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Newsletter of the Coyote Squadron Commemorative Air Force Corsicana, Texas May 2014 Coyote Squadron Officers Squadron Leader Col. Dan Summerall 903-467-7170 Executive Officer Col. Tom Peters 817-2193802 Operations Officer Col. Gene Hathorn 903-874-6223 Finance Officer Col. Candis Wells 903-545-2993 Adjutant Col. Joe Mclaughlin 512-721-6721


It is official, after months of conjecture as to the new HQ site, the City of Dallas has won the prize. It was announced Tuesday, May 29, with ceremonies at Dallas Executive Airport. Twenty three cities were in the running when the search started, then it was down to three and Dallas Executive Airport proved to be the most logical location, a win for Dallas and the CAF. A joint announcement by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Steve Brown, CAF President/CEO made it official. Other dignititaries present, CAF Chief of Staff Neils Agather, Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins and Texas State Senator Royce West. Coyote Colonels attending: Dan Summerall, Gene Hathorn, Dottie Hathorn, Ted Taylor, Buddy Cooksey CAF Chief Pilot, Charlie Wood CAF Staff member, Caleb Pruitt, Mike Dunavant and John Ausley

Maintenance Officer Col. Frank DeArmond 903-875-9260 Safety Officer Col. Ken Authier 903-641-9843 PX Officer Col. Dottie Hathorn 903-874-8293 Public Information Officer Col. Mary Brown 903-257-8282 maryelizabethbrown@ Fund-raising Officer Col. Jim Wells 903-729-0386

President Steve Brown

Mayor Mike Rawlings

SQUADRON LEADER It’s Here! After all the planning and meeting and decisions and fundraising and hand wringing, it’s time for the 2014 Corsicana Airsho©. I just want to thank everyone for their help in getting us to this point again. As with any group, we could not do it without the help of all of our volunteers who help to set this show up. Our fundraisers have done a bang up job of raising money to pay for our performers, hotel rooms and fuel. Thanks to the Corsicana Fire Department, we have prepared the area for the pyro team to do their stuff. Last year, although the area had been mowed we were not able to get out and do a burn due to soggy conditions. The All Female Blastards pryo team did a fine job of keeping the fires down to a minimum. This year it should be much easier since most of the grass has already been burned off. Friday May 9th is a set up work day for all members. We will meet at the hangar at 9AM and begin setting up flight line security fencing, setting out signage, putting up the ticket booth and laying out vendor sites. Some of our vendors will be arriving on Friday afternoon to set up their spaces for Saturday. We will also have some of our pilots arriving on Friday. It is a busy day, so plan on being here to help out. On Saturday MORNING BE AT THE AIRPORT AT 7 AM, vendors will begin to arrive early to set up if they did not do it the day before. More aircraft will arrive, including some who are not part of the show. All non participating General Aviation aircraft will be parked on the West side of the North hangar. We want our flight line to be dedicated to those aircraft that are part of the show. Although some that fly in might be interesting to look at, if they have not coordinated with us prior to the show, they park away from the flight line. We have a new gate that is cut into the fence that will greatly help facilitate the movement of people from the “Volunteer” parking area (Area D in the parking plan) to the spectator area. This is thanks to the great support that we get from the City of Corsicana Public Works Department. This will help us with crowd control. Crowd control is always a big issue at these waivered air shows. Although our ramp will be open to visitors from the time the gates open until approximately 1130, we must ensure that no one gets onto the flight line after it goes closed. It is a very dangerous area even for those who are accustomed to working there. We certainly do not want anyone to get hurt. We want this to be a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our visitors. I will put out a list of our members with work assignment via email this week. We have discussed this already, but please make sure you do your assigned duties. If you are to work in the kitchen area, please check with Colonel Charlie or Reva Horton. If you are assigned to work in the parking/gate area, please check with Colonel Phil Krejci. If you are to work with either the PX or in ticket sales, check with Colonel Dottie Hathorn. You may not be needed all day, so check to see if you need to be somewhere at a special time. For all of our members and their families who will hopefully be helping out during the show please remember that if you park behind the hangar, once the waiver goes into effect you will not be able to move your car from that area. So if you might need to leave it would be best to park in Area D. The announcement last week that Headquarters would be moving to Dallas Executive Airport was certainly well received by the South Dallas area. Several of our members traveled up there to attend the press conference and see the area. There is great potential there and I hope that they begin building soon. It should be a World Class facility and will be a great addition to the area. I look forward to seeing you all on Friday and of course again on Saturday. Let’s be safe and show our participants just how great our group is and why they have come to participate in “The Best Little Air show in Texas”. Col. Dan Summerall, Squadron Leader FINANCE REPORT It always warms a Finance Officer’s heart when fundraising is successful and the bank account grows and grows! But reality will set in when I sit down this week and start writing checks and paying last minute bills! But that’s what it’s all about! Running a unit is like a small business: overhead costs, fuel, maintenance, insurance, meals, paper goods and more. The Coyote Squadron is doing well, and we are conservative in the use of the money we have, being good stewards of your hard work, especially at this time of our year with Airsho(c) on the horizon. Thanks for being a part of this great effort! Col. Candis Wells, Unit Finance Officer MAINTENANCE REPORT The annual is done, the test flight is complete, and all is well in Coyote land. She flies great! Next thing to tackle, after the airshow, is better organizing the maintenance corner. Col. Frank DeArmond, Maintenance Officer 2014 CORSICANA AIRSHO REPORT it’s here! The 16th Annual show is in the home stretch! I cannot say enough thanks to all of you! We make a great team!! New members have stepped up and offered their services, and volunteered their family’s assistance also! I could use the entire newsletter to list everyone whose dedication and commitment to our annual event makes it so successful, but Col. Ausley would probably call me on it! But I will say a big Thank You to Col. Dan Summerall. Only a few know just how much he has done as Co-coordinator to take on most of the load this year! Thank you TEAM COYOTE! let’s have an Airsho(c)!!!!! Cols. Candis Wells and Dan Summerall, Co-Chairmen 2014 Corsicana Airsho SAFETY REPORT Safety Tip: Just ‘check your six’ and everything will be okay? Not so, trouble could be at your ‘5 or 7’! Try these Smith Driving Safety clues and apply them to your assignment(s) in the upcoming AirSho: Get the Big Picture; Keep Your Eyes Moving; Aim High; Leave Yourself An Out; and, Make Sure They See You. We are often discouraged from using the word ‘assume’ because it makes a ‘ *** (deleted, refer to nose art hangar regs) out of you and me’. Let us assume these five rules: no one is paying attention; spectators will gravitate to moving objects; children are faster than their parents; spectators can drive/walk while looking up; and for the Marshallers, a Cessna 150 will want to park next to Fifi (just wishing). Coyote Squadron, air crews and volunteers-Be Safe ! Col. Kenneth Authier, Safety Officer continued on back page

