which I found more interesting than other, but anyway I love books especially ‘vampire’ books! I mean, who don’t like it? So that is where it’s all begins! What can I say, being away from a place where you feel safe the most and being away from a person you love the most is like you have nothing to hold on to, or in my case, nothing to fight for! After moving school from school, country to country, I finally end up in a place where I never dare to imagine of. But hey, here I am. You all might wonder where am I? It’s was early in the morning, so dark that I hardly see anything but only a small white dots falling from the sky along with a cold wind! Have I mention that this place where I end up was surrounded by a snow? And on the mountain above the low cloud? Yeah right, I’m in Europe but don’t be too curious of the specific of the location because my lips are seal tight! It’s not wise for me to tell you and it’s dangerous for you to know; I do care about you, who ever reading this story of mine. I’m not much into flying in a long distance because from the start to the end all I know is nothing and all I feel is dizzy. However those small white dots really help me to over comes the entire dizzy thing in my head for long than 12 hours. Isn’t it great to be under the falling snow? Slowly, I drag one big luggage on my right, small one on my left and a laptop on my shoulder (for my sake, it is heavy). I was stopped by the group of people who seem to be a school stuff members. There weren’t much to talk about a trip from the airport to my school because all I know is nothing and all I feel is dizzy, so by far I’m sharing a piece of my life with you (my reader). By the time I woke up, the air around me became more dense and absolute negative degree. Suddenly a pair of hands shaking really hard on my shoulder and so I sat up straight. Then what I saw is amazing. I want to tell you but I just don’t know how to start with, let say its huge and beautiful: well yeah I’m standing in front of an old castle. Stand still with the two luggage beside me I eyed everything that I can see; for now I know everything but still feel nothing. Walking pass a double glass doors in the mall is normal but walking pass a double glass doors in the castle is something else, you know what I mean! On my right I can see a passage way which leads into an internet area and to my left, there is a long wooden table with a tall blond white woman dress in black waiting for me or should I say expecting me to go there and finish what ever is there for me to finish it. She is a fine woman as much as I can tell but who know people can change as the time goes by. There are few paper works I have to sign, just like a normal hotel check-in procedure, so there wasn’t anything much but papers and letters. As I received my room number and a key pad I quickly said “thank you” to the receptionist and head back to the middle area where I first enter from outside. There are so many comfortable arm-chairs for a student to sit and relax or in this case I should say for a new student like me. Just when I sat down I start to think about the entire vampire’s story; will it be great if I meet a

real vampire or any vampire like those in the books and movies? But the reality of my situation right now hit me hard on the face that I’m just a lonely girl in the castle. I have no idea why I spent 30 minutes sitting there instead of dragging my ass up to my room which I also have no idea where is it? Stupid me. I look at my key pad and it’s so small, flat and thin, a kind of key that I don’t know how to use it, but what can I do? My room number is 420 and where the hell is room 420? Because every direction I’m turning my head is spinning fast, so I slowly close my eyes and concentrate. There are 6 floors in this school (the student’s rooms and class rooms are in the same building). The 4th floor is not too bad, I like it! More than 20 minutes I walk around, up and down, to find my room and finally I found it. But hell, I have to concentrate even more to figure out how to open my stupid door!! Don’t you dare think that I’m stupid because I’m not, I mean with my dizzy head and a strange key pad how could I think of any logical way to use it, therefore I spend more time standing in front of my own room. Not for long I open it (too complicated to explain how I did it). The first thing I notice after I step into the room is how big my room is and how bigger my bath room is, but for that moment I don’t care if my room is big or old as the building itself because all I know is that my body desperate to lay down for as long as it take to recover my dizzy head! So I did. I woke up in the next day, breath in pure fresh air into my lungs and by far I start to feel something, something good is about to happen. For the entire morning I unpack my bags, walk around the school and meet some new people. Wait a minute! Something is missing, something is not right! Oh shit, I forgot my book (didn’t I told you how much I love to read book? Yes I did). Well hell, the most important thing in my life and I forgot to bring it with me: stupid me. However, I still have 3 days before the school start and so I need to find an English bookstore and buy a new one FAST!!!!!! Without hesitation, without thinking and without knowledge of the local area I ran to the train station, next to my school, to go downtown. I walk and walk and walk for the entire even until my eyes spotted on one particular small shop named ‘CosMos’, well hell, what a perfect name! I don’t know if I walk fast or I run because all I know is that I have to go that shop and I am going to that shop. It doesn’t matter if the shop is a bookstore or something else, I have to go there! Shit, what a perfect bookstore! (Not knowing my timetable or how much work I will have backs at my school I already decide in my head to come to this place everyday or any free time). I carefully push the door forward and step in. Everywhere I look is full of books, except the left corner from where I stood is filling up with few comfortable arm-chairs and a table in the middle. I walk around slowly along with my five fingers touching every single book. Now I know and feel everything! Something good is actually happen but not for long as two men on the counter looking at me. I stop what I’m doing and turning my back to them. OMG, I feel uncomfortable when someone looking at me like that, especially a good looking man because I do value myself as much as I value my book, so no chance that I’m going to walk to them and start up a conversation! Despite all the distraction, I continue searching a nice book to read and for all the effort I finally found one. I then turn around heading for the counter while the two men who were looking at me earlier, walk toward me. I have to say these two men are very handsome but somehow I’m not into them, so I walk pass between them and for no reason they seem to be surprise about me walking pass through them; as I said I value myself. I think what they really surprise about me is how

unattractive of themselves in my eyes or in my mind! Well hell, I’m not a slut!!!! If you know what I mean. The other man who stand behind the counter seem to be more in control greeted me politely and ask my name so he can precede my member card (I want to be a member of this place for as long as I’m here). After I signed all the paper works and agreed to all the conditions, which I didn’t border to read any of it, the man seems to be surprise about something? The expression on his face reminds me of those two looking men: not again! What is wrong with these men or me? Then he asked me why I use ‘cosmos’ as my signature and for my nickname? I told him that I like this name or this word with no reason. He nodded slowly and continued working on my member card. Out of the blue, I speak out loud “If you don’t mine, can I come here everyday just for reading but in return I will only buy a book from you, not else where?” I cross my fingers for a luck and then the counter man said “you can come here everyday, any time and read anything as you want cosmos” I sincerely thank you him with a big smile on my face! I turn back quickly, holding my member card on the left and my new book on the right, heading for the door because I almost forgot that I have a school to return to! As I’m about to reach the door I felt a pair of eyes are looking at me from the right corner and so I turn to my right. Well hell again, those two men are still look at me! They can do what ever they want and I don’t care about it because what I have in my both hands are more important and it’s all I care for now. Everyday since I left the CosMos bookstore I feel incomplete. My first day at school is nothing special or fun like others. For all day, all I think is to go back to CosMos: being surrounded by books makes me feel like home. Well, not for long until the school end! Have I told you about the book that I bought? I guess not, sorry my reader. Before I tell you the name of the book I would like you to know something about me. As long as I can remember I mostly read fantasy books, nothing else (like Harry potter, Ink heart etc.) and I have been like that for more than 5 years. However the book that I bought from CosMos is certainly not fantasy. This book is something else, something new and so why not I give it a shot since I’m now in a new place? The name of the book is ‘Dark Lover’ by J.R. Ward, a roman vampire novel.

