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May 30, 2017

Roasted coffee for coffee lovers By Elizabeth Taylor Staff Writer

Delicious drinks, tasty snacks and relaxing vibes have High Desert residents taking advantage of all that is offered at local coffee shop, Tonyan Coffee in Apple Valley. This thriving shop creates a relaxing environment that is very inviting for all of those who stop by. The aroma of special blends and spices fill the air as customers make their way to comfortable spots to enjoy their drinks and snacks. "The ambiance is what I come here for,” said local resident Lee Tyler. “It’s clean, the staff is friendly and it always smells like chocolate and coconut mixed together in here; I also enjoy looking at all the art and cute items that they have for sale.” The staff explained that most customers stay for the ambiance and are hardly every in a rush to leave. Cool air and comfy seating entices customers to stay awhile and play one of the many board games available at each of the tables while they consume their

purchases. “I love the freshly roasted coffee, but it’s more than just coffee at Tonyan,” said local resident, Kathy Rangel. “It’s time to take a little break, visit with a friend, play a game and laugh a little; it’s Tonyan Therapy!” Customers take their time with their drinks, savoring each gulp from start to finish. A favorite drink choice seemed to be the Lavender Latte, which has a unique taste to it that customers enjoy. Aside from the signature drinks and tasty treats customers also enjoy the comfortable setting and the convenient place to "plug in", keeping regulars like a group of senior citizens coming back every Friday. “I’ve been coming here to study since high school,” said UC Irvine student, Yeorae Son. “The wifi is good and the drinks are better than Starbucks because they are not as sweet.” Stop the craze of "coffee on the go" and start making the most of your coffee moments by relaxing and enjoying a delicious drink and tasty snack at Tonyan Coffee Roasters located in Apple Valley.

Elizabeth Taylor | Chronicle Photo

Photo Courtesy of Tonyan Coffee Roasters

Tonyan Coffee Roasters contain many popular drinks, one of them is called the Lavender Latte.

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