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DAVID GRAY Directors Coodie & Chike In a Lower East Side dive-bar, David Gray plays for a very small crowd. Sitting at the same bar, we see a man in full superhero costume. Unhappy with life, he drowns his sorrows away, one shot at a time, from a bottle of gin. While we often believe superheroes to be the epitome of power, safety, and security; their secret identities can show a very different picture. We delve deeper into our superhero’s secret life. He wakes everyday to a bottom-of-the-barrel, low-income life. In his shabby home, we see photos capturing memorable moments of a once fulfilling life; a wife, and kid - real happiness. We follow his daily morning routine - beginning with the opening of an empty refrigerator, grabbing milk, finishing his breakfast and taking the subway to work. By day, he works as a superhero impersonator. This particular day, he will be in Union Square. David Gray performs sitting on steps of Union Square Park. In a modest two bedroom apartment, a little child concentrates intently as he draws in crayon on a blank page. We focus tight on the crayons marks. We pan to an adjacent room to reveal the child’s mother in the kitchen. As she cleans, her drunken husband stumbles in and begins to verbally abuse her. The verbal abuse quickly escalates to a physical altercation. In Union Square, the same mother walks with her son. The mother hides her bruises with sunglasses. With a balloon and piece of paper in hand, the boy skips along side his mother, until he spots in front of our superhero. The child runs over and gives our super hero his drawing. After a days work, our somber, defeated superhero heads to his usual bar. Just as he is about to walk in, he pulls the drawing out of his pocket. On one side we see the boy’s depiction of his monstrous father beating his mother, on the other we see the utopia the child envisions - his mother and the super hero are holding hands, smiling, with his father caged up in the background. Our super hero focuses on this utopia as the drawing transforms into a real life depiction of the child drawing. David performs in the real life depiction of the child's drawing

With that, our superhero decides not to walk into the bar and instead, takes his first step towards getting his life back on course.

"Draw The LIne"  
"Draw The LIne"  

David Gray video treatment