Chapter 2 After each class, I started to read page by page even it’s only for 5 minutes. A world of vampire which I never know before is now flowing into me with no sign of stopping. All of this year I believed a vampire is just a monster sucking human blood, but from the book that I’m reading now is nothing like it. If any of you, my reader have read ‘Dark lover’ novel before you probably understand what I mean! Have you ever feel like the time is running so slow that you wish you could just step a head of it? (well hell, impossible!!!). Because I’m now praying, not often in my life that I’m praying, for my last class to end. Shit, I have to get a grip of myself or else I will not be able to pass my next test on the accounting. Why can’t my life be any easier? But hey, that is life right? Never fair! At the last minute toward the end of the class I start to pack all of my books, pens and pencils ready to go to Cosmos bookstore. Quickly I change my new dress, quickly I run to the train station and quickly I’ve been stopped by the train man who job is to collect a ticket. Normally he will let me pass without checking a ticket because I’m a student; I have a student’s card which can be use as a free pass. But it seem my luck is running out fast as today it is a new man who I assume will check every single human before board the train. This time I must admit that I’m stupid because I forgot to carry my hand bag with me, so what can I do but to step back and let other people walk pass. Nevertheless, I’m not giving up with this stupid mistake. I pretend to walk around the train until I found the back door and without taking any breath I jump on the step and sit on the empty seat (after that I pretend to be sleep). All the emotions that I have to go through on the train have been faded away when I see the CosMos bookstore. Don’t want to waste any more time, I pushed the door forward and step in just like my first time: yesterday. I send a smile to the counter man and heading to the reading corner on my left. One hour has pass and my ass still not hurt at all, but someone ass is about to get hurt, really hurt. A man who I know from somewhere is heading toward me. While he walk, he never stop looking at me or should I say never blink his eyes! Then he sits down. Then he stares at me. Then he humble. Then he flips his fingers. Then I finally speak “Is there any problem?” It took him for a while to answer my short question “No, just curious”. Well hell, what a nice start! I didn’t ask what the curious thing is because I don’t want to know, so I drop my head and continue reading. It’s getting harder and harder for me to read as his eyes are locked on me! This has to stop and it’s going to stop right now! I said out loud, “ What is it?”. He reply, “ Why your name is Cosmos?” “I like it!”, I said back to him, but somehow I know that is not what he curious about, I just know it. I then ask him the same question again and this time he better answer it or his ass is going to get really hurt. Finally he told me how I’m the only girl who walked pass him without any interest at all. Then we both silent, but not for long when I decided to ask his name.

“Since you know my name, what is your name then?” He smile a little and said, “My name is Marco” “That is not your name!”, I thought I say this in my head but by the look on Marco’s face tell me that I indeed said it out loud, too loud. Stupid me! Like a fire-work on the New Year, he said, “why you think like that?”. I wish I could answer that to myself too, but well hell, I have to answer him with my unthinkable answer that I didn’t know, “It’s just a feeling…..I…’s doesn’t matter and I’m sorry about that….” For an hour we talked like a crazy friend. To be honest, I don’t know how it’s happen but it did, so what can I do about it? I told him about my school life, my family life (not too detail) and about my passion of books. He also told me about himself, his family (also not too detail) and his friends. I nodded with a little smile for every 5 minutes just to let him know that I’m listening to him (a way to show respect). After a long conversation he stands up, turning around, looking back at me and said “I want you to meet my friend, do you remember him? The other man, who you walked pass yesterday?” I said, “yes, yes I do”. Without any more words he marched toward the counter, picked up the phone and hang up! Shit, I lost an hour or so of my reading, but in return, at least I made a new friend. Don’t be too anxious my reader, I will tell you what Marco looks like and so his friend as I need more time to put it all together because for a moment I’m every exciting about my new friend. Marco probably gone for 10 minutes when he showed up his friend was already standing next to him in front of me. As soon as I see him, I stand up and say hi. He offers his hand, shaking my hand gently and says hi back. By far everything is good. His name is Rox. “That is not your name!”, shit, did I said that out loud again? Yes I did. Marco tapped Rox’s shoulder and laughs and said “I told you so”. I don’t know how long we 3 were talking, but I seem to notice the difference of these two men, comparing with the men yesterday; they seem to be friendly, fun and polite, nothing like what I thought when I first met them. We laugh and laugh and talk and laugh for how long I don’t know, until my mobile phone rang from my jean’s pocket. It was my roommate, Chelsea, and I need to catch the train back to my school FAST!!!!!! Shit, will I make it in time? Because the train is leaving in other 20 minutes and it took me 30 minutes from train station to Cosmos bookstore. After I hang up the phone I told Marco and Rox that I have to go and will be back tomorrow. They seem to be sad about my leaving, but why? Shit, now it’s not the time to think about them! As I turn my back heading for the door, Rox yells back at me if he could have my phone number, but unfortunately I have no time for that, so I yell back “tomorrow, Rox” and I’m out. I arrived at the train station 2 minutes before its leaving. I told myself that next time I better manage my time schedule more carefully, if it not my roommate called, I would be stuck in that bookstore until morning (and how much trouble I will have to face?). Stupid me!

Same like yesterday, I took the train (with my hand bag and a TICKET) and walk to the Cosmos bookstore. I walk into the store as usual and see no one, not even the counter man! What ever, it’s not my business to go around sniffing people life. I then sit down and start to read my book. For now and then, I wish I could be ‘Beth’, a character from the ‘Dark lover’, who falls in love with a vampire warrior and so did he! But hey it’s just a book! Before I continue with anything, I have to tell you, my reader, that I do believe in vampire (hard to explain why). As I turn page after page, the counter man was beside me and said hi. With a sudden greeting, I dropped my book on the floor and turn around to face him. “Shit, next time you better make some noise before you say hi to me…..mmmmm…….sorry, what is your name?” He then said, “I’m sorry too, didn’t mean to scared you and my name is Flinix”. For this time I will make sure that what I’m about to say is in my head: that is not his name! Why? Why? I’m keep saying this to myself? Shit, my head is totally mess-up! Because of the silent that I made, he slowly said “My friend, Marco and Rox are coming and they want you to wait for them” “OK”, I said back, but wait, I need to know something more. “You, Marco and Rox are friends?” “yes, we own this place together and the other two as well, have you meet the other two yet?” He said. Five men own this bookstore? I don’t want to believe it but I have to! Then we talk about books and movies, more like updating each other, until Marco and Rox showed up with a bag full of snacks!! “Hey Cosmos, you wait for us!” Said Rox “Hey Rox, yes I did”, I said “I thought I might not make it in time”, said Marco “It seems you did”, I said “So how everything?” , said Flinix to Marco and Rox “All went well, and I have what you ask for, too”, said Rox “Thanks man”, said Flinix to Rox “Anytime man” said Rox We 4 sit close together by pulling our chair toward the table in the middle. We talk, we laugh and we eat until it’s time for me to go back. It has been like this for 2 weeks, my visit to the Cosmos bookstore (and I still manage to pass my accounting test).

