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Unedited Photographs CD Sleeve Artwork Photo Shoot #1

These are the initial photographs that I took throughout the days of filming. Most were planned and staged as I had decided in my initial ideas collecting earlier, but several were taken candidly when I saw the chance – the seagulls flying off, for example. These images haven’t been edited at all; they’re of the original size and colours as I have not yet cropped or adjusted them. Some, I liked more than others – I went back to the same setting with the same actress in order to shoot more of a similar nature, such as the ukulele shots.

Edited Photographs CD Sleeve Artwork Photo Shoot #2 & Edits

After going back to reshoot any photographs I had new ideas for, I then opened all of the best in Photoshop and Photofiltre, the two photo editing programs I use. I cropped them all to the same size, cutting some down to feature just the main subject, but they will need cropping further to the size of the sleeve page they’ll be used on. I used the curves, made lighting adjustments, added sepia tones, changed the contrast, and increased the saturation of the colours where needed. I tried to use the sepia tint to make the images look as close to the music video effects as possible.

I will most likely use very few of these photographs! So my next step is to decide which of them are my favourites, and whether they would work for the front cover, back cover, spine, and the backgrounds on the inner sleeve. To do this, I will definitely be asking the opinions of my friends, family, and classmates. I will be styling my album artwork like the Alvin and the Chipmunks one I analysed during the research stage; the back cover and spine as one piece, and the inner sleeve with 3 double-sided pages, one being the front cover. I also need a picture to go on the CD itself.

Unedited and Edited Photographs  
Unedited and Edited Photographs  

The initial and developed photos taken throughout two photo shoots and the filming days, original and colour edited with explanations. Some...