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You Can’t Save Them All.

He stood there, Drenched. He cried for the loss of his friend. He had to take Donna’s memories, he had to save her. A Human/Timelord metacrisis there couldn’t be, it would burn up her mind in less than a day. He betrayed her; she told him she was going to stay with him for the rest of her life. “Donnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” he howled out into the silence of the TARDIS console room. It seemed too quiet; he slumped to the floor and sobbed his hearts out. She was his best friend and he destroyed her. Just like everyone else. After a while he finally got up, his knees complained and he shivered, soaking wet … he decided to get up and take a shower. He let the warm water beat down on him, trying to wash away the pain. A good hour later he got out and wrapped himself in his robe, he wandered down to the wardrobe room, his blue suit the other him took for his life with Rose, the woman he loved, she got her own Doctor and left him alone, he always ended up alone. His brown suit was in a soaking wet crumpled heap on his bathroom floor, he looked for something else to wear. There hanging over a mirror was a suit, darker blue with a grey and yellowy pinstripe, matched with a Tie and Shirt, on the floor in front of them new Converse, Blue TARDIS Blue, he had no idea how long it had been there. He hadn’t been in the wardrobe room in months. Hanging off the top button was a brown paper label, it looked a bit like the one Paddington bear had tied to his duffle coat with ‘Please look after this bear’ written on it. He chuckled to himself as he reached out to turn the Tag.

‘You will be needing this… 28/09/2012 Giacamos, Taylor x.’ It read, he smiled one thing he had come to accept was Taylor knew his future she knew when he needed her, the moments when he was so low down he thought about giving up and she would do something amazing. The Day after he lost Rose he got a distress call and met her and several versions of herself on Observation 1. After that they had by her account 4 years of great adventures on her holidays from work. To him it was a bit of an addiction, he dropped her off and rushed to the next scheduled meeting, they had fun and adventures, and she made him feel alive again. Then she told him that it was time he got back on with his life and sent him back on his way. To a Hospital on earth where strange things were happening… something that he could never resist… strange goings on. The first trip he took after Martha left him she found him in Paris and took him to the World’s Fair, A trip up the newly opened Eiffel tower, had one of the world’s first ice-creams, and a new invention the hot dog. She took him dancing at the Moulin Rouge. Then when the evening was over she spent the night with him, letting him sleep beside her because he didn’t want to be alone. The next morning she got up made him a cup of tea and left him snuggled in his bed. That set a precedent, she would sometimes just pop in for a cuppa, Just to check he was ok. After the Titanic and the loss of Astrid Peth she took him to a planet of living robots that had learned to live and love because 1 tiny fleck of that Stardust floated into the developing matrix of the planet. Centuries later a whole race of synthetic beings who all seemed very zen worshiping the ‘Mother’ and being attacked by evil pirates to steal their power cores because of the rare metal inside them. They made short work of the baddies and Taylor dropped the Pirates off with the Authorities, leaving him with a packet of Adipose capsules telling him he should check it out… His time with Donna she remained absent, no dropping in to say hello, for a cuppa. He thought maybe Donna scared her away, It wasn’t until after he lost Jenny and he was tinkering alone in the console room whilst Donna slept, The TARDIS started making a

binging noise he had never heard before. He went to the screen to see what was going on and saw Taylor, Jenny and a Little boy. “Hello Dad, or maybe that should be… Hello Granddad… This is Ty your Grandson” Jenny Smiled. “What?!??” he spluttered. “Just a little spoiler… but I didn’t want you to be all mopey, when I don’t have time to come and kick you back into shape…” Taylor told him, he stood there speechless “We have some running to do, I’ll send you a post card! Bye Dad… ” Jenny waved and picked up Ty “Bye Granddad!” He waved and the screen went blank he tried to call them back, he called Taylor but couldn’t get through, he tried every night for a week, but she didn’t answer. Then he got busy a whole lot of running for him and Donna, A few weeks later a Postcard from the Singing stones appeared on the console, resting in front of the screen in a blue envelope, Inside was a note from Jenny explaining what happened after he left her behind and how she had her own life adventuring just her and Ty running space Cargo and saving the day. He smiled to himself and tucked the envelope into his pocket, Just as Donna came back from the Kitchen with a cup of tea. “What you grinning for spaceman?” She asked handing him a cuppa. “Nothing, just remembering a good joke.” He lied. “Oh no not if it’s anything like the last one, I still don’t see what’s so funny about an orange apple…” She protested. “Where do you want to go today?” he asked her. “Oh I don’t know… Take me somewhere fun…” she answered with a mischievous look in her eye as he set the controls to random He actually called Taylor when River died. She answered but she told him. “River is a world of Spoilers my dear Doctor, it will all turn out fine in the end, now go make Donna a Cuppa and give her a Hug, she lost people, they might not have been real but they were to her, look after her. She’s important, very important.” She said and hung up the phone. The Doctor took her advice and went to see Donna. That was the last time he spoke to her, she knew how important Donna was, the most important woman in the world. She was to him, she was his best friend and he left her there in the kitchen, pouring orange juice and talking on the phone like nothing happened.