Although this time, as I say goodbye to Marco, Rox and Flinix, it was me who seem to be sad, not them! What can I say, I am happy being around them, I mean hanging around with Marco, Rox and Flinix is way more fun than those back at my school. As I make my way back to the train station Marco shout at me to stop, surprisingly I stopped and turn back. “Stop, wait, stop………mmm…Cosmos, I know that we only be friend for 2 weeks, but all of us think you are a good person and fun to hang around with, so if it okay with you, tonight we are going to the night club and we would like you to come with us, so you can meet the other 2 friend of us there, what do you think?”, said Marco with an unsteady voice. “mmm……if you guarantee of my safety from other pervert guys, then yes, but you, Rox and Flinix have to promise”, I said with a little hesitation. “No problem with that”, said Marco “Ok then, what time? But wait, I can’t come down after 20.00pm because the last train from my school is 19.50 pm.” I said quickly “Let me think….mmm….how about this….we pick you up from school at 21.oo pm, deal?”, said Marco “Can you do that?” I said “Are you kidding, driving through the mountain is nothing, trust me, so don’t worry, will you say yes or no?” said Marco with a little laugh at the end. “Yes”, said with a smile on my face. “Great, see you then Cosmos”, said Marco while he walk back to the store, but have to stop when I shout something back at him. “See you soon….but wait…one more thing….I’m also happy hanging around with you 3 too“ I said this quickly and ran back to the train station. I finish my dinner as fast as I could (in cafeteria) and went up to my room. I take a bath and get dress, ready to go to the night club. Lucky today, I have no homework as well as group work and the most important of all is that I have no duty at the school’s disco (locate on the 1st floor). Let me remain you again my reader that I’m not a slut and I’m value myself! So for tonight, I’m wearing a pair of black pans, white T-shirt and a brown jacket. I don’t really care what other people think about my looks or my cloth as long as I’m happy. I look at my watch and it’s about time for me to start walking. Once I see the lobby, not too far away, I start to walk quicker. “Shit Flinix, how did you get in here?”, I said with a shock and surprise all under the same time, as Flinix was waiting for me in the lobby. But where are Marco and Rox? I said this to myself: in my head. “The door was open, so I walk in and wait for you” said Flinix “hey……thank you for waiting”, I said Then we walk out through the double glass doors.

“Hey Cosmos…..over here!”, said Marco and Rox, standing next to their car. Well hell, the one next to Rox is black BMW (that is all I know about car), and the other one next to Marco is red Porsche. I‟m so lucky tonight!!!! Somehow, the only feeling that I have for them is not love (a kind of girlfriend, boyfriend), but a friend. If it was you, my reader, you probably want to be their girlfriend: they are everything you would want a man to be! But not me! Flinix leads me to the BMW car where Rox is. He has a short brown-red hair and a perfect pair of brown eyes. Although, Marco has a short brown hair, a deep green eyes and FlinixI has a short black hair and totally dark eyes. I say hi to both of them and slowly move into the car (beside the driver seat), because Marco and Flinix are going together so that leave me and Rox. As the two cars start to accelerate away from school car park, I turn around to Rox and said, “Rox, can I turn on the music?” “Tell me what song do you like”, said Rox “Do you have any song from the 80s?”, I said “You like to listen to the 80s? Not surprise at all”, said Rox with a small laugh “And why is that, may I know?”, now I‟m curious “Well you not like the other girl as Marco said earlier, remember?”, said Rox “Oh yeah, so… you have it?..if you do can I listen to „Linda Linda‟ song ?, please”, I said “OK..wait just a sec”, he said slowly and reached to the radio area while his face is focusing on the road (well hell, bet he should because I still want to live). Just as I listen to the song, only half way till the end, I heard Marco‟s voice! But from where? Then Rox turn off the song and turn the other volume up. I look up at his face with confusion and said, “Is that Marco?” “ah….i forgot to tell you…our cars have a wireless mobile which connected to the radio.. as you can see now…so it‟s easier for us to communicate while we driving, cool right”, said Rox “To prevent yourself from getting an ass better tell me before, okay?” I said “Hey Cosmos, we nearly there..are you ready?” said Marco from the radio “Shit you Marco, you nearly give me a heart attack…and yeah I‟m ready….but and Flinix remember the promise right?” I said “55555..sorry about that..and yeah…we remember! Said Marco “You will be safe” said Rox “thanks guys” I said sincerely As the car pull off from the main road into the parking lot, I saw a yellow car (so dark that I can‟t tell what kind of car is it) next to where Rox‟s car and Marco‟s car are parking. I guess it belong to my new friend who probably waiting in the club. I step out of the car after Rox has opened the side door for me. This is my first time visiting a night club, so I have no idea what to expect but my new friends inside there.

We 4 walk close together into the club. Shit, this place is nice, I mean with all the classic decoration, a round dance floor, chairs and table (red and yellow). It‟s way better than I thought it would be! Another bonus to my lucky night!!! Rox told me while we heading to the VIP section that tonight the club is close for only the VIP member, but for every other night this place is full of people! “So, every Friday they close for VIP only?”, I ask Rox to confirm his statement. “that‟s right”, said Rox “Yo! Marco, Flinix, Rox….this way”, yelled a man behind the blue curtain on my left. As we walk toward the blue curtain, I feel like someone from somewhere is watching me. I turn my head around but see no sign of a person who looking at me! Shit, I probably too nervous!. When I turn my head back I saw my new two friends sitting on the U-shape sofa. They both stand up and greet me like Marco, Rox and Flinix, by shaking my hand gently. “You must be Cosmos, I‟m Fabio”, said a tall, blond, blue eyes, short hair man. “I‟m Seven”, said a tall, black-blue short hair and brown eyes. “Hi Fabio and Seven”, I said with a same expression when I heard Marco, Rox and Flinix name. “Are you okay Cosmos”, ask Seven “Yeah..I‟m fine..just…doesn‟t matter”, I said quickly “She thinks Seven is not your name and Fabio is not your name too.”, said Marco with a smile on his right corner. “She what?”, said Fabio “Guys….it‟s just a feeling that‟s all”, I said uncertainly. Then we all sat down I sit next to Flinix and Rox, whereas, Marco is sitting next to Seven and Fabio. We start to talk about thing that happen at the bookstore and about me being there everyday reading all the vampire‟s books (dear my reader, I forgot to tell you that for the past few weeks until now I‟m no the book number 6 „Lover Enshrined‟ by J.R. ward). Fabio and Seven seem to be surprise of how quickly we click together as Flinix said, “She is different right?”. We continue talking for an hour, right when Seven stand up and ask if anyone want a drink? “Same as usual, Seven” , said Marco and Rox “Same same but more dense this time, thanks”, said Fabio “Same same, no extra”, said Flinix What the hell are these guys ordering? “mmm…I will have water, please!” I said “No alcohol Cosmos?”, asked Rox

