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Newsletter of the Coyote Squadron Commemorative Air Force Corsicana, Texas MAY 2013 Coyote Squadron Officers Squadron Leader Col. Dan Summerall 903-467-7170 Executive Officer Col. Tom Peters 817-2193802 Operations Officer Col. Gene Hathorn 903-874-6223 Finance Officer Col. Candis Wells 903-545-2993 Adjutant Col. Joe Mclaughlin 512-721-6721 Maintenance Officer Col. Tuck Edwards 903-641-0164 Safety Officer Col. Ken Authier 903-641-9843 PX Officer Col. Dottie Hathorn 903-874-8293 Public Information Officer Col. Mary Brown 903-257-8282 maryelizabethbrown@ Fund-raising Officer Col. Jim Wells 903-729-0386

Squadron LEADER Coyote Squadron members: We are rapidly approaching our 15th Annual Airsho! Thanks for all of you who have been working so hard to get this thing going. You are all too numerable to mention unless I just went through the squadron roster, but please know that I certainly appreciate all the hard work that you have done to get this show ready for this year. We had a slight setback when Colonel Candy Wells went into the hospital. She had done such a wonderful job of getting everything set up that we only had to step in for a short time to keep things going until she was ready to come back and take over again. It was obvious to those of us who are perhaps a bit closer to the front that when she went down, it was going to be a setback for us. With all of her advance planning, we were able to hold our own until she was able to get back on her feet somewhat and begin to give orders again. (We all love to work for and with her, but we certainly miss her when she is not around. No one really did anything while she was in the hospital, but don’t tell her that). We have a great show for this year. Col’s John Ausley and Jim Wells have done a wonderful job of lining up performers for our show. We have something for everyone. I did a presentation recently on our Airsho© and going back through the photos from years past, it was nice to be able to show that this is a show for all ages; an opportunity for the older generation to be able to pass on to the younger generations what we have been though. Certainly the essence of what the Commemorative Air Force is all about. The nice thing is that all of the performers like to come to our show and most times volunteer to come back year after year. (Some people we have a hard time getting rid of!) Just kidding, as we love all of our performers. We really do take care of our performers and your help in making them feel welcome here is what brings them back year after year. (It could be the adult beverages too!) Thanks especially to the relatively small group of folks who go out and do the hard work in getting sponsorships for this Airsho©! No one likes to do this job and it is one that we cannot do without. Personally, I find that it becomes more and more fun each year to do this. I suspect that the reason for this is having a great companion in Colonel Ted Taylor who loves to make a sales call and just cannot pass up a business without trying to get their support. My personal thanks to Colonels John Ausley, Jerry Shelton, Jay Waterman, Ted Taylor, Charlie Horton, Steve Richmond and Jim Wells who bring in the lions share of the sponsor money. We also could not get this off the ground without the support of our grant writer Colonel Christa Richmond who really does all the hard work in preparing all the paperwork to get assistance from the trust funds. Dr. Dave Campbell is instrumental in his untiring work with the City of Corsicana, along with everyone else he knows. Who can say no to Dr. Dave? (It’s is really nice to have the man that the airport is named after on your side!) Dr. Dave we love you! I have now held two different “new member” orientation meetings. Although I don’t know for sure how the attendees felt, I believe that the presentations were at least informative and I hope that the “new members” came away with perhaps a better understanding of how the squadron and the CAF are organized and are run. I will do another session later in the summer to get the few remaining folks who have not been able to attend. We had a great Derrick Days celebration here in Corsicana. Our city heritage is rich in the history of the discovery of oil and its production. Corsicana was the spawning ground for many major oil companies such as Mobil, Gulf and Texaco, and our Derrick Days celebration helps to let visitors know about the history of our oil discovery. With that in mind, it is only appropriate that our event sponsor is one

that has been here since the beginning. Oil City Iron Works was founded in 1866 and has grown exponentially with the discovery of oil in Corsicana. We would like to thank both of the Eric Meyers’ and all of Oil City Iron Works for their generosity in helping to sponsor our show. I’m sure that it is obvious to most of you who are reading this that they not only sponsor our efforts but many more things in our community. They truly give back more than they receive. We as a community are blessed to have the type of businesses that we have that give back so much. We could not do what we do without their help. Thank you all so much. Colonel Ausley has put some of the car show pictures in here. One of our former CAF members, who was also a Shakers and Scrapers Car Club member, Kevin Kelledy passed away in December, 2012. The car club held this year’s fund drive in his honor and was able to raise over $9500.00 that will be given to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and to the citizens of West, Texas. We will all be needed on Friday, May 10th to get ready for the Airsho©. Please plan on being here promptly at 9 AM and be ready to go to work! We will set up the security areas, stake out the vendor spaces, put up our ticket booths, set out signs, clean out the hangar, set up for pilot arrival and get everything else ready for the next day. We will need an all hands evolution to get this all set up. Airplanes and their crews will be arriving throughout the day and there will be an evening get together that night for the arriving aircrews, thanks to the generosity of Colonels Jim and Candy Wells. On Saturday plan on being at the field no later than 8AM and be ready for a long day. Be sure to wear your Coyote/CAF shirt and plenty of sunscreen. We will get some last minute items done (picking up ice is a big one) and get ready to open the gates at 9:30. The field will be open until 11:30 when the Airboss will activate the waivered airspace and the show will begin shortly thereafter. It will be a great show and hopefully you will be able to view at least part of it. Don’t forget that we are there to work and be great hosts for all our guests. Following the Airsho©, we will all be needed to tear down everything that we put up, clean up after all the spectators and put everything away. Don’t plan on being able to leave until somewhere around 5PM! Here is a list of members and their duties for the Airsho©, these are just the minimums, we will need you to do lots more I am sure. Note: Those who are listed as “Ice AM” will go with Jerry Shelton to pick up ice at 8 AM. Col. Dan Summerall, Squadron Leader NAME NOTES Anderson, David Airboss Ausley, John R. Gates/ Authier, Kenneth W. Marshaller Babler, Myron J. “Mike” V-Tails Brown, Mary Elizabeth Survey Team Campbell, C. David Vet/HD Cap Trans Carretto, Joe Ice AM/PX Sales/Food Tickets Chastain, Mike Gone Cooksey, L. C. “Buddy” A-26 Cundiff, Carol Parking/Gates

