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Do, Do, Do Choreographed by Jo Furnari Description:32 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance Musica:Something In The Water by Brooke Fraser Start dancing on lyrics HIP BUMPS RIGHT, LEFT, TOE & TOE & TOE, KICK TURNING ¼ RIGHT 1&2Hip bump right forward twice 3&4Hip bump left forward twice 5&6&7Point right toe beside left, right in place, point left toe beside right, left in place, point right toe beside left &8Turn ¼ right kick right forward CROSS ROCK RIGHT, RECOVER, CROSS ROCK LEFT, RECOVER, BEHIND, SIDE CROSS 1&2Cross/rock right over left, recover left, right to side 3&4Cross left over right, recover right, left to side 5-6Cross right over left, step left to side 7&8Cross right behind left, step left to side, cross right over left POINT LEFT BACK, FLICK, STEP BACK, FULL TURN, LONG STEP, POINT, LONG STEP, POINT 1&2Point left back, flicking step left back 3-4Turn ½ left and step right back, turn ½ left and step left forward 5-6Long step forward right across left, touch left to side 7-8Long step forward left across right, touch right to side SAILOR TURN, SWIVEL TOE BENDING KNEE, KICK BALL STEP, STOMP, STOMP 1&2Turn ½ right and cross right behind left, step left to side, step right together 3-4Swivel toes right (bend knees to left), swivel toes center (knees up) 5&6Right kick ball step 7-8Stomp right forward (clap), stomp left forward (clap) REPEAT