“Nah….I don‟t drink alcohol, sorry guys”, I said “But why?”, asked Fabio “Well..mmm..i will tell you all later….for now let say I‟m on the safe side”, I said with a smile. “10 minutes, everyone” said Seven and walk straight to the bartender. “Hey Cosmos, me and Flinix will be back just in a sec” said Rox “Ok, but where are you going”, I asked “ Just outside , smoking”, said Rox Then both of them vanished from my sight “Anyone want to play poker?”, I said, just to broke the silent. „Sure, I‟m in”, said Marco “Me too….but what will we betting on Cosmos?”, said Fabio “Well..I don‟t know…just play it..okay?”, I said “55555…you are one of the kind Cosmos”, said Fabio “Thanks for the compliment Fabio…now…do neither of you have a card?”. How stupid I am, wanted to play a poker but have no card. “I don‟t think we 3 have any, so I‟m going to the bartender and get one, so stay put and be ready because there will be no sympathy in this game”, said Marco “Bring it on, I can‟t wait to kick your ass”, I said While Fabio and I waiting for Marco we talk a bit more, mostly about myself. Then Marco came back with a pack of card. Out of 10 times we play, I won 4 out 10, Marco won 2 out of 10 and Fabio won 4 out of 10. “Ready to get some ass kick, Marco”, I said with a small laugh “This is impossible, did you cheat Cosmos” said Marco “5555… just never lose to any you?”I said “That first girl is you..but it‟s ok..because you are one of the kind!” said Marco “I‟m getting better”, said Fabio “hehehehhehehehe”, I laugh “What is it?”, ask Fabio “Nothing…. it‟s just….for a couple of weeks I read these vampire‟s books and thinking if all of you are like those vampire from the book, I mean…how amazing it would be?, I said

After I finished my last word, Marco and Fabio seem to be stiff for a moment, not for long until Fabio broke out, “What do think about vampire? Do you believe them? “Yes, I do….but I don‟t know will they be like the one from the book? Because they really good at controlling people mind, interact or adapt to the surrounding area every well, so it‟s hard for a normal human like us to spot one of them…that is what I‟m thinking? What about you Marco? What do you think?”I said and firing to Marco. “Well, I don‟t know, no comment, sorry” said Marco “and you Fabio?” I said “They might be real vampire, who knows, I might be a vampire!” said Fabio with a laugh “Cosmos, what will you do if Fabio and I are vampire?” said Marco with a tense eyes. “Guys..don‟t be silly..if you really a vampire you probably dead before you can speak to me…because what I know is that vampire don‟t like sunlight, it‟s kind of make them weak and die in the end, but you both are working at the bookstore in the middle of the day, so there is no way you‟re a vampire”, I said proudly with all the information that I have learned from the pass 2 weeks. “Really? And you believe that? Said Marco “Who believe what?”,said Seven as he sat next to me. “Cosmos was having this crazy idea of us being a vampire and so Marco asked her what will she do if we were a vampire?” said Fabio “You what?” said Seven, facing to Marco “What wrong Seven”, said Rox coming from behind the blue curtain and follow by Flinix. Now everyone seem to be panic about Marco‟s question! What the hell is going on? I mean, Marco, Rox, Flinix, Fabio and Seven can‟t be a vampire and It‟s just a crazy idea as Fabio said earlier. Well hell, these guys really take it too seriously! Am I being stupid again? “Guys….relax..don‟t be too serious” I said For a quick moment, ten eyes are locked on me and so I continue talking. “It‟s a crazy idea….and if by any chance…you all a vampire….I will sit here next to you all, going to the bookstore everyday and hang around like before….nothing will change!”, I said “But why? You not scare?”asked Flinix “No….because you all are my friend..well…for me..I won‟t just turn my back to a friend who seem to be a vampire, or demon, or whatever, you name it….I don‟t know why I think like this..but I do… drop all the tenses on your face and relax..because you are not a vampire guys” I answered with a full disclosure. “You are absolutely one of the kind, my dear friend” said Rox “By far…..I think so too Rox”, I said

After that long vampire‟s topic conversation, everyone start to talk about something else, without knowing the time and how long I have been here in this club, I leaned on Rox‟s shoulder and I slept. Just right before my eyes are closing, someone with a soft low voice whisper something into my ear: “someday…someday…you will know”.

Chapter 3 I really don’t remember what happened after I leaned on Rox’s shoulder at the night club! It’s 07.00am, the first thing in my head. After I turn my alarm clock, next to my bed, I realize how cold it is in my room! Shit, how did I get back here? I mean, I wasn’t drunk because I only drink water (can’t be drunk of water, right?) and no alcohol at all! May be the guys carry me back to the school, but wait a minute, if it true, then how did they came inside the school and in my ROOM? Not that I haven’t mention before of how difficult it was for me to find my own room! Plus, these guys don’t even know my room number because as much as I remember I didn’t told them about it, except my phone number to Rox and Flinix. Well hell, I need an answer! Shit, I almost forgot that I have morning duty down at the cafeteria (serving breakfast to the students). I only work from 07.30 – 10.00am and I’m free for the rest of the day (it suck really to work in the school on Saturday morning, but at least not for a whole day!) I better be ready for my trip to Cosmos bookstore. I’m wearing a long black skirt, down to my ankle and an emerald T-shirt with a brown coat, because the winter has not yet finish! Well hell, it’s Saturday and the train is full of students: no surprise!!!! The worst part is that I have to squeeze my tiny body through the crowd, to the back of the train because I’m certainly will not wait for the next train, which is an hour later! Half way down to the train station, my cell phone vibrate just once, indicate that I have receive a message and so I read, “Call me when you off the train, Seven”. It was Seven who send me the message. Just as I put my phone back into the pocket, another vibration from my phone and again, I have receive a new message and it said, “If you can’t call Seven-call me ASAP, Marco”. And then another message from Fabio said, “We are coming, don’t leave the train station”. Well hell, what is happening down there? And what is wrong with these guys? And why I have to call them ASAP? And why can’t I leave the train station? As I’m go through all the 3 messages again to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, another message from Rox said, “Cosmos, remember this password: banana”. Now I’m getting really worry and confuse, but I don’t know what should I be worry about? Then I put my phone back to its place for the final time and thinking of the password that I have to remember for what? I don’t know! It was funny that Rox chose a word ‘banana’ as a password. I mean, there are lots of cool and classic words but ‘banana’? How hilarious is that? How could I forget that? And how could you, my reader forget that? As soon as the train stops, everyone apart from me hurry to get off the train. I wait until the last person walk off the train and I start to walk step by step slowly. I mean, why hurry? If these guys don’t want me to leave the train station!! I step down from the train’s stair and called Seven. Well hell, no signal, so I called Marco (just like what it said in the message) “Cosmos, where are you?”, Marco said quickly.