He wished so much that he could fix it but if she ever remembered him, she would die. He decided he needed a friend; the only friend he knew would always be there. He knew she would never leave him, because she was never really with him, she just jumped in and out of his life, showing up when he needed her. Maybe one day he would be able to return the favor. He picked up the suit and headed off to get dressed. Sitting on his bed lacing up his new converse, he looked in the mirror. “She said she liked me in blue.” He chuckled and headed for the console room to take the TARDIS to September 2012 to find Taylor. The TARDIS hummed happily as she flew through the Vortex. “You know we are going to see her, don’t you? What is it between you two?” he asked the TARDIS she just hummed contentedly and landed them gently in the alleyway behind Giacamos. “Ok don’t wait up… you never know what happens with Taylor.” He said and pulled on his jacket rushing out of the door, only to find he was face to face with the brick wall of the Alley. “Oh Very funny!” he grumped and bounded back up to the console to turn the TARDIS around so he could actually get out of the door.

He walked into Giacamos and looked around for her, there she was in her usual booth, and she looked up and waved him over pouring him a glass of wine. “Hello Doctor, You look good in that suit,” She told him with a beaming smile. She was wearing a summer dress, it was cut specifically asymmetrically with one long sleeve to hide her cyber arm, her fire red hair clipped up, small tendrils curled around her neck, as they escaped the clip. “You look good yourself, Thanks for the suit,” he said pulling a bit of a pose to show it off, he smiled back at her. Taylor stood up and grabbed him in a big hug; he wrapped his arms around her, thankful for her comfort. “I thought you might need a hug…” she told him. “You are right.” He sighed and held her tighter. She just let him cling to her, making soothing sounds and stroking his back. After a minute or so he looked up at her, he puffed himself back up to his usual self. “So what’s on the specials? I’m starving” he babbled. “Why bother looking at the specials you always have the same, Mozzarella balls and Peperoni Pizza with extra anchovies?” she teased him. “I might want something different…” he protested as she handed him the specials Menu. He took it and read it intently. Then sighed “Well, yeah… the usual…” he told her. She waved to the waiter who brought over their starters. “What if I had chosen differently, or been late?” he asked. “There is a me, watching you have this conversation with me.” She laughed. “So by that Logic I’m never going to be able to surprise you? Like turn up for your birthday and take you for a tea party on Saturn?” he asked incredulously “Didn’t we do that already?” she asked teasing him. “You are infuriating!” he huffed

“Yeah but you love me really…” she teased. “Oh yes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he smiled He bit into one of his mozzarella balls and burning his mouth, the moment he did it Taylor was holding a glass of iced water to him. “You knew I was going to do that, Didn’t you! Why didn’t you warn me?” he asked gulping down the water. “Fixed point, Timey Wimey” she said mirroring what he said to his companions when they asked why he didn’t get involved in stuff, like wars, or assassinations, she just smiled putting a forkful of her anti-pasti into her mouth. He pulled a face and huffed; blowing on his next morsel to be sure he didn’t burn himself again. “So you have a few questions…” she offered. “Yup” he nodded. “Go on then.” She urged him to continue. “Donna…” He started. “That’s a good one, let’s save that until the end.” She told him, “Ok, Jenny… how did you know?” he asked, knowing he wouldn’t get the full story, just enough to plicate him. “Oh, well I had a case, something hinkey on cargo transports a few years later, I caught a ride on a transport that was heading that way and your Little Girl was The Captain, that little guy Ty such a cutie, smart as anything. We had an adventure, solved the case, and then I took them on a bit of a holiday, showed them some of the cool stuff,” Taylor explained. “You didn’t think to bring them to see me?” He asked “Who says I haven’t?” She teased him “Taylor, this is important stuff!” he chided her. Taylor finished her starter and sipped her wine thoughtfully. “Maybe in the future you need a pick me up of mega proportions, and then you get to meet them, proving to you what you do is worth it?” she asked. He opened his mouth to protest at her spoilers. “Maybe I save it for your 1000th birthday and have an epic surprise party? Or you run into them in the future? Doctor you need to trust me. I know what I’m doing, I’ve already done It.” she cut him off “I trust you Taylor. With my life, my hearts, even with Mr Huggles.” He admitted mentioning an incident that had happened when she had first spent the night with him in The TARDIS “Good,” She said catching the eye of the waiter,