SUPER CHEFS REPORT The next Squadron meeting will be for the CORSICANA AIRSHO and guess what! We are having hamburgers with all the trimmings. Not really a surprise for our veteran members. But not just any ole hamburger, but they the world famous (at least when the rest of the world hears about them, best LITTLE OLE AIRSHOW HAMBURGER IN TEXAS. On another note, we will need a volunteer to assist with the grilling of the patties and the jalapenos. SUPER CHEFS, Colonels Charlie & Reva Horton OUR “DR. DAVE” NAMED TEXAS AVIATOR OF THE YEAR Dr, Dave Campbell was named Texas Aviator of the Year by the Texas Department of Transportation during the 32nd Annual Texas Aviation Conference held in Dallas in April. Dr. Dave has been involved in community affairs in Corsicana for many years. He has been responsible for many of the improvements to our airport. Because of his efforts to improve the airfield, the City of Corsicana named the airport after him, C. David Campbell Field. In 1985, at the dedication of the new terminal building he was astonished when he unveiled a plaque with his name on it. Dr. Dave is very active in the activities of Corsicana and is probably busier than when he was a full time practicing physician.

Dr. Dave Campbell is shown with his wife and daughters accepting the Texas Department of Transportation’s ‘Aviator of the Year Award’ at a conference in Dallas. Shown from left are daughter Carolyn Pass, Campbell, wife Peggy, and daughter Chari Hust.

MODEL WARBIRD TO BE RAFFELED TO VETERANS AT THE CORSICANA AIRSHO. Colonel Ken Fling has built and donated a model WWII aircraft, to a veteran attending the Corsicana Airsho. This year it will be a Douglas Dauntless Dive Bomber. This is a free raffle.


Col. Jerry Shelton presenting platinum sponsor plaque to Hayden Crawford of Collin Street Bakery

Col. John Ausley presenting Platinum sponsor plaque to Heidi Hudson and Sam Yukon at Greenworx Printing

Cols. Campbell and Summerall present Dr. Barbara Kavalier of Navarro College their Platinum sponsor plaque.

Sarah Farley shows off their sponsor plaque for Corsicana Aviation Services

GOLD SPONSORS 2013 Col. Jerry Shelton presenting Gold sponsor plaque to Dr. Michael Eeds, Navarro Dental

Col. Summerall presents CPOA President Mike Perry their Gold sponsor plaque.

Col. Jerry Shelton presenting Gold sponsor plaque to Johnny Ross representing Watkins Construction

Tim Thomas of Igloo Foam Insulation shows off his Gold sponsor plaque.

AIRCRAFT SPONSOR 2013 Col. Waterman presents Jimmy Hale his plaque as an aircraft sponsor.

Colonel Dottie Hathorn presents Phil Judson of Winters Oil his Gold sponsor plaque.

Newsletter Article – May 2014 One day a Father and Son brought the son’s pig to my veterinary hospital for an exam and a Health Certificate. The certificate is required for entrance into the local livestock show. As part of my exam I must take the rectal temperature of this pig. Now I am in the trailer holding this 160# pig by the tail and attempting to insert the thermometer. The pig is squealing and running in a tight circle and I am going round and round. The little boy is standing outside the trailer watching the show and he said to the pig “Aw quit, that don’t hurt, my Momma does that to me all the time”. Michael L Dunavant DVM

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Bud Dow visited the Coyote Squadron during the April meeting. He has recently bought property in Navarro County. He will be moving some time in the spring from Oregon. Bud is a helicopter pilot. He plans to build a runway and a large hanger on the property.


Carol Gullette Ken Gullette

T.J. Brown


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