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Industrial Duty Composting Solutions Top 10 Benefits

# 1  HIGH  PERFORMANCE:     Our  Forced  Air  Delivery  System  is   responsible  for  turbo-­‐charging  waste   decomposition  with  such  efficiency  that   huge  amounts  of  organic  matter  can  be   converted  in  DAYS  to  clean,  odor  free   compost.  Systems  are  engineered  for   industrial  duty  waste  management   applications  capable  of  processing  either   large  organic  matter  such  as  large  animals,   or  millions  of  pounds  of  commercial  waste   into  clean,  odor  free  compost  in  an   environmentally  safe  process.    

#2  Cost  Effectiveness:       Ongoing  operation  of  the  ACT   Composting  systems  requires  no  fossil   fuels,  chemicals,  and  very  limited   power  consumption.  Systems  are  built   with  compatibility  to  standard  farm  or   industrial  equipment,  and  for   operation  by  existing  staff  personnel.   On-­‐going  variable  operational  costs   are  very  minimal.    

# 3  Built  to  Scale:     As  a  customer  you  don’t  have  to  buy  a  fixed   unit  size  or  configuration,  as  systems  are   individually  sized  to  meet  the  requirements   of  each  customer’s  need.  Our  systems  can   even  start  small  and  expand  with  add-­‐on   capacity  easily  adapted  to  any  installation   with  additional  site  build-­‐out.  ACT  has   entry  level  systems  of  single  bin  “kit”   installations  up  to  custom  built,  turnkey   commercial  systems  processing  over  2.2   million  pounds  of  waste  per  year!    

# 4  Flexibility  of  Loading  Rate:     A  huge  benefit  to  the  ACT  composting   solution  is  the  ability  to  have  virtually   unlimited  (limited  only  by  the  total  size  of   your  installation)  flexibility  of  daily   feedstock  loading  rates.  Many  user   applications  for  our  commercial   composting  solutions  often  report  having   huge  variances  in  the  pounds  of  feedstock   that  require  processing  on  a  daily  basis,  and   our  systems  offer  complete  user  option  to   the  system  loading.  This  is  a  most   significant  advantage  over  many  other   waste  management  options.    

# 5  Low  Odor  Operation:     Our  Forced  Air  and  Closed  Loop  Leachate   Control  systems,  combined  with  ACT’s   recipe  for  daily  operation  make  for  a  clean,   low  odor  installation.  Many  customers   report  that  this  is  one  part  of  their  ACT   solution  that  is  a  pleasant  surprise  as  they   did  not  expect  a  system  of  this  type,   handling  the  volume  of  waste  being   processed,  to  being  so  odor  free,  especially   as  compared  to  other  waste  solutions  they   have  experienced.    

# 6  Ec0-­‐friendly  Operations:      The  ACT  composting  systems  operate  in  a   contained  bin  with  a  Closed  Loop  Leachate   Control  System  that  keeps  the  entire   composting  environment  sealed  from   runoff  and  groundwater  contamination.  As   a  100%  natural  process  with  no  added   chemicals  or  requirements  for  fossil  fuels,   the  ACT  system  contributes  significantly  to   Environmental  Stewardship,  and  in  fact   produces  clean,  re-­‐useable  compost  that  is   nutrient  rich  and  stable  for  post  processing   applications  such  as  landscaping,  soil   enrichment,  erosion  control,  etc.    

# 7  Proven  Process,  Proven   Company:     ACT  has  been  building  high  performance,   commercial  composting  systems  for  over  10   years.  Our  numerous  installations  across  a   variety  of  industrial  applications  such  as   food  service  waste  processing,  animal   mortality  management  at  poultry,  fish,  and   swine  farms,  applications  for  animal  road   kill  processing,  etc.  provide  the  proof  of   design,  construction,  and  after  the  sale   service  so  important  for  high  production   installations.  Our  complete  process,  from   design,  construction,  innovation  in   technology,  and  operational  guidelines   provide  the  foundation  for  a  successful   installation  of  a  composting  waste   management  solution.  From  our  entry  level   “kits”  to  our  turnkey  industrial  solution,   you  get  the  full  benefit  of  our  deep   applications  experience  with  each   configuration.    

# 8    Simple  to  Operate:     ACT  systems  are  super  easy  to  operate,   with  configurations  sized  for  use  with   common  farm  or  industrial   equipment,  bin  doors  that  fully  retract   for  cleaning  and  daily  operations,   unattended  daily  operations  mode,  no   hazardous  fuels  or  chemicals  to   process,  and  a  short  operators  recipe   guidebook.  The  systems  operate  in  all   climates:  cold,  hot,  dry,  and  humid.   For  an  industrial  process,  it  can’t  get   much  easier!    

# 9  Complete  Pathogen  Kill:     The  Forced  Air  ACT  system  produces   consistent  operational  temperatures   above  150°  F  for  at  least  15  consecutive   days.  These  high  temperatures  are  only   possible  in  the  continuously  aerobic   environment  created  in  our   proprietary  forced  air  systems,  and   produce  increased  microbial  activity   which  leads  to  complete  pathogen  kill,   and  clean  disease  free  system  output.   Our  systems  have  been  operationally   approved  by  many  Federal,  State,  and   Local  agencies  for  compliance    

# 10  Farm  Subsidy  Funding:     For  farm  and  agricultural  applications   where  Department  of  Agriculture,   NRCS,  or  other  regulated  approvals  are   required,  you  will  find  ACT  systems   already  confirmed  and  approved  for   design,  process,  and  environmental   conformity.  This  means  that  if  there   are  “Cost  Share”  funding  opportunities   available  for  your  location  and   industry,  that  it  is  most  likely  that  the   ACT  Forced  Air  Composting  solutions   have  been  approved  and  accepted  for   participation  into  this  program.  This   could  therefore  provide  significant   funding  to  defer  up-­‐front  expense  of  a   waste  system  installation,  and  also   provide  the  confidence  in  knowing  the   systems  have  been  fully  reviewed  and   approved  for  use  under  strict   governmental  guidelines.  

Advanced Composting - Top 10 Benefits  

Benefits of using the Advanced Composting Technologies company

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