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Kitchen countertops

For your kitchen renovation, browse through our exclusive range of Kitchen countertops and explore the choices for countertop ingredients. Contact us today!

Countertop installation

Upgrade your kitchen with Countertop installation by Cowner Top Shop. Select from solid surface, quartz, granite or laminate in the colour palette of your kitchen.

Granite Fabricators

We can offer you that personal touch that you may be looking for. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction with our Granite Fabricators. Contact us today.

Granite Installation

Can provide you the Granite Installation that you may be looking for. We will transform your old kitchen into a contemporary looking one.

Silestone Installation

Our Silestone Installation ensures unique delivery capacity, availability all over the world, more colour assortment, and the best value for the price you offer.

Contact us

2318 Karen Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA Phone: (510) 927-5938


Quartz Countertops  

Check out the best quality Quartz Countertops we have to offer. Visit our website now and browse through the wide range of countertops we ha...

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