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Why Is Smoking Bad And What Are The Hazards? Nowadays, most of the population know that smoking is a bad habit, which can have negative repercussions on their health. However, most people do not know exactly why smoking is bad, and many people still choose to smoke. How bad is smoking is what we will be discussing in this small report.

Why is Smoking Bad? Smoking poses numerous health risks, some more serious than others, but many of the problems that smoking causes are serious and even life-threatening. Below is an outline of some of health problems that smoking causes, which will help to answer the question, "why is smoking bad?"

Smoking Causes Cancer One of the most severe health effects that smoking can cause is cancer. It generally causes lung cancer, but can also cause an array of other cancers, such as cancer of the pancreas, kidneys, stomach and larynx.

Shortens Life Expectancy Smoking has a significant effect on a person's life expectancy. A person who smokes is likely to reduce their life span by seven to eight years, and, according to research, each cigarette a person smokes reduces their life span by eleven minutes.

Dental and Oral Problems Those who smoke are prone to a number of oral issues. Smoking causes extreme yellowing of the teeth, which can make a person's smile look unappealing. It can also cause more serious oral issues, such as gum disease, periodontitis, which is inflammation of the gums, and even tooth loss.

Premature Aging Smoking can cause people to look much older than they actually are. As it causes wrinkles, particularly around the mouth, it can make a person appear older.

Smoking Causes Cardiovascular Problems Smoking causes a number of cardiovascular health issues. As smoking causes a rise in a person's heart rate, contracting of the blood vessels and a decrease in the amount of oxygen that reaches their heart, it is a responsible for a number of cardiovascular problems. It can cause heart disease, shortness of breath, strokes and atherosclerosis.

Quitting Smoking As smoking is an addictive habit, many people find it very difficult to quit, even when they know that smoking is bad for their health. There are many products that can help make quitting easier, such as

nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, or e cigs as they're also known, are cigarette shaped items, which a person uses in place of an actual cigarette. The person inhales a liquid, which contains a small amount of nicotine, from the electronic cigarette, and this helps them in the quest to quit smoking real cigarettes.

How Bad Is Smoking And The Hazards  

Why is smoking bad for you and what options are there for quitting, also alternatives to smoking cigarettes.