The waiter swiftly cleared their plates and returned with their mains; Taylor had her special pizza, everything on it including a fried egg. “Mmmm yummy thank-you Otto” she thanked the waiter and picked up a slice. “You think I’m strange…” he eyed up the egg in the center. “I know you are strange” She laughed. “Is she ok? Jenny? I know you didn’t just follow me, it’s all those whose lives I change.” he asked “Yeah I followed her for a while… well not just her… she did good, Ty did great, the whole branch of the family tree were something amazing, you made a great family line there” She answered. Never giving true specifics, “Were they… like me?” He asked. “What crazy, bouncy, full of beans, slim and a little bit Foxy…” she teased. “You know what I mean.” He looked her in the eye putting a hand on his chest. “Oh that… it fades over the generations as they mix with other species, kinda becomes like the appendix,” She answered finishing up her pizza. “That’s a bit sad,” He admitted. “Sorry you are still in the meal for one section at the supermarket.” She told him. “That’s my life, the meal for one…” He sighed. “Me too… it’s a good job we meet up for dinner occasionally.” She said as the waiter cleared their plates again and then brought their deserts. He brought her favorite dessert chocolate medley all the chocolate based deserts on the menu on a large platter and Tiramisu for him. “You have room for all of them on top of a massive pizza…” he asked eyeing up the massive platter. “Dessert is the best part, and my nanites will turn the excess calories into stored energy, I’m fueling my next last minute run to save the day.” She told him tucking into a chocolate mousse “Ah I see,” He nodded. “Next Question?” She asked. “River,” he answered. “River, River, River… oh she’s an enigma rapped in a quandary with a crispy coating of many, many questions.” She laughed.

“She knew my name. There’s only one way…” He started. She reached over and put a finger on his lips. “She’s part of your future, in oh so many ways, my darling Doctor it would be like getting the script a week before the film comes out, you won’t enjoy the film. Mmm this is good,” She told him, finishing the little pot of mousse. Before moving onto another dessert “I suppose it wouldn’t be any fun if I knew everything.” He admitted. “Eat your dessert,” she told him.

After dessert they went for a walk, she takes him along the river to observation point she stands at the barrier and looks out over the sea. He stood beside her and put an arm around her. “I’ve missed you, you know that,” He told her. “I’ve missed you too, but your life was hectic enough, Donna was looking after you, I saw you after midnight, the way you looked at her by that pool, the way you hugged her tight. You didn’t need me,” She told him. “What about Donna? I couldn’t help her; I had to take all her memories of me. Can you fix her?” He asked. Taylor was a 61 st century girl; maybe the doctors in her time could help Donna. “Doctor you can’t save them all… I’m sorry” she put a hand on his cheek. “But she’s Donna, she’s my best friend. She’s the most important woman in the universe!” he told her. She pulled away and pressed some buttons on her computer. She held out her hand “Come with me.” She told him, he took her hand as she pressed a button and in a flash they transmatted to a park in London during the day, she pulled him into some bushes. She pulled aside some branches, and peered through, the Doctor peered through, there 2 cute little kids a little boy with a baseball cap on, and a little girl with crazy hair in bunches, on the seesaw, Shaun Temple was watching them on from a bench. Taylor pointed to the swings there was Donna with a tot, pushing her on the swing, she was giggling away. They all looked so happy. “Do you really want to fix her? She’s happy, healthy; she’s got everything she needs. Do you really want to fix all this? If I fixed her she would spend the rest of her life with you running and having all the fun in the universe, but one day she will be too old to run with you and

she will regret never having children, not spending time with her Granddad and mum,” “Wow I never thought of it that way.” he sighed. “There’s a reason they all grow up, move on, because you are Peter Pan and Wendy needs to leave the nursery. Whilst they were all in neverland the world moved on. I’m sorry Doctor but she’s better broken.” Taylor told him, she could see the tears welling in his eyes, she scooped him up in a big hug, she pressed the return button on her computer and in a flash they were back at observation point. He held onto her until he realized that they had Transmatted back. “OK, I guess she’s better off where she is, but am I better off without her?” he asked holding onto her shoulders. “Ah you’re fine, you still got me…” She laughed. “But for how long? When do you grow up and leave Neverland?” he asked sadly looking in her eyes deep into her soul “Never…” She laughed and pulled away “Fancy a swim?” she asked “A swim? In there you have got to be kidding!” He balked as she kicked off her shoes and started to unzip her dress running down to the sea, “But it’s the middle of the night and I don’t have my trunks,” He protested as she pulled off her dress, letting it fall on the sand. “Neither have I! Come on, just do something a little bit… Bonkers!” she laughed. “What if we get caught?” he asked with a cheeky grin, as her he bra hit him square in the chest. “Skinny dipping? Really??!!?” He asked as her nickers were thrown at him, “Last one in is a rotten egg!” she called out as she ran naked down to the water with the Doctor running after her shedding his clothing, tonight he was going to be just a little bonkers. Fin.

You Can't Save them All  

He left Donna, He had to take her memories or she would Die, She was his best mate and he had to leave her. Taylor helps him see that she mi...

You Can't Save them All  

He left Donna, He had to take her memories or she would Die, She was his best mate and he had to leave her. Taylor helps him see that she mi...