“Hey Marco, slow down..I just arrive and now I’m at the front of the train station next to the ATM and you?” I said “We are coming, see you in 2 minutes”, said Marco and hang up “Ok”, I said to myself Out of no where, the snow starts to fall. What a day!!!! Without snow for 2 days is enough to make me freezing and now it’s falling? So, I look up at the sky where the snow is falling from: it’s beautiful! Then a hand grabs my right arm! “You like snow?” said Flinix “Hey Flinix, it’s ok though, but now I’m really cold” I said with a shaking voice “come here, Marco and Fabio are waiting at the car” said Flinix and drag me to the car parking. While we walking I said to Flinix. “Rox and Seven? Hey Flinix, I tried to called Seven but there’s no signal and what are those messages that Seven, Marco and Fabio sent to me? Something wrong?” He didn’t answer, so I stop asking. However I will have my answer when we all back to the bookstore, away from this cold place! “Hey Cosmos, how are you?” said Marco “Freezing cold”, I said “I thought you like cold”, said Fabio with a small laugh “But not this cold…but wait…before any of you ask me more question….what is up with the all the messages?”, I said and make sure that my eyes are looking at all of them “Well……mmm…..I-don’t-know!” said Marco “Do you think I buy that Marco”, I said “I will tell you when we back at the store, okay?, said Fabio “Promise?”, I said to all of them “We better get going, Rox is probably worry head out by now”, said flinix Without any delay, we all drove off from the car parking and heading to the bookstore. Walking from train station to the Cosmos bookstore takes 30 minutes, but by car it takes only 10 minutes, so why they have to pick me up, instead of walking me back to the store? It’s doesn’t make any sense. Well, by far, everything is not making sense to me! The BMW car went around to the back of the store as our car (me and flinix) park at the front store. I turn off the radio and get out of the car. “Aren’t you coming inside Flinix”, I said before I step out of the car.

“I will but not now…I have to go somewhere with Marco and Fabio…but we will be back promise”, said Flinix. “Now you promise!”, I said and thinking in my head, back when I asked them 3 to promise me about the messages, none of them said anything! “And you better prepare your answer when you 3 are back, because I have a good memory and I will wait”, I said slowly and shut the car door “Cosmos, do you remember the password”, Flinix shouts from the car as I’m walking to the front door of the store. “You mean ba-“, I said, right before Flinix speak back like a firing gun. “Don’t tell me”, He said. “why?” I said with a confusion face “I’m not suppose to know it……..only Rox and you know it…so…see you soon..have fun!” Flinix said and drive away, not for long, follow by black BMW and they’re gone from my sight. Will anything be simpler than this? I turn my head back to face the door and turn the door knob: its lock? Since when they lock this door? Now, I’m getting really curious and frustrating! So, I use my palm bang on the door 3 times and shout, “Rox, open the door, it’s me and be quick”. I heard a footsteps coming closer and say out to me, “Password?” said Rox “Banana” I said quickly As I said the correct password, Rox opens the door and close it quickly and said, “Hey, sorry about that, just want to make sure…” “Be sure for what? And if you not going to tell me…you will later..but first of all…why ‘banana’? I don’t believe you came up with that silly name? I said “ matter what happen….you still make me laugh…….you are so one of the kind”, said Rox with a laugh “yeah yeah..i know”, I said “Hey Rox, do you have this book? It’s call…..Twilight? it’s about vampire” I said “Let me see… already finish with ‘The Lover Enshrined’?”, said Rox “Yeah……you know what…..those vampire warriors are so perfect!... I wish I am of the those Shellen!”, I said “You really like vampire?”, said Rox

“I start to like them when I first read ‘the Dark Lover’”, I said “I see……..aha….I found it”, said Rox as he walks to the far end of the store and hand me the Twilight book. “thanks, Rox”, I said But before I could start reading I have something, something that I want to know! I asked him just right before he picks up the newspaper. “ Mmm..Rox”, I said slowly “Yes?”, said Rox “Where do you live and the others?”, I said “Right back, behind this bookstore…there is another building….and we 5 live together!”, said Rox “That sounds good”, I said with a little jealousy in my voice. It would be great if I can have a life like these guys, I mean, never be alone!!! But what can I do? I should stop whining and appreciate my life at the moment as it is good already! I finished chapter 1 of Twilight and heard a car engines from behind the store. “Rox, they’re back”, I said with a happy face on my face. Why am I happy? Wait, something is not right, by the tone of the conversation that I over heard when I step closer to the back door, someone is hurting, really bad! I burst out the door quickly and saw Fabio’s arm rapped around Seven’s body, as Marco holding something on Seven’s right arm. Shit, Seven is bleeding! With a thousand questions flowing around my head, I ran to them. “Shit Seven, what happen?”, I said with a worry voice “Hey Cosmos, I just……..went out and….mmm”, Seven said slowly and low. “Hey, it’s ok… can tell me later..let go’s freezing cold out here… least I don’t want to be a snow-girl yet!”, I said to Seven and facing to Marco and Fabio. “5555…ouch….”, laughed Seven Rox leads the way the place where they all live, at the back of the bookstore, and open the door. We all step inside. This place is really nice and CLEAN! Well hell, these guys are better than I expected! We walk along the narrow path toward the door at the far end, which is a living room (a nice sofa, table in the middle, carpet underneath the table and big TV plasma on the wall). On the right is a kitchen area, on the left next to the stair, which leads to the upper level, is a bathroom. We all sat down on the sofa, while Marco went to the kitchen and came back with a First-Aid kit and a pack of ice. I don’t know much about this First-Aid stuff, so I keep my mouth shut as soon as Flinix

came to sit next to me! How could I forget Flinix? Where was he before? Why? What? When? Shit, my head is too small for all the questions that flowing into my head! “Flinix, where have you been?”, I said quietly “Just finish off the……mmm….what ever that happen to Seven’s arm”, He said with a hesitation. “Ok, and are you hurt too”, I said “Thanks, but I’m ok”, said Flinix After Marco and Fabio finished with Seven’s arm, Rox volunteer to take Seven up to his room. Just when they both disappear, I turn to Marco and Fabio for my answer. “So..I’m still waiting for the answer”, I said “You really want to know?...because if I tell you then I have to kill you…and I don’t want you to die yet”, said Fabio “What?”, I said and before I could continue with my speech, Flinix yelled back from the kitchen and said, “Hey, tomorrow is family night!” “Tomorrow is what Flinix”, I want to be sure. “Family night”, reply back Flinix “Means…..”, I said because I have no idea what ‘family night’ is? “Oh….you see..every full moon day we will have a family night…means..for a whole night we make dinner, play games, watch movie and other stuff”, said Marco “Wow that is great”, I said “I will pick you up at 19.00pm”, said Flinix “I can come…?”, I said “Of course, you are our friend……..and…..”said Marco, and just before he could finish his sentence I said quickly with a big smile, “Guys….i really happy to hang around with you all….i mean it….and thanks for the invitation!” We talk and talk for an hour, when Rox appears in front of us and sit down to join the conversation. The time seems to fly by with no sign of stopping but it has to stop eventually. It’s 21.00pm and I have to go back to the school. Marco and Flinix volunteer to drive me back and so we took off. I hug Rox and Fabio before I went up stair to see Seven. He was sleeping, so I walk quietly to his bed, bending down to see his arm and said goodnight next to his ear and I left.