Cundiff, Roy Gates/ DeArmond, Frank Ice AM/Cook, Rides Deighton, Haskell Veteran Transport Edwards, William N. “Tuck” Vet/ HCap Trans Fling, Ken Veterans Tent Gantt, John Security Grantham, Bobby L. Gone Griffin, Alganeal “Red” Ramp Security Harrison, Charles H. Greeter Hathorn, Dottie Mayer PX

Hathorn, L. Gene PT-19 Rides Horton, Reva Cook Horton, Sr., Charles L. Cook Johnson, Spring Veterans Tent Jones, Todd Vendors Krejci, Phillip L. Parking/Gates Mason, John Robert Trash pickup McLaughlin, Joe Pilot Regis. McLelland, Richard A. Gates/Parking Meyers, Eric R. Emergency Mgt Oslick, James G. “Slick” Ice P/U, Survey Peters, Tom Marshaller Richmond, Christa Pilot Regis. Richmond, Steve Falcon Flight

Shelton, Jerry Ice AM Smith, Wyley Ice AM/Trash Pickup Summerall, Daniel B. Gates/Trouble Shooter, etc. Taylor, Margie Veterans Tent Taylor, Ted H. Gates/Bus Driver Waterman, Jule Gates/Bus Driver Wells, Candis K. Not Available Wells, James E. “Jim” Rides Westell, Bill Clap Car Wisley, Jerry Marshaller

XO REPORT I am happy for the good reports on Candy. Hope she is able to attend the AIRSHO. Looking forward to the AIRSHO and getting ready for the action. I will be there with my Jeep and my Plane. Looking forward to a great event. The Jeep will be used for a “CLAP CAR”. For those of you that don’t know what a “CLAP CAR” is, let me explain, it is used to transport pilots and crews for the audience to see following their performance. Col. Tom Peters, XO Officer Weather plays an important part in any outdoor event. As of this writing, predictions are 30% chance of rain Thursday, 20% Friday and Saturday. Well…let’s look on the bright side...that means there’s an 80% chance of NO rain. Folks, we are thinking positive, NO rain. We will have aircraft arriving Friday and Saturday morning. Acts and aircraft we are expecting: Blue Skies Parachute Team, All-Female Pyro Team from Midland, Texas, Banner Tow Plane, B-17 Texas Raiders, B-25 Devil Dog, A-26 My Three Wars, P-51 Happy Jack’s Go Buggy, 4 Japanese replica airplanes, The Cavanaugh Museum always sends something beautiful, 2 T-28’s Trojan Phlyers, O-2 Karen Brinkley, L-19 Billy Copeland, Extra 300 Jan Collmer, Great Lakes Trainer Paul Fiala, 2 T-6’s Carl Best and Steve Aferman, PT-17 & BT-15 DFW Wing, PT-19 Bob Dunn, PT-19 The Pride of Corsicana, 2 L-2’s Jerry Shelton and Tom Peters, CJ-6 Jim Bernier, Huey helicopter Bobby Hawk, Hind-24 Russian helicopter, Beech 18 Bill Signs (Bill flew around the world in a Cessna 210), Cessna UC-78 (Bamboo Bomber) Terry Sullivan, a sailplane with its tow plane, The Texas V tails, Falcon Flight, PHI helicopter and The Texas Heatwave Aerobatic Showteam and Corsicana Miniature Aircraft Club (large radio controlled models). There’s probably some not listed, but you get the idea, WE ARE GONNA HAVE AN AIRSHO!!!

Shakers & Scrapers Derrick Days Car Show 2013

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COYOTE SQUADRON 2634 Beverly Hills LN. Mesquite, Texas 75150

AIRSHO® - MAY 11, 2013 ALL Cols. - FRIDAY - 9 am SATURDAY - 8 am

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NEW TO THE CRS AIRSHO THIS YEAR Terry Sullivan’s Beautiful Bamboo Bomber

Bill Signs’ Beech 18

Super Chef, Col. Charlie Horton Showing that he’s good at something besides cooking (he drove an ambulance back in the day). Col. Reva Horton is riding “shotgun”, in the Derrick Days Parade.

This image appears on the electronic billboard at Collin Street Bakery’s Restaurants in Corsicana and Lindale, Texas, courtesy of Collin Street Bakery.

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