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SPECIALISED IN PROTECTIVE COATINGS & ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING Qualified Paint Inspectors (ACA & NACE) / PCCP Certificate Classes 1 – 5 Lead Removal

About us

Our fully self contained on-site blast units are approved for use in the Chemical, Oil, and Gas industries and our operators are fully trained in OH&S, Safety Systems, Preparation and implementation of Job Safety Analysis. Site Safety is of paramount importance, all our operators and supervisory staff have ongoing training to keep them updated.

All Works are performed within the guidelines of our Quality, OH&S and Environmental Policies either at our modern Blast Facility in Laverton or on-site. We can also supply transport and Lifting Equipment for your convenience. Our team at Cox Steel Coating are committed to the principle of a continuous improvement and service excellence in our business and as such we have adopted AS 9002 as our recognized quality system standard for our operation.

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High Pressure Water Blastng On site Abrasive Blast Cleaning Protectve Coatings Tank Linings (Internal & External) Waterproofing and Membrane coatings Steel Tank and Structure Refurbishment Pipeline Coatings and Refurbishment Confined Space Entry Steel and Concrete Silos Concrete Bund Linings for Oil and Chemical Industries Wide range of Specialised Coatings including: - Subsea offshore coatings - FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxies) - UHB Coatings - Polyurea - Intumescent Coatings (Fire Proofing) - Glass Flake Tank Linings - Chemical Resistant Coatings - Waterproofing

On-Site Services

Cox Steel Coating is a member of the Australian Corrosion Association, have been servicing the Australian Industry since 1985 and pride ourselves in our high standard of workmanship and expertise in corrosion control for the: Mining/ Marine/ Chemical/ Offshore Exploration and Construction Industries.

Some of our services include:


Cox Steel Coating Blast Room

Cox Steel Coating- Blast Room

Above: Cox Steel Coating

Cox Steel Coating’s Blast Room located at our Laverton, Melbourne Facility is made from formed and welded modular bolt together 10 Gauge steel panels with integral fresh air inlets, labyrinth seals, floor pin door latch and limit switch interlock. Enclosure: 12m x 4m Wide x 4.5m High Floor Grating: Removable welded steel grating panels made from 1 1/2″ bars rated for a safe uniform load of 600 lbs/sq.,ft. Pressure Blaster: 6.5 cubic ft. capacity blast tank with 1 1/4″ piping blast hose, venturi nozzle, dead man remote control and O.H&S approved operator’s hood and breathing equipment. Ventilation: High efficiency down draft cartridge pulse jet dust collectors provide an end to end ventilation at a minimum of 50 c.f.m. As an option the collector can be attached directly to the blast room eliminating ductwork.

Cox Steel Coating Powder Coating Oven

Cox Steel Coating- Powder Coating Oven

Above: Cox Steel Coating PCCP Certificates

Contact Us: P: 03 9315 3144 I F: 03 9314 5488 I E:

Enclosure: 12m x 3.5m x 3.5m Cox Coating’s Powder Coating Oven can accommodate for larger structures unable to fit the majority of Ovens, such as FBE Coatings on 12m Pipeline Components and/or Traffic Light Poles. Rail System: Our Oven is set out with train tracks internally to allow easy access for items of any size enabling them to roll in and out without damage. - Powder Coating - Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings (FBE) - Multi Layer FBE: Specialised for Pipelines

Cox Steel Coating Equipment -Licensed Operators


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