On the way back to the school I sat quietly at the back seat listening to some R&B songs. I have so many questions that I want to ask Marco and Flinix, but for sure, neither of them will answer me directly as they’ve been avoiding to do so for the last many hours! As the car stop near the front door, I remember the yesterday night when I was over slept in the club and woke up in my bed, so I ask Marco and Flinix about it. They said that they dropped me at the front door and I walked back to my room. I nodded and step off the car: did I?. “Goodnight Cosmos”, said Marco “and don’t forget tomorrow night?”, said Flinix “Yeah..i won’t…and goodnight Marco, Flinix….sweet dream”, I said and waving my hand to both of them. Before I could open my room door I stand still for a moment, thinking about how did I end up on my bed, in my room and not remember it? What ever, I’m so tired of digging any questions or answers. I opened the door and see my roommate, Chelsea, drawing something. I’m not really close to my roommate as we have different classes and hardly see each other since most of my time is hanging around with Marco, Rox, Flinix, Fabio and Seven at the bookstore. The only thing I know about my roommate is that she likes to draw and when she draw what ever she drawing, her face begin to change, more serious and so focus that I bet she wouldn’t know if I’m in the room or not. She pretty though! I finish my shower and went to bed, cover my whole body with a blanket and sleep. Why I have to cover my whole body with a blanket? Well, as I said earlier, Chelsea wouldn’t know if I’m in the room or not and I don’t want to disturb her: at least this is what I can do for her! During my good night sleep my cell phone rang. Shit, who call me at this time? So, I pick it up with my eyes close and said, “Hello?” “It’s me..Seven”, said Seven “Shit Seven, what happen..are you okay?”, I said with a sleeping sound “I’m ok now…but thanks”, said Seven “For what..because as I remember…I didn’t do anything”. I said “You came up to my room and goodnight me…remember?”said Seven “You thank you me for that?.... silly you…and what is the time now?” I ask him back. “It’s 2.00am” said Seven “Shit, can’t you call me in the morning…….I mean….shouldn’t you be sleeping as well? hurt”, I said “I’m ok now and I don’t feel like to I call you”, Seven said “Are you some kind of super man or vampire… should go to sleep”, I said

“How about you don’t hang up your phone and I will play the 80s music for you?”, said Seven. To end this conversation I have to say, “ok” and place my cell phone on my pillow. Near to my ear and listen to ‘Take on me’ by A-Ha and what is the next song? I don’t know..I don’t remember! I woke up by a rumbling sound of a drum as I slowly move closer to my phone and know that it’s the song called ‘Final count down’ by Europe. Shit, how long has Seven call me, probably all night? I pick up the phone quickly to my mouth and told Seven to stop the music. So he did! “Good morning Cosmos”, said Seven “Morning Seven…….next time you don’t need to play me a song..okay?, I said “Why?”, Seven said “It’s cost you a lot of money…and….i don’t know…but why did you call me last night and ask me not to hang up my phone?”, I said back “I just feel like too…and I know that you like to listen to the 80s, Rox told me….and about the money..don’t worry…I have a special promotion….so did you sleep well?”,said Seven “Yeah..I have a good dream…..and thanks Seven”, I said “Cosmos, one more thing….Rox and Marco will pick you up at 19.00pm, same place”, he said before I hang up the phone and went to shower. I have 6 hours before my ‘family night’ begins. I decided to go for walk just outside the school and came back into the room, read some school books and ‘Twilight’ novel. I also prepared all of my books for my Monday classes as well, so I don’t need to be worry if I come back late!!! I skipped my dinner and heading to the lobby. As I see a red porsche car drive pass by the window, I got up and went outside toward Rox and Marco. “Hey Rox…hey Marco”, I said while I walk to them both “Hey…..Cosmos”, said both of them “You ready?”, asked Rox “Let’s go”, I said This time it was Marco who driving and Rox who continue speaking to me about tonight’s plan! By far, I know that Fabio and Flinix went to shopping for dinner and Seven probably choosing movies for all of us to watch tonight. I must have said that I’m so exciting about this ‘family night’. Then Marco pulls off behind the bookstore and we 3 walk together into the apartment. “Hey Cosmos”, said Seven

“Hey Seven…how is your arm?”, I said while I walk to him “It’s better me”, he said with a smile “ok...that is good…because I’m worried about you..and next time be more careful …okay?”, I said “I’ll try”, He said “yeah right, Mr. Superman”, I said “Hey there Cosmos… want to help us”, said Flinix from the kitchen. “Sure….wait for me..I’m coming”, I said and run to the kitchen where Flinix and Fabio unpack the shopping bags and preparing the food for tonight dinner. “So…what do you want me to do?”, I asked both of them “What happen to your finger?”, said Fabio “This finger?..well, I kind of cutting a carrot in my kitchen class and somehow I cut my finger instead..stupid right?”, I said with a small laugh “ are stupid……so I think you better go and sit over there and let us cook”, said Flinix “Why….I can help…it’s only one finger Flinix”, I said “Next ‘family night’…..if you don’t have any cut…you can help us…how is that sound?”, Fabio said “It’s sound unfair……but ok….next full moon”, I said and walk back to the living room where Seven and Rox still argue about the movies. Sometimes these guys just act like a kid and no harm about that, so I didn’t say anything about it. “So….how it’s going?”, I said and facing to Rox and Seven “We couldn’t decide which one is good for tonight?”, said Rox “Why don’t we watch both of them….I mean…I like to watch movie and if you guys can watch 2 movies in a roll…then why not?”, I said “I can”, said Seven “Me too”, said Flinix and then yelled to Fabio and Flinix, “Can you both watch 2 movies in a roll?” “Yeah”, Flinix and Fabio said “Hey….am I part of this too……you need my vote too”, said Marco as he walk down from the stair with a play station3. “Can you..Marco?”, I asked

“Let’s do it”, said Marco While Flinix and Fabio cook dinner; the rest of us play game ‘Street Fight’, and of course Marco totally knock me out and so the other. Well hell, I’m not good at fighting. When the dinner is ready we all rush into the kitchen and sit down on the chair. Wow!!! I never thought a man like Flinix and Fabio can COOK!!! So, I gave them a big complement and we all eat. After we finish eating, we all help clean up the whole kitchen and heading to the living room. Seven plays the first movie as everyone sat down with a drink on their hand. I sat between Fabio and Seven. I never know how big and long the sofa is, not until now!!! It’s feel s like home, and I like it!!! Everyone still awake when Seven played the second movie, but half way through the movie, it was me who first went to sleep. My head was place against Fabio’s arm and I slept: again! Have you ever felt like déjà vu before, if you do then you know what I mean, my reader. Because that feeling is what I’m going through when I woke up in the next morning. It has been like this (hang out with my friend at the bookstore. Go to the club every Friday night. Seven played a music on the phone when I’m sleep) for a month and as the result we 6 become more and more closer, until today, the day that I have to decide if my friends are my truly friend or Foe? To day is yet, but another full moon day according to the calendar. Only Marco came and picked me up from the school. All the way to our place (the apartment behind the bookstore) I told Marco that no matter what Flinix and Fabio say, I will help them cook tonight. Marco was laughing how last time I got kick out of the kitchen, just because my finger cut. When we arrived, the place is quiet than usual. It’s now 19.15pm and no sign of Rox, Fabio and Flinix, only me, Seven and Marco in living room choosing a horror movies. Marco and Seven didn’t seem to notice the time on the clock and the delay of their 3 friends, so I said, “Guys…it’s 19.20pm..and where are they?”. “Hey Marco, you want to call them…or me?”, said Seven with a little concern on his face “I do it, you and Cosmos just pick any movie and we will watch that”, said Marco. They both look at each other for a while before Marco stand up and went to the kitchen. “What do you think is happening? They never late”, I said “I don’t know Cosmos, but we will know when Marco come back, so now…why don’t you choose one..because I’m start to feel dizzy”, said Seven and laugh “Ok….how about ‘Silent Hill’?”, I said suggest “Ok”, said Seven Just before Marco hangs up the phone, the front door burst out banging hard to the wall and follow by a long painful scream!!!!! Seven and I turn around to the direction where the noise is coming from and then I saw………………..

