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Lucky Craft’s crankbaits are unrivaled in the bass-fishing world,

and now the California-based company is breaking into the saltwater market with the new Fat Mini series. The SW Fat Mini series consists of three sizes and much like its freshwater counterpart, was designed to accurately cast to desired locations. The Fat Mini SR hovers at the sub-surface level, the Fat Mini D-5 can easily be fished around structure and the Fat Mini D-7, while retaining the features of the D-5, swims at impressive depths. The SW Fat Mini series is a formidable family of system crankbaits that allows an angler to strategically change lures based on the conditions. The new saltwater crankbaits are available in various, newly designed saltwater colors and like the other saltwater lures, have stronger, larger o-rings and saltwater hooks.

No other Lucky Craft bait has been as widely accepted or become as

popular as the Pointer. Now available in saltwater colors, the SW Pointer has become a favorite of many saltwater anglers across the country. With its lively, side-to-side action, the Pointers have excellent castability and strong drawing power. The deep-diving versions have unique actions when jerked in the 6-to 7-foot zone. The SW Pointers come in four sizes – Pointer 78, Pointer 100, Pointer 78DD and Pointer 100DD – and have saltwater hooks and stronger o-rings than the original freshwater versions.

Two popular freshwater baits in Lucky Craft’s arsenal are the

Sammy and the G-Splash, and Lucky Craft has created new saltwater versions of the topwater lures. Needing no alterations, the action of both the SW G-Splash and the SW Sammy are comparable to their freshwater counterparts, but the new lures come in a variety of saltwater colors. While the SW Sammy has a rounded body shape and a smooth “walking” action to draw persnickety fish to the top, the G-Splash produces the large splash needed to land those big fish near the surface. The SW Sammy comes in two sizes, the 85 and 100, and the SW G-Splash is available in the 65 and 80. All come standard with larger, stronger o-rings and saltwater hooks.


ÕVŽÞÊ À>vÌʅ>ÃÊ`iÈ}˜i`Ê>ÊÀœ`ʏˆ˜iիʏˆŽiʘiÛiÀÊLivœÀi°Ê The new saltwater rods, created with the help of Lucky Craft pros Bryan and Greg Watts, are as technically advanced as they come. When most rods fall into four categories, the new saltwater rods from Lucky Craft could easily fit into 10 plus.

These rods allow an angler to work a lure exactly as it was designed. While some lures are meant to swim, others pull hard, while still others need to be finessed. A rod’s action makes all the difference when it comes to maximizing a lure’s capability. No matter the species of fish or the type of lure, there will be a rod in this lineup for any fishing category. These rods give anglers the ability to fish with precision.


hese rods are wonderful. They have unique action, they’re bullet proof and aesthetically pleasing. No other company varies its rod action like Lucky Craft.” ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊUUÀi}Ê7>ÌÌÃ


According to Bryan Watts, this new lineup isn’t full of

your average, everyday rods. The castability is second to none; they are precise, feel great in your hands and look appealing, too. Any hobby fisherman will realize these rods are worth their weight in gold, and tournament anglers across the country will appreciate the technical approach Lucky Craft has taken. These rods will help tournament anglers further their career and catch more fish, while recreational fisherman will feel like a pro when throwing them.

There are now several ways to find the most

up-to-date information about Lucky Craft, new products, tournaments and more. From the Lucky Craft blog to the main company homepage, you can check out these sites for news you can’t find anywhere else. Visit one of Lucky Craft’s many web sites for various information, and stay connected.

Lucky Craft’s official blog is up and running

Visit The Daily Crank for a glimpse into the personal lives of those closest to Lucky Craft, to read new product information straight from the horse’s mouth, and to discover “see-it-before-you-can-buy-it items.” Updated at least weekly, but usually every other day, The Daily Crank is Lucky Craft’s hottest new web site. Check it out today.

Visit Lucky Craft’s main website

for a full on-line version of the catalog, as well as product and company information. You can also read past and present articles, view images of pro staff and more.

Become a member of Team Lucky Craft

and get up-to-date information, biographies of Lucky Craft pro staff members, articles from BASS and Redfish Cup tournaments, photo galleries, on-line store and more.

Visit Lucky Craft’s You Tube site

to view videos featuring various Lucky Craft pros. Videos range from on-site tournament recaps to product information segments.

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Lucky Craft ISG Saltwater Series  

Lucky Craft Lures presents their ISG Saltwater lures as well as their ISG Watts Brothers series rods.

Lucky Craft ISG Saltwater Series  

Lucky Craft Lures presents their ISG Saltwater lures as well as their ISG Watts Brothers series rods.

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