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Retail: 60 - $15.99 - $16.99 / 75 - $17.99 - $18.99

Type: Crankbait


60: 2 1/4� - 60 mm 75: 3� - 75 mm

Weight: 60: 1/2 oz 75: 3/4 oz

The Fat Smasher is a versatile crankbait/swimbait hybrid. The Fat Smasher can be fished similar to a shallow water crankbait by holding your rod tip low to the water. This will give it the side to side wobble action of a crankbait from a bait with a swimbait profile. Retrieve the Fat Smasher fast with your rod tip held high and it will create a smooth waking action on or near the surface that will lure bass from nearby structure. Use either retrieve and the Fat Smasher will produce violent strikes from bass on any body of water.

Retail: 150 - $15.99 - $16.99 / 250 - $17.99 - $18.99

Type: Lipless Crankbait


150: 2 1/2� - 63 mm 250: 3� - 75 mm


150: 1/2 oz 250: 3/4 oz The new LV RTO series is a lipless crankbait that has a shimmy fall. Takahiro Omori designed this bait to fall with a fish attracting shimmy action that is perfect to get strikes from spooky bass. On retrieve, the wide flat head design increases the water resistance providing a strong wobbling action you can feel. The LV RTO is an excellent bait for use around weedy areas and vertical structure like break walls and bridge pilings. Throw it out, let it sink and hold on.

Retail: 125 - $17.99 - $18.99

Type: Swimbait


5” - 125 mm

Weight: 3/4 oz

• New 125 size provides a bigger target for bigger fish • More water displacement and vibration • Excellent S-pattern and swimming action during the retrieve • Great stop and turn action during a jerk and pause type retrieve

Retail: Kelly J Jr. - $14.99 / Kelly J - $14.99




Kelly J: 2 3/4� - 70 mm Kelly J Jr.: 2 1/4� - 60 mm


Kelly J: 1/2 oz Kelly J Jr.: 5/16 oz New from Lucky Craft Pro Kelly Jordon is the Kelly J Jr. This is smaller version of the popular Kelly J top water prop bait. The Kelly J Jr imitates dying, injured or fleeing Bream on the surface. Although the Kelly J Jr. is excellent for largemouth bass, it is also exceptional for Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Perch, and Bream. Nothing beats an early morning explosion on a topwater bait, just toss out the Kelly J Jr. and give it a few light twitches, what happens will be your next fishing story.

Retail: $15.99 - $16.99

Type: Crankbait


MR: 2 1/2” - 60 mm DR: 2 1/2” - 60 mm


MR: 1/2 oz DR: 1/2 oz • Both the MR and DR versions no come with rattles inside • Square bills produce excellent action and wobble • Cranks get down to the strike zone very fast • Perfect for cold water and muddy conditions

Retail: $14.99 - $17.99

Type: Spinnerbait


Colorado Willow: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 oz Double Willow: 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 oz • The Redemption Series is cutting-edge crankbait technology inside a premium spinnerbait • Sleek body design with internal tungsten components • Realistic colors and head design • Now available in 11 colors • Crack Blue is the newest color for 2012

The LC Series is the first high quality plastic square bill crank bait ever made. Over the last several years, the LC Series crankbait has replaced balsa wood crankbaits in tackle boxes for cover fisherman everywhere. The LC Series is a high floating plastic crankbait that is much more durable than its predecessor wooden crankbaits. The LC Series reigns supreme in heavy hard rocky bottom areas where large bass lurk.

Retail $19.99 (20.99 MS MJ Herring)

• Baits and colors designed for the California In-Shore saltwater market • New Flash Minnow DD is deep diving version of the quintessential CIF Flash Minnow 110 • Great side to side jerkbait action • Excellent castability with the Lucky Craft internal weight transfer system

Retail: $19.99 - $20.99



Size: 5”

Weight: 3/4 oz

The EPG (Exotic Predator Game) was designed for handling the meanest northern predator species. • Excellent s-pattern swimming action at various depths • Heavy duty construction for durability • Premium hooks and split rings • Great jerkbait like action with various retrieves • Ten realistic and lifelike colors

The LL Pointer is made to target Pike and Musky. • When fished with a slow retrieve the LL Pointer swims with a slow side-to-side action • Heavy duty construction for durability • Premium hooks and split rings • Ten realistic and lifelike colors

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