Chapter 4 For the second time in a month, my head is full of questions!! I saw Flinix being carried by Rox and Fabio with a bleeding on his left stomach: he has been stap!!!Shit!!! “ON THE FLOOR….WE NEED A SPACE”, yelled Rox as he and Fabio carry Flinix “TAEK COSMOS AWAY….NOW….TOO DANGEROUS”, said Fabio Why can’t I stay and why it’s dangerous if I stay? Before Seven could grab my arm and take me away from living room, I stood up and said out loud with anger, “No….I’m not going any where….any more!!!”. “Shit Cosmos….DO YOU WANT TO DIE?”, shouted Fabio. “YES!!!!!”, I said back. If this answers, is going to make me stay here, then hell to it. Wasted no more time, everyone except me rushes to Flinix, who lay down on the floor, screaming and shout something which doesn’t make any sense, “BLOOD……NOW…..SHIT…..I NEED IT”. I try to make the connection of all the words that Flinix said painfully. It’s still doesn’t make sense; not yet. Then all of them begin to speak to each other, while I’m standing still next to the plasma screen on the wall. It felt like I’m watching some horror scene, too scary that I can’t move away from it! “WHAT HAPPEN ROX?”, asked Marco. “THEY CAME BACK’, said Rox “WHY DON’T YOU CALL US?”, said Seven “COSMOS IS HERE….IT WON’T BE SAFE IF YOU ALL COME TO US”, said Fabio “SHIT…….SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO…..FLINIX NEEDS IT..OR ELSE….SHIT”, said Rox “NO..WE CAN USE HER…..SHE WILL DIE…..WE NEED SOMEONE ELSE”, said Seven and looking at Flinix I have no clue what ever they all talking about and who is ‘she’? I can feel my head spinning around so fast that I hardly to control my body to stand still any more as Flinix’s eyes lock on me. I look at him without any blinking and see his two white front teeth growing, just like a vampire! What? A fang? Flinix? What?. I rubbed my eyes hard and look at Flinix again and now his fangs are stop growing: it’s long!!! My mind went blank for how long I don’t know, then I slowly step forward while my eyes are lock on his face and so did he. Everyone turns around to me and tells me to step back, but my body didn’t respond to their order but I stop as soon I’m near Flinix. “Let him go………he can come to me”, I have no idea why I said this, but something inside my head tell me to do so or he will die and I can’t let that happen: not Flinix, not now!

“ARE YOU CRAZY? STEP BACK”, said Seven “I SAID..LET HIM GO!”, I yelled back For that moment, I knew Rox and Fabio struggling to let go of Flinix because if they don’t, he will die and if they do, they have no idea what will happen to me: they have to make a choice! Seven nodded his head sadly and both of them let go of Flinix. Once Flinix free from Rox and Fabio, he ran or fly I don’t know because it’s was too fast for me to see it. Just then my body hit hard against the wall sliding down until my knees touch the floor and Flinix was down in front of me. I look up at him and knew that his eyes have change from black to light red; that is when I know who he is! I follow his eyes, which are looking at my chest above my left breast, but somehow he seem to be struggling to make any move closer to me and so I did something every stupid, every stupid indeed!!! I stretch out my both hands and hold on to his face, so I can see his face and his eyes (Flinix’s arm were touching the wall both left and right, near to my body). I then said with a small tear running down my face, “Are you ok?”. He say nothing back, so I say something to him, “What is your name?”. Flinix seem to be surprise at my question, but still struggling to hold himself, like he try to go against something inside of him. I don’t know why I asked him that question but it seem to be a right thing to do. Why I don’t feel any fear? Why am I doing this? Why I don’t run away? I know an answer to these questions: he his my FRIEND, no matter what!. “I don’t care if you are a human or a vampire…..I will go no where…….I will not leave you..okay?”, I said and rub his both cheeks. “You not afraid?”, said Flinix “No….how could are my friend”, I said slowly. He didn’t make any move. “Tell me..what is your n-a-m-e?”, I asked for the last time “Hardi… my name…”. said Flinix. I lean closer to Hardi, whisper something into his left ear, pull back to face him and see a small smile on the right corner of his mouth. I don’t know what I said to him because I don’t understand the language that I just spoke to him: I never heard or speak this language before! “You are every brave Hardi……now I want you to drink from me and we will talk later…okay?.. and don’t worry you will not kill me because I trust you and you have to trust me too!”, I said as calm as I could to Hardi. Without a moment to take a deep breath, I felt a rush of my blood flow to where Hardi has sunk his fangs! His left arm move down to my waist holding me close to him and pulls me up right against his body. Then his right arm touches my back to support my body momentum. My left hand drop down from his face and hold on to Hardi’s shirt, while my right hand move up to his hair. At the corner of my left eye I can see Rox, Fabio, Seven and Marco stand still, not for long when Rox and Marco walk out of

the room, to where I don’t know! Slowly I feel weaker and weaker until my both hands drop down beside me and my eyes begin to closing! I heard difference voices chatting in the kitchen as I lay down on the sofa. Before I could open my eyes I decided to listen to those conversations. “What happen Flinix?”, said Rox “I don’t know….I tried to hold back from her but Hardi wants her”, said Flinix “How could that?......impossible”, said Fabio “I know…listen… all see me how hard I tried to pull back from her….but when she look at me in the eyes and asked my name….I tried even more harder to hold back until she whisper something to Hardi…..i don’t understand the language she spoke to Hardi but he knows….Hardi knows it and it please him, so he want her and I can feel what he feels, I want her too!”, Flinix said without taking any breath at all. Then He added, “I think she invite Hardi to take her blood”. “How could she do that?”, said Rox “I have no idea…..but it seem she did……..for a long time up till now, Hardi and I are connected…we want the same thing and…….shit…..I’m confuse man!”, said Flinix I decide not to listen more and open my eyes slowly to see Seven and Marco seat beside me. “Hey Se-ven, Hey Mar-co”, I said slowly “Don’t speak yet… have to rest……you want water?”, said Marco “thanks”, I said and Marco went off to the kitchen “What is the time… Seven?” I asked “20.30pm….and how you feeling?”, said Seven “Alive”, I said with a little laugh. “5555…sure you are”, said Seven “Seven….help Cosmos to sit up…she have to drink”, said Marco as he came back from the kitchen with a water. “Do you think you can move..Cosmos?”, Seven asked “I’ll try”, I said and sit up, lay against the pillow. For a while, after I drank water, I want to cry and scream but not here, I have to go out because I don’t want everyone to see me cry, especially Flinix or Hardi. I need to be alone at least 5 minutes. I

have to go now!!! Shit!------I told Seven and Marco that I want to go outside for some air. They insisting to come with me but I told them not to come and I will be right back. They look at me for a while, smile and let me go. I smile back to them and turn around. As I turn around I can feel water running down along my both cheeks and I walk, until I’m out of the building. I look up at the sky and see a full moon above my head. I close my eyes and drop myself to the ground and cry hard. It has been a long time since I cry this much. I thought about everything from the day I saw this bookstore and met Marco, Rox, Flinix, Fabio and Seven. When we became friends and hang around everyday. When I have so many questions that have to be answered! So, now everything is making sense! I have my answer to all the questions, but not all of them! I cry and cry and cry, until Fabio drop down in front of me and hold my face up. Without any words, I fall into his arm and hug him. He hug me back and said, “We will get through this…….cry as much as you want……..I’m not going anywhere and so the others”. Just when I hear Fabio say this, I cry even more, his shirt was socking wet! Then I stop. I told Fabio to go inside and tell everyone that I’m ok and I will follow behind. As he turn back and walk to the door, I said something to cheer him up. “Are you going to kill me?”, I said and laugh a little “Hehehe………you are such……!”, Fabio said and smile. Then he disappeared. At least, that is what I can do for him: make him smile! I look up at the night sky for the last time and heading back to the living room. Everyone were waiting for me, just when Flinix sees me, he ran and hold me tight. I hold him back and reassure him and everyone that I’m ok. Then we all sit down. For 5 minutes, no one say anything, so I decide to start the conversation. “Hey guys…..I’m ok and I mean it….it’s just a bite and I’m still alive”, I said in a hope to cheer everyone up, but it didn’t work, so I say more. “Will you all stop making that sad face………or I will leave!” and turn my face to Flinix, “Flinix..look at me and you too Hardi……I’m ok….I will still be the same Cosmos..your friend!...”. “I hurt you”, said Flinix or Hardi, I’m not sure. “listen everyone…do you remember what I said to you all when we were at the night club..the first night?”, I asked everyone “I ---do”, said Seven “What did I said?”, I asked Seven “You told us that no matter who we are…a monster or a vampire….you will go nowhere because we are friends!”, Seven said with a sad voice “And…where am I now Rox?”, I turned to Rox

“You’re here……with us”, said Rox “Good…and….. am I treat any of you differently? Fabio?”, I turned to Fabio “No…..haven’t change”, said Fabio “Good… I still be your friend? Marco?”, I turned to Marco “No doubt”, said Marco “Good…and am I angry? Flinix-Hardi?” I turned to Flinix again. “ not….and thanks”, said both of them, for this time I’m sure. Everyone seem to be happier, but not completely! Well hell, what can I do more? The conversation start to get longer and more complicated as everyone slowly revealing the truth to me! I thought I know vampire, from all the books I read and all movies I seen, none of it wasn’t like my vampire friends! “Now that I know all of you are a vampire…… you still…. I mean..doesn’t the sun makes you weak or make your skin grow like in the book?”, I asked. In ‘Twilight’ novel, vampires don’t die when the sun hit their skin, but grow like a crystal. In the series of The Black Dagger Brotherhood novel (Dark lover and so no), vampire become more weak or die when they see the sun! “Nah……that is a Fiction Cosmos…you want to know a real vampire today?..I mean….in a reality of today vampire?”, said Flinix “Yeah..I want to know…but wait..we have 1 hour left before I have to go back to the school…..will it be enough?”, I said to everyone and face to Flinix “More than enough”, said Marco “So…..?”, I said “I think… let Rox do all the talking…because he good at it”, suggested Seven “Ok..then”said Rox and start his speech. “Cosmos….forget what you read, hear or seen about vampire because those Fiction stories are made up to confuse human’s mind, like yours and to protect us. Everyone here including me is on the 1st level of ‘Voker’, a vampire society ranking. There are 6 levels. All the 1st level vampire is called ‘Sallge’, we don’t need to sleep, but we can if we want to. The sun doesn’t effect any of us but it will when we reach the 3rd level. We eat normal food to sub stain our human body and feed on blood to keep ourselves awaken…let say that we have 2 souls in one body, but at the 3 rd level our inner soul will take over the body completely”, said Rox “So you all…..are the ‘Sallge’ right? Then what is vampire then?, I said

“As Rox said, there 6 level of ‘Voker’, and for us to call ourselves a ‘vampire’, we have to be on the 6th level called ‘Xith’”, said Marco “Ok…that-is-different”, I said slowly and clearly “Flinix……Hardi is your inner soul, right?”, I asked Flinix “Yes…..we share our feeling……just like you have another of you in your head…sort of like that..sometime it’s really drive me crazy….because Hardi is such a pain in the ass when he needs blood!” “That is interesting……and what is the name of all your inner soul?”, I asked Rox, Seven, Fabio, and Marco. “Mmmm….we can’t say it…’s has to tell you by itself”, said Marco. “ problem….so let me get this straight…..your inner soul is your true soul and it will be in control of the body when you reach the 3rd level……and what about the other soul…?”, I said “2 souls will become 1”, said Fabio “Oh…ok”, I said “So do you normally drink from other people?”, I asked Fabio “Male and Female……..”. said Fabio “Do you kill them after you suck their blood….and what about the bite mark on their body?”, I said “If we really hungry….like Flinix before…..yes…we can kill them, but normally we don’t….we just drink enough to keep our inner soul awaken.”, said Seven “Every night?”, I added “No…….!”, said Seven It’s almost times for me to leave and it was a long conversation, many questions and answers but still I have to know more! So before I walk out to the car, I turn around to face Rox, Marco, Fabio and Seven and said, “What happened when Seven got shot in the other day and Flinix got stab today?” “We will tell you tomorrow..okay….I promise”, said Marco “Don’t forget your promise or I will kick your ass, Marco”, I said “55555…… of the kind…no doubt”, said Marco with smile on his face. “Night night everyone……see you all tomorrow”, I said and get in the car with Flinix. “Hey Cosmos…….i will play love songs, okay?”, said Seven

“Ok……goodnight”, I said back On the way to my school, I’m thinking about everything from the start until now, for the last time and I will not think about it again. I look at Flinix’s face and thought about Hardi; how did I know that Flinix’s name is not Flinix, and why did I ask Flinix name when he on the edge of craving my blood? And was I invited Hardi to take my blood? And what language did I spoke to Hardi? Why I don’t know? At least, by the end of tonight, I have my FRIENDS….not my enemy!

To be continue, second book called, ‘In between’, a series of Me and the Undead…..thank you

A series of Me and the Undead  

How could one book determine a destiny of a 20 years old girl name Cosmos and a group of 5 vampires? The difference